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tv   Hallie Jackson Reports  MSNBC  April 27, 2021 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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a major step on the road to reopening the country could come today and in just a couple hours president biden and the cdc are expected to announce new public health guidelines. our latest reporting and reaction from the cdc. and help on the way to india dealing with a devastating urge in the coronavirus there. the biden administration planning to send 60 million doses of the covid vaccine to india and other countries. also we're following a potential political powershift. new census numbers could tip the balance of hour in the house. we'll break down the winners and the losers. good morning, i'm jeff bennet in for hallie jackson. with me this morning we have kristin welker at the white house.
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and we're also joined by former cdc director tom friedman. president biden spent his first 100 daying urging everyone to mask out and now he is expected to start laying out a path to normal. what do we expect to hear today? >> in speaking with his administration officials, president biden is expected to essentially echo what we are expected to hear from the cdc today which is new masking guidance for being outdoors. for folks that are fully vaccinated,out doors, and in small gartherings they do not need to wear masks. there could also be new guidance for small gatherings for those fully vaccinated. this does not apply to large
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gatherings, it does not apply to workplace guidance. this is very specific to small gathering for those fully vaccinated, but this is a new moment, a new marker, it's a chance for the president to say look, we're starting to turn the corner in the fight against covid. it comes as 26 states have mask mandates and it comes as cases are on the rise in about a dozen states. so this is not over yet, and you can anticipate that president bide listen under score that as well, this was the key and the core of the message. that he would turn the page in the fight against covid. so i think they will make that argument, but i'm told he is also going to use this speech, jeff, to lay out the argument if why getting vaccinated is
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necessary. he will try to ramp up the pressure on folks to get vaccinated. we know that it is still a major issue that the administration is facing. >> yes, absolutely. and new jersey where you are was among the states hardest hit, the governor today moving forward on reopening. >> they're excited, and it is a new moment across the country, a moment here in new jersey, they have weddings, baby showers here. this is a place in the last year that has had only 16 events, and the governor is saying may 10th, if you're outside, you can have 100 folks. if you're indoors up to 250
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people. so for places like this this is a game changer. i spoke to an owner that talked about some of the difficulties they faced in the last year and how it will change things for them in the coming wedding season. >> there is a big backlog of private events, private parties, and people wanting to e host a shower they could not host a year ago, six months ago, or two months ago. it's stressful. i can't explain it. yo can ask my wife and she can tell you. >> important to reiterate here, vaccine hesitancy, still incredibly difficult issue that this country is facing. in this case, two million
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people. they are trying to get more shots in the arms of people and things are now really leveling off. >> yeah, and i have a sneaking suspicion that that roof deck will be booked solid this number. thank you, let's bring in tom friedman. what does the science tell us about covid transmission outdoors. is relaxes mask rules the right thing to do? >> we have been saying this for a year. outdoors is much safer than indoors. unless you're with a lot of people and especially if you're vaccinated and especially if you're in a community that doesn't have lots of covid spreading, outdoors is really pretty safe. if you want a mask outdoors,
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that's fine. many people who are vaccinated in the right environment that's fine, but i want to emphasize two things. one, how well your vaccine works also depends on how many people around you are vaccinated. yes they are very effective, but they're not perfect. the more people that are vaccinated the safer we all are. if there are communities where there is a lot of spread there will be more risk than in other communities. >> as we just heard from new jersey, additional steps where are we in the life of this pandemic right now. are we on the verge of fully reopening? >> i think by summer things will be better and we will be at the new normal in the united states, but that still means we have to be careful. people have breakthrough
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infections. there will be unvaccinated pockets. but we also have to recognize globally that the pandemic is worse than it has ever been. there is more cases with the virus being more deadly and spreading more deadly and vaccines are not anywhere near just around the corner globally. so we have to do better to recognize that until it's over globally it won't be completely over in the u.s. either. >> let's talk more about that and the administration's decision to share 60 million doses of astrazeneca with other countries including india which is dealing with another catastrophic surge. other than being the right thing to do, talk about why it is also in the best interest of the u.s. to do that. >> an uncontrolled spread of
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covid creates a risk everywhere. there could be more dangerous variants. they spread more, they kill mer. but that is just a symptom of what may happen in the future. we could have viruss that e vaed our immunity. there is more of a risk of that kind of dangerous variants emerging on top of the humanitarian crisis that we're seeing. so it really is in all of our best interests to make sure that we tamp down the spread all over the world and the donation of vaccine social security a good step, but what we must focus on is scaling up manufacturing. the plain fact is that we're billions of doses short. and we need to scale up all of the vaccines, especially the mrna vaccines, that can be scaled up faster.
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production is simpler, more reliable, and they're more able to beat the variant. so we have to do better at scaling up production. >> and your group just put out a report on epidemic preparedness, what's the take away? >> they don't have to happen. as horrific as covid is now, a future pandemic could be even worse. it's inevitable that there will be future pandemic threats. it's not inevitable they will become pandemics. public health and health care workers are doing great work to make sure that they don't become outbreaks and outbreaks don't become epidemics. it's a great message of hope that we can have a safer and
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more secure world if we invest in readiness. >> epidemics don't have to happen. thank you for your time this morning, sir, we appreciate it. now to the new census numbers that could shift power here in washington, texas was the big winner here. seven states saw losses concentrated in the industrial midwest. and the strongholds of california and new york, they each lost a seat. if you think filling out your census form doesn't matter, think again. in new york they had more than 89 people, rather if 89 more people had been counted they would not have lost a congressional seat. so what does this mean for the balance of power? >> this will have big implications in next year's
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elections. even though those 13 states that gaped and lost seats, even though they have shifting representation, all states across the country will have to redraw their map. the rest of them will be redrawing the districts, some smooshing together, others drawing lines that all right exist. so come next year you have to layer that on top of the house right now. but it is slim. republicans repeatedly said they are bullish about their chances, and these new maps will be in play for that. they can't start redrawing just yet. they need a little more information before they start doing that and this information yesterday is just the top line. state population totals and what it means for their apportionment
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in the house. we're going to get more of the data that they're going to use later in the summer and into the fall. i want to bring that map back up one more time, states that gaped and lost. experts were saying they thought they would see ten seats shift around rather than the seven we saw yesterday. experts thought that they would gain three seats as opposed to two. florida got one but experts thought they could be in two. people thought that arizona would add a congressional seat to it's repertoire. it's going to have ramifications not just in the total ramification number, but also when they redistrict and redraw these maps. >> ali, thanks as always. we're going to get into this morning. we're going to talk with katie porter who has been critical of the census and her state's loss
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california was not supposed to have a governor's race this year but they will now. the republican lead effort will now be on a 2021 ballot. they got enough signatures to trigger a recall election. more than 1.5 million republicans signed on after a backlash in restrictions and shut downs. that's more than 3% of the state's total population. now it's up to republicans to try to overcome the odds in a state where democrats control every single statewide elected office. let's bring in steve paterson from los angeles. what are we hearing right now and where do things go from here? >> welcome to the new age of recall here. if they jump all of the hurdles, voters will likely face a ballot in november. do you really want to recall
7:19 am
gavin newsom and who do you want to replace him with. no matter the answer if the first question that's opening the flood gates to basically anyone that wants to run the most prominent. caitlyn jenner has been one of the high pro file candidates so far. instead of relying on allies and advisors saying this is a power grab, but he did echo that statement on twitter saying that the republican recall threatens our values and seeks to undo the progress we made. protecting our environment and passing common sense gun violence solutions. but there was a 30 day grace
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period to ask voters to think about what they have done. and this could be avoided entirely but many say this is unlikely to happen and we will see this on the ballot in november. >> and you're right, republicans have their work cut out for them. after another night of protests, the attorney for the family of andrew brown is expecting to release the results of his death in just about an hour from now. and now that the doj opened an investigation into the louisville police department, her mother joins me with more on whether or not she think this is could lead to real change. chan. you're clearly someone
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in about 30 minutes from now the family of andrew brown and their attorneys will hold a news conference to release results of an independent autopsy commissioned by the family. brown who was unarmed was killed six days ago.
7:25 am
now protestors call for the full police body camera footage. authorities say they're prevented from making that public without a court order. brown's family was shown some of the footage on monday and they say it was only about 20 seconds long. >> andrew brown did what you teach your children to do when you have the talk, which is to comply. he put his hands on the steering wheel when he was being shot. >> let's bring in katie beck from elizabeth city. is there any new indicate of the body camera footage being picked up soon? >> we don't have a definitive answer on that. we know there will be a hearing where a judge will decide how much if any of that video will be released. here in north carolina there was
7:26 am
a law passed for how the process goes, it's very restrictive. no law enforcement agency can unilaterally release the footage, it has to go before a judge that makes the ultimate decision. in the meantime they were given access to the footage but they cannot take it with them. they were only able to see about 20 seconds of the video. now the sheriff's office asked for patience saying they're continuing to investigation and that sometimes body cam footage can with b tricky to decipher. >> this was quick and over in less than 30 seconds and body cameras are shaky and sometimes hard to decipher.
7:27 am
>> people protesting last night say a large crowd, probably 200 to 300 people matched through the streets demanding more transparency and that more footage be released in another hour we're going to hear from members of their team and they will discussion the results of that independent autopsy. there is already a crowd gathered behind me awaiting that press conference. so we expect more information from them today. will we get more from the sheriff's department is yet to be scene, but we know that a judge will be hearing a case and making a decision hopefully on what comes next in terms of that footage. >> katie, i know you will bring us those updates as you have them. in louisville, kentucky the police dlpt is the second to face a investigation under the
7:28 am
biden administration. more than a year after breonna taylor was shot and killed, merrick garland says a wide ranging civil rights investigation is under way. he says the investigation will be broad and cover racial bias, illegal stops and searches, and unreasonable force. police training, and policies. this is separate from the investigation into her death. i'm joyed by her family attorney. and i will start with you, i want to get your announcement that the doj is going to investigate the louisville pd. >> it is long overdue.
7:29 am
>> your daughter has become a similar possible. the word has come to know her by the way she was taken from you and the way she was killed. what do you want folks to know about who your daughter was while she was here? >> just that she was so much more than what people see on the news. that she went out of her way to take care of people. and above and beyond for anybody, and she didn't deserve what happened to her. >> there is also still an ongoing fbi investigation into her killing, have you been given any update on where that stands? >> we spoke with them, the fbi, probably a month or so ago just around the anniversary of breonna's death.
7:30 am
they reached out to mrs. palmer to give her a update. the findings are to know what department of justice prosecutors decide to do in relation to charging those officers. >> and how would you like to see that investigation end? what does full accountability look like to you and your family at this point? >> officers charged and convicted. >> are you hopeful that it could end with that result? >> i pray. >> let me ask you this. the biden administration says they're negotiables police reform and they would ban the use of no knock warrants.
7:31 am
what do you want them to know. they invoke the name of your family as they try to negotiate this legislation, what do you want those people to know? >> in a no one has to die for any of this for people to realize how important it was. they should not have had to take that. >> is the last year been like for you? >> hell. >> are you hopeful that we're on the precipice of change? >> i mean, we have been trying to get change to move forward. so i definitely pray for it, but
7:32 am
as with everything else, it has been just slow. >> i want to ask you as we wrap up, simon and shuster says they're not going to distribute a book being written by one of the officers involved, but a small independent publisher will now apparently release it. is there any way to protect her image and her story moving forward? >> i think it is people have to realize that he has a motive in trying to release a book. an officer lied to get a search warrant on her apartment. an officer fete so comfortable that he could lie on a search warranten, and that lead to her murder. it is unnecessary and when we talk about this book i'm not
7:33 am
worried about it because we learned the person that breonna was. and she is someone that wanted to help people, was a family person, and did not deserve to die. >> my best to the both of you, thank you for joining us this morning. coming up, new results this morning showing a partisan divide when it comes to voting rights. we'll break down the numbers. but a score card on his achievements and the promises he still needs to fulfill. promisee still needs to fulfill
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7:38 am
than preventing people from voting. a whopping 75% makes sure that making sure no ineligible people vote. others are saying making sure everyone that wants to vote can do so. let's bring in kerry. let's talk about this enormous partisan flip. president biden says that they have been spreading rumors about voter fraud, but what does this say? >> a big majority says they're more currented about making sure that everyone that is eligible to vote gets to vote. others are saying they hope they're making sure everyone is
7:39 am
voting. you heard republicans express concern about things like voter fraud and wanting to tighten things like voter id requirements. but the fallout from that is super charged. as you said former president trump falsely claiming the election has been rigged in states that he lost, places like georgia and arizona. those are two of many states where republican lead legislatures are trying to or have past legislation that would do things like tighten voter id requirements or do things like roll back some of the expansive voting that happened during the pandemic. things like extended voter hours, and you're seeing that for the pre-existing, but it has certainly gotten more dramatic. >> yeah, what we know about voter confident in their own
7:40 am
state election. >> we ask them if they're confident they can have a fair and free election. people say i'm pretty confident that my state can do this in a fair way. they are confident about the state they live in. if they live in a trump state or a biden state, they are confident they there will be a fair election. republicans that live in red states they are more confident about the ability to declare a save election. so we see that partisan divide among just republicans and not money defendants. and it depends on where they live and where they live in their states.
7:41 am
>> yeah, keri, thank you for that. if you're putting off getting your i.d. updated to one that is real i.d. compliant you may have more time. the department of oklahomaland security will delay the requirement for air travelers to update their ids to one with a more thorough check and added security features. no word yet on the new deadline, but officials say it is being pushed back because the pandemic is making is harder than ushl for people to wait online for a new card at the dmv. meanwhile, colorado is set to release is seat because of newly released census results. coming up, katie porter on how accurate this census data really is. accurate this census data really is s amazing! ♪ going back to the place we love ♪ i got in! ♪ with endless summer nights ♪
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gillette proglide. five blades and a pivoting flexball designed to get virtually every hair on the first stroke. so you're ready for the day with a fresh face for a fresh start. for a limited time get a 5th cartridge free. the first numbers of the 2020 census are out. it shows a shift in political power for the next decade. here is a look at states that
7:46 am
will gain and lose seats. new york and california were once considered growth engines. they're going to load a seat for the first time in the state's history. great to see you as always. as you know, they were plagued by funding shortages. then there was a pandemic that really paralyzed the count as it got started. so are you confident that these numbers are legitimate? >> well, i hope the oversight and reform committee that i sit on has a number of hearings to look at exactly this issue. questioning the census director and other census officials trying to make sure that the process was going to be a fair
7:47 am
and complete count. and there have been some delays, and part of the purpose of those delays is to make sure that census officials are able to count every single american. >> our msnbc contributor is closely tracking the census data and he is saying this. the weaker count makes you wonder if there is a larger than expected under count in heavily hispanic areas. >> we want to make sure that every american is counts always, but places like california and representatives like myself have
7:48 am
a lot of effort to educate people. reaching out in multiple languages, cross cultural, to make sure that everyone responded. when you look at what people did, what they're doing in states like texas, it is night and day. so they're letting pem know if they ended up coming out short. >> is there any remedy for that at this point? do we have to just wait for the next count ten years from now? >> the census gathers at this point, the counts have gone to the president and now take effect. the president does do periodic other counts. they have a community survey, but because of reapportionment, this is what we've got with some states getting a seat and some losing a seat. >> i want to ask you about the
7:49 am
"new york times" and what they're reporting. they say the california boom is gone. and it's not that your state of california is necessarily losing population, but it's growing more slowly as a whole. why do you think that is? >> one of the challenges in california is that we have long been a very attractive place to live and we have a pretty dense population particularly along our coastal areas. the cost of housing here is a real barrier so we're seeing a challenge in california having to help people that have come in and want to be first time home buyers. california's population grew, it just grew more slowly than some of the other states. so this is a process that throughout our country's history seeing states grow, shrink, and that's what the census shows and we all have confidence in that result.
7:50 am
>> we're talking about california, and your state's governor is facing a recall election this fall. it strikes me that his other pl triggering a recall. and, of course, a lot of states don't permit a recall. they require to you wait until the next regularly scheduled election. here in california the people have gathered enough signatures, verified signatures, that we anticipate a recall election will occur. it's likely the timing will be between october and november. that said, california's a strongly democratic state. our coronavirus counts are very low. our schools are reopening, and i just encourage everybody in california, regardless of their party, to make sure their voices are heard in this recall election. >> and as i understand it, you are chairing a congressional hearing for the first time tomorrow, a natural resources subcommittee hearing on accessibility for people with
7:51 am
disabilities in national parks. what are you hoping to accomplish with this hearing, and are you going to bring your white board? >> well, the hearing is today, so i had to rush around this morning and find something that will make do as a gavel since i'm in california right now. but the real goal here is to deliver on the national parks mission, that the parks are a public treasure. they are set aside for all americans. all americans. that means people with disabilities should have the same ability to have basic accessibility rights as everybody else, so we're going to be looking at one of the biggest barriers to people with disabilities enjoying our national treasures which is information and what we can do about that. >> all right, california congresswoman katie porter. thanks for your time this morning. >> thank you. meantime, president biden is making his first appearance before a joint session of congress tomorrow. he's laying out his plan to spend trillions on american families and infrastructure packages. and those plans encompass just a
7:52 am
few of the promises made to voters before and after the president was sworn into office. with that let's take a look at how president biden is tracking with those pledges and whether he's followed through. hallie jackson has more. my first 100 days -- by the end of our first 100 days -- >> reporter: plenty of presidential pledges for these first 100 days. >> i promise you -- i promise you -- >> reporter: a time frame that's mostly symbolic. but ever since the era of franklin roosevelt and the great depression, it's been a measuring stick for progress on promises. for president biden that's everything from the pandemic to immigration to climate to unifying the country. >> unity is the path forward. >> reporter: our new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll shows just over half of americans give the president strong marks for trying to unite. but 8 in 10 people say this country is still divided on issues including some of the white house's top priorities. so what does the scorecard show? start with the pandemic.
7:53 am
the president pledged to reach 100 million shots in arms in his first 100 days. >> today we hit 200 million shots and on the 92nd day in office. >> reporter: promise kept. the president pledged to pass a covid relief bill, check. and order a federal mask mandate, check. critics point out his covid goals overall felt less than ambitious. >> he had the advantage of inheriting a situation that was going to head in the right direction. the economy was going to recover and the pandemic was going to get crushed by the vaccines. >> reporter: on police reform -- >> black lives matter. >> reporter: -- after campaigning during a national reckoning on race, the president made this first 100 days pledge. >> i've committed to creating a national police oversight commission. >> reporter: but that is a promise unfulfilled. why has the president and the white house shifted the goal when it relates to that oversight board? >> the reason we decided not to do that commission is we sat down with leaders in the civil
7:54 am
rights community who are working on police reform, and they told us they didn't think it was necessary, that they didn't think it would be productive, and that they thought the most productive thing we could do was work to get the george floyd act passed. >> reporter: some of the president's other pledges involve cooperation from congress, but on comprehensive immigration reform, a bill the president promised to send and did, that seems unlikely anytime soon given gop pushback. on climate, the president rejoined the paris climate agreement, a promise kept, along with another hosting world leaders for a virtual summit just this week. >> this is a world imperative, an economic imperative. >> reporter: a scorecard for the next 100 days and beyond. >> most of the important things presidents do happen after the first 100 days. it's just a sliver of their time in office. yet it really does set a pattern that has a lot to do with how well they can lead later on. >> and tune in tomorrow for the
7:55 am
show when hallie comes to you live from capitol hill as the president gets ready to make his first address to a joint session of congress. thanks for watching this hour of "hallie jackson reports." i'm jeff bennett. you can find me on twitter @geoffbennett. oh! don't burn down the duplex. terminix. don't burn down the duplex. alice loves the scent of gain so much, she wished there was a way to make it last longer. say hello to your fairy godmother alice. and long-lasting gain scent beads. part of the irresistible scent collection from gain! we started with computers. we didn't stop at computers. we didn't stop at storage or cloud. we kept going. working with our customers to enable the kind of technology that can guide an astronaut back to safety.
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and a good tuesday morning to you. craig melvin here this hour we are following developments on several fronts including what could be a new chapter in this pandemic. just over two hours from now president biden will formally announce highly anticipated new cdc guidance on masks outdoors. and guidance will come as more states are loosening their restrictions. it also comes as tens of thousands of people have started to congregate for this weekend's
8:00 am
kentucky derby. we'll head live to churchill downs where up to 50,000 people are expected to attend in person. state officials there say they are confident they can pull it off safely. also this morning we're learning new details about what president biden will say when he addresses the joint session of congress tomorrow. it will be historic on multiple levels. for one thing, it will be the first time in history two women will be presiding over congress for a presidential address. we'll get to that in just a moment. but we start with that breaking news down in north carolina. any moment now attorneys for the family of andrew brown jr. will be holding a press conference to announce the results of an independent autopsy in his death. north carolina sheriff's deputies shot and killed brown last week while serving a warrant, but after seeing heavily redacted body camera footage of his death, brown's loved ones say


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