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tv   The Reid Out  MSNBC  March 26, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> absolutely. that does it for the beat tonight. i want to make an important programming note for every one. this sunday night which will be the eve of the beginning of the murder trial dealing with the killing of george floyd, msnbc has a special. the trial, the kill of george floyd. ly be anchoring it at 6:00 p.m. this sunday. we wanted you know about that. it's right here at msnbc. good evening. we begin "the reid out" with the return of jim crow in georgia. by now you have seen this infamous photo. flanked by six suited republican lawmakers, all white men signing the new restrictions into law. what you might not have noticed
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is the painting on the wall behind them. take a closer look. as philadelphia inquirer columnist pointed out earlier today, kemp signed that law to try to quash non-white voting, particularly targeting black voters like those in fulton county under a painting of a notorious plantation. namely calloway in wilkes county, georgia. they promote it as an elegant antebellum brick mansion. beside from a brief note that a slave cabin is a structure available for touring, if you want. that's the backdrop under which bryan kemp signed a law putting georgia on an basic press train back to the jim crower e era while this was happening outside the doors. >> you said you'd give her one more time like you're going to
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do something. >> are you serious? >> you are not. >> she's not under arrest. >> for what? under arrest for what? >> african-american state representative park cannon was arrested and charged with a felony after knocking on the governor's door during the signing. it's just almost poetic how much this history this weeks rhymes. it doesn't get much clearer who this law is designed to benefit and who it is designed to hurt. daring to try to witness the voting rights of black and other non-white people being stripped away by a white governor who is previous claim to fame was purging tens thouf sands of black voters straight off the rolls so he could win. transparency seems important when it comes to what this new georgia law does.
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it makes it a crime in georgia to give food and water to people waiting in line to vote. it also allows unlimbed challenges to a voter es registration. requires id to cast mail in ballots and ban third party groups from sending absentee ballot applications. stripping the secretary of state as chair of the state election board. allowing the republican general asemibli to appoint three of the five members. republicans control who gets elected in georgia. the new law cuts the number of ballot drop boxes like surprise, surprise, the one bryan kemp used to vote last november. make no mistake. despite signing this law behind closed doors with his white male prends, he wasn't trying to keep it a secret. he live streamed himself making it illegal to hand people water while standing in lines that have been known to get really
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long like the ones we saw throughout erm voting period when voters, mostly black and brown waited in line for hours to vote. just the way republicans like it. yesterday, president biden called efforts to suppress voting sick and blasted georgia's attack on the right to vote. >> it's an atrocity. the idea you want any indication that it has nothing to do with fairness, nothing to do with decency. they pass the law saying you can't provide water for people standing in line while waiting to vote. you don't need anything else to know that this is nothing but punitive design to keep people from voting. you can't provide water for people about to vote. give me a break. >> it's not just punitive in that respect. georgia law shortens the window for run off elections like the hard fought ones that yielded
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victories in january which also happen to give democrats control of the united states senate. just to be clear what this is about, namely power. today senator warnock, the first black senator dragged senate republicans for using the law to promote the debunked big lie of election fraud. >> you're literally going to make public policy based on a lie. based on the feeling that some people have that things didn't turn out the way they should have turned out. is that how we make public policy? we counted the votes not once, not twice but three times. what's the purpose of all of this? they don't like the outcome and so this is democracy in reverse where politicians have decided that instead of the voters picking their representatives, the representatives have a right
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to cherry pick their voters. it's un-american. it's anti-democratic. we have to resist it. >> joining me now is georgia state representative eric thomas, michael eric dyson and ari burrman. senior reporter for mother jones. i want to start with you representative thomas because you were seen in that video too. i'm going to play it while i ask you a question here. you're seen in the t video yelling al the officers who arrested representative park cannon. she's charged with a felony for trying to enter the governor's office. have you spoken with representative cannon? how is she? >> yes, i have spoken with her and she's taking time right now to be with her family and to be honest, get ready for monday. we're back at it again on monday fighting these egregious laws. she is taking the time to kind
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of get herself together and be ready to fight on monday. >> representative thomas republicans put in place. this is like a 95 page bill. you can't give people water. standing in line we'll make it impossible to vote. you'll be thirsty for eight or ten hours. it seems like suppression. have republicans articulated how they justify making it legal to give people food or water for standing in line? >> when we were debating on the floor, one of the republicans said this bill is not about regular citizens. it's about candidates passing out water. when you look at the 95-page bill, it does not say that. this process has been under
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cloak and dagger since this beginning. we're in covid-19 so a lot of our staff is at home. they are not able to read the bill. we are taking pictures of the bill. okay now we're moving into 4:00. the whole process has been flawed. it's a bill build up to what happened yesterday because we're so tired of this process of the bills that affect all georgians but only a certain amount of georgias that make the decision. >> they only trust the process when they win.
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>> republicans -- they are advantage. it was the republican secretary. they are stripped of power and removed in a voting member of state board of elections so they consolidate control over the process. the state board of election and how everything ran until
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democrats won and until a black senator was elected. only then did they say, we need to change this entire system because it's not working for us anymore. >> black senator and a jewish senator. the makeup of the civil rights movement of the 1960s and they are losing their mind. it does seem like they are two pieces. republican voter, we know you're less than motivated because we lost so we will motivate you by guaranteeing you a win because if you don't like that black voters vote a lot, you can challenge their registration. if that doesn't work, we'll board in a board and flip the election to what you want it. that feels like they are saying to the january 6th people who sieged the capital, we'll make sure that you never have to experience losing again. that is what this feels like and not just this state bull all over the country. >> the echo you joy, we'll give you the symbolism. we will arrest a black woman who
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is legitimately elected to represent voters in georgia and on january 6th, we will allow you to storm the dome, the most sacred space in civic america and allow do you have at will and do what you will. not only are we subordinating a woman who is legally designated and a legislator and subject her to criminal penalty, we will allow you to go free. if that's not a jim crowalogy. we understand the voting rights about is an inconvenient interruption of white supremacist power. we have male in voting as in white males. nay are in for voting. they want to restrict it every way they can. look at the imaginations. the imagination it takes to figure out how to deny black
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people vote. we want to exercise the franchise. we want to march to the polls and we want to pull that lever. white imagination has been galvanized in order to subvert it. this is nothing more -- president biden is right. this is jim you. this is jane crow. this they kid. this is the whole nesting of white supremacy. if we're trying to pretend we don't know this the weaponization of conspiracy theory and come to the place that we find so reprehensible. bryant kemp and that crew, you fought against donald trump. you wanted to get back in his good graces. as you pointed out, you undermine the legitimacy you possess to defend yourself against him to hand him the plate. the real politics in america is whiteness and whiteness unhinged. >> and power.
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represent tifr thomas, donald trump is under criminal investigation in georgia for what he did to try to steal the election there. they defended the election. they did three audits. every one understands it was a legitimate election except the people in the legislature. the polls show this is very unpopular. a vast majority pose. 76% oppose. 77% oppose the criminalization of giving food and water. 77% oppose tossing out votes for eligible voters. is the democratic party prepared not just to galvanize voters to get them acquainted to the new tricks that they have to jump through to vote in 2022 and beyond but also to make these republican state legislatures pay for going against the will of the people? >> yes, we are prepared. just like you saw two weeks ago, the author of this bill, representative was fired. he was the county attorney for
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hancock county which was the highest percentage of black voters in georgia. they fired him on the spot. they were upset he would carry a bill and then represent their county. people are coming for them. we have put pressure on the businesses, coca-cola, home depot and they finally came out and are against there bill. we have to really talk about where the money is going. we also have to talk about a fiscal note. legally, it's required to have a fiscal note on anything that has a fiscal impact on our state. this bill will cost over $60 million to counties all over the georgia. they would not give us a fiscal note because they know that not just the democrats but if the republicans, their voters saw this impact and where the money is going, they would be upset as well. they tried to hide that.
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voters don't want this. we did an amazing job in 2020. we should be doing a victory lap right now. we should be celebrating, but how do we celebrate. they cherry pick and try to find out ways so that it never happens again. that is what -- >> ari, if the filibuster is not gone and the sr-1 does not pass, then what? it sounds to me like this is the end of elections. >> this is the most important issue facing democracy and facing the democratic party right now. democrats can either get rid of the filibuster to pass the for the people act and pass the jon lewis voting rights about or keep it and allow republicans all across the country to implement jim crow 2.0. this is not stopping at georgia. this slapping in florida,
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michigan, arizona. it's happening in every single state republicans control because voter suppression is the central organizing principal of the republican party. if democrats don't get rid of the filibuster to pass the for the people act, democracy itself is going to be severely upside mined and the democratic party may no longer be a majority party in america. that's how big the stakes are. you can't underestimate how big this issue is right now in america. >> very quickly, you met recently with president biden, do you think that joe biden is ready to do that? very quickly. we're out of time. >> i think he's contemplating it seriously when he sees the squoenss. he needs to fill the busters with fear of government. these are the people that would pass a law to keep jesus from getting cup of water while dying on the cross. >> sad but true.
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thank you for being here. thank you for all that you guys do. senator warnock will be rachel maddow's guest tonight. up next, senator cory booker joins me how the georgia voter suppression law is being used as a model for republican efforts all over this country. also nature news. take a look what was spotted out in the wild and not in his natural habitat. >> we're at the edge of the river on the other side of the river is mexico. >> absolutely frightening. a billion dollar lawsuit targeting the election fraud big lie. we'll have more on that when the reid comes back of this quick break. reid comes back tofhis quick break.
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emergency. i'm not about to be stopped or stymied by debates about senate rules. it's a contradiction for us to say we must protect minority rights in the senate while right now here in georgia, they're trying to crush minority rights in society. >> calling on the senate to do something to fight back against the draconian election law. they have a choice, step up and pass the for the people act or let the republican party fundamentally alter american democracy forever like crashing it into a tree. standing in the way of action is the lack of unified support for over turning the jim crow relic,
4:23 pm
the filibuster. joe biden acknowledged they are several votes try of that goal. >> we'll see. the question is whether or not, you have to have 50 votes. 51 votes. you have to win to be able to move the filibuster. right now that doesn't exist. that doesn't exist. you got to have the votes. it's not going to happen. we're not going be able to get rid of the filibuster and that's a ching that's true. joimpb joining me is senator cory booker of the great state
4:24 pm
of new jersey. i don't get it. democrats now have power but it seems there's some senators who are saying we don't want to use our power. we're much more interested in republicans having power. that's what joe manchin sounds like. if republicans don't have power, i'm not for it. i am hearing it wrong? >> cleerpclearly we are going t some intense discussions. this happened last night as the senate left for a two-week recess. it's not over dramatic language to say very clearly that georgia is leading because there's many other states, over 250 laws like georgia have been put forward in over 30 states. georgia is trying do take a step back of governor wallace. days where john lewis was being
4:25 pm
beat for voting rights. it's massive step backwards. in today's context it's a step towards authoritarianism. all around the planet there are democratic countries from turkey to hungary whose leaders are in power and decide they don't want to lead so they begin to change laws in their countries lurching them towards authoritarian and against the free democratic principles and ideals that we he rald in this country. this is people in power, in georgia and in other states saying we cannot keep power in a flourishing vibrant democracy and there have, we are going to take a large step in american society away from democracy and freedom the senate needs to
4:26 pm
decide on which side of history we stand. this is resonant with the assault on the capitol. it may not be a violent insurrection but it is what happens in authoritarian states when people try to hold on power and undermine our traditions. in one case it's the peaceful transition of power and the other it's free and fair elections. this is a serious inflection point for the united states of america. this is bigger than legislative filibusters. this is about the character and culture of american democracy. i, for one, am going to push with every fiber of my being to choose democracy, to choose inclusive multi-culture democratic principles over the forces of authoritarianism that are rising up in our country and threatening the values that we
4:27 pm
all hold dear. the point that was made is the popularity of democracy and how much people, resoundingly in ga, purple state, over 70% decry this is wrong. >> the challenge is can they vote out the people who made the rules. the way this works is you create rules that make it so you cannot be removed. this could be called the bryant kemp re-election guarantee act because he sees stacy abrams coming. they will both be on a the same ballot. he knows that's coming and he's sort of written law naks it much harder to remove him. this is not just in georgia. if it was just in georgia, you could say least bad guy and you could say he's just a bad guy but you also have 253 bills with similar provisions in 43 states. republican ever republicans have power. you have gop backed bills that are aimed at saying they can
4:28 pm
control the election from the state legislature. that's passed in iowa. passed in arizona, passed in dpa ga. proposed in kansas, texas, michigan. you're right. this is nothing short of saying we will guarantee that republican voters always get their way because it's the only way to get them to participate. have you and rafael warnock. i don't know if tim scott rolls with y'all but you have sat down with joe manchin. i know you have a relationship with manchin because maybe they need to hear it from african-americans direct to their face. i really don't think they get it. >> senator warnock and have been exchanging texts and phone calls all day. he and i are the same age. we were born four years after
4:29 pm
the edmond pettus bridge. we know our generation has inherited fruits born from the blood of our ancestors. this is deeply felt before he and i. our entire caucus will hear from us. he chose this subject to speak to. this is the issue. i know my history. change doesn't come from
4:30 pm
washington. it has to come to washington. it wasn't strong thurman which was racist rant against civil rights. he didn't say i've seen light and the any negro people should have their rights. we had to have struggle, activism and engagement. it was within that time they others were blocking civil rights and blocking voting rights that a pastor who belonged to the church that warnock is pastor of who said with clarity that the problem is not the words and violent actions of the bad people but the appalling silence and inaction of the good people. you have to make a choice. this is an inflection point.
4:31 pm
will you demand we're a multiculture democracy or slipping to our nation slipping towards authorism. there are companies and corporations that know this is wrong. their silence will define them. there are organizations, business groups that know this is wrong. if they do not speak up, their silence will define them. >> we shall see because this coming. heritage action fresh off of their black woman leader are out there rooting for this.
4:32 pm
it's a frightening time in america for our democracy. good of you to be here. thank you very much and come back. appreciate you. >> thank you. still ahead, somebody please have a conversation with joe manchin. he needs to hear that. senator ted cruz and some of his republican cronies are taking their all about the border show on the road hoping to get on tv and scare elderly fox news viewers out of their minds about brown people. brown people but not to do anything about immigration reform because that would involve actual work. work is hard. we'll be right back. rd we'll be right back. ♪ hey now, you're an all-star, get your game on, go play ♪ ♪ hey now, you're a rock star, get the show on, get paid ♪ ♪ and all that glitters is gold ♪ get 5 boneless wings for $1 with any handcrafted burger. only at applebee's. ♪ with any handcrafted burger.
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charmin ultra soft is so soft you'll have to remind your family they can use less. charmin ultra soft is twice as absorbent so you can use less. enjoy the go with charmin. when they say this is trump problem. they're lying. the biden administration wants to hide what is going on here. >> how can you pass an immigration bill when you have an open border? >> a delegation of republican senators took their biden bashing to the southern border today where they vowed once again to stand in the way of immigration reform. it was clear they put some real thought spoo their press conference stage craft. they even made their entrance from aboard a small fleet of patrol boats. their right wing faithful, that's the whole blue plate
4:37 pm
special. heavy weaponary and republicans on immigration. the brown people are coming. they're going to turn into democrats an eat you for dinner. some of the more opportunistic chose to regard self-serving videos amid the backdrop of suffering migrants. at midnight cruz posted a video from the banks of the rio grande where he said he witnessed members of drug cartels and human traffickers with his own special eyes but with his bush gear and hushed tones he looked more like he fanied himself as host of nature documentary
4:38 pm
narrates to camera. sgla we have imsecures, settled and relaxed. >> it's past midnight. i'm standing on the shore of the rio grand and the water is right behind me. we're at tej of the water on the ore other side of the river is mexico. it's paub lick health crisis. >> it's important we leave him alone for few hours to let him relax. >> stop sanctioning lawless chaos on our southern border. >> i want to know if there's a luxury hotel on the side of that dark thicket. david plum summed it the day of adventure with a caption describing america's most ironic anti-brown person crusader as the rarely seen budget wanker in
4:39 pm
the wild. joining me now is president and ceo of voter latino. ted cruz tried his best to capture the terror that had to be felt by every one southern border at seeing a dark thicket upon on the other side of which are probably brown migrants. your thoughts. >> i guess we're lucky it wasn't the version of naked and afraid. that's basically what -- >> eww. eww. i don't need that visual. sorry. nope. no. no. >> in all seriousness, it's all theatrics. he has no solution. instead of saying he cares about the border or keeping texans same, the people that are sacrificing their lives, he
4:40 pm
makes a mockery of it and he makes a mockery of himself and the republican party. it's devastating. what we should be talking about is the root causes. you'll have on one side cruz and the republicans and the other you have joe biden who has now pointed vice president kamala harris to talk about the root causes of why people are making that treacherous journey to really try to understand the issue because at the end of the day we can talk about mitigating the flow of people coming across the border. we have the go to the source. we actually have to recognize that it's not the border. that's a band aid. that's a band aid wound. the real issue is coming from the individual's home countries. >> charlie, it's clear that republicans are trying to make it look like they are driving hard bargain with joe biden. saying we want border security or you can't get immigration reform. they did the same act with obama/biden and gots lots of deportations and they never got
4:41 pm
anything. mark rubio didn't have the courage to stand up to rush limbaugh. they're not going to do anything. i don't know if it annoys you as much as it annoys me. this was most of the questions to joe biden. nothing on covid. nothing on the $1.9 trillion bill that landing in people's checks and bank accounts. nothing. every one is sort of going along with this brown scare and it is a thing. your thoughts. >> back in 1985, a book called amuing ourselves to death and how politics has become entertainment. this is a serious problem. this is a humanitarian crisis. we have the united states senators not legislating. they are not proposing alternatives. it's all cosplay. a guy like ted cruz claim to be a serious legislature and post videos of himself baking bacon with a machine gun or playing dress up on the border.
4:42 pm
part of it is sort of eye rolling but it really is a reflection of our politics right now. if this is a serious matter, if it's a matter of life and death and national security, why don't you act like it. why don't you sit down and say what is your better idea? do you really want to just throw the kids back over across the river? this is the problem. if you create the images and then you drive the narrative and the media picks up on that narrative and even though we had more than half million americans die from the coronavirus not one question about that. haven't gotten over that. all the questions about the hey, look what ted cruz is saying what's going on in the border and he's wearing a flat jacket. this must be big. this must be important. >> if you don't throw them back over the border, who will clean the ritz carlton so when ted wants to spend time with a
4:43 pm
winter blast, who will do that? i want to you about dominion. this is a genuine threat financially. fox news has been hit. they are going just suing folks who sort made the big lie. are they going to wind up getting justice than if feds. >> i think what is happening with dominion is clear is they are hitting fox news and these right wing folks in their pocketbooks. money talks. they make that very clear. lou dobbs was a casualty of it. he's not first one. the more we recognize what it means we should be going after advertisers when they are trying to hurt our democracy, one of the things that struck me yesterday by joe biden is he was very clear and cory booker said, we in this country, we are in the fight of our democracy because it's going to be at the end of the 21st century who won
4:44 pm
out. the autocracy or democracy. dominion is recognizing what you need to be able to do is go after people that are trying to not only create lies but undermine our voting booth and our access to ballots. >> the republican party is out of the business of ideas and democracy which is a stunning development. >> you would normally think a political party would be thinking how do we expand our appeal. how to we get people to vote for us by having better ideas and more appealing policies. instead, they are doubling down on this big lie. hopes that dominion is able the hold them accountable for and going through the kinds of things you're seeing in georgia. the party of ideas doesn't feel the need to restrict the vote or make it illegal to hand out water to people standing in lines to vote. that's not a good faith political party that has ideas
4:45 pm
that they want to compete with. >> or cosplay on the rio grand because they looked really dumb. thanks for coming back to tell us who won the week other than great outdoors. msnbc richard joins me to talk about the awakening taking place in america. you don't want to go anywhere. stay with us. merica you don't want to go anywhere. stay with us this is andy, my schwab financial consultant. here's andy listening to my goals and making plans.
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in a show of support for the asian-american community facing a surge of violence including last week's shooting rampage targeting three spas in atlanta that left eight people dead, sex of them asian woman. governors issues statements condemning the spike in asian harassment. more than 3800 reports of harassment have been reported.
4:50 pm
there's a stop asian hate virtual day of action. it's what msnbc richard lui calls a water shed moment. we need march on the mall in may. a reinvigorated presidential advisory smithsonian national . we need to push for national land marks that reflect 200 year of aapi contributions. joining me is richard lui, the author of the book "a new book about me." thank you so much for being here. your piece in "think" was really great. you write about your own emerging self-awareness of yourself as an asian-american man and how that's changed your outlook. talk a little bit about that, especially in the context of what we've seen, the violence we've seen over the past year. >> hey, joy. thanks for having me on this topic. as i was growing up that was a tough decision.
4:51 pm
was i the good minority or the bad minority and how did those things come together? that very dynamic that was thrown out for me went that i wanted to become the good minority and look down at the new immigrants that came to america. those that look like me, i started to look down upon. that very struggle, i think, is what we're seeing today in the streets when we see aapi reporters standing and reporting, and they're able to go to a place we have never seen before. but they're showing that, well, ignored history that we have had to struggle with collectively. >> and you have new data that kind of gives more context to what we've been seeing. tell us a little bit about that. >> yeah, there's a new study coming out next tuesday. i called out aapi data, and you're very familiar with them. they really dig into this community quite well. what they found in advance of tuesday -- this is what they've told me -- is that asian-americans are less likely to report hate crimes. they're not comfortable with it. they're worried about it here,
4:52 pm
according to api data and survey monkey, working together. because they're worried they might be attacked again. and how about this one? in terms of how often they are reporting, again in this survey data here, is that where are you from? where are you really from? that whole back and forth. it's three times more likely from the survey data overall that aapis -- asian-americans -- will have that experience. nine times more frequent than white americans. that clearly shows the perpetual foreigner dynamic that i've dealt with, that i write about in "the think," that express in the book that is forever the question, when am i here? when am i the good minority. >> every asian-american has had the where are you from? they'll say chicago.
4:53 pm
where are you really from? no, no, i really said chug chig. i do this all day. in the journalism world we're not accustomed to talking and thinking about aapi people as the way we do with black folks, with brown folks. how can we do better journalistically? >> journalistically, this conversation you and i are having, we need more of this, right? two folks that look like us are talking as journalists, as hosts about this very topic. in 1982 when vincent chin was killed in the street with a bat, there were maybe dozens of aapi journalists. they were the ones that documented that very first solidifying civil rights moment for this community. today, as you saw all the reporters out across america, we now have over 1,500 aapi reporters. we need more folks that look like that and more folks that understand that. because now what we're getting is reporting of stories that we
4:54 pm
would not get otherwise from community to those reporters. so, now we understand the magnitude of this problem. and that's why this potentially could be the moment for a movement if they can get the alliship. >> absolutely. and i would love for pollsters to get their lives together, because the other category is irritating when we're trying to figure out what people think in this country. asian-americans get dumped into other. >> hammer on the nail head. >> i can't wait to read your book, my friend. thank you so much for taking time. >> thank you, joy. thank you. and don't go anywhere because it's friday and you all know what thoo means. time to tell you who won the week. what thoo means. time to tell you who won the week was. means. time to tell you who won the week. t means. time to tell you who won the week. ha means. time to tell you who won the week. t means. time to tell you who won the week. ho won the week gain flings user. ♪ we look up to our heroes. idolizing them. mimicking their every move.
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well, we finally made it to friday, which means it's time to play our favorite, "who won the week." who won the week? >> the american people. we have 100 million individuals that got vaccinated and we have 100 million people who in their bank accounts right now are receiving relief. and more importantly, we have children that are under 6 receiving $300 a month for a year, children over 6, $250 a month, their parents are for a year. this is the beginning of
4:59 pm
potentially universal income. >> i got my first fauci this week. i'm absolutely excited about it. it's going to be hard to beat this one. who won the week? >> i'm going to go with dominion voting systems. when appeals to human decency don't work, nothing focuses the mind look a $1.6 billion lawsuit dropping the hammer on the lying liars. as a result of this lawsuit we may actually find out whether or not there are consequences for the big lie that we still live with today. >> you stole mine. that was my original choice. liets like the discovery is going to be awesome. can you find out what they're going find out from the my pillow guy. it's going to be bizarre and wild. my pick is going to be the great jim janemy. kim janie is the first black woman to become mayor of boston.
5:00 pm
i went to school in that neck of the woods so it's a big, big deal. that is a very big deal. it's black history. she was one of the people who desegregated those schools and took the spit balls and all the horror when school desegregation happened in boston. congratulations to her. have a wonderful weekend. "all in" starts now. tonight on "all in." >> we're going to do something. are you serious? >> no, you are not -- >> a political fire storm in georgia as the backlash to the new voting law grows. >> they don't like the outcome and so this is democracy in reverse. >> tonight congressman james clyburn on the georgia law and his call for democrats to


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