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tv   Way Too Early With Kasie Hunt  MSNBC  April 2, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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now, just in the last few minutes, microsoft have come out as well and blasted republicans' plans to roll back voting laws. that's going to do it for us tonight. at least for now. see you again tomorrow. "way too early with kasie hunt" is up next. this great, deep, southern voice. raspy. he said, sis, you okay, sis? i wasn't okay. i was waiting for my son's father. i'm sorry. he said can i pray with you. >> another day of dramatic
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testimony in the trial of derek chauvin. former police officer charged with the murder of george floyd. the defense team arguing that the drug use killed him. the question is what do the jurors think? and senate minority leader says president biden's package won't get support from republicans. and following in the footsteps of georgia. texas lawmakers advance a sweeping elections bill that place restrictions on the vote are process. major corporations forcing opposition to the measure. will we see it signed into law? it's way too early for this. good morning. welcome to "way too early." the show that is happy to see the word friday written in the
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teleprompter. i'm kasie hunt. we will start with the news. day four of the derek chauvin trial had a wide range of testimony from medical to personal to the procedures for restraint. paramedic derek smith and seth bravinder did not see signs of life as they arrived. courteney ross, george floyd's girlfriend of three years, told the jury about this character and described him as a mama's boy after his mother died. she talked about the relationship and shared struggle with addiction. >> our story is a classic story of how many people get addicted to opioids. we both suffered from chronic pain. mine was in my neck and his was
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in his back. we both have prescriptions, but after prescriptions that were filled and -- we -- we got addicted and tried really hard to break that addiction many times. >> prosecutors later used two body camera clips showing chauvin's former supervisor going to the scene and speaking with chauvin. after fielding complaint calls from witnesses. he offered the following testimony. >> do you have an opinion as to when the restraint of mr. floyd should have ended in this encounter? >> yes. >> what is it? >> when mr. floyd was no longer
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offering up any resistance to the officers. they could have ended their restraint. >> that was after he was handcuffed and on the ground and no longer resistant? >> correct. >> the trial resumes later on this morning. we're following new developments in the justice department investigation into florida congress member matt gaetz. the inquiry into gaetz is involved on the involvement with multiple women recruited for sex and cash payments. thatis according to text messages. three people with knowledge of the story, believe greenberg, indicted last year and is pleading guilty. initially met the women on web
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sites where women go on dates with men in exchange for gifts. then he introduced the women to gaetz who also had sex with them. messages show during 2019 and 2020, gaetz and greenberg agreed to meet around florida and tell them the amount of money they were willing to pay. no charges have been brought against congress member gaetz who says there is an extortion plot against his family. in a statement, the congress member's office said, quote, matt gaetz has never paid for sex and refutes all allegations completely. multiple sources tell cnn that gaetz showed photos of nude women he slept with to other lawmakers. including, while he was on the house floor. there is no indication that the pictures are connected to the
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doj investigation. and "the daily beast" reports that half a dozen lawmakers spoke about gaetz about love of alcohol and drugs and proclivity of younger women. one office had a former rule to not allow their member to appear next to gaetz during tv hits over the inevitable scandal that will come out one day. i believe that day has come. all right. mitch mcconnell vowed yesterday to fight the $2 trillion infrastructure plan of president biden's. >> as much as we like to address infrastructure, it is not going to get support from our side because i think what the economy needs, the last thing the economy needs is a whopping bill on our economy. i will fight them every step of
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the way because i think this is the wrong prescription for america. >> i'm going to fight him every step of wait. unless ten republicans break with him, that comment all but assures democrats will have to use reconciliation to pass the infrastructure bill on their own. here is how the white house responded. >> senator mcconnell was talking and said that the package, quote, is not going to get support from our side. how do you respond? >> i think there are more questions to be asked. does he disagree our nation's infrastructure is out dated and needs repair? what we are talking about is how to pay for it. what we are looking for is proposals of alternatives. >> so far what we are seeing is mcconnell replaying the strategy that he used when president obama was in office. opposing everything and it is, at this point, inevitable, they will have to pass this on party lines.
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the biden administration has released the first tv ads to educate americans to get vaccinated. this kicks off the messages as the white house tries to get the country back to normalcy by july 4th. the health and human services department called the campaign a hopeful call to action. the administration is set to spend more than 10 million in ads. joining news is carol lee. thank you for being up to talk about this with us. let's talk about the infrastructure plan. we showed how the white house responded in the face of mitch mcconnell's comments. this feels inevitable to me. i saw no way that republicans would get on board with the tax
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increases that the biden administration is proposing. i have to assume they know that, right? >> reporter: they do. it does feel inevitable, kasie, you are right. we all will go through the motions and the white house is saying the president will talk to democrats and republicans. he will start the meetings after the easter holiday. it is hard to see where they go from here because it is not just and you heard jen psaki there it is how they pay for it. they are open to alternatives. it is also what is in the package and the size of the package. $2 trillion. not all provisions that republicans will get behind. there are two ways this could go. one, they could break off. the white house could break off a small, narrow piece that may get republican support and move that forward and save the rest and add on perhaps some of the other legislative provisions they will roll out later this month and pass that through
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reconciliation with just democrats. or they just fully go it alone. in the meantime, we are going through the motions where the white house is open to ideas and trying to put the burden on republicans to say they don't support certain provisions within this legislation. yet, the tax increases were a non starter from the jump. you add on what's actually in the package and the size of it. it is not going to get there. they do know that. >> that makes complete sense. carol, you have new reporting ahead of the white house talks today with japan and south korea. we have been focused on china and how that relationship is changing under the biden administration. what have you learned? >> reporter: the national security adviser will meet at the naval academy in annapolis. kasie, the focus is north korea.
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this is the end of the biden administration review of north korea. he said north korea is the biggest foreign policy challenge that his administration faces. we are told that the u.s. is going to outline the strategy going forward. take input from the japanese and south korean officials and soon, some time soon, the president and administration will outline some of how it sees a way forward. this is an issue that has vexed many presidents and president biden saying this is the biggest challenge he faces. a real burden to outline a strategy of how he winds up dealing with this. >> incredibly high stakes. caro lee, thank you for being here and kicking us off this morning. we appreciate it. still ahead. major league baseball has officially kicked off the season. we will have the highlights from the opening day. plus, texas lawmakers on the
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is that snow? >> skied to right. deep and gone! cabrera's 350th as a tiger. >> first home run of the season in the snow. welcome back. miguel cabrera with the first home run of the season. career number 488 of cabrera. detroit tacks on another run in the next frame and weathers 12 strikeouts to defeat the indians 3-2. my grandfather will be very excited that his tigers kicked
2:16 am
off the season this way. and garritt cole launched a strikeout, but after the two-run homer in the second inning, cole gives up a long ball in the sixth which ties the game. toronto goes up by a run in the top of the tenth and the yankees don't have an answer. three of the biggest bats for new york all striking out as the blue jays come away with a 3-2 victory. take that, willie. kidding. in denver, the dodgers started their title defense with a loss to the rockies. stranding 14 runners in the 8-5 loss. bizarre play in the third for the dodgers 2019 mvp bellinger. a ball hit off the glove of the
2:17 am
outfielder and bounced over the fence. the runner on first base thought the ball was caught and retreated back to the bag. bellinger passed him and prompted the umpires to call him out. he is credited for an rbi single, but not a home run. pay attention! and the move on the base pads in san diego as padres use a nifty swim move to narrowly avoid the tag pickoff attempt at first base. look at that. the padres beat the diamondbacks 8-7. some rookies to watch on opening day. the pirates k. brian hayes show cased power in chicago. smashing a two-run homer of the 5-3 win against the cubs. he is just the second rookie with the pirates with a homer on
2:18 am
opening day and the youngest pirates player with an opening home run since barry bonds. his likely competition is carlson who sent the first pitch out to right field for a homer. st. louis beat cincinnati 11-6. quite the opening day. not all 30 major league teams ended up taking the field on opening day as scheduled and as we talked about. the opener between the mets and nationals was postponed after covid concerns after three players tested positive. the nationals said the fourth player is a likely positive candidate, but did not identify anyone involved. it is unclear when the game is going to be made up. the match with the orioles and
2:19 am
red sox will be made up after the rainout yesterday. my teams have not played. here is hoping we see them on the field this weekend. still ahead, first lady jill biden had some of her staff fooled as well as the media. we'll be back. e media. we'll be back.
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2:23 am
it is unclear if that was self inflicted. both are in critical condition. this incident puts the u.s. at 119 mass shootings so far this year according to the gun violence archive. senator lindsey graham is continuing his opposition on any military style weapons. graham elaborated on why the weapons should remain widely available. >> in 1994, assault weapon ban. the evidence indicates there was no change at all in crime because the crooks are going to get a gun. i bought an ar-15 with the reserve unit as a token of my time in service. why would anybody need to own an ar-15? if there is a breakdown of law and order, and that can happen. we have seen it happen in our
2:24 am
major cities. remember hugo where people were isolated for days? remember katrina? it is not impossible to find yourself in the modern world without any police protection. >> okay. meanwhile, a california man faces 20 years in prison accused of attacking a capitol police officer with a stun gun during the january 6th riot. daniel rodriguez was charged yesterday after identified online in february. he is believed to be part of the group that dragged an officer down the capitol steps during the riot before shocking him with a stun gun. the officer told "the washington post" he heard members of the mob discussing killing him with his own gun. rodriguez is accused of stealing an emergency hood meant to protect lawmakers from chemical attacks. some corporations are speaking out against the georgia
2:25 am
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♪♪ welcome back to "way too early." it is before 5:30 on the east coast. i'm kasie hunt. texas republicans are looking to
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ram through a bill to make it harder for residents to vote. after hours of objections from democrats, the gop signed off thursday sending the bill to the house. the bill would cut early voting hours and make it illegal to send vote by mail applications in advance. it would allow poll watchers to record voters as they cast their ballots. texas corporate giants like dell and american airlines have come out against the state's new bill. this comes, of course, after georgia based companies are facing backlash from republicans after expressing their dissatisfaction with the state's voting law. now delta airlines and coca-cola have found themselves in a fight with the governor brian kemp after the restrictive voting rights bill was condemned, they are looking at increasing taxes on the company in retribution.
2:30 am
senator marco rubio called the companies "woke corporate hypocrites." joining us now is jake sherman. an msnbc political contributor. jake, good morning. great to see you. this is an interesting turn of events at part of the evolution of the republican party. the fact they are not on the side of the big companies in the fights is remarkable. do you see this as a realignment for the companies with democrats essentially? they seem to be at this point fighting -- the biggest war going on among the republican party right now. these ideas of voting and trying to tighten restrictions. >> good morning, kasie. i think number one, corporations do not weigh-in on just any issue. they weigh-in on issues that are
2:31 am
seen as matters of equity and i would say voting rights is the biggest in that category. this is an issue that is very big for pretty much everybody and the details of the bill, republicans are trying to reframe the debate as the companies being woke hypocrates. this is capitalism at its finest. we will not support these companies unless they support the position we see fair and just and equal. i think that dynamic is nothing but healthy for democracy. i will say this. you don't see this only here. you see it across the board. corporations, as you noted, are not lining up as comfortably with republicans as they have in the past. look no further than the chamber of commerce which looked vocally to say they are not a
2:32 am
republican-only organization. they are an organization that is looking to work with democrats and looking do a host of things across the board with both parties. we saw yesterday, members of congress come out and say, you know, they are not -- i think jim banks, the conservative from indiana and republican member of congress, said the days of republicans used by corporations are over. just, yes, realignment of sorts based on this issue and a host of issues. >> that line from the congress member, sounds like bernie sanders. they are saying the same thing. bernie sanders is over on the left. "punch bowl" is coming out this morning. >> kasie, news to you and news to a lot of people. i hope nobody is watching that will steal this news. i'll tell you because we go out
2:33 am
soon. elizabeth mcdonough, the senate parlimentarian will rule today on if the fast track budget reconciliation to use for another time on the president biden infrastructure plan on other legislation. you and i understand this. this is really inside baseball, but hugely important. as you know, kasie, if chuck schumer gets an opportunity to pass on simple majority, that could make a lot of things easier for democrats. expected to come today. ruling will come this afternoon is our understanding. >> if she rules and says this is okay, that will give democrats another chance to pass something with simple majority. a way to push through a lot of policies and save them from a potentially nasty fight over ending the filibuster, which
2:34 am
splits democrats in two. jake sherman, thank you. you are on the record here. first reported by. thanks for being here this morning. still ahead. the first lady's different look that fooled reporters and her staff. "way too early" is back in just a moment. early" is back in jus a moment
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2:38 am
and said april fools. the press pool felt better after the staff also didn't recognize her in the disguise. let's turn to the folks down under where the australian police department announced the new canine recruits yesterday. watch. >> really hard lifting 40 kilo. hailing spices. these guys, we can chuck them into ceilings and have a good look. not only that, you say, it will be a challenge to chuck them under cars and covers. we will attach them to drones. that is a game changer for us. they will be used tactically dropped into people's yards. >> the recruits called the quote small area urban searching and guided evacuation dogs or sausage are adorable. unfortunately, of course, not a real unit.
2:39 am
cute. also in australia, bindi irwin, the daughter of "crocodile hunter" has a new daughter named grace. she encountered a crocodile. proud grandmother posted this photo while all holding croc shoes. first croc encounter. april fools. cute. now this. 72 days after taking office, vice president kamala harris and second gentleman have been staying at the blair mouse while repairs on number 1 observatory circle were completed. repairs included updates to the hvac and replacing chimney liners and refurbishing some of
2:40 am
the hardwood floors. now a supermodel and producer tyra banks has entered the dessert business. known for the smile with your eyes, smize trick has launched her ice cream brand. called smize cream. the company is 15 years in the making. repeatedly pushed aside for her professional life and the pandemic prevented the 2020 launch. the pints will be available in santa monica place, california. they hope to offer online deliveries soon. all right. still ahead here. we will speak to former obama white house cabinet secretary chris lu. as we go to break. let's look at date in history. 14 years ago, the u.s. supreme court in the first case on climate change ruled carbon dioxide and other gasses were
2:41 am
pollutants under the clean air achblth. >> opinion of global warming and historic. the majority on the court used unusually strong language saying the risk of catastrophic harm, though remote, is nevertheless real. the court ordered the federal government to look again at emissions from cars. o look agai emissions from cars. you could get all sorts of homed policy perks like the claim-free discount. go three years without a claim and get a discount. (neighbor) just by phoning it in? (burke) just phone it in. (painter 1) yeah, just phone it in and save money for being claim-free. (neighbor) even if i switch to farmers today?! (painter 2) yep, three years claim-free with any home insurance. (painter 3) i'm phoning it in and saving money for literally doing nothing. (burke) get your policy perks by calling 1-800-farmers. go ahead, phone it in. (grandpa) phone it in, why don't ya?! ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ this is how you become the best!
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working with my team here in the white house, these cabinet members will represent me and dealing with congress, engage the public in selling the plan, and help work out the details as we refine it and move forward. >> at the first cabinet meeting of the administration yesterday, president biden tapped his team for the infrastructure plan. you remember yesterday, that meeting looked a lot different
2:45 am
than the meetings we saw under the trump administration. five secretaries will sell the $2 trillion package. it includes rebuilding 20,000 miles of roads and expanding clean water. and joining me now is deputy secretary of labor chris lu. chris, thank you for getting up early to be with us today. we are expecting later on this morning the jobless report and jobs numbers which have been obviously troubling for the last year or so. seem to be finally getting a little bit better. what is your take on how this package would effect that and where we are in this recovery and how this looks heading into the heart of 2021? >> it is important to understand that even if we have the kind of jobs report that most analysts are expecting, we will be 9 million jobs short of where we were before the pandemic. there is still a long way to go.
2:46 am
obviously there is concern as you continue to see cases surging in the northeast and midwest. the pace of vaccinations is fantastic. the economic relief that has gone out as part of the last package, $1.9 trillion, will do a lot of help. it goes back to what joe biden has talked about. it is not good enough to get back to where we were before the pandemic. we need to build back better and address the systemic inequality and the problems in the country we never solved. things like infrastructure and broadband and climate change. that is what this infrastructure package is supposed to do. it is supposed to make important investment in the projects for decades that we never have been able to get done. >> how would you say the cabinet meeting yesterday, not just the meeting, but the package. you served under former
2:47 am
president obama. i've almost been surprised by the sweeping nature of the plan that joe biden has put out there. i think certainly you hear republicans when they talk about him in a critical manner, they say he is talking like a moderate democrat, but governing like a progressive. i think there is actually some truth to that. what is your sense on just how significant the way this plan is laid out would be compared to the types of moves we saw under obama? >> again, let's put it in perspective. under the obama administration, our one major economic package was the recovery act in 2009 which was $800 billion. already, the government has put out $5 trillion or $6 trillion the last year and add another $2 trillion on top of that for infrastructure. again, it is a lot of money. there are ways to pay by rolling back the tax cuts of 2017.
2:48 am
when you look at the individual parts of the bill, there should be wide bipartisan support for this. again, it is not just roads and bridges which everyone loves. school construction. broadband. money going to community colleges. money to help the aging and disabled. as you know, kasie, infrastructure became the running joke over the past four years. we finally have a president who is willing to do it and take it on and look for ways to pay for it. >> very interesting points. before i let you go, i want to ask you about asian-american violence and discrimination. president biden tried to take steps to tackle this problem. do you think that will be enough? what do we need to do to combat this problem? >> kasie, words matter and actions matter. we now have a president who is not just fuelling the flames,
2:49 am
but trying to bring the country together. you have seen president biden in public ways call for this violence to end. he has actually taken action. one of the first executives orders is addressing xenophobia. he rolled out proposals in terms of the inner agency department of justice task force on hate crimes. additional funds to victims of sexual assault and violence. there needs to be legislation. the president backed a bill going through congress right now that unfortunately republicans are blocking. beyond that, it is incumbent upon everyone to step in. we have seen the horrific videos of the attacks that happen. bystanders are seeing this and not stepping into action. if you see something, say something. you have to step up to help those in the asian-american community. >> such an important message.
2:50 am
chris lu, thank you for getting up early with us today. we appreciate it. earlier on the show, we asked you why are you awake? melissa says these two think 3:00 a.m. is the best time to wake up. i have been watching your show a lot since i got lucy and guys! thank you for tuning in. and rick writes, i don't want to miss a single second of not going to work today. i love early mornings when i'm not with all of you. so i hear you. nancy tweeted i'm up "way too early" because i'm now fully vaccinated and going to visit nigh grandson. he is precious. and kelly says, up early preparing today the pick-ups. happy easter from the bakery house staff. look at that. beautiful! happy easter to all of you out there who celebrate. coming up next, how republicans might react to the white house signaling its willingness to go it alone on the president's agenda. coming up on "morning joe,"
2:51 am
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as the president has said, people have to decide if they're going to deliver or divide, and we intend to deliver, and when i talk to republicans i see that they want to deliver, too, and i think they particularly around these infrastructure issues. i do think they're a strong bipartisan support. i understand controversy about the pay forwards, controversy about certain specifics but let's work together and see if there's a way for us to deliver this. in the end, let me be clear, the president was elected to do a job. and part of that job is to get this country ready to win the future. that's what he's going to do. >> white house chief of staff ron klain suggesting the administration is prepared to move forward with the infrastructure without republican support. joining us, msnbc political analyst susan del percio.
2:55 am
susan, good morning. always great to see you. you know, listening to ron klain there, and i get the political messaging of this. they've got to present, hey, this president is doing what he promised to do, try to work in a bipartisan fashion, but i've got to tell you, from, you know, my day job down at the other end of pennsylvania avenue, the ship has already sailed and capitol hill. i don't see any way raising corporate taxes, raising taxes on individuals, that they get any support from republicans at all, and are going to have to do this alone. what's your take? >> well, i agree with that, kasie, but there's also one other thing. there's folks like joe manchin. the joe manchin rule, do what i want or you don't get anything you want. what we're seeing here, he will only vote for something if it has buy-in from republicans and tax increase os. there's one vote that's going to be tough to get. it's one thing getting -- it's
2:56 am
one thing getting something through during a pandemic. it's another thing on infrastructure. so you have to make sure, yes, the president has to make sure he has all 50 votes to go reconciliation. this may be the time to strip things down a bit just to the actual infrastructure, in the bill. broadband, roads and bridges, water infrastructure, et cetera, because that may force the hand of some republicans. not that you get to 60, because, really i don't think that's the case, but if the republicans are trying to rebrand themselves, as the party of the working person, well, nothing says working like -- infrastructure and getting jobs out there. >> yeah. so how do you think -- to that point -- this rebrand of the gop is one of the things i'm most interested in. the idea that they are going to shift to bring the working class party. not clear if big business becomes part of the democratic
2:57 am
party or just homeless at the moment, but how does that regrand as the working class party is going for republicans right now? >> well, not well, because they haven't done anything to actually -- haven't voted on anything for the working class. so it's not going well. we had the $15 minimum wage, which came up in the covid relief bill that was taken out, which was probably a smart thing to do to get it done, but that was something that the republicans probably should have jumped on, and, again, i don't see 60 votes on anything. but i do see four, five, six republicans coming over on certain things if they could just strip it down, but right now, that's not what's happening. i mean, joe biden's also playing hardball. he may be saying all of these things with a soft voice, but he's playing hardball, make no mistake about it. >> yeah. no. it's very -- it's very obvious and i think there's frustration even among republicans who are
2:58 am
watching, how he approaches this. what he says is received compared to what's actually going on behind the scenes in the bill. susan, i want to ask you, too. andrew cuomo has fallen a little bit out of the headlines. but you used to work for him and he is still governor of new york, despite calls for him to step down even from inside his own party. how long is he going to hang on? >> well, i think at one point they were looking for a place for him to land a few weeks ago, and they thought maybe that was possible. outside of government. now he has no options. i mean, every week there's a new investigation. now there's a look at where state resources were used in putting togethers with book, that he got $4 million for on leading the response to the coronavirus. half way through the actual virus, or the actual pandemic. so he's coming under fire for that. the attorney general report is going to come out on the sexual
2:59 am
harassment and other claims. he is now, from what i understand, completely dug in, because there is literally no place for him to go where once upon a time there was, but that window closed. >> so, i mean, susan does that mean he just -- i mean, is this the trump -- the trump style of handling scandal? kind of what it seems like to me. >> well, i mean -- not on policy, but on, on style, cuomo and trump were very similar in the way they do their attacks, and the way they bully and the way they go after people, and, yes, they both dig in. i mean, there's no doubt about it. andrew cuomo is going nowhere right now, and he is still defiant in his responses to the press when he actually speaks to them. >> all right. susan del percio, thank you very much as always. really appreciate having you.
3:00 am
and as we wrap up on this friday morning, america's getting vaccinated, we're playing baseball, and we're heading into a holiday. it truly is a good friday. enjoy it for everyone who celebrates it. thank you so much for getting up "way too early" with us on this friday morning. don't go anywhere. "morning joe" starts right now. this week in covid history -- as we head into april 2020, president trump is a ratings hit. mr. trump and his coronavirus updates attracted an audience of 8.5 million. roughly the viewership of the season finale of "bachelor." that's not me talking. that's literally what the president tweeted. word the word. it was weird. >> did you know it's number one on facebook. >> number one on facebook! so, mr. number one, how do we beat this pandemic? maybe by wearing masks. cdc says it's a good idea. >> with the masks it's going to be -- ah -- really a voluntary


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