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tv   Yasmin Vossoughian Reports  MSNBC  August 1, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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with the housing crisis we have right now and with what's going on in our country. how do we contain -- how do we help with 7 more million people on the streets? we cannot do that. >> so an update to that. house speaker nancy pelosi did in fact respond in a statement last night saying that she would recall the house if the senate would agree to act on extending the moratorium, which they have yet to do. we've hit the top of the hour, everybody. you're watching msnbc reports with i can't say minimum voss voss. -- yasmin vossoughian. welcome, everybody. i'm yasmin vossoughian. if you are still with us sticking around, thank you. if you are just joining, welcome. great to see you. we are continuing to follow the breaking news out of the senate. in a rare sunday session involving a long-awaited bipartisan infrastructure bill, a race against time with just one week before recess.
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and this isn't the end of the just the first step in a drama we got a preview of on the morning knows with two of the biggest names in the democratic party squaring off over a reconciliation bill. >> i respect that we have to get senator sinema and manchin's vote on reconciliation. they should also respect there's a very tight house margin and we have to be able to uphold our end of the bargain and house progressives are also part of that majority. >> i can't really guarantee anybody and i have not guaranteed anybody on any of these pieces of legislation. we'd like to do more. yeah, you can do what you can pay for. >> plus what do republicans stand for? that is the question one of our guests this hour -- and rising covid cases. we'll get a count from a hospital in missouri. all that and disturbing video to show you. a family demanding answers after a teenage girl was pinned by a
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police officer who was sent to help her. we'll have that story coming up as well. and then simone biles pulls out of another event. she has just one more opportunity if in fact she takes it to compete in the games. i'm going to talk to famed american goalie brianna scurry who knows better than almost anyone who simone is going through. that conversation which you don't want to miss is coming up. we want to begin with a senate push for a bipartisan infrastructure bill. chuck schumer saying the final text is imminent and reiterated his hopes to finish the bill before august recess. >> once the legislative text of the agreement is finalized, and i understand it is being ienlized imminently, i will offer it as a substitute amendment, as i've always promised. and then the senate can finally begin voting on additional amendments. given the thoroughly bipartisan nature of the bill, i expect we'll be able to consider all the relevant amendments and finish the bill in a matter of
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days. joining me now, democratic congresswoman of california, judy chu, chair of the congressional asian-pacific american caucus. congresswoman chu, thank you for joining us. really appreciate it. we're talking timeline here, right? leader schumer basically saying imminently they'll have the text of this bill. not correct on that timeline because imminent has come and gone and no text so far. let's move ahead, though, looking at when the senate could actually get this thing through. do you support an end of the week timeline to get this infrastructure bill through the senate? >> all signs are pointing to getting this infrastructure bill out of the senate. we have high hopes that there will also be a vote on a reconciliation bill voted upon by 50 senators because it is so important for so many of us to
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make sure that even though it's great that there is a bipartisan consensus on this infrastructure bill that we also address all of the pressing issues that americans are facing with child care, paid family leave, and things that make it really hard for them to return to work. and we also, of course, want to make sure that we address the climate change issues that were in the original infrastructure bill but were then taken out. so there is so much important work to do, but nonetheless the house is poised to come back in the second week of august in order to vote on these bills. >> do you expect to support this infrastructure bill if in fact it's not paired with a reconciliation? >> i would have very, very serious concerns.
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the infrastructure bill originally had so many important elements to it and now we see that they have taken out 90% of the funding for electric vehicles. they have taken out half the funding to transform and change over lead pipes that are poisoning american families. these are very, very critical things that have to be put in. but we have a chance to do it. we can do it with the $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill. that's why i want to see both of them go through at the same time. i want assurance that this reconciliation bill can go through and that the critical issues that we're facing with regard to the c.a.r.e. economy and also climate change, that these can be indeed addressed. >> what do assurances look like to you?
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>> well, first of all, there has to be the vote on the budget resolution for the reconciliation bill. senator schumer says that they do have the votes to get this out. this, of course, is the first step and then we want to see what is in the budget resolution, what is in the $3.5 trillion that has been proposed. we believe that it should have the kinds of things that were eliminated in the bipartisan infrastructure bill, including not only the infrastructure for electric vehicles and lead pipes, but also irs enforcement that would make sure that people are paying their fair share of taxes and of course the very, very critical elements of paid family leave and child care infrastructure that would make families whole and give them
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peace of mind when they go back to work. >> congresswoman chu, i want to talk about the eviction moratorium while i have you but i want to play some sound of senator manchin talking about the timing of this infrastructure bill and pairing it with reconciliation that you're speaking of. >> there was frankly a handful of conservative democrats in the house that threatened to get on planes rather than hold this vote and we have to really just call a spade a spade. we cannot in good faith blame the republican party when house democrats have the majority. we cannot kick people out of their homes when our end of the bargain has not been fulfilled. >> all right. so that was obviously not joe manchin, that was alexandria ocasio-cortez on cnn talking about her support in pairing the reconciliation with the infrastructure bill. but obviously joe manchin was on cbs' "face the nation" and i want to read for folks what it
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is he said when it comes to this pairing. he said we want to be done by thursday. we want to move on, okay. john dickerson says but it's not just the senate that speaks, the house also has a role. manchin says oh, yes, i know. i'm just saying it moves on from the senate. dickerson, but for it to become a law, it is linked up with this other piece of legislation, the budget bill. do you not see that it's linked together? and manchin says i have always believed that everything that should rise or fall on its own merits. does that worry you, congresswoman? >> it does worry me, but senator schumer has talked to the senate and they have apparently agreed to move the budget resolution forward. we need to make sure that we continue this process, because the reconciliation process takes quite a few steps. so we have many bites at the apple.
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and i certainly hope that senator manchin will see how critical it is to be able to get our pressing needs in this country done with that reconciliation bill. so i am hopeful that what senator schumer has said with regard to those 50 votes still holds true. >> before i let you go, i want you to talk about the eviction moratorium, getting a tweet from speaker pelosi about 30 minutes ago with regards to this eviction moratorium and she said the cdc has the power to extend the eviction moratorium as they double down on masks. why wouldn't they extend the moratorium in light of the delta variant? it is a moral imperative to keep people from being put out in the street which also contributes to the public health emergency. the moratorium must be extended. what are you hearing from your colleagues with regards to extending this moratorium before
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millions of americans face eviction? >> i tell you, i am so worried about the 3.6 million renters that stand to be evicted in the next two months if nothing is done, and right in the middle of this terrible pandemic. we tried before we left to get those votes and i think we have to keep on trying. i also call on the cdc to extend this moratorium. after all, there is a new circumstance, which is the extent of the delta variant. and that should give us one reason to extend this moratorium. i would also say with the senate being in session, they have a chance to extend it and we are ready and able to come back and vote to extending it through congress as well. but we can't let americans just go out on the street right in
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the middle of a pandemic. that's why cori bush is camping out and hasn't actually gone to sleep since friday because we know how dire the situation is. i really commend her doing that. but we all have to can act. >> congresswoman, thank you. appreciate it. i want to talk more about this, the senate's slow walk toward a bipartisan infrastructure bill with my panel. amanda renteria, ceo of code for america. also david jolly, former member of congress and an msnbc political contributor. welcome, guys. thanks for joining us on this. i lot of stuff i want to dig into. amanda, talk to me first about the joe manchin sound that i spoke through a little bit earlier, right? you're hearing obviously from so many progressive democrats saying this needs to be coupled with -- you heard it from nancy pelosi herself, you heard it from congresswoman chu and from
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aoc. this infrastructure bill needs to be coupled with a reconciliation package, right? a huge reconciliation package. but then there's the joe manchin factor throwing a wrench in things. talking about on "face the nation" saying, listen, things should advance on their own merit. >> that's right. we are in, again, a really interesting time right now. what you can hear is the careful navigation that schumer is going to have to walk here. as a former senate staffer, sundays is unusual to be together. 2,700 pages to go through. negotiating with a bipartisan group where every single team and staffer has to dig through that and make sure what their boss said is in these pages. so you can hear it in the different languages people are using. schumer is saying we're going take this one step at a time. yes, it's imminent and every single step needs to be careful. and the house, there is no doubt
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now is the time to put on that pressure and say as you figure it out, there is a house need here in order for this bill to pass. but listen, everyone knows we are in unusual times. and so these measures, opening on sunday, making sure you have a bill that has the broadest reach at the very moment and you can tackle as many programs right now at this step is going to be really important to getting it all the way through. >> david jolly, walk me through the possible kind of delay that pairing these two things together will in fact do. the delay that will happen because of the pairing of this infrastructure bill with this reconciliation, and do you think that is for democrats' part a smart strategy? >> yeah, yasmin, i think nancy pelosi has some tough decisions to make this coming week, none the fault of her own. but should she be presented with just the bipartisan bill, as you
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heard from congresswoman chu and aoc, it doesn't appear, it doesn't sound like there would be sufficient democratic votes in the house to pass just the bipartisan bill without the assurance of a reconciliation measure that contains the broad swath of biden and progressive priorities. here's the decision nancy pelosi has to make. the bipartisan bill coming out of the senate might actually pick up 20 or 30 republican votes as well. there's a question if kevin mccarthy would whip against it or would let some of his moderates, today's republican moderates support the bipartisan bill. if so, nancy pelosi might have 218 votes. but it might be 30 of those are republicans and that obviously might a the progressives who have said, look, this is our shot. we now control everything. as aoc said if we can't get progressive measures done now, this might be the last opportunity. so i think what you'll see from schumer, as amanda referred to, he'll try to get it every which way he can to indicate he's going to work his best
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strategies on reconciliation. hopefully bring some of those house democrat progressives along simply on the promise. but i don't know that the votes are there between the two chambers on reconciliation. we'll see. >> so, david, then with that in minding, how hard is the biden administration, specifically the president, going to be working the next week especially on those phones to make sure that his original infrastructure bill gets through with or without reconciliation following? >> look, joe biden wants this done and he should. donald trump said for four years he was going to pass an infrastructure bill, republicans said they were going to and they didn't. the conversation we're having here is really a political calculus question. i think for the rest of america, they don't care how much is democratic or republican priorities in the bill. an infrastructure bill is a win. what we've learned from joe biden throughout the campaign is that's the narrative that he set across the country, red states and blue states. i'm going to get america working and get them out of the pandemic. biden wants this bipartisan bill
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done. i think nancy pelosi also knows it's time to get the bipartisan one across the finish line. let's figure out the politics of the reconciliation bill later. >> aamanda, last question to yo. the eviction moratorium has expired. we heard from nancy pelosi urging the cdc to extend the moratorium and cori bush still on the capitol steps wanting her colleagues to come back and deal with it. what the heck is going on and what needs to happen to get this done? >> well, you've got four days not only to negotiate what is happening on the senate floor but also what do you do with the eviction moratorium. what you heard this morning is the administration say there are funds and each state is dispensing these funds differently, but there's no doubt that states across america need help in order to make sure to get those funds to families. in order to do that, you do need an extension here. so this is one of those things
1:17 pm
that while schumer is negotiating it, can he add in this moratorium, really speak to what's happening with house progressives and move something forward. so it adds another lever in the negotiation, but from what we are see at code from america from around the country is we do need to address this, especially because the delta variant is on the rise. >> yeah, we do. david, amanda, thank you both, guys. have a good rest of your day. coming up, what deputies say started as a call of a teen attempting suicide, ended with a young teen and her mother in handcuffs. >> you're hurting me already! you're hurting me already! you're hurting me! >> a texas county sheriff's department is now investigating this incident. we'll walk you through the body camera footage and what we know. that's coming up next. g up next. millions of vulnerable americans struggle to get reliable transportation
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a mirror. it's an unstoppable community. come on, jesse! one more! it's every workout. come on, you two! let's go! for everyone. so join in now. and see your best self. in the mirror. welcome back. a texas sheriff's office has opened an investigation after a disturbing video was released this week of the incident that goes on for ten minutes. although the camera is on the ground for much of it, a kaufman county deputy could be seen grabbing, then pinning an 18-year-old young woman to the ground where she can be heard saying she can't breathe. this happened after deputies responded to a call that the teen was jumping in front of
1:22 pm
traffic, which she and her lawyer both deny. richard lui is here to walk us through this and what we know so far. richard, great to see you, my friend. pretty disturbing stuff here to watch this video. i think a lot of confusion as to what exactly happened. >> yeah, yasmin. a lot happening in a very short amount of time. this is -- what we do know, the way it started, she's trying to get run over. she's jumping into traffic and trying to end her life. yasmin, that part that i just was quoting was not caught on camera, but that was part of a 911 caller. what she said tuesday about nikia trigg. but this was caught on tape. the body cam that you showed a little earlier from deputy martin, showing him following trigg. he gets out of his car, follows her for a couple of minutes by foot asking her to stop. he tells her he is responding to
1:23 pm
that 911 call. she continues to walk through quiet streets. she cries and asks him to leave her alone, she's afraid he might her hurt. the deputy asks her to stop and grabs her arm. he radios for help and twists her arm behind her back to put handcuffs on. they both hit the ground and the body cam falls off but it continues to record. what you hear is trigg screaming she can't breathe more than 20 times. listen carefully as her mother arrives on the scene at the end of this. >> i can't breathe! i can't breathe! i can't breathe! [ crying ] i can't breathe! >> it's 102 degrees out here. >> i can't breathe. >> she cannot breathe!
1:24 pm
you don't even [ bleep ] care! she hasn't done anything. >> no, no. i can't breathe. what are you going to turn her over for and cuff her, she has not done anything. >> now, some things to consider and other video that nbc has not cleared yet, how and why both trigg and her mother were apprehended. you can see as the body cam was put back on the officer, trigg and her lawyers say she was not trying to harm herself. the sheriff's department said that the technique the deputy used to pin trigg avoids obstructing breathing. and the deputy was put on leave pending an investigation that you were just mentioning. yasmin, there were several other officers that we counted on seeing all arriving at different times, but plus other bystanders too. trigg's sister as well and others, perhaps video they have when analyzed can provide more details. a lot of gaps in there. in context, yasmin, where this happened has a crime rate half of other cities its size, but
1:25 pm
texas, if it were a country, is eighth in the world in arrests and incarcerations. that investigation ongoing. >> yeah, some troubling numbers there. thank you for staying on this for us, richard. really appreciate it, and clarifying some stuff for us. still lots of questions with this, not a lot of answers. thank you, richard. hospitals across the country are being overwhelmed by the surge in new covid patients. in missouri there has been a 47% increase in cases in just the past 14 days. after the break, i'm going to be joined by the president of one of the state's hospitals to talk about where they go from here. stay with us. stay with us ♪ ♪ here we go. ♪ ♪ ♪ so i'd like to know where you got the notion ♪ ♪ to rock the boat don't rock the boat, baby ♪ ♪ rock the boat don't tip the boat over ♪ ♪ rock the boat ♪ ♪ don't rock the boat, baby ♪
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things are going to get worse. we have 100 million people in this country who are eligible to be vaccinated who are not getting vaccinated. we are seeing an outbreak of the
1:30 pm
unvaccinated. >> all right. another warning there from dr. anthony fauci as the delta variant is sweeping through unvaccinated communities nationwide. but the fight to win over anti-vaxx americans is one the administration appears to be losing, at least in some states. in missouri, which has only vaccinated 41% of its population, officials were distraught when a mobile vaccination center had zero turn out. but there might be a reason for that. according to "the new york times," some residents are getting their shots in secret, telling the paper they are afraid to their share vaccination status with friends and family. with me to discuss is jeremy drinkwitz and dr. irwin redlener. welcome to you both. jeremy, i want to start with you on this one and i want to read for you from a "new york times" piece quoting someone from the hospital in missouri talking about what's happening there on the ground when it comes to folks getting vaccinated and
1:31 pm
disguising themselves when getting vaccinated. they say i work closely with our pharmacists who are leading our vaccine efforts through our organization. one of them told me the other day that they had several people come in to get vaccinated who have tried to sort of disguise their appearance and even went so far as to say, please, please, please, do not let anyone know that i got this vaccine. jeremy, is this consistent with anecdotal things that you're seeing as well? >> i don't think it's consistent. i do think we have a huge challenge about vaccines. i do know that we had a physician tell me the other day that one of her patients wanted to get the vaccine but did not want her kids to know about it because they were adamantly against it. but overall, we're not having people come in with masks or disguised to get the vaccine at the moment. >> what's happening in your hospital right now with the surge of the delta variant?
1:32 pm
>> we are -- we are really challenged. to give you a little context, on may 27th, we had 14 inpatient covid patients. on thursday we had 81 inpatient covid patients. that's a 478% increase. >> wow. >> of inpatient covid. so in 60 days we broke our record that we had set november 17th of 60 and smashed it. so we are challenged. as of this morning we have 23 patients in the icu with covid, 22 of them on ventilators. >> and are they unvaccinated? >> yeah. so what's consistent about what we've seen so far is we've been bouncing between 94% to 98% of all of our inpatient covids are unvaccinated. and so that number has not changed. as we continue to rise, that number has stayed between those ranges. and so we are seeing that and i think that's what we're trying to communicate to our community and to our friends and family
1:33 pm
here is that about the vaccine. one thing that is consistent is the patients that we have in this hospital are unvaccinated. >> dr. redlener, let's talk about folks that are vaccinated and some of these breakthrough infections and the messaging that we're getting from the top, the cdc and the white house and is there consistency in all of it. there was a "washington post" op-ed that was published from an individual who tested positive for covid-19 with a breakthrough infection. this individual had in fact been vaccinated. they talk about the fact they really didn't experience any symptoms besides not being able to smell. they write this. i don't mean just among those at the reunion, most of whom were grateful that i got tested. i mean from the centers for disease control and prevention, the airlines and others watching out for public health who offered confusing and conflicting advice that reminded me how little we still know about this virus and the best way to keep everybody safe. so this individual really feels as if there has been conflicting
1:34 pm
advice across the board when it comes to these breakthrough infections, and infections overall. do you agree with this? >> well, yasmin, certainly those concerns are valid that there's been uncertainty and some confusion. but let me try to break this down a bit so we can get a better handle on what we're actually dealing with. first of all, the advice that we got from the cdc in may of this year was vaccinated people could go indoors without masks versus unvaccinated people still needed masks and keeping distance, et cetera. since then, there has been new data that shows that the delta variant, the delta mutation is extremely transmissable, number one. and number two, that people, even if they have been vaccinated can carry high loads of the virus in their nose and throat. that is a changed observation and piece of data that drove the
1:35 pm
cdc i think appropriately to say, you know what, we're going to have to step back the original recommendation from may and now we're saying, yes, everyone, vaccinated or not, must wear a mask when they go indoors. now, the other big part of this, though, is we must understand this, which is critical. so for vaccinated people, you may get infected with the delta variant, but you will not be likely to get admitted to a hospital, put on a ventilator or die from the disease. that's clear. as opposed to the unvaccinated who suffer a big risk of hospitalization and death. so the vaccine is incredibly effective, yasmin, in terms of preventing serious illness, but will not necessarily prevent you from getting a mild or nonsymptomatic case of covid. that's the important key, understanding here that people need to know so that they will get vaccinated as quickly as
1:36 pm
possible. it's really important. >> really important note there to make. hopefully we can all heed that advice that we're getting from dr. redlener and listening to the stats that jeremy laid out for us at his own hospital with regard to the folks in the icu right now that were unvaccinated. thank you both, jeremy drinkwitz, dr. irwin redlener, as always, didn't to see you. still ahead, simone biles announces she is pulling out of the floor competition and it is unclear if she will participate in tuesday's balance beam final. we wanted to get some perspective on this decision, what she's going through, so we called in fellow olympic gold medalist and former goalie for the u.s. women's national soccer team, brianna scurry. we'll be right back. 'll be righ. there's an america we build and one we explore. one that's been paved and one that's forever wild. but freedom means you don't have to choose
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1:40 pm
the world record while doing it, closing out the swimming portion team usa will bring home 11 gold medals. over in gymnastics from suni lee brought home the third medal, winning a bronze in the uneven bars. lee, who is just 18 years old stepped in for simone biles and became the first asian-american woman to bring home a gold in the all-around competition. what a day that was. and then to the medal count. as it stands right now, the united states has topped china for the most medals of any country, winning 59. but still falling short of china's 24 gold medals. japan, great britain and the russian olympic committee round out the rest of the top five countries as well. so star gymnast simone biles has pulled out of monday's floor event final and will make a decision about the only remaining event sometime this week. the news came in a tweet from usa gymnastics which also offered support for biles. many athletes have rushed to defend her decision to take care of her mental health, including
1:41 pm
figure skater adam rippon in this heartfelt instagram post. >> we aren't talking about an up-and-coming athlete here. we're talking about an athlete who has already proven themselves under the highest pressures. under olympic pressure. an athlete who is a survivor of sexual abuse within her own sport and who is so far ahead of her time that we see her do things we once thought were impossible. we should trust that someone with that resume knows their limits. we should applaud her for respecting those limits. to keep herself safe and healthy. but in sports, we're used to applauding people who ignore limits. and while it is absolutely heroic to push through limits in certain circumstances, it is just as heroic to prioritize your well-being when the world expects something different from you. the mentality of gold at any cost does not come without a price. as a culture, we need to
1:42 pm
redefine what it means to be brave and what it means to be strong. i'm very grateful that simone biles is showing us the way. >> speaking of bravery, by the way, and everything adam said is totally accurate, we are honored to be joined by soccer legend brianna scurry. wow, it is so cool to meet you, i guess virtually through the television. an olympic gold medalist, incredible to talk to you this afternoon and kind of share your story with us. we knew a little bit about what it is that you experienced. you were at the top of your game and then some. i think what adam said probably resonates with you as well. when you talk about olympic gold medalists and superstar athletes, i think oftentimes folks say, oh, well, they just know no limits, right, in a positive good way. and yet you kind of hit your limit at one point back in 2010 when you developed a really bad concussion. tell us your story, quickly.
1:43 pm
>> yes. so as you know i played on the u.s. women's national soccer team for 14 years. fortunately for me i didn't have my head injury until i was 38. after winning two olympic gold medals and a world championship. going out like that was very unfortunate. i wasn't quite ready to be done playing yet but i'm just very, very blessed and very grateful that i did have the career i had. i tell you what, when it comes to brain injury and mental health, it's better to be safe than sorry. you have to really be careful and try not to push through something like that. so it's very different from any other kind of injury and i'm actually very, very grateful and i'm happy that simone biles realized where her limits were and that she was brave enough to say, you know what, i can't do this now. >> brianna, what were you feeling when you were going through this, when you had this deep depression, the result of this concussion? >> i tell you, it was very, very
1:44 pm
strange. if you can imagine feeling like you've been disconnected from who you are as a person, from the energies that you normally have, from the way you go through your life, feeling completely disconnected from that. i had very, very painful headaches. i had issues remembering things, learning things. i had struggles with my balance. i had a whole basket full of symptoms that took years before they went away. only with therapy did they actually go away and a surgery. and so for me it was very difficult. it was a really long road. i was also suicidal at one point and very depressed. it was very hard, but i'm grateful to say and happy to say now that i have gone through that process and am doing so much better now. my life is absolutely amazing. >> simone biles obviously chose herself this time, chose to take
1:45 pm
care of herself, to respect her limits and not some organization like usa gymnastics. i want to read for you from a peace from candace buckner writing about simone biles. we actually spoke to candace just yesterday. in it she writes biles embodies the dream more than any other hero on the olympic stage. she is supposed to be some sort of moses, leading girls who look like her to the promised land. it's noble and she's tried to hoist that pressure on her 4'8" frame all by herself. but it's also harmful and unfair. briana, what do you think about that? >> that is absolutely hitting the nail on the head. simone biles, all she's been through as we all know, it's been well documented, and to have an athlete of her caliber be brave enough to realize that her mind/body connection was not at its best at the time that she needed it to be, to realize that
1:46 pm
i can't do this as well as i normally would do it, and not only do i not want to harm myself, she understood it wasn't something she could push through, she stepped aside so that she would also help her team be able to still win silver in that team competition. and so i'm telling you, she really had some amazing sight about herself because she has so much pressure. there's so much weight on her shoulders, like she said, but between the commercials and the sponsors and everything else, and she just really came through in my opinion as brave as she could possibly be. i really commend her for having the wherewithal to make the right decision for her and for her team. >> briana scurry, is this a gold medal i see in your background? i better hope so. you better be displaying that thing. >> i've got a couple. i've got a couple around the house here, yes. very proud of them. >> oh, i've got a couple around the house. just a couple.
1:47 pm
briana scurry, gold medalist, incredible, so good to talk to you. such a privilege to speak to you this afternoon. thank you. >> thank you. all right. up next, with the federal eviction moratorium last night ending, what that means for so many families across this country. we'll be right back. ross this country. we'll be right back. someone once told me, that i should get used to people staring. so i did. it's okay, you can stare. when you're a two-time gold medalist, it comes with the territory.
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and many of us realize a fundamental human need to connect with other like-minded people. welcome back to the world. viking. exploring the world in comfort... once again. welcome back. congresswoman corey bush spent the last two nights at the capitol trying to shine a light
1:51 pm
on the eviction moratorium that expired last night. she joined us yesterday and shared with us just what it's like to be homeless. she's been there. it's why she doesn't want it for anybody else. >> i can't leave. i can't leave because you know what? someone left, or didn't act. that's how i ended up on the street. i remember being on the street and thinking, who speaks, who speaks about my issues besides my dad? who, who speaks? what politicians are speaking directly to my issue, enough to effectively change it? how do i move from this situation? i can't go to a shelter because i have a car. i don't want to take a space from somebody else that doesn't even at least have a car. me and two babies, and my partner slept in a car with our stuff in trash bags. you know, i -- so, no, we will not move until the administration or congress acts. >> it was emotional to hear her
1:52 pm
speak, getting, really a glimpse of what homelessness feels like and looks like in this country. there is this uncertainty and lack of security as she put it, and the domino effect it is going to cause on children forced from their homes, alongside their parents, children who may have to sleep in cars as corey said, not knowing where their next smeal going to come from. it is awful to think about, your own kids, possibly. so many americans woke up today unsure what have may come, afraid the walls that they call home may be taken from them. while there is process to extend the eviction moratorium and allocate money to renters and landlords, i can't help but ask why do we always wait to the last minute to address these types of issues pushing people to the brink despite the fact that government aid throughout this pandemic has cut poverty nearly in half in this country, even with this news, there are still folks suffering, especially when this aid is abruptly cut in the middle of a pandemic taking new shape.
1:53 pm
as congresswoman bush said, while the eviction moratorium identifies a major problem of financial disparity and inequality we need to keep a spotlight on the issue so people do not continue to suffer, be afraid and worry and instead live comfort n a place we all want for our own families, home n. these tough times a place that provides us with safety and security in an uncertain world. we'll be right back. l be right . hi mr. charles, we made you dinner. ahh, thank you! ready to eat? yes i am! usaa is made for the safe pilots. for mac. who can come to a stop with barely a bobble. lucia. who announces her intentions even if no one's there. and sgt moore. who leaves room for her room. with usaa safepilot, when you drive safe...
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1:57 pm
welcome back. representative adam kinzinger one of two republicans serving on the january 6 committee indicated today he and his colleagues would use their subpoena powers to compel a significant amount of people to testify. to talk more about this and the republican party, joe lucky, how joe biden barely won the presidency. thank you for joining us. i want to read from your piece here. by threatening to punish fellow republicans liz cheney and kinzinger mccarthy has made -- it is better to back a riot than to buck trump. choosing not to send republican allies to sit on the committee may be an act of political cowardice, but it is certainly a political miscalculation. jonathan, can you expand on the miscalculation part of this? >> sure. kevin mccarthy is forfeiting the
1:58 pm
right to position republicans as a party that is interested in finding out why so many people rushed the united states capitol. staged an insurrection. to try to restore or try to overturn the election and keep donald trump in the presidency. if republicans are not going to -- their physical health, their security from these images you are seeing right now, if they are not willing to defend the capitol, defend the constitution, the question is what do they stand for, who do they stand for, who can they claim to stand for other than former president donald trump. the answer that mccarthy is giving by not assigning recommends to that committee and threatening those who decide the sit on it at nancy pelosi's request have decided they are not going to put that in context, not going to try to get to the bottom of it and donald trump is more important to him than any of the rest of it. >> what does it say to you when
1:59 pm
they say republicans are going to be marched up to testify in front of the committee, mccarthy himself, jim jordan, one of his picks for the committee that pelosi refused. possibly the former president, possibly the former vice president? do you see potentially something like this happening? if in fact it does, what will become of the republican party? >> it is a tough choice for republicans because i think the people you named will fight that, they will try not to testify. and that could draw it out for all of us closer to next year's midterm election. if they would get it over it it would be every quicker. i think you are going to see republicans testify. one of the interesting aspects is you are going the see former members of the trump administration coming up and testifying, doing it voluntarily or under subpoena for the purposes of having a requirement so they are not having a legal problem. but there are a bunch of them that are eager to testify.
2:00 pm
>> jonathan allen, thank you. that wraps up the hour for me, everybody. i will be back here next saturday and sunday, 3:00 p.m. eastern. i will turn it over right now to reverend al sharpton and "politics nation." good evening, and welcome to "politics nation." tonight's lead, the past is not dead. right now i find myself feeling dislocated because part of me truly cannot believe that we are still fighting so many of the same battles for true democracy that rocked our country 60 years ago, and, in many cases, have been with us from the very beginning. but as congress races to its august recess, top democrats are trying to push federal


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