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tv   Dateline  MSNBC  May 23, 2021 11:00pm-1:00am PDT

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visitation rights. meanwhile, steven's parents have spoken to sydney about what happened to her dad. he might have given his life for her. >> that's all for this edition of dateline, i'm craig melvin. thank you for watching. thank you for watching he was born with a gift. he spoke to the animals. he spoke to the animals. >> a dog trainer to the stars with a beautiful wife. >> he was totally crazy about her. >> but an ill wind would blow through paradise. >> the kennel dogs were very, very upset. there was a huge ruckus. >> they told me, we haven't seen mark. and i knew in my heart something terrible had happened. >> where had the dog trainer gone? a trail of sinister clues.
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>> there was three wet blood spots in the hallway. >> there was all sorts of ammunition and guns. firearms on magnets behind tapestries, firearms in drawers all over this house. >> he had his arm around a big roll of plastic. and my brain goes, there's a body. >> could anyone put it all together and sniff out the truth? >> what did that say to you? >> well, it says a lot to me. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> october 28th, 2009. routine call, middle of the day. dispatch sent a squad car to talk to the two ladies who'd phoned it in. what was it they said? two cars where they shouldn't be? someone moving something bulky from one to the other. back when it started, the love birds should have known probably that it was too good to be true.
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or too good to last anyway. after all, he seemed something of a self-made mutt and she the purebred heiress type, the golden-haired daughter of a wealthy alpha male. whatever. by the time they promised their eternal love, the clock to its end was ticking. inaudible to them, of course. like a whistle only a dog can hear. which, come to think of it, begs the question -- how did he, of all people, miss it? his name was mark stover. and he discovered quite early that he had some special, eerily mystical connection with dogs. when he talked to them, they listened. >> he was born with a gift. >> stover had become known as seattle's dog whisperer.
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>> i mean, it's not as simple as just giving them treats or clicker training or something like that. he spoke to the animals. >> with talents that amazed his loyal clients. starbucks'chairman howard schultz, pearl jam's eddie vedder, major league outfielder ichiro suzuki brought him their dogs. >> you know one of his phrases was, "we trained everybody in seattle from nordstrom to nirvana, " but he was much more than a dog trainer to the stars. >> a longtime employee. >> come on, sampson. he trained everyone, you know? it didn't matter to him who they were. it was about the person and the dog and the relationship between the person and the dog, not who they were. stormy, come. >> this woman liked him so much as a client, she went to work for him. >> he would connect with you. he'd find something that he could talk to you about, and then he'd help you train your
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dog. >> and the setting for mark's dog whispering business? incomparable. >> oh, it's beautiful. it's a wonderful place. >> kiket island is what it's called. an 84-acre teardrop of primeval forest and meadows and beaches plunked a few feet offshore, a 90-minute commute north of seattle. >> the dogs could go swimming in the water there. there's plenty of trail walks. and it was just really, really outdoorsy and beautiful. >> outdoorsy and beautiful are words which also happen to describe the human love of mark's life, linda opdycke. the willowy blonde daughter of wally opdycke, the wealthy investor who'd once helped found chateau ste. michelle winery. linda seemed a perfect match for mark, according to the clients and friends who knew him best. >> she was mark two. you know, i mean, they were peas in a pod. they had similar hobbies. they'd hunt and fish, you know, go camp somewhere. that kind of stuff. >> he just thought she was the most wonderful thing since sliced bread basically. >> very protective of his linda was mark, as clients could
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clearly tell. >> he just thought she was beautiful, wonderful, smart. never, never, ever said anything bad about her. never. >> seemed to be in love? >> he was. he was totally -- totally crazy about her. >> it was linda's father, wally opdycke, who owned kiket island. mark and linda lived there on wally's island and grew their very successful business together. and then in 2002, they made their union permanent. an intimate wedding ceremony in the presidential suite of the las vegas four seasons. here was wally opdycke toasting his new son-in-law. >> mark, welcome to the opdycke family. >> but maybe nothing is forever. it was just three years later when linda told the employees she was taking an extended vacation. alone. >> and that vacation kept extending and extending, and she just never came back.
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>> so separation. there was a brief affair. linda with one of mark's best friends, and then divorce. about as ugly as divorce can be. >> i was shocked. i really was. >> so was mark, apparently. quite thoroughly devastated, by all accounts. because now he had lost not just the love of his life, but he had to leave kiket island, too. losing her, losing all this. it was, we hardly need say, a black period for just about here. some quite disturbing episodes, actually. we'll get to those later. suffice to say for now that, eventually, life went on. it was just divorce, after all. not death. not yet anyway. mark found a new property in nearby anacortes, washington. if it wasn't kiket island, it was not bad. he moved into a new house, new kennels, new start.
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>> he had found the place that was gonna be perfect for him, and it was going to be all his, and i think he was very much looking forward. he wasn't looking back. >> eventually, there was also her. her name is teresa. >> on our third date, though, he let me know that he wanted to marry me. >> third date? >> i was pretty shocked, yeah. >> what was it about you that he liked? >> he liked that i listened and that i was careful with the information that he gave me. not just information but with his heart. >> which had been really badly damaged, and he worried about that. didn't want it to happen again? he saw a safe harbor in you. >> i think so. >> safe harbor? well, maybe she was, as they made plans for a life together. but even then, in the fall of 2009, an ill wind was picking up. mark's employees couldn't help but notice it.
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he was off somehow. >> he was very different, and he told me that he was very paranoid. he'd actually been locking his doors. >> even though, as everyone knew, mark's highly trained guard dog, ding, would have protected him from anything. >> i asked him why he was locking his doors because he had ding. and he said, i don't know. i'm just a little weirded out about something. >> he didn't say what? >> no, he didn't say what. and mark, it would take a lot to spook someone like mark. he was always very aware of his surroundings. >> mm-hmm. >> almost dog-like. and if there was something there, someone there, he knew it. >> and then, october 28th, mark stopped calling teresa. no explanation. >> so i hadn't heard from him all day and i thought -- towards the end of the day, it started seeming odd. but then the next day when i hadn't heard it from him by 9:00, i got one of the employees on the phone, and i said, what is going on there?
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where's mark? so they told me, you know, we haven't seen mark. we hadn't seen him all day yesterday. and i knew in my heart something terrible had happened. >> but what? well, there's the puzzle. does anybody know, even now? strange goings-on at mark stover's place. the dogs are restless. and neighbors are about to find out why. >> it took my breath away. mark stover was a bit like n arthritis pain gel, the first and only full prescription strength >> there was three blood spots. >> when "dateline" continues. and you could be in for a tasty discount. [ clicks pen] let's roll.
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keith morrison: mark stover was a bit like one of his well trained dogs. heasofabit. always on time, never missed an appointment, in bed early, up with the sun. and every wednesday, mark hit the road for the hour mark stover was a bit like one of his well-trained dogs. he was a creature of habit. never missed an appointment. in bed early. up with the sun. and every wednesday mark hit the road for the hour-and-a-half drive south to seattle for sessions with his loyal clients, a schedule which employees amber -- >> we used to always joke that he was up, he beat the rooster out of bed. >> and beth -- >> he was usually on the road by 7:00. >> and stephanie -- >> he had his breakfast and beat >> woke up to barking dogs. it was, she thinks, about 6:00 a.m. >> and the kennel dogs were very, very upset. it was a huge ruckus next door.
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>> occasionally, that sort of thing would happen. >> very seldom. very seldom to that extent. >> then, 8:00 a.m., amber arrived at the kennels. and still the dogs were upset. >> they would not settle in that morning. >> odd. then someone told her mark was still around. he mustn't have left yet for seattle. >> and i thought that was strange because he was supposed to be gone over an hour prior. >> she walked to the house where mark made a habit of leaving the carport door unlocked so the employees could use the bathroom. >> and i noticed a little bit of blood in the driveway. i was afraid that his dog had opened her stitches because she'd had surgery. >> mark's dog, ding, wasn't just any pet. she was a highly skilled protection dog. a lot of blood, a little blood? >> a little blood. >> but noticeable.
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>> noticeable. and i proceeded towards the house and tried to go through the back door, and it was locked, which was very, very odd. >> then not long after, stephanie arrived and noticed perhaps a hundred yards from where she stood down in the field mark's station wagon was backed up to the carport area of his house. >> i was kind of surprised that it was parked where it was parked because it was never parked there. it was really hard to get it into that position to begin with. >> anyway, why hadn't he left for seattle? it was then she noticed, must be mark up at the house. >> someone who had mark's hat on, you know, which i thought was mark, was bringing something big into the back of the car. >> big, big, big? >> it looked like to me. so i was thinking he was carrying ding and putting her in the back of the car. >> ding, who, remember, was recovering from surgery. >> and then he went to get into his car. he was wearing mark's hat, mark's coat.
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and closed the car door and then proceeded to like scream down the driveway which mark would never have done. >> did you call out to him or wave? >> i waved and i went, "ugh, i hope that's mark." >> i hope that's mark? well, of course, it must have been, stephanie thought, rushing and bleeding ding to the vet. about 20 minutes later, stephanie walked up to the house to use the bathroom. this time the tort was unlocked. about this was weird. >> before i even got to the door, there was this immense smell of bleach. >> bleach? >> yeah, like it took my breath away. >> and inside the house? >> there was three wet, what looked like blood spots in the hallway that had, obviously, been just cleaned, and they were still drying. >> perhaps ding had bled on the carpet and mark had cleaned it up? but why would he take the time? >> he wouldn't stop and spend half an hour cleaning. his main thing would be getting
11:17 pm
ding to the vet, then getting to his appointments. >> but other than those wet spots, everything else appeared to be the way mark would have left it. >> i was looking for bloody towels. i was looking for bloody paper towels. the bathroom was immaculate. there was absolutely nothing in the washing machine. there was nothing in the tub. >> stephanie wasn't sure what was going on, but it all felt kind of creepy. >> my thoughts were, well, that was freaky. and i got out of there, and i didn't go back up to the house the rest of the day. >> you went on with the day? >> mm-hmm. >> but a strange day it was. and as the hours ticked by, there was no word from mark. no one could reach him by phone. >> it was very odd that we had not talked to him. it was very strange. >> the following morning, october 29th, still no sign of mark, no word from him at all. again, stephanie went up toward his house. >> and i looked up and there stood ding by the back door.
11:18 pm
and she was obviously hurt. she was growling. and so i started talking to her nicely thinking, oh, my god, what is she doing here and what's going on? and i backed down the driveway. >> at about the same time the phone rang in the kennel. it was mark's fiancee, teresa. >> when they told me ding was out, there was blood. ding is never out, ever. she is either in the house or she's with mark. she's not just out barking at people. >> no mark. injured dog. teresa, frantic now, called the skagit county sheriff's department. >> all of those circumstances were very suspicious. >> this is detective dan luvera. >> oh, i immediately thought foul play. this is huge. there's more to the story, and there definitely was. more to the story? yes, there apparently was. starting with a secret history, stories of a marriage's ugly
11:19 pm
aftermath. >> she had been calling key clients and saying really horrible things about him to damage the business. >> when "dateline" continues." ins you've got the looks♪ ♪let's make lots of money♪ ♪you've got the brawn♪ ♪i've got the brains♪ ♪let's make lots of♪ ♪uh uh uh♪ ♪oohhh there's a lot of opportunities♪ with allstate, drivers who switched saved over $700. saving is easy when you're in good hands. allstate click or call to switch today. you're clearly someone who takes care of yourself. so why wait to screen for colon cancer? because when caught in early stages, it's more treatable.
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i'm on it. it was evening, october 29, keith morrison: it was evening, october 29, 2009, the day
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2009, the day after mark stover disappeared. skagit county sheriff's detective dan luvera stood in the dark and looked it was evening, october 29th, the day after mark stover disappeared. >> there's a little bit of blood here and there. >> of course, marks protection, dog thing, was clearly injured. that could explain those bits of blood. but in here, earlier that day, just inside the car port door the investigation team had knocked back by an overwhelming order of bleach. and here in the bathroom off the whole, they found clorox bottles. looked like someone tried to wash away evidence. this had to be more than just an injured dog. mark stover's employees told about the strange events the previous morning. the barking dogs, the odd business of the locked carport door, the man wearing mark's
11:24 pm
clothes, roaring down the driveway in mark's white chevy station wagon. mark never drove that fast. it didn't look good. the policemen poked around, sniffed, measured. and still no mark stover. the evidence, even without a body, seemed clear. this was homicide. so by now, a couple of days after mark's disappearance, his employees were shifting from puzzled to shocked to grief-stricken. >> mark took a role in my life like a surrogate father. and i truly loved mark as a parent and a friend and a family member. >> sometimes the clues in a mystery such as this can be very personal, more about relationships than fingerprints or dna, as detective luvera knew full well. and in the days after mark stover's disappearance, the detective repeatedly encountered a disturbing story.
11:25 pm
these former lovers were afraid of each other. what happened to that marriage, the one on the heavenly island? in fact, there was a record, the detective discovered. and it was more hell than heaven. >> well, mark had issues with linda, and linda had issues with mark. >> to put it mildly. here's the story mark's fiancee teresa told the detective. the story, she said, mark told her that linda seemed to be doing her level best to destroy mark's dog training business. >> she had been calling key clients and saying really horrible things about him to damage the business. she called and tried to shut the website down and tried to shut his phones down. >> which is why -- again, this is the story teresa said mark told her -- why he snooped in her garbage one march morning in 2008. this was a three-hour drive from his own house. he went there, said, teresa, to look for a paper trail to prove linda wanted to destroy his
11:26 pm
business. >> you know, divorce is never pleasant. >> right. >> but their's just became very visible and fighting involved the business and -- >> he is afraid of losing it? >> very much so. >> after the garbage incident, linda came up with a whole slew of accusations, that mark had been harassing her ever since she left him. a domestic violence protection order was issued against mark in april 2008. mark was later charged with criminal stalking. he swore up and down that many of the allegations were not true, but he was caught going through her garbage. he eventually took what's known as an alford plea, which means he agreed to plead guilty conceding a judge or jury would probably convict him. even though, he claimed he didn't do it. much of it, anyway. but here was the deal, and this was important, as part of that arrangement, mark was ordered to give up his guns. for most people that might be easy. but for mark? he had dozens of guns.
11:27 pm
he loved his guns. >> it was a passion for him. he loved his hunting. >> no guns. no contact with linda. and mark agreed. here's what teresa says mark told her. >> this will make it all stop. >> in other words, he was telling you, i'm going to let her win? >> he said that was important that she needed to win. >> was he afraid of her? >> oh, yes. >> still, after that, things seemed to settle down. mark's business thrived in its new location here in anacortes. he continued to service his clients in seattle. and of course, by then, he had found teresa. but then, in the summer of 2009, two strange 911 calls came into the skagit county sheriff's office. an anonymous male caller claimed mark stover was transporting drugs in his car. >> there's a crime that is going to take place in the morning. >> police pulled mark over,
11:28 pm
found a small amount of marijuana and cocaine underneath the car. but he was not arrested. mark told police he believed he was being set up. those were not his drugs. mark wasn't charged with any crime. but he was terrified? >> he was terrified that someone was trying to set him up to be charged with transportation of these drugs and facing jail time or prison time or both. >> not long after that drug incident, mark opened up to a longtime client. told her, she said, that he was convinced his days were numbered. >> he totally shocked me by saying how every time he leaves his house in the morning he checks under his car to make sure there's nothing like a bomb. he was a shaken man. >> and then about a month later, she said, he called her on the phone, frantic. >> it was just breaking him. just totally breaking him. because he knew that he wasn't
11:29 pm
going to survive. he knew it. >> wow. >> he knew his life was over. he just knew it. and that there was nothing he could do about it. >> as detective luvera talked to friends and dog owning clients, he heard all about mark's fears those last few months. >> he kept on pointing the finger at linda. but again, there was no evidence to prove that or suggest that, i guess. but he was concerned, and he had this feeling that something terrible was going to happen. >> what did he tell you about linda? >> he told me that "she will not rest until i'm dead." >> and it wasn't just linda mark fretted about. he told friends he was afraid of her father, too. why was he afraid of them? >> what i can say is often he would comment that they always win and they always get the last word.
11:30 pm
>> and so according to his friends, mark stover spent the late summer and early fall of 2009 in a state of mortal fear. even escaped, secretly, to montana, says teresa. >> he would only use cash. he would call me from pay phones. he was very worried, and he even called me and said, you know, if things happen, this is what i want you to do. and, i said, "mark, how will i know if something happens to you? " and he said, "you'll know." >> and now, of course, she did. now everyone knew something happened to the dog trainer to the stars. and they might never have known more than just that, a mystery unsolved, except for the strange events in a remote parking lot and two sharp-eyed women who now had a story to tell. >> he's bent over and he has his arms around a big roll of clear plastic and my brain goes, there's a body.
11:31 pm
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keith morrison: murder investigations for a great low rate, and nearly 60 years are the top of the craft in the police business, top of the craft in the police business. mostly because they can be tortuous. it can take years to pry loose a single useful lead. but on the day mark stover disappeared, two women saw something that didn't belong and called it in.
11:35 pm
>> they were a huge part of starting this whole process. >> just a few hours after the employees at mark's house watched his car drive away -- >> i pulled forward and there's two vehicles behind the chain. >> tami gilden and her mother, sharon larson, called the sheriff's department to complain that someone was trespassing in the locked parking lot of a grange hall just a half mile from mark's house. in fact, they said, they saw two cars. one i.d.'d by the license number was mark's white chevy station wagon. parked back to back, said the ladies, with a black suzuki suv. and they saw someone moving something between the cars. >> and he's bent over, and he has his arms around a big roll of, you know, clear plastic. and my brain goes, there's a body. oh tami, no, there's not a body. you've been reading too many good murder mysteries. >> the man transferring the plastic and whatever was in it drove off in his suv, the ladies reported, leaving mark stover's station wagon behind.
11:36 pm
the sheriff's dispatcher sent a deputy to have a look. and sure enough, the deputy found mark's car inside the apparently locked parking lot, behind this chain. except the lot wasn't exactly locked anymore. >> when the deputy looked closer to the chain link, he discovered that one of the links had been cut and that link was placed and attached to the other links making it appear that it was intact. >> and then, this was pure chance, really. the deputy spotted the suv just down the road and pulled it over, peered around the driver into the back of the suv. >> there was a lot of stuff in the back of his car. it appeared to be camping type stuff or tarps and plastic type stuff. >> the man identified himself as michiel oakes. lived a good five hours away. worked in internet sales, consulting, a bit of writing. denied ever being behind the grange.
11:37 pm
his word against the ladies'. the deputy let him go. >> the deputy just gave him a warning, said, don't go back there, you know, go on your way. >> it was just a minor trespassing incident, after all. but now, a day later, it didn't seem so minor. time to find both cars. the dog trainer's car was no longer at the grange hall. but an alert detective noticed it here in the parking lot of the northern lights casino, three miles from the place where the ladies had seen it. it looked like blood on the back of the car. and when investigators ordered up the casino's surveillance video, she they saw this. 6:21 p.m. october 28th. perhaps seven hours after the ladies saw the car at the grange. here was someone mark's car onto the casino parking lot. whoever it was abandoned it. and now, dan luvera's investigation was moving very quickly. >> immediately started trying to find out who this michiel
11:38 pm
oakes guy was that was seen behind the grange by the two witnesses. >> once police had michiel oakes'i.d., they discovered he was spending time with linda opdycke, mark's ex-wife. so now two officers from the okanagan county sheriff's department paid a visit at linda's house, here in winthrop, washington. and sure enough, there was michiel oakes'suv in her driveway. once in the house, the officers asked to speak to oakes. he agreed. but then he said he needed to find his pills. >> he became agitated or frustrated. kept on asking for his medication. and the chief, not knowing if michiel was having is some sort of medical issue, allowed him to look around for his medication. >> and while supposedly hunting for pills -- >> michiel then secretly snuck out to the basement area of the house and went to his vehicle. it just so happened that the sergeant was standing on the deck above the driveway and observed michiel oakes walking outside to the driveway.
11:39 pm
>> oakes, apparently not aware he was being watched, took a white bag out of his car, said the officer -- and tossed it over a 20-foot embankment outside linda's house. >> he immediately questioned michiel about what he threw over the embankment. michiel said it was garbage. >> garbage? >> garbage. >> but they went to retrieve that bag of garbage. what was actually in it? >> it was a gun. >> inside michiel oakes'"garbage" was a.22 caliber browning pistol. also in the bag, a bloody swatch of carpet and an overwhelming odor of bleach. and then here's what they found inside linda's house. bizarre. >> oh, there was all sorts of ammunition and guns, firearms on magnets behind tapestries, firearms in drawers. loaded guns all over this house. >> including semiautomatic weapons and big-time stuff? >> yes.
11:40 pm
big-time stuff, yeah. >> why? was an explanation provided for this? >> no. >> before police left linda opdycke's house here in winthrop, he arrested michiel oakes on suspicion of murder. and back in western washington, a local buzz began to grow. if michiel oakes did kill mark stover, was someone else involved somehow? buzz is discouraged, however, in police work in favor of actual evidence, which in this case arrived in a phone call to police from her. michiel oakes, it turned out, had an ex-wife who volunteered a remarkable story about disturbing visits and puzzling messages from mr. oakes. what did that say to you? >> it says a lot to me. >> it was the ex. didn't she want him back? >> he was just sitting there but frenzied.
11:41 pm
just stressed out and he just seemed very agitated. and he mentioned that he may be in trouble. >> i think she had a vendetta against him, because he was the acts. did she want him back? >> yeah. >> as one person opens, up another goes suspiciously silent. both detectives get attention. >> what did you think? >> i thought, wow huge red flags. >> when dateline continues. line continues wow no braces, everything's hands free i wasn't so lucky invis is not your parents' braces invis is faster than braces and the clear aligner brand most trusted by doctors. invisalign. sometimes the worst thing a
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person can do is try to influence his own fate. as michael oakes sat in the back of a police car, sometimes the worst thing a person can do is try to influence his own fate. as michiel oakes sat in back of a police car under arrest on suspicion of the murder of dog whisperer mark stover, he was given an unusual opportunity. he was allowed to make several calls from his cell phone. he decided, for reasons of his own, to place one of them to a woman named jennifer thompson, his ex-wife. why? well, we can only speculate that the result of that call may have been the very opposite of what he intended. here's what happened. not long after oakes phoned her from the police car, jennifer placed a call of her own to the county jail. she asked to speak to an investigator. and not long after that call, this was the story she told in an audio taped interview. on october 24, 2009, four days before mark stover disappeared,
11:46 pm
michiel oakes stopped in to see her at her place in western washington, not too many miles from the stover kennels and talked to her about a job he was supposed to do. >> he didn't give me a lot of specifics, he just said he was here on a job, side job. said there was risks involved, possible injury to himself. that it was fairly dangerous. >> at which point he left for a few hour, then contacted her again. >> he texted me and said job failed. i'm okay. no pay, though. >> no pay? >> no pay. >> what did that say to you? >> it says a lot to me. it says that -- >> somebody's paying him. >> somebody is paying him, somebody has hired him. >> does that sound like michiel oakes was a hired killer? well, wait. there's more.
11:47 pm
jennifer told the police that after michiel left on the 24th he told her in an e-mail he'd be back in the area later that week. and sure enough, on oct. 28th, not long after that deputy pulled him over to investigate the trespassing incident, oakes called again, said jennifer. came to meet her. he asked her to drive to a spot near the water, she said, where they could talk. >> yeah, because he was just sitting there in a frenzy just stressed out. he just seemed very agitated. and he mentioned that he may be in trouble. >> and then another reference to a job, a job gone bad. >> he said, well, i made an error doing the job. i made an error. and when i realized the error, i tried to get out of there. but when i was getting out of there, two old biddies saw me. i said why is this a problem? and he said well now, when the [bleep] hits the fan in the next 24 to 48 hours, they have
11:48 pm
my name. there's a 50-50 shot of getting questioned. if he gets questioned he's guaranteed a trial and if he gets a trial there is no one that's gonna stick up for him and he's pretty much going to prison and he said looking at felony 10 to 15 years. >> so big trouble, he told jennifer. there was evasive action to take, work to be done. >> he was really concerned about getting pulled over with the things in his vehicle. um, he wanted to get them home and get them sterilized. and he said if anyone sees this now, i'm going in right away. >> going in, meaning he would be arrested right away he felt? >> right. >> and if all that wasn't incriminating enough, here was the capper. jennifer told police the story of how their marriage fell apart. it happened in spring of 2008, said jennifer. then-husband michiel told her about a phone call from someone named john. >> he told me that there was a potential job coming up that he
11:49 pm
was interested in taking. about a woman and an ex-spouse that was harassing her. the father of the woman was initiating the job. >> a father with a daughter named linda, and it seems there was a plan in store for linda's ex-husband. >> that they would basically use linda as sort of bait to lure the, um, ex-spouse toward her, and then they would -- they were to show signs of hurting her, killing her, then they would take him out. >> okay. and by taking him out, you meant -- or you understood that to be they would kill him? >> linda and her father? could that be wally and linda opdycke, the police wondered? mark stover's ex-father-in-law and ex-wife plotting to kill him? it was a wild story jennifer told and, of course, horrifying,
11:50 pm
given what seemed to have happened. jennifer said she told michiel back then, don't do it. walk away. but he wouldn't listen. and that's when things started going bad. >> well, jennifer and michiel's marriage started to unravel because michiel had considered taking this job. and jennifer knew that this was a kill for hire, and she didn't want to have any part of it. >> and thus didn't want to be married to a guy who was going to do such a thing? >> exactly, yeah. >> but, remember, awful though it sounded, this was an ex-wife's story. and all due respect to jennifer -- maybe she just had a vendetta against him because, after all, he was the ex. didn't she want him back desperately? he wouldn't come back? >> yeah, she still had feelings for him. >> so maybe she would just want
11:51 pm
to get him? >> no. jennifer was very well spoken, very articulate, very believable. she was a type of woman that you would want to take home to your mom and dad. she was just very sweet. >> of course, for dan luvera and his team of investigators, this was all pure gold. or so you'd assume, wouldn't you? >> coming up. turns out there was a very different side to the story. a twisted surprise. >> yeah. >> when dateline continues. continues called tardive dyskinesia - td. and it can seem like that's all people see. some meds for mental health can cause abnormal dopamine signaling in the brain. while how it works is not fully understood, ingrezza is thought to reduce that signaling. ingrezza is a prescription medicine used to treat adults with td movements in the face and body. people taking ingrezza can stay on their current dose of most mental health meds. don't take ingrezza if you're allergic
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11:53 pm
trusted by pet owners for over 20 years frontline® plus is the #1 name in flea and tick protection. with frontline, you and your pet can go anywhere... ♪♪ no matter how you define it. frontline®. here. there. everywhere. jennifer thompson had just told
11:54 pm
[train whistle] no matter how you define it. police a story that, if she was telling the truth, would seem to implicate her ex-husband in the murder of mark stover. detective dan luvera thought her story sounded believable, but in his line of work, that's rarely enough. assumptions are not the same thing as evidence. detectives thought had her story sounded believable, but in his line of work, that's
11:55 pm
rarely enough. the assumptions are not the same thing as evidence. and we didn't have any evidence to support that they are directly involved other than what jennifer thompson told us. >> why not just call them in and ask them? >> they wouldn't talk to us. we got a letter and a phone call from wally's attorney immediately after michiel oakes'arrest, stating that wally opdycke would not talk to us. >> well, had you asked him by then? >> no, we have not even requested to interview wally. we hadn't even called him. >> what did you think? >> well, i thought, wow, huge red flags. i thought, wow, this guy, we haven't even asked to talk to him and he already has an attorney. and the attorney is already contacting us telling us not to contact wally opdycke? it was crazy. same with linda. she hired an attorney right away. >> linda invoked her fifth amendment right to remain silent. a judge ultimately ordered her to sit for a deposition. still didn't say anything. >> pretty much every question
11:56 pm
we asked her she took the fifth on. >> so there was one defendant in the murder of mark stover. michiel oakes. but he certainly didn't look the part of a hired killer. all 5'6" of him. soft spoken, understated, articulate. father of four, grandfather of one. >> yeah, he is not your hollywood casting for hitman. >> but cast as defense attorney? seattle's colorful and irrepressible john henry browne. >> he's a really kind, compassionate, loving guy. >> could anyone believe what happened next? the accused murderer released on bond? the question, was there even a murder? and the other question, who was the real villain anyway? turns out there was a very
11:57 pm
different side to this story. you wanted to provide a little twist, a surprise? >> yeah. >> and boy, would he. >> john henry browne settled into a local hotel and set to work deconstructing the prevailing public view of defendant michiel oakes. here in court, browne sucked up the attention. >> and i would suggest counsel come to trial, and she'll find out. >> naturally flamboyant. >> i don't think i have a dog in this fight. >> while the client seemed to disappear into the woodwork behind him. a client who, said john henry browne, was not at all the villain the prosecution seemed determined to portray. >> what we have is a man who has on his own raised, very successfully, four children. >> it became, shall we say, a theme. michiel oakes, single father of four, grandfather of one. well-spoken, mild-mannered. but certainly not any ordinary salesman or consultant. oakes, browne admitted, is a recognized expert in close quarters combat, knows firearms
11:58 pm
so well he's written numerous articles for gun magazines, has even trained police s.w.a.t. teams. but has no criminal record and, insisted browne, he isn't a murderer. still, he must have done something to mark stover. didn't he? well, here's where it all began to get tricky. if stover was really dead, said john henry browne, and if the prosecution could prove oakes killed him, then, and only then oakes might provide an explanation. through the legal fog a little hint came popping out. the prosecution had already indicated it would introduce into evidence a bulletproof vest found in michiel oakes'suv. now attorney browne seemed to be suggesting that vest would be important to any claim the defense might decide to make. >> just to make things clear, your honor, it's not just a vest. it's a bullet that was found in the vest. >> and then the defendant tells his story to "dateline." even before he had does in
11:59 pm
court. >> mark was a domestic violence terrorist. >> and then the defendant tells a story to dateline. even before he had in court. when dateline continues. en dateline continues. called tardive dyskinesia - td. and it can seem like that's all people see. some meds for mental health can cause abnormal dopamine signaling in the brain. while how it works is not fully understood, ingrezza is thought to reduce that signaling. ingrezza is a prescription medicine used to treat adults with td movements in the face and body. people taking ingrezza can stay on their current dose of most mental health meds. don't take ingrezza if you're allergic to any of its ingredients. ingrezza may cause serious side effects, including sleepiness. don't drive, operate heavy machinery, or do other dangerous activities until you know how ingrezza affects you.
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other serious side effects include potential heart rhythm problems and abnormal movements. shift the focus more on you. ask your doctor about ingrezza. it's simple. one pill, once-daily. #1 prescribed for td. learn how you could pay as little as $0 at
12:01 am
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12:02 am
keith morrison: september 2010, michiel oakes was set to stand trial for the murder of his girlfriend's september 2010. michael oakes was set to stand trial for the murder of his girlfriend's ex-husband stover. no one really knew where things were headed here in september 2010 as trial began. even john henry browne quite deliberately broke one of his own cardinal rules. he decided not to make an opening statement to the jury. >> i have what i call my famous ten rules of trial, and i think it's rule number three is never, never, never, ever waive an opening statement. that's a rule. >> good morning, everybody. >> but this time?
12:03 am
this time the defense would lie in wait while the prosecution made its case that michiel oakes was a first-degree murderer. here's how their story began. with this video. a security camera about 5:30 a.m., the mt. vernon walmart. there's michiel oakes. it's the morning mark stover disappeared. receipts found in oakes'car showed he'd purchased ankle weights, anchor line, shin guards, camouflage clothes. also found in his car, that bulletproof vest. prosecutors argued oakes arrived at stover's house a little later that morning. mark's employees were called to testify about what they saw and heard. >> i was awoken by the dogs in the barn next door. >> they saw the spots of blood, smelled the bleach, saw mark's car racing down the driveway. >> both back ends were open to each other. >> and then the trespassing incident at the grange hall near mark stover's house as called in by those two concerned women, now witnesses. >> there was a guy standing between the vehicles, and he had a big huge wad of plastic.
12:04 am
a big roll of plastic. >> that someone, michiel oakes, as identified by his license plate. and that wad of plastic? the suggestion was, of course, that it shrouded mark stover's body. and remember, there was a chain behind the grange that appeared to have been cut that morning. and here were receipts, found in oakes'car, showing he bought and later returned a bolt cutter from a lowe's hardware store the day mark stover disappeared. a state dna expert testified mark stover's blood was found in the back of his car and in the back of defendant oakes'suv. >> are you aware that mr. oakes purchased a.22-caliber pistol at your store? >> i am. >> this former hardware store manager testified he sold michiel oakes that.22-caliber browning. he'd been interested in it for a very specific reason. >> he told me, well, i have a barrel that i can interchange
12:05 am
on that that has a threaded end that i can put a suppressor on. >> silencer, that is. then an expert matched bullet casings found outside stover's house to michiel oakes'gun. >> i was able to identify all three fired cartridges as have been been fired from the browning pistol. >> proof that michiel oakes'gun was fired at mark stover's house where dna showed more of mark's blood was found. blood but no body. to try to answer the question of what michiel oakes might have done with mark's body, prosecutors presented this surveillance video. shortly after 12:00 noon, october 28th, the day stover disappeared, an suv -- looked like michiel oakes'suzuki --
12:06 am
slowly cruising by the waterfront casino three miles from the grange. >> here is the dark-colored suv. >> detective dan luvera testified that the vehicle spent about 16 minutes back there by the casino out of range of the camera on a road that leads to this channel. open water. and this dilapidated dock. later, detectives and divers searched, but -- didn't find a darn thing. >> didn't find a darn thing. >> then, of course, there was one other key witness for the prosecution. jennifer thompson, michiel oakes'ex-wife. remember, she claimed that michiel oakes told her he'd been offered a job to take out an ex-husband, that he'd been asked by a father of someone named linda. that jennifer was convinced that meant this was a killing for hire. but because that alleged conversation took place when jennifer and michiel oakes were married, that made it privileged. couldn't be used in court. the prosecution would have to
12:07 am
make do with just part of jennifer's story. the judge would not allow her face to be filmed in court as she told the jury about her visit from michiel just days before mark stover disappeared, when he talked about a job he was supposed to do. and then there was her meeting with him on the 28th of october not long after that trespassing incident when the police officer pulled him over. jennifer said he looked a little frumpy, and what was that on his jeans? >> there was a rusty reddish stain on his right knee. to me it looked like blood. i just said, "it looks like you have a dirty knee there." and he took his finger and he touched it. and he said, "yeah." >> but most startling in jennifer's testimony, all those things she claims he said, that he was doing a job and something went wrong. that he wanted to sterilize his car and his fears about what would happen if the cops questioned him. >> something that was not planned. and he said, if there is a trial, it's not going to be good. >> all very methodically, the
12:08 am
prosecution appeared to have cornered michiel oakes. seemed to have met a certain burden of proof. and no one had a clue what oakes or his attorney would do or say to respond. oh, but john henry browne knew exactly how he'd respond. and it was a bombshell he had in store. >> we wanted to be the people who brought light into this case. >> you wanted to provide a little twist, a turn, a surprise? >> yeah. >> good morning. be seated, ladies and gentlemen. the defense team is reserving their opening statement. >> experienced observers here in the mt. vernon courthouse were puzzled. what was the defense attorney john henry browne up to? coming up -- >> we put them through the task of putting on a lot of evidence and it was just kind of boring them.
12:09 am
so we wanted to be the people who brought light into this case. >> so what was the light in this case? the secret twist. when "dateline" continues. turns out you were right about the general. they're actually a quality insurance company. let's get out of here. five more minutes, my skunk is almost done. for a great low rate, and nearly 60 years of quality coverage, go with the general. ♪♪ oooh, that's a low price. ♪♪ ooh, that's a low price. huh. that is a low price. what's a low price? ahh, that's a low price. can you let me shop? hmm, that's a low price. i can get you a new one tomorrow. at amazon, anytime is a good time to save. when it comes to laundry, everyone thinks their way is the right way.w one tomorrow. i wash on delicate. i just stuff everything in. you have to wash on cold, because it saves energy. the secret is, tide pods work no matter how you wash.
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12:12 am
as the prosecution put on its case against michiel oakes, case, rolled out chapter and verse of the evidence pointing to oaks is the murder of dog whisper marks dover. brown said practically nothing. why? . >> strategy said john henry brown. >> we put him today test of putting on a lot of evidence and it was just kind of boring. so we wanted to be the people who broadly into this. case >> so it was the lay in this case? the secret? twist >> evidence shows and demonstrates behind a shadow of a doubt, for any reasonable person, that marks dover was a domestic violence terrorist. >> terrorist? >> the villain was not his client, michael oakes, but the
12:13 am
victim, marks dover. remember, mark's friends in clients and nothing but good to stay about him. but w that oaks attorneys would use whatever evidence they could to paint the dog trainer as a threatening, gun loving predator. someone michael oakes would have feared. in here, the real work of the defense began. they focus to a large degree on silver's behavior, with his ex-wife. linda opdycke, said brown was stalking harassed for years. after leaving silver. it wasn't just the incident in which are ex-husband was caught rummaging through her garbage. he made a habit of showing up at her house, uninvited said brown. exposing himself, appearing in the bathroom after she got out of the shower. pointing a rifle letter through the window. leaving handwritten notes. threatening voice mails.
12:14 am
>> the fact that he goes into linda's house with a 45 and puts it on her pillow and threatens to kill himself or her. the fact that he breaks in your house, the fact that he steals or journal, the fact that he steals or garbage the fact you know all these things are facts. in so when it came time for the defense to finally make its case, councils did the best to drive the allegations home. >> when linda said she wanted to be separated for mark in 2005 he did not take it well. what followed. claim the defense were many examples of bad behavior. mark followed her into a beauty salon. >> marks dover walks in an ounce, he gives a cardinal in the saying he'll never let her go >> mark, showing up at her place, uninvited. >> he grabs her by her shoulders and says he can't let her go. >> apparently spying on her when linda slept with mark's ex-best friend. >> the next morning, linda gets a phone call from mark stover. and then to linda's horror, mark stover begins to describe in graphic detail the intimacy that linda had been sharing the night before.
12:15 am
>> and sitting in his car outside her home. >> she's calling him on the cell phone. she's following her. she's pleading with him to stop it and quit following her. >> that time so the defense, linda called the cops. and he responded according to her, by sending her a form, canceling her health insurance, which was still in his name. controlling, threatening suggested oaks lawyer. >> marks dover has scrawled across the front, next time do not call the cops and the guy that controls your health care. >> and then the defense attorney showed the jury this video, from linda surveillance camera. in the middle of the night, here's a man the defense claims is marks dover, creeping around linda's house. >> what you see is marks dover, walking up the driveway and under her house out of view of the camera. >> but that wasn't all. there is a series of on and
12:16 am
threatening voice mail messages said the defense, many with a similar theme. mark seems strangely obsessed with getting his wedding photos back from linda. just one of many transference of these calls the attorney red. from >> send those staying pictures of the wedding. i know you're into the wedding. you don't give it about me. i don't want anything showing we were married or anything else. >> the defense told the jury that linda's attorney told mark to stop contacting her directly. only go through his office. but of course he keeps contacting her, and contacting her, and contacting her. because marks dover is doggett in the pursuit of his prey. >> pray? >> in interesting word, very deliberately picked by the defense. because now, they would argue that michael oakes, also became pray for mark stover. who claim that a terrified oaks believe something unspeakable would happen if he didn't try to appease linda's ex.
12:17 am
>> i mean, the fact of the matter is, you talk about domestic violence terrorist. the person who's dead here is mark stover. >> yeah. >> he's the one against whom the violence was committed. >> here is something that we've learned in this country haven't we? you don't negotiate with terrorists. michael didn't know that. or michael felt he could negotiate with a terrorist. linda felt she could negotiate with a terrorist. the reality is, you can't negotiate with a terrorist. and mark stover was a domestic violence terrorist. >> mark's friends and clients had now been gathered around the courthouse here in mount vernon, determined to tell the world, anybody who had listened, that those claims are both unfair and untrue. >> most of all these reports that we hear, are filed by her alone in her eyewitness alone and absolutely no one else. so you have to weigh that in it some point to, that it doesn't have that much meat to it. >> i just knew that wasn't true
12:18 am
about him. there was nothing in him that was malicious or vindictive. >> and perhaps to answer them? a surprising an extremely unusual strategy. in mid trial, john henri brown, brought his client to see us, here on the outskirts of little mount vernon. michael oakes, before even talking to the jury, would make his case here. preparation for his own testimony? yes, probably. but also a wild bombshell of a story, and audacious claim. coming up. >> i went and i got shot. and i won. i know that i will not be standing on the side of my children's graves and people aren't going to be patting man the back and saying there's nothing you could've done. >> when dateline continues. continues continues
12:19 am
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12:22 am
it was early evening. it was early evening, thermometer dropping in the gathering dark, when michiel thermometer dropping in the gathering dark when michiel oakes came to talk to us partway through his trial for murder. he came with a message about himself. which he delivered more or less in the following manner. over and over again. >> i'm a single dad. i cook three meals a day for my kids. i bring them to dance. i bring them to school. this has been my life. >> and in case we didn't get
12:23 am
it. >> the lens i look at the world through is really that of a single dad. i'm a nurturer, i'm a father, a very peaceable person. >> i just happen to be a single dad who's kind of in a very unfortunate limelight right now. >> well, yes, charged with first degree murder. so how did he get to this place? the story began, he said, when someone asked him to contact a frightened woman he did not know. that's how he made that first call to linda opdycke. >> she said i'm dealing with a really frightening stalking situation. >> michiel, remember, was a security expert. he trained s.w.a.t. teams in close quarters combat. he offered to help. >> she put in my hands this very thick file including video recordings, audio recordings, police reports, page after page, threatening voice mails. >> linda told him she'd been stalked for years by her ex-husband.
12:24 am
>> get out of the shower and there he is standing in the bathroom with a gun in his hand. and she thought her house was locked. how many of those occasions does it take before you go any room i'm in, any moment, i have to be ready? and that's the scenario that linda lived in for at least two years. >> and then, as he worked out a protection plan for linda, he said, something unexpected happened. >> we really resonated. we really worked well together and connected on a very heart and soul level. >> it was a romance? >> yeah, it definitely became a romance. >> and so michiel, the diminutive single dad and security expert, and linda, the beautiful tall golden-haired daughter of privilege, embarked on a life together, along with his kids. and then one day in late may 2009, said oakes, he was getting into his car in a costco parking lot in a town called kenniwick, washington
12:25 am
when he was confronted by linda's ex, mark stover. >> i was approached by mark stover out of the clear blue. i had never met the gentleman prior to that, never spoken to him before. he did not introduce himself and he -- >> take your time. >> i got up every morning, you know, and took my kids to school. >> right. >> i had my son in grade school. and my daughter in middle school. >> yeah. >> and -- >> it was a long pause while oakes composed himself. >> sorry.
12:26 am
he said he needed me to do something, and he told me what my daughters were wearing that morning to school. and he had to have been there when my girls got out of the car at their schools, two schools. and he said that there was no other choice for me but to do what he wanted or something bad was going to happen to my kids. and he said that he was in a very tight relationship with the cops. and if i -- if as soon as i called, he would know. and he said i was going to do what he wanted. >> which was what? >> he told me i had to get wedding photos, believe it or not, wedding albums, photos,
12:27 am
and i had to get them to him or else. >> what did you say? >> you know, i was -- my head was spinning. i was so much in shock, i didn't say much. i listened to him. i think i nodded several times. i don't remember saying anything. >> but michiel oakes, the security, weapons, and hand-to-hand combat expert, the trainer of police s.w.a.t. teams did feel something, he said. >> for six months of 2009 i lived in a perpetual state of fear. >> too afraid even to call the police. >> i didn't have video proof. i didn't have audio proof. i didn't even have a witness. >> and so, according to michiel, he tried to appease mark stover and looked for the wedding photos. >> i just found the romantic
12:28 am
relationship that i had been seeking my whole life, just putting it together, and in the middle of this i'm supposed to say, hey, i would really love to look at your wedding pictures with your ex who is stalking you and driving you crazy. where would you have those? i would like to look at those. >> wait a minute. you didn't tell her that he had confronted you and asked you for those wedding photos? >> oh, no. oh, no, no, no, no. >> instead, he says, he armed his own daughter, trained her, if anyone comes into the house keep firing until they stop. >> my very first responsibility over and above anything or anyone, anyone, is the safety of my children. >> and then he claimed he agreed to mark stover's demand to meet supposedly to talk about wedding pictures at mark's house october 28th. went there armed with deadly force and wearing a bulletproof
12:29 am
vest and did it, he claimed, only to protect his children from an out of control madman. really? any rational person would know you don't protect your children by taking a gun to somebody's house to meet with them when you think that maybe there will be gunplay. you don't do that if you're a dad. dads don't do that. >> no, keith, you know, what would happen if it was you and you were in this situation based upon that comment? you would be standing right now on the edge of two graves. and you would be looking at it, and all your friends would tell you, it's okay, keith, there's nothing you could have done. well [bleep] that. because there was something i could do, and i had to play pattycake with this guy for six [bleep] months to keep my kids alive. >> and then you went and shot
12:30 am
him? >> i went and i got shot. and i won. so because i won the gunfight, i know that i will not be standing on the side of my children's graves and people aren't going to be patting me on the back and saying, there's nothing you could have done. i did. >> oakes claimed mark stover shot first. thus the claim he now made. it was self-defense. even though no evidence ever surfaced to suggest stover was in possession of any firearm at all or that stover had ever arranged any meeting with oakes. and as for the story that he was a hired gun for the opdyckes, just not true, said michiel oakes. a great many people believe that one or both of the opdyckes are involved. were they involved? >> not at all. >> but of course it was all michiel's story. about a crazed dog whisperer,
12:31 am
threats to his children, all of that fear. i mean, who else says that besides you and what evidence is it that he ever said such a thing? >> said such a thing as? >> that he was threatening your kids. >> well, keith, it's been the problem. i survived that day in october. i was still alive. my life continued on, and we have yet to see if the state is going to finish the job for him or not. and i understand i'm in a bit of a fix. >> do you solemnly affirm the testimony you're about to give in this matter will be the truth, the whole truth -- >> now he'll tell his story to the jury. would they believe it? coming up, the story comes complete with dramatic re-enactments. >> what did you do? >> that was amazingly fast, mr. oakes. is that the way you did that? >> that's how i was trained. >> when "dateline" continues.
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my name is michiel oakes. keith morrison: the task as michiel oakes took >> attack task as michiel oakes took the witness stand, was not going to be easy. and he knew it. he had to admit that he killed dog whisper marks dover, but somehow persuade the jury was only in self-defense. you have heard what he told us. his allegations that stove or confront him, threaten his children. he told the jury about way claimed was stores we are determination to get those wedding photos. oaks version of the deadly events? after a series of meetings about the photos, he demanded oaks come to his house and he obeyed. he drove in the middle of the night across the state to stover house. he admitted buying all the supplies at the local walmart on his way. >> i was very, very concerned
12:36 am
about the possibility of needing to make and on foot escape through the woods from him and his dogs. >> he bought the anchor line in, waits he claimed, to help scale up a nearby water tower, and casey found himself running away from mark's watchdog. and notion guards, they weren't armored to fend off a watchdog, he claimed, but just a gift to his ex-wife jennifer's young son. at 7 am, he testified that he knocked on mark stover door, he said mark ordered him to stand in the hallway bathroom and he obeyed. and then when he told mark he couldn't find any wedding pictures, he got more and more animated and got very close to me and was very angry and very loud. >> and then. >> he came around the corner with a gun in his hand. we tangled an eye guy shot. john henri brown had his client
12:37 am
put on the bullet proof best in show the jury where he claimed happen next. the courtroom show intel. >> mr. stove or is pulled the gun out when he fired at you. >> what do you do. >> that was amazingly fast mr. oakes. is that the way you did the? >> that's how i was trained. >> mark stover we shot with his own gun. >> yes he was. >> so now mark stover, was dead in the hallway of his home and soon after michiel oakes went outside and was confronted by marks dog, ding. >> i shot a couple of times until it stopped coming at me. >> why did he call the police? >> he had said he only cops in his seemed like there was some evidence that that might be true. i didn't think they would believe me at all. >> then he said he wanted to
12:38 am
see is kids before, as he said he'd's assumed to be arrested. then he said he tucked marks gun into his vest pac get, carried the body into the station wagon, put his head on his head and went down the driveway. >> i drove around for a while and just stopped a couple of places and sat there thinking about how the heck can i get to my kids. >> he said he thought maybe he leave marks car in the body behind the hall, but there was a lock chain. so he went and bought the bull cutter return to the grange in those ladies saw him transferring the body to his own car and they called the cops. >> when that police officer pulled you over, was mark stover in the back of your suzuki? >> he. was >> he went to visit ex-wife jennifer, he said, because you wanted to see her two sons. that we never did. nor did he drive to see his own gilder, who he said were in battleground washington, a four hour drive away. >> i realized that i can enjoy to battleground with mark stover in the back of my rick.
12:39 am
>> so instead he said he ditched marks car at the casino, looked around for a place to dump the body. >> there's a dilapidated looking dark thing. and i got my car so close to that is possible and muscled him out and dropped him in the water. >> an area investigators had searched but never found anything. then he said he drove across the state, not to his kids, but to linda's house. though he insisted he did not tell her any of what just happened. he did not tell her what he had done. >> i just said i had a really bad day. >> when the police showed up the next night, he admitted, he did try to throw out some evidence. >> what was your intent? >> i needed one more day. i was trying to not get arrested just yet. >> but of course he was arrested and charged. and now it was prosecutors turn to challenges story. about, for example, that
12:40 am
morning at mark stover. >> did you hear the gun go? have >> you know i don't recall anything. really >> who pulled the? trigger >> i believe it. >> okay. >> was his finger still on the? trigger >> you know, i do not. no >> where were you when you pull the trigger? >> i don't know. >> where was the? billable >> i don't know. >> you are curious enough to look? >> i was very disturbed. >> and despite all those people who testified they were knocked back by the overwhelming smell of bleach. >> i don't recall smelling any beach. >> did using fleet? >> i did not. >> did you attempt to clean up? anything >> no. >> didn't try to erase evidence, he claimed. and as for those on supplies he bought at the walmart? >> so why did you need camouflage? >> if i was going to make my escape through the woods to the water tower, camouflages quite useful for that. >> you would have the camouflage in your backpack, that she would quickly change
12:41 am
into as you ran through the woods? >> no. >> i would change into quickly and then run through the woods. >> but would, this is assuming that mr. stove or is taking the time to notch a shoe. >> i'm very fast. >> and finally, the prosecutor asked, if he was so afraid of marks dover, why not tell someone? >> why go over to his house? >> you never took one step to enlist anyone's aid. >> that is correct. >> and you walked into mark stover house on october 28th? >> i did. and he tried to kill you? >> that is correct. ? and you did nothing before hand to try to avoid that? >> i think i did a lot to try to avoid. >> but the jury made of the story no one knew. but wait. the defense was not quite done. there was one more person. very important to all of this.
12:42 am
who until mid trial, had refused to say one word in public. the woman at the center of it all, linda opdycke. >> would you raise your hand? >> whose long silence was about to end. coming up. in end it would, with a bang. with stories of who she said, was the real mark stover. >> and he had a pistol in his hand and later on the pillow next to my head. i see mark on a hillside behind my house. he's looking through the scope, pointing the rainfall at me. >> when dateline continues. teline continues teline continues with less moderate-to-severe eczema why hide your skin if you can help heal your skin from within. with dupixent adults saw long-lasting, clearer skin
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>> what do you mean by that? miss opdycke, raise your right hand. keith morrison: for months and months, since the murder of mark stover, his ex-wife linda opdycke had maintained absolute public silence. in the face of questions from police and prosecutors, she invoked her fifth amendment right. so this, at the end of michiel oakes' murder trial,
12:46 am
was quite a surprise. linda opdycke, defense witness. i felt this was an important part of the story that i could tell, about a dangerous stalking situation. and if there's any information that i could offer up, i wanted to do so. keith morrison: and as she began, it was clear she was here to join the defense's campaign against victim mark stover's character. would you agree that mark stover was dogged in pursuit of his prey? yes, i would. keith morrison: the defense claimed michiel oakes knew linda opdycke had been stalked by her ex-husband. and that went to his state of mind when he acted in self-defense. so now, linda told the jury some stories she'd earlier told oakes, her claim, for example, that mark appeared in her bedroom one night. and he had a pistol in his hand and laid it on the pillow next to my head and was very disturbed. keith morrison: and another time,
12:47 am
she said, when she looked out her bathroom window-- i see mark on a hillside behind my house. he's looking through the scope, pointing the rifle at me. keith morrison: and once, said linda, long after she left him, after mark agreed to plead guilty to the stalking charge, she visited their abandoned paradise, kiket island, to retrieve some personal things. and she said she found in a cubbyhole in the master bedroom a wedding candle that she'd thrown away during the divorce. i found the wedding candle in there with a .22 bullet casing and a picture of me along with that in the cubbyhole. keith morrison: was it a message, a threat? in her cross-examination, it was pretty clear that prosecutor rosemary kaholokula was deeply skeptical about linda's fears and allegations. no proof at all from michiel's claims. and linda hadn't seen or heard a word from stover in the year and a half before he was killed.
12:48 am
so what was she and oakes so frightened about? the last time that you ever saw mr. stover or heard from mr. stover was at the protection order hearing in april of '08, correct? that is correct. keith morrison: but she certainly saw a lot of michiel oakes. you continued to have romantic feelings, intimate feelings toward mr. oakes and vice versa. yes. and in fact, i think that you said that in our interview last week, is that you loved him, correct? i don't recall if i said that or not, but i do. yes. keith morrison: and hadn't her new lover done her a favor, asked the prosecutor, by getting rid of the ex-husband she accused of causing her so much trouble? the fact is that in this case, you don't have to worry about mr. stover, now do you? it appears to be that case. and in that sense, the defendant helped you out, correct? no. prosecutor kaholokula also asked opdycke about her refusal to answer
12:49 am
certain questions in the case. now, it's correct, isn't it, that throughout the investigation of this case, you've been concerned about your own potential legal liability in this case. yes. and you refused to speak with my office, correct? under legal counsel, yes. keith morrison: and this testimony now in court, suggested the prosecutor, sounded like a woman with an obvious and selfish motive to support michiel oakes' claim of self-defense. isn't it true that if this is a case of self-defense, it gets you off the hook too? what do you mean by that? rosemary kaholokula: you indicated you are concerned about your own potential liability >> you indicated you were concerned about your own potential liability in this case. if a jury were to find that this was self-defense, you wouldn't have any more liability either, would you? >> i have no liability in this case. >> nothing further.
12:50 am
>> and the witness left the stand. "dateline" wanted to talk to linda opdycke, but she did not respond to our interview requests. and as for her father wally opdycke, his lawyer e-mailed this statement. "wallace opdycke had absolutely no involvement or prior knowledge of michiel oakes'murder of mark stover. rumors and innuendo to the contrary are baseless and unfair." >> mark stover was a domestic violence terrorist. >> john henry browne closed with a powerful recitation of his theme, that mark stover was the bad guy. but even so, he said, oakes didn't want or plan to kill him. >> you don't premeditate up just to the point of shooting somebody. you premeditate the entire scenario. and what happened after this tragic event is absurd.
12:51 am
he had absolutely no plan. none. and if there's no plan afterwards, i think it leads you to the conclusion that there was no plan beforehand. >> really? here was the prosecutor's closing. >> i will say this, the more charitable view of motive would be that ms. opdycke and mr. oakes, perhaps they really did fear for their safety for some reason, but the evidence doesn't support it. now, the less charitable view is that the defendant set out on a path of cold, calculated execution. was it because there was some feelings of revenge after this incredibly contentious divorce? was it to prove himself to ms. opdycke for some reason? the fact is we'll never know because the defendant has taken all steps necessary to obscure the truth. and the deceit needs to stop now. thank you. >> up to the jury then, and as
12:52 am
the hours became a day and then two and then three, it seemed perhaps they were having trouble making up their minds. mark stover's loyal friends and clients kept vigil, hoping for conviction, eager to tell whoever would listen that mark was never the abusive villain the defense contended. michiel oakes, his children and extended family were joined by linda opdycke. they waited in a rented waterfront house. and of course, neither they nor anyone knew what drama was coming with the reading of the verdict. >> i understand the jury has reached a verdict. >> yes, we have, your honor. >> coming up -- emotions boil over. when "dateline" continues.
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here it was, nearly one year
12:56 am
after mark stover disappeared, the moment had come, the verdict. the courtroom was packed. on one side mark's supporters, on the other michiel oakes'. his children, his grandchild and his love linda opdycke. all waiting to hear oakes'fate. >> we, the jury, find michiel glenn oakes guilty. >> guilty. not self-defense. murder. the oakes children, the ones michiel claimed that he had been trying to protect when he killed mark stover, cried, screamed, fell apart. as they watched their father taken away in handcuffs. >> all rise, please. >> and then the next month in a more ordered courtroom, the convicted killer stood before
12:57 am
the judge to be sentenced. though first, michiel oakes had a thing or two to say. >> i wish to express the sincere and heartfelt remorse that i carry due to my actions and apologize to all that i've harmed through my poor judgment. first, i would like to apologize to members of mr. stover's family and all those friends and clients who clearly cared so much for him. i also wish to apologize to members of my own family who have cared for me all of my life and who have now sacrificed everything for my legal representation and to enable my bail pending trial. >> but oakes did not withdraw his claim of self-defense. he stuck to his story. and the judge just didn't buy it. >> i believe we're still a long ways from the truth as to what actually happened on october 28th, 2009. >> truth, as the judge told the court, seems elusive still in
12:58 am
the stories of michiel oakes. >> large parts of your story i just flat do not believe and never will. if it was self-defense, why not provide the gun and the body that matches the story and matches the bullet in the vest? because with those simple things, law enforcement would have done an investigation and that probably would have been the end of this story. >> so why did oakes shoot and then kill his lover's ex-husband? the judge floated his own theory. >> how does the knight win the hand of the princess? he goes out and slays the dragon that's chasing the princess. and i think as a starting point here mr. oakes believed he could free ms. opdycke from whatever was in her past, whatever dragons were chasing her and perhaps by doing so would win her hand. >> the judge gave michiel oakes the maximum, 26 1/2 years in
12:59 am
prison. now imagine how things might have been different, if those two women, the biddies, oakes called them, not happened by the grange that morning in october. >> i guess we ended up being the main, you know, characters in this whole drama, i guess. >> two ladies who thought oakes was where he shouldn't be and looked suspicious. they did what anyone would have done, they said, when they called police. though now that they've been thinking about it some -- >> to be honest, i look at it this way - god put us where he wanted us, we saw what he wanted us to see, he protected us from what could have happened. >> but of course a lot did happen. dreadful things. paradise lost. life taken. reputation besmirched by a murderer intent on blaming his victim. he was, said his friends, smart, funny, generous, unfailingly
1:00 am
loyal, ever reliable. he could tame wild beasts with his whisper. not so easy to bring a human heart to heel. heal. hey, alicia. i have no idea who came up with the flaming hot cheeto, but i'm glad we no longer have president cheeto. have a great rest of your sunday. tonight on "the mehdi hasan show," the anniversary of george floyd's death is tuesday but congress isn't ready to pass legislation in his name. what will it take? the january 6 bill may come up in the senate, but will republicans use to filibuster to block it? i'll speak to house majority whip james


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