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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  August 2, 2021 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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re cheese. you need only the freshest milk and cream. that one! and the world's best, and possibly only, schmelier. philadelphia. schmear perfection. welcome to monday, it's "meet the press daily." today the united states is passing another grim coronavirus milestone. more than 35 million cases since the pandemic began as infections now surge in all 50 states. the epicenter is where daily cases and hospitalizations are at all-time highs. you heard that right. all of this comes as the white house just now said we hit president biden's 4th of july
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vaccination goal but nearly a month late. 100 million americans are still unvaccinated and health officials are warning that the situation will get worse. >> we're looking not, i believe to lock down, but we're looking to some pain and suffering in the future because we're seeing the cases go up which is why we keep saying over and over again the solution to this is get vaccinated and this would not be happening. >> to fight the delta variant crisis some areas are taking steps backward reimplements mask mandates but not vaccine requirements. there is some companies like walmart and disney that announced requirements for many employees. for it's part the white house seems a bit unsure of what to do. they're trying to walk a balance beam between reassuring the vaccinated that they're safe, but sounding the alarm of everyone because breakthrough
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infections may be contributing to the dangerous serve of the unvaccinated. >> this is the moment to step aside from all of the information and disinformation put out there, look at data, and roll up your sleeve, protect yourself and your family. be part of the answer. part of the winning team. you can't count on the vaccinated people to save you you have to become one of them. >> this afternoon the white house coronavirus response team will hold their first on-camera briefing. in a moment we will speak with john hilliard where coronavirus vaccinations are surging forward. shannon pettypiece is joining us. and morgan chesky is in pennsylvania where there is expected to be a update on masking this afternoon. it is safe to say they didn't
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expect the vaccination rate to just fall off of the table after the spring peak the way it did. what other tools do they still have in their kit? we have the new federal workers vaccine requirement. what else can the white house do at this point? >> they got a boost on the vaccination effort from the delta variant. the areas where they have seen vaccinations going up the most are the areas getting hit the hardest by the delta variant. so there have been some uptick in the number of vaccines driven by that. at the same time they have a paradigm they're struggling with that you touched on a moment ago. the delta variant is out there three to four ins and the cases are increasing and they need to reassure people that the vaccines do work. there is concern and we saw internal documents that the increases reports of
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breakthrough infections, so it is a message that the white house is trying to juggle as they try to calm concerns about the breakthrough vaccinations to try to keep that momentum going on the vaccination front. >> i guess we have another 2020 call back in afternoon in the form of a big covid press conference at the white house. i know the white house is reportedly upset with the press for how they say we missed the moment in coverage of the current surge, but do they grasp the degree of the message starting middle of next week has gotten so muddled to this point? >> the way the cdc was driving most of that messaging on this new mask recommendation for the vaccinated and the white house appeared to be playing catch up on that. we're seeing them come out again with a briefing that was added to the schedule. the president is getting briefed today as a way to get out ahead of this and we heard from the president late last week discussing this. but it is a complicated message.
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at the same time they're reassuring the vccinated saying their risk of a breakthrough infection is low. but also telling everyone they should wear a mask. it is a data problem they're up against. there is limited data out of the u.s. on the cases of breakthrough infections on these are vaccinated. it is difficult to make a case. >> fractions of percentage points when you talk about low risks. morgan you're down in louisiana where they're investigating the surges right now. there is new cases up, something like 240% in the last few weeks. now you have an hhs team of workers coming to the hospital they believe you're standing in front of. what is the situation that these medical workers are walking into
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down there? >> yeah, it is becoming more dire by the day. our lady of the lake is the largest hospital in the state and they have never been in this situation since the pandemic began. they have the bedspace but they simply do not have the staff to hand this onslaught of covid cases. i walked an icu florida yesterday. a week ago they only had one or two covid patients there. that's why this federal team is vital to handle these patients coming in by the day. they are comprised of doctors, nurses, and paramedics. they help shore up the staffing near this hospital. the numbers only going up in the weeks ahead. one of the key problems that staff tells me here is they're battling misinformation. they have people beingntibated
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with loved ones who won't get the vaccine because they don't trust it. >> the numbers have been ticking up, shannon showed that fear was a potentially motivating factor there. what are see seeing in terms of vaccination numbers. what can they do to increase those numbers. >> the states with the highest covid counts they are also seeing the highest vaccination rates but they are encouraged that more people are getting vaccinated, but they have a long way to go. locally the chief medical officer here said she almost took it personally like it was almost her own fault that people were not trusting of the vaccine. studies showed that people want today hear from their physician
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and she felt like there was a disconnect they could have done a better job with. >> let's bring in vaughn hilliard. vaughn is in florida which is now unquestionably the epicenter of the 4th wave of the virus. ho is the hospital that you're at comparing right now? >> compared to the previous record here they are 60% over what their previous record here is. who are these people? they're the unvaccinated. 96% of the florida hospitals, the patients with covid inside of them, they're unvaccinated individuals. these are also younger individuals. i was just inside of this jacksonville hospital. uf health, and they went from 14 individuals in their covid units back in june to now more than
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220. and we're going to turn that video as fast as we can for those folks. deb b debbi and sabrina that said they don't have as much to tell individuals. essentially we hope that they get better. listen to the conversation with sabrina. >> in june, i think were were down to one covid patient. that one nurse a day had a covid patient. for the rest of us it was business as usual and now we don't even ask if they're covid positive, we know. >> they said 20-year-olds, 30-year-olds, 40-year-olds. so sick enough to come to the hospital, not just sick enough but they're getting sicker. there is almost so much they can do here. they moved to another covid
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community. the numbers are not going down in the area here at all. >> joining me now is dr. irwin. and doctor, we just heard from morgan in louisiana where there is a dramatic surge. vaughn was saying the same thing. there is also news out of the "new york times" with cases of rsv among kids. can you talk about what it is in terms of what it means for the pandemic and what we need to know about protecting the kids better. they skill cannot get vaccinated. >> they are at greater risk now. it is a virus that causes respiratory illness in children and before the pandemic we would see a lot of this in very young
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children. now we're seeing a rise in the rsv along with covid cases among children. this does not portend with what we do for schools. they are not necessarily even mandating teachers and other adult workers getting vaccinated. i'm afraid that we have not done enough to protect kids in schools. children absolutely need to be back in the classroom, but we cannot put them at risk of covid. >> i don't think any serious public health official thinks we can mask our way out of the pandemic, right? the solution was always going to be vaccines.
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wont vaccine mandates be a more effective way to address the mandates? doesn't it make sense to have one and not the other? >> i don't think you can find a legitimate public health epert that will refute that. i'm affiliated with columbia university. i got a warning that if i'm not vaccinated and cannot prove that i'm vaccinated i will not be allowed back on campus and they might withhold pay or have other penalties. it's boiling down to the fact that the federal government can't mandate vaccines. that's up to states, local organizations, et cetera. and that is not happening either. we have governors in florida, texas, and more, they that will not mandate anything. i think this is up to individual businesses, organizations, people who run events, universities, schools, to say, you know, you want to come back to work?
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you want to go to school? you have to prove you have been vaccinated. i think there will be a thousand points of mandate. if i can add another point quickly, convincing people who are currently not vaccinated to get the vaccine is no easy task. we have full entry into crazy town here. people are not getting vaccinated. they are afraid they're injecting micro chips or making them magnetic. and the argument may not be enough. >> there is different varieties of vaccine resistance that we have been learning in the last couple weeks. i want to ask you about the cdc data that came out at the end of last week that backed up their decision to recommend indoor masks. we saw these leaked. what information have you found
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there that was new and what was most useful to you? and do you think the cdc botched it by not leading with the data instead of leading with the recommendations? >> i think they need to get their messaging act together. it has not been good and i think it is causing public confusion. not that the policy recommendations are wrong, in fact we went from if you're vaccinated you don't need a mask indoors to yeah, maybe you do especially in areas with a lot of communication and spread of the virus. the problem now is that between may when the cdc said if you're vaccinated you don't need a mask indoors and now we have an extraordinary outbreak of the delta variant.
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delta is transferred extremely rapidly. that's why they should have changed, but they should not have prepared the public for the coming changes in policies which will be inevitable. the white house just this morning issues a statement that the press and experts were over hyping vaccinated people getting infected, which they are. >> we have to leave it there so we can pay some bills here. coming up we're seeing a lot of finger pointing as eviction protections are expiring for a lot of americans. priority number one is the president's infrastructure bill. ly ask the number two senate democrat about that, next. coming up, what a couple of special pry fair elections
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turning to capitol hill, some infinished business along with a little democratic infighting to start the week in congress. it took what it seems like forever. it is now a bill and it is finally the pending business on the senate floor. the current version clocking in around 2700 pages and that is before what could be a lengthy amendment process. democrats want a final vote this week and then they will turn their attention to that multitrillion budget reconciliation package. they will not pass the bipartisan agreement without it according to democrats. one thing not being passed is the covid eviction moratorium. house democratic leaders are now
10:20 am
trying to put the ball back in the white house's court. they say the opposition means any action needs to come from the white house. even though the supreme court signalled it was congress's job. confused yet? it gets weirder. corey bush spent the last three nights sleeping on the capital steps to encourage someone, anyone, to act. sahi kapur is here to talk to us. negotiators want this voted on before they go home. what needs to make that possible this week? >> infrastructure week is finally here after weeks and months and years of talking about it. they have what appears to be a
10:21 am
$555 billion bill. there is some shadow boxing going on between chuck schumer and mitch mcconnell. schumer wants to get this done, wrap it up, move on to the separate budget resolution and let senators go home. mcconnell was on the floor saying he is in no rush. there should be no time table or no artificial deadlines and there should be a robust amendment process. there is likely to be a wrench or two thrown in from the right on senators that don't want to spend this money and have a tendency to make a fuss about doing a big like this quickly. the longer the senate stays in the more time senators get cut from their august recess and they like to go home for that.
10:22 am
>> the prospect of a shortened vacation with clarify minds. it is on a relative glide path, but the needle has to get threaded. they are probably not as onboard as my next guest would like, are are we right now on the reconciliation part of this package? >> two steps, the budget resolution, democrats should not have too much trouble getting up 50 members on board for that. that is just the vehicle and no one has drawn redlines on just the budget resolution, itself, that is nonbinding. the second process will be the very tough one and they're going to work through the august recess, i'm told, to try to move this along. getting all 50 senate democrats
10:23 am
on board. they will be a long and trufr rouse this will be very, very difficult for democrats to pull off. the best thing they have going for it, it is the be all and the end all of president biden's economic agenda. this is probably the last train leaving the station, garrett. and they want to get things done on health care, childcare, and climate change. this is really the only opportunity to get it done any time in the foreseeable future. >> i have time for one more quick question. we have not seen the house and the white house there is not a role like this. is there a way out of this. will it line up with the
10:24 am
congressional folk that's this will be something that the white house will have to solve? >> it will probably not get handled in the white house. even if they do, if it comes here, you need 60 to break a filibuster and democrats appear to be caught flat flat footed on it. they are saying they can't do it and some are saying even if we do do it it is jammed up in the senate, meanwhile people like corey bush feel very strongly about it. >> an unusual thing to see when one party controls all of this. as we mentioned clearing the senate is just one hurdle. over the weekend we heard they will not consider the bipartisan infrastructure deal until they have the larger reconciliation
10:25 am
plan in hand. listen to this. if is the senate does not pass, we will not pass the bill until we get the investments in. >> i can't really guarantee anybody. and i have not guaranteed anyone on any of these pieces of legislation. our frul bill is all paid for. we don't have a debt that we'll incur, or more debt, and on the others, it should be looked at the same. we're going to hit the budget resolution. let's start the process and see where it goes. >> joining me now is the senate's number two democrat. he is the man that counts the votes. are you on track for both pieces of legislation?
10:26 am
>> do to quote the beach boys i'm getting good vibrations on the floor of the senate. only as it applied to the infrastructure bill. we will try to get that done problemerly. >> i know you're only counting the voting on the senate side but you may have a house problem. the transportation committee chairman who called the bipartisan deal crap, his words, not mine, continues to be less than a fan. listen to this. we set out to bring us into the 21st century with transportation. this looks like a status quo bill. if we're continuing a mid 20th century policy it would be a disservice to the american people and also to the planet. >> not exactly a ringing endorsement from a fellow
10:27 am
democrat. are you confident that the bill does enough to get through both chambers and ultimately satisfy more progressive critics? >> i'm going to put my friend in the undecided column at this point, but i would like to have a moment to speak to him because all of us respect his knowledge of this whole infrastructure field. but i might say to him the investment transit is historic. not just highways, bridges, and tunnels but we're putting money into transit. would we have liked to go further for electric vehicles or respond with sustainable or renewable energy, yes. but we have a 50/50 senate. we can only take the republicans so far and we take what we can get. come the budget resolution and the reconciliation and there may be an opening of new discussion. >> let's come back to that in a second. what are the time lines on these two tracks.
10:28 am
they are done enough, when do you see that happening. >> there is nothing like a brooming resource deadline, and i think chuck schumer is right, stayed in through the weekend, he has been very focused on making sure they are on both sides of the isle. so we have a reasonable limit to amendments to be considered and he told people that we're going to stay here when it comes to the reconciliation package, are you concerned about the votes or to get the majority in the house. i want to play something for you that congresswoman cortez said yesterday sflp if there is not a reconciliation bill in the house and if they don't pass, we will
10:29 am
uphold our end of the bargain and not pass it until we get all of these in. >> do you take that as a threat? i have a hard time imagining how they are thwarting that. >> my job is to count votes in the senate. as a senator and someone intent on getting things done in the senate, i think about the house as well. it is a thin margin, three votes. so i take it very seriously. it is a bipartisan basis and when you think of it, they need everyone coming to the rescue. we don't have a lot of flex iblt here. >>. >> are you concerned about anything as close to that
10:30 am
package when you get that far? >> i'm not going to predict how big they will be but they have shown a real interest to achieve a deal here. we want to keep that relationship with them. there will be give and take, that is the nature of election. >> i think do you think it was a mistake or should there be more congressional action on this? it is slow going out. what steps can and should the senate take right now? >> i don't want to point a finger of blame, but someone dropped the ball. it could have been on our end or the president's end. but millions of americans face
10:31 am
eviction. a cruel and devastating experience for many families. as you mentioned there is money on the table. for some reason it's not flowing to landlords and others to keep people in their moments and apartments in this period of time. >> a good reminder of how hard it is to get this money out. senator durbin, we have to leave it there. thank you for being on. >> good to be with you. >> gop leaders are continuing to poosh push their restrictions. pus. instead of burning our past for power, we can harness the energy of the tiny electron. we can create new ways to connect. rethinking how we communicate to be more inclusive than ever.
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which could need hospitalization, skin problems and severe bone, joint, or muscle pain. don't wait for a break. call your doctor now and ask how prolia® can help you. welcome back, among the sour states is kentucky which sees it's own spike in infections. more than 1600 new cases on friday alone. that is the single biggest one day total since february. more than 350 of those cases were under the age of 18 and it comes as some classes in kentucky and some schools are set to go back as early as next week. i'm joined by andy bashir. i don't know if you heard my interview earlier, but he talked about the power that local and
10:36 am
state officials have. when you consider mask and vaccine mandates in any way in kentucky? >> as we see the delta variant causing new cases, it's important that we don't take anything off of a table. we are encouraging vaccinations. when we look at first doses the numbers are a little better. including with younger folks, but we're seeing a significant increase in the last week or week in a half. we also reinstituted a masking requirement in masking buildings. my kids went back to school today, they're one of the
10:37 am
earliest and their school is requiring masks while we continue to provide incentives like our shot at a million or free education for getting vaccinated. when we look at the restrictions, remember it's effectiveness that is important. that is restriction with the number of people that will or won't follow it. >> how concerned are you about the spike in cases among kids specifically. most young people can't get the vaccine even if they want to. >> i'm a dad of a 12-year-old who is now fully vaccinated. i believe so much in these vaccines. i took my child that is old enough, that i love more than life itself. and i also have an 11-year-old who is not old enough, so i am concerned. i'm concerned about how many days they will have in-person learning. i'm concerned about if enough of
10:38 am
them get the variant, and i'm worried about our workforce. if we get the large scale quarantines, it won't just be the kids that are home in distanced learning which we don't want to have to do, but the parents that are home, too. lost productivity and i have an economy on fire right now. 1500 new jobs in the last week and a half and we have to have people out there working those. and the answer here is really simple. get vaccinated. >> is that the ticket out of this? would you like to see big businesses or small businesses push on their businesses to get vaccinated. andrew cuomo said this today. >> private businesses, i'm asking them and suggesting to them, go to vaccine only
10:39 am
admission. go to vaccine only admission. i believe it is in your best business interests. >> is there a good old fashioned solution this. to have your customers and your big employers being the ones that say we need you to participate? >> i think there is certainly a push by the private sector which we're seeing here in kentucky, that would significantly help. covid to the nfl is not red or blue, it is green. it will impact their profit, what they have on the field, and there is so many different private sector entities. i was looking at it as an employer, right? i have 20,000 employees that inspect brings, process unemployment, and do so many
10:40 am
critical things. i can't have a outbreak that keeps them from having person to person contact. i think there is a compelling interest for current productivity and for investment. i'm seeing them take off in ways they never thought possible. we don't want to stop that. so if everybody could get vaccinated we could move from an era of tragedy to a moment of prosperity. let's all try to be part of that. >> governor, we have to leave it there, thank you for coming on. >> thank you. >> coming up more cases, more problems. for some cities that means more mask mandates. ly ask about the channels ahead, next. channels ahead, next
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a little preparation will make you and your family safer in an emergency. a week's worth of food and water, radio, flashlight, batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit welcome back in a sign of
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how serious the covid outbreak is in kansas city, they are reinstating a mask mandate. cases are up 49%, and despite that spike, the attorney general says he will sue to overturn the mandate. mr. mayor, you have your mandate going into effect today. you're the second locality in missouri to do so. i wonder why not go further and institute a vaccine mandate of some kind? do you have the bower to do that for employees? >> it's our opinion that we do have the power to issue the vaccine mandate. we're trying to get people to recognize that the response rate is important. but we continue to think every day about mandates on vaccines. we see more jurisdictions, private and public, do more
10:45 am
vaccination mandate work. it's not there yet. we hope that masking works. it will be the sort of thing that helps us change these terrible numbers in kansas city and the state of missouri. >> what would it take to get you to switch from carrot to stick? >> i think the trend line that we're on right now speaks to that. that we have increasing infection rates. we have field hospitals and i think ultimately when you look at death that's will follow from these increased hospital additions those are very real concerns. i hope we do not get to that point. i continue to hope that some of the interventions now, masking, increased testing, that it will be something that makes a world
10:46 am
of difference, but i won't just sit by while we see deaths like we saw last year. >> are you talking to big employers about something else they're doing? i can't believe that it wouldn't matter. >> you know we talked to hoyers a decent amount. erin was thinking about persuading people would be enough to make a level of difference, but it has not. i think that we keep those ongoing. ly step up. our bars imposed some vaccine requirements upon entry. they have a vaccinated staff.
10:47 am
so it is not just big employers. a lot of smaller employers, mom and pops and others, are really stepping up saying how important vaccination is. we have states putting in place their own restrictions, a republican controlled state pushing back. what is your response to the attorney general trying to overturn your mask order. >> it shows a lack of seriousness in terms of what he is trying to do with the job himself. last week we announced we would have a mask order come back. the attorney general tweeted "i'm going to file suit." one asked what he would file suit on. look, if is theatrics, it is performative, it is not something that is serious. the biggest challenge that missouri has right now, our biggest challenge is the spread of covid-19.
10:48 am
i have gotten messages from a convention that says they may pull out in a now months because of the very real concerns they have. it is being used as a political ploy. and it is exceedingly unfortunate in my view. we reached out and said if you want to have a meeting with us, we'll be happy to. he has not reached back out to us. i hope he comes back to focusing on the things that we're concerned with. >> thank you. up next, former president trump may be fundraising more than any other republican ahead of the 2020 midterms, but they are about to face another critical test. to face another critical test ♪ everywhere i go ♪ ♪ they bite my style ♪ ♪ when i put on a show ♪ ♪ they bite my style ♪
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but eventually, with spring comes rebirth. everything begins anew. and many of us realize a fundamental human need to connect with other like-minded people. welcome back to the world. viking. exploring the world in comfort... once again. welcome back. former president trump is making a major statement with the fund-raising haul. new figures show that his political action committee entered july with more than 100 million in cash and unprecedented amount at this election cycle for a former president. it comes as trump weighs another presidential run in 2024 and doubles down on the baseless claims that the 2020 election was somehow rigged against him. the numbers suggest that he is the favorite to lead the party at least by the republican donor
10:53 am
by far despite losing the last election, and the war chest could be pif toll in the upcoming re-elections as the gop is looking to retake congress. so talk about some of the congressional fights. in ohio, we have a eye on a couple of the primary elections which could shed a light on the current state of both parties. it is establishment and progressive fight of martha fudge against the akron, ohio seat, and cuyahoga's chantal brown and nina turner has been one of the most vitriolic primaries in democratic history. and down the road in columbus, we are watching the 11-way republican field including a candidate backed by former president donald trump and the other by recent holder steven stivers. a defeat could deal a blow to the president who is using
10:54 am
primary threats as a primary means as keeping the influence over the party. a pac made a six-figure buy last week on trump's chosen candidate in ohio mike kerry. nbc news political editor mark murray is with us now. mark, some big named surrogates came to down for brown and turner over the weekend and what should we watch for in the ohio 11th primary tomorrow? >> yeah, the democratic race has given me ptsd of the bernie sanders and the democratic establishment wars we saw play out in 2016 and 2020. as you said over the weekend, we saw bernie sanders and lot of the allies stump for nina turner who is co-chair of the presidential campaign and on the other side, we had jim clyburn who is campaigning for chantal brown, and really, the 2016, and the 2020 races, because a lot of the fault lines have centered the on the same battles that we
10:55 am
saw for and a year ago, and this is over the $15 minimum wage, and medicare for all as well as who would be the better democrat and the better ally for joe biden in congress. so, the strategists on both sides tell me that it is a close race, and nina turner had the early lead, but we have the wait and see what ends up happening tomorrow, and what is going to be a really close and very closely watched race. >> yeah, you called it one of the nastiest democrats on democrat primaries since obama and clinton. i wanted to ask you about the race across the state in the special primary of a trump-backed candidate and steve stivers candidate in the local race, and does the local endorsement carry more race, because we saw a rick perry-backed candidate beat a trump-backed candidate in texas. >> yes, and as we talked about in the democratic race, it is the national forces at play more than local, but in this
10:56 am
particular race in ohio on the republican side in ohio '15, we will see what is more powerful, local or national forces. of course, the national forces are trying to propel the trump-backed lobbyist who has close ties to trump world and ended up getting trump's endorsement, but then you have steve stivers making a more localized decision and ended up backing a candidate by the name of jeff beret and trying to propel him on the local issues being the best candidate here and who ends up winning tomorrow is again, a really, really tough contest and a lot on the line for the former president who really probably doesn't want to go 0 for 2 in the types of the endorsed races when it is coming to the congressional race. >> you have to wonder if he is 0 for 2 does that affect the people he wants to beat like adam kinzinger or liz cheney.
10:57 am
we will watch that closely. mark, thank you for being with us. thank you for being with us, and chuck will be back tomorrow with more "meet the press daily." and geoff bennett will be back with us after the break. with us after the break. i don't know. i think they look good, man. mm, smooth. uh, they are a little tight. like, too tight? might just need to break 'em in a little bit. you don't want 'em too loose. for those who were born to ride there's progressive. with 24/7 roadside assistance. -okay. think i'm gonna wear these home. -excellent choice. introducing the new citi custom cash℠ card, with 24/7 roadside assistance. a different kind of card that rewards rashida where her spending is trending. just ask overly confident diy rashida rashida: wait, was this the right wall? or last minute gift shopping rashida rashida: i'm putting a bow on it! wow. even sneaking away for a vacay rashida. rashida: shhh! i've earned this?
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all while controlling stress and emotional eating. at last, a diet pill that actually works. go to to get yours. it is great to be with you. i'm geoff bennett and as we start this hour on a busy monday, let's make one crystal clear, the covid vaccines are working, and we have breaking newseovid team on front, and 70% of the adults in the u.s. have gotten at least one shot, and we have hit the highest weekly average of people getting vaccinated in a month, so let's not get lost in the sea of deservedly scary headlines of the soaring cases of hospitalizations as the ultra contagious delta variant explodes. this is from the investigations team, the 125,000 so-called breakthrough cases in 38


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