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tv   The Beat With Ari Melber  MSNBC  August 4, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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thank you so much for letting us into your homes during these truly extraordinary times. "the beat" with ari melber starts right now. >> a quick question, you are the hardest working person in the news. you are in for your show and you got rachel's show last night. is it coffee or sleep? >> it is coffee in the mommy's mom. i got to talk to colonel vindman today. >> i hear you, you have been doing it, shout-out to your mommy mug. >> you asked the question. >> thank you, ari. i will see you, nicole.
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i am ari melber, we are also working hard here. we have a lot of stories we track here. including a bombshell of donald trump. donald trump demanding the doj to overturn the election in ways that experts and people with government experience are calling it, quote "coup attempt." we see how far the campaign got because it went deep inside the justice department. these e-mails newly released by abc showing doj officials rejected colleague's request to intervene in the certification of georgia's election. a top official tried to draft the letter and this is truly damming. i will use my words carefully here. this is not something we have seen before at this high level inside the doj.
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i will read to you what you see here. it is very clear. they want it to do trump's bidding and say the governor of georgia should have called a special session to consider the important and urgent matter of trying to overturn what the voters there decided to overturn georgia's results and to have a state-run coup out of the doj. you may be thinking okay, ari, that looks really bad and certainly different than what we see. outside the building, this is the secret stuff. this is the stuff that trump hopes would not come out tonight or would not ever come out during his life. that letter was never sent. a different official had to go to stop what was the secret coup. in the e-mail there was no chance i would sign this letter or anything remotely like it.
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we reported last week that donald trump had this pressure campaign from the doj that we were learning that he was asking for this. we were learning notes where he basically laid out the strategy, pushed the agitatives and have the government to overturn the votes. after the phone call that we mentioned reported on in the process and more details of how deep the trump pressure campaign went, "politico," top doj official was so concerned that he would go down this path and he fired his acting attorney general for not doing this. in other words, the doj at this pivotal time with a president in office who still has his
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hands-on the military and nuclear code, they were preparing for what everyone would understand from the nixon's content would be another massacre. trump is still under investigation of georgia for this related stuff. we don't know how much they knew about this. trump's doj officials faced congress this week and on that story we have been following and we have one of the biggest news makers involved. senator durbin, here is what he told me that night. >> did president trump tried to steal the election and what witness or evidence is your investigation seeking? >> well, i can't answer that question until we finish our work. our work involves documents and evidence that's clear by the department of justice and soon some interviews of key people that will happen in the next few days or weeks. >> that's on the record and that's why it is interesting to hear from the senator during
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these investigations the next few days and weeks. abc news and "the new york times" and other outlets obtained these information have gotten it, in part they say from sources in the congress because of those open probes. for everyone who says well, what's the point of all this and where do you go? we can't prejudge what will happen. we can see some of it working. you take it all together, i just told you a lot and we'll have experts break it down. there is one expert who's been on this program before, he did say in public what he thinks this amounts to. he's going further than others in the past. report reich. he's been at the highest level of government. he says it is time to make no mistake and treat this for what it was, quote, "attempted coup."
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we turn to joyce vance and joan walsh. >> joyce, these written documents and damming documents that donald trump got this far and finding some people at doj who wanted to abuse federal power to try to get a state georgia to use its local republican officials to steal the race there in the electoral college. >> this is extraordinary significance on the face of this written documents what we already suspended. this is hard, undeniable evidence that there were folks inside the justice department and this individual, jeff clark, is someone we know former president trump had referenced in his phone call with attorney general rosen and said well, i hear this jeff clark guy is
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good, maybe he's somebody i should bring on board and here he pops up with his own plan of circumventing the results of the election in georgia. ari, it is important to look at this not just a single moment in time but as part of a long standing course of activities by the former president that starts at least as early as when he's trying to get the ukrainians to help him out to announce the investigation into joe biden onto the moment that he should suggest covid as an excuse to delay the election and spread the big lie after he lost the election. this is a long-running, just standard of conduct by trump that results in the attempted coup. >> yeah, i hear you using that same language, joan, this is so serious. do reasons of some of these things may wrongly seem less important or as best i can tell arbitrary, for example, whether or not someone was there to stop
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it is arbitrary. whether or not this is shocking new to people or they become accustom to this kind of alleged unconstitutional conduct is arbitrary. the fact that in my estimation as a journalist, we are learning a lot of this stuff than usual. some of the other really bad stuff took years to oust. people need to understand with the person who did this still here alive and in politics, what we are dealing with so with all of that said, joan, i would love your analysis, i would like to read here a plan resignation letter which is what they're willing to do, acting attorney general rosen refused the president's direct instructions to utilize the department of justice's law. this shows how far these people were picked by trump in the
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first place and where barr's deputies and lieutenants, how far they were about to go to try to protect democracy in their view. >> well, i also hope he was planning to hold a press conference if he had to submit his resignation, that's a problem with a lot of wonderful, heroic whistle blowers we talked about the last five years, right? it leaks, we find out what they're trying to do but it is always after the fact as this. you know i am so glad joyce is here along with you because you're lawyers. i don't know i can speak to the legal issues entirely, yes, this is an attempted coup and he was ready to try it in other ways and it goes far beyond nixon. i am old enough to remember the nixon situation and remembering
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him to resign. it was awful to mess with joe and hunter biden. then he went so much further. nixon didn't get a chance and he got caught trying to mess with democratic opponents. he broke a lot of law. this is in the final days of his presidency really trying to use every lever at his disposal. he considered using the military and he got pushed back. we know he used every lever he had in the justice department. i don't think, you know, we have enough hair on fire reaction to this. we have been outraged for six years. i am so glad you asked me to talk about this. my hair has been on fire as you can see. it is such a serious story, even the number one story so thanks. >> yeah, it is our number one story even though we have a lot going on and a lot of
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interesting stuff coming up in the hour. joyce, where is the crime for georgia to pursue here? either this stuff matters or it does not. either there were federal laws that protect elections or don't. we covered dispariies where individuals gone to jail for single allegation of fraud. this would look like the mother of all fraud and he was working every angle including an insurrection to overturn the results. >> i would agree with your assessment, ari, one of the problems is that when we written our criminal laws and criminal laws is statutory, you can't look at conduct and say it is awful, let's lock that person up. you have to have a law that creates the crime and send out what the government has to prove to convict someone and no legislature has the foresight to say it is a crime for the president of the united states to meddle in the election's
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outcome. we have other laws that can get to that conduct. georgia had statues making it illegal to interfere in the election. clearly there is evidence of the former president making the phone call. that's a heavy lift asking the da in one county to investigate a former president of the united states, but that's the situation that da will face and it looks like that investigation has entered a grand jury phase or more investigation going. there are federal statues that could be implicated. if doj is not already investigating, it should open an investigation at this point. they are conspiracy issues here. there are criminal issues here and interference with government function and several other options. that's not the prejudge the evidence. we would be wise to let investigators do their jobs and see if evidence rings specific
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bells what prosecutors need to prove here. >> you said there should be an independent investigation. that may not be merrick garland, or joe biden's focus. it should not come to view and it should not have to do anymore of an investigation of congressman gaetz in florida. that's the kind of meddling philosophy we try to get proud of the last four years. let the investigation goes where the facts are. when you have the highest level inside our justice department which would give fatima or more, or a little slice of legitimacy or not, the fact is that was the intent to get the doj on board
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with what would have been a shake-down in georgia. and if the race, i want to say this, if this race had come down to one state instead of several, if biden was hanging by one state, you could only imagine what this would have been. our next news is promised. trumped ask the federal court to block treasury department from a case where he was losing. the doj cleared away and deciding against donald trump of the tax returns which are housed in the federal government can go one part of the government, treasury to another part, the congressional ways, means and committee. we have david henrik on this. he's the author of the book "dark towers," a real expert on all of this. what does it mean? >> we are in months or years of
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illegal wrangling. this is trump's style in the white house to use the legal system to beat his enemies and rivals. it is clearly the strategy he's deploying here. that he's been clearly deploying all along. there is a better chance than it had been a couple of years ago that lawmakers would get a look at these tax returns. the fights far from over. this could go all the way backup to the supreme court and we could be waiting for a long time to see the fruits of this investigation. we try to gather and fairness in coverage just like you do. one of the arguments been made as well, the da in new york had
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these tax returns that congress wants and all the experts and time with them and didn't come up with something against donald trump, although there are serious allegations against the company and the cfo of the company. they make the argument that it can't be that bad of whatever's in there. what is your response to that kind of argument in this case because i am thinking if that were true. >> trump sure has been playing hard for years to keep his stuff secret. that suggests regardless of criminal or illegal in his returns, there are stuff that trump wants to hide certainly. the most likely that he wants to hide is he's nearly not as good of a businessman and his
3:17 pm
organization is not financially stable as he publicly presents. the other argument is that trump is making a point that it is a political witch hunt and democrats do not have any legitimate interests in his returns and trying to make and drag trump through the harsh spotlight and share his personal secrets with the world. courts up and down the federal hierarchy and all the way up to the supreme court repeatedly ruled that legislatures, in an over sight function, the notion of whether rich businessmen are finding creative ways to evade or avoid taxes is clearly a legitimate thing for the house ways and means committee to be investigating. ultimately the end of the day, these legal arguments are going to be defeated. i do think the way our system
3:18 pm
works is going to take quite a long time for us to get there. >> joan? >> i agree. he's going to wrangle as long as he can and that's depressing. all these different entities have different oversight responsibilities, ari. they are looking for different things and so you know is a ridiculous sets of arguments. apparently he's got the money. we don't think he has much money as he says. we'll be living with this for a long type. time. >> on a smaller note, david, you know what they say in the newsroom about you and trump's finances? >> oh god, i have no idea. >> they say you wrote the book on it. >> oh, good, i like that. >> which is true. it is always a little nerve-racking on live tv, what's the answer going to be. you wrote the book and journalism and the work here, it
3:19 pm
takes work. there were years where people said maybe it is hidden for some other random reason and even before the supreme court, and david, your book and some of these reportin we have seen in print shed a lot of light. >> david, and joyce and joan. thank you. coming up, dr. fauci, a documentary about president obama, he celebrates today his 60th birthday and some news on those gun waiing maga couple that tried to menace the protest. before we go tonight, when you write me e-mails, chuck schumer's power play last night. we have an update on that. stay with us. update on that. stay with us
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what you need to know about the pandemic. the news on covid is simple. dr. fauci warns that potential variant worse than delta continues to develop at this pace. there is also good news as people get, well, more aware of how bad it is getting. more americans continue to get
3:24 pm
vaccinated and more are open to some of these safety and health measures that mitigates what's a growing risk. the majority of americans are for it given what they are learning of how bad things are getting. by the way, something very important is the ability to change your mind. that's true on any issue and it is certainly on this one. arkansas republican governor hutchinson regrets he's signing a law that ban safety measures and masks. >> well, i signed it at the time because our cases were at a low point. i signed it for those reasons that our case were at a low point. everything is changed now. yes, in hindsight, i wish that had not become law. >> shout-out to that statement some politicians have trouble doing it. look at how things are changing. of the daily deaths from covid and you can see the difference in counties where people are not choosing to get vaccinated or
3:25 pm
waiting. those are the low vaccination rate. you can see that yellow chart spiking. keeping this on the screen, i want to walk through it. you have of course that blue line, those are counties where you have the high vaccination rates and you can see it was already a gap, boy, is it getting worse now as we go through that month of july and you see the new spike. now but that in the context of different places, alabama has the lowest vaccination rate in the nation. there is nothing easy about reporting this. alabama mother lost her son because he died of covid, describing his last words were "this is not a hoax." she and her daughter spoke with msnbc's halie jackson. >> i know his final moment, he said something like "this is not the hoax, this is real."
3:26 pm
>> right before we were diagnosed with positive. we were hesitant but knowing it now and seeing everything that we had been through and watching my son suffered, why would you not want to get the vaccine to keep it from happening? >> as with any story like this, our heart goes out to them. i want to reflect their words there. they said they were hesitant and now they're not. it is okay they they were hesitant and okay to have questions and always be your own decision because you live in america. we should also listen and learn from people who say they learn the hard way, the tragic way when we have the science and the objective evidence that the best, safest way to protect yourself from an ongoing covid that's not going away is consulting with your doctor and getting the vaccine.
3:27 pm
this is a matter of life and death. another place that's hit hard right now is florida. you have school districts trying to deal with the maga governor, desantis who's been punishing them if they want to choose at a local level to have safety measures like masks. desantis says he'll use his power to stand in the way of, we'll call it their freedom or local decision makers. >> if you are trying to restrict people imposing, mandates or impose mandates and lock people down, i am standing in your way and i am standing for the people of florida. >> well, that's one formulation, he's standing against the people of florida. florida's hospitals are peaking. it is worse than florida right now than ever been. we have democrat nikki freed and
3:28 pm
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get a quote today. we are back with nikki and dr. ostroholm. doctor, i want to start with mentioning the families. where does that fit into help people get accurate information about their choices as covid surges in some areas of the country. >> it is very important. there are three groups of individuals getting vaccinated. there are those who are
3:30 pm
affirmative, they are done. we have the vaccine hesitants, the middle group, people were concerned of the safety of the vaccine, only 20% of pregnant women in the country are vaccinated. any number of those people. tla the ones with more information will in fact decide to get the vaccine. we have the vaccine hostile. these are the ones that believe the pandemic is a hoax and not real. these are vaccines are meant to hurt them somehow. i think right now we are trying to concentrate on the vaccine hesitance. they are the best chance we have of converting people to get vaccinated. this is the essential issue right now before us. >> yeah, nikki, what do you think of the covid response of governor desantis? >> you know he's being irresponsible.
3:31 pm
he continues to put his head in the sand and not only give no information but unfortunately, misinformation. ari, if i can say for a second, i was listening to that press conference earlier today. i got a clear message to ron desantis, start doing your job and until you do your job, don't say bleep about hi president. he goes on air waves and talks about blaming immigrants was the latest of his tirade. what we need to be doing is come together in florida and talking about these vaccines and making sure that people are going out and getting vaccinated. we know that this is the only way that we are going to get in front of this virus as you heard earlier on in your show and we are hearing across the country that new variants are popping up. we have to have those hard conversations. as i have been traveling in our state and talking to our first responders and nurses and parents and our hospitals, they are scared. they're at capacity.
3:32 pm
this governor is sending misinformation across our state and not taking it seriously. i asked him to declare a state of emergency but instead he's blaming everybody but himself of what's happening in his state. >> what do you say to his argument that the information is out there, people have been living through this for a long time as adults and if they want to put a mask they can choose to and if they don't, they don't have to. what's your response to that especially for people in florida who may assess both of you? >>. >> my answer is simple. be a leader, ron, encourage people to get vaccinated and wear a mask. these are the individuals and these are the organizations in government that stepped up last year to get us through the first round of the pandemic. now he's taking away power from those individuals and those
3:33 pm
local government. people that i trust to make the right decision. they got us throw the first time. instead of having these tirades and temper-tantrums, he should encourage people to get the vaccine and listen to the science, that's not what he's doing. >> doctor, kerry sanders have been out reporting on this and speaking with medical professionals like yourself, take a look at some of that. >> governor of florida indicated of the number, and he said it is all a hoax. >> i can tell you what we are seeing in the hospital. the number of patients are unprecedented. that's in black and white. we have more patients in our hospital now than ever before. if you look at the slope of the curve, we are happy to provide you with our census curve. you can see the line is going straight upward.
3:34 pm
>> that's the chief medical officer at memorial healthcare. doctor, i want to play exactly that because we have viewers in florida like anywhere else. there are things that are debatable and part of our jobs as journalists to be honest of what's unknown and debatable. what we have here on the record verified are the hospitals and the doctors and their leaderships saying it is worse today in florida hospitals because of covid than ever been this year or last year. what does that tell you and what does it tell you of the risk going forward in some of these places that have lower vaccination rates? >> well, let's put this into perspective, if louisiana and florida were countries and not states, louisiana would be the highest incident country in the world and florida would be if fourth one. so i give you some idea, here we are in modern america with
3:35 pm
vaccines and it is incredible to think that's where it is at right now. you can't say it is hype. it is not hype. as far as going forward, the question we are going to have to answer is will we see the other states light up like these seven sun belt states, oklahoma and nevada. that's unclear yet. we have seen increases in cases. the question is going to be if any of them turn out to be like what we are seeing in the south, then we got a much larger problem in our hands going forward. if not, i think by the early part of september, we'll see this curve come down. in the meantime it is going to extract tremendous amount of pain in society. >> yes, i hope people are listen to the facts and the experts. dr. osterholm and commissioner fried, i want to thank you both of you. coming up, barack obama is turning 60. he's getting older, maybe we are all are.
3:36 pm
we have a special guest on that. news on the maga couple who were waving guns at protesters and the hypocrisy. before we go tonight, we listen to you guys, at least on some things and we'll give you an update to the story about schumer's epic power move on mcconnell. stay with us. power move on mcconnell. stay with us did you know that your toughest cleaning problems can be caused by hard water metals? they lock in residues like a glue, on your hard surfaces and fabrics. try 9 elements. its vinegar powered deep clean dissolves hard water buildup and releases trapped residues and odors like detoxifying your clothes. made with never more than 9 ingredients. 9 elements - more than a clean, a cleanse. - i'm norm. - i'm szasz. [norm] and we live in columbia, missouri. we do consulting, but we also write. [szasz] we take care of ourselves constantly; it's important. we walk three to five times a week,
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barack obama came into office as one of the younger presidents in history. today believe it or not marks his 60th birthday. the a sign that we are all getting older mentioning at "the lead," while they were doing a big bash, the former president scaling back the plan of what was going to be a big bash given the covid surge. many of the celebrations continue on the virtual level, "the daily show," they saluted obama. they wished him a happy birthday of the most scandalous president in history. a sport network posted about
3:41 pm
obama's known skills on the basketball court. >> that's what i do! that's what i do. yelling it over his mask as you can tell when he was campaigning for joe biden. obama foundation posted and looked back at how the young members serenaded him. >> settle down, settle down. >> a lot of people are getting in on the good feelings o f the memories. hbo is out of a long planned documentary serious taken an
3:42 pm
independent look of obama's journey to the presidency. people under rate the values of symbol. >> he was on a mission to create a sense of community and family. >> we may have different stories but we hold the same common hope. we may not look the same but we want to move to a better future. we have no choice but to continue on the path of a more perfect union. >> i am joined by jilani cobb and our nbc guest, thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> one thing that people may know that there is a lot of obama's back media, michelle obama's podcast, this is an independent documentary. what did you want to convey or
3:43 pm
explore that may have been different than what we already know having lived through this whole era. >> so first, thank you for having me on talking about this, i was excited to work on this project particularly always eager to work with the team. one of the most important things obviously the way and which race ran through his presidency and candidacy. his life as a prominent theme and what it meant for this black person to occupy the most powerful office in the world. we would see in the chaotic field of politic that followed this presidency. there was a connection between him and there had been a black president and what we have seen since then but i think in doing the film, we got a chance to walk through the mechanics of
3:44 pm
all that and how you can almost see the current era of really volatile politics coming into existence as his presidency progressed. >> that makes a lot of sense. it is something we are living through that in the one hand is obvious but was also repeatedly deied at the time. we all live through people saying quote on quote, "don't emphasize race" or "the first black president means some of these problems with behind us." well, the last four or five years i don't think anyone could say that with a straight face unless they are trolling. with that in mind, we want to pull impressive remarks, he and the white house team concluded that donald trump's trip to new
3:45 pm
hampshire and his embrace required a change and approach. they released the birth certificate and anybody know the cycle of conspiracy theories and those built on hate and racism, nothing will quell the leader of donald trump. many under estimated him and you explored this in the dark. i am reminding viewers a little bit, i am going to play the statement from president obama, this was 2011. take a look. >> we do not have time for this kind of silliness. we got better stuff to do. i got better stuff to do. we got big problems solve and i am confident we can solve but we have to focus on it. we are not going to be able to do it if we just make stuff up and pretend that feedbacks are are -- facts are not facts.
3:46 pm
we'll not be able to solve our problems if we get distracted by side shows and carnival markers. >> a reference to donald trump who did not run for office but talked about it. did that set warnings from a measured obama there, did that age well? what are your thoughts today? >> the standard of the philosophy of when they go low, we go high. we saw the limitations of that in 2020. this is a play book on this, and to quell the comments people were making about her. when people are dealing with you disengenerously and operating in bad faith, they twist facts. they already twisted facts to come up with the lies in the first place. and so it seems like this is the
3:47 pm
office of the presidency, the prestige of the office of the presidency and the calling as his textbook, obama, "the calling" to a higher purpose and the need not distracted by small, petty concerns. we have seen just how resonant pettiness and the smallness and meanness, just how politically profitable those negative personality traits can be. those with two completely different political language being spoken at that moment. >> yeah, i think it is interesting you are exploring this. you worked on this and you written about it. it comes to something maybe uncomfortable to face which is barack obama who proved to be a
3:48 pm
successful president. it was the very fact that a black man was in power that upsets people. the fact that he did the job reasonably well, you can debate parts of it. the fact that he did well seems to anger them more. that's racism is alive and well. we would do better to face it in the open light. i appreciate you always trying to shine some light. jelani cobb. "the pursue of a perfect union." we'll show you schumer's power play against mcconnell. first, what happens to these maga icons? stay with us. maga icons stay with us a ticke paper tickets. we're off to a horrible start. ...but we can overcome it. we're not gonna point out our houses, landmarks, or major highways during takeoff. don't buy anything. i packed so many delicious snacks.
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3:53 pm
have a clean record. let's explain. mark and patricia mccloskey plead guilty for this incident you see on your screen, basically coming out with a gun and menacing peaceful protesters so what looked like a crime was one, even they admitted it, pointing the weapons at these people who were passing by their home not really dealing with them or bothering them apparently from the photographs, just going out to peacefully protest. what the couple initially said was they felt danger. that was their justification for what you see there, pointing an ar-15 out at people in a crowd. if you've ever gotten training, you know you don't point a loaded weapon unless you're about to use it. they don't even use guns well given the claim they didn't want to shoot it. they were invited to speak at the trump convention. later they took the show on the road on the trump campaign bus and now the update.
3:54 pm
the couple has been formally pardoned by missouri's republican governor raising questions about the deep inequities in the justice system. there are more people that are in jail for things less than that. there are over 200 nonviolent drug offenders in missouri's prisons without the possibility of parole, meaning what they would need would be a pardon to lessen their sentence, even though the law that put them there was already repealed four years ago. missouri's incarceration rate is much higher than the national average with a disproportionate effect on black and brown americans. a harsher effect than any other group. those are some of the people overlooked in favor of this pair of gun-toting maga icons. mccloskey we should tell you wants to write the laws that govern your life. he's announced he's running for the united states senate. just a couple of facts to go
3:55 pm
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3:59 pm
>> come on, crew. the prerogatives of the majority. >> it was a passing moment that captures a big reality. elections have consequences. sometimes mitch mcconnell just has to wait for the people who actually run the senate. the majority leader's vibe may be a little easier to understand if you add the right soundtrack because his move was pretty savage. ♪♪ >> this is "the beat" so we put
4:00 pm
it to megan thee stallion's "savage." we'd like your ideas. go to @arimelber on twitter or instagram and tell us what song should we remix to that moment. what song was playing in chuck schumer's mind when you took the mic right out of mitch mcconnell's hands. tell us and we might do updates to this story. "the reidout" starts right now. jonathan capehart is in for joy. hi, jonathan. >> wow, ari, i've got nothing. look, that's pretty good. you were talking to nicolle a little while ago, she showed you her mommy mug. i have a martini glass just under the desk. but this is family hour so i can't show it to you. just want to put that out there. >> good idea, sir. >> thanks very much, ari. all right, good evening, everyone. i'm jonathan capehart in


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