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tv   Kendis Gibson and Lindsey Reiser Report  MSNBC  June 6, 2021 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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first up, democracy delusion. >> i am not the one trying to undermine american democracy. i'm the one that's trying to save it. >> donald trump is back with his familiar false fraud claims in a 90-minute rant at north carolina gop convention as he marked his return to the electoral battlefield. >> and when you defy him, you get this. republican attendees at georgia's convention making it clear as they drown out governor
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brian kemp during a speech. >> and a disturbing slap in the face is how governor newsom describes the lifting of a 30-year ban on assault rifles there. >> and new jets will get you to europe in just about three europe and one major airline already has 15 of them on order. we're going to dig into the future of air travel a little bit later on this hour. it is sunday, june 6th, i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm lindsey reiser. >> any time i see that i'm like, cool, how much is that? >> this is going to be one for the record books, all across the northeast and parts of the central u.s., d.c. expected to go near record temperatures today in the lower 90s, new york 92, boston 94 degrees today. it is quite a bit different than it was just about a week ago.
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>> it's going to be a scorcher out there. we have a team of reporters and analysts following the latest for you right now. we're going to begin in north carolina where former president donald trump has thrust himself back into the spotlight in one of his first public appearances since he left office. it's also his first stop on his summer rally tour. >> he gave a speech in greenville, north carolina, with the aim of getting republicans elected in 2022. but in a move that surprised no one, the former president instead used his time to spread the big lie, attacked dr. anthony fauci and applaud election audits taking place in various states. ali vitale was there for it all. >> reporter: former president donald trump reviving claims that the election was stolen from him. >> that election will go down as
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the crime of the century and our country is being destroyed by people who perhaps have no right to destroy it. >> reporter: guys, that's not true but that doesn't mean there weren't at least some people in the audience ready and willing to believe it. as the former president got on stage, i saw one person in the back of the room holding a flag with the date of the november 2020 election and the insignia on it saying trump won. voters said they wanted to hear about the 2020 election but also from the former president about his plans for the future. and in this speech he did begin to term his attention to the mid-term election, specifically here for the '2022 senate race. his daughter, laura trump said she would forego a run here and endorsed republican congressman ted bud. another man running for the election was form are governor
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pat mccrory. he sat in the room stone faced and came up to reporters after the event saying he thinks the former president was misled in his endorsement. he's continuing to look in the rear view mirror, reviving conspiracy theories for republicans in washington who would like to solely focus on policy and the ideological road ahead, this is not welcome news. it gives new breath to what congresswoman cheney is saying, this is part of the reason why, the continued stoking of big lie and what happened in the general election. >> for more, let's bring in former illinois congressman and 2020 republican presidential
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candidate joe walsh. we so glad to have you here, especially after all that took place yesterday. if the trump republican party relationship was a movie, are we at the point where they say you had me at hello or i'm not going to be ignored, dan? >> hey, guys, it's good to be with you. look, it's the same old story. i'm struck by this -- five months ago today we had a violent attack on our government. five months ago today there was a violent attempt to overthrow an american election all because of -- incited by donald trump. five months ago we had an insurrection in america directly incited by donald trump. five months later this son of a bitch's hold on the party is
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even stronger than it was then. this is his party period. >> joe, this is a family show. >> and, joe, sorry, not a fan of identify fatal attraction" or "jerry maguire" but we'll let that go. >> lie about election results, attack fauci, call for state audits. this didn't work for him before. do we get a sense that it is working now? >> oh, it's working perfectly for him among republicans. this is what republican voters ant to hear. see, here's the republican party's dilemma. the vast majority of republican party voters love donald trump. they believe the big lie. they believe the election was stolen. they don't believe joe biden won fair and square, they don't believe january 6 was a big deal. the vast majority of republicans, guys, love him. the vast majority of americans
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can't stand him. so that's why the republican party is beholden to him. they're stuck, they're trapped. i mean, they're in a trap that they created for themselves. if donald trump wanted to run for president in 2024, nobody would challenge him. think about that. no credible challenger would challenge him. >> what about liz cheney? she had a few choice words to say about him. let's listen and talk about it. >> i think it's a very real threat and it's an ongoing threat. i think that president donald trump's continued activities demonstrate the falsity of the idea that if we simply ignore him, he'll go away. there are some in my party who are embracing him. there are some who don't want to embrace him, who don't want him to be part of the future of the party of the country, but who think that we can get to that point by simply ignoring him. and i just don't believe that.
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>> she says she's focused on her own primary in wyoming, but would she be a potential contender as a primary challenger to donald trump? >> oh, no, and i love liz cheney. she's four, five years too late. if liz cheney ran for president in 2024, she'd probably get seven or eight votes. look, this notion that there's a battle, and i heard liz cheney say this again the other day, that 2024 will be a battle for the soul of the republican party, that's crazy talk. that battle was years ago. there was a battle. it wasn't much of a battle. donald trump won. that's where the soul of the party is. i think deep down liz cheney knows that. i think deep down liz cheney knows if she has a credible challenger next year, there's no way she can win.
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there's no room in this republican party for joe walsh, no room for luz cheney. >> what about brad raffensperger? these are elected republicans. >> elected republicans, lindsey, who have done their best, unlike liz cheney and me, they've done their best to try to stay loyal to donald trump while still doing their job in upholding their state's constitution. look, it was like mike pence this week. mike pence, former vice president, came out and said -- gave a speech and said donald trump and i don't see eye to eye on january 6th. look, here's the deal. you can't kind of sort of hug donald trump. if you want to succeed in today's republican party and
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brian kemp and raffensperger learned this, you've got to give donald trump a full, enthusiastic, full frontal embrace every day. you can't just kind of hug him. he is the party. he's where -- and i think this is so hard for a lot of folks on tv to understand because i still engage with republican voters every day. they adore what they think trump is. they worship him. and so if you're a republican and you want to succeed, you got to get down on your knees every day and embrace donald trump. and it's going to be that way for a while. >> even mike pence, even after he had that speech, he sent out some fund-raising emails that he stands with trump after all of that. >> former congressman joe walsh, thank you. >> president biden will travel
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to brussels for the nato and u.s. european summit. >> but most eyes are on his long-awaited meeting with vladimir putin next week. this as biden vows in a new op-ed to rally the world's democracy and confront the activities of russia and china. heidi, high stakes, we can't say it enough. >> reporter: the president's first foreign trip is always a statement. it's a statement of who my friends are and what my values are. this is no different. it's not surprising that the president is going to europe, but what is so notable about this trip and the message he is trying to convey in this op-ed is he sees an existential threat to democracy itself. he references this repeatedly in the op-ed. we've heard this message here at home quite a bit. this is the first time he'll be
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doing this on an international stage. he said this is a defining question of our time. can democracies come together to deliver real results for our people. underpinning all of this is we have significantly frayed relationships with our key allies in europe after president donald trump's presidency. this is the site where we saw a lot of this imagery about those frayed relationships. for instance, when president macron and president donald trump had that strained hand shake, when president trump was standing physically separate from our allies. so job number one here from president biden is to say, look, i took the first step here, i rejoined a lot of these multi-lateral institutions that president donald trump withdrew us from, like the paris climb climate accord, but more narrowly, this president's focus is going to be that meeting with
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president vladimir putin. we are seeing these ransomware attacks by russian cyber gangs escalate. these attempts are trying to hit every single critical infrastructure industry that we have in this country. we've seen it hit meat processing plants. we've seen it hit the pipeline. we know they've tried to get into our voting registration systems, our transportation grid is vulnerable. while the president ordered the federal government to baton the hatches here, he cannot do that with the private sectors and we have many vulnerabilities. so the president will go there, try to make the attempt but a lot of skepticism that vladimir putin will be responsive on that and then there will be a time of choosing for immediately i don't know whether he decides to order an offensive using our military
4:14 am
against these russian gangs. what vladimir putin says, it's highly unlikely these gangs could be operating in russia without at least his knowledge or just turning a blind eye to it. >> the russians say they plan to talk about the january 6th riots, protecting the rioters. >> sandy hook and most recently a grocery store in boulder, colorado. the deadly shooting for four mass shootings, an assault rifle. >> we break down the ruling and what gun reform activists plan to do next. activists plan to do next there was nothing i could do.
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the democrats are vowing to fight back against a federal judge's decision to overturn
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california's long-time ban on assault rifles. judge robert benitez strug down the ban saying it's unconstitutional. he wrote "like the swiss army knife, the popular ar-15 rifle is a perfect combination of home defense weapon and homeland defense equipment." >> reporter: good morning. the governor in california immediately reacting against this ruling. we know that governor newsom had been an advocate of gun control even before becoming governor. he issued a statement after the ruling saying this decision is a direct threat to public safety and the lives of innocent call -- californians period. the fact that he compared a weapon of war to a swiss army knife undermines this decision and it's a slap in the face to families who have lost loved
4:20 am
ones to this weapon. the governor continues by saying they will fight against this ruling. in california there has been strong support by the voters for gun control. in fact, over four years ago they did pass a law that prohibits the sale of high-capacity magazines in california. the group, the gun advocate group that filed this lawsuit initially wanted to be able to purchase these high capacity magazines to use in their legal weapons, which would classify them as assault weapons, and this is why the entire legal process began. they have stated that they will continue the legal battle, even if an appeal happens. meanwhile, the judge give the state of california 30 days to file an appeal. the attorney general has spoken against the ruling just like the governor by saying the decision is fundamentally flawed and we will be appealing it. he said there is no sound basis
4:21 am
in law, fact or common sense for equating assault rifles with swiss army knives. the group saying they expect to take this to the supreme court if necessary. >> thanks for laying it all out for us. for more on what this ruling means for the state and the rest of the country, we're joined by adam skags, chief counsel at the gifford law center. how are you guys reacting to this? when you first heard the judge as ruling and some of the details of it, what did you think? >> well, we thought it was a terrible decision, we thought it was wrong and we thought it was a significant threat to public safety. certainly agree with governor newson and attorney general banta that comparing the assault rifles at issue in the case with
4:22 am
the swiss army knife is absurd on its face and is offensive to the families who have lost their loved ones, whether you're talking about shoppers in bolder, colorado, students and teachers in sandy hook, and the list goes on and on. if those were attacks by swiss army knife, there will be a lot more people alive today. >> the guy who killed four people at the gilroy garlic festival who bought the gun in nevada and crossed over state lines and opened fire in california, how effective was this assault weapons ban anyway? >> i would push back against that a little bit. there are states across this country that include about a quarter of the population that have had restricted access to these weapons and they've seen fewer mass shootings and these
4:23 am
weapons have become the weapon of choice for mass shooters. but coast to coast we've seen states that have hool these weapons pose to the public and the increased casualties in mass shootings perpetrated with these weapons. certainly no with one would suggest any particular law is effective 100% of the time and if they're readily available across state lines that can be a challenge for law enforcement and those committed to keeping communities safe. but certainly i think the. the reason we might race to the bottom, as this judge's opinion might suggest, is completely inappropriate. >> you heard the report saying many gun rights advocates are thinking this will end up in the supreme court. where exactly do you think the
4:24 am
battle is headed next and knowing how conservative this court is, it's 6-3 right now. what are the chances of having a successful ruling for you guys in this court? >> i this judge in southern california has issued a series of outlier, dang u.s. or large capacity mag sfwleens, this has become the go-to judge for these gun rights groups. he's dem traited he'll issue second amendment rulings, far outi'd the mainstream. so i think you're right, though, that the game plan here is ultimately to try to get this case or cases like this to the supreme court and it will be
4:25 am
argued sometimes next fall and decided at some time next year. and they've indicated they are receptive to treemist gun rights. >> that ruling will be a telltale sign. adam skags, thank you so much. >> and a deal on infrastructure is proving to be a tall order. can they find middle ground? what we expect from their meeting tomorrow. what we expect from their meeting tomorrow
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history says: fine jewelry for occasions. we say: forget occasions. (snap) fine jewelry for every day, minus the traditional markups. ♪♪ president biden and republican senator shelly moore capita will try to pass a bipartisan infrastructure deal and progressives are putting pressure on the white house to move forward on a package of
4:30 am
their own without support from republicans. amanda, what can we expect from tomorrow's meeting? >> i don't want to step on my words here or shoot myself in the foot by any means but i find it very hard to believe we'll see a substantive breakthrough tomorrow as this has been the song and dance for the last several weeks now. in light of the additional $50 billion in spending for the infrastructure package, there are hardline disparities here that have yet to be reckoned for and what reconciliation means. the human elements of infrastructure, as well as the more mainstream traditional transportation element. this is having biden wonder if
4:31 am
he should have conversations with other republicans on capitol hill and president biden is now saying there's that 15% corporate tax rate that he's willing to do that's notably down from 28%. he's not going to touch those 2017 tax cults. republicans aren't looking to raise taxes at all. if they can just move on their own, as you said, use that reconciliation process and move things along. as we heard yesterday from democratic congressman john garamendi, he saying if we're mott going to get this through the line bipartisan, it's time to start thinking of the next steps. >> what do we need to do to repair our bridges, roads,
4:32 am
trains and transit systems? that gives us a number the republicans are willing to move forward on. if the republicans are not willing to come up with a number to remayor the streets and trains, then we'll have to go it alone. democrats are moving forward for a house democrat likely partisan transportation bill that would include the core elements of what they would look for in a larger infrastructure ak pj. >> amanda golden, we appreciate it. thank you. >> still ahead, a rocky ride to more than 100 people rescued after their ferry rubs it would later
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try nervivenerve relief. welcome back, everybody. here are some top stories we're following this morning. we now know what caused a 150-foot ferry to run aground in brooklyn yesterday. it was a mechanical malfunction. it was traveling from new jersey to new york city when the captain and crew warned everybody on board to hold on as
4:37 am
the boat struck land. one crew member was treated for non-life threatening injuries. none of the passengers were hurt. >> the actress lisa banes is in critical condition this morning following a hit-and-run accident. she was struck by a scooter/motorcycle. it did not have any license plates. she was crossing the street in manhattan. the investigation is ongoing. no arrests have been made. >> former youtube star logan paul is set to fight boxing legend floyd mayweather jr. tonight. it's being build as a special exhibition match without judges titled "bragging rights." mayweather has won all 50 of his professional fights and he's considered the favorite. both spoke at a weigh-in yesterday. >> tomorrow i beat the [ bleep ]
4:38 am
simulation and beat the biggest fighter on the planet. >> fighting wins fight and i can fight. >> reporter: it at hard rock stadium in miami. are you making any bets? >> i'm making a bet that i'll be doing something else than watching that fight. even though floyd is a fan of the show. he likes us. >> hope he's not listening today. >> i'll be wasting my money on something else. this weekend marks 40 years since the first reported case of aids in the united states. president biden releases a statement and asks congress for $70 million to fight the infection and how it is treated. >> jack friar sat down to reflect on how for decades of confusion, loss and progress have changed the country. >> reporter: at first the deadly intruder did not have a name.
4:39 am
>> the lifestyle of some male homosexuals have triggered it. >> you was terrified of passing on hiv to someone else. >> in the years that followed, so was the bravery. >> because of them i can live a happy life. >> reporter: we sat down with four men living with hiv. theoldest is jesse, still haunted by the beginning of the epidemic. >> people who had been diagnosed suddenly disappeared and we all knew what that meant. >> reporter: jesse was diagnosed in the 80s after losing his partner, george, and so many others. >> it was hard. it was very hard.
4:40 am
>> reporter: at the time many leaders were accused of ignoring the crisis because it was deemed a gay disease. president reagan didn't give his first major speech on aids until 1987, six years after the first diagnosed case. >> we must have a definition of aids. >> for dr. anthony fauci, the epidemic was a turning point. he became the nation's top infectious disease expert, the same job he holds today. when there is resistance, was it hard to get the resources you needed? >> in the beginning it was. we were trying to convince people this was not something that was going to go away, it was going to get worse and worse. >> reporter: the aids memorial quilt was unveiled on the national mall. its organizers read the names of those who died. some shared their stories publicly, including actor rock hudson, teen ryan white, who tested positive after a blood
4:41 am
transfusion, pedro zamora and magic johnson. a combo therapy known as the aid cocktail was ushered in offering hope, but there was no cure for the stigma. >> right now there are millions of people with hiv suffering from social rejection because they and other people believe that they're infectious and they're not. >> reporter: diagnosed in 2003, bruce richmond says he was terrified of giving hiv to someone else. >> so i didn't love. i isolated myself. i was depressed. at times i was suicidal. >> reporter: but then he learned medication could reduce his viral load to undetectable levels, meaning he couldn't transmit the virus. so bruce started an advocacy group and coined the phrase you equal you and undetectable equal untransmittable, a message endorsed by the cdc.
4:42 am
>> it gave me help. i could be intimate and not pass on the virus to anyone. that's a revolution. >> today about 30,000 people are diagnosed each year. deandre moore was 19, staring at a window covered in butterfly stickers. >> all i could think is, damn, if i could be one of those butterflies and just fly away from here, everything's going to be okay. >> ray had a similar reaction. he was 27. >> i knew next to nothing about what it meant to be diagnosed with hiv. it was a steep learning curve. >> reporter: what did you learn? >> well, i learned that i'm not going to die. i'm alive and well. >> reporter: you think back to that moment with the butterfly, what would you tell yourself in that moment? >> you're going to be okay. you're going to be just as beautiful. >> reporter: today all four of these men are undetectable and all of advocates sharing their stories to educate the public and fight the stigma. >> it's taken us 30 years of the
4:43 am
aids crisis to teach the whole world that our lives and our loves are equal to everyone else. >> it blows my mind just how far we've come and then just what's possible now. >> what is possible now? >> my mind immediately says what isn't possible? that's the answer. >> even just a few decades ago, a few years ago that wouldn't have been a possible response. pretty emotion. >> now you have different people coming out as hiv positive. the actor billy porter from "pose" recently doing so. so important for so many people to come out and say it's okay, this is what we're living with right now and speaking their truth. >> absolutely. thanks to joe fryar for that
4:44 am
report. >> good morning. today at 8 p.m. on "velshi," i'm talking with representative jim clyburn. plus, we've got arizona secretary of state katie hobbs getting a lot of attention for two reasons. she's fighting tooth and nail about a sham election audit and her bid for the governor's race. it all begins at 8 eastern. see you then. begins at 8 easten see you then ♪ ♪i've got the brains you've got the looks♪
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. it's a big day. vice president kamala harris is traveling to mexico and guatemala today for her first foreign trip as v.p., this as the administration is under intense political pressure to try to stem the flow of migrants to the u.s. following a record number of unaccompanied minors at the border this spring. nbc's kerry sanders is in beautiful picturesque guatemala
4:49 am
with what to expect. >> reporter: vice president kamala harris is coming here to guatemala with the promise of hundreds of thousands of vaccines to fight coronavirus, a pledge of more than $300 million for humanitarian aid and a $4 billion plan for investment in the region, all of this because of the attention that is focused on the u.s. border, highlighted because so many children have been arriving on the u.s. southern border. but the white house is also tamping down expectations that this one trip will solve the crisis, in part because of what analysts here are advising. can the vice president's visit here stem the tide of immigration? >> i don't think the vice president to guatemala can stem the tide to the united states in the short term. if there is a chance, it would be in the long term. >> long term meaning --
4:50 am
>> ten, 20 years. >> reporter: and there-in lies the problem. administrations last four years, at most eight years. different approaches, whether building walls or investing money never seems to result in ending the flow of illegal immigration into the states. so, many here say at minimum vice president kamala harris's visit here is symbolic and could be a step in the right direction. guys, back to you. >> thanks to kerry sanders there reporting from guatemala. we should mention that lester holt will have a sitdown with the vice president while traveling there. that will air on tuesday on nbc. traveling to europe in half of the time. sinus up. a plane that once jetted elites across oceans in the 70s, 80s, 90s is back with modern upgrades. how one air is reviving the supersonic classic. classic
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not sure how they did it but our producers have gotten out of the obsession with ufo's to talk about supersonic jets. >> true. >> united airlines are buying 15 supersonic jets from boom supersonic with the option to buy 35 more in the future. >> so this new supersonic plane, will cut flight times in half, how does this sound, new york to
4:55 am
london in 3 1/2 hours. it could happen as soon as 2029. 26 years after the last supersonic passenger flight, the concord retired. joining us now is mike boyd from boyd group international. >> mike, good to see you. >> morning, sir. >> 2029, how realistic is this going to be? >> well in full disclosure, we did the first forecast for boom and it's way microcosm of what it is now back in 2015 and the rest of the industry wouldn't talk to them. but they have a very, very salad program right now. again, it is transatlantic, trans-pacific. but the brands, there is no new technology, but we think our forecast was for about 3500 units globally and we stick by that. so we think it is going to be a very successful airliner. >> well the concord was retired after seeing fewer passengers
4:56 am
following a crash after takeoff in paris. so we're three decades later and trying it again. how do we make sure it is safe. >> the concord rules out when benson and hedges was a cigarette, not a law firm. that is 54 years ago. there is nothing in common with the two airlines except the concord flew at 2.2 mach. that is the only issue. right now today, when you look at u.s. carriers like united, particularly united, if they put their name on this order, this plane is safe, it is ecologically a winner as well. >> so let me completely geek out now about what this plane would be like. so the prospect is 3 1/2 hours to london which is now about 5 1/2 to 6 hours. how many passengers will it fit inside. >> is there caviar. >> is there caviar, will it be
4:57 am
expensive as well? feed the geek in me. >> the basic program would be this could exist today using the fares that are now business class fares which where high any way. but again, the deal for an airline today you have something called premium economy, they need more real estate for that. you take the business class passengers and the same fare and put them on this one and they have more real estate which so it is a winner for both airlines. being supersonic doesn't count. so the time you save is usable so you're not arriving and departing at 3:00 in the morning. so for all of the av geeks out there and i salute you all, this is an airline that is not going to thrill you with technology but will in terms of flight times. >> and will it be twice the speed of sound, single, do we know? >> well, an airplane has to be around 1.7 and above to deliver
4:58 am
anything in regard to -- you could get there early, but if you get at london at 3:00 in the morning you're not saving any time and sipping -- over three hours, you're sitting in a seat for three hours but not where you have a lot of sleepy time and a full course meal. you're getting there and that is all there is to it. >> but you're sitting on the left engine itself. >> time is priceless. mike boyd, thank you so much. good to see you. >> good to see you. but it is exciting. michael afrpgelu hates the idea that with whatever we're doing that we're stepping back in time so when the concord was being shut down, it felt as if we're stepping back in time. it is nice to see something like this. >> step forward. >> a step forward. and he just kept saying supersonic and i was going between the rap song from the '80s supersonic and oasis
4:59 am
supersonic. which joe is more of that. >> thanks for watching, i'm lindsey reiser. >> it is the music box in my head. it is crazy and a wonderful place. wiem kendis gibson. "velshi" starts right now. today on "velshi," a certainly failed former president continues to openly plot his authoritarian dream with help of the most of the gop. the latest on the slow motion insurrection this morning and the pro-democracy wing of the republican party is still hanging in there. liz cheney is speak out in rare form. you don't want to miss her latest volley against the ant semites and bigots taking up residence in her party. and the battle against the big election lie, arizona secretary of state katie hobbs joins me and the senate sergeant at arms
5:00 am
worries about more than another capitol insurrection, "velshi" starts now. good morning, i'm ali velshi. it is sunday, june 26th. donald trump's big election lie led a violent mob to attack the u.s. capitol five months ago today. the goal of the insurrectionist was to overturn the results of the 2020 election. they did not succeed that day five months ago. but they are still trying. the pro-trump extremists who stormed the capitol that day chanting "hang mike pence" did not manage to stop the certification of the election results and didn't overthrow the government but trump and his cult like followers are not giving up. they are trying other tactics. he's talking about being reinstated to the presidency because the foam


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