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tv   Kendis Gibson and Lindsey Reiser Report  MSNBC  April 3, 2021 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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is just as tough as he was. maybe tougher. maybe she just doesn't know it yet. >> that's all for this edition of "dateline." i'm natalie morales. thank you for watching. ng first up on msnbc, the nation's capitol, under attack again, just three months after the deadly insurrection. >> new reporting surrounding the death of capitol police officer billy evans. an 18-year veteran of the force. after a man rammed his car into a checkpoint. the latest on that suspect and what officials found in his travel records, as they investigate a motive. the deadly attack now amplifying security concerns across the capitol. >> this rips the scab off, and
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continues to provide a level of, you know, uncertainty, and worry, about, you know, the workplace. >> plus, an emotional first week of eyewitness accounts in the derek chauvin trial, capped by officers testing against one of their own. the scathing rebuke from the longest-serving officer in the minneapolis police department. >> what is your view that use of force during that time period. >> totally unnecessary. >> and new details about the d.o.j. investigation into florida republican congressman matt gaetz, the investigation now reportedly focusing on cash payments to women. his reaction to those calls for him to resign. >> and reaction pouring in from across the political spectrum after major league baseball pulled its all-star game out of atlanta. in protest of georgia's new restrictive voting law. good morning, everybody. it is saturday, april 3rd.
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happy to be with you. i'm lindsey reiser. >> i'm kendis gibson. we're live at msnbc world headquarters in new york. we have a team of analysts standing by with the latest at this hour. we will start with washington, d.c. where the shock is still just settling following yet another deadly attack on the u.s. capitol. the flags at half-staff this morning, the slain capitol police officer called a martyr. amanda golden is on capitol hill for us this morning, with the very latest, and amanda, i was curious, because the incident literally just happened less than a day ago. was security a lot tight ther, tighter here this morning as you were getting in. >> it is early morning and i didn't notice a lot of difference compared to when we spoke last week but this is another sad and horrible day at the capital again, three months from the deadly insurrection that took place and as you said, there is one capitol police officer dead, another injured, currently not life-threatening injuries, but the suspect who jammed a car into a security
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barrier that i should note did exist before the january 6th attack, jumped out and started to lung at police and did not respond to verbal commands and had a knife. so police shot at that suspect, he later died from his injuries but this is bringing renewed focus into the security at the capitol complex. and as we note and i have talked about repeatedly, that outer perimeter fencing did come down just a few weeks ago. that was up from january 6th. while this barrier existed before the attack happened back in january. it is renewed focus and security about the security measures across the capitol. and democratic and republican lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, from the house and the senate, reacting to the incident, calling for prayers, for the deceased officer's family, that deceased family has been identified as william billy evans. he was an 18-year member of the capitol police force as well as part of the first responders unit within the capitol police and we don't yet have details on
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the other officer who was injured. but again, we expect to have more in the coming hours, potentially days. the attacker who is now deceased has been identified as noah green, a 25-year-old, the motive is not yet clear. investigators continue to comb through his social media, speaking to family and friends, and tracing his final steps leading up to this attack. but what the discussion around security is, and this very vulnerable and exposed capitol complex right in the heart of washington, d.c., there's mixed reaction from lawmakers on how to proceed forward and he award from congressman tim ryan just yesterday speaking over a virtual press conference of reporters after the incident. >> from my vantage point, i just think we've got to be very careful as we move forward, that we can't get too far ahead of ourselves without knowing that we have the ability to protect the capitol, to harden the capitol, to do all of the things that are in general honore's report, and we will be looking at this, and you know, we have
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to see exactly how this went down. >> so a little bit of skepticism on how to best proceed. nbc news has confirmed that there is an additional $2 billion supplemental funding bill working its way through congress in order to bolster security throughout the capitol and as congressman ryan noted that follows that report from lieutenant general that was commissioned by nancy pelosi to look into security measures and the capabilities of the capitol police force and the result of that report said that they were woefully underfunded, do not have the capabilities to prevent a similar style attack that we saw take place on january 6th. but just to note, you know, this is the people's house. the capitol is traditionally in a normal nonpandemic time, a place where we would see right now hundreds of school group, children who would come through the capitol, visitors and tourists throughout the grounds. there were thankfully not many people who were here yesterday, in part because congress was on recess, we did not see lawmakers though that were here and additionally because of the pandemic there were additional folks that would be coming around normally and this is a very public and exposed place
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where people can come and just a final note, on the capitol police force themselves, just thinking about how much they have been through, within the last few months, let alone in the years that it takes to safely protect this place, and to protect all of the lawmaker, the journalist, the people that come through here, as i walked in this morning, saying hello to capitol police officers that i see every time i come through this is a very somber time, it is a horrific incident, it is a difficult day for so many and coming with the territory of the job. this has been a repeated instance for the capitol police officers that are here. >> it is a relatively small police force, so no doubt, everyone there that worked there on the capitol is part of law enforcement, knew these officers. amanda golden on capitol hill for us, thank you. >> we will be speaking with the lieutenant generalch had onore in the next hour. we will bring in malcolm nats, msnbc terror analyst and author of the plot to betray america and malcolm, welcome. sorry we are talking under these circumstances again.
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>> we're finding out a little bit more about the suspect, 25-year-old noah green and green had reportedly posted on his now deactivated social media a few weeks ago, a week ago, rather, about fearing the fbi, fearing the cia, and he also wrote that the past few years have been tough, the past few months even tougher, he also referenced the teachings of the nation of islam, that has been classified as a hate group. what are all of these details right now telling bus a possible motive here or his state of mind? >> well, the first thing it tells us is his state of mind was that he intended to commit suicide by cop. you know, we have this saying in the counter-terrorism community, you know, the target determines the tactics. his tactic was, because it was a very hard target, a lot of security up until that point, until about a week ago, that entry control point was about a block away and had jersey barriers he wouldn't be able to speed through.
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so as he saw this as either a target of opportunity, he decided to use the vehicle as the weapon system, and then when he got out and he intended to be shot by approaching officers with a knife. now as far as his back motivation goes, first off, we need to clarify some things. nation of islam is not islam, okay? it is not like you would generally hear of the islamic world or considered a part of the islamic world. they consider the prophet elijah mohamed as almost equal to the prophet mohamed so the muslim world doesn't recognize them, but if you read his rambling manifesto, he had real personal problems and that's not discounting that many of the shooters who have political motivations behind them have personal problems, and choose to choose terrorism to do that. but in this political instance, capitol hill police scrubbed it and determined this is an individual who likely had a
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mental defect and decided to commit suicide and take officers with him. >> you read a lot of his ramblings and it really would have been i'd say probably even for the best in law enforcement impossible for them to have picked out this one guy and know that he was going to attack the capitol. so that said, what more should have been done prior? should they have kept up the fencing and stuff that was there just a couple of weeks ago? >> you know, i did a survey around the capitol about six weeks ago, and i thought that the security perimeter, except went it out past the supreme court, second street, i thought it was pretty good. considering what they are trying to control. as you can see, he was able to drive right into a security barrier. and like i said, a couple of weeks ago, that wouldn't have been possible. we have had to have negotiated these little jersey barriers, at slow speed, we have crashed beforehand, but you know, you
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can't predict everything. he could have parked nicely and put quarters in the machine and got out and assaulted officers with knives. you can only make security so secure. you can only put so many resources into it. but i think they may have been a little premature, they may have been responding to. so political pressure, and this is where the national commission on the security of the capitol will have to take place, and implement a broader strategy than general honore himself has proposed. >> this is the fourth officer in the u.s. capitol police department that they have lost this year, one died in the assault on the capitol, two took their lives in the aftermath and now officer evans. we want to play a little bit from a childhood friend of evans, what he said about him, let's listen. >> i had the benefit of watching billy grow up into a great athlete, he played multiple sports, he loved sports, and a great young adult who had a
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dream of becoming a u.s. capitol police officer, and then as a dad, he just enjoyed life, he was, you know, a terrific guy. >> you had mentioned that all signs point to you for suicide by cop, we know investigators haven't released any official statements on that yet, but knowing this officer, that he came into work thinking it was going to be a normal day, however normal you can expect, would you feel comfortable if you were a capitol police officer or one of your loved ones going to work on monday? >> well, if you've been on capitol hill, you've seen these officers interacting with these officers, they are law enforcement officers, they are not, you know, these are not mall cops, these are trained law enforcement professionals. every day is a risk for them. you have to also remember that campus where the capitol is extends into neighborhoods, of east capitol hill, and they actually do law enforcement with metropolitan police department, in that neighborhood as well.
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so they're also the neighborhood police. this job has risks. and if i'm not mistaken, the statistic was between 1962 and january a 5th, 2021, they have lost five officers in the line of duty. since january 6th, they have lost, including the suicides of two other officers, they have now lost four officers. they are under a microscope. and we have to take and do whatever mitigation techniques that we can in order to make their law enforcement job of keeping the members, the guests, visitors to the capitol as safe as possible. >> we will have to leave it there. malcolm, so appreciate you being here so early in the morning on this saturday. thank you. >> thank you. totally unnecessary. that's how the most senior police officer with minneapolis pd's ranks described former police officer derek chauvin's actions in the arrest of george floyd. the first week of testimony in chauvin's trial wrapped up
3:13 am
yesterday with the critical testimony from that senior police officer. you see him on your screen now. lieutenant richard zimmerman. also the head of the homicide division. zimmerman got to the scene after it had been roped off, told the court chauvin's actions seen here would be considering the top tier use of force, or deadly force. >> pulling him down to the ground face down and putting your knee on the neck for that amount of time is just uncalled for. i saw no reason why the officers felt they were in danger, if that's what they felt. and that's what they would have to feel to be able to use that kind of force. >> so in your opinion, should that restraint have stopped once he was handcuffed and thrown on the ground?
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>> absolutely. >> msnbc's megan mit gerald is in minneapolis with more on some key take-aways and also what to expect next week. good morning. >> good morning to you. what you just heard there from lieutenant richard zimmerman is what many legal experts are calling damming to the defense. jurors have now heard from two high-ranking minneapolis police officers who say that the moment that george floyd stopped resisting is the moment that derek chauvin should have stopped using force but as we see in that video, that wasn't the case. chauvin continued to kneel on floyd's neck, more than three minutes after he was unconscious. even when paramedics arrived to check his pulse. now, we had an opportunity to speak with george floyd's brother terrence yesterday, about the moments that played out in court yesterday. i want you to hear what he had to say. >> it's wonderful to hear because you know, you hear them say it on the side to you, but for them to actually say it in the courtroom, so everybody
3:15 am
could hear that it was actually wrong, it was like a yes moment. >> you could hear the family feeling some form of vindication. now next week, we know that the prosecution will continue to call witnesses. we are expecting to hear from the chief medical examiner, who conducted the autopsy on george floyd. as well as the chief of the minneapolis police department. >> msnbc megan fitzgerald, thank you. cash payments, self recruitment, mood altering drugs, every day, new reports emerge in the saga surrounding gop congressman matt gaetz. alleged details so bizarre, they're hard to believe. he denies all of them. our legal expert is here with insight on where the d.o.j. investigation could go next. never needed a shower more than a tease like that one right there. major league baseball is making republican enemies as it moves its all-star game out of georgia, over the state's rollback on voting rights. and we're following some breaking news this morning, two
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we want it bring you the latest on that breaking news we just told you about right before the break, authorities investigating two shootings overnight. police tell local nbc station wect, at least seven people were shot at a house party in wilmington, north carolina. three people have died. so far, no motive yet for the shooting. police are working to identify the suspects here, but they say the general public is not in danger at this time. meanwhile, in youngstown, ohio, our nbc station there, wkbn, reporting one man is dead, two others wounded, at a shooting in an lbgtq nightclub. police do not yet have a suspect or a motive. they're investigating whether more than one person inside fired a gun. republican congressman matt
3:21 am
gaetz facing growing calls to resign but he says he has no plans to do so. gaetz has come under fire after reports the justice department is investigating whether he had a sexual relationship with a minor and paid for her to travel with him. "the new york times" citing text messages received and interviews and reporting that gaetz allegedly took the mood-altering drug ecstasy with the women that he allegedly paid for sex and the times reporting that gaetz allegedly recruiting others that might be interesting in having sex with him and his friends. cnn showed that gaetz showed nude women to foe, nude women photos to lawmakers on the floor. and the investigation is ongoing. joining us right now is jeff jacobitz who represented three employees in scandals and
3:22 am
litigation partner. >> how much legal trouble is gaetz up against? >> gaetz is in significant legal trouble and every day we hear more and more. we have a situation where in florida, it's illegal for an adult to be with a 17-year-old girl, it's illegal to take the girl across state lines, which would violate the man act, and his alleged co-conspirator is under a 33-count indictment now at the department of justice, this is an investigation that started under bill barr, so gaetz cannot say it's all a political sham, and he really needs to stop talking to different media outlets, because he keeps saying inconsistency, and as a criminal defense attorney, you have to tell him to please be quiet. >> yeah, in the meantime though, this investigation started quite some time ago. do you get a sense based at least on the other indictments, and charges that have been going on with other people who are involved in this case, that it
3:23 am
might come to a head fairly soon? >> well, it can happen and what is probably happen is his alleged co-conspirator is under some pressure to cooperate, and who would he cooperate against? he would cooperate against gaetz and also it appears he was paying for these actions he took with cash apps, not cash, and so there's a record of what happened, and so the department of justice is collecting evidence, this has been going on for quite some time, and it seems like it's coming to a head right now, but gaetz is in serious trouble. >> the department of justice for the most part has been fairly silent about all of this, at least publicly, and if there were leaks, they took place several months into this investigation. i'm so happy that you're here, jeff, i wanted to ask you about all things legal because we're captivated all week long and many times in tears watching some of the emotional testimony
3:24 am
that has been taking place in the chauvin trial so far. yesterday was expected to be one of the days that would kind of, wouldn't kind of bring out the emotions for many of us or many of family members who were watching it on tv and there in person, but you have members of the police force testifying against someone who was one of their own. how big of a day was it for the prosecution or defense? >> well, it was a big day for the prosecution, but you have to remember that only one side of the story has been told so far. and i think next week, we will shift to what would likely become a battle of the experts, and it appears that the defense is trying to show that officer chauvin was not the cause of death and the prosecutor has to show that he was a substantial causal factor of the death. and so the experts will go back and forth on that issue. i have seen cases where juries disbelieve experts completely or they credit one expert over another. this is a situation where
3:25 am
chauvin, if convicted, is looking at, under the sentencing guidelines, between four to maybe 15 years on one or three of the counts against him. >> really appreciate you being here and your insight. thank you. the fight goes corporate. major league baseball pulls its all-star game out of georgia, as the battle continues against the state's restrictive voting law. the disenfranchisement of black and brown voters. will the growing corporate pressure impact other states trying to pass new laws? and a deeper dive coming up on "the cross connection" on the mlb decision at 10:00 a.m. eastern. b decision at 10:00 a.m. eastern.
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the non-stick? incredible. the built-in spatula rest? genius? i just learned to cook and this pan makes it so easy. donald trump is jumping in to georgia's virginia voting rights battle. the former president calling for a boycott of major league baseball, after the league announced it will pull its all-star game out of atlanta, in
3:30 am
response to the state's new voting restrictions. and big companies like american airlines, dell, delta, and coca-cola, they've all come out against it, and they now face republican backlash, for opposing both the georgia law, and a similar bill in texas. msnbc reporter in atlanta with the latest. good morning. >> good morning, lindsey. it's a chilly morning here in atlanta, after a week of back and forth like you said, between georgia republican lawmakers and now so many of these corporations speaking out in the aftermath of this bill already being signed, extremely restricted measures on voting rights here in the state. it would primarily target the areas around atlanta which we know heavily votes democratic and also tends to be more people of color and voters of color in these communities as well. so it really will make a large impact on the voting base here. but what we saw just yesterday is that the mlb pulling out their all-star game from
3:31 am
georgia, and now truist field is a little outside of atlanta and they say the game would no longer take place in the state and they have not yet announced where the game will take place instead, but it comes out and opposes the voting measure as well. i want to read a statement from the mlb commissioner. this is what they said yesterday. major league baseballed ifly supports voting right force all americans and opposes restrictions to the ballot box. we proudly used our platform to encourage baseball fans and communities throughout our country to perform their civic duty and actively participate in the voting process. fair access to voting continues to have our game's unwavering support. and guys, this is the first time that we're really seeing the financial impact roll out from this voting measure that was just passed. we've seen delta, we've seen coca-cola, like you mentioned, come out and condemn the bill, but for the mlb to pull this all-star game out, it really will take a lot of business away from the city, and of course, this comes during the pandemic, when a lot of businesses,
3:32 am
hotels, restaurants, the city in general, is struggling already, so there is going to be likely long-term impact. if you guys remember, back in 2017, north carolina actually passioned a pretty restrictive anti-lbgtq bill, called the bathroom bill, at the time, it was nicknamed because it was really restricted towards transgender people and there was a huge financial impact for that as well and the nba pulled out their all-star game, there were a number of artists that stopped coming to perform in the state. so kind of a similar thing, you can see the ball rolling here, in atlanta, as well. and i will say that response, that back and forth from republican lawmakers is ongoing, we do expect later today a press conference from governor kemp. >> deepa, thanks for catching us up to speed. let's turn to the vice president of the naacp and eric sadillo, a dallas attorney and professor at southern methodist
3:33 am
university. >> welcome. and north carolina, if you will recall, was sort of a cautionary tale for your state, in 2016, it lost nearly $4 billion in business, after passing that anti-lbgtq law. should these major corporations in georgia, that we spoke about earlier when the bill was being debated, would it have made a difference really then? >> absolutely they should have spoken out. they should be fine corporate citizens and spoken for the millions of georgians that will be affected by this suppressive and regress ive voting bill here in georgia. many citizens have been protesting the last 30 days to stop this bill and everyone was silent. it was not until the bill passed and discussions about boycotts and actual boycotts taking place, that the businesses started to speak. we have to remember that nothing is more important than our voting rights. it's the birth place of civil rights. we will defend our voting rights and as oush former representative and late congressman john lewis always
3:34 am
said, the most powerful nonviolent weapon you have is the right to vote. in georgia, we will not stand for votes rights to roll back. if corporations don't want to speak up for voting rights, they can expect economic destruction. >> and all of the woke companies quote, interfering with free and fair elections but analysts were calling for boy cot of the companies for their silence on the matter. which is louder? do you see coca-cola and delta backtracking now as they face this kind of heat from the far right? >> i think so. i think it's perhaps here in texas, too little too late, in terms of what is happening. we've already got legislation that's gone through the senate, some things that are being looked at in the house, probably looking at a vote quickly in some of these voter suppression bills in the house so it is a situation where i do believe unfortunately too little too late with respect to what is going on and it is going to take the courts and the filing of lawsuits and sist lawsuits to
3:35 am
stop some of the things that are happening here in the state of texas. >> and to be honest, it's going to take a congress to actually pass a voting rights bill at the end of the day, to stop or repeal some of this from happening, i think, asle with. you represent the state representative there in georgia, who of course was arrested, was caught on camera, banging on governor kemp's door, during the bill signing ceremony. i was watching her on joy reed's show the other night and she simply says this is america and we have to keep knocking. how will she plan on continuing to knock? where does the movement go from there? >> i think the movement will continue. we will continue to knock. and i do want to correct you she was knocking not banging and we need to continue to stand up for voting rights and we have to make sure that individuals will not be silenced, will not be suppressed, merely for trying to be present and provide transparency. the governor should have signed
3:36 am
that bill in front of every single citizen of georgia, like he does every single other bill. but he is ashamed of what is in that bill. he's ashamed of what was previously in that bill. and let's be clear. it's a voter suppression bill. it always has. just because some of the provisions were removed because of the protest does not make it any better. we need to make sure our elected officials understand that voting suppression should not be the number one thing here in georgia. if we wanted to stay the number one state for business, we need to be a number one state for voting and so they need to understand that it was an historic election, both in november and january, and that the citizens of georgia are watching and they are ready to vote their conscience and to make sure that their democracy is protected by voting in mass numbers, november can't come fast enough. >> and to be really quick here, but do you represent latino voters, you represent latino voters empowerment and a lot has been said about this, disenfranchising brown and black voters, but how do these bills
3:37 am
disenfranchise the latino community? >> i think quite honestly a lot of the bills here in texas have been focused on affecting those urban areas and urban areas are where latinos and people of color live. here in the state of texas, they've been pinpoint accurate in terms of disenfranchising those folks in the urban areas. limiting the number of hours that you can vote in early voting. limiting mail-in ballots. all of those things that we utilized during the pandemic to bring people out, they're discouraging. so we're going to see longer lines and unfortunately the disenfranchisement of people of color. and it's an incredibly unfortunate thing and people need to wake up to the realities of what is happening. >> we'll leave it there. appreciate you guys. thank you. a return to the skies with promising news for the airline industry. the cdc says fully vaccinated americans can fly domestically. just as experts warn about an impending fourth wave. the do's and don'ts for travel. l
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welcome back. the number of unaccompanied children crossing the border set a new record last month. early data from customs and border protection shows more than 18,000 children made the trek, breaking the previous record set in may of 2019 by at least 60%. the dramatic increase follows the biden administration's policy of expelling all migrants except minors who come alone. overall encounters with people of all ages, crossing, was also at a 20-year high for the month. >> this right here, this is my house on wheels, you would say. i have my tent, i have my exercise equipment, you know, this is where i am basically living right now. how can we afford $2,000 a month if that's what you make?
3:41 am
then you got to worry about food, clothes, hygiene, you know, the basic necessities. you got to be realistic. and then you wonder why people turn back to crime. >> larry stewart is one of over 66,000 adults who don't have stable housing in los angeles county. it's a common challenge for the challenges upon thousands released from prisons and jails every year, too. >> i've been filling out applications, i'm on waiting list, and this is going on five years and more, so how can a man they call re-entering, come back into society, rehabilitated, it's just that much harder to go back to your neighborhood. >> after getting involved with gangs and crime at a young age, he served his time for homicide and robbery, over 20 years. but transitioning back into society doesn't happen overnight. l.a. county says it has a solution to this unrelenting cycle. a restorative justice village. a campus that will include 232
3:42 am
units of affordable housing, medical services, and access to job training. the housing alone is estimated to cost $57 million. 51 of which comes from the 2020 coronavirus relief bill. plus another 6 million from the county. and a $70 million medical center will be down the street. the idea had been thrown around for years in l.a., but last year, the concept gained popularity among some voters after the george floyd protests and these calls. >> defund, defund police. >> defund. >> police. >> other cities like austin, san francisco, new york, have similar proposals, with the goal of ushering in racial equality through social services. in this facility, it's only the beginning. 57% of l.a. voters approved measure j. it dedicates 10% of the county's locally generated revenue solely to social services and the money can't be touched by the sheriff.
3:43 am
who, along with some unions representing county employees, opposed the bill, because of possible cuts to law enforcement. the details are still being worked out but advocates of the bill are hoping this facility is the first of many like it. >> for us we have a long track record of being successful helping people getting out of their gang lifestyle and life of crime. and really, we do that with not a lot of government funds. and i know if we had more government funds, we could really double our impact. >> tom bosso, the ceo of home boy industries and their center is just around the corner from the new campus. >> measure j, really putting money with community-based organizations, that that's a different mindset. >> for now, larry is just holding on as best he can, until applications open. we asked the county when that will be. and what criteria potential residents will have to meet. but we have not gotten an
3:44 am
answer. >> let's say they do have a unit for you, larry. can you allow yourself to think about how good it would feel to just have a steady reliable place to lay your head at night? >> truthfully, i would have a dream of just hooking up my own bathroom. i haven't taken one bath since i've been out of prison. to take a bubble bath, straight up, and just sit there and just sit, and know that when i walk outside, i ain't got to do this before i get in my car, so that right there, just the basics, i just want the basics now that i've been -- >> we'll be right back. >> we'll be right back tone cold calling on everyone to turn to cold washing with tide. ♪ this is a cold call! ♪ hello, my name is ice t. can you spare a few seconds to learn about cold water washing with tide? hi my name is steve. did you know washing in cold can save you $100 a year on your energy bill.
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president biden is spending this religious holiday weekend at camp david, tapping off one of the most eventful weeks in his brief time in office so far. his administration touting the massive $2 trillion
3:49 am
infrastructure plan as key to creating an additional $19 million new jobs. the newest jobs report says something many in the white house are smiling about, by far surpassing expectations by economists with employers filing 916,000 jobs and the unemployment rate falling to 6%, the white house says they are reviewing biden's authority to cancel student debt. msnbc white house correspondent monica alba is joining us from the white house. and you get is answer is this is a progressive agenda that this president is moving forward with. >> that's right. good morning. and there really is cautious optimism. the president there talking about those new jobs numbers, saying he's very pleased so far with what he believes is responsible for this, which is that american rescue plan, the covid relief bill, that he thinks is responsible for some of this incremental progress. and he really is also excited about what he thinks is going to come in the next few months, if
3:50 am
his infrastructure bill gets passed, in terms of job creation. so take a listen to what specifically he saw as the real improvement on the job and economy front in those brief remarks yesterday. >> this morning, we've learned that our economy economy create0 jobs in march. it means the first two months of our administration has seen more new jobs created in the first two months in any administration in history. >> so the white house sees a lot of reason there to be encouraged, but at the aim time the president said this is not the time to really get overconfident. the message from the white house yesterday and the covid response team was that even though we have this hope on the horizon and incremental progress, there is so much to be nervous about if people really let their guard down too soon. this is happening an parallel tracks. they are happy to see what is happening with respect to the economy. but because we are in the midst
3:51 am
of the pandemic, even though more people are getting vaccinated, this is not the time to relax. now they will pivot to infrastructure, even though the first few months were focused on the rescue and relief. the president warned again that those hard-fought gains could all be reversed in a matter of weeks if people really ease restrictions too quickly and another surge comes in the coming weeks. >> and the white house knows well that infrastructure fight will continue well through the summer. monica alba joining us from d.c. up next, who called ted cruz a reckless lunatic who thinks he is smarter than everyelse? former house speaker john boehner. how he predicted the current state of the republican party. plus, marjorie taylor greene doing crossfit if a viral video. twitter weighing in with some creative thoughts. eacrtive thou. [laughs] ♪
3:52 am
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3:55 am
years ago? well, now he is not holding back, ripping into his own party in an excerpt from his new book, a book, by the way, look at the cover, don draper what? "bridgerton" is looking for a new star. this is him on the cover of the new book with red wine and
3:56 am
smoldering cigarette. in it he unloads on the republican craze caucus, targeting senator ted cruz as the headline particular leading the way and slamming him as a reckless person who thinks he is smarter smarter than everyone else erchlt said you can be a total moron and be elected by having an r next to your name. joining us is democratic strategist clay kane. good morning. let's go into a little bit of what boehner said. he ripped into the party, ripped into right-wing media, called sean hannity a nut, michele bachmann a lunatic, called ted cruz a ton of names. let's listen to an excerpt. take it from me. you'll never know where you'll end up. that's freedom. i'll raise a glass to that any day. p.s., ted cruz, go [ bleep ] yourself. >> go find yourself? >> go find yourself. >> go find yourself, i'm sure.
3:57 am
>> go for it. >> so literary. he is going to get a pulitzer, definitely. you know what i'm tired of? after all this time they are upholding foolishness. part of the reason we are today, john boehner was there before mitch mcconnell. so it's the redemption tour. it's ridiculous. as if we don't remember that john boehner said that he was supporting donald trump, as if we don't remember that he said hillary clinton had no platform outside of being a woman, which was asinine. the experts read like an angry 13-year-old boy who didn't get what he wanted and now he is raging out at everybody. i'm sure it will sell well. it's very don draper and doesn't surprise me. this election cycle has been profitable for republicans who suddenly got religion. >> one of the things, he said that his caucus really hated,
3:58 am
hated obama, but at no point at least from the clips that i have seen he laid out why. >> we all know why. i think he made a reference, if you call him a kenyan traitor, whatever the case may be. what's funny is in the excerpt what i have been seeing on twitter for the past four or five years. you are not saying anything new. i would like him to concede that you stood by a party that didn't just have a trump issue. had a republican party issue. there is no accountability. just like i see it all, you know, i was the one that had, you know, a good moral standing. no, you were part of the problem, mr. boehner, on the house. >> all right. i have to get to marjorie taylor greene. i don't have to, but we planned on getting to marjorie taylor greene here in this video. it's showing her crossfit training. techniques, you know, we can debate that a little bit later. what's the point of these videos that are out there?
3:59 am
>> she is a member of the "real housewives" of qanon. i mean, this is her way to get as much attention as possible. at this point she is a desperate reality star doing her best to stay on social media. i mean, it's silly. it's also offensive to be serious. i had covid this time last year, and to say this is her covid protection, she doesn't care about legislation, doesn't care about policy. she cares about attention. i love when twitter drags her. i feel like we have to deplatform her because she enjoys every little bit of the ratchet attention that she receives. >> the ratchet. >> very ratchet. >> clay, we are glad you are doing better and were able to join us today. >> you even lift, bro? >> i'll get some tips from her. >> there you go. thank you. appreciate it. we begin a new hour of msnbc right now. ♪♪
4:00 am
eights new hour. we will start with breaking news out of washington. flags at half-staff at the capitol and the white house as police investigate yet another deadly capitol hill attack. >> officer william evans was killed and another officer injured after a 25-year-old rammed his car into a checkpoint. you see officer evans there. as capitol police deal with the fallout from the insurrection only three months ago. >> they are under extraordinary stress. it's really sad to see what's happening to the capitol and my heart goes out to them and my appreciation. plus, an emotional first week of testimony in the derek chauvin trial. minneapolis officers taking a stand, revealing potentially damning information. >> what did you ask them to do? >> i asked them to chill out. calls growing in the meantime for republican congressman matt gaetz to resign. new


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