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tv   Kendis Gibson and Lindsey Reiser Report  MSNBC  August 1, 2021 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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heroes. they go out there every day. not me. >> that's all for this edition of "dateline". i'm natalie morales. thanks for watching. >> first up on msnbc, all across the country, covid cases are rising as the delta variant takes hold of the nation. the biggest effect is being felt in the sunshine state, breaking a new record. after the governor downplayed the spread. >> positive, as someone who's vaccinated, and then you have a very mild situation? that is not something you would shut down society for. it is not something you should shut schools down. for what we tried to do in florida, is not try to play off
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of fears, not tried to ratchet up any hysteria. >> masks on, or off? one school districts battle against its own state, in order to enforce a mask mandate. we will talk with the superintendent about the bold action to take the state to courts. >> this is not about, a debate about a mask mandate, for those who can make their own decisions, and have means to get vaccinated. everyone knows what to do, the guidelines are in place. this is all about the children and their health. >> plus, former president trump putting up a fight, defending his alleged actions after that bombshell report, that he pressured the justice department to comply with his big lie. he is not giving up his baseless claims. >> and, under fire after making blistering comments of a black widow store scarlett johansson, how she is taking on the media giant, and the major groups that are taking her side. >> good sunday morning, everybody.
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candace reminded me it is the 1st of august, a new month, turning over a new leaf. i am lindsay reiser. >> i'm candice gibson. turning over a new leaf? >> i don't know, i'm new leaf, maybe reverting backwards, lockdowns are happening again, i don't know. >> i did not realize, it was that easy to get to, i am sorry. >> that's how i feel about this situation right now, it is scary. >> very, very scary. it does feel almost like last year, with all of the covid variants taking place, and a number of cases taking place. let's talk about something good, the olympics are still going on right now. it is a beautiful evening, right there, as you can tell in tokyo. 7 pm, just after 7 pm over there. and this is one of those weeks were oh, we have a new shot. >> oh! >> out on the street, i mean cases have been hitting highs, but all of the reporting we have had on the olympics, even though people can't necessarily go to bars, they are being encouraged to stay home, we have seen mass amount of traffic in the streets.
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>> we have, as we rotate around, all of our shots on tokyo. this is a big part of the olympics. this is when track and field takes over. we have thought maybe sha'carri would be part of the team usa, but no. still, a lot of people to arch. >> all eyes will be on trey vaughan of four, and to see if he can take home the gold tonight. >> all right. but let's go back to the u.s., the growing concerns about the delta variant. nearly every state now sees a rise in cases with the u.s. averaging more than 70,000 infections a day. experts are warning it will only get worse. >> florida just reported its highest number of daily cases ever, making it the new epicenter for the virus. and, in places like austin, texas, local hospitals are running out of icu beds. candace, we have heard this before. msnbc's gary gone back is there, and msnbc's lauren egan is at the white house, with the latest on president biden's efforts to stop the surge.
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gary, kendis makes fun of me for starting on a bleak note over here, but the story in texas is the same across the country. people in hospital, people who are unvaccinated, now health care workers, they are feeling the burn out as well? >> yes, that is right, lindsey. it is hard to fathom, back to talking about daily breaking case records, that's where we are in florida, more than 21,000 people have been tested positive for covid. just yesterday alone while capacity limits and things are changing there, mask mandates in some of those specific, private locations, places like disney world, you have to wear a mask if you are indoors there. but, good news across the country, however. every single day, about 500,000 new people are getting vaccinated against covid-19, it so that is good news, according to the white house. but here in texas, it is a very different story. there is a lot going on here, we are sort of reaching a breaking point. texas, it is broken down into health districts and trauma districts, when we talk about
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the hospital numbers. so, here in the austin area, it is 2.3 million people, 11 counties. and there are nine icu beds available, right now. officials tell me, they have not seen numbers that low, ever, regardless of covid, they have never seen them that low ever. so that is a real problem over here. that is on top of governor greg abbott's executive order, that he put in place this week, essentially a mandate against mandates. saying they can't force people to get vaccinated, localities can't force people to wear a mask. so, officials now sort of have their hands tied. they see the am 95 which are scientifically proven to help reduce the spread of the virus, but also they are in a massive legal battle with this state. they have a choice to make their, listen to the governor, or get into a massive legal battle. some folks here are taking things into their own hands. i want to introduce you to one mother we met, who is vaccinated, trying to convince her son to get vaccinated as well. >> i have to leave by an example, first of, all and by me getting vaccinated, having
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both of my shots and talking to him and actually going off of statistics and basically showing him the pros and cons of the effects of having, and the effects of not having. and that is giving him some wisdom and insight as well. >> so, here in this county, about 35,000 people are getting vaccinated every single week, helping that 500,000 number nationally, which means about 64% of travis county is now fully vaccinated, lindsey? >> i will take it over here, gary. and now, to lauren. the president is announcing that there are new vaccination requirements for workers, and says that more restrictions are likely, but he's already getting some sort of pushback, isn't he? >> guys, notably, the president announced that it was a vaccine requirement, not a mandate. and that is because federal employees will have the auction, if they don't get vaccinated, to submit themselves to weekly testing, social distancing. other kinds of restrictions that are just, you know, kind
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of inconvenient for the work space. that is the point. the president wants people to get vaccinated, if you are not, you will have to follow these extra guidelines. now, there are some unions that represent federal employees that are pushing back. that is not necessarily surprising. remember, it is the jobs of these unions to represent federal employees, it is their job to demand for the employer, in this case, the federal government come to the table i have a conversation whenever there is some sort of change to the workplace environment. now, we have also seen some unions come out in support of this move, nosed notably some unions representing foreign service officers who say this move really protect their workers. keep in mind, there were big outbreaks earlier on during the pandemic, in some embassies. so, we will be keeping an eye on this as we go into next week, and as the president hopes to see other states, businesses follow suit, and use some sort of similar outline in their own officers, guys? >> all right. gary grumbach and lauren egan, thank you both for getting us
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started this morning. we now want to bring in doctor roberto's, chief pulmonary and critical care medicine and in indiana school of medicine. doctors, good to have you with. us thank you for being here. is there any way to avoid where we are headed? i feel like we have seen this movie before. do you feel, at this point, but more lockdowns are now inevitable in some states? >> it feels almost like a terrible sequel, in a way. we have seen this coming for a long time, heard about these variants that are popping up all over the place and unfortunately, the only way to really prevent further lockdowns, more mandates is to get more vaccines in peoples arms. this is proven, vaccines are effective. they are efficient, they save lives, right? at this point now, it is a matter of battling the misinformation that is out, they're convincing others to do what's best for the rest of the community, even in a lot of cases. >> doctor, i am concerned by something i have heard from the cdc, rachelle lewinsky who says
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the big concern now, is that the next variant, potentially just a few mutations away, could evade our vaccines. and there is a thought right now, but by us not getting more people vaccinated, that there is a new variant that could get on to the scene, and be more powerful than any of the vaccines that we have right now. >> that is always a potential, that is the problem when it comes to viruses, and mutations, right? the more people that we have vaccinated, the less chance of viruses being passed from one person to another, the last chance for mutations to occur. but risk of having a virus that is deadly, more infectious, virulent than others, it is always out. there but, we minimize that risk by having more vaccines in more people. so it is concerning, and obviously, the quicker that we mandate, vaccinate folks in the general community, then that risk becomes much more minimal.
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that was the hope, what we have been praying for in the beginning. easier said than done. >> that is not the direction they are taking it forward, florida is now the national epicenter of the virus, it accounts for a fifth of all the cases in the u.s.. check out these numbers. on thursday, the state reported just over 17,000. a day after that, that number jumped. it jumped to more than 21,000. 21, 683, in fact, a jump of more than 4500 cases in just one day. what is driving such a rapid surge? do you think we will start to see that in other states? >> you are absolutely right. i think what is driving that ramp in surge is the fact that there are few vaccines in the state of florida. unfortunately, it has become more of a political issue than a public health issue. and it is very divisive, obviously. so, the states where we see less vaccines, per general population, where we see the
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rampant rises in cases. unfortunately, the vast majority of the cases we see nowadays, it is the delta variant. it is much more infectious than we have seen in prior variants. it also implies younger ages, becoming more critically ill. becoming ill more quickly, unfortunately. and in ways we have not seen in a long, long. time >> i want you to take a look internally, where you are. you are in indiana, where the infection rate i believe, are the highest they have been, i actually have it up on screen. only about 43% of indiana residents have been fully vaccinated. by the way, that is lower than each of the states surrounding you. look at the numbers over there. illinois, 50%. 58% in michigan. ohio, is even doing better. how much is that a contributing factor in the rising infection rates in that state? >> it is the biggest contributing factor. and i think it is becoming more
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increasingly obvious, as we move on. if you break it down county by county, you can see those variations in the counties that have higher vaccination rates in the general public. you can clearly see a decrease per capita rate of infection, essentially. so, we more people who we could get vaccinated, the better off we will be, especially in the future and the fall, when people start to return indoors, spreading the virus even more quickly. it is worrisome to see these numbers. unfortunately, you know, people just are not getting the message. so we have to come take advantage, educate as much of our community as we can, to these risks. have these conversations, make's painstaking and obvious as it might seem, we need to do this to ensure it is better for our health, and for our patient population. we have to do this. >> doctor, really quickly, how frustrated are you? you talk about how worrisome it, is you lost your grandfather, i am so sorry for your loss. i can't believe we are still talking about, this i lost my
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grandmother. how frustrated are you, someone who goes in day in, day out, giving blood sweat and tears to these patients? >> it is frustrating. it takes an emotional toll, after an amount of. time especially because, as simple as it might sound, this is essentially a preventable disease at this point. especially when it comes to becoming critically ill. so, we are quite literally losing patience, family members in our community, that have could've been completely avoided, had this message been clear from the beginning. again, we all have to do our part, to do our part to educate our community, friends, colleagues. try to get as many vaccines in peoples arms as possible. >> -- great. doctor roberto swazo, thank you for your time, appreciate it. so, a lot to get to this morning, including former president trump's defense after newly reporting revealed he allegedly tried to pressure the doj to publicly lie about the 2020 election. this morning, his spin.
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fence following a bombshell report from congress revealing he allegedly pressured the doj to lie about the 2020 election results. he released a statement saying that he was basically doubling down on the big lie. he said that a corrupt and highly partisan house democrats running the house oversight committee released documents, including court filings dealing with the rigged election of 2020. that they dishonestly described as attempting to overturn the election. okay, so all of this, after that handwritten notes from former acting deputy attorney general richard donahue, allegedly showing that trump
3:19 am
pressured them to call the election corrupt. when, it of course, was not. both joining us right now is democratic congressman from illinois, sean casten. congressman, thank you for being with us. >> pleasure to be here. nice to see you this. morning >> good to see. a lot to get. to but i want to start with that. because trump is spinning it by saying that donahue's notes only prove that he was trying to protect the results. first, what do you make of all of that? and what do you want congress to do about these latest documents? >>ese latest documents? look, what's the old? light me wants, shame on you? light to me 18,000 times [laughs] i think we all know. i think we as americans all know that trump was working hard to frustrate this election. i think all of us in congress are putrefied as more and more comes out, that are racist patients are being confirmed. that had trump won, it would've been the end of our democracy
3:20 am
with the complicity of the republican party. right? i mean, we're seeing all of these efforts to frustrate and bring the peaceful transfer of power. it's attention. we don't want to go back and re-litigate every past president. there is peaceful transfer of power both ways. but on the other hand, it has to be accountability. >> at this point, can you all do anything about it? >> well, we can do a lot. the question is, how many different things we can do at the same time. we have the january 6th commission, which i think goes a long way to do this. i wish we could have done that on a nonpartisan basis, because i think it would have been a better and more robust commission. we don't get the votes to do that, so now we're going to use up the uses of some of our committee colleagues. there will be subpoenas if necessary, as a chairman has. said >> let's turn to infrastructure, because it's gone from infrastructure week
3:21 am
to now infrastructure weekend. the senate working a rear weekend on the hill. they will return back to session just a few hours from now. senate majority leader chuck schumer said the bill should be ready by today. after weeks, years, really, i'm wheeling and dealing. so, we've been waiting on the bill to actual text as those negotiations built into the weekend. what will you be on the lookout for when we actually get to finally see this bill? >> get t i'm delighted that we finally have something. i'm in congress. i spent 20 years working in the green energy sector. i've dedicated my whole life to climate change. and when we prioritize bipartisanship, that is code for not prioritizing climate change. and that's really painful. we have to admit, if we're going to do what's scientifically necessary, that is antithetical to doing what is possible to get senator collins and senator bergman's approval. so, for me, i'm glad to see
3:22 am
some energy and climate provisions in their. we if we want a cleaner economy. if we want more energy reliable economy. the reconciliation package is unfortunately, worse could be at. there are a few details which are there, which are non-trivial, there are insufficient. >> all right, before i let you go. you put on a dad joke on the floor of the u.s. congress, this week. [laughs] >> i thought you might be getting there. [laughs] your own version of a song. here is the videotape. >> i rise to continue our celebration of hot girl summer. as climate activists fergie was certainly say, the definition is to make our planet cooler. so listen up y'all, i think it's it. get your electricity from the lewis reliable source, that's good.
3:23 am
-- >> has fergie hit you up for trademark infringement? [laughs] or did she realize it so bad that is like, it's okay. i'm going to sit this out. [laughs] >> so she has it texted me but look, fergie wrote a song with paul mccartney and a bunch of others encouraging us to join the top 21. essentially we have to get our species to acknowledge that climate change is real. that's more than a good number of my colleagues have done on climate change. so i'd like to believe we're going in the right direction on. this >> it's gotten a little attention. congressman, i know it's 6:00 in the morning east coast time, but can you give us a couple of pardons? >> i guess my only regret really is that i talk so fast the diver didn't really get put the emphasis, right? >> go ahead, put the emphasis on the right. >> listen up your, this is it.
3:24 am
-- as one of the most important federal agencies to fight climate change. and if i'm doing this right, more of you are paying attention. but in a well air conditioned home. it's hot, hot. for delicious. [laughs] >> it's amazing your wife allowed you back in the house. [laughs] >> look if i embarrass myself a little bit to get people focusing on climate change, i'll take that sacrifice every day. >> absolutely. actually, that's a great way to look at it. congressman, thank you. just making fun. it wasn't that bad. it was pretty terrible. just getting, congress. but it was off the. >> coming up, a lot of us have been waiting for this, not that rap. but the olympics mark event tonight. 26-year-old floridian tree meng grenell hope to replace usain
3:25 am
bolt as the fastest man at the games. plus, simone biles pulls out of another event as she continues to battle the twists. we're live from tokyo next. today, ali velshi dives into the latest on the bipartisan infrastructure negotiations with senator debbie stabenow of michigan. and congressman mondaire jones of new york. he's also going to get into the latest on the january 6th committee with congressman pete aguilar of california. that's 8 am eastern. my great-great-grandmother, my great-grandfather, great-great-grandfather was that kind of person. he looked after his community. she built an empire. he protected this nation. they lived their lives in extraordinary ways. with ancestry, i learned the story of peter vaughters... william lacy... madam c.j.walker. they are the heroes in my family. who are the heroes in yours? your mission: stand up to moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. and take. it. on... with rinvoq.
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for the rapper biz markie. the artist ll cool j and -- our 30 to 10 this rivas here. he died on july 16th, reportedly from complications related to diabetes. he was only 57 years old. and, new this, morning another blow to u.s. gymnastics. simone biles, pulling out of the floor exercise finals, so
3:30 am
for tomorrow, she says yet to decide whether she will compete on the balance beam that is scheduled for tuesday. >> plus, american caleb dressel joins elite club of olympic medal leaders, after clinton's fifth goal in tokyo. he is now just one of five swimmers to win at least five golds in a single olympics. we are in tokyo, this morning. good morning. >> hi there to you all. just like you said, simone biles saying she will not be in that competition. all that is left now is the beam. in usa gymnastics, they are not telling us if you will be a part of that competition. but, if we will talk about women's gymnastics we have to talk about mikaela skinner. how about her, 19 that silver medal, when she took the place of simone biles, when she said she was not going to be able to do the vault. all right, let's head out now. yesterday, 24 hours ago, i stood here and said, caleb dressel knows he is so good, he has got to be himself. well, he's done it again. caleb dressel doing caleb
3:31 am
dressel things today, he wins the 50 meter free, turns around, and once the four by 100 men's medley. and they broke a record doing that today. now, he has won two more gold medals. and i want to make sure i get this right. right after he won the fifth gold medal, he says, i am proud of myself. i feel like i reached what my potential would be, here at these games. yes, i think it is safe to say, he has reached his potential! >> [laughs] he is very subtle with that, you know? but it is a nice, humble brag. so, laura, today is a big day for track and field. many people are looking at trayvon bromell, as he looks to take the title of the world's fastest man from usain bolt. there is something about those island boys, as i know? >> oh! i see that accent there? okay? what is really cool about this -- [laughs] one is really cool about his
3:32 am
story, in 2016, in rio, you might remember, he tore his achilles tendon. so, a lot of people do not think he'd be able to come back he has we have, didn't he needs to do. and now five years later, he actually won the olympic trials in the men's 100 meter so he has an amazing chance of winning the gold medal. but the only thing, there are a lot of guys in this field, semifinals are about to be running in a little bit. >> well he's done pretty well so far, from trinidad. >> we are excited. laura harris in tokyo, thank you. what is -- looking like? >> so, we are a little bit behind. we only have five athletes there. so -- >> the odds are stacked against. to >> the arts are stacked against. us but here's the good news, if believes were to meddle, we don't have the cable rights for the olympics, so nobody in belize would see it. as far as belize knows. >> you are belize's biggest star, tell. them >> as far as you know, you are still winning at the olympics! nobody can see the olympics! >> i will believe.
3:33 am
it all, right battles brew over school mask mandates across the country. one school board in arkansas is actually suing the state. we will talk to the superintendent live about the lawsuit, and why his republican governor is flipping on the issue. good morning, see you soon. od morning, see you soon icy hot. ice works fast. heat makes it last. feel the power of contrast therapy, so you can rise from pain. alice loves the scent of gain so much,
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you need an ecolab scientific clean here. and here. which is why the scientific expertise that helps operating rooms stay clean now helps the places you go too. look for the ecolab science certified seal. the >> schools want them but their states see no. we're talking mask mandates and the debate over how classrooms will look this fall. and that's heating up as covid cases spike across the country.
3:37 am
in our arkansas, the little rock superintendent is looking to file a lawsuit against the state over its ban on a mask mandate for school districts. the state's republican governor, isa hutchinson, signed that back in april. but has since changed his mind and once it lifted to give school districts the option. >> this is not about a debate about mask mandates for those that can make their own decisions and have means to get vaccinated. this is a discussion about the school environment where schools can make decisions to add to the public health for their own school environment, and for the children. everyone knows what to do and the guidelines are in place. this is all about the children and their health. >> joining us right now is the superintendent of little rock schools, mike more. mike, we're so happy to have you on. thank you for joining us on this early sunday. so, the governor is trying to call lawmakers back to reverse this ban. he mentions the safety of students.
3:38 am
but despite that support, it's unlikely that the legislature will change the law? >> well, our governor declared a public health situation on thursday and identify two areas, hospitals in schools. but the challenge that he faces with our state legislature is to get them to first approve the masks. and then second, to have a two thirds majority in order to undo and create the emergency clause. so, those things are problematic and challenging for the governor. and that's why we filed the lawsuit. it gives us an additional level of insurance where, instead of the legislative branch, we can try to find the opportunity to do the right thing for our own community, with going to the judicial route. >> you recorded a video to parents talking about your decision here. you see the actions taken in april, including preventing schools from mandating, making
3:39 am
their own decisions rather, are unconstitutional. obviously you guys are consulting with your attorney about this. what is your attorney say about your legal standing of your argument? >> he thinks we kind of have for basic things that allows us to do so. one of the things that is interesting is that there's federal law that is in place that says that we actually have to have masks for bus transportation. so, if you have a thing that says you can't mandate masks, you've already violated federal law. the second thing is, we have a number of activities that happened on many of our campuses across the country, we're whether it's students who are doing work in the chemistry lab. a third area is that the separation of powers thing. which is as a former history teacher is an intriguing part of this lawsuit. there has to be, the governor has to has a stability in emergencies. and i think he's lost some of
3:40 am
that power this legislation. and finally, most importantly, we have an obligation to do what's best for our students and staff to have a safe environment. and we're very into with what that safe environment might look like. because little rock is the hub of the medical community for this entire state. so we get wonderful advice from our medical community on what are the right measures to. take unity on wha >> you sent out a survey, mostly parents in your district, 79% say they plan to encourage their child to wear a mask indoors at school. some might say why do you need a mandate if you already have a majority plan to do that? what do you say to them? >> i think the biggest thing is that when you look at this, there are two groups of students. first, a group of students that couldn't get the vaccine that are 12 and older. we really haven't as much success as we would like and getting shots in arms. our percentage is basically, as far as we know, the ones that we help coordinate, around 10%. so, obviously their parents who
3:41 am
got shots on their own. that number is much higher than that. but we don't really know what that number is. next, are the students who are under 12 years of age, have no ability to get vaccines. so we have to do everything we can to protect them. and i think that's really where our governors coming at this, to. >> i know school starts for your district in two weeks. you've got a meeting about this on wednesday. we have seen many of these school meetings get fiery. i anticipate no less. there michael poore, thank you for your time this morning. and we do hope you'll come back and update us. >> this is something a lot of people been looking for two. starting tomorrow, fully vaccinated americans can travel to england without quarantining. the move is sure to boost the country's tourism industry and make family reunions a lot easier. but there are still some requirements. then bradley has the latest for us from london. ben, good morning to you. what are those requirements? n, good mo>> a, candace. well you're still going to have to get a negative pcr or --
3:42 am
test before you depart. and you're still going to have to show a negative test about two days after you arrive here in britain. this isn't just for americans. this is also for european union citizens and. there's very few places in london that are more excited about seeing tours come back then right here on portobello road in dotting hill. as you can see, this is adorable. and ever since that 1999 movie naughton hill, julia roberts, hugh grant -- i think you guys saw it. everybody saw it. this place has been filled with americans flocking down portobello road with a lot of stalls on either side. selling stuff to americans who are gratefully parting with their money. i spoke with a bunch of these vendors on this road and they said they can't wait to see the americans come back with their u.s. dollars. here's what they have safe. >> how much did you miss foreign tourists and americans, specifically? >> oh, they're amazing. one of my best tours. customers. it's now knowing they can come
3:43 am
in, it will be amazing. they like to be involved. what happens is, i find they're quite open, quite friendly. they want to support small business. so, for me, i'm quite stoked. because they're my number one customer. >> you know, it's actually i mention it was european union countries as well. but france has been left off that list. and france is still restricted. so if you're tourists coming from france or businessman, you still have to do that ten-day quarantine. you can try to test out of it early, but that's a big problem. a french are really incensed by this. they say it's absurd. and they're calling it discriminatory. there are some other issues here, guys. obviously, the delta variant is raging through britain. just like it is in the united states. but cases have been lowered in the last couple days. that's really stumped the scientists. a lot of them have predicted that even with the uk's pretty good vaccination program, that there would be a surge in cases. there was a surge and then it
3:44 am
reversed over the last couple of days. but now, with tourism open, a lot of people here are really i the finish line for this whole pandemic. guys? >> yeah, they are. and they're really upset by the french not being able to come over because of course, all this is a big french month for vacation. and i think they would normally come over to the uk. matt bradley with all the information on the uk, as well as not in hill. thanks, matt. okay so one of hollywood's biggest stars taking on one of his biggest companies. now, the company, walt disney is being accused of undermining a woman's right to protect her own professional interests. the fallout from scarlett johansson's black widow lawsuit. >> plus, he made homophobic comments so offensive were not even going to repeat them. now a rapper is closing out lollapalooza in front of 100,000 person crowd. we're going to get into the controversy. the stars who sensed condemned
3:45 am
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3:48 am
movie, scarlett johansson, marvel's black widow is in feeders now, and it's also simultaneously streaming on disney plus. that is why the actress is seeing the movie giant for breaching its contract, that she says guaranteed a theatrical release only. well, these new hit back calling johansson quote, callous, publicly revealing her 20 million dollar salary. the disney's comments are not going unnoticed. >> several groups are now condemning the company's statement, calling it in part a gendered attack, saying it contributes to an environment in which girls are perceived as less able than men to protect their own interests. give johnson is a senior editor at deadline, he now joins us with more on this, and a lot more. so ted, there's been reporting that emma stone, emily blunt, can actually be next in suing. do you think scarlett johansson's lawsuit could open the floodgates for more lawsuits like this? >> it is certainly possible. i think there have been reports
3:49 am
that they are definitely looking at the legal options, this has happened before when there has been this kind of structural shift within the entertainment industry that some of the people who feel they have been left out often stars, directors, writers, they will look at their contracts and say hey, am i fairly compensated? so this is, where the first person filed the lawsuit, and other people get the same idea. >> you know, disney is saying her lawsuit shows callous disregard for the horrific and prolonged global effects of the covid-19 pandemic. but you heard candace saying the people from the organization have since come out calling that a gender attack. how do you think disney is handling this pr wise? does anyone need to go into damage control now? >> well, i think it was really surprising to a lot of people. what happens is, a lawsuit is filed in hollywood every day. lawsuits are filed quite
3:50 am
frequently by talents after a movies released, because his always issues like, did i get my fair share of the profits? usually, a studio's response is, we think the lawsuit is merit -less, we will defend ourselves in court. and that is it. that was not the case this time around. and if you had not heard the response from scarlett johansson, it was not from her directly, but from an agent, really pointing out that this
3:51 am
was somewhat very unusual, maybe unprecedented time for a studio to fight back like that. >> ted, let's go to the other end of this, the rapper dababy is under fire for his extremely insensitive, inaccurate and frankly, homophobic comments about hiv, aids, at a miami show last weekend. of course, we will not repeat it. since then, he has apologized -- it took a while, but here is what his apology was. anybody who has ever been affected by aids hiv, y'all got the right to be upset, what i said was insensitive, even though i have no intentions on offending anybody. so, my apologies. but for many, it was not enough. some artists are distancing themselves from him, including diwali bay, who has a hit song with him. he has also been removed from the lineup of the outcoming festival in the uk, but is still one of the headliners tonight, at lollapalooza, in chicago. there has been radio silence, actually, from that events organizers on his recent
3:52 am
actions. why do you think that is? >> well, i think often with these controversies, organizers who are related to the controversy, they did not say the offensive comments themselves, but their first reaction is to hope that it blows over, hope there will be apologies. in this case, i think, you know, it is alarming because he kind of repeated some of the falsehoods about hiv and a.i.d.s., at a time when we are going through this covid misinformation. and this is kind of recycling what a lot of people in the lgbt community went through, back in the 19 eighties, and the 19 nineties, when there was this level of hysteria, but was not grounded in fact. in fact, a lot of activists through that era have said hey, we are going through some of this, we are reminded of some of the same things, as with covid. >> and as such, so many people
3:53 am
including madonna, elton john, a host of others, quest love have come out, and understandably just have said that they are not with the comments that dababy made. ted johnson, have to leave it there, thank you so much. >> interesting to see an apology tonight when he hits the stage at lollapalooza, in chicago, yes. up next, as travel ramps up, so are the vacation scams. what you need to know before you plan your next getaway. >> coming up on our next hour, it is a pay equity story that will make you say, it is about time. the gap between what olympian's and paralympians were earning four medals, $30,000. things are different this year's games, one athlete is calling it absolutely life-changing. so why did it take so long? >> right, now go to our twitter page, and follow us @msnbcweekends tweet at, us we would love to hear from you. and find some show highlights as well, right there @msnbcweekends.
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3:57 am
think about this, you have been cooped up in your house for more than a year, he wants to get out an exploratory book in airbnb thinking, this will be the perfect getaway. >> after driving for hours, something goes terribly wrong. nbc's kitty back on this new scam. >> after driving 15 hours from st. louis, virginia, to virginia beach, --
3:58 am
was ready to feel sand beneath her feet. >> we are excited, we have not done this in two years. >> but hopes for a dream trip became a nightmare for her and 16 family members. >> did it occur to you, i have been scammed? >> i think when we -- >> the security code to open the rental home it did not work, provided by an alleged airbnb host. first connected on the site, he spoke with her by phone several times, offering house rules, even the wi-fi code. suddenly, he was unreachable. >> it was just like, in disbelief. like, this is really happening? >> unfortunately, it is happening more often. according to fbi data, the number of rental scams jumped 17% last year. online scammers, swamping pictures of properties they do not own, posting them for rent, and making off with the money, for a pandemic travelers, desperate for escape. >> real estate agents say demand for summer rentals is at an all-time high, and inventory is extremely low.
3:59 am
they say, these are the right conditions for rental scams. >> and they show up, and their dreams are damaged. >> gayle bakr manages properties in virginia beach in says she has been forced to turn families away, it first sign that scammers should pay the price. >> they advertised, low so that is the bait. the debate is, it is cheap. >> other red flags, rental listings on social media sites, requests to wire payment to the owner directly, requests to adjust dates of the rental, and owner unreachable by phone. airbnb refunded bursting's family for the rental and travel costs, and banned the scam host from their platform. still, they say bad actors are out there. >> we are seeing scam artists who go to really extraordinary, sophisticated lengths, to make people believe that they are on airbnb. >> her family returned home with packed cars, and a sad reality. >> the fact that people are out there, being so dishonest, and the fact that it is so easy for
4:00 am
them to be dishonest. >> words of caution, after -ification, stolen by a scammer. katie back, nbc news, virginia beach. >> thanks to katie back right there. we will begin a new hour of msnbc, right now. msnbc, right now


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