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tv   The Beat With Ari Melber  MSNBC  July 13, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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starts right now. hi, jason. >> thank you very much. welcome to "the beat," i am jason johnson in for ari melber. tonight over 50 texas democrats in washington, d.c. and facing the threat of arrest after leaving their home state, they left and block a voter suppression bill, back in austin, texas republicans today voting to arrest the democrats. this is some stuff that's going to chase them around the country. the sergeants at arms had to jurisdictions in d.c. >> we need congress to act now and pass the for the people act. texas democrats will use
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everything in our power to fight back but we need congress to act now. >> coming up, i will talk to one of those texas democrats, excuse me. today in philadelphia and what the white house bill as a major speech, biden ripping the voter suppression efforts in texas and beyond. >> we are facing the most significant test of our democracy since the civil war. it is not hyperbole. >> the 21st century, jim crow assault is real. it is unrelenting. we'll challenge it vigorously. >> the big lie is just that. a big lie. have you no shame? >> no, i have no shame. we knew that ten years ago. vice president harris is meeting with the texas democrats to talk
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voting rights. the new interview with "npr," harris says she had been talking to democrats how to break through. the texas democrats say they would do everything to reserve the rights to vote for citizens. anybody who cares to know and understand these voter suppression bill across the country are bad. president biden offers no new plans or strategies and made no mention of filibuster or how farthest willing to go to save this country. it was 20 minutes of "come on, guys." president biden owes everybody who voted for him better. what he delivered today -- joining me now is reverend al sharpton and host of politics nation here on msnbc.
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he got a shot out from biden today. >> so many friends, al sharpton, how are you pal, great to see you. >> angel walsh, national correspondent for "the nation." >> reverend, i am going to start with you. i was not overwhelmed. if this was supposed to be the gladiator rallying cry, i don't see marching up and fighting the barbarians right now. i heard a budget and not a plan. what did the president say to you and other civil rights leader that should make us feel optimistic of what they're going to do about these voter suppression plan across the country? >> first of all, i think that in our meeting last week i said coming out that it was more of us saying to the president what we wanted to see done. and, including the filibuster
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and at the very least, around the filibuster and we wanted them to use his bully puppet to talk about what was going on with the voter suppression. this is a racist -- and i think today he did uses his bully pulpit. my conversation with him after, he says we are working through the strategy on that device and the vice president is meeting as we speak. i would only hoped from that they're working on how they're going to deal with the call-out.
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he did not commit that. i think today was important for him to use his bully pulpit. there has to be two things. a move to try to get rid of the filibuster which according to them they're going to need 60 votes so they don't know how they're going to get there. the other part is finishing of hr-4. we must remember that the john lewis bill had not been finished and can't be completed in a way that they can get better round with senate bill one. there are two options. he and i talked about it today. the completing of hr-4, can manchin and sinema and others answer all the needs that we need so that it does not weaken so to end up with something that
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ends up really being nothing with substance. that's what i come back home with. >> joan, i want to play you some audio. i want to know after hearing what she had to say and combined with biden's speech, i want to hear your perspective on how enthusiastic or galvanize should activists on the ground be? i want to hear your thoughts after this. >> i did not hear what the president of the united states in this moment is willing to do in order to make sure that we pass the for the people act essentially, we are going to be playing whackamow.
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this is an activist on the ground who flipped georgia blue and even she was disappointed in the speech. is there anything that people are giving their blood and tears tonight, is there anything from the speech tonight they should be happy about? >> the voting rights and the division of the justice department is something, jason? it is not enough. what i saw today and in today's passionate comment and i cosigned all of them. your point is a good one, activists have been sweating blood, sweat and tears to get people to polls. there was a sad metaphor today of the urgency of texas democrats fleeing austin and flying into d.c. but the president is going to philly to give a speech. reverend al is happy that he used the bully pulpit then i am
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happy. he's starting small at 3:00 in the afternoon, you know? i think we need primetime, we need we shall overcome or the joint session. we may have needed two months ago. finally i thought and this is what i thought. one thing that kind of hit me wrong was when he said we need a coalition against our voter suppression and voting rights. i think i understand what he meant that his folks, the business community, moderates need to get involved, okay. it hit me the wrong way because we have a growing and vital and definitely under funded but amazing coalition that really brought up in the last five years or certainly since shelby to join reverend al and working in the nacc fund.
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but incredibly on the ground to turn to flip georgia, for example, i felt that was a bit tone deaf because there was a coalition and they needed tow do more, mr. president. >> you make a good point, joan. >> it was not the bully from the pulpit. maybe complaining from the pulpit. i didn't hear much bullying. white people in america already understand what's going on. black people know there is voter suppression and poor people know and poor white people know there is voter suppression. there is no body in america who's black, white or asian or
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latin or whatever terms you want to use, there is nobody in this country that does not understand what's going on anymore. the concern that i have with the president making something that we need to put together a coalition, you got to go to war with the army you have and not the army you won. is that something you think joe biden is missing or maybe we are just misinterpreted? >> i think the fact the matter is a coalition that came together which is the reason that he's president and all of us involved in that coalition and going to continue coalition. we are doing marches and rallies now. we are at the big national march. we don't need a new coalition, we need to get rid of the filibuster. we need to finish the hr-4. we needed the president to be vocal. one of the reasons i am saying i am glad he did what he did today because we have not heard him make a major speech on this at all. we heard major speeches on infrastructure and other
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matters, i wanted what we got today for him to address this and i think and i agree with joan of the metaphor of the governor in philly, nobody knew he was coming to washington until last night and he decided this dramatic show at the end of independence hall, he was at the right location, calling it jim crow was good but now what are we going to do? the filibuster that helped jim crow last time, we have to get rid of the filibuster and come with a bill that has teeth on it. i think we have that opportunity with hr-4. can we make sure that manchin and sinema goes with the outcome of that writing. we keep on talking about the john lewis bill like it has been written. it has not been completed and written. that can be very key to where we go forward here.
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>> rev sharpton and joan walsh, thank you very much for starting our show. coming up, i'm talk to a texas democrat. new tonight, donald trump's company is cutting more ties with his executives. stay with us it is, it is jason johnson in for "the beat." s jas johnson in for "the beat." if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, little things can become your big moment. that's why there's otezla.
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texas democrats are showing how to fight for voting rights. republicans in texas are vowing to track down and arrest those democrats. these are new pictures showing. their plan is to weigh out the clock and stay in d.c. for the next three weeks, lobbying corresponding to do something. here they are in front of the capitol today. >> we are not going to buckle to the big lie in the state of texas. >> we can't hold this tie back forever. we are buying some time, we need congress and all of our federal leaders to use that time wisely. >> i am not going to be a hostage. >> we fall too long and hard in
3:17 pm
this country. thank you, we have fought too long and too hard in this country. without getting rid o f the filibuster, nothing can happen with the federal voting right legislation. texas governor abbott threatening democrats but they are not backing now. >> is that the most untexan you ever heard? texans running away from a fight? this is not over. i will continue to call special sessions all the way up in l election next year. as soon as they come back, they'll be arrested until they get their job done. >> joining me now is nicole
3:18 pm
collier, the chair of the state legislative in black caucus and left texas in washington, d.c. she's fresh out meeting with vice president harris and with know victoria desoto at the university of texas, thank you so much for joining us this evening. what does the country need to do to keep the republicans from taking over. >> u.s. for having me. it was an hour long meeting. it was a great conversation, she took questions and encouraged us. she's very grateful for the activism of texas democrats to take a stand for democracy so it was just -- she reminded us of the work we are doing is so historical. she went back and talk about
3:19 pm
1867 when frederick douglas took a stand. she reminded us of the women suffrage. you can add your work by taking a stand to that list. very heart working and just give me chills and gave us all great chills, you know? >> that's fantastic to hear. >> dr. francisco soto, i want to find this out when we look at 3,000 miles or 30,000 miles in the sky, we don't recognize how this is played out at home. how does this look to your average texans? how are regular texans looking at the fact of an entire party. they represent millions of people in the state literally had to leave in order to stop suppression laws. is that going well at home or are people concerned? what have you been hearing?
3:20 pm
>> jason, not surprisingly like most issues in our hyper polarized areas today. the republicans are pulling out their hair, they are angry that they can't get what they wanted. they were hoping by this time this would have had that voting bill passed. democrats are cheering. they are emphatic that democrats have done this. it depends on if you are a d or an r. the republicans support them overwhelmingly. we see that and evidence pulling here in the state. democrats don't. it is down the line whether you are an r or a d. >> dr. soto, that's key. the poll that we have here, 58
3:21 pm
republicans, 58% of republicans actually support extending early voting. at least from some polls it is suggesting what the republican party is trying to do at a statewide level is not in line with a lot of republicans feel down there. do you think people are experiencing cognizant dissidence or do you think republicans are doing something that even republican voters don't like? >> i think there is that piece. it is something of a republican issue and protecting our state. one interesting piece, jason, is that we know that all the voters and rural voters and texas and everywhere else tend to use voter by mail more. there is a lot of speculation about this aggressive approach to restricting vote by mail where you have to send in a voter id, that's actually something where republicans are having their nose in their face.
3:22 pm
there are so many bits and pieces in this voter restriction bill that it hurts all texans but it may hurt the very voters they want to cultivate most in the republican base. >> representative collier, your party had to go to washington, d.c. to seek federal health because you are not going to get most help from either of your senators in texas. i want to play some audio from senator ted cruz and get your thoughts on the other side. >> what you are seeing the democrats doing here is a political stunt. it is ironic because they're getting on their private jet to fly to washington, d.c., they also had to show identification to get on that jet. yet they are doing this in a fit because they don't want mail-in ballots to be verified. they need the get back to doing their jobs. one way or another they will. >> help me out here. the guy who fled his state during an ice storm for a vacation is lecturing democrats
3:23 pm
on a time of crisis? representative collier, what are you hoping to accomplish during your three weeks in washington, d.c.? there will be a meeting with manchin and will you be able to meet with senator sinema? >> well, let me just say this, the hypocrisy coming from the same man who read "dr. seuss" on the full senate floor as a full filibuster. i am not taking anything he says serious. we believe no bill. even the republican appointed secretary of state that this 2020 election were safe and successful. so no, we don't need anything. we try to work, all of the amendments that were provided by those that were on and the
3:24 pm
select committee a couple of days ago, we declined and we use every tool in our tool box, our backs are against the wall. when they did not and they show their true colors they were not interested in working with them. we left the state. we came here because washington, the answer is here. we can get federal relief if they intervene and passed the for the people act and the john lewis voting rights act. we have more meetings in place. we met with leader schumer and we met with the vice president and we are working on getting a meeting with the president. we'll continue to talk to the senators to make sure they understand what's going on in texas is happening across the country. we need them to step up and act. >> thank you so much. state representative nicole collier and francisco soto, thank you so much for joining us. michael wolff is here
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♪ kraft. for the win win. the organization is stripping out weisselberg from leadership role more than what we reported on last night. records show trump family members are left in charge. what is this all about? is this a preview of its legal defense, throwing the indicted cfo under the bus? dan goldman calling it a self-preservation that lays the foundation that weisselberg was a rogue actor.
3:27 pm
the pressure is now ratcheting up on trump and his organization. squeezing in cfo as prosecutors trying to get him talk and he knows all. >> all roads lead to allen weisselberg and all fingers point to him. >> the only few people in the trump organization that knows anything about the taxes is mr. trump who knows everything about everything. allen weisselberg, the chief financial officer. >> what do you think he could tell investigators? >> everything they would ask. >> do you think he could be the ultimate tour guide into the trump's orbit? >> yes. >> allen weisselberg made the decision. always weisselberg on the checks. mr. weisselberg for sure. >> joining me now is melissa murray, a law professor at nyu. i want to start with this professor murray, i mentioned weisselberg going back to the office and realizing his
3:28 pm
security key does not work in every door. that got to be a damaging thing for him to experience. he's been cut from 40 different organizations - 40 subsidiaries within the trump organization. do you think the trump organization is legally saying all right, we got to cut it from this one or this one and we can cauterize the wounds and isolate him. he's been an indicted cfo and he has shared responsibilities to the company. that could be difficult to
3:29 pm
respond. it is hard to say it at this point because we don't know. >> we have individual one and now we have rogue one. yes or no what other code name we are going to get for the people involve inside this organization. here is the thing though. how effective does that argument tend to be? if he's the only non family member who's been in the organization for years and years, the only non family members of this level of the trump organization, is it plausible that trump's legal defense team can say we had no control over this guy and he was running rough shots over everything. how often can you scapegoat members of your organization? >> i think it is difficult to do in an organization that's essentially a family business.
3:30 pm
certainly not impossible but again difficult. you have to really sort of emphasize here that allen weisselberg is the mastermind of everything. it may be the most compelling in terms of leading criminal liability or limiting the exposure. it is a difficult case to make. >> and i mentioned earlier that this reminds me of a seize and succession. they're going to blame it on the guy who's not in the family. i want to play quick audio for you. how likely do some people think it is that allen weisselberg will be the person to flip. >> i don't think weisselberg will let someone go to jail. >> the reason i believe he'll flip because since his behavior in 2017 of what i witnessed was when he took a trustee, he was
3:31 pm
not only nervous but he started immediately hiding money in escrow confidentially. >> bottom line professor murray, can the prosecutors really go through and could they get ivanka or jared or a donald trump if weisselberg does not flip? if he decides he does not want to open his mouth and take a bid for the team, will the prosecutors get anywhere with this investigation? >> it depends on what they have found? the course of their investigation and we don't know that right now. i think maybe succession is not the right analogy for this. maybe the wire is a better analogy. is allen weisselberg going to take a long bid for the team in order to preserve at the top of the pyramid. he's a 73-year-old man facing what may be a prison sentence in some years or not a lot of
3:32 pm
years. it is a considerable amount of time. maybe that'll weigh on him, who knows? he's someone that's in the trump family and the trump organization for almost 50 years of his life. he certainly knows those who go against donald trump and that may weigh into the favor of staying quiet. >> the idea of succession, melissa murray, thank you very much for joining us. still ahead, shameless invitation on the dear leader hitting a new level. the best selling journalist, michael wolff is detailing everything in his new book, he's here, next. everything in his new book, he's here, next ♪ ♪ ♪
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my next guest is journalist michael wolff whose new book dives into trump's world. wolff writes that trump's conspiracy theory fed to him by sean hannity. at one point hannity told trump democrats secretly replacing joe biden on the ticket with new york governor andrew cuomo and michelle obama as the running mate. which led to a bizarre strategy
3:37 pm
option. should they left biden alone before it is too late to replace him? would michelle obama certainly felt doom? what to be done? my god, where did he get this from? sean hannity. credulous, the fox news anchor man with his extravagant conspiracy theories. joining me now with that dramatic reading is michael wolff of his new book "landslide." thank you so very much for joining me. first off, how did you do this? it is always my sort of
3:38 pm
political science perspective that the more time people are leaking because they are anticipating a loss and they want to cover their own rear's end in history's mind. how do you get access to the white house in these final days? >> what i had accomplished here with a friend and i said, well, you had a lot of practice. this is the third book that i have done and it really is an accumulation of knowledge and experience about this white house, talking to the people around and the waves of people, the people in the beginning were certainly not the people there at the end. most people only in a matter of months. i had this kind of constant conversation with the people around the president which is in itself weird, why would they be talking to me?
3:39 pm
and the real answer to that is that everyone who has had the trump experience of being close to this man has too talk about it. it is so weird, it is so unusual and it is so frighten that people want to talk and they want to describe it. >> i have to say that the trilology, your book provides one of the best images of the trump administration not just because of the crazy story you told but because they all come from people talking from their experiences. i imagine part of your wriing was people sitting on the couches. in the final days heading towards the end of the campaign, was there a realization that donald trump was likely to lose or did they think that by covid and jamming up the mail system and all sorts of pressure and
3:40 pm
intimidation, was there anybody in the white house still believe he was going to pull this off heading into november? >> everybody felt that this was one of the most disasterous ever ran by a sitting president. they ran into last week of the campaign being out-spent 3-1 by their opponent, that has never happened. having said that, everybody around donald trump still feels that there is something in explicable about the guy. how did he win the first time? how has he survived so long through catastrophe after catastrophe. donald trump is still standing. so they go into november 3rd, thinking, yeah, maybe who knows? and remember how close he got
3:41 pm
to winning. >> so looking at this and we are now past the trump era in a way. he's not officially in office. based on what you have learned from this book and your previous book. what do you think the future of trump and his family. what is it gong to be? do you think he's going to make a serious run at 2024. does he want to be a power broker doing forward? what do you think the future holds after writing this book? >> that's the trump's fallacy. the fallacy is to think he has a plan that there is some long-term strategy here. there is not. whatever happens will happen in the moment and he'll be at rally two years from now and he'll sense the crowd and he can get a
3:42 pm
response of the crowd that he's running. he's as likely to reverse his decision. again, it is all in the moment. it is all -- um, he contains all of reality for -- there is really almost no outside stimulus here. it is just -- >> whatever that's in his head. >> what he feels, exactly. >> you will have no idea what he'll do. michael wolff, thank you very much. the book is "landslide," it is out now. definitely pick it up. governor desantis is not hiding his trump obsession. next. hiding his trump obsession next my name is douglas. i'm a writer/director and i'm still working. in the kind of work that i do, you are surrounded by people who are all younger than you. i had to get help somewhere along the line
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florida governor rwandan
3:47 pm
mattis just dropped a new campaign flag. donald trump's campaign had been using variations of the design. this blatant copy is not new. desantis had been trying to be trump's mini-me for many years. >> let me say welcome home mr. president. i want to thank him for his support and entrusting me. >> let me tell you about the president. >> it is like a human sock puppet. the only platform desantis is running on is his close ties to trump. he knows this. he released an ad about his love for the formal president. >> ron loves playing with the kids. >> build a wall. >> he reads them stories. >> mr. trump says you are fired. >> he's teaching madison to
3:48 pm
talk. >> make america great again. >> he clearly thinks a trump's body hug is a way to get there. joining me now is our msnbc political, thank you so much, i am very excited to have you on. what ron desantis is doing right now being governor as a state that has the worse covid rate in the country. can you tell me first why is he so popular in florida. before we even talk about 2024, why is he so popular there? >> well, unfortunately we have seen jason over the last few years florida had become a republican state and unfortunately it is a lot of floridians, many of them are voting against their economic interests but in the case of
3:49 pm
voting rights, as you said and as you just demonstrated, for desantis is a slippery slope. the problem of desantis is his imitation has become an impersonation which to donald trump is starting to feel -- there could only be one colt leader at a time. as quick as you can say hang mike pence as the insurrectionists did in the capitol, if donald trump starts the believe that ron desantis i am -imitation act -- he'll turn on him. >> i don't need to see it from a governor. this is the second thing,
3:50 pm
fernand and i think this is key. trump really only works for donald trump. trey gowdy was going to be the next trump, it didn't work out for him. there is no new jordan, it is lebron. are these republicans eventually going to figure out you can't recreate the special sauce of t career and recognize they'll have to find their own path? if you have a choice between the real thing and the fake thing, i don't know how many republicans will get that excited about ron desantis. >> i think it's going to take seeing dozens of not hundreds of political careers going up in flames trying to recapture that magic that only trump can afford. i don't think that's the case. and what's unique here is, for all of desantis' problems and
3:51 pm
challenges, he's a very cunning political person. he rides into the governor's mansion strictly on his fealty and imitation act of trump and in essence won that support by kissing up to trump all throughout the 2018 cycle. it was said he ran his campaign for governor out of the trump hotel in washington. but he and the other contenders that are looking at the landscape understand that in the case of 2024, it's very precarious. until an event happens that removes trump from the scene, whether it be an indictment or some other thing that makes it impossible to run, he's going to have to play very coy here. as i said earlier, trump will turn on him in a dime as he has every other supporter in the republican party since he took it over in 2014. >> and following up with that, do they have a close relationship? one of the things that's always been very clear about donald trump, unlike bill clinton, unlike barack obama. barack obama had valerie jarrett
3:52 pm
and karl rove was with george bush. trump doesn't have people that he mentors politically. so does ron desantis think that he and trump are actually buddies? it's complicated on facebook? what's their actual relationship like other than ron desantis running around in trump cause play. >> understand donald trump only has three very close friends and they are me, myself and i when he looks in the mirror every morning. there is no relationship that donald trump has with anyone, not even his own children, as we're starting to get a sense that he may quickly turn on them if they face legal pressure that might lead to him. one of the worst-kept secrets here in florida politics is that all of the major republican contenders all despise each other, whether it be rubio, rick scott, ron desantis or donald trump. they're not at all close. >> battle royale in florida. thank you so much for joining us on "the beat" tonight. oh, goodness, florida. ahead, the trump
3:53 pm
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donald trump has not been charged in the criminal probe into his company, but this investigation is still ongoing. there's a fierce debate about whether trump should be prosecuted at all, even if he committed illegal acts. some say we should just move on. others say we need to pursue justice to uphold our democracy. the former president has never been indicted in the u.s., but it does happen elsewhere. just last week south africa made moves to hold its former leader, jacob zuma to account. he will spend 15 months in jail over refusal to testify against charges against him. like trump, he used his office to enrich his friends. like trump, he was accused of sexual assault. like trump and his bleach-drinking advice during peak covid, zuma trafficked in
3:58 pm
grotesque conspiracy theories during a health crisis. zuma claimed during his rape trial that taking a shower after unprotected sex would preventing the spread of hiv. even their rhetoric is the same as trevor noah highlighted about the two presidents back in 2015. >> they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime. they're rapists. and some i assume are good people. >> the influx of illegal migrants, crime, unfair business practices, drugs. >> that's south african president jacob zuma sounding a lot like donald trump. >> south africa has had democracy for less than 30 years. as a nation they understand that institutions must be more powerful than parties. zuma is headed to jail despite the fact that his party still controls the government. other nations have understood holding former leaders accountable is necessary for
3:59 pm
democracy. many have been convicted of crimes after leaving office. for the most part those prosecutions happened peacefully. but in south africa, zuma sympathizers have taken to the streets rioting for days. six people have been killed and hundreds arrested. now the country's military has been deployed to quell the violence, which brings us back ot current investigations into donald trump. prosecutors in new york and georgia are looking at the facts of how he tried to overturn the election and how he ran his business and they will use those facts and the rule of law in making any decisions on any charges. but big picture, for a nation that likes to lecture others on democracy as much as the united states does, we could learn a lot from countries who have had democracy for a lot less time than us. that does it for me. ari will be back tomorrow. "the reidout" with joy reid is up next. hi, joy. >> hey, jason, thank you very much. you're absolutely right, we do have a lot to learn and come to appreciate the democracy we have and fight for it. thanks for ending the show that
4:00 pm
way, very appropriate. have a great evening. good evening, everyone. we do begin "the reidout" with the moral case for protecting the right to vote. i mean it's unconscionable that 46 years after one democratic president put the moral weight of the office of the presidency behind expanding voting rights, another would have to do it again. but amid republicans' draconian voter suppression efforts all across the country, president biden today did just today. speaking in philadelphia, an epicenter of republicans' anti-democratic efforts in 2020 and to this day, biden eviscerated the claims of the disgraced former president. >> no other election has ever been held under such scrutiny and such high standards. the big lie is just that, a big lie. the denial of full and free elections is the most unamerican thing that any of us can imagine, the most


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