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tv   Dateline  MSNBC  August 8, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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i'm craig melvin, and i'm natalie morales. >> this is dateline. >> i don't know what it is about my mom that is captured the heart of so many people. there's just something to her that people connect with. what was so beautiful about her, it made her target as well. >> she was the queen of the million dollar listing. the real estate broker who sealed the deal. >> her customers love. her >> hands down the most genuine person you have ever met. >> she headed out to show a house that day, and never made
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it home. >> i am texting her i'm calling her. >> oh gosh, what's happened here? >> something's wrong. >> was she in danger? was someone behind this? >> it's beverley, i haven't been hurt. please don't call the police. if you call the police, it could be bad. >> you could hear how scared she it was. >> suddenly, an all out man hunt. >> this is like a movie. it's chase, kidnapping. >> oh yeah. >> could anyone -- >> had be strong for everybody. had to. >> emotions everywhere. >> i know she pleaded. i know she pleaded. >> did you find her? is she alive? >> welcome to dateline. beverley carter was known in little rock arkansas. she was a beloved mother, wife, and was back double thrill estate broker with a bunch of
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clients. then she vanished. like all missing case persons, police know is a race before time to find her before it was too late. here is andrea canning with the client. >> beverley carter was making a name for herself in little rock arkansas. >> her face was in the paper every week. >> she had a billboard on one of the busiest interstates, with her face on it. >> as a top selling realtor, beverley carter had become somewhat of a local celebrity. with her infectious smile, she put house hunters at ease. just to find the perfect home she often did. >> beverley was awesome. nobody can do it like beverley could. >> but there was a downside to her celebrity. >> this realtor had a target on her back. >> yes she did. she didn't know it. >> for beverley, being a realtor was more than just closing a deal. >> was she in the perfect job for her personality? >> yes.
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>> absolutely. >> yes. >> her son's, chad, and karl giroir's girlfriend cam was always amazed at how much the clients loved her. >> one of the clients, she went to her wedding then went to her baby's shower. she just told them her house. i think that speaks for herself. >> she had a nice smile? >> she had a perfect smile. >> she had a laugh that would fill a room. >> she was hands down the most genuine person you've ever met. >> chad, beverley's youngest son, says it was like his mom glowed. >> she was very radiant. i think that's what's spoke out to people was that confidence and made people notice obviously she was naturally beautiful. >> it was the natural beauty that caught the eye of her husband carl. they met when they were just kids. >> she was 16 oh is 19. >> wow. >> where did you meet her? >> in texas. she was working at a hamburger joint and i was buying a burger. i said wow.
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i knew i was gonna -- i did know i was gonna get a wife when i came up here to get a hamburger. >> you just. >> -- a warning soon followed. at town hall. >> it was a small wedding. she let me, i loved her. we thought we were in love anyway. >> they're young love lead to three children, all boys. and later, six grandchildren. they had their share of marital problems, including money issues and infidelity, but they worked them out. so when the 20th anniversary rolled around, they decided to renew their vows and throw a big party. >> i just asked her i said, would you marry me again if i asked you to? she said, well, yeah. i said, okay. >> they wanted to renew their love, show everybody. it was a way for her to get her dream wedding. >> a few years after that, she got her real estate license. and her best friends stacy,
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brenda and denise, said it didn't take long for brenda -- beverley to get a big clientele. >> she was the -- what was it that made her so good at closing the deal? >> she just had that magic about her. >> she had such a bubbly personality that ain't made you fall in love with the house. >> the woman who work together in the same office, although they say it often felt like play than work. >> we would laugh at anything. you know how it is when you are with your, girlfriends you laugh about things that you find funny. we will tell stories. she had this huge goofy laugh that you could hear all the way down the hall. >> as realtors, they looked out for each other. or their office even came with a secret code, a text that signal there was trouble. >> so, red folder was the code? >> you could say you had the roll -- read folder on 1 to 3 main
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street. >> a code they hope they never had to use. >> coming down the homestretch. >> has our 50th birthday approached, beverley was determined to get in shape. she started running working her way up to you 5k races. >> the reason she started running some of the times, was for medals. >> she lost nearly 60 pounds, and threw herself a big birthday party. >> she gave herself a president, cosmetics or jury. >> she would have the tummy tuck but she had also had implants because she had had a lift and it was kind of a big show because, when they put the implants in they weren't just a little bit larger than they wanted them to -- be >> yes they were. >> we know, oh, we had some big laughs about that and she was going to have them reduced because she was like, i mean, they hadn't fall and they were sitting up here. >> but she did look good. >> oh, she looked fabulous. >> being a real estate agent, she felt it was important to look her best. and an unseasonably warm day,
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she was easing back into. word brenda remembers beverley telling her she was going to show a house not far from her home. potential buyers were offering cash. >> she really didn't want to go. she was tired. but, she was hoping she would be able to get a cash close. if it's a cash close you could also close quicker. >> this is kind of an everyday run in the mail showing. >> no-brainer, yeah. >> beverley left office and had enough to show the property to a young couple. she told her husband she would be home for dinner. >> and you didn't hear from her? >> no. >> carl said he started to worry. beverley had given him the address, so we decided to take a ride over. >> she's over there, her car would be there. i drove around there there was her car. >> beverley was not in the house? >> that's right. >> so, this is panic time for you? >> yeah i thought it was weird because, beverley wouldn't leave unless she was in her car. >> do you call the police? >> yes, instantly. >> that call set off a frantic
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search for beverley carter. where was she? >> coming up. what had happened to beverley? >> all of a sudden, beverley takes me bam, bam, bam. >> our phone started beating at the same time, a text. >> she said i'm sorry, my phone has been dead. >> some simple miscommunication? the mystery was just beginning. >> i still can feel the same pain. >> when dateline continues. teline continues it can soften the enamel. pronamel repair, what it's doing is driving more minerals deep into the enamel surface, that's going to help actively repair. pronamel is taking it to another level. all of that extra toilet paper was a good idea,
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his wife beverley. she had promised to be home for dinner after showing this house not too far away, but it was dark, now she wasn't answering her phone, and at the property for sale, her car was in the driveway but there was no sign of her. carl says he called the police, and then his son -- >> he says, you know, it's
10:12 pm
almost 9:00. sun, i haven't heard from mom. have you heard from her? you know, i'm texting, are calling her, i can't get any response. my first thought was, dad, this is just the nature of the business. >> to reassure his dad, and himself, carl junior and his wife kim drove over to beverley's office hoping she would be there. >> there was no one there. i mean, the place is completely black and, about that time, dad had let me know that he had made it to the property mom told him where she was going, and her car was there but she wasn't. >> carl junior figured there must be an explanation. as did beverley's friend stacey and brand. at being real estate ancients themself, they thought maybe they had gone with the potential buyers to show them other houses. >> we went to the two vacant houses that were beverley's listings, and went and chalked the lot boxes and read them to see if anyone had open them. nobody had opened. am >> hours ticked by, and emily's friend denise couldn't
10:13 pm
sleep. so she called her phone. >> there was an email from brenda, i could still see the words that said, it's with a very heavy heart that i let you know that we can't find beverley. she went to show a house, she is missing. i still can read that, and feel the same pain. >> police and beverley's family gathered at the property, trying to figure out where she was. >> how is your dad handling everything? >> i feel he was hard to read. he would sneak away from time to time, you know, collect his thoughts. >> then, around 1 am -- >> all of a sudden, band, bam, bam through pictures. the officer said come here, beverley texted me. >> word that beverley was texting gave everyone hope. >> i will sixth attic. i was like, this is done. she went somewhere to charge your phone, it's good. >> across town, beverley's friend brenda and stacy, got text of their.
10:14 pm
own our >> phone started beating at the same time with text. >> we knew it was such an eerie feeling. >> it was like, oh my gosh. >> what was she saying to you too? >> she said, i'm sorry my phone was dead. i just turned it back. on >> it sounded promising, but a little off. >> concerned, brand or use the safety technique the office had come up with. she texted beverley the special code. >> i said, can you tell me if you love the red folder on my desk? >> if beverley was in trouble, she would know to text back her location. >> there was no response. >> the one that i got was, i'm out having drinks with friends. i was like, well we are right here. >> the text on beverley's husband's phone was just as deflating. they read, yes. sorry phone been dead and, having drinks now. carl junior knew his mom would never go out and not tell anyone. >> i can't even tell you like, to go from this she's okay, this is all over, to the second we saw that screen and saw those text and what they said,
10:15 pm
we knew someone has her phone. >> totally flipped me out i said, she's been took. >> the control division who responded to the call, decided they needed backup. detective jeff allison rushed over to the property. >> beverley hadn't really been missing for that long so, why were you called here that quickly? >> cheryl division showed up and started speaking with the husband and determine that some of the factors in the case were odd. >> not only was beverley's car parks in the driveway, her purse was locked inside. did you have a grim feeling, right out of the gate, that this woman did not disappear voluntarily? >> i was hopeful, but i did have a feeling, yes. >> the detective search a vacant house. it was pitch black. the electricity was off. >> i got down on the floor, with my flashlight, and when it's dark you can shine a specific angle and you can see disturbances indus. there were disturbances but it
10:16 pm
just looked like somebody walk through there. >> no signs of a struggle inside. but he did discover a clue outside the front door. >> there is a tire track in the grass. looked like someone had pulled up right next to the front door. >> the neighbor across history had seen something. >> she looked out the window and saw a black vehicle pull into the driveway, in about 25 or 30 minutes later saw a skinny white male with short hair, outside of the house, with the vehicle back to the front door. put two and two together and that's probably where the tire truck came. from >> the detective found more to go on in the back of her car. >> i found a notebook that she kept, that showed a listing for that house. >> is there anything in that no book that was providing you with any clues? >> attached that listing was an email address, and a phone number. >> did you call it right away? >> i did not call it right away. >> he did not pick up the phone for a good reason, he had a theory. >> i felt that beverley, wherever she was, she was being
10:17 pm
held against her will. >> if this was a kidnapping, he knew they had to tread lightly with any possible suspects, like the couple she had met at the house. if they were involved, the last thing he wanted to do was tipped them off, and the detective says, there was someone else he had his eye on. >> coming up. >> they were asking questions, like you're the husband, and you just completely contaminated our crime scene. why did you do that. >> i knew that i was a suspect. >> when dateline continues. n dateline continues n dateline continues ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪
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morning, there was still no sign of beverley carter. their family and friends were out searching. >> we have beautiful eight by ten color flowers, we are posting everywhere. >> she had just set some new head shots done. we had hundreds, and hundreds
10:22 pm
of people joined search parties all over the area. >> her family, her off his family came together. and we had realtors from all over the state helping us. by that afternoon we had the search set up, and everybody had an assignment. >> many realtors felt this was personal. one of their own will out doing her job, had gone missing. agents were already on alert. in recent years arising crimes against real estate brokers across the country. brutal assaults and even murder. >> how often do you talk about safety? >> we always talked about, it but a lot of times if somebody would call and ask us to go show a house, it was just kind of instinct you would jump up and go. >> this was not a last-minute showing for beverley. beverley said she'd been in contact with the clients for a few days. >> she did have some concerns initially, because it was a man who had contacted her. she wanted to make sure that the wife was going to be there also. she wanted to show them both at the same time. >> that deal is made, that both parties would be.
10:23 pm
there >> i think it made her more comfortable that the waivers with, him and the wife actually got on the telephone told her she would be there. >> her friends pointed out, the neighborhood where she was showing the house, was one beverley knew well. >> she felt very comfortable in this area? >> yes, that was your stomping ground. she had sold several houses on this street. she was very familiar with that area. >> her pastor lived on that street. >> and that streak was now a crime scene. new stations helped get the word out. >> in arkansas real estate agent remains missing this evening. >> she becoming the lead story on every newscast. all kinds of feedback from viewers. the biggest story online, the biggest story on facebook. viewers immediately latched onto it. >> shannon miller covered the story for nbc affiliate kaark kaark. people were out looking for,
10:24 pm
her wondering where she had gone. not coming home from work for things you do every single day, left a huge mystery. >> her husband carl made a televised plea. >> he sounded heartbroken. , but and everyone was buying the distraught has been the story. >> people were saying, oh the husband must of had something to do with. that the husband must of hired somebody. we watch a lot of dateline. >> carl junior, so worried about his mom, now feared his dad could become a suspect. >> they were asking questions like, ok you're the husband, and you just went into this home, to search for her, even gone up in the attic, and your fingerprints are everywhere. you just completely contaminated our crime scene. why did you do that? and so you can just see their wheels turning, and it was like oh no. >> he was right to worry. detective ellison brought carl senior in for questioning. >> did you put carl in an interview room?
10:25 pm
and treated him like somebody we need to take seriously? >> yes. >> every time you do an interview like, that it's always best to get into a setting. you're in an interview room and i'm giving the interview. it plays and their emotions. >> did you ever consider the possibility that carl could've paid somebody to do this? >> yes i thought about it. >> did you know why you are concerned that somebody it was somebody they needed to talk to? >> once i got in there and they started questioning me, i knew that i was a suspect. >> as detective allison continued question carl, he discovered some skeletons. >> they were having financial issues. >> yes. >> how much money did beverley carter have in her checking account? >> i don't know the exact dollar amount, but it was not much. >> $126? >> yes that sounds about. rate >> was the relief insurance policy? yes $100,000. i don't remember the exact dollar amount. >> the detective also learned about other issues he found
10:26 pm
disturbing. >> they say well, did you have any kind of an affair? and i said yes. i said one. >> and something else it was troubling. years before, a carl said he got violent with beverley, as she tried to stop them from driving drunk. >> i even hit her. one time. that's when she got out of the truck, instead i'm not going to ride with. you and i said stay here than. and i just drove off. just straight into a ditch. >> did you regret it? >> yes. i felt like poo-cocky as far as that goes. >> did you worry how that would look? >> no i did worry a bit. i wanted to find beverley. one thing, i wanted to find beverley. i said, i hitter, and it was that. but just one time at a 34 years. one slip upside the head. >> he says that was many years
10:27 pm
ago. and beverley never held it against him. >> she forgave me, right then. because she knew it wasn't me. >> detective allison said he wasn't ready to cross carl off his list. he had other work to do. the email address and phone numbers of the prospective buyers, found in beverly's notebook, were fake. tracking the couple required more digging. and he had a new clue to follow. beverley so carrier retrieved eerie photos from her phone, taken inside the house, just before she went missing. >> what had happened inside that house? a new lead, morphs into an all-out man hunt. >> coming up. >> the guy jumps out of a second story window. >> it's like a movie, chasing, kidnapping. >> when dateline continues. continues
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welcome back. i'm craig melvin. the hours said turned into davidson's family and friends at the real estate agent of beverley carver -- carter. it was the good old fashioned detective work that gave detectives the first big clue. once again, here's andrea canning with the climb. >> detectives searched detective and phone records and dad it was pouring in. they're hoping it would lead to the missing real estate agent.
10:32 pm
beverley carter cell carrier turned over everything on her phone, and there was one thing that caught investigators attention, these blurry and dark pictures she took of the house she was trying to sell. not exactly showcase material. one her daughter in law had a chance to see them -- >> you have a theory about why they are badly taking photos? >> you can just tell it was like, quick, quick. >> like she knew. >> i knew she knew something was wrong. >> she believed beverley was scared of those potential buyers, and was rushing to finish showing the house. it was all bad news. beverley carter had now been missing for three days. >> i have never felt that kind of loss of control. you feel utterly helpless. >> and helpless? >> yeah. you can do. anything >> but they didn't know was that detectives were about to crack this case wide open. the team that had discovered the virus contact information was fake, kept investigating.
10:33 pm
>> they were able to start taking the email address and phone records, sending out warns answers grabber information to the email and phone number. >> the names pop-up? >> yes. >> their real names, aaron lewis and his wife crystal lowrie. police reached over to put the couples house under surveillance. >> this is a delicate information. >> we were working with hope she was still alive. >> detective allsion said he wasn't sure if they were still alive. they first wanted to see what they looked like. there i witness had seen a skinny white man was short brown hair the night beverley disappeared. they hadn't been sitting near long, when suddenly, a man matching that description walked out the door. but they didn't approach him. >> were you hoping he might lead you to beverley? >> yes. >> was that the idea? >> yes. >> we felt we made contact with him too early. if he was the one we were looking for, everything was
10:34 pm
shot. >> lewis got into his car, and that's when the detective said the plan quickly fell apart. >> he was sitting there, that's when he started speeding. off >> he knew you were following him? >> oh yeah. he actually went around a 90-degree corner, and wrecked -- it was almost out of the vehicle by the time we one of the corner and saw him. >> lewis was injured. police photographed him and rushed him to the hospital. >> we are not allowed to go back out with him while they're getting certain treatment, so the detective was sitting out waiting for the treatment. when they take aaron back to get mri, can't, scan whatever they do, he decides he can leave the hospital. >> aaron doesn't come back? >> it doesn't come back. >> erin lewis bolted from the hospital, what's seen the closest link to beverley carter had slipped through their fingers. police launched a citywide man hunt. >> was that one of the first things you did, get his photo out to the news media? >> yes. >> everybody knows him. >> everybody knows that you
10:35 pm
gotta get this guy. beverley's life is at stake. >> reporter shannon miller remembers her station cut into programming with the breaking news. >> authorities are searching for a man wanted for camping beverley carter, a realtor. >> was the whole city glued to the tv set as the hunt for this individual was on? >> absolutely. so many people knew this picture, new this face. >> and everyone was on the lookout. ben and -- who knew beverley from real estate deals were discussing the case in her office. >> as we're in this room looking out the window open, aaron lewis walks out right in front of the window. >> then, immediately ben called 9-1-1. >> it's 9-1-1. >> hey, i'm sitting over here. they're looking for a guy here that's involved with a real serve kidnapping. this guy looks like him. he is nervous, he's out here -- >> cold and went out to the bus stop to confirm it really was
10:36 pm
lewis. >> i approached him. he was a little stand on fish at first. i made quick conversation about the bus right and times which put him at ease. i think in first time and went back inside and told my colleagues absolutely this is erin lewis without a doubt. >> the spotted those decking into a subway sandwich shop. he's caught on a security camera. when lewis left, >> someone from a distance outside, had made the comment hey, i think that's him. >> that's what's spooked him. >> lewis took off across the street towards this apartment kong -- complex. >> maybe five people chasing, and we knew we're in different areas. we were confident where he was. every time we turn the corner we saw the police coming. >> in police get there. aaron lewis takes off into. apartment jumps out of a second story window before he's taken into custody. >> this is like a movie. chase, camping. did it feel like that? >> oh yeah, yeah. still does. >> the cops finally had a
10:37 pm
suspect. and when he revealed would send detectives on a hair raising ride provide the missing real estate agents. >> coming up, -- >> carl, it's beverley. >> a haunting recording. >> i just want to let you know i am okay. i haven't been hurt. >> could beverley still be alive? >> i had hoped. you have to. that's what keeps you going. >> when dateline continues. when dateline continues multivitamin gummies. with vitamins c, d & zinc for immunity support. plus 8 b-vitamins for brain support. one a day and done. we're carvana, the company who invented car vending machines and buying a car 100% online. now we've created a brand-new way for you to sell your car. whether it's a year old or a few years old. we wanna buy your car. so go to carvana and enter your license plate answer a few questions. and our techno wizardry calculates your car's value and gives you a real offer in seconds. when you're ready, we'll come to you, pay you on the spot and pick up your car, that's it.
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custody. his name was aaron lewis. he was an unemployed truck driver who had been convicted of a petty crimes in several states. beverley son carl junior didn't look like a can never. >> it just looks like a regular guy. so it was like, what did this punk want with my mom? like, it didn't make sense. i almost was like, are you sure we have the right guy? >> detectives believe they did. but the rollercoaster ride for beverley corridors family and friends was far from over. i can remember the feeling when he was captured, we were just like, yes. okay. now, where is she? come on, where are you. we are ready to find you. >> as investigators focused on aaron lewis, they backed off as -- beverley's husband as a suspect. they were keeping him in the loop. >> they said maybe we got him. where is beverley? >> we are still questioning that. >> we are going to find out.
10:42 pm
we are gonna keep on until we find. him >> then did you have a little burst of hope? >> just a little bit of hope. that's all i had. >> really, your biggest task was to find out where beverley is? >> that was my biggest task and biggest concern at that time. >> did lewis know where beverley was, and if he did, would detail the detective? >> what was his story? where was? beverley >> said he kidnapped beverley, because of money. he said he found her on the internet searched her out and saw she was a broker and felt she had money. >> lewis described in detail what he claimed happened. when he contacted beverley about the house showing, she told him she didn't feel comfortable meeting just him. so he got his wife crystal on the phone to say she would be there as well. >> erin shows up and he goes in and make some excuse as to why krystal cunning come. aaron tells me he had beverley take pictures of the house with
10:43 pm
her. phone >> that explains why the voters the detective had seen were dark and blurry. lewis said he asked beverley to send them to krystal, since she couldn't be there. >> he said they walked upstairs, and when they got to the top of the stairs brought out a taser in told or she was about to have a bad day. she asked, what are you talking about? he said, you are being candid. >> federally must have been absolutely terrified. >> no doubt. lewis then claimed he had an accomplice. he wasn't talking about his wife who had set up a meeting with beverley. it was someone else. >> he said, if anything having to beverley, trevor had done it. >> who's trevor? >> trevor is a guy that aaron actually lived for a short period of time. >> does this give you some hope that maybe there was an accomplice here, and that maybe he did have beverley? >> i hoped we were gonna find beverley alive. you have to. that's what keeps me going. >> lewis said the last time he saw beverley, she was with
10:44 pm
trevor. and then offered evidence that she might still be alive. lewis played a recording from his phone, and it was chilling. >> carl, it's beverley, i want to let you know i am okay. i haven't been hurt. just to what he says, and please don't call the police. if you call the police, it could be bad. just want you to know i love you very much. >> it was encouraging, but it only proved beverley was alive at the time of the recording. the detective told lewis he needed more. >> that's when he finally says, i will take you to warns the last push you. >> was this was a big moment now in this whole case, this is it. >> yeah. >> that's when we load him up, and we start going to arkansas. >> beverley's family play -- hey -- prayed this moment was about to. and >> did you know they were saying your mom was alive? >> yes, we knew that after they had him and they were interrogating him.
10:45 pm
>> it was a big boost of energy. when he was telling us, it was so much uplifting. we are about to get it back, it's great. >> is everyone sitting by the phone waiting for the call? >> yes. pacing. >> who lewis lead detective allison on the nail-biting road trip 30 miles out of town, to the last place he claims to have seen beverley alive. pa shed on the side of the roa. >> what are you thinking as you're approaching the shed? that there's a really good chance that she could be here, or you're not so sure? >> i'm hoping like hell she's in there. but we go in, and she wasn't in there, and she had never been in there. >> it's such a let down. it was bad. >> but luis wasn't done. he had a captive audience and he knew it. he took the police to a new location, a house about 35 miles away. >> and he says, this is where i
10:46 pm
initially took her, after i abducted her. and as soon as we walked in, there is nothing. it was another wet time. >> are you feeling like, this guy is taking us on a wild goose? chase >> i was so mad, that i could drive him back. i had to right back with another detective. >> there's a woman's life that could be at stake. ? >> and he's playing games. >> while luis is leaving detectives on the wild goose chase, another cop attract on trevor, the man lewis claimed his was his accomplice. >> we figured out that he was in the military, here in little rock. signed to the little rock air force base. we did make contact with him, i interviewed him. >> they interrogated traverse for several hours. then let him go. >> he wasn't even in town when this happened. >> he had an iron clown lighted by. >> we confirmed through his job with the air force base, with the office of special investigation, that he was on
10:47 pm
base that day. >> lies after lies. there was no accomplice. neither location turned up anything. police are running out of options and then detective allison thought of one more possibility. a cement plant called argo's, where lewis had recently. worked >> i point black asked him if beverley was our goes. at that point he was looking down at the table when i said that, he looked up any it is stupid look at his face, so i figured right then, that's probably where she was. that >> police raced over to the factory, hoping to find beverley alive. >> coming up, another gain for aaron lewis. >> i was so mad, i thought how dare you try to tarnish our sweet beverly hills but reputation. >> and at last, an answer for her family. >> they said we found beverley. >> when dateline continues. when dateline continues when dateline continues
10:48 pm
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10:52 pm
on somebody's face, when you tell them that she found their spouse, it's hard. that's probably the hardest part of it. >> he said we found beverley. i said where >> was she alive. he said no. i'm sorry, but she was not. >> he worked so hard to find her, we really tried to do right, and it was not enough. >> i know she pleaded. i know she pleaded for her life, and to come back to us. and for her grand babies. and i just have to know that god was there to comfort her. >> aaron lewis was charged with murder and kidnapping. his wife krystal charged is his accomplice. they pleaded not guilty. but his words to reporters shannon miller outside the sheriff's office, did not sound like those of an innocent man. >> why? beverley >> she was a rich
10:53 pm
broker. >> it was just as chilling in person as it was on tv, and then he gets into the car, and you are going what's and he just say. >> two weeks later, shannon interviewed lewis in jail. and he told a vastly different story from the one he told detectives. >> was he willing to cut to anything? >> no. >> i didn't kill her. i did murder her. anything that did occur, was an accident. >> then he tried to say that beverley played a role in her own death. he implied that she willingly met him at the house, for a sexual hookup that went wrong. . he >> in your opinion, how far fetched, was this news story, about the sexual encounter? >> it was 100 percent made up. so it was completely farfetched. >> the assistant district attorney john johnson was assigned the case.
10:54 pm
he believed it was a kidnapping gong wrong. but needed help proving in court. he turn to lewis's wife, krystal lowry. >> i thought from the very beginning that we would need to meet crystal, and it would be important in the case for her to testify. >> he made a deal with crystal, and she agreed to testify against her husband and plead guilty to murder and kidnapping, for a reduced sentence 30 years. >> it's good for the jury to be able to hear, the back story of what went on, and the why of what went on. >> aaron lewis went on trial. the prosecution star witness krystal lowry, took the stand and told the jury all the grisly details. she claimed it was all about money, not about sex. >> she said, he came up with the idea of kidnapping someone, but she went too far's to say real estate agents. >> she testified she was in class at nursing school when lewis abducted beverley. >> she got a text from aaron
10:55 pm
lewis, saying look at this, or something like that, and it was a picture of miss carter, bounds in the trunk of the car. she said that when she got home, he had brought miss quarterbacks in the house. >> she told the jury, when she got, home beverley was locked in their bathroom, and what she said next showed how little thought went into this plan. lewis had forgotten beverley's prayers, with her atm card at the property. so he went back to get it. crystal says when he got close to the house, cops are everywhere. >> one even pulled him over. >> this particular offers stop the car that's coming in and said hey, have you seen, and just as questions, and put the person in the. why are >> the officer could not have known that aaron lewis was the man they were looking. for >> miss carter was still alive, and he just did not know it. >> when lewis returned home, krystal told the jury, that's when the couple ran out of options. >> she was in the bathroom,
10:56 pm
with crystals medication, and she knew crystals. name >> beverley had seen too much. they agree that she had to die. >> aaron took miss carter from their house, and put her in the back of the car, and drove her out to the cement plant. >> that's when prosecutors believe lewis did something her refix. he wrapped better release face in duct tape, and let her suffocate. >> he came home and told krystal that she was dead. >> and then the heart of the prosecution's case, that recording of beverley pleading to her husband, they played it for the jury. >> do it he says, in please don't call the police. if you call the police, it could be bad. >> prosecutors argued the recording prove beverley had been kidnapped, and contradicted lewis's claim of a hook up. so how would the defense explain that tape? attorney bill james, chose to ignore. >> i was unable to come up with any plausible explanation, for that reporting.
10:57 pm
that helped us. >> so there was this one here visits obstacles than? >> everything came back to the recording. >> and steady ledger is in a different direction. beverley's personal life. >> you said this case is about secret lives. what did you mean by that? >> in order for our defense, to be correct, she would've had to be living a life that was basically, secret, or doing something that other people did not know about. >> here's where lewis's story got even stranger. he was no longer implying that it was he that had sex with beverley, he claims he was out of the house at the time. >> that's what he said. yes >> lewis said the truest was between beverley and crystal. he said beverley accidentally died during rough sex. >> she died well with his wife. and that he was the one that was protecting his wife and trying to cover up for her. >> to further bolster this story, they suggested to the jury that beverley had been prone to poor judgments, he
10:58 pm
pointed out that she was broke, but driving a brand-new cadillac, and getting expensive plastic surgery. >> i'm saying, she made some bad decisions, maybe she made another one. >> finally aaron lewis took the stand. and told the jury the story about the alleged rendezvous with beverley and his wife. >> during cross examination, prosecutors pounced. they questioned him about every detail. including that one piece of evidence that seem to contradict his entire story, beverley's voice on that tape. telling her husband that she had been kidnapped. >> what he ultimately told the jury, was that he had done it himself, he had synthesized are voicing created the tape. >> you'll forgive me if maybe that sounds a little silly. >> you're forgiven, and i remind you that i did not say a happens. i'm just telling you with the evidence was. i'm just saying will happen in the trial. >> to beverley's friends and family lewis's story was not only preposterous, it was
10:59 pm
painful to listen to. >> we had been victimized over and over again by him. i was angry that not only was he able to do about that he continue to hurt my mom. >> i was so mad, because i thought how dare you try to tarnish our sweet beverley's reputation. >> the verdict was back in less than an hour. >> we hear footsteps running. and we hear the verdict is. in what's? >> it was very quick. >> good sign? >> yes great sign. >> aaron lewis was found guilty on all counts, and given to life sentences. >> i felt relief. instantly relief. that we got him. >> and beverley's family is working to make sure this does not happen to someone else's family. they started the beverley carter foundation. her son travels the country, training real estate agents about safety. >> it's a blessing for me.
11:00 pm
because i get to raise awareness, talk about safety. best practices. but then also use that as an opportunity for me to slide in some great stories about my mom. and still kind of keep her alive. >> that's all for this edition of dateline. i'm craig melvin, thank you for watching. you fo watching my parents always told me monsters don't exist i can tell you with absolute certainty that is 110% false. he is a monster. >> a wife and mother killed in her own home. >> i get a phone call from a screaming irrational voice on the other end. i said is it rachel? >> i said, "what do you mean somebody came into her house and murdered her? who murdered her? " >> police discover rachel had a complicated love life. >> she said, "i've fallen hopelessly in love with you. it's hard to keep a love triangle


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