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tv   Velshi  MSNBC  January 9, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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good morning. it's saturday, january 9th. about 4,000 americans dying every day from covid-19. nearly 20,000 a week and almost 3 370,000 total sunshine tince th infection started in america. the first monthly job loss since april and now officially fewer people employed in america than when donald trump took office four years ago. i'm ali velshi. live in washington, d.c. at the capitol of the united states. the heart of american democracy which was symbolically wounded this week by a diluted insurrectionist group of thugs. in 11 day, joe biden will be inaugurated. the outgoing president will not attend the inauguration because he fears being arrested the
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second he loses presidential protection. for telling a mob of his followers to storm the united states tcapitol. make no mistake, what took place on wednesday was an attempted coup. because it failed and taken by a group of conspiracy-driven simpletons. it was to subvert the will of the people as manifested through democracy. one of the domestic terrorists involved was charged late last night on guns charges and for having almost a dozen molotov cocktails. that terrorist an allegedly asked officers quote whether they located the bombs. telling investigators he was referring to the pipe bombs found near the dnc and national
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republican clubhe headquarters. this video shows rioters crushing against police. one officer in agony crushed in the middle by the onslaught of insurrectioni insurrectionists. we have video showing how dangerous the situation was inside and just how aggressive the pro-trump mob, some armed, were in the siege of the capitol. this footage shot by a civil rights activist shows a group of the insurrectionists try to enter the speaker's lobby and tat the end of the hallway, would have had access to the chamber. they started smashing the glass doors and a couple of police officers initially guard it from front.
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>> make a path. >> the whole country hates you. >> go home. >> let's go. gets this [ bleep ]. >> go. >> get it down. break it down. break it down. >> you can see a group of the insurrectionists angrily demanding police officers retreat and proceed to use weapons to try to forcefully breach the barricaded door inside the capitol. officers in tactical gear arrive around the time they began breaking the glass doors and behind the doors, you see on the left, an officer wielding a gun. several of the insurrectionists can be heard yelling gun. moments later, an insurrecti insurrectionist tried to climb through the door. the officer opens fire. shooting one round into the approaching female. she is one of the insurrectionist whose died.
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the department of justice is leaving open the charges of the speakers at the so-called rally which served as the kickoff at the capitol. that included donald trump rioting up his revelers. you will never take back our country with weakness. his son saying we're coming for you. moments before the mob marched on capitol hill. this is all in addition to the things president trump said at rail rallies and never ending tweets will now will end. twitter suspended donald trump's account. twitter is where he cheered on the insurrectionists during the assault. tweeting, these are the things that happened. quote, remember this day forever. quote, we love you. you're very special. he had to tweet since he abandoned his people after tells them he joined them in the march probably due to bone spurs.
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ben sasse tells him that donald trump was excited and delighted as he watch eed the assault on e capitol and confused why others were not as excited. despite calling him a coward and barring his chief of staff from the white house and thugs overheard saying the goal was to capture and execute vice president mike pence by hanging from a capitol tree. pence is reportedly against the 25th amendment being used. house speaker nancy pelosi has given trump an ultimatum. resign or be impeached. several have drafted a single article of impeachment against donald trump for incitement of insurrection.
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additional articles for the phone call in which president trump demanded the georgia secretary of state commit voter fraud and magically find 11,780 votes in his favor is not off the table. this is important, not only would removing donald trump from office bar him from holding office in the future, as sanders writes, precedent. it must be made clear no president, now or in the future, can lead an insurrection against the u.s. government. at least one house republican, adam kinzinger called for president trump's removal. mitt romney and ben sasse admit they are in favor. and alaska republican senator lisa murkowski may leave the republican party. she is calling for president trump to resign. quote, i want him out. he has caused enough damage.
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i think he should leave. he said he will not show up or appear at the inauguration. he is not focused with what is going on with covid. he has been golfing or inside the oval office fuming or throwing every person faithful to him under the bus, starting w with the vice president. he needs to get out. he needs to go. he needs to do the good thing. i don't think he is capable of doing a good thing. on the insurrection, lisa murkowski states, i an contribu it to the president. and lindsey graham says it is time to heal and move on. house republican leader kevin mccarthy told biden in a phone call that impeaching trump would quote divide our country more.
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both of these are hilariously hypocritical individuals. they forget their party's direct role in dividing the country by publicizing the lie of voter fraud and continuing to accept the truth that biden won the election fairly and will be the next president of the united states. this about face begging by members of the gop is as sad as stupid. they know their guy was wrong, but it is their guy and no punishment. it will only divide us more. although their side just tried to overthrow the government. the fact they have encouraged a coup doesn't count. republicans like kevin mccarthy and lindsey graham want you to forget the assault on the capitol was planned in advance in the open. reports indicates the insurrection won't be a one and done. join managiontgomeranaginontgom
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is julia and talking about how they are returning to washington in 11 days. julia, what do we know about what else is going on and what else is being planned? >> ali, good morning. this is a lot of reporting from the colleague ana schete rrr. ana is finding across the message boards, the same message boards used to bring the insurrectionists to the capitol on wednesday. they are now saying things like they are emboldened by what they saw as a success on wednesday. the only thing that wasn't successful is they didn't do more. they want to come back with an army so big that no federal law enforcement or police will be able to stop them. they also plan to bring more
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arms. all of that on the back drop of dhs and secret service being in charge of inauguration like no other, to say the least. they are trying to figure out the level of security they need especially considering the failures we saw on wednesday. we know the national guard will be in the area of the inauguration and the capitol up until and through the inauguration day. the question is how big will that force be and what will it take especially on the intelligence side. ali, the more we've spoken to law enforcement officials, they say they didn't see this coming. the question is will they now see it coming? will they read the message boards or see the plans made by the very people who came here on wednesday to come back with more arms and more people. >> julia, thank you for your reporting. we will continue to be relying on you for more on that in the
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coming days. the inauguration is 11 days away. joining me now is barbara lee of california. the member of the appropriations and budget committee. the former chair of the congressional black congress. congress member, thank you for being with us. can you tell us what you know to be happening with respect to the move toward impeaching donald trump a second time? >> sure. first of all, thank you and good morning, ali. we are working day and night to put together articles of impeachment so we can hold donald trump accountable. first of all, we have sent an ultimate ultimatum to resign. if he doesn't resign, we will move forward with the 25th amendment strategy. vice president pence is required to be part of that and evidently he won't. we have to move forward to
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impeach the president for the second time. i think the world sees the evidence which is there. he is a national security threat. he actually is the one person who incited this violence and promoted what happened at the capitol and he should be held accountable. our democracy is at stake. in terms of how we adhere to the constitution and make sure we hold him accountable. >> congress member, we are hearing and seeing from more republicans who are saying what the president did was disgusting and inciting this violence and this is an attempted coup through legal means. are you surprised more of your republican colleagues in the house are not criticizing the
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president? >> i'm not surprised. you would think at this moment, they would. when you look at those who still voted to object to the electoral college and i was there that night. the electoral college certification of president-elect joe biden or vice president-elect kamala harris. they have been accepting the lies from the president trump. >> what do you think happens in the next 11 days? we understand from your colleagues in the house that you can have a vote possibly as early as mid week. there are different articles coming forward. different groups of members of congress putting things forward. at some point in the next couple days, does it come together as one concerted effort by democrats in the house? >> we're still discussing that. when you look at what we are doing and the president has done in terms of an attempted coup
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and forming that action that took place. we have a variety of tools in our tool box. we will conduct an investigation. many members have called for an impeachment resolution charging the powers. there are a number of strategies taking place. i don't think it is one strategy. again, we need to insist he resign. he is a threat to national security. it presents a clear and present danger. we have to get him out of the house. >> congresswoman, what is your sense of this? we haven't told the full story of what this house has gone through in its history. it has been since 1814 that it has been under steiege and atta. during 9/11, there were concerns of congress under attack. the idea american citizens doing this under the fuel of the
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president of the united states. how did it make you feel as a member of congress? >> i was here when the coup and capitol police officers were shot in the'90s. i have been abroad in many situations. this was terrifying. what is so disgusting is that the social media and the president's promoting of violence takes place over the last month. he has been promoting this environment with anger and hostility. i wo i don't understand what took place at the command level. i do know and my heart goes out to the police officer and his family who died. our people died in this insurrecti insurrection.
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you know, the capitol police were overwhelmed. if this can happen with regard to domestic terrorism, i worry and wonder those abroad are seeing and how vulnerable we are. this is something we have to address and address it immediately. >> congress member barbara lee of california. i want to show you, by the way, the capitol behind me. you see the fence. this is new fence that has been put up. it is about seven-feet high. this was evicted immediately after. the congress is a place open to people. it is more secure, obviously, after the threats of 9/11. it was still a place people could go to. at this point, you can't get anywhere close to the capitol. we are following the breaking news. another story going on that i want to tell you about out of indonesia. a search and rescue operation launched after a passenger plane with 62 people lost contact with
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air traffic controllers. it lost contact after taking off in jakarta. sj-182 lost contact over the java sea. the plane is a 27-year-old boeing 737-500. reuters is reporting debris may have been spotted in the waters north of jakarta. nbc news has not confirmed this yet. a boeing 737 max operated by lion air crashed in 2018. we will follow this story for you. still ahead, more on the insurrection that took place at the capital and the disinformation campaign which led to the violence. then the other crisis. the coronavirus pandemic. arizona has become the world's biggest hot shot. we will go there next.
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we're back from the capitol. the scene of the disgraceful insurrection on wednesday. it was a riot and some considering the mob to be a super spreader event as well. this as the pandemic is more severe. the unfortunate number this week? nearly 4,100 covid deaths reported on thursday in the united states. the deadliest day during the pandemic. an along with that, more than 269,000 cases reported on friday. another record. more than 132,000 people in the united states are hospitalized. nearly 370,000 americans have died from the virus. cases are hovering around 22 million. the pandemic is especially bad in arizona which has the highest rate of new cases in the country. officials are referring to the state as the latest hot spot in the world.
5:21 am
this is where we find cori coffin. cori, good morning. things are so bad in arizona that some of the hospitals are running out of oxygen. what's the story? >> reporter: they are using up to four times the amount of oxygen they typically need, ali. they just cannot get enough in supply. we're hearing the same about personnel at hospitals. icu beds are at 0%. the situation is dire than california which is hard to believe on what we have been reporting. to put it in perspective, the czech republic is the highest per capita, but arizona blows it out of the water. the largest hospital system told me this over what they are seeing. >> the forecast for us in arizona and specifically for banner health hospitals is very grim. the next couple weeks are actually going to be the most difficult and most significant of the entire pandemic. we had a very significant surge
5:22 am
in the summer and we have already exceeded that and our forecast shows it will get worse over the next couple weeks. >> reporter: ali, they say they fear trying to vaccinate the way out of this. expanding to 6,000 a day starting on monday. >> cori, there is resistance from the governor doug ducey in arizona. what are they talking about in arizona? is there something to do to shut things down again? >> reporter: there is absolutely no talk of any shutting down or closures of businesses or scaling back or any statewide mask mandate. we know cities have it in place. including here in maricopa county. no change from the governor's office on that. in fact, that expansion on the vaccination program is what appears state leadership is hoping will help get the state through this. that expansion will be to some
5:23 am
emergency workers and essential workers and teachers and seniors. ali. >> cori, thank you. cori coffin in phoenix. the capitol has had the security threats, but nothing like on wednesday. it turns out domestic terrorism was the one we should have feared all along. that is next when our special on "assault at the capitol" returns. t the capitol" returns. our extended release melatonin helps you sleep longer. and longer. zzzquil pure zzzs all night. fall asleep. stay asleep. less sick days! cold coming on? zicam® is clinically proven to shorten colds! highly recommend it! zifans love zicam's unique zinc formula. it shortens colds! zicam zinc that cold! to end them, cybereason built a cyber security solutioning.
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now until wednesday's mob attack, it had been 206 years since the u.s. capitol has been overtaken. 1814. two years into the war of 1812, british soldiers burned down landmarks including the capitol. on september 11th, 2001, after planes crashed in new york and the pentagon. a fourth plane believed to be on the way toward the u.s. capitol. instead of ending up in d.c.,
5:26 am
passengers overtook the plane. flight 93 crashed in the field in pennsylvania. as it turns out, it wasn't foreign actors who we should have been worried about. it was domestic terrorists. the violent trump supporting mob achieved a full-scale assault on the capitaocapitol. that led to five deaths, including one capitol police officer. it appears to be more sinister. this photo has gained more attention since the days of the insurrection. the man in the press gallery with zip tie handcuffs. he was planning on making citizens arrests or taking hostages. another man caught nearby with 11 molotov cauocktails and
5:27 am
automatic weapon. and one person searched for who placed bombs outside the rnc and dnc headquarters. don't think for a second this attempted coup is over. reports on social media that are planning another rally on january 19th. the day before biden's inauguration. twitter, after banning trump, said another protest is planned on the 17th of january. joining me now is dr. joanne freeman. she is the author of the field of blood. violence in congress and the road to the civil war. manny hussen joins me as well. mehdi hasan show. professor, let me start with you. you and i talk on the show. we have not talked about violence in congress.
5:28 am
what is so significant about the fact that this attack targeted this building? the symbol of democracy not just in america, but the world. >> you use the world symbol. that is the big part of the answer. there has been violence in the capitol before, but the fact of the matter is, anything that happens in the building which is the symbolic heart of representation and monument to democracy there is a symbolic significance. in and of itself, these events should have had an impact. the fact that we could see essentially people using the word desecrate. i agree with it. this kind of, you know, monumental symbolic structure desecrated in that way had enormous impact for that reason. >> mehdi, you and i have
5:29 am
reported on other places in the world. mobs descending and we call it for what it is. do you find the people are worried about calling it what it is and insurrectionists? >> very much so, ali. you saw that on wednesday when it kicked off. we journalists were scrambling for the right words. what do we call this? insurrection? coup? domestic terrorism? we have to say this bluntly. the police on the scene did not take it seriously and we did not take the threats seriously. we don't expect to see this from white people. we know about black lives matter protesters and muslims, ali, willing to be violent. we don't take seriously older white people in red maga hats. maybe to be laughed at or take selfies. that is part of the problem.
5:30 am
we never have taken the threat seriously enough. even though domestic terrorism is the number one terrorist threat in the united states. the head of the fbi told us that. why weren't we taking it seriously? did we think these people come to play? no, as you pointed out, the zip ties and noose and pipe bombs. this was a serious threat on the capitol on the lives of leg l e legislators and the chain of successi succession. i'm sorry, they pulled off what the 9/11 hijackers could not pull off. >> joanne, one of the differences is the insurrectionists were a mob. they came in and penetrated congress. there are images of donald trump in a heated tent or control setter with screens in front of him with his family and sons and daughter and chief of staff and
5:31 am
others. apparently cheering this on. he encouraged it and on social media and watched it in real-time. that complicates the telling of the story. this wasn't just an angry bunch of people seeking something, whatever you want to call it. it was something the president of the united states was behind. >> right. i think along the lines of what was said, we underestimated the power and meaning of this kind of rhetoric. this violent rhetoric coming from the president or coming from members of congress. that has a real power. we, in a sense, we have been normalized to the degree that we just dismiss it as more of the same. i think that's precisely what a lot of people did concerning what we just saw on wednesday. oh, you know, the same rhetoric we get. the fact is that kind of rhetoric matters. it needs to be taken seriously. we didn't. >> mehdi, what does it look like to solve the problem?
5:32 am
look at the poll. we asked should the attack on the capitol be considered a threat to democracy? 62% of registered voters said yes. only 27% of republicans, this fits with polling after the election. so many republicans upward of 70% did not think the election was legitimate. this was laid months and months ago by donald trump. arguably, years ago. what do we do? a bunch of people believed those folks who stormed the capitol. >> ali, i believe the ground for this was laid by donald j. trump and rupert murdoch and mark zuckerberg. you have facebook that turned a blind eye to the qanon groups
5:33 am
organizing on line. they are all complicicomplicit. we need to hold them to account and ask serious questions of the enablers of the violence and hate. we cannot turn a blind eye. this is a serious domestic threat. it is not going away. one former homeland security official told me it will be here for the next decade. that is deradicalizing that we need to do. >> remarkable. we will watch this history unfold and hold those who need to be held to account. professor freeman and mehdi hasan, thank you. twitter has done it. the real donald trump can no longer use that platform. he is permanently suspended. you think he would go down
5:34 am
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well, they did it. donald trump has officially been kicked off twitter. in the wake of the siege at the capitol on wednesday, the social media giant announced friday that trump is permanently suspended from the platform. this is the last tweet. the 75 million great american patriots who voted for me. america first and make america great again will have a giant voice. they will not be disrespected or treated unfairly in any way, shape or form. twitter released the statement.
5:38 am
after close review after context around them after being received and interpreted on and off twitter, we permanently ususpe d suspended the account. risk of further iincitement of . he tried to get around that by the@potus account. those tweets were taken down by twitter. when identical tweets popped up on the campaign account, twitter suspended that account. joining me to break the story is ben collins who covers all things internet and disinformation. ben, let's start with something twitter said about the fact there is more activity that they have seen about yet another rally or protest on the 17th of january and then something else on the 19th. then talk about disrupting the
5:39 am
inauguration on the 20th. what do we know? >> trump supporters who were at that siege of the capitol, far-right extremist like the donald and twitter said that was the beginning. we are going to -- basically we did not go far enough. we will increase the bloodshed at the future event. the planning is not as specific as it was for january 6th. for january 6th, they said this specific thing would happen. they said they would storm the capitol after the president said so at the rally. they said that and that's what happened. the 17th and 19th, there are threats and others saying this is where the blood will be spilled. twitter saw it and if you look on the internet and you don't have to look far. they are trying to plan something. >> so there's twitter and facebook which has taken action against donald trump. there are other platforms. including parler.
5:40 am
a place a lot of right-wing conspiracy theoryiies take plac. and parler is no longer available to google phone users. apple warned parler it needs to do something or it will remove it from its platform. >> apple is giving it 24 hours to make sure violent insurrection and getting people to go to places to carry that out is no longer allowed on the platform. it is everywhere on parler. that is what they are contendsing with at parler. they have problems with hosting. if they have web hosting shutdown, they cannot do that. it doesn't matter if the president posts there. nobody will see it. he lost his megaphone yesterday
5:41 am
through twitter. he is left with press conferences and traditional ways presidents speak. now his every whim cannot be broadcast immediately. i want to make clear the far-right internet shifted the conversation to tech censorship. there was a man in the capitol holding makeshift handcuffs to arrest vice president mike pence. these people were storming the capitol to try to get him to overturn the election and while that was happening, the president said we're not going to take this anymore. he talked about mike pence. what elsewhere they supposed to do? that was the question here. if the president kept inciting this stuff in the moment, ten days from now, it could be worse. >> it is not about generally donald trump sentiment on twitter and what he has been doing. the thing that caused twitter to take action was the ability to make a direct link with what
5:42 am
happened on the capital on wednesday and how the president uses twitter. >> that's right. people inside of twitter said this is enough. there's a massive meeting yesterday morning at twitter where employees said it is hard to work here right now. one of them said in an internal slack we got access to -- i think the coup is a hard line we can draw for the policy. that is the conversation that was going on within twitter. they thought they were using their platform explicitly to start a coup or insurrection. that is why they acted. >> ben, thanks as always. we will talk to you through the course of the show. ben collins. covering all things on the dark web. donald trump has reduced the department of justice to nothing but a corrupt institution. bending it to his whim.
5:43 am
the president-elect is going do the best to restore the department of justice. he is sending a clear message to officials about what their future holds. that's next. >> i want to be clear to those who lead this department who you will serve. you are not the president or the vice president's lawyer. your loyalty is not to me. it's to the law. the constitution. the people of this nation. the people of this nation. honey? new nyquil severe honey is maximum strength cold and flu medicine with soothing honey-licious taste. nyquil honey. the nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, fever best sleep with a cold medicine. that life of the party look walk it off look one more mile look reply all look own your look... ...with fewer lines. there's only one botox® cosmetic. it's the only one... ...fda approved... temporarily make frown lines...
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among the most vocal critics of president trump's actions on wednesday is the man criticized for loyalty to the president. former attorney bill barr. orchestrating a mob to pressure congress is inexcusable. the president's conduct was a e
5:48 am
betrayal of his office. >> i like bill barr. he changed. he didn't want to be considered my personal attorney. >> didn't want to be my personal attorney. you don't have to be the lawyer to understand the attorney general is the people's attorney. not the president's attorney. that is the point that president-elect joe biden appears to be making with the selection of this man. merrick garland as his pick for tone jo attorney general. >> he said today and before, it is not my justice department. it's the people's justice department. he promised that the person he chose to lead the department would have the quote independent capacity to decide who gets prosecuted and who doesn't. >> now, garland can lead the department of justice as attorney general because he is not a supreme court justice. president obama nominated him to
5:49 am
the high court in 2016. mitch mcconnell refused to consider his nomination. climbing it was too close to the election. i'm joined by deval patrick. governor, good to see you. thank you for being with us. this is a remarkable message. i don't ever recall hearing the nomination of a cabinet level secretary being described as somebody who is there to rebuild the department. joe biden made it clear that merrick garland's job is to restore the glory of the department of justice. >> and that was the right message and i think garland is the right person. i know merrick. we were colleagues at the doj. he is a mench. together with the team that was announced, including the next head of the civil rights division have a big job. they would under any circumstances, ali, but especially now following the administration that has been this consistently lawless. it is my hope that this
5:50 am
department under attorney general garland will focus and renew their emphasis on voting rights. there's an opportunity to get more robust intervention excessive policing. there's sentencing reform that has to happen and, as we saw indicated earlier this week, we have to focus on domestic terrorism, which the fbi has been warning about. it's been on the rise for years. >> the musical "hamilton," hamilton is seen asking for one of the two most important positions in government, secretary of state or secretary of treasury. in 2021, it seems the most important job in this new administration is going to be the attorney general. >> as i say, i think the attorney general's job is
5:51 am
important under any circumstances, particularly now because of the tone that's been set and the precedents that have been blown up by the outgoing administration, particularly with respect to their respect for the rule of law. this administration will be successful if they are working together, if the economic and the social justice issues are linked and i think that's something that the president-elect straununderstan i'm sure it's something that garland and his team understand. >> bill barr, who has been carrying donald trump's water for some time, when bill barr finally tells donald trump he thinks he's gone too far, that's something. but what barr did is besmirch the office. in one case they took on the case of a president, something the president was alleged to have been done before he was a
5:52 am
president. joe biden went on to say that's not going be to gar laland's joo be my lawyer. you're going to be the people's lawyer. >> i think it means the department of justice is and has been independent. i remember when i worked there, i was in the civil rights division. i remember being invited by the white house to come and ride with the president in the motorcade to an event he was going to in washington that involved a constituency that served in the civil rights division. i remember coming up to the white house and heading for the car and being told that the president in fact had decided he needed to make some political calls on his way to the event and therefore i could not be in the car with him because they were that careful about keeping politics and law enforcement separate. that is i think the spirit that merrick garland will bring.
5:53 am
i'm glad for former attorney general barr's comment but, my goodness, so many of these comments have come at the very end. when you think about it, we've been treating our democracy for a long time in this country and certainly in the last four years as if it could tolerate limitless abuse without breaking. and now we brought it right to the breaking point and folks are speaking out. i'm glad they are now, i wish they had earlier and i think there have to be consequences for the incitement and behavior at the capitol. >> the attorney general's office is something a lot of people don't know that much about. it's crucially important. there is going to be an important civil rights role for the attorney general and the department of justice in the new biden administration. >> that's right. that's right. it needs to be adequately staffed. it needs to be adequately funded
5:54 am
it. that is a perennial challenge in the civil rights division. i think it needs special attention right now. it needs to be focused so we are dealing with chronic issues that disable people who are vulnerable or marginalized in taking part in the fullness of american citizenship and that certainly includes voting rights and excessive policing that we see in a pattern in not all but many police departments. the issues around access to employment and to education, all of which help make our society better for all of us and more fair and more just and ultimately more prosperous. it's going to be a very, very busy time. and it's critically important work. so it's important, i think, that the congress with the support of the administration fully staffed and fully fund the division and then give them the situation and
5:55 am
the direction to get the job done. >> deval patrick, thank you for joining me this morning, the former governor of massachusetts and former assistance to the attorney general under president clinton. don't go anywhere. this special edition of "velshi: assault on the capitol" will continue. and at 10 a.m., congresswoman val demings and hakeem jeffries join my friend tiffany cross from "the cross connection." we'll be right back. connection." we'll be right back. wn, don't let anything get in your way. here we go! yeah, appreciate you, man! whatsup, alice! hey, marshawn! good call! go pro and get double the protein for just $2 more on your favorite sub
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guess what. the waiter doesn't need to know your name.
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>> it's a moment that will live in infamy. on wednesday it was members of our own citizenry. we have new imagery emerging from this horrific event. it depicts the moment that rioters reached the door that leads to the house chamber, putting several lawmakers in damage and shows thein seconds leading up to the death of one
6:00 am
of the pro trump riders. i'm warning you, what you're about to see is disturbing. [ bleep ] [ bleep ] >> [ bleep ]. >> [ bleep ]. >> [ bleep ]. >> [ bleep ]. >> there's so many people. i don't want to see you -- there's so many people out there. we will make a path.


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