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tv   Yasmin Vossoughian Reports  MSNBC  July 11, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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was made on the grass courts of wimbledon. novak djokovic won his sixth men's title at the venue. he won in four sets. this gives him 20 major titles, tying him with roger federer and rafael nadal. it also puts him in position to win the calendar challenge, which comes at the u.s. open in september. we're approaching the top of the hour, this is msnbc reports with yasmin vossoughian. hi, everybody. i'm yasmin vossoughian. if you are still with us, thanks for sticking around. if you're just joining me, welcome. we are just days away from what may be one of the biggest speeches of -- as republicans across the country are involved in an all-out assault to access
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to the ballot box. i'll speak with jim clyburn, who has a suggestion for the president, a change for the filibuster that could pave the way to votes. as house democrats await, a warning to the minority leader from a fellow republican. >> if i was kevin mccarthy, i would be fearful of the january 6th committee. also this hour, former president trump said to take the stage, and we'll monitor that. all of that, and of course the billionaire spaceman. >> what did you see from space? >> hmm. what you see from space is this wonderful dark sky, um, and then
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this incredible blue. we've got these incredible windows, and dave and souch turned the spaceship upside down, so when you're floating, you look at these giant windows back at the beautiful, beautiful sky, beautiful earth back down here. >> kids always ask the best questions. richard branson making his dream a reality. jeff bezos and elon musk are chasing closing behind. coming up, i will speak with chris hatfield, part of who could be seen pinning astronaut flight wings on each of them. president biden is preparing to give a major address on
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tuesday, one of the his most powerful allies in the house for a suggestion for a path forward to get legislation through despite the filibuster. representative clyburn is suggesting a work-around. he's joining me live to talk more about this. congressman clyburn, thanks for joining us on this sunday. i appreciate it. talk me through this filibuster proposal you are putting out there. >> thank you very much for having me. as you know, we have made an exception to the filibuster when it comes to the budget. that's what we call reconciliation. it means that you will not allow anyone to threatenle -- of the united states of america. so you want to do so your budget on time and not allow anybody to
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filibuster that. we ought to do the same thing when it comes to the constitutional issues, votes rights being one of them. we should not allow any one person to filibuster voting rights and other constitutional rights as well. someone could sit downtown in a spa and phone in an objection to my voting rights. that should not be. so i have said to the senators and to the president, you can honor the filibuster, by having it apply to legislative questions, if you want to extend debate on how long or whether or not something should be belt. that has nothing to do with the constitution it ought not to be subjected to a filibuster.
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and the filibuster ought not to be used to constitute racial issues. so that's my proposal. i don't know what the president will say on tuesday, but i would certainly hope he joins the effort to keep the filibuster from denies voting rights. >> one of the arguments against doing away with the filibuster has to do with, what if power was in the hands of the other party? what would they do? ish who is to stay the majority party in power, whether it's the republicans, for instance, will not then claim every issue has to do with the institution and, in effect, doing away with the filibusters? >> the filibuster is nosh -- that's tradition.
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the filibuster was even initiated by mistake, and it just got held on to. it was used by seven senators who opposed civil rights and voting rights, you know, to deny those rights. that alone is enough to -- but we believe that there's something to be said to extend debate to give people time to muster sup support for their issue. when you sit down from somewhere, pick up the phone and call in a hold on somebody's voting rights, that should not be. they are in support of in-person -- that's -- i would not honor that kind of a thing.
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so this applies only to legislative issues, not to apply to constitutional issues, and let's move forward. >> before we move on to the january 6th committee, i want your take on what you want to hear from the president during his speech on tuesday. >> joe biden i have known for a long time. in fact, our whole relationship was built on a 1954 supreme court decision. he's from delaware. i'm from south carolina. those are two of the five states that figured into that. so joe biden is very sensitive to the issues i have raised. i have no idea what he's going to say, but what i would want to hear him say is, recommit to what he knows and what he feels to be the -- to move this country forward. our democracy is teetering. this democracy is teetering, and
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i think people know that. what i want to see the president do is they are committed here to making sure we continue our pursuit of a more perfect union. that's what they country has been about since its inception. let's celebrate that birthday last sunday to recommit ourselves. congressman clyburn, i want to turn to the january 6th commission, chairman bennie thompson saying they'll start the commission by the end of the month, no matter what the republicans do. does that line up with -- >> absolutely. i thought nancy pelosi was very -- and named her eight people, seven democrats, one republican, to make it
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bipartisan, the legislation itself gives eight as a quorum so, they can go and do their work, even if the republicans refuse to do what they ought to be doing to preserve the integrity of this democracy. i'm here now -- so whether it's -- the eight or 13, their job is to find out why things happened the way they did. we know what happened, we know where it happened, we just don't know who and why. that's what we need to find out. >> i want to quickly play some sound from you from adam kinzinger about the choices mccarthy may put out there when it comes to the five members that could be a part of this committee. >> i think he'll find people not controversial besides maybe jim
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jordan, and they're going to be act to be smart scholars, but their job is going to be to skulls this. -- scuttle this. >> scuttle the january 6th commission. are there any names that nancy pelosi would absolutely veto if mccarthy was to suggest them? >> i think so. i think they're well known. she is all about doing what is necessary to get to the bottom of january 6th, and i'm going to tell you this. i know bennie thompson. they are not going to roll over bennie thompson. he is a real patriot. he's from mississippi. he has made the kind of
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commitment to keep this country together. he's not going to allow anybody, whoever thinking whatever their privileges may be, to run over this commission, bennie is a bigger and better man than that. that's why nancy pelosi put him there. she knows bennie thompson as well. >> congressman jim clyburn, thank you for joining us. have a good rest of your day. >> thank you. josh, good to see you once again. talk me through -- as i was just speaking with the congressman about the president's upcoming speech on tuesday, could featsably dictate what happens in the midterm elections, considering where they go on voting rights. talk me through what we know so far about what the president expects to put out there. >> we know president biden is
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expecting to give a speech on what will be on protecting the, quote, sacred constitutional right to vote. that iconic symbol of american liberty and independence as the backdrop to make the case that american democracy itself is at stake and whether we're going to preserve the broad access to the ballot, but president biden not expected to change his fundamental position that he is not supporting doing away with the filibuster, which you just heard from with clyburn in his excellent interview, democrats, including him, feels what is to have happen if we're going to have actual legislation that will codify these voting rights that so many are trying to do away with or impede. >> josh, thank you. still ahead, new information from surfside as crews work
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31 people remain unaccounted for. vaughn hillyard has new information this afternoon. >> reporter: yasmin, this is a good week, in the sense this process was accelerated. ten new names being provided to the public here today alone, the number of potentially unaccounted for now down to 31. the surfside mayor says is the four layers of rubble in most places has gown down to one layer, or down to even the ground level layer because of the garage in which a great number of that rubble full into. i want toe let you hear from the mayor of miami-dade county
1:21 pm
earlier about this the israeli forces. there's about a dozen soldiers here assisting with the rescue effort. they left town today. i want you to hear what the mayor had to say about their contributions. >> in recognition of their unrelenting dedication and their compassionate service to our community, and to the families and survivors of this tragedy, i was very proud to print the first two keys to the county as mayor that i've had the pleasure and pride to present. i presented then to the israeli commander and colonel. so miami-dade fire rescue also presented the commander and the colonel with badges as we welcomed them as two new honorary members of our team. >> reporter: the other hard part about this, while this recovery process is ongoing is the fact those names and those faces continue to pop ulate every sing
1:22 pm
the day, yasmin. for those of us here, who have been hearing these names, hearing these voices, it's difficult. just this afternoon the name of judy spiegel was confirmed deceased. her daughter has been outspoken here, but also edgar gonzalez, a father confirmed deceased just today as well. his wife and 16-year-old daughter are actually presently in the hospital. they both occupied a ninth floor room, and his wife and his 16-year-old daughter survived, falling to the fifth floor, but again this afternoon it's confirm that the father, edgar, gonzales has passed away. these are difficult circumstances, three weeks in, every day more bodies, more stories, more faces of this community are being brought to life yet again for this community as we remember the now 90 confirm lost here.
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uses my? >> miraculous and so sad, all the at the same time. coming up, everybody, the new space race. >> friends, at this moment since i was a kid, but honestly nothing can prepare you for the view of earth from space. the whole thing, it was just magical. british entrepreneur richard branson edges out of jeff bezos with a successful trip to space. plus former nasa administrator charles bolden and retired astronaut chris hatfield, involved in today's mission, join me with analysis and reaction. join me with anals and reaction with relapsing forms of ms...
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welcome back. virgin galactic's "vss unity" reached space today. it was a historic moment, paves the way to the next generation of astronauts. joining me is major general charles bolden, and commander of the space station chris hatfield, who was there to give them their astronaut pins, and he's author of "the apollo murders." christopher, you pinned these astronauts.
1:28 pm
what was it like to watch this successful mission? >> it was exciting. charlie and i have been to a lot of launches together and separately. we both have flown in space. we understand the risks. it was everything on the table for virgin galactic. they took a risk today, but it was the right risk. they exceeded magnificently. so exciting for the thousands of folks who came to watch, and really opens tremendous opportunity for the future. so it was a big honor to put the virgin galactic astronaut winning on sir richard and his crew. >> charles, were you nervous much watching this mission take place? nervous for any complications possibly? >> uh, i had more butterflies, and the fact i woke up early, early this morning, i could
1:29 pm
hardly speak. ivity butterflies after touchdowns. i love flying in space. i can't watch it. [ laughter ] >> why not? why not? >> i'm serious. when you're a part of it, you understand the risk, and it's a risk you accept when you're on the ground, and your job is to watch the crew, do everything you can to help them. you feel hopeless when you're not even in the agency, like i am today, and i have no other relationship, other than friendship with sir richard and a lot of his employees. you know the risks and you're just praying. as chris said, you recognize the risk that's involved here. most people don't, and they won't understand when something goes wrong, and they'll be unforgiving, when in fact, you know, failures happen. that's life. >> chris, i'm sure you had some up-close conversations with sir
1:30 pm
richard branson after he got back. how is he feeling about the mission? can you describe what it was like in those five minutes they were on the edge of space and weightless, what it's like to be there? >> i think it's really important right now, yasmin to recognize richard was inspired by the apollo program. so was jeff bezos, so would you elon musk. that was their inspiration. talk to go richard before the flight and right after he got to the ground, that sense of dreams fulfilled. the fact he has put a huge amount of his life, a great amount of his money try to go turn this into a viable venture. today was the real door opening on this being a successful business. the start of human commercial
1:31 pm
space flight. it was very exciting, but it couldn't have been more tense, as charlie said, he and i have bout flown multiple space flights. its wickedly unforgives. it's taken them 17 years. it was just an enormous feeling of joyous success. i'm in a quiet room, but it is still pervasive here at spaceport. >> yeah, i'll bet. charles, what does this mean for the future? as of now, these are billionaires traveling to the edge of space. it costs a heck of a lot of money to do this. people like me can't just get on a rocket ship and motor off into shape, despite my 4-year-old now thinking we can after watching this morning take place. what does it mean for the future of space travel? especially when it comes to space tourism? >> welcome, i'm not that interested in space tourism,
1:32 pm
though i hope it succeeds. the more people we get to have people view the planet from the perspective chris and i have had, i think the better off humanity will be. but more importantly, i think -- i want to highlight the work that sharisha did. she was a scientist, a researcher today, in the short time they were experiencing, she did a plant growth experiment. i've been on flights where it took me days to get a experiment set up. it says human beings can do thing we may not have thought they could do before. not only will it expand space tourism, but it will trust industry and academia to go to suborbital space flights to get some experiments done they may have thought they couldn't do
1:33 pm
before. >> chris, let me read from you a piece, about what it's actually -- writing this -- as unexpected as the paths are, they will all experience something in common a life-altering epiphany about the unity of the universe, a kaling to change the world they return to for the better. do you relate to that? >> well, i don't think chandra has been in space. i think she's talking bigger than perhaps it will strike everybody. some people can walk into the sistine chapel or a redwood forest and not feel moved. some people will cry when they go in there. that same feeling of over-arching awe, of wonder at where we are in history, where we are in the university, it really strikes home with a lot of people. the crew that flew on the virgin
1:34 pm
ship today. they're very much, you know, in tune with what this means. it will mean a lot to them personally. it's not like everybody definitely has an epiphany. you have a mind that's open to it, willing to do the world difficultly, and expect, you know, the current set of circumstances don't necessarily dictate the future. i think this really opens up, you know, jeff bezos is flying commercially in space on the 20th. and there are four unqualified people flying in space in september on a spacex ship. so commercial space travel has begun. i think a lot of people will feel those things that chandra was refer to. >> it's an honor to enter the both of you.
1:35 pm
i'll say it again, man, i wish my parents sent me to space camp when i asked them to. breaks news from c packs, as president trump preparing to take the stage. we have a brand-new poll, but there's a twist to how they conducted this poll. we'll be right back. how they conducted this poll. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ (vo) nobody dreams in conventional thinking. it didn't get us to the moon. it doesn't ring the bell on wall street. or disrupt the status quo. t-mobile for business uses unconventional thinking to help
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where donald trump is expected to start meeting any minute at cpac, rallies his supporters, where they just released the results of a straw poll. joining me is ali vitali. good to see you this afternoon, ali. give us the results of the straw poll and how it was conducted? >> reporter: yasmin, excuse some advance there may be a loud eruption because we're waiting for former president trump to take the stage. the straw poll was just released. just as they did earlier in the year, they polled on 2024 president atfield assuming that president trump doesn't run and then if he runs. the results were very similar. trump led if he were to run can 74% of the ron, then desantis,
1:40 pm
rand paul and nikki get 1%. so it seems as to be ron desantis is heir apparent. desantis leads that policy with ot 65%, followed by mike pompeo, donald trump junior and ted cruz all polls in single digits. that's what we saw happen a few months ago when cpac did their first conference of the year. it's really, really early for this primary. we've seen a lot of potential contenders get out on the road, trying to get a bit of a sense of what it might look like out there, but at the same time the florida governor ron desantis very much in trump's image. i covered that race. he stuck very close to the then president at that point. now it's clear that could be paying off.
1:41 pm
in terms of what we're probably going to hear from the former president, though, you know he recently filed that class-as suit against -- that has been a key topic of conversation here. if you look in the poll, they polled on the top issues that were important to the crowd here. not going to be sprys what those we are, voter i.d., as well as constitutional right and the border crisis that's going on, but listens to this crisis, it's clear to me from here and then other conservative gatherings that i've been at there's a real rewriting of history, with regards to the insurrection on january 6th, as well as what happened in the november 2020 election. we have a piece up about the way these conspiracy theories are getting into the mainstream here of the conserative move.
1:42 pm
it's clear the disparate threats around the 2020 election are just being assimilated into the mainstream thought process at conferences like these. the offshoot of that, then, is in state legislatures that are republican-led, you're seeing them jump off the idea there was an unsecure election in 2020, which wasn't the case, and trying to shore up voter integrity. that's hams in places right here in texas included. then also you're also having people with an eroded sense of confidence in the system. as i've been traveling the country asking attendees what the impact is, they truly believe there was something that happened in the 2020 election that did not happen. that's frankly something the former president will get on stage and continue to just as he did on fox news this morning. >> all right. ali vitali, we'll check in later on, if in fact things develop. stay close. i want to bring in our
1:43 pm
panel, juanita tolliver, and noel nikpour. welcome to you both. ali e-mailed this straw 308 to me. so, if trump runs in 2024, you have trump at 75%, and then followed by several. if he does not run, die san 'tis is at 68%, pompeo 5%, so on and so forth. donald trump junior is on there with 4%. what do you make of this, juanita, of this polls coming out of the cpac, one include trump, one not? >> since we know trump is such an ego-driven person, he's going to be asking himself how dare desantis get 68% if he doesn't run. that's what he'll fixate on.
1:44 pm
i continue him to continue to make statements to try to quell some of that energy, because he recognizes that desantis is a rising start within the gop. i also think that in reaction, trump will continue to feed into the same issues that we hear his base and c packs tannedees want more of. more of the big lie, more of the suppression bills passing across the country, including texas. more of hour trump will continue to leverage that to stir not only the energy that we're seeing from state legislatures where republicans are running the show, but also to stir the questions that his base should be asking about elections and election security, even though there, again, is zero evidence of voter fraud from 2020. >> noel, you know, from what ali was telling us, the former president is really driving the
1:45 pm
narrative. she want the main themes during cpac have been voter i.d., election security and the rewrite of history. we're a couple weeks out in the beginnings of the january 6th commission, which will investigate the origins of the attack on the capitol, with people losing their lives. >> yes. the timing and optics of this is unfortunate, but i will tell you one of the things, yasmin that i wanted to say to juanita's description of what was happening with the straw poll, that a lot of republicans are already tweeting about, were focus on that, is the fact that desantis is polling high if trump does not run. that is something that we really have to look at.
1:46 pm
one of the things that juanita says that is true is the fact that trump has a tendency to be a little inferior of somebody who is seen as running top. so that's going to be interesting going forward, how he handles the relationship with desantis. as you know, desantis pushed back on that rally in florida when they were doing the surfside rescues. the other thing is the ability to raise money. trump will probably use the fact he is winning -- won the straw poll if he ran, to raise money for his own pac to build that war chest. desantis, you node, he has friends of desantis, which is his super-pac. he'll be trying to raise money as well for that pac, so there's also the money element, too. there was a "vanity fair" articles talking about basically the fact that the former president now feels threatened by the florida governor desantis
1:47 pm
and his growic growing pop laird inside the party. it could only gain, it seems, at this point, only to the advantage of the florida governor, with as much time as we have until the next election. >> yasmin, i think that's exactly right, but i want to emphasize the florida governor is a younger candidate, whos a bit more refined than trump. we knows something that was off-putting to a lot of republicans that headed for the door in 2020 elections, because they just couldn't handle trump's tone, his approach, his posture, his vile language and horrible language, but desantis is a bit more buttoned up, more disciplined in messaging, who won't be spouting ridiculousness and horrible lies and just speaking in a way that is vile to them and their sensibles.
1:48 pm
you have a younger candidate who leverages a lot of trump's playbook. remember, in his campaign, he ran on building the wall, and some of the things that trump ran on, but he did it in a different way that was more policy latable to -- so desantis looks like a good alternative. >> noelle, i want to play something from earlier today. >> there were no guns whatsoever, and yet antifa, which went into portland and went into so many other places, seattle, these took over a big part of seattle, people died. there were plenty of guns there, by the way. and in minnesota, minneapolis, they got -- there was no repercussions for them, yet they have people still in jail -- there were no guns. there were no guns. by the way, while you're at it, who shot ashley babbitt?
1:49 pm
who is are they keeping that secret? >> i just want to mention before you react to that sound, that is not true. that is blatantly false. there were folks that were armed on january 6th. there's evidence of folks that brought guns to the capitol lawn and they charged that building. >> right. well, i mean, you know, donald trump marches to the beat of his own drum. that's something that americans know, voters know, you know, a lot of the people that follow donald trump, whatever he says, whatever facts that he used to be facts, they will go along and defend. so, you know, this is not unusual behavior for donald trump. he sees the world through his own lens. >> all right, juanita nno noell,
1:50 pm
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welcome back. break news in california. the state's largest wildfire of the year is growing with no signs of stopping. the fire is raging north of lake tahoe. it's only 8% contained. new evacuations have been ordered. in oregon, a separate fire that's burning through a national forest doubled in size
1:54 pm
yesterday to 120 square miles. it's all happening as a heat wave scorches the west. palm springs set a new record high of 120 degrees yet as well. also we are following breaking news out of denver, colorado, where police are saying a group of three men and one woman have been arrested at downtown hotel on gun and drug charges. according to the denver post, sources saying police removed 16 long guns, body armor and more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition from a balcony room on the eighth floor of a hotel room. officers recovered the evidence, they have also impounded two vehicles that will be processed as possible evidence. a special space launch edition of "the run" is next. xt but freedom means you don't have to choose just one adventure.
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1:58 pm
why is this exciting? >> because. >> as i said this morning, with my 4 1/2-year-old son watching the virgin galactic take off to space memories came flooding back to me as i watched the challenger blast off with crew members on board who would never return to earth. that was a tragic ending but it was the excitement i felt watching that true. the roller coaster of emotions as we knew all the crew members were waiting in anticipation,
1:59 pm
seeing them blasting off to space. i remember where i was, my friend's house. i remember her curls next the me as we awaited the countdown. i wondered what going to space money like. at 73 seconds into that launch we all watched an explosion on television as people went silent, stunned. a news anchor saying, it appears an explosion has occurred. i thought of all of this while watching with my own son today. my son was so excited at one point saying mom this was so cool. he couldn't even believe people were going to space and turned himself upside down and asked is this what it feels like when people go to space? i hope he feels this curiosity throughout his lifetime and luckily today everything was
2:00 pm
okay. i feel lucky to have watched this launch today with him, living through him, with his excitement and reliving my own with a much better outcome this time around. we'll be right back. right back. good evening, and welcome to "politics nation." tonight's lead, suppression season. right now, on this summer sunday, i have faith that the resources are there to thwart the republican party's coast to coast campaign to suppress the vote. yes, i do believe that president biden understands the danger faced by minority voters. i saw it in his eyes when i sat with him and other civil rights leaders at the white house last week. and he will address that danger tuesday in


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