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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  April 15, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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good day. this is andrea mitchell reports. the defense has rested its case in the murder trial of derek chauvin after he invoked his fifth amendment of no incrimination. after a rebuttal witness, the judge gave instructions to the jury and adjourned until monday. the judge advised the jury to have a good long weekend and they will be sequestered and advised them to pack for long,
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but hope for short as they get ready for deliberations. joining me now is shaq, and morgan covering the outbursts after the duane wright killing by a white police officer, and brooke and kimberly atkins. welcome all. a big day. shaq, let's go over what happened today with the defense resting and one prosecution rebuttal witness, dr. tobin, quick rebuttal and decision that we all saw but the jury did not see when the former police officer derek chauvin decided to take his fifth amendment right and not testify in his own defense. >> that's right. some really big headlines in this trial of derek chauvin.
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the jury has been sent home for the long weekend after the defense officially rested their case, not calling a witness slated to be called yesterday. so the defense rested their case. the prosecution called a rebus -- rebuttal witness. what the prosecution used dr. tobin to emphasize was the idea that carbon monoxide poisoning contributed to the death. so after the direct examination and quicker cross-examination, the case was rested.
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monday the jury will begin deliberating. the judge said to pack a bag. he said it could be as short as an hour or as long as a week in terms of time to deliberate. but they were told to come with bag in hands and the case will be in their hands monday. >> derek chauvin is not testifying. it would open up questions about his whole career and things he has done. would it have been a benefit to testify on his behalf? >> i don't see any benefit to him testifying. i think this was the right choice for him. why do you say that? if i am the prosecution and derek chauvin decides to take the stand, i am going to play the 9:29 video and it will take me an hour or two hours to get through that video because i am
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going to stop it every five seconds and turn to the witness derek chauvin the defendant and ask him what was his state of mind, ask him to tell me if the desee deseed ant was unconscious, why the sunglasses were on his head. i don't think he should have testified. it would have sealed his fate, in my opinion. >> kimberly, let's talk about the testimony of dr. tobin who was such an effective witness. he destroyed, in that quick appearance on the stand, he
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destroyed two things, about the heart and carbon monoxide. >> he is a credible witness in my opinion. i think it was good to bring him back as the closer and to keep it short, to put aside this idea that, a, george floyd had some sort of heart condition that he died from. that was not the main reason for his death, and also the idea that the carbon monoxide to the car next to him led to his death. he said all of us having this conversation right now have carbon monoxide levels about the same as george floyd at the time of his death, slapping down the defense throwing at the wall and hoping it would stick. >> what about closing arguments?
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>> it will be on monday. what will they frame their arguments? >> the tale of two cities. the prosecution, as far as strategy, they have been methodical and thorough. they will represent the elements of the crime. the prosecution much prove each and every element of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt to sustain a conviction. they will point to each and every point of the evidence that points to the elements of the crime. they will remind the jury of dr. tobin, of the chief, of the pulmonologist, the cardiologist and so forth and the litany of police officers that testified. the defense is looking for reasonable doubt.
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i think you might see a lengthy discussion about what reasonable doubt is. often cases you will see defense attorney put up a number line from 1 to 100 and that reasonable doubt lingers in the high 90s and ask the jury how many things in their lives are they that certain about, other than the sunrising and setting and so forth. i would expect defense to represent some of their witnesses and reinforce the point of george floyd's prior history of substance abuse and the theory that he did not die from asphyxiation, but his cause of death was from these multiple sources. so two arguments will be
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extremely different because they are coming from dint perspectives and they have different things to prove or disprove. >> the only time we heard from derek chauvin himself was today. outside the presence of the jury. let's replay that. >> we have had this conversation repeatedly, correct? >> correct. >> i have repeatedly advised you this is your decision and your decision alone? >> correct. >> i have advised you and we have gone back and forth on the matter would be an understatement, is that correct? >> yes, it is. >> have you made a decision whether you intend to testify or invoke your fifth amendment privilege? >> i will invoke my fifth amendment privilege. >> kim, that is absolutely his right and the judge will probably include in his instructions to the jury to draw
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no inference of his decision not to testify. >> that is right. it's important for the judge to point that out. it also seems that this was the absolute right choice for the defense to do. it is very rare that it is a good idea for a defendant to testify on his own behalf. derek chauvin's attorney pointed out they went back and forth. perhaps derek chauvin wanted to tell his side of the story, but there is no way that he could frame what his side of the story was in a way that would not hurt him as compared to that video that we all saw, and it would open up a flood gate of cross-examination material. so that is something you see very typically in a criminal justice trial. we all got to see it play out on television. >> shaq brewster in minneapolis, what are the reaction of the
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family and larger community as we await a rather tense time when the jury waits to go into deliberation next week? >> one of the earlier reports that the family member was in the courtroom. the jury wasn't there during that conversation you just played between the defense attorney and derek chauvin. there was a family member was present and he said he thought the prosecution would rip derek chauvin to shreds if he testified. that was such a short period of time. i think dr. tobin was only there about 10 to 15 minutes if you count the breaks between the direct and cross-examination. but they said the jury took note
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when mentioned the amount of oxygen in george floyd's blood was not dangerous. this is my short hand. this is a pattern you are seeing. they paid a lot of attention to dr. fowler yesterday when he introduced this theory. he is paying attention to the rebuttal today. >> in fact, that it was precisely level, that there was no elevation of carbon monoxide. >> tragedy in brooklyn center ten miles away. community out last night, but not as large and serious protests as the last couple days. and now a court appearing by kim potter, the former police officer today. >> you are right.
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as far as the protest that took place last night, 24 people arrested. it was a smaller number than seen in days past. it was largely due to the fact that state patrol and national guard converged on the scene when the 10:00 p.m. curfew went into effect. potter will be making her second appearance after turning herself in yesterday. this is after the charge of manslaughter in the second degree. she was in jail only a few hours before posting a $100,000 bond and being released. when she faces the judge, it will be virtual due to the pandemic to hear the charges against her. right now she has said little else other than the resignation letter where she said it was in the best interest of the community and fellow officers to resign. we reached out to her attorney
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who declined to respond. daunte wright's attorney said while they are acknowledging the charges against the 26-year veteran on the force, they don't believe it was strong enough and say they believe it was an intentional act when she pulled out the handgun and fired one fatal shot killing the 20-year-old not far from where we are now. >> morgan, where do we stand on requests or demands that this case be turned over to a state prosecutor rather than a local prosecutor to look at more serious charges. >> there has been a request to move it to the state attorney
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general's office. while that has been discussed, there is nothing official in the works right now. >> thank you so much, morgan chesky. we will be all over this case in the coming days and closing arguments first. joe biden is taking two major foreign policy issues on, withdrawing troops from afghanistan and taking a stand on russia and vladimir pew nin. -- putin. stay with us. nin -- putin stay with us they grow from our imagination, but they can't be held back. they want to be set free. to make the world more responsible, and even more incredible. ideas start the future, just like that.
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we're following breaking news on to foreign policies. antony blinken made a surprise
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visit. and new sanctions against russia for its massive hacking campaign today trying to influence the 2020 elections. both the hacking and influence are part of that. we have the author of two books on afghanistan and council on foreign relations. and kristen welker. kristen, let's go first to you. we know you talked to the national security adviser. tony went to brussels after notifying and consulting nato allies. he met with the president and other top leaders in afghanistan, a government which is weak and about to crumble.
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taliban declaring victory on this. leaders acknowledged by the state department are very ambivalent about this and told reporters that she is pessimistic about the outlook for civil rights, human rights and liberties in afghanistan. how the president dealt with this has been met with praise and criticism. >> you are right. in his remarks from the treaty room yesterday, the same room where former president george w. bush announced the start of the war in afghanistan, president biden made the case that he believes the goal of the mission in afghanistan has been met to essentially deprive al qaeda terrorist groups from creating havens in afghanistan.
9:21 am
he said he is the fourth president to oversee the conflict in afghanistan and he is not going to pass it on. it is not going to be a forever war. it has already been america's longest running war which has claimed more than 2,000 american lives as well as hundreds of casualties and trillions of dollars. president biden said it is time to bring the forces home. it was underscored today the arguments the president was making and is being reinfor theed by the secretary of state in afghanistan, concern that without a peace deal afghanistan could decline into chaos. tony blinken is making a
9:22 am
commitment they will continue to do work in afghanistan. there will be some intelligence officials on the ground trying to work toward a broader peace deal. but you have the backdrop -- and even the own cia director -- acknowledging it will be difficult to do intelligence gathering without u.s. troops on the ground. i did speak with someone who did two tours of duty in afghanistan and said this is the right move and a sign the u.s. won. >> tony blinken wasn't going to a base. he was in kabul and he talked to the troops. this is part of what he had to say. >> i have to tell you that i am confident in all you have achieved and doing. i know this is a moment for many
9:23 am
emotions. these are hard choices, hard decisions. >> and that was in comments to the troops themselves. there were a couple of officers there and other members of the armed forces. we will try to get you a picture from the pool fleet as well. you know this better than anyone, the military options just weren't there. but the withdrawal is also a very bitter person after all of the losses, the deaths, the casualties, $2 trillion, 20 years. the president said there was no military victory that was possible. >> thanks. i am wearing today the afghan campaign ribbon if you can see it over the bar, just in honor of all of those who served there so honorably. i personally signed close to 1,000 letters of condolence to
9:24 am
men and women who died under my command in afghanistan. if i had been advising the president, i would have said we had 150,000 troops there at one time. we are down to under 3,000. so 97% of the troops have already come home, maybe it would make sense to keep some leverage there, continue to be at the table with the taliban. but, look, this is a judgment that reasonable people can have reasonable differences on. for anybody who served in afghanistan, it's mixed emotions as my friend tony blinken said. i commend him for going and speaking directly to the military. i will close, andrea, by saying the important thing, now that tony has made a decision, the military will salute and carry it out as we always do. the important thing is what is next. i hope the administration will
9:25 am
support funding for the afghan security forces that will continue to fight the taliban. i hope we keep a well manned embassy in place. and i am sure we will have eyes and ears on the ground, but that job just got harder. finally, i hope we have the ability to come in over the horizon, if we need to, in order to stamp out a resurgence by al qaeda, islamic state. we shouldn't lose sight of that even at this moment. >> we do know there were military objections to this. certainly secretary austin said he was in favor of it all along. but others in the military argued, as you are, for some kind of footprint. >> all of us who have dust on our boots from afghanistan, it
9:26 am
is a count that deserves better. i get where the president is coming from. i understand the fatigue in the country. it's a pretty small investment, but good judgment, bad judgment, it is a done judgment. now we need to think of the future. >> gail, you have spent so much time. there have been no protections for women and was so hard fought by the bush and obama add -- administration, one of these women said to the pool she was very pessimistic. >> i talked to an entrepreneur who was looking for investment in a business and trying to create a future among the political quicksand. the challenges for women and
9:27 am
girls is in terms of participation rather than national security allies. that's been an extreme challenge they face. here are people living on the front lines of extremism and fighting every single day for a future that looks different from the past. one entrepreneur said now no one is thinking about investment. everybody who can is thinking about heading for the exit. so in the and then what consideration, is how you provide any kind of assurances that a taliban takeover cannot happen over tomorrow and that women and girls who have been contributing to the security and prosperity of their country, will be able to continue to do so. that remains an open question
9:28 am
and deep area of concern for women who have spent the last two decades building a future that looks different. >> we are now learning that the president is going to speak on russia at 4:30 this afternoon. he has a different approach to dealing with vladimir putin than did donald trump. is this going to work? these are tough sanctions with 2020 campaign influence and then the hacking. one other thing is they are not putting sanctions on, as we had been told they would, on the issue of russia putting bounties on u.s. troops in afghanistan. that's because we are told there was only low confidence about that. something that joe biden talked about, when he talked about russia, he mentioned the afghan
9:29 am
bounty, but now we are told the intelligence does not support it. it was reported widely, led by "the new york times," but the intelligence could not be confirmed because it came from detainees and not confirmable. this is a mixed bag. how will vladimir putin react when we presumably expel ten ambassadors today. presumably they will do the same. >> let's not call them diplomats. let's call them intelligence officers pretending to be diplomats. it is the right thing to do. it is curious about the bounties allegedly put on our officers. low to medium confidence is the way i have heard it talked about. but it's all unfinished
9:30 am
business. all of the things today are what happened in the past. they are impressive and serious sanctions, but not he is ka la tri. -- escalatory. they could have done more. i think they are looking to park this in place and have a stabilized relationship. the president invited putin to a summit two days ago. i think it is trying to stop and deter but engage at the same time. >> he did, as we are told, that these sanctions were coming, so he had that head's up. that was a tough conversation, but the conversation trying to stop him from crossing the border into ukraine. that is a major concern. we are told they have more
9:31 am
troops than at any time since the invasion. >> they do. putin is being quiet about his intentions. his surrogates talk about all kinds of falsified claims about treatment of russian speaking citizens -- russian speaking ukrainians. some of his surrogates have said that eastern ukraine should be part of russia. i think the biden administration have the right approach, engage and speak with our allies and put out the idea he is willing to meet with putin, i think it has been a successful strategy of deescalation. >> thank you all so much. gayle's new book is a story of daughters encouraging justice.
9:32 am
and the book 2034, your novel supported by the threat assessments that china is our greatest threat. and another report of j&j coming up. thanks to all of you. the vaccine causing blood clots. this rare pause and what it means about the vaccines available to the public. it's a busy news day on nbc. y n. we kept going. working with our customers to enable the kind of technology that can guide an astronaut back to safety. and help make a hospital come to you, instead of you going to it. so when it comes to your business, you know we'll stop at nothing. this is the planning effect.
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scientists from the fda and cdc decided they need more time to investigate rare blood clots in 6 known cases out of 7 million johnson & johnson doses. joining me now is dr. gupta with university of washington. tell us the risks and rewards and your concerns, if any, that this is going to increase vaccine hesitancy. >> good afternoon, andrea. of course this is going to be something we are going to have to battle now. as we worry about the spillover effect of potentially these rare side effects, these clots associated with potentially the johnson and johnson vaccine or
9:37 am
increased his tenancy with pfizer and moderna. hopefully the cdc will issue revised guidance within the next few days. it's important for them to do that as quickly as possible. i imagine there will be some age limitations, younger individuals, perhaps women of a certain age will be diverted to other brands here stateside. but it will be vital to build confidence not only in pfizer and moderna, but j&j because we need it to vaccinate the world. from what i hear from others i speak to about the vaccines, it's bringing to the fore younger people, does it cause
9:38 am
sterility. i have had the virus, do i need vaccine? >> natural protection doesn't last that long we don't think. you are not protected even if you have had the virus before. is one shot okay if i am in line for pfizer or moderna. and lastly, don't get an antibody test after you have been fully vaccinated. it doesn't sense the antibodies that the vaccine produces, so you may lull yourself into thinking you are not protected when you are. >> what about women who have been taking birth control pills, do they have an increased
9:39 am
propensity for these? >> we don't know. women to develop rare blood clots and birth control. they want to see if there are other variables that cause this incidence much blood clots to occur. those who get blood clots is 1 in a million. it's lower than the background rate. >> what about these 5800 people the cdc said people who have become infected after being vaccinated with any of these vaccines, break through cases. how common is this?
9:40 am
less than 1% of americans vaccinated, but how concerned should we be? >> it is entirely expected. this just reassures us that the vaccines are working to an incredible clip, of these break through cases it happened to older individuals. the vast majority were kept out of the hospital. there were only eight who needed hospitalization out of millions who needed the vaccine. it confirms what we have long believed, these vaccines are extremely safe and effective. >> that's why we call on you. dr. ben gupta, the doctor is in.
9:41 am
thank you very much. appreciate seeing you again. and capitol hill, the general with a skating report about the january 6 insurrection and what they did not do. water? why?! ahhhh! incoming! ahhhahh! i'm saved! water tastes like, water. so we fixed it. mio. never run dry of... wkiller attitude., or hydration. neutrogena® hydro boost. the #1 hyaluronic acid moisturizer delivers 2x the hydration for supple, bouncy skin. neutrogena®. ♪ you've got the looks ♪ ♪ let's make lots of money ♪ ♪ you've got the brawn ♪ ♪ i've got the brains... ♪ with allstate, drivers who switched saved over $700
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keeping your oysters business growing has you swamped. you need to hire. i need indeed indeed you do. the moment you sponsor a job on indeed you get a shortlist of quality candidates from a resume data base claim your seventy-five-dollar credit when you post your first job at welcome back, an internal watchdog is to testify. it is a scathing report about the insurrection on january 6. it said there was clear warning days in advantage that congress itself was the target. the inspector general will be
9:46 am
briefing on his own scathing report. >> lawmakers have learned a lot of this information in some of the other investigations, committee efforts to get to the bottom of things that could have been done differently on that day. seeing it all laid out in this 100-page report is striking. both the intelligence failures leading up to the attack which is something we have known more about, that signals were missed, signs that congress would be the target on that day. and policing report, munitions that were expired, shields that were stored and so brittle they cracked on impact. on the broader capitol hill community there has been
9:47 am
widespread agreement that there needs to be a large supplemental bill pushing money to fix these problems. to me the longer term thing to me is does this affect the current acting capitol police chief, how the capitol is protected? there is a broad list of problems laid out in this report. the scope is bigger than even those of us covering since january 6 realized. >> and the police saying we need more money, saying we don't have the budget to make these reforms. this came out the same day as that incredibly touching ceremony for william billy evans who was slain. it has been an emotional roller coaster for the police, hasn't it?
9:48 am
>> absolutely. there is sympathy for the capitol police since january 6, working incredible overtime shifts, the loss of officer evans. i think it might loosen the wallets of congress to fulfill their mission which is to keep them safe. >> they are like family. you say "hi" to them when you are up there. >> absolutely. and training for dangerous situations they might be placed in in their career. i have a firsthand look how intense it is. tense it is. did you know that your toughest cleaning problems can be caused by hard water metals? they lock in residues like a glue, on your hard surfaces and fabrics.
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do not take trelegy more than prescribed. trelegy may increase your risk of thrush, pneumonia, and osteoporosis. call your doctor if worsened breathing, chest pain, mouth or tongue swelling, problems urinating, vision changes, or eye pain occur. it's time to start a new day. ask your doctor about once-daily trelegy. and save at over the years 300 u.s. foreign service members and other personnel have died in the line of fire while serving overseas. now in the wake of the benghazi attack, everything trained on the ground is trained how to survive. i got to see firsthand two years ago how the department is wrapping up security training. rocket fire, terror attack on the u.s. embassy compound that could take place anywhere in the
9:53 am
world. >> everybody down! everybody down! >> reporter: foreign service officers scramble to evacuate. . >> leave the building using the nearest exit. >> we're about to go to the rooftop. >> reporter: but when they get to the roof, another blast. and then smoke fills the building. just like the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi in libya in 2012, killing four americans, including u.s. ambassador chris stephens. this exercise near richmond, virginia, teach u.s. officers and their families how to survive a similar attack. >> we're at the end. we lost the people ahead of us. just blacked out. >> as a family member, this is probably the most important
9:54 am
training that i could do. >> reporter: all state department ever personnel from ambassador on down are required to take this course before they're posted overseas to prepare for what they may encounter. the training is trust, what do you do if you're on the road and get surrounded by bad guys? ram the car in front of you at full speed. >> and then full acceleration. push that gas pedal to the floor and accelerate through it. it's going to go pop and it's literally going to bounce out of our way. >> so the key to it is hitting the gas. >> exactly. start rolling exactly. that's it, that's it. full gas, full throttle. go, go, go! >> reporter: diplomatic security agents are taught how to investigate in the aftermath of an attack by ied. step one -- prepare for the attract. >> prepare for the detonation. >> press hard? >> press hard.
9:55 am
>> wow. i didn't think anyone would survive that shot. >> no, ma'am. >> reporter: afterwards finding the bomb security boards, all homemade. >> the world is getting more dangerous. we need to be out there. we need to be competing in that environment, so we need to have our people ready. >> reporter: a big part of the training, defensive driving. julie has served in iraq, afghanistan, some of the world's most dangerous posts. >> you're going to break down the straightaway and go -- oops, too far to the right. there you go. you recovered. that's perfect. >> reporter: oh, my gosh. >> you have the big one. same thing. >> reporter: the diplomats and security agents learn how to drive a jeep over an obstacle course. this is brooklyn? >> oh, absolutely. something we do every day.
9:56 am
>> reporter: oh, my god. >> here we are. >> reporter: this doesn't scare you? >> not at all. >> reporter: and how to drive fast without spinning out on sand or gravel. >> obviously don't want to slide into the rut with a vehicle turnover. so you have to go fast when you need to and know when to slow down. >> reporter: and learning life-saving skills hoping they don't need them. they certainly learn how to deal with all of that. i hope they don't need them. our thanks to the security folks who helped train us. that does it for "andrea mitchell reports." follow us online on facebook and twitter. and chuck todd is up next for "meet the press daily," only on msnbc.
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