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tv   Way Too Early With Kasie Hunt  MSNBC  April 19, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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the law's intended to prevent people from purchasing or possessioning a firearm if they're found by a judge to present an imminent risk to
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themselves or others. ischial officials have not said whether a judge made a red flag ruling in the case. and on friday, president biden offered his condolences to the families who lost loved ones in the indianapolis shooting and reiterated the need for reform measures. >> every single day, every single day, there's a mass shooting in this, in the united states, if you count all of those who were killed out on the streets of our cities and our rural areas. it's a national embarrassment. and must come to an end. >> all right, now to the insurrection. more than 100 days since the capitol was overrun, federal prosecutors have secured their first guilty plea from a rioter. john schaefer, a long time member of the oath keepers, pleaded friday to illegally entering the u.s. capitol during the january 6th attack. his plea came on two of the six counts filed against him, which came among allegations that he
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assaulted capitol police officers with bear spray. he has agreed to cooperate with the government including investigators to better understand the far right groups leading up to the deadly attack. republicans who encouraged overturning the 2020 presidential election results saw, get this, substantial financial gains in the aftermath of the capitol attack. that is according to an analysis of campaign data by "the new york times." senators josh hawley and ted cruz each brought in more than $3 million in the campaign donation notice three months following the insurrection. margie taylor-greene of georgia also raised more than $3 million. that is more than what kevin mccarthy and other moderate republicans were able to raise. other highly local republicans who cashed in on the outrage of their supporters included freshman congresswoman, and two far republican lawmakers are
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spacing them from the america first caucus, it comes after a draft of the caucus initiative was leaked last week, and it called for the protection of quote an grow, anglo-saxon pra titions. some say they have not read the draft. congress woman liz cheney says republicans believe in teaching tolerance and decency and moral courage. house minority leader kevin mccarthy tweeted in part quote the republican party is the party of americans not dog whistles. jacqueline alamani, thank you for being here. good morning. you look at these fundraising numbers in the wake of the insurrection and it's clearly being driven by small donors.
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we know many corporations said after that happened, no we're not going to give you any more money, but this is what, you know, even some of the critics and when you speak privately with republicans who are incredibly frustrated with these members of their conference, this is what they point to, they say these people say these things to raise money. but with this america first thing, have they finally gone too far? i mean the condemnation thankfully has been swift and pretty complete so far from leadership. >> yeah, although i must say, you know, as much as minority leader kevin mccarthy has condemned this rhetoric, he still allows people like marjorie taylor green to time and time again, you know, go by unscathed, without any actual punitive measures. >> good point. >> i mean she kicked off this term by, you know, hardly apologizing for the anti-semitic
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xenophobic conspiracy theories that she was promoting up to her election and mccarthy hardly took any action against her, disciplinary action, and house democrats had to push her off of her committee assignments and not republican leadership. and i think it's indicative, and as you note, these fundraising numbers show that these members are rewarded for these kinds of extreme measures and rhetoric, and that document comes with language that is far more explicit and nativist than we've seen before. but just shows how comfortable republicans are in expressing those positions that they're rewarded for them, and while the language again was overtly nativist in tone, a lot of gop leaders support those policies and ideas. and are embraced by many in the party, including a restricted
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immigration policy heading forward and as we started out unfounded allegations of widespread voter fraud. >> so jackie, what exactly are the options here? because this language, and
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they could take more extreme and unprecedented measures like declining to endorse according to the primary opponent to some of these incumbents. that seems unlikely given the environment we are seeing now are republicans are seeing their party so medically shipped under the former president. you have people, language, senate minority leader mcconnell, kevin mccarthy really treading lightly around these players. they are so vastly popular at the grass roots level.
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>> the "the washington post", jack o much. we appreciate your porting this one. still, but doctor bhati is saying about the johnson & johnson coronavirus vaccine after health officials asked states to put a pause and using the shot. spread united states issues a warning to russia. there will be consequences if alexey navalny dies in jail. we will have the story send a check on your weather when we come right back. ♪ ♪i've got the brains you've got the looks♪
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the minnesota timberwolves and brooklynettes called off a game after knee week after the
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shooting of daunte wright. last week that postpones games after jacob blake was shot by police in kenosha, washington johnson. today could conclude a weeklong trial. all right. in a move that could up in global soccer competition 12 of your's top clubs yesterday announced they have agreed to form the so-called super league. three more are expected to sign on as permanent members for a format that leaves another five slots open to be determined each year based on the previous season results pit the close league initiative has been rebuked by fifa and would rival the uefa run champions league with plans to host midweek matches. the european soccer's governing body along what those with england, spain, and italy condemned the move and warned players could be kicked out of their domestic competitions and face legal action. the launch comes as the uefa was
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due to sign up on plans for an expanded and restructured champions league today. american investment paying bank j.p. morgan is helping fund the newly. clubs want to start, grow, as soon as practicable. a lot of hurt feelings over there. back at home now, the university of alabama has broken another record on the football field, hosting nearly 50,000 spectators at the program spring game in tuscaloosa on saturday. that is the most fans in the u.s. sporting event since the start of the pandemic. meanwhile, major-league baseball the minnesota twins will continue their coronavirus pause. tonight skin oakland against the athletics has been postponed to allow for testing and contact tracing after least two positive cases in the last week. games between the twins and the angels were also postponed to saturday and yesterday. the twins and the a's are scheduled for a doubleheader tomorrow as a makeup. let's go to the action on
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the diamond in cincinnati where shane bieber struck out 13 batters on the way 26-3 win over the reds yesterday. beaver becomes the first pitcher in the history to strike out at least 10 batters in each of his first four starts. the reigning cy young award winners 40th strike out ties hall of famer nolan ryan for the most through the first four appearances of a season. in denver, colorado the mets starting pitcher marcus stroman flashed his word winning skills in the eighth inning of the new york 2-1 win over the rockies yesterday. able to corral the ball behind his back sherman through the first. that's another story. that off-balance toss took seven bounces and barely beat the runner. oh, man. what a close call. time for the weather. let's go to meteorologist bill cairns for a check on the forecast. we hope you had a look lovely weekend.
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>> happy monday. i hope you had a good weekend. i don't have any good news to talk about at all. i mean, i have to talk about snow and cold once again. i don't know. i'm not happy about it. let's give you the bad news. a huge blast of cold air coming down from canada has already made it snowing numerous states , including montana, wyoming, south dakota and now nebraska, iowa. the storm will be on the move over the next three days. this is ridiculous. winter weather advisories for kansas city. it has already hit 80 degrees this spring in aid in kansas city. here we are with a one winter weather advisory. denver getting worse note later today and tonight. it is not like a small area. this is a huge footprint of snow across the rockies and into the planes. we will only see maybe 1 to 2 inches in areas like kansas city, but it's the middle of april. tomorrow the storm is not done. areas like detroit, southern michigan, port wing could get
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one to 2 inches of snow. even chicago could get a coaching. our friends in buffalo, erie, and cleveland also. a little bit of light rain, mild along the east coast. rainy day in orlando. also the tampa. going throughout this week there goes that snowstorm on wednesday through northern new england and cold in chile behind that as we go through thursday and friday. more rain down in areas of texas. i'm done. i don't want to talk about snow anymore. i don't really have a choice, but it is what it is. >> we are heading into oscar season here in april. you have all this snow, it's like 2021 has a hangover. let's get it together. thank you very much. we will see tomorrow. still ahead, president biden will hold another infrastructure meeting today with a group of bipartisan lawmakers. we have a preview of that. don't go anywhere. we are back in just a moment.
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welcome back. the government announced yesterday that half of the u.s. adult population has received a least one dose of the covid-19 vaccine. nice to have a little good news. the cdc reported that almost 130 million people 18 and older have started the vaccine regimen. almost 84 million adults are fully vaccinated. about 32.5% of the population. let's go to the latest with the johnson & johnson vaccine. u.s. health regulators recommended a pause in its use after six of the nearly 7 million people who received the single-dose vaccine developed blood clots. dr. anthony fauci says he expects a roadmap for how to move forward by the end of the week. >> my estimate is that we will continue to use it in some form. i doubt very serious if they just cancel it. i don't think that's going to happen. i do think there will likely be some sort of warning or restriction or risk assessment.
2:23 am
i don't think it's just going to go back and say, okay, go right back. i think they will likely say we are going to use it, but be careful under these circumstances. >> felt he was asked why the cdc maintains restrictions for people who are already vaccinated like continuing to wear masks. >> certain situations, one can get vaccinated, have no clinical disease at all, but get infected and not even know it and have replication of the virus in your nasopharynx. inadvertently, transmit it to somebody else who might actually be unvaccinated and get ill. that is the reason why you want to wear a mask. the other reason for wearing a mask is that there are variants that are circulating. although, they are unusual we are seeing breakthrough infections. we are also seeing variants that are a bit disturbing.. when people say why can't i --
2:24 am
you can travel, your risk is really very low. what the cdc is saying is that it depends on what your level of risks are that you want to take. >> all right. the city of minneapolis is bracing for a verdict in the derek chauvin murder trial. civil rights attorney charles coleman will be my guest as we head into closing arguments today. before we go to break we want to know why are you awake? email us your reasons for being up and watching on this monday. shoot me a tweet or read our answers later on in the show. t they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination.
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welcome back. just before 5:30 on the east coast. 2:30 i was. president biden says he will raise the cap on the number of breast refugees admitted to the united states this comes a day after he was criticized by democratic lawmakers for agreeing to keep the historical figure in place. when speaking with reporters on friday biden called the chaos at the southern border a crisis. let's listen. >> -- >> president biden is scheduled
2:29 am
to meet with a bipartisan group of lawmakers today to discuss the the train dollar infrastructure proposal. the group is made up of five democrats, four republicans, and one independent this is the second time he has held a bipartisan meeting the talk about his american jobs plan. last month he met with eight members of the group in the oval office for nearly 2 hours. now joining me is mike mentally. i want to get to that bipartisan meeting in just a second. it sounds like joe biden did most the talking at the last one. i want to get your take. let's start with this refugee question. because this is something that sparks what seems like unexpected backlash from progressives, people like senator durbin saying why are you going to leave this refugee camp where the trump administration put it you've no campaign on having a more humane policy here? they seem to have reversed course pretty quickly. can you help us understand what happened here? >> etsy, i'm trying to figure it out myself, to be quite honest.
2:30 am
as durbin said, say it ain't so, joe. a lot democrats are blindsided by this decision given what the president had promised in the campaign and even in the early weeks of his administration. we are heading into the 100th day of his administration and this white house feels good about the progress they have made on a number of issues, but the one thing that has really been a thorn in their sides has been migration and immigration broadly. we have heard from administration officials that this is all a consequence of, effectively, the trump administration dismantling our legal immigration system and the hyper partisanship around the issue more broadly. here's what happened. president trump, former president trump had set a low cap, around 12,000 for refugee admissions this year. president biden had promised teresa to upper 60,000. the white house announced on friday they were going to do that. they're going to hold to that initial cap, blaming the broken immigration system, saying they need more time to restructure it when he saw the outcry there was a quick track to say, well,
2:31 am
you have a new number for the next fiscal year, by may 15th. i think this speaks to the challenges they have. the white house is saying is they did recalibrate some of the allocation of that refugee cap to admit more individuals from countries that had been subject to president trump's band, including muslim majority countries in the middle east but we have been talking a lot about migration at the border. this is even potentially difficult politically, given their coming from areas of the middle east. we saw governor gretchen whitmer talking yesterday about whether her state would welcome them. this is always a difficult decision we have seen in the past and one this white house will have to continue to explain. >> let's talk about infrastructure for a second as well. president biden having more members of congress over to chat about the plane. they have been pretty disciplined in talking about and making a distinction between republican members of congress and republican voters and is
2:32 am
saying as long as republican voters support airplane we don't necessarily care one way or the other. is this meeting more than just window dressing? what does this mean to you? >> the president said last week he's not much for window dressings. this group is interesting. last week we had the protocol meeting. some of the ranking members and chairman of? committees and subcommittees this group is entirely made up of former governor's and former mayors. if you have heard anything from this white house it's about how local officials are much more supportive of some of the initiatives the president has been proposing and then lawmakers here in washington. maybe it's not windowdressing. maybe there is a instability here. you know there is something of a thing in the senate where there frustrated by the hyper partisanship up there. maybe he is appealing to a group that is interested in parting line crossing. there's a lot of skepticism even among republican former governor's about whether the
2:33 am
president is genuine or just counting time until they go to reconciliation. >> and did. i have talked to more than one former governor who shows up in the senate and said why did i trade all the power i had in the governorship for what we are doing here? that makes sense. standby for a second. we have some news just crossing the wires right now from russia. the associated press reports imprisoned opposition leader alexey navalny is being moved to a hospital. of all he has been on a hunger strike for weeks and his doctor said he could die, quote, at any moment the top critic is believed to have developed kidney and heart problems recently to go along with back pain and numbness in his legs. supporters are calling for a street demonstration in moscow on wednesday demanding he get access to his own doctors. he has been imprisoned since january for what he called a fake embezzlement charge. this is after spending months in germany to recover from a poisoning attempt over the
2:34 am
summer. meanwhile, concerns about his health have reached the white house with jake sullivan saying over the weekend there will be consequences if alexey navalny died. >> we have communicated to the russian government that what happens to mr. navalny in their custody is their responsibility and they will be held accountable by the international community. in terms of the specific measures that we would undertake, we are looking at a variety of different costs we would impose. i'm not going to telegraph that publicly at this point, but we have communicated there will be consequences if mr. navalny dies. >> we don't often get breaking news, so i apologize to put you on the spot what is your sense of how the white house's actions and what jake sullivan outlined there is navalny reportedly being moved to the hospital. >> the white house announced sanctions on russia last week.
2:35 am
the solar wind hack, crimea, interference. what russia said at the time where these matched the severity of what they believe russia had done. but not to escalate the situation. i think as they tried to talk about a new relationship with russia that is predictable, that is designed to troubleshoot these issues there is very clearly an issue with alexey navalny, his health, that could lead to escalation. this is something the white house is watching closely. >> mike manley, thank you so much for being up early with us. we appreciate your reporting. still ahead, why one pilot was forced to find a totally different landing spot at an air show over the weekend. way too early back in just a moment.
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festival are once again getting what they paid for. the 2017 festival was promoted as an exclusive music event that promised luxurious accommodations. in reality, festivalgoers, some who paid up to $12,000, were left to fend for themselves without shelter or necessities. the cofounder was sent to jail for six years for fraud. and a $2 million class-action lawsuit with 277 participants was settled in u.s. bankruptcy court with roughly each person getting $7220. that number could be lower depending on the outcome of the company's and cropsey cases with creditors. the lead attorney representing the ticketholders said, quote, billy went to jail, ticketholders can get some money back in some very entertaining documentaries were made. now, that's justice. okay. now this.
2:40 am
taylor swift continues to shatter the sick industry records. the singer's recently released albums has topped the chart become her third number one album in less than a year. which is the first woman to reach that is thing that achievement. fearless is a recording of her second album and the only recorded album to ever reach number one. the album debuted in the top slot on billboard's top 200, top album sales, and country album charts. it also score the biggest first week for any album in 2021 and the biggest week for a country album since 2015. not to mention the new fearless is now taylor's nice number one album. now this. spectators in cocoa beach, florida captured a dramatic water landing of a world war ii airplane that was participating in an air show on saturday. the pilot landed this angle engine playing in the shallow waters close to the shore, flying just above the waves
2:41 am
until the engine stalled. cocoa beach airshow said, the tbm avenger performing in the world bird parade had a mechanical issue and the pilot was able to bring the plane down close to the shore. the rescue personnel were on the scene and the pilot is okay. the aircraft was first built in 1945 and operated by the u.s. navy. it could carry up to 2000 pounds of bombs. the same model aircraft was flown by former president george h.w. bush who also went down in the water once during world war ii. we are glad this pilot is okay. what a dramatic situation for those on the beach. now this story. has reported, the oldest known person in america, died peacefully in her home in charlotte, north carolina over the weekend. at 116 years old. ford, was married at 14, had 12 children, 68 grandchildren, 125
2:42 am
great-grandchildren, and at least 120 great-great- grandchildren. she lived at home on her own unassisted until she was 108. her great-granddaughter said in a statement, she was a pillar and a solver to our family and provided much needed love, support, and understanding the us all picture not only represented our family, but the black african-american race and culture in our country. she was a reminder of how far we have, as people on this earth. wow. that's amazing. still ahead, how the nation is bracing for a potential verdict in the derek chauvin trial. we will have that conversation straight ahead right here on way too early. depend. the only thing stronger than us, is you.
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welcome back. cities across the country are
2:46 am
preparing for potential unrest ahead of a verdict in the trial of a former police officer accused of killing george floyd. minneapolis is bracing as the city reckons with another police shooting on that of an arm around black man in the midst of the trial. been protesters every day since that shooting of daunte wright. in new york police officers have been told they cannot take up any unscheduled days starting today until further noticed. in philadelphia more than 1000 national guard troops have already been activated. joining us now, civil rights attorney and former brooklyn new york prosecutor, charles coleman. thank you so much for being up early with us. we really appreciate it let's start with the trial itself. we are going to hear closing arguments today. what are you expecting to hear from each side? what is left on the table right now in terms of trying to convince the jury? >> good morning. thanks for having me. i think with respect to closing arguments, what we can hope to hear from the prosecution is encouraging the jury to use their common sense. they have laid out a very methodical my very intentional
2:47 am
case in different phases going from emotional to technical and back to blending the two together. at this point, what the prosecution is going to seek to do is just tell the jury, listen, trust your eyes. you are the experts. you heard the witnesses. you have the evidence. all of these support your common sense, so go with what you know from your lived experience. that is what i expect them to here. they have done a good job of making that easy for the jury to do. as it relates to the defense, i expect them to hone in on the fact that they listen to contrary evidence to the prosecution's experts. they will say it is not the quantity of what they presented, it's the quality of the evidence. they are aiming to target one or two jurors to see if they can get someone to hold out in hopes of a hung jury. they know an acquittal is not going to happen in this case. so, instead of giving an outright acquittal their hope is to get someone who will hold out and give them a hung jury.
2:48 am
>> charles, we just walked through the preparations going on in many cities across the country. i think the fundamental question hears about justice. what feels like justice. what does justice look like in your view? what happens if this is a hung jury? what will the reaction be like? >> that's the million-dollar question. i have had a number of different conversations on this issue. there are two competing schools of ideology. one says any conviction is limp. that is a step forward. you know, because of the number of police shootings we have seen, a number have not resulted in a conviction of any sort other people have felt like if he gets manslaughter or anything like murder, murder two or three, that is not enough. that is not what justice look like. unfortunately, i think race, this raises an issue of we don't know what it looks like justice in these situations.
2:49 am
when people are killed by police violence we don't know what justice looks like. i understand why a lot of people are very, very nervous at the time. i also understand why a lot of cities are nervous. what we are seeing is this is now a question of what lessons have we learned in the past year? last year there was all of the protest. everyone was outside and very upset about what they had witnessed on that video. now when it comes down to this verdict we are going to be looking at each other, looking at america to understand what exactly have we learned in house areas where we a year ago when we were all in the streets chanting black lives matter. >> that's a very good point. briefly, the judge last week mentioned the possibility of a mistrial around some of that evidence that you raised and there is also the overlaying question of the protests going on in the streets and if that raises questions. do you think it's possible a
2:50 am
mistrial will be declared or do you think that's unlikely? >> i think at this point it's unlikely. the prosecution did a wonderful job of navigating the issues the judge made clear, it would have resulted in a mistrial. at this point i don't see anything on the table. i was concerned that after the most the judge did request that the jury be sequestered at that time and the judge denied it. we've moved on from that point. i have not heard anything else from the defense about that. so i'll assume they've let that go. at this point, i have not seen anything that would cause a mistrial at this point from either the prosecution or the defense, going into closing arguments and jury deliberation. >> all right. charles coleman, thank you so much. we really appreciate your voice this morning. i'm sure we'll be talking to you in the days and weeks ahead as this trial wraps up. so thanks very much. earlier on in the show, we asked all of you, why are you awake? mike writes, i am up because the bills do not pay themselves. if only they did. i hear ya. becca tweeted this, "spring
2:51 am
break is over and i'm back to the classroom today, enjoying the last hour of vacation with way too early." that's nice. appreciate it. good luck this week. nancy and her four-legged friend are up early watching this morning. ahh. what have we got there? i guess we don't have the picture of the four-legged friend. too bad. and rachel writes this "happily, i am up way too early to watch the live stream of the first flight of the ingenuity helicopter on mars." i love that. i'm going to have to check that out after we got off the air here. coming up, a check-in with the nation's doctor when u.s. surgeon general vivek murthy joins the conversation. don't go anywhere. "morning joe," just moments away. anywhere. "morning joe," just moments away go three years without a claim and get a discount. (neighbor) just by phoning it in? (burke) just phone it in. (painter 1) yeah, just phone it in and save money for being claim-free. (neighbor) even if i switch to farmers today?! (painter 2) yep, three years claim-free with any home insurance.
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2:55 am
flowing into republican coffers, even though corporations and their pacs have largely cut them off. you have those first quarter fund-raising numbers are out and you're seeing how well republicans did with small dollar donations. i know you've looked through more than a dozen of these fec disclosures. unitemized contributions. that's a contribution for less than $200. those are really flowing in. it's true of mitch mcconnell, true of kevin mccarthy. just to make mitch mcconnell for a second, first quarter two years ago, he got more than $600,000 from pacs. this cycle, he didn't get anything. now, so there's -- you have to be a little caveat here in that mcconnell was in cycle, he was up for re-election last time. but look at the amount of money he's raising from small dollar donors, they're absolutely still sending a lot of money in. it goes both ways in the republican party. liz cheney had a pretty good
2:56 am
quarter and yet she's finding a lot of small dollar support. the bottom line on all of this is that the corporate pac money that defined washington for so long doesn't seem important to the republican party that much more. and that will have interesting implications on a whole host of fronts. kasie? >> yeah, i mean, it's fascinating, and part of me wonders how much of this is just the general move towards that with the way that we communicate now being so much different, but republicans really were behind democrats in terms of figuring out how to do this, even in terms of what technological platforms they had or didn't have, but how do you think this plays into the policy fights that we're going to deal with here in washington? because i know you guys also have some reporting on the corporate tax rate. that corporate money, the way corporations interact with washington is something that could, in theory, influence that rate, but now, if they're not giving any money, who are they calling to say, hey, don't do
2:57 am
this to us? >> yeah, i mean, look, you're connecting the dots to the next big question and what the nexus is with policy. and so far, there haven't been huge divergences between the corporate part. maybe a little on trade. we clearly saw that in the trump era. we'll see to what extent that reverts back to the mean. on the corporate rate, what we're picking up, that's not just joe manchin who is saying that 20% is too high to go to. president trump took it from 35%, brought it all the way down to 21%. but the universe of democratic senators is not just manchin. there's maybe half a dozen out there. we don't have a hard whip count. but there's a general feeling out there that 25% is where the rate will land. here's the interesting question. what will joe biden do with that. will he take that 25%, pocket the victory and move on, or will he push for the 28% in his initial proposal? everything we're hearing from the white house and pretty much
2:58 am
all of my conversations is, they're focused on getting a deal, they want a negotiation. there aren't hard red lines anywhere here for the white house. they were very clear on what they wanted for the $1.9 trillion. but on this infrastructure and tax bill, they want to have congress be in the driver's seat and they want to make sure that something, something gets across the line. kasie? >> you guys are also writing about the so-called g-20 in congress. ten democrats, ten republicans who in theory could do big things. but the challenge is, nobody really believes that there are ten republicans who are willing to vote to advance the biden administration's priorities. i mean, is this all just a pipe dream or is it real? >> well, right now, i don't think anyone knows. i think you're asking the right question, right? i think no one knows how serious democrats are about getting to 60. are they just going to use reconciliation and jam it through on 50? no one knows to what extent
2:59 am
republicans are actually committed to bipartisanship, as opposed to just talking about it. to bring it back to the corporate tax rate, that's a great litmus test. if republicans are willing to go up to 25%, which remember is what the business community and what everyone sort of thought it was going to be in 2016, 2015, and then trump took it all the way down to 21. but if republicans are willing to raise taxes on corporations for part of -- to pay for a bill that everyone seems to acknowledge transportation, at least on the surface side, on roads and bridges needs to be done, that's an indication, right. that's one place to look. because if the republican bedrock, this is old republican bedrock principles, but it used to be, you never raise taxes. if you take the corporate rate up to 25 in the name of bipartisanship and say for an $800 billion surface transportation bill, that could be an indication that republicans are willing to do it. but no indication yet they're there. kasie? >> all right, hans nichols, thank you, as always, for your
3:00 am
reporting and insights. we really appreciate it. and they are, of course -- republicans are betting that the old messaging on taxes is going to work for them, but frankly, raising rates on corporations is incredibly popular. i think it's possible the ground has shifted here. we'll find out a little bit more this week. thank you so much for getting up way too early with us on this monday. don't go anywhere. "morning joe" starts right now. empty seats can't cheer. they don't tailgate and they don't know fight songs. empty seats don't sing during servant inning stretches. and they don't know stats or superstitions. there's a sound track for places like this and it isn't made in a studio. it's made by you. so when it's your turn to get the vaccine, be a fan. take the shot. >> singer brad paisley is ready for live concerts again. are you? he's urging his fans to get vaccinated so


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