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tv   American Voices With Alicia Menendez  MSNBC  December 20, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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possible. as soon as possible even tonight if we can. . >> we expect to hear from speaker nancy pelosi in any moment. $600 check directly sent to americans, $300 unemployment boost, $30 billion for vaccine distribution. that's where we start tonight. our leanne caldwell is tracking the latest. kimberly atkin and jonathan, the white house's aide reporter. leanne, what do we know of the timing? >> reporter: seems like the vote is going to take place tomorrow and it will not happen tonight. the vote will happen in the house and then will move io
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senate. it will move to a one-day extension of government funding. government funding is expected to run out at midnight tonight. what congress needs to do is extend their deadline so that they have more time to pass this covid relief bill. the deal is set, in addition to some of the things that you mention is in this bill, there are other important items as well. including the eviction moratorium for one month until the end of january, giving renters more relief. also, $25 billion for rental assistance and that's something that renters are going to need as well. small businesses are going to deduct. >> leigh anne, we have house speaker about to deliver remarks on this deal. let's take a listen. >> i am honored as well as tonight happy to welcome the
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distinguished leaders of the democrats and the senate. i want to salute for the magical work he did the last evening to find a solution to give us a path to bring the legislation forward that'll help america's working families. our purpose has always been to crush the virus and put money in the pockets of the american people and our third purpose to honor our heroes was not fully appreciated by a republican colleague so i support our state and local government while significance in this legislation required more to be done. we consider this is a first step and more needs to be done. we are so excited that'll be happening under the biden/harris
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administration about 700 hours from now. what i am excited about is this bill. it is a democratic difference is what it does for america's working families. as we see food lines all over the country, it was our legislation that had the initiative for food for nutritious for our children and schools as well as america's working families. we need to save that food maybe 15 million children in america are food insecure, many adult food insecure people highest percentage of them are in the state of kentucky. nonetheless, the nutrition piece of it has been essential to our democratic proposal.
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with millions of people on the verge of assistance, we have rental assistance and a moratorium until the biden administration. food, rental assistance, earned income tax credit and child tax cut for america's working families. the democratic difference. we have assistance for community development. institutions to help minority owned businesses as women and veterans and native americans to participate in a way because they're not big and they don't have natural relationships and sometimes they are overlooked. child care, children learning and parents, especially during a time of a pandemic when children
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can't go to school. that's where their parents the can't go to work, child care. again, there are so many issues that are so essential to kitchen table need of america's working families. that always my focus and that's the democratic difference between what we have succeeded in doing and what was not even presented in any way. in addition we are pleased of our transportation system and what it means to our economy and jobs and etcetera, we are pleased, bipartisan and bicameral support, employment retention tax credit. some of these things made it in late this evening, that's why it
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is takingoing us longer to write bill to bring it on the floor. these are the later developments. we are proud that the surprise billing was apart of this. one thing that we did not achieve, money left over from the cares act, we have flexibility so it can be used for revenue loss as well as coronavirus ex pensions by the communities in our state, republicans and democratic governors supported that. we did get an extension of one year. so in any case of education and transportation, let me say one thing, sometimes i hear a question here misleading, what took so long? what took so long? what took so long was because we
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could not get our republican colleagues to crush the virus. could not understand it. why would they not want to invest in the science that told us so importantly that required testing and tracing and treatments and separations and sanitations and the risks. when we had the bill and smaller hero's act because we reduce the time. we just made a life touch on your language of testing, no, 53% of it to take out everything. communities of color is so hard hit in all of this. now we see why. they did not police chief in be we knew that. they did believe in herd immunity. that's why they never could come to the first bill pillar to crush the virus. for these and other reasons we
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are on a new path now. i am proud of the legislation, it is a first step. we need to do more. what gives us hope is a vaccine and we have to make it available free and fairly and distributed in our country and i encourage everyone to be vaccinated and again that gives me hope within that 700 hours joe biden will be president of the united states to spring his commitment and values to america's working families. with that, i am pleased to again welcome our distinguished democratic leader of the senate, praise him for his magical work last evening to take us from a place where america's working families were shortchange and left out to dry except for his
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brother getting a job done for us. i welcome leader schumer to the podium. >> thank you, speaker pelosi, thank you for your steadfastness and focus of america's families. this deal is far from perfect nor is it a deal that we would pass if democrats had a majority f had a majority in the senate. it is a strong shot in the arm to help the american families weather the storm. the 20 million people who lose unemployment benefits the day after christmas, help is on the way. to the million of small business owner who is are worried their businesses would go under, help is on the way. to families struggling with less money, direct payment means help is on the way. people who may have been evicted from their homes because they
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did not have a job or could not afford it. help is on the way. to those who needs food. >> that's where we start tonight, leigh anne caldwell is with us. leigh anne, one question that's burning in the minds of many others, who is eligible for these checks. individuals making up to $75,000, couples making up $150,000 will receive this $600 payment and their children as well will receive $600. there is no changes as far as qualifications is concerned. we know that was a big topic of discussion in the last few days of negotiations. they made it the same as cares.
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the same people got checks last time will get checks this time. alicia. >> jonathan, i am struck by something that house speaker pelosi said in her remarks which she repeated this frustration that she clearly heard before which is the question "what took so long"? that's the question americans are asking tonight. i wonder if your analysis is of what he laid out there. >> here we are a few days before christmas, we know the cliche that congress only gets stuff done at deadlines and they certainly ran into one here. that's good news but some democrats already voiced their
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complaints. there has been such anxiety they had to sweat it out like this. there is tno excuse for them to take this long. certainly the house speaker injected a note of optimism with the idea that things could perhaps change under a biden/harris administration which comes to office 30 days from now. and of course others that loom in the calendar when the run-offs, the two senate races in georgia come to be. if the democrats were able to win those, that would change the calculation entirely. >> exactly what the sticking points were in this debate have evolve over the course of the last few weeks, the sticking point that kept coming back to
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the liability shield and funding for state and local government that we are talking about paid family leaves so there had been a number of hurdles that had to be overpacome as you have watch these negotiations play out. i wonder what you believe what this congress is going to look like and how much president-elect biden is going to be able to negotiate with this congress. >> we are seeing partisanship, the same kind of slow stalemates that we have seen have not been e baited even when th the -- millions of americans sinking into poverty since the last bill was passed for this coronavirus. we are seeing the president taking up the plolitical oxygen
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while taking with the election that has trickled out and partisanship is on display and try to come to basic agreements. these are what the final agreements are today. things that are being asked for way back in the beginning. on the one hand is progress that something is passing and the other hand it shows the lack of progress and eye den joe biden to have to take that into account when he comes to the office, how the senate looks. americans are suffering when they see this and congress is moving slowly that'll impact us as well in future elections. how long do we expect this bill to take to be signed into law? >> well, the reason they're not
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voting tonight is because the legislation is not complete yet. i have been reaching out to rank and file members and offices, they have not received the legislation yet. a lot are going into this without getting a lot of time to read what's happening. they're going to complete bill writing over night, they did not want to keep lawmakers to wait around for that. that's a big reason they'll focus tomorrow. they should not take too long after it passes the senate, it should go immediately to the president's desk and it is up to the president to sign it into law. there is no indication that he won't do that. he wants another round of stimulus checks. that's the only small input that he's put into the entire process. he's been totally disengaged, mnuchin has been doing thinks
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bidding but it is unclear what the president thinks. there is no indication that he won't sign it into law. >> jonathan and leigh anne, where is the president? >> he's been nowhere on about anything except for conspiracy theories of the election. he's abandoned his post and his duty as president since november 3rd. we have not seen him and he held no public events last week. i was at the white house most of them and we never laid eyes on him. he's remaining active on twitter. trying to get her name to some sort of special council to look into election fraud, it should
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be further stable siilize power. he listened to michael flynn. there is for sense that the president denied on twitter that he would do that. these are the people that he surrounded himself with. he heard from rudy giuliani that the government trying to seize these voter machines and uncovering the evidence of fraud and dhs can't be done. the president's own attorney general have said there is been no widespread voter fraud. the president has been mia not just on the covid relief bill but the pandemic itself. the nation is losing 3,000 people or so a day, that's like 9/11 everyday. he's not out there at all expressing sympathies but also promoting the vaccines which will bring into this pandemic. the president what should be one
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of his accomplish ments here on the way out the door is nowhere to be found. >> we are all familiarizing ourselves and we have not seen the verbiage on this. $280 billion are set aside in this bill. we remember how this played out last time with a lot of small businesses missing out. how do congress ensure this money reached to those who needed this time? >> including some measures specifically of small businesses, there are some businesses of color, you have to remember that small business is half of them have been wiped out by the pandemic. there are measures in there to get money for folks that need it. we are talking about the sticking point and broadly speaking, democrats have been pushing for cities and towns to
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get funding and help keep their lights on. congress is voting on tonight for one more day so they continue negotiating. they're not giving the money to cities and towns to do the same thing. it is something that we are uninterested in doing. and also the size, this package is smaller and ten months later. the checks that we saw kept them out of poverty will be smaller and the amount of unemployment enhancement are shorter duration, it is just a first step that's going to have a real impact getting americans through until we can get to a vaccine that's available for everyone. >> all right, kimberly and jonathan and leigh anne, this is a different conversation than we anticipated. i am so glad you are all here for it. the new vaccine rolling out and the new guidance about who should get priority. this information and the
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help is underway, congress has reached a deal on the $9 billion relief package. more good news in the fight against the virus. moderna making the way to the hospital across the country. moderna sent out its first doses after getting fda and cdc approval this weekend. the first shot is expected to be administered as early as tomorrow. we'll need that money from congress to get vaccine to the american surgeon general. >> this is the most aggressive
4:25 pm
campai campaign. a cdc advisory panel voted to make frontline essential workers and persons 75 years or older next in line to receive the vaccine. chuck, with the announcement of the covid bill, there will be more money going into the distribution of the vaccines. how crucial is it to get these vaccines out there. >> reporter: that remains to be seen. as we wait to see specific details and the numbers and where those dollars will be targeted, i know many experts expect that the real issues will come when it is time to scale the vaccine. that'll be something that many people look for details of the bill and legislative texts to get answers to. we have announcement that help
4:26 pm
will be coming from the coronavirus relief legislation. while today we saw help come ng the form of fda approved vaccine being delivered and distribution center behind me, we saw workers pack up those vaccines and break down moderna's stockpile vaccinations and returned them into shipments. we know those vaccines will be hitting the states. this moderna vaccine will have an effect for every american in the sense that it can go to more places. that's why that money is allocated from congress, we'll wait to see what kind of impact it can have because this is the vaccine that most people will be looking for. alicia. >> do you have a sense of how many people are expected to get the vaccine tomorrow, moderna
4:27 pm
vaccine? >> the first shipment arrives tomorrow. this is a priority over night shipment. first shipment will arrive tomorrow throughout the day, there are about 3000 locations will be receiving this vaccine based on the shipment that's sent out today. from moderna's vaccine, there will be about 6 million doses that'll be available and delivered. when you combine it with pfizer, that'll be like 8 million doses available in this week alone. you can expect that number to continue to increase. moderna says they are planning to release or deliver 20 million doses just by the end of the year, that number will go up to 100 million by the spring and 200 million once we get to the
4:28 pm
summer. >> health experts are debating who should be the first in line to get them. many agreeing on nursing homes facility will get them after frontline workers. let's go to andover, delaware, outside the nursing home in that state begin to vaccinate their staff. >> residents are feeling more hopeful with vaccines on the way. >> reporter: yes, it has been ten-month of isolation and s sadness and loss all over the country in nursing homes. folks are elated to get these vaccines. i spoke to john pfeiffer, the
4:29 pm
resident here at dover, there is a lot of data and number going around. we had an interesting conversation of the human aspect of it. >> she was 99 years old. we were not able to celebrate her 99th. we'll be able to celebrate her 100th. one way or another we'll celebrate that one. she's my mother. i am her only son. she's my only mother so i do miss seeing her. >> reporter: john told me all he wants to do is give his mom a kiss and wish her happy holiday and he simply can't do that. >> that hits hard for a lot of people. the question becomes how soon will families and friends be able to visit once residents are vaccinated? >> reporter: so there is no set date through that. throughout the day we have seen
4:30 pm
folks coming up to the windows and visiting their loved ones and going and delivering gifts or delivering food to the loved ones here, that's not the same as being able to meet people, seeing the glass in between is not the same, alicia. >> gary, one final question, who you are they deciding who inside the facility is going to receive the vaccine first? >> reporter: this past week was the first shipment that arrived of 20 doses, all went to nurse and wonderirkers inside the fac. we are expecting another shipment and by the end of this month, cvs will deliver mobile clinic and they'll be bringing vaccines and support staff and all the supplies they need, they'll go room by room and vaccinating all residents want to be vaccinated. alicia. >> thank you so much. vaccines are coming. we can get herd immunity if enough people take them.
4:31 pm
a new poll, 71% of americans will take a kcovid-19 vaccine i it is safe and effective. anti-vaccination groups working overtime to make sure that does not happen. i want at the bring in brandy, great to see you. how are anti-vax groups even able to make this transition. >> antivaccination group faced media black out about a decade ago. their main figure were discredited and so they turned online and they did a great job at building a huge audience. now they are facing moderation from a social media platform where they grow that audience, they're turning back to traditional media, they have been coordinating rallies in different states where it seems like it is a big group but we
4:32 pm
are talking about three people standing at the interstate overpass with a big sign that suggests falsely that covid vaccines are dangerous. and some local reporters are considering that a story and that spreads the message. >> how effective are they convincing people not to get vaccinated or planning doubt of the efficacy or the safety of these vaccines. >> people have doubts or he h hesitancy. it is such a small group but they're vocal and reaching communities outside, just parent community and it is hard to measure really how good they have been convincing those people. we have a lot of research that
4:33 pm
suggests that antivaccine messaging, in places where anti-vaccine activists were active. >> can the fcc or other governmental agency do something about this misinformation? >> well, i don't know. no one have tried. the fcc does have this narrow category of false broadcasting false information that could cause harm. this seems like a professional issue, journalists sometimes operate under the false premise and in this case on one side we have overwhelming scientific consensus of a couple of people yelling outside of the hospital. >> brandy, always appreciate
4:34 pm
your reporting. thank you very much for your time. control of the senate is on the line, how tonight's deal on covid relief plays into the georgia's senate run-off. we'll be right back. georgia's senate run-off we'll be right back. conditions. conditions. because there are options. like an "unjection™". xeljanz. the first and only pill of its kind that treats moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, or moderate to severe ulcerative colitis when other medicines have not helped enough. xeljanz can lower your ability to fight infections. before and during treatment, your doctor should check for infections, like tb and do blood tests. tell your doctor if you've had hepatitis b or c, have flu-like symptoms, or are prone to infections. serious, sometimes fatal infections, cancers including lymphoma, and blood clots have happened. taking a higher than recommended dose of xeljanz for ra may increase risk of death. tears in the stomach or intestines and serious allergic reactions have happened. needles. fine for some.
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tonight's big news on capitol hill that a relief deal has been reached on covid-19 relief is bound to impact senate races in georgia. the senate stalling the bill was hurting the gop candidates running for senate. one of them addressed the rally in georgia. good to see you both. julia, georgia republicans doing victory lap blaming democrats for the hold-up as nancy pelosi made the point earlier that the 11th hour legislation is what
4:39 pm
americans hate and it is the republicans to blame. what are you hearing? >> reporter: senator loeffler and perdue just wrapped here and as you mentioned senator loeffler wasted no time. she told reporters that she was proud of this and wasted no time how she was providing relief for her constituents. >> i have been pushing relief for small businesses for hospitals and vaccine delivery that we need. david perdue and i hope bring $47 billion to georgia and $15 billion to small businesses and saving a million and a half jobs here in georgia. we need to do more. the democrats continue to play politics time and again, we'll hold them accountable on january
4:40 pm
5th. >> reporter: it was republicans that could not get on the same page regarding what to put in the covid package that president trump would actually sign. just last week majority leader mcconnell on a call reasoned with his caucus saying not only president trump want stimulus checks, this could be a boost to the senate race. perdue and loeffler can go back to georgia and say hey, we bring cash directly into your hands and providing relief in georgia, hoeping to boost their case heading into the run-off, alicia. >> i was going to say you are going to hear candidates ossoff
4:41 pm
and warnock echoing what you heard from speaker employeely continuing to blame republicans and loeffler and perdue saying that they are part of the holdup and you know campaign messaging has been the two of them got rich while georgians got sick. to motivate them to turn out to the polls. it has been central to that campaign messaging. i think democrats are going to try to continue to cast loeffler and perdue of people who profited from the pandemic of the expense of georgians and that's why you hear mitch
4:42 pm
mcconnell saying loeffler and perdue is getting hammered by the messaging on the democratic side. i know that's something of the pandemic as we see a second wave could be something that galvanizes for georgia to turn out. >> everyone understands how much president-elect biden's victory depens in georgia. what can you tell us of those numbers? >> reporter: you are krek, they a shattering record. the general election of 1.3 million -- it is worth noting that more than 75,000 new voters registered in georgia ahead of
4:43 pm
the deadline and it is really mixing things up here compares to the general. interesting statistic from the u.s. election project that nearly 37,000 voters who already voted in the run-off did not vote in the general election. clearly voters here are mobilized and energized and campaigns are not taking anything for granted knowing that. alicia. >> i mean so much of the questions and peopwhether the s people turning out for the election turning out for this run-off. have what's happening on capitol hill crystallize of the
4:44 pm
run-offs. you have president trump continuing to say that this election was rigged and stolen from him in places like georgia and going after brian kemp specifically and secretary of state specifically, you know that's something that could be working as a galvanizing tactic both for black voters who have long felt the threat of voter suppression in georgia but also for republican voters who may now see themselves as victims of voter suppression. there is a lot of activities continuing the take place in georgia. nikki haley in georgia and donald trump jr. and we are going to see kamala harris and ivanka trump coming to georgia tomorrow to campaign for these candidates and so there is a lot of energy and a lot of national
4:45 pm
attention on these races and i think georgians are realizing the stakes that the future and the senate are on the line, for both sides that could be something that does turn out for people that maybe did not turn out in november, they may feel this is a new reason to show up that their state is going to be in the spot light for the next several weeks. our. >> our colleagues are going to speak to vice president-elect. thank you very much. up next, yes, they have reached a deal on covid relief, there are a lot of military families hurting right now. what you can do to help. hurting right now. what you can do to help. -well, audrey's expecting... -twins! grandparents! we want to put money aside for them, so...change in plans. alright, let's see what we can adjust. ♪ we'd be closer to the twins.
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just moments ago senate majority mitch mcconnell and snort leader schumer reached a $900 billi 900 billion covid-19 deal. while there is a deal, it still has to be voted on. america service members and families and military spouses are losing their jobs and struggling with food and security. >> i think my family need to feel comfortable enough and d comfortable enough to say i do
4:50 pm
need help. >> reporter: she's due next week and like many spouses are suffering from the pandemic. >> i come a variety of differen things. it kind of just depends on what they have to offer at the time. >> this spring, the armed services ymca at ft. bragg reported a 40% increase in grocery requests at their food pantry. the group america serves saw a similar increase. since military families often already receive housing allowances, many of them are ineligible for food assistance even in times like these. with me now nick armstrong, institute for veterans and military families at syracuse university. also with me, vice admiral bill french, national ceo of the armed services ymca. he served in the u.s. army. nick, recent study for the institute of veterans and
4:51 pm
military families found nearly 40% of active duty families needed food and assistance since the pandemic hit. how do you explain this need? >> thank you, alicia. we connected that hole during the peak of the pandemic back in april, but you mentioned america serves, an initiative we operate in 17 communities across the nation. we are -- we saw that trend consistently through the summer, you know, even though it was 40% or so in the spring, it's hard to explain in one particular answer, but, you know, we know that spouse employment, in particular, spouse employment has been a challenge, even going into the pandemic, we know that spouses traditionally are underemployed and experience high rates of unemployment and so when the pandemic hit, of course, you know, we're seeing
4:52 pm
families hit particularly harder. >> yeah. bill, when we talk to people who are leaving food pantries across the country, a theme emerges over and over again, that very often these are people who have been in a position to be able to give in the past and now there are people who are showing up in need. when you talk specifically about the food pantry at ft. bragg, what are the concerns for these families? >> i think we had a relatively modest food distribution program in place when covid hit. once covid hit, in some locations, we saw an increase of four-fold or five-fold in some cases than there was before covid. and i think we've talked about it consistently, and it's spouse employment. before covid, it was about a 25% unemployment rate for spouses of service members and it's only gone up since then. so i think what we're trying to do is make sure the spouses have the opportunity to get the jobs
4:53 pm
that they need, the training and the jobs. so we provide child care that's affordable. it's quality child care that they can use to go get -- have the time they need to work on and then get a job and keep a job. >> nick, can you give us a sense -- i think it may come as a surprise to those who don't have direct experience with this, that it is so difficult for military spouses to maintain, keep seniority in their place of employment. what are the difficulties? what does this mean for their families? >> i think the first thing -- go ahead. >> sorry. >> sorry, nick, go ahead. >> oh, sure. no, i think there are a number of factors, but particularly the fact that military families move, on average, every two to three years, it's difficult for spouses to maintain a typical career trajectory. and so they're constantly looking for a new job every time they change duty location, and that puts them at a disadvantage
4:54 pm
in terms of employment just to begin with. then you add the difficulties of covid on top of that, perhaps losing a job or being underemployed, i think those are big drivers for why we see what we're seeing right now. >> so, bill, all night we've been watching the negotiations happening on capitol hill, and part of the reason we're having this conversation is because of the fact that housing benefits given to military members prohibits some families from being able to get food assistance. that is something that senator duckworth has tried to change. your sense of how this should be addressed? >> i think if we can get some relief so these young junior enlisted families, who have got, i think, more challenges than families who are not in the military -- for one thing, these young families are not near their parents, not near their home, not near where they grew up. then you throw in a person in the military that deploys six to
4:55 pm
nine months to iraq, afghanistan or somewhere in the marine corps or the navy takes them. and the point that was made earlier, every two to three years, they have to pick up and move again. it's difficult to get the instruction in place for spouses to make the supplementary income to support the family. i think if we can get relief particularly for the junior enlisted family members, to get the credit for food assistance, it would be helpful. >> all right. nick and bill, i appreciate you walking us through this critical issue. thank you both so much. >> at the top of the hour, do not miss "the week with joshua johnson." we'll talk about the deal lawmakers just reached on covid relief. i'll be back to wrap up american voices after a quick break. voic. so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's one that'll really take you back. wow! what'd you get, ryan? it's customized home insurance from liberty mutual!
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it's not about the toys or the ornaments but about coming together. santa, santa, you're on mute! just wanted to say thanks. thanks for believing. that is all the time i have for today. i'm alicia menendez. see you back here next weekend 6:00 p.m. eastern for more "american voices." for now i hand it over to my friend, joshua johnson. good to see you. >> you, too, alicia. i know we'll be off next week for the holidays. so honored to have start this had new slot with you. hope you have a wonderful holiday season and i'll see you in the new year. >> can't wait. hey there, i'm joshua johnson. good to be with you tonight. one more show before we go off for the holidays. big news on this night. we have a deal. leaders of the house and senate reached an agreement on a new
5:00 pm
coronavirus relief package just hours before the midnight deadline. better late than never. right? from nbc news world headquarters in new york, welcome to "the week." plenty to explain in this story. stay with me. it's moving kind of fast. about an hour ago, the house voted on a one-day extension to fund the government. the senate is expected to vote on the extension any minute. the funding is supposed to run out tonight at midnight. also, the house plans to vote on the newly-approved $900 billion relief package tomorrow. then it would go to the senate. we need this help, badly. the nation is averaging around 200,000 new cases of covid-19 every day, and more than 317,000


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