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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  May 11, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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spotlight with president joe biden who will join us for his first emmerson bc interview as president of the united states. president biden will get the first word at 10 pm and casey core bit we'll get the last word. the 11th hour with brian williams starts right now. tarts right now. >> good evening day 112 of the biden administration and just a few hours ago, wyoming republican congresswoman liz cheney came to the house floor an empty chamber except for one other republican to deliver a powerful warning to her party and to her country. it won't save her from what is happening to her tomorrow, in fact it is more of why she is getting replaced as head of the republican house caucus, because she won't to go along with the lie that trump somehow won the election. >> today we face a threat
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america has never seen before. of former president who provoked a violent attack on this capitol in an effort to steal the election has resumed his aggressive efforts to convince americans that the election was stolen from him. he risks inciting further violence. millions of americans have been misled by the former president, they have heard only his words but not the truth as he continues to undermine our democratic process. sowing seeds of doubt about whether democracy really works at all. the electoral college has voted, more than 60 state and federal courts including multiple judges the former president appointed have rejected his claims. the trump department of justice investigated the former presidents claim of widespread fraud and found no evidence to support them. the election is over.
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that is the rule of law. that is our constitutional process. >> well how about that. new reporting from the new york times indicates her removal will come on the same day that former trump acting attorney general jeffrey rosen will tell lawmakers investigating insurrectionists that quote the justice department saw no evidence to undercut president biden's election win. his prepared statement also goes on to note that the justice department had been presented with no evidence of widespread voter fraud at a scale sufficient to change the outcome of the 2020 election. republicans have not only continue to question the vote but in the name of so-called election integrity they are passing more laws to restrict voting across the country. today arizona indeed, became the latest state to do so when their governor doug doocy
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signed a measure of removing infrequent male voters from the state popular early voting list. in the senate today democrats and republicans faced off over a bill to secure voting rights with leaders of each party in attendance and making their case. >> every republican in this room knows joe biden won the election fair and square. everyone. everyone knows that donald trump perpetrated the big lie. the price of admission in today's republican party is silence in the face of approvable lies. lies that right now are poisoning our democracy and exciting a plague of voter suppression. >> our democracy is not in crisis. we aren't going to let one party take over our democracy under the false pretense. the democratic party on its own
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wants to rewrite politics for their benefits. we know that this is what it is about. >> nbc news has confirmed over 100 republicans and former elected illusions are threatening to form a third party if the democratic party does not make changes, may leave trump does not take off his grip from the republican party. -- demand is spiking across several southeastern states and gas stations are running out of fuel, tonight the governor of states of emergency because of it, today at the white house the secretary of energy said colonial told her it should know by late tomorrow whether the pipeline will be back up and running soon and she is urging east coast residents not to panic. >> there should be no cause for
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hoarding gasoline, especially in light of the fact that the pipeline should be substantially operational by the end of this week, it is not that we have a gasoline shortage, is that we have this supply crunched and things will be back to normal soon. >> we are continuing to follow the worst fighting in years between israelis and palestinians this has been a horrible day and a night between gaza and israel and it is worse on the grounds. dozens of people have been killed, hundreds of others wounded as this conflict escalates. hamas has been launching rocket attacks on tel aviv late into the night, israeli defense forces have responded with airstrikes on gaza cities set to be aimed at hamas targets but as you see there they have also taken out multiple dwellings, entire buildings
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with airstrikes. tonight israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu's own political future remains very unclear vowed to expand the military response. it is a lot and with that let's bring in our guest on this tuesday night. ashley parker, pulitzer prize -winning -- charlotte alter, her book the ones we've been waiting for, have a new generation of leaders will transform america comes out in paperback next week. and jeremy, former chief of staff at the cnn pentagon, former chief counselor with the house intel community. good evening and welcome to you all. actually i would like to start with you and your beat around the town. how impactful or the words of liz cheney tonight in that -- some of them are still scarred from the riding.
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>> the real question is who they were impactful with. there is no doubt that they were powerful. people may look back at them in history but in terms of the republican party that is not going to change as you said at the beginning of the show the vote to oust her tomorrow. it is not going to change former president trump's grip on the republican party, and it does not seem likely to change the fealty to the big ally required to be a republican right now in many ways or the fault and misleading misinformation spread by president trump and echoed by certain members of the republican party and distribute by -- like liz cheney there are someone like senator mitt romney. >> let's go to charlotte alter
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and let's talk about the woman who is poised to inherit the earth, the republican republican caucus, elise stefanik, young member of congress, harvard grad, former romney, ryan and bush accolade but charlotte, according to your reporting unrecognizable to her old friends, tell us why. >> elise stefanik's transformation mirrors the transformation of the republican party. i covered her in my book, i spoke to her back then when i first wrote it and i also spoke to everyone i could find who knew her. one of the things that really struck me back then was that she was widely respected by both republican colleagues and by democrats, including people she had won against. people told me that she was highly intelligent, highly ambitious but also had a deep sense of integrity. now, looking at what has happened, looking at her
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embrace of the quote unquote big lie, her willingness to tolerate these conspiracy theories in order to rise within the ranks, many of the people who have known her her entire life told me just two years ago that they were really thoroughly impressed with her moral character and her sense of patriotism and honor are now embarrassed for her. somebody told me that they thought that it was sad what she had become. >> jeremy battle want to hear you on israel and the palestinians but before that i want to hear you on the united states into that and i brought you something this is from stewart stevens tonight, what is happening in this moment is that liz cheney is becoming an international symbol for anti authoritarian freedom. she is a dissident facing down a thuggish power structure just as alexei navalny is in russia. we are a democracy in danger.
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pick aside. the fight is on. jeremy, the steward have it right? >> what is so distressing is that the dream of the autocrats, the dream of the putin's, the seizing things is to prove america wrong, to prove that the american experience of democracy doesn't deliver for the people and when we have people, in either party, and of course there's a lot of reference to the former president standing up and trying to curtail the right of people to vote saying that the election results actually should be undone because there was fraud in the election, that plays right into the hands of those who would take down democracy in trying to prove us wrong. there are big issues at stake, joe biden has said it himself, not think sort of democracy is at stake and making sure that the big lie is disintegrated and democracy prevails. >> ashley, to that and, this is
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crunch time for joe biden on all of the things that he wants and has pushed for in his so far brief presidency. is the biden white house according to your reporting, at least, quietly dropping hopes and dreams of talking with the other side of some sort of compromise when they realize it is a party that fails to note his victory? >> it is very legitimate, the answer is not yet. if you look at just president biden's public schedule this week, tomorrow he is meeting with the quote unquote big for, the democratic and republican leaders in the house and in the senate, on thursday he is meeting with six republicans to talk about a possible compromise on infrastructure. and of course, in tomorrow's meetings, leader mccarthy is going to be there who voted against certifying the election results, who reached out to
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mar-a-lago, who was one of the first people to suffocate himself before former president trump, the person leading the charge to oust liz cheney from the republican party. it is an interesting choice of a potential legault sheeting partner, but this is a pivotal week for someone like president biden who earnestly, generally believes in bipartisanship, the deal making that comes with the legislative process but is also kite -- if he doesn't believe that there is a deal to be done. >> charlotte, i have one for you, here is jim jordan tonight with laura ingraham on fox news talking about congresswoman stefanik and listen closely for the tee word. >> at least she is a good communicator, you saw her during the first impeachment, she has been endorsed by president trump, she is endorsed by the minority leader, she has an a+ with the nra and she was endorsed by the susan b
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anthony list, i think that is pretty good. >> so she is good all around there, charlotte, she does have her critics despite in assists there from the mega follower -- she has her critics in medical world who feel like she is not mega enough, so according to your reporting, she has shown an uncanny ability to change shape to fight fit the requirements? >> what's really interesting about a least a finding is that back in 2015, 2016, even as late as 2017, she was sort of tiptoeing around donald trump. she said she would vote for him, she supported him but just barely. anytime his name came up in conversation she tried to change the subject, she would refer to him as the republican nominee. periodically, during the two, thousand 16 campaign and early in his presidency whenever
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something outrageous would happen from the acts of hollywood tape to the muslim ban, early in his presidency, she would issue the sort of tepid condemnations of his behavior that were making it clear that she wasn't in agreement with him but trying not to make too many waves. that is one of the reasons why this has been such an abrupt transformation for her, because she was somebody who was not always in moscow world, she was not always aligned with president trump. she decided to align herself with president trump starting in 2016 as it became clear that most of the people who were loudly condemning the president, most of the republicans who were loudly condemning him more likely to lose their seats, and then moving into 2019, as the 2019 impeachment hearings gave her a real opportunity to shine and people who know her said
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that that was a real turning point for her because she emerged as one of the presidents most for sufferers defenders. she earned his favor, he began to praise her in median peer incident most importantly she raised three point $2 million in the aftermath of the 2019 impeachment which was seven times what she had raised in the period before that. she clearly began to see what's side her bread was buttered on. >> and now jeremy you get to take us overseas all day long been watching media from the region and social media from the region tonight. this is a full on air war in the skies between tel aviv and gaza city. a couple of questions for you, how did it start this time? our immediate past policies at all to blame? how can this not become a wider
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conflict? >> conflicts like these, brian, have been going on since the early 2000s. in 2008 and in 2012 israel fought essentially many wars against gaza. each time with israel was able to do was destroyed enough of the hamas military infrastructure to buy itself sometime, by itself a couple of years of peace. and now since israel has the american funded iron dome system which the obama biden administration helped fund, israel has more decisions to make. the biden administration has struck exactly the right note tonight by saying that they have been talking to their israeli counterparts. of course they are urging common restraint uncommon sides but effectively they're giving israel the time and space that israel needs to conduct operations to dismantle hamas infrastructure. i talked to someone in the densely populated central israel area tonight and they were in the middle of dinner when the air raids went off and they were sent securing for bomb shelters. this isn't a --
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indiscriminately attacking, by the way hamas is also hiding their own military infrastructure and hospitals in kindergartens and their own registry -- to have to parse where to strike, but no country, not the united states not israel no country in the world could survive air raids, sirens running all night and people running to bomb shelters during the dinner hour. this is not what's civilized societies should have to put up with, and i think the united states is right to stand with israel. >> just a small slice of our world on this may evening in 2021 with our great thanks to ashley parker, charlotte alter and jeremy bash for starting us off and walking us through it. coming up. are there more out there. more liz cheney's with courage enough to form the words out loud to say that trump did not win the election for starters. later, resistance through the
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his number... delete it. i'm deleting it. so, break free from the big three. xfinity internet customers, switch to xfinity mobile and get unlimited with 5g included for $30 >> this is not about policy. on the nations fastest, most reliable network. this is not about partisanship. this is about our duty as americans. remaining silent and ignoring the lie emboldens the liar. i will not participate in that. i will not sit back and watch
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in silence while others lead our party down the path that abandoned sold rule of law and joined the former presidents crusade to undermine our democracy. >> more from congresswoman liz cheney tonight ahead of tomorrow's vote to remove her from republican leadership in his latest college for the new york times, tom friedman has delivered a stark warning and we quote. if trump and friends are not stopped, one day they will get where they are going, they will lock in minority rule in america. and when that happens, both democrats and principled republicans will take to the streets, and you can call it whatever you like, but it is going to feel like when civil war. that gets your attention and for more we are joined tonight by two valued members of our family, baratunde thurston, author, activists comedian former producer for the daily show, he is now the host of the podcast how to citizen. he is also hosting fee pbs
11:23 pm
series, america outdoors with baratunde thurston, and bill kristol, author, rider political veteran of the bush administration and the editor at large over at the -- gentlemen we've been looking forward to this, welcome to you both. bill, is this a modern-day low point, one six included for the republican party and if not, where is the floor? >> i think this could well be the low point. i hope it is a turning point. list rainey gave a remarkable speech. a real call to arms. most of the speeches given against trump's by republicans have been given with a tone of resignation or philosophical sphere of what can be done? liz cheney speech is a call to action, she says we must act, we have a duty to act. as a forward-looking speech,
11:24 pm
it's not just a lament that trump did this or didn't do that. it says going forward, if this is allowed, this is an offense to democracy in the rule of law. and to a party that should be a party dedicated to freedom and to the constitution. i think she's throwing down the gauntlets and saying that she is in the fight and she will be outed from the position of leadership but she is in this for months and years to come. >> what becomes of her, why do you think and what do you know about her immediate future beyoncé finishing on term in the house of representatives -- assuming that she's primaried back home in wyoming? >> she will be primaried and she will fight that fight, i believe. i think, after what she said tonight it is hard to see how she doesn't take leadership of the movement to liberate the republican party from trump, it
11:25 pm
is a small movement, but her and adam kinzinger are fighting the fight and really it is shocking how colleagues and close friends of liz cheney's could work with her and agree with her won't even say that they will vote with her tomorrow. she will continue the fight and i think -- the logical outcome of the speech tonight is the run for the presidential nomination in 2024 and put it to the test, whether this party can be saved from not just trump personally, but from trumpism and from attempts to the rule of law and from dedication going forward to using any mean to overturn the legitimate elections. i think liz cheney has made herself the leader of the non-trump, anti trump forces of the republican party. not just for tomorrow, not just for interim maneuvers in the house, but she is sounding like a ronald reagan or margaret
11:26 pm
thatcher. we will see of others rally to her. >> well ladies and gentlemen, you've heard it here first and you have heard it from bill kristol. baratunde thurston, kings ingersoll tonight that leader mccarthy talks as if he is an employee of donald trump. indeed when congresswoman cheney gave her remarks, there was only one other republican member in the well of the house of representatives. give us a reality check, baratunde thurston, how far we've gone off normal? >> brian, bill, it's good to be back, my favorites. i only wish we could gather to celebrate being vaccinated or fresh fruit, or anything that is worth feeling good about, we always come back to the precipice of a flailing democracy, something that feels like civil war. i'm sad about that, and i'm
11:27 pm
tired of this. it is frightening to see how many people are willing to embrace lies when those lies lead to power. that is what we are looking here, there are so many people who have cosigned on this undermining of democracy. i am still not over january six, 2021, brian. thousands of people stormed our democracy. spilled bloods and stained are u.s. capital. many republicans voted, right after that, not to certify the election further putting a stain on that capital, and on our democracy. there's a lot i don't agree with, with liz cheney but i applaud her courage, something that has been lacking so much in this party which says it loves freedom but lashes itself to a week and cowardly man who raves from his own property against the constitution they claim to believe in. so kudos to representative cheney, and anybody else in
11:28 pm
that republican party, because a lot of us have been out here fighting, a lot of us are fighting for this america, the rest need to do so. this is not a drill. this is not over. >> i think i will choose that moment to take a break to tell our audience, our guests are staying with us and to tell us that coming up. it is a question i've been asking our guest over these past few days. does the shorthand news media phrase, the big lie, actually serve to diminish the danger to our democracy right now? our friends, baratunde thurston and bill kristol, will weigh in on that when we come back. so much from so many. but this is our shot at returning to the faces and places we love and miss. ♪♪ the covid-19 vaccines are ready. and so is walgreens, with pharmacists you know,
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a rare defensive congresswoman liz cheney today from a fellow republican, albeit one in the senate. using the gop is cancel call -- culture of late, against the parties still with us. buried ton day there instant and -- >> i telegraph this next question going into the break.
11:33 pm
i will say i was the one who used the word big allied twice this hour. do we shorthand what happened on one six. we in the news media always need phrase-ology. we need a quid, a shorthand appellation for things by calling it the big lie, would we be better served with some variation of the violent insurrection that was intended to overturn a democratic election? >> back when september love in 2001 fell on all of us, we had a lot of language, a lot of big flashy graphics of red white and blue, attack on america. that's what this was. that's what it still is. when you take a sledgehammer to the pillars of the constitution,
11:34 pm
when you deny the power of we the people to choose our own government by trying to discard thousands if not millions of votes, when you undermine faith in the country that's held together by faith and doctrine much more than faith up -- that's an attack. this has been and continues to be an ongoing attack on our democracy. i return to this republican party that wrapped itself in this language of freedom. yet, it attaches itself to a weak figure, subservience itself to one man, in an authoritarian fashion. that is the opposite of freedom. and living in a lie is the opposite of freedom. >> by the way, to your very point, attack on america became softened drug in. we love to do. that it became the events of
11:35 pm
9/11. during these difficult names they could just -- time they can talk about -- the big lie is cheaper in our line of work to talk about the big insurrection to overturn a democratic election. >> i agree. when we think about people who almost literally cosigned on this attack, when we want to january six we saw the smoke and we didn't know the death toll, but we knew this was horrific. for the people whose very lives were threatened, the president who is almost lynched to go in and say this election was a sham? that is cosigning on an attack. that is aiding and abetting the enemy. that is the kind of language that we use against brown people in colonialism but are on afraid to use it when it
11:36 pm
senators from a party that's slashed itself to whiteness, or representatives doing the same. but it doesn't make it any less devastating. >> i'm glad i asked. bill crystal, and confirming i'm reading this to you, a growing number of anti trump republicans, over 100 at last count are signing on to a movement to overturn a third party if the gop doesn't like all of its unwavering trump loyalty. this will be about the 15th time i have asked to some version of this question, bill. versioif they were given sodiumn ethanol, and a polygraph and were water boarded, how many elected republicans in washington would secretly say, liz cheney is actually my brand of republican? >> you, know i don't know. i really want to emphasize a
11:37 pm
point that baratunde makes so important. it was an attack, it is an attack, it's an ongoing attack. parties have seen the consequences of trump lies from november through till january 6th. they decided it's fine. not refuted, it not apologizing for, we are trying to go forward to 2024. that's what's so serious about this moment. brian, the big lie, it's a little misleading. it could be deceiving in the sense that you do something bad, you lie about it to akin, maybe try to get away with it, then maybe don't do it again. that's not with the parties doing. they are not owning up to something they did, they are laying the groundwork for continuing to do it and that's liz cheney's point, and that's why it's such a dangerous moment for liz cheney to speak up, and kinzinger, and other
11:38 pm
republicans to say this isn't enough. how it works out, say the republican party, join the democratic party, that's another question. this can't be permitted. this is the danger. hair not an old historical record that needs to be set straight. this is an ongoing attack on our democracy and constitution. >> yeah, i don't speak for any industry beyond our one hour of television this night this is easy jargon and cuba have when you have what we are actually talking about. to our guest, our great things as always baratunde thurston, bill crystal we will do this again thank you for staying up with us tonight. coming up, us parents across our country prepared to vaccinate children as young as 12, our next guest, a public health expert who was a pediatrician by training,
11:39 pm
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gillette proglide. five blades and a pivoting flexball designed to get virtually every hair on the first stroke. so you're ready for the day with a fresh face for a fresh start.
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for a limited time get a 5th cartridge free. >> i can't tell them that they have to get the vaccine, but i would highly recommend it because it could be a great opportunity for a layer of protection from covid-19. it could probably make it easier for you to see your friends. i believe that the science is reliable. >> hopefully he will apply for work at the cdc or run for congress, but that is 13-year-old caleb chung who took part in pfizer's vaccine trials, offering more wisdom right there than what comes out of so many of our elected leaders. let's leave it at that. tomorrow a cdc advisory panel expected to sign off on the emergency use of this pfizer vaccine for kids 12 to 15. new york times reports local
11:43 pm
officials are looking to schools, summer camps, parks, even beaches in the effort to get this age group vaccinated. back with us is dr. irwin redlener, defending director of columbia's national centers for disaster preparedness, a pediatrician who advises us on public health. doctor i hate to do this to you but i'm going to play something for you at the very top before you have the discussion, this is senator ron johnson on fox news tonight. >> people ought to respect other peoples freedom and liberty in their ability to choose whether or not to get vaccinated. i am concerned now about them trying to push it on children, who, let's face it, they aren't in a position of informed consent. we do need to recognize that this is not a fully approved vaccine. >> doctor, i know educated people who believe him to be a winning or an winning asset of russia who would sound a lot
11:44 pm
like that in american society. the controversy you warned our producers was coming is all right here. what do you say -- let's bypass the senator from wisconsin, what do you say to american parents? >> brian, good evening. out of the mouths of senators. listen, this is exhausting in a way because what we're gonna have is not a controversy medically about the efficacy or safety of this vaccine in children, even way lighter than nine years of age. the controversy is going to be stoked by politicians who actually don't know what they're talking about. who are bringing up issues that are completely irrelevant to the absolute need, brian, to get our children vaccinated. to protect them. to get the numbers of people in america who are vaccinated up as high as we can possibly get them, to try to get control of the pandemic. we're gonna have parents already a little reluctant or
11:45 pm
hesitant about getting the vaccine. the last thing we need is forever -- it's four senators to be spotting on issues that they don't understand. i'm amazed that this is going on. but here we are. i do hope that parents will understand that this is a safe and effective vaccine and let's get on with it. let's start talking to parent about why it is so important for their children to get vaccinated. >> this time, and this pandemic, especially the last administration has been hard on our institutions. it was just today that republicans main senator susan collins says that she no longer regards the cdc as the gold standard in this area. someone you and i know could be the patel was asked by shepard smith, we will talk on the other side of her answer. >> i say this as a former government official, i think the cdc's credibility is eroding as quickly as our cases are eroding. in the absence of this guidance,
11:46 pm
we are making it up. nobody wants that. that puts more of us at risk. >> so, doctor it does tap into public opinion. what do you do about it and now there are admissions that they got things like outdoor transmissions entirely wrong. but who were we to know early on? >> right, this is the latest issue to come up where there has been some question about the information coming out of the cdc. i think they are fighting their footing, brian, i don't think they've lost credibility. i do think they need to get their messaging straighter than they are getting it in some of these instances. they report that kavita patel was talking about is whether it is safe to be outside, in terms of picking up an infection from covid-19, and the fact of the matter is that it is extremely safe. there have been less than 1% of cases that could be shown to have been caused by outdoor
11:47 pm
transmissions, whether you're vaccinated or not vaccinated. so to say it is less than 10%, yes it is, but it is actually less than 1%. those two messages are very different, brian. i do think that they will get their act together but the sooner the better. it really is confusing to people. i really would like to see them tighten up the way that they are messaging and explaining these complex issues to the american public. >> our thanks as always to our friend dr. irwin redlener for taking our questions especially since the vaccine business comes directly into your lifelong feel of medical study. doctor, thank you so much. coming up for us the urgent situation that is focusing the immediate attention of the world. the skies are lit up tonight over the middle east. dle east when it's hot outside your car is like a sauna steaming up lingering odors. febreze car vent clips stop hot car stench
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between israelis and palestinians is still escalating tonight. this one exploded. it's now early morning in the middle east. hundreds of rockets had been fired into israel from gaza. israel is responding with more air attacks. they have already been numerous civilian casualties. we get our support tonight from foreign correspondent mark stone from our sister network, sky news. >> tonight in tel aviv, images that change everything. an escalation that already spiraled so. fast flights at international airport were urgently suspended and diverted. -- was a specifics target. on the streets, injured israelis, which for israel, will move this conflict on to a different level. the earlier is really assault had been relentless. for those who were not the
11:52 pm
targets, and so often or the victims, it was terrifying. with the weight of the israeli air force on top of them. there is no more safe to run. those who continued throughout the day in the night, the numbers rise. children as well. in the hospital, agony and -- this man vows for the revenge of his comrade. on these release side of the fence which knocks gaza off, the air raid sirens sound throughout the day. these really communities here are used to attacks from gaza, but not this many in just a few hours. is the third time we've had -- it's happened since we've been here. we heard the whale of the sirens and then moments later, sometimes the thump of the rockets come in from gaza. there has been scores of rockets, most of them hitting here around the town. >> this really does fence
11:53 pm
spokesman was here, he came to show us wet israel faces from hamas. >> the images coming out of guys are truly horrific. it seems that what israel is doing in gaza is total disproportion to what's happening here. >> i would beg to differ. what we are doing our specific strikes against military targets inside gaza that are part of the hamas and islamic jihad's military structure. >> amassed claims to be the defender of the palate terry -- palestinian cause. israel will strike back harder still. the diplomacy to break this cycle isn't there. mark stone, sky news, in southern israel. sky newsit has escalated even ie time since we've been on. air awful situation in the middle east. going to get worse and short order. we have a final preview of what tomorrow may bring, right after this. ght afte this
11:54 pm
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truthfully, it's frustrating to see how fast dust reappears. but dusting with a cloth is a pain. and dealing with a bulky vacuum.. . is such a hassle. uchhh!!! so now we use our swiffer sweeper and dusters. the fluffy fibers? they pick up dust easily. grabbing it in all those hard-to-reach places. gotcha!!! and for our floors, sweeper's textured cloths lock all kinds of dirt, dust and pet hair. unlike my vacuum, it sneaks under and around places. look at that!! dust free and hassle free. stop cleaning and start swiffering. >> last thing before we go tonight, one large preview of tomorrow in washington and why
11:58 pm
it is way more important than just one republican member of congress. tomorrow morning, liz cheney will preside over the meeting of the republican caucus where she will be replaced. because she believes biden won the election and trump lost. she may even call the vote to effectively oust herself. it is hard to figure out what exactly to call this dynamic. suddenly making somebody disappear, there is a term for it, it is the dynamic the republicans have been railing against. >> look i don't believe in cancel culture. >> i'm not gonna be silenced, i'm not gonna be canceled. >> they can't cancel the rally or this movement, or this tour or this congressman. >> i refuse to bow to the council mob. >> cancel culture has gone too far and we've got to change that. >> cancel culture, now has permeated every single part of our society. >> we will not be silenced or
11:59 pm
canceled. >> are there no limits to cancel culture in america today? >> if it continues it won't just be republicans who get canceled. the cancel culture will come for us all. >> the idea that a republican -- is just wrong. >> there is the proof that it is just a cultural war talking point. to cancel culture on the eve of the forced cancellation of liz cheney from the republican caucus which she still chairs for these hours. quick programming note before we go tonight. tomorrow evening on this network 10 pm eastern to be exact, the hour before our broadcast, my colleague lawrence o'donnell will be joined by president biden for a town hall event, vaccinating america. they will be joined by members of the white house covid response team and one of the vaccine developers. for now and for us however, that is our broadcast for this tuesday night, with our thanks for being with us tonight. on behalf of all of our colleagues at the network of nbc news, goodnight.
12:00 am
>> tonight on all in. >> these bills that are moving in state capitals across america are not empty threats, they are real efforts to stop people from voting. >> while democrats are trying to nudge voters protection to the senate, hours on his republican government signed a law to purge the early voting list. tonight senator amy klobuchar in the state for democracy and the urgent need to protect the vote. then, -- >> to try to erase donald trump fit from the republican party is insane, and the people who try to erase him are going to wind up getting erased. >> the vote to remove the number three republican in th


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