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tv   The Mehdi Hasan Show  MSNBC  April 11, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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have of the intricacies is just not good so we have good and we have to pay attention. >> liz, almost like you wrote an entire book on masculinity. thank you for joining us tonight. that's all the time i have for today. i'll see you back here next weekend. for now i hand it over to mehdi hasan. >> thank you for that. tonight, daily vaccination rates hit a new record, 4.6 million shots given on saturday. dr. fauci is here to make sense of what that means for the newly vaccinated. harris county jenlg hi lal go said voter suppression is
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threatening democracy in texas. a mother/daughter duo save people from being deported and join me to talk about the lawsuit and the message for president biden. good evening. a year ago president trump was predicting this about the coronavirus death toll in the u.s. >> the minimum if you did this social distancing and every other aspect and i think i can say 90%, the minimum number was 100,000 lives and i think we'll be under that number. >> sub instant -- substantially under that number. over 20,000 deaths. 365 days later, more than
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500,000 deaths and 31 million cases. substantially higher than the former president's predictions and good news after the awful prediction. we have vaccines getting out pretty fast. yesterday we hit a new record with 4.6 million doses given, more than 70 million americans are fully vaccinated but as much as there seems to be a light we are still very much in the tunnel right now. cases are starting to rise again. thanks at least in part to new more contagious variants and a hardest hit is michigan. the state now has the highest rate of new infections in the country. the governor is urging residents to take caution and called for suspension of in-person high school and stopped short of a prohibition and said the federal government needs to send more vaccines. >> i'm grateful.
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therapeutics, personnel, mobile testing and vaccination units but i am concerned because i believe as do a number of public health experts that we should be surging vaccines to states that are experiencing serious outbreaks. >> so here we are today. cases again on the rise. even as we pick up the pace on vaccines and no matter what we do we will at minimum lost more than five times as many americans as trump so woefully underpredicted this time last year. much of the reason is because of the trump administration's awful mishandling of the covid-19 crisis and there's new evidence showing it may have been deliberate. if i could sum it up in one word it would be yippee. according to emails officials bragged about the efforts to change cdc covid reports and the emails by the house select subcommittee on the coronavirus and one wrote to hhs public
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affairs director to say they changed the opening line in a report. small victory but a victory nonetheless. and yippee. yeah. in another alexander noted a shift in tone in the agency's report just he said the last two reports have been more positive than usual and i find encouraging. maybe you're having a huge impact and this is tremendous. well done. he also tried to essentially counter program some cdc reports. last september he asked white house adviser dr. scott atlas to help him craft an op-ed in response to blunt the edge of a new report on covid deaths among young people. along with the emails subcommittee chair clyburn released letters to alexander and atlas reading in part, quote, trump administration officials engaged in a pattern of political interference in the public health response to the
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coronavirus pandemic. overruling and bullying scientists able making harmful decisions to allow the virus to spread more rapidly. spread more rapid lid. so spread more deaths. the subcommittee inquiry is a good start. but it's not enough. trump's being investigated for his tax returns, election meddling, incitement of insurrection. what about covid? where's the 9/11-style commission for that? where's the covid crimes commission? sorry. i for one cannot just move on from more than 500,000 dead americans. my main guest tonight is the man who's become known as america's doctor. he's been the director of national institute of allergy and infectious disease for 37 years and served under 7 presidents and now chief medical adviser to president biden. earlier today i spoke with dr. fauci. thank you so much for joining me
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on the show tonight. i know your time is tight so let's get right to it. what is the message to vaccinated and unvaccinated americans as to what they should and should not be doing right now. for example, eating and drinks in restaurants and bars. is that okay now? >> no, it is still not okay for the simple reason that the level of infection, the dynamics of infection in the community are still really disturbingly high like just yesterday close to 80,000 new infections. and we've been hanging around 60,000, 70, 75,000 so if you're not vaccinated please get vaccinated as soon as vaccine becomes available to you and if you are vaccinated please remember that you still have to be careful and not get involved in crowded situations, particularly indoors where people are not wearing masks and for the time being until we show
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definitively that a person who's vaccinated does not get this sub clinical infection and spread to others you should continue to wear a mask for the time being. >> pfizer, dr. fauci, announced last week their vaccine is effective for at least six months so should we be prepared to get vaccine covid blasters? is that something we should plan for? >> we need to be careful about that six month number. the study went out as far as six months so we know for sure it's effective for six months and highly likely that it will be effective for considerably longer period of time. the way to get the answer is to just follow people closely enough to determine when that level of efficacy or protection diminishes, both with regard to the level of the antibodies as
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well as clinical data with regard to breakthrough infection. so good news is that it's at least six months. hopefully a lot more. but in direct answer to you question if it turns out a year or a year and a half we very well may need to get booster shots to keep up the level of protection. >> wow. something to get used to i guess. on the subject of herd immunity you talked about wear your masks even if you're vaccinated. life is not back to normal yet. do you have a date in mind for when we get to herd immunity? how will we know when we have reached it? will you or president biden just announce it one morning from the white house podium? >> well, it is not going to be that simple. i really believe that herd immunity with regard to covid-19 is a little btd of an elusive concept because we don't know
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what that level of percent of people vaccinated plus people who are infected recovered and are now immune to reinfection, we don't know what that number is. we know what it is, for example, for a disease like measles but we don't know yet what it is for sars co-v-2 and just get as many people vaccinated as we can, as quickly as we can, and what you will see definitely is a diminution of the cases per day to a very low level. what when you get there then you could say you're in a much more protected zone. if you want to call that herd immunity you can't really say that because you won't know what the specific number is but just concentrate on getting vaccinated as many as you can as quickly as you can. >> yes. and the vaccine rollout is a huge success in recent week just a record 4. million people
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vaccinated yesterday. 1 in 4 americans fully vaccinated and in michigan where they have a horrific surge right now, the governor asked for a surge in vaccines but the white house rebuffed her. a professor who you know at brown says, quote, i would be surging a lot of vaccines to michigan right now why to me this is a no-brainer policy and i'm curious why hasn't the team done this, dr. fauci? >> well, there are a couple of reasons. the first is that you want to make sure that the vaccines that are currently there in michigan are being efficiently distributed and put into people's arms. so you have the leeway and the possibility of doing some adjustments within the state of michigan. i doubt if it's uni-dimensional in michigan that the infection in one section, one regular, one
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city, one town is different. what you want to do if you can, redistribute within the state. one of the reasons why we're hesitant to make that kind of redistribution because when you take it away from one state you never know where you will have another surge so you may be essentially facilitating a surge in one place by pulling vaccines away as you're trying to prevent it or blunt it in another state and for that reason we say do as best you can to efficiently get people vaccinated within your state. because there's more vaccines in michigan than there are people vaccinated. >> okay. fair point. on the numbers. the trump administration was a disaster on covid. we opened the show talking about how trump officials altered cdc reports.
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donald trump reportedly lashed out at you again, dr. fauci, in a speech last night calling you quote full of crap and i know you probably don't want to ever hear his voice again but he said something similar on fox last month. >> saw him throw out the first pitch in washington, right? he is a better pitcher than he is at what he does. if you really look i didn't really listen to him too much because i was doing the opposite of what he was saying. >> i know you said in the past you didn't resign because you didn't want to leave a void, completely understandable, but do you regret staying on? if he says he wasn't listening to you and gagging you in the process, why didn't you just quit and speak out freely about the dangers? >> well, i think for the reason that you just mentioned, because i did feel if i left there would not be a voice there to push back against some of the things that were going on there. i don't want to get into a
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tit-for-tat with former president trump and giving a rebuttal for everything he says. that is not productive. we have a serious problem. just like the difficult position the governor of michigan is facing trying to get the arms around that. that's what we need to do to try to help out there as opposed to rebutting statements like you just showed on the screen. it is not helpful. it is not productive. i would prefer to move on and look ahead how we can address the challenges ahead of us. >> but just do you accept that he was not listening to your advice? was he ignoring your advice? was that a true statement? >> in some respect -- well, he did. he listened to some of the things that i and dr. birx said and then he did not listen to other things. to say he did not listen at all to the medical advisers i guess that tells you something,
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doesn't it? >> yeah. tells me that he needlessly caused hundreds of thousands of deaths not listening to his top scientific advisers. another question about the past. a problem we have now is we have a lot of people bad faitd people saying we don't trust dr. fauci, joe biden, the scientists but there are others who in good faith just over the last year and i think you recognize this about the mixed messaging and some of the different advice they have gotten on the thorny disease. i want to play a clip of you speaking to "60 mans" just over a year ago. >> now, when you see people and look at the films in china and south korea, whatever, wearing a mask, right now in the united states people should not be walking around with masks. right now people should not be -- there is no reason to walk around with a mask. >> given you acknowledged in that clip in march 2020 that asian countries were masking up
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at the time saying we shouldn't was a huge mistake at the time not just in hindsight? >> no. you know, i keep seeing that clip getting played over and over again so if you could give me 15 seconds. okay. at the time, three things were going on. we were told very clearly at the coronavirus task force including by the surgeon general who's a good person all the way that there was a clear shortage of masks and if we recommend masks the health care providers putting themselves in harm's way every day would not have enough. point number two, there was no evidence at the time that masks outside of the setting of the hospital worked. there were no data to show that. number three, we did not know that at least 50% of the
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infections were being spread asimp mattically. that's why at that time we, i and others, made that statement. fast forward a month or two after. a, it became clear there was no shortage of masks. in fact, cloth masks work. we started to see substantial data that masks outside of the setting of the hospital work to prevent infection. three, we found out to our horror that 50% or more of the infections were transmitted by people who did not know they were infected. >> yes. >> that's the reason why i changed. >> okay. >> let me finish. you showed the clip. if something is static and you change your mind about it, you're flip flopping. if something changes, the data
5:17 pm
change, and you change with the data and rely on the data, you're not flip flopping. okay? >> yeah. understood. understood. i guess it is the asian countries were doing it at the time and now we are on the same page. the message to governors who are rescinding mask mandates or in florida where they never had one to begin with, what is your message on masks now to these governors? >> i would just get back to what the president said before he was inaugurated that we need a universal wearing of masks. he said at least 100 days or beyond 100 days. everyone should be wearing a mask. they should avoid congregate settings. keep the distance and wash their hands as often as possible. we are not out of this yet. we had 80,000 new infections the other day.
5:18 pm
now's not the time to declare victory prematurely. we have not won this yet. we will win it. but we haven't won it yet. >> that's a great message. i hope people are listening. we are out of time, dr. fauci. thank you for your 37 years of service i believe to 7 presidents and thank you for your work over the last year and coming on the show tonight. >> good to be with you. thank you for having me. still to come, the united states has the biggest prison population in the world. so why does senator tom cotton want to lock up more americans? texas republicans want to follow the georgia colleagues and crack down on voting including criminalizing the handing out of absentee ballot applications. we'll explain all next. we'll ext
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republican run legislatures in the u.s. are introducing sweeping voting restrictions and as they do it they keep saying the quiet part loud. again, and again. like in harris county, texas, where a gop official spoke act recruiting an army of 10,000 poll workers and watchers in specific parts of houston. >> trying to encourage about 30 people in my precinct that will have the confidence and courage to come down in here in these
5:23 pm
areas where we need poll worker because this is where the problems occur. >> those areas are predominantly black and brown areas. the republican party did not respond to our request for comment and said to "the washington post" the video is mischaracterized. last thursday texas lawmakers advanced hb 6 making it a felony to send an application for absentee ballot but after the 2020 election the texas attorney general's office spent 22,000 hours looking for voter fraud. they uncovered 16 cases. 16. all involving false addresses on registration forms. 16. joining me now is lena hi hi dahl go. you just heard that audio of a texas official talking about assembling an army to fight
5:24 pm
voter fraud in your county but let's listen to what lieutenant governor patrick had to say about harris county last week. >> thank god the county is not the capital of texas because all the other 253 counties would have been shut down like harris was to business. and criminals would be running rampant on the street because in harris county they can't keep charged with serious crimes in jail. the judges just let them out. we would have crime all over the state. >> judge, are these basically racist attacks from the gop on you and the people of your county? >> yeah. so much of it is. when you hear the lieutenant governor, they run out of discussion on substance so he will go into these frankly emotional and inappropriate attacks on his own constituents because you have to remember he represents harris county, as
5:25 pm
well, so it makes me sad to hear him say that but there's so much about the bills that's discriminatory and suppresses the vote but one thing that puts the video into context about the poll workers and allow partisan poll watchers it says that they cannot be denied free movement why that's a direct quote from senate bill 7 inside the polling location. they would be allowed to record voters as they cast the ballot and the poll workers, it would be a misdemeanor for the poll workers to get in the way of these partisan actors. we saw what folks did on behalf or to root out this big lie that there's massive voter fraud and stormed the capitol. what will these people do with the power unchecked inside polling locations? >> that is such an important point and that's why i was so keen to have you on the show
5:26 pm
today. what's going on in texas is outrageous. american airlines and dell, texas based companies have spoken up. it took until after a law like this was passed in georgia for corporate pressure there to build. nbc confirmed on saturday 90 ceos met virtually to discuss further access being restricted. would you be okay if they propose a boycott if this suppression bill is signed into law. is that a step you're willing to support? >> i think what one step behind that and recognize that the companies are rallying against voter suppression efforts because they recognize that a strong democracy is vital and necessary to a strong economy. so those who are threatening the
5:27 pm
economy are the ones pushing the voter suppression tactics. american airlines, dell, microsoft, more need to join. i am so grateful to put out the statements. we need them to do more to stop funding the campaigns of the legislators that are actively pushing these kind of tactics but legislators have to recognize that in pushing this suppression that is the sequence, the next step to jim crow, they're putting our economies in danger and putting our state's reputation on the line because this is not to be tolerated. >> no, but the texas republicans are pushing hard and they have a multiplicity of arguments. sb 7, another voter restriction bill bars tents, paging garages and parking lots as venues for voting and bans voting from cars unless the voter is physically
5:28 pm
unable to enter the polling place. they said that the drive through voting is beyond the texas election code. even in bad faith do they have a bad point about the drive through voting that you oversaw? >> no. we had voting in tents in past elections or trying to make an election site larger. we are quite confident back then on the law and able to keep it all throughout early voting and the courts upheld that. what these legislators are doing is a direct response to the success in harris county. we had a record turnout not seen in 30 years and part is drive through voting, 20-hour voting for one day. all of us should celebrate that and i represent republicans, democrats, independents and everyone in between proudly and i want them to cast their vote.
5:29 pm
regardless of whether they vote for me or my party. that's how everyone should see it. >> but they don't, sadly in texas. do you think you're going to win this struggle? are you optimistic? >> we keep fighting. this is a battle. it's like the battles against poll taxes which were stood up for the sake of government revenue or literacy tests for a supposedly informed populous. these are the excuses that doesn't exist on voter fraud and we fight and if it happens they'll sure see us in the courts because this violates the constitution, the basic rights, the basic humanity of our citizens. it really does. >> judge hidalgo, thank you so much for your time tonight. >> thank you. former president trump continues to have his hold over the republican party even as he continues to trash talk its leaders every chance he gets. more on that coming up.
5:30 pm
first, richard liu is here with the headlines. >> good evening to you. iran is calling a blackout at its natanz nuclear facility saying it was terrorism by israel. it may complicate efforts to restore the iran nuclear deal. injuries from the blast. finally, the lack wage learning app is adding yiddish to the lessons and will be the 40th language on the platform. it is making efforts to include languages not as common as they once were. so be well. more of "the mehdi hasan show" after this. how" after this
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the republican party
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continues to be humiliated by the defacto leader and former president. donald trump lashed out at mitch mcconnell at mar-a-lago and berated a number of former colleagues calling him a dumb son of a b. the latest drama in an increasingly comply kated marriage of trump and the gop. just last month he sent a cease and desist letter to the rnc demanding they stop using his likeness to raise money. the same republican national committee he went on to host and headline for this past weekend. joining me now is david jolly, a former republican congressman not affiliated with that party and a msnbc contributor. thank you for coming back on the show. back in february mcconnell was asked whether he'd support trump in 2024. here's what he had to say. >> if the president was the party's nominee would you support him? >> oh, the nominee of the party?
5:36 pm
absolutely. >> that was a week after trump released a statement calling him an unsmiling political hack. now once again trump is bashing mcconnell. why the senior republicans allowing themselves to continue to be beaten and berated by this man who lets not forget lost their party the election? >> sure. for mcconnell it is about political power and regaining the power he lost. recall that he condemned donald trump for the events of january 6 and then gave that statement that of course he would support him if trump was the nominee. for mcconnell it is about power but for others he is entrenched and safe but nobody else is. this is still his party, donald trump remade the party in his image and will be until he gives up control and republicans trying to figure out how to do two things.
5:37 pm
support and defend donald trump as the party leader and prepare for the moment if trump is not running. who takes the helm of the party why what is the '24 republican presidential race look like? >> yeah. the reason to do this segment is there's no politician in modern history or any history who's thrown more supporters and colleagues under the bus. let's talk about someone else. john boehner with a book laying into trump and other members of the gop referring to ted cruz as lucifer in the flesh among other things. >> beat anybody up. not my style. except that jerk. perfect symbol. you know? of getting elected, make a lot of noise, draw attention to yourself, raise a lot of money which means you make more noise, raise more money and it's really -- it is unfortunate. >> david, ted cruz responded on
5:38 pm
twitter saying i wear with pride his scorn. wow. tough ted. ted had his wife mocked by donald trump and incited an inrecollection on donald trump's re-election behalf. >> yeah. it is interesting because we can kind of talk about palace intrigue, when i served with boehner and cruz boehner didn't hide the contempt for ted cruz but publicly tried to play nice around the edges when they served together. ted cruz is somebody who you mentioned who was part of that kind of tea party emerging class of republicans and then along comes donald trump and donald trump blows up the entire system and it was a moment of choosing if you will for republicans. do you go along with this change of direction and a leadership largely amoral if not immoral from donald trump? do you go along with him for the
5:39 pm
sake of your career or stand in that moment and say, no, i'm not with this guy? i think the world watched as the majority of republicans failed that test in that moment. >> i mean, i personally will go to my grave reminding people that donald trump mocked ted cruz's wife and father and cruz still campaigned for him in both elections. another one of trump's loyalists under the bas matt gaetz from your great state of florida. the house ethics committee opened an investigation. gaetz denies the allegations and refused to step down. talked about a deep state plot against him but bill barr signed off and trump himself didn't issue a statement of support. >> not at all. the reason why is because there's a child victim in the case. these are grave accusations that have been made and joel greenberg his colleague from central florida is indicted for a crime that involves a child
5:40 pm
engaging in a commercial sex act. matt gaetz has few friends in politics even before the charges and tonight mehdi florida flynns are looking pass matt gaetz assuming that this ends in a resignation or an indictment and though not making national news in tallahassee you see fellow lobbyists and donors to the republican party and other legislators getting scrutinized and some terminated. this scandal and invest is spreading. the presumption is that matt gaetz's political career ends in resignation or indictment in the near future. >> wow. let's see if that happens. i'm sure people will be cheering if it does why thank you for your insights today. you might think america has an overincarceration problem. but republican senator tom cotton wants to put more
5:41 pm
americans behind bars. my rant is after this break. fte.
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gop senator tom "send in the troops" cotton was out with new wisdom. we have a major under-incarceration problem in america and it is only getting worse. five points in 60 seconds. start the clock. the united states has 4% of the world's population and 20% of the prisoners. it's the highest prison termination on earth. we also have the highest inkars vags rate in the u.s. number two, if america's pre-pandemic population is a state it's bigger than 14 states and washington, d.c. number three, the prison population is up 500% in 40 years. 500%. four, what about race in black men in america 6 times as likely
5:45 pm
to be incarcerated as white men and more african-american adults are under correctional control in prison or jail, probation or parole than enslaved in 1850. number five, hee's a stat for tom cotton. more than 2.5 million children in the united states have a parent behind the bars. that's more children than live in new jersey. so under-incarceration? tell that the kids. when people say you can make a difference, believe them. meet two women making a difference on immigration and they just happen to be related. stick around for that. for that. strong, and white. but every day, acidic food and drink can wash these minerals away, weakening and dulling enamel over time. pronamel mineral boost protects teeth by working with your mouth to boost absorption of calcium and phosphate
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the lives of more than 411,000 people hang in the balance this evening over a trump era attempt to have them kicked out of the country. the former president made it a
5:50 pm
mission to dismantle legislation allowing them to stay in the u.s. a target is tone as temporary protective status allowing people from countries to stay in the united states if returning home would place their safety at risk. a mother and place their safety at risk. a mom and daughter took the battle to court. however the injunction has been overruled by an appeals court and unless congress or president biden intervened the forced removal of hundreds of thousands of tps holders could begin as soon as october. and thank you so much for both of you coming on the show tonight. such an honor. explain to us how a high school student like yourself got involved in a major legal battle and what is at stake here? >> thank you for having us.
5:51 pm
as you mentioned i am in high school. i got involved back in 2018 when i was in eighth grade, i found out about tps and before that i had not known much about my mom's immigration status until a few weeks after the trump administration ended tps, and i found out that my mom could be deported so i decided to get involved and help fight for my family, and i joined the national tps alliance which is fighting for thousands of families around the country like mine who are in this situation of not knowing what could happen. over 270,000 innocent children like my brother and i are in a situation of not knowing what will happen to our parents, that's why i joined this fight to help fight for my family and families around the country. >> amazing what you are doing.
5:52 pm
christina, you found out via a text message that you were going to lose your legal right to live and work here along with 90% of your fellow tps recipients. you are employed here and pay taxes here and built yourself a life here, and on list of countries on the pts system, they are dangerous situations, and this program exists for a reason and explain what it was like in el salvador, and why you can't go back. >> i immigrated when i was 12-year-old and i came to america to escape the mental and physical abuse of my father, so back in el salvador i was basically homeless. my dad would take us and hide us from my mom so my childhood was
5:53 pm
not the best childhood, so coming to the u.s. meant a second chance for me to be here. i am a tps recipient since 2001, and i went to school here, middle school and high school, so this has been my home. right now i have worked full time as a teacher's assistant and i -- my husband and i, we, you know, we have a house so we work to pay for a mortgage and i am also the main provider for health insurance as you can imagine, about 60% of my check goes to health insurance. >> wow. it's just such frustrating thing to hear what you are going through and what you are going through so far.
5:54 pm
christine, you said you got involved because your mom is somebody targeted by the attempt to undo the tps, and it would be the largest family separation in history, and what is your message to president joe biden if he's watching this? >> yeah, my message to president biden would be to restore tps and also to fulfill his promise of restoring tps and also to pressure congress to pass hr-6 which is in the senate and support any other legislative vehicles that would provide permanent residency for over 400,000 tps recipients in the country. >> do you think joe biden will deliver for you and your family based on what he's done so far on immigration and border policy, do you have faith this
5:55 pm
administration might be able to help your family? >> i hope so. i mean, he made a promise to us in the first 100 days of his administration that he was going to give daca and tps holders a permanent solution. we have not seen anything yet. i know, like, the time is clicking. the only thing that is protecting us is the lawsuit. we don't know what's going to happen with the lawsuit so it's under his hand so right now we are in the limbo. i know we survive the trump administration, and it has not changed that much because we are still on the limbo, you know, trying to get ready for school, college for my son, and we don't know. >> i can only hope this horrible
5:56 pm
situation is lifted for you. thank you both so so much for being with us this evening. good luck peufplt thank you. we're moments away the "the week" with joshua johnson. stick around for that. we'll be back in a moment. what you need. thank you! hey, hey, no, no limu, no limu! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ you're clearly someone who takes care of yourself. so why wait to screen for colon cancer? because when caught in early stages, it's more treatable. i'm cologuard.
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we'll be right back here next sunday at 8:00 p.m. eastern with very big-named guests, i hope. you can catch me weekdays on streaming channel peacock, and now it's time to turn it over to my colleague, joshua johnson. for many of us the george floyd video is hard to take, and so are the details of his death. >> the knee remains on the neck for another 3:27 after he takes his last breath. >> tomorrow the third week of testimony is set to begin in the derek chauvin murder trial. tonight our legal experts will break down last week's pivotal moments including extended exerts from the trial and testimony you may have missed. >> it's not part of our


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