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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  August 10, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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that is our broadcast for this tuesday night along with our thanks for being here with us. on behalf of all our colleagues at the networks of nbc news, good night. i'm going to show you an ad from a few years ago and i will tell you in advance, based on this ad alone, it's hard to figure out what the dude is talking about besides the fact that he is disappointed, that he is very sorry, that he's trying very hard to look very sincere. very hard to look very sincere
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pantheon -- anti and it ran as a campaign ad, not just as a video he put on his website or something. it ran as an ad, in 2006, where before he was up for reelection in the midterms that year. although you cannot tell from the text itself, when he was apologizing for was the role
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played by him and his office in one of the grosses congressional scandals in recent memory. he mentioned this guy named foley, that's mark fully who was another republican congressman. he served in the house at the same time as tom reynolds. in 2000, six mark reynolds resigned from congress in disgrace after he sent explosive messages and horribly explicit emails two teenage boys who were serving on capitol hill as congressional pages. these young assistance who work at the u.s. capital. that story first broke, the marks fully story broke in 2006 right before the midterm elections. the fact that congressman foley had been sending inappropriate emails to teenage boys, the public didn't know that, but it had been known on capitol hill for a long while at that point, including by his colleague congressman tom reynolds from new york. he was also in leadership, the
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fourth most powerful republican in the house. one of the pages the teenage boys, who was getting these wrong emails from congressman foley, he went with them to the member of congress who had sponsored him to become page. that member of congress went to tom reynolds and leadership to tell him about it so something could be done. reynolds and his office their were told about mark fully in these emails he was sending to these kids working as pages. they were told more than a year before the story broke and foley had to resign. reynolds knew a full year before that something was wrong. he said he did forward the information, he told the house speaker then was danny hazard who would later have its own problems, he said he told the house speaker but did nothing further. and then he stayed in congress the whole time. ultimately, tom reynolds is chief of staff and was interviewed by the fbi. the fbi biden was investigating
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whether mark fully had been shielded from investigation by his colleagues in congress. tom reynolds chief of staff ultimately resigned after the interview although he said he did nothing wrong. heading into the midterm elections in 2006, that was why congressman tom reynolds, number four republican in the house, had to put out this weird, vague, and also abrupt apology ad. trying without really explaining to dispense with the rule he and his office had come to play in that very ugly, very nasty scandal, before voters went to the poll in november to decide if he would be sent back to congress. that was right before the midterm elections in 2006. the voters in tom are not district, they did reelect him. he squeaked by which was notable, because that was a really republican district and he was in incumbent in leadership and was very well-known. it was an narrow victory for him given the size and shape of that district. that would be his last race for
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public office after he did get reelected in 2006, he announced he would retire and wouldn't run again. he said it was time to take on new challenges. instead of running for reelection in the next summer around, 2000, eight he endorsed a new republican to take a seat, a guy named chris lee. chris really seemed like a real up and comer in the republican party, he ended up winning the time reynolds seat by a huge margin. -- margin. this is a great republican district. he was an anti-gay, anti-proportion republican, a married, family values kind of guy who really campaigned on that as one of the reasons he should be in congress. he voted against the appeal of don't ask don't tell, gay people in the military, fair pay act, even though christy was this up incoming conservative republican from a totally safe republican seat in new york, his time in congress ended up being short lived.
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just a month into his second term in congress, chris lee abruptly resigned after this photo of him surfaced. oh. what are you doing with your hand? in terms out family then was women for sex on craigslist. yes, craigslist. oh hence the shirtless flex each photo which was apparently part of the whole process. that comes out, chris lee resigns, he resigned from the same seat that tom reynolds had retired from after he and his office got caught up with the mark foley sex predator scandal. they go from reynolds, to get chris lee, chris lee is only their short time then they get a special election to fill chris louise now vacancy. that was a safe republican district in new york, but after those couple of scandals and those couple of guys, voters in the district and that special election decided to change
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course. they decided they would choose a woman to represent that district, and they would choose a democratic woman to represent that district. the first democrat elected to that seat in like 40 years. her name was kathy hochul. the same kathy hochul who two weeks from today, will take the oath to become the first woman governor of the great state of new york. how kathy hochul got to this point in her career, turns out to be a path paved which is an astonishing number of men behaving astonishingly badly in power, getting caught, and thereby being forced out of office as they would've otherwise prefer -- preferred to hold on to. just stick with that one congressional seat for a second. there is mark foley, the guys that made sexually explicit messages to number -- a young boys.
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his career ends in -- then there's chris lee who's also an's and disgrace. and then kathy hochul gets the. seat as a democrat exceed that she should've. one she won thanks to the republican predecessors scandals. she won without any scandal of her own, which is a noble thing in that case. then, that district gets caught up in a bit of redistricting in the 2012 elections, again it's still a very much a republican seat and who loses the seat after one term after two another republican man, a name that is chris collins. he would go on to pick up the baton from badly behaving republican men from this one single congressional district. chris collins ended up getting arrested while he was serving in congress, indicted on 11 federal child -- felonies for uncharted -- insider trading scheme. multiple years in federal prison before he was ultimately pardoned by president trump,
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because he is a republican who supported president trump. that is just origin story number one. for the woman who is about to become the new governor of new york, this congressional seat, with skin marks all over it from the felonies and sex scandals and child sex abuse scandals of all the men who held it other than her. meanwhile, in 2014, having survived her brief tumble in the totally toxic congressional district, kathy hochul ran to become the lieutenant governor of new york state. her running mate was a man who is nothing for governor beside her andrew cuomo. he helps to remember how andrew cuomo ended up running for governor in the first place, and who was the previous democratic governor of new york? elliott speedster. forced out in a little hard plastic actions -- prostitution scandal. after he was sent out for, that the lieutenant governor, david patterson took over the job as
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near governor, but david patterson was basically forced out to after a corruption scandal of domestic allegations and top aide and this quid trying to make those allegations go away. patterson was found to have not committed witness tampering, but the aimed against the allegations remain they did plead guilty to harassing his former girlfriend. in the midst of that scandal in the investigation there, of governor patterson and not running for another turn and andrew cuomo steps up, he wins the democratic nomination to run for governor of new york in 2010, after that mess from the two previous democratic governors. in order to actually ascend to the top job though, cuomo had to go through the general election, right? he had to defeat the guy the republicans and nominated for governor that year, that candidate was named carl pallid dino. carl palladino, during his campaign was found to have had a frequent habit of circulating
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wildly racist and profoundly i mean profoundly pornographic emails to a surprisingly large number of political pals. i will tell you, just from a personal perspective, pulling back the curtain a little bit here, the carl palladino pornography email list scandal in that governor's race, actually lead us on the show to set up a whole new set of rules internally that we still use, for how to handle the reporting and broadcasting of stuff that is both newsworthy, and so wildly, wildly offensive, that it cannot even be described at a staff news meeting without all of us getting referred to hr, and it can't be accessed on work computers without them getting seized by the company. right? so, -- that's how -- that's who andrew cuomo be after elliott spencer and -- scandals. that's how kathy hochul and it becoming lieutenant governor of new york. that's story one and two, she
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selected to a stint in congress, thanks to mark foley sending really explicit sulk -- sexual solicitations to young congressional pages, and on the other family values conservative congressman who post the saddle cheesecake chest hair thinks of him looking for a lovely ladies and craigslist. the new gets her term in congress. then she gets picked over a guy who has 11 fell in he's, and then that putter up to go for albany who succeeds the prostitution scandal governor and hedonistic violence wasn't witness in -- interference candle which leads to -- republican candidate in that race. the result of which is that kathy hochul is covered in other people slim and none of her own and she becomes the lieutenant governor of the great state of new york. how does kathy hole call become governor of the great state of new york? glad you asked, sort of, not really.
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this is eric schneiderman. he used to be the attorney general in the great state of new york. he was one of those attorney general who made the gate into a very high profile very much national profile job new york attorney general's in general seem to do that. being an attorney general brings with it a lot of power and news making and a lot of swagger. elliott spencer was new york attorney general before he came governor and so was andrew cuomo but eric schneiderman took over in 2010. was reelected in 2014 on the fast-track to reelection in 2018 and greater things beyond. then in may of 2018, the north korea published a granular detailed, just heinous accounting of how eric scheneiderman had subjected for different women to what's the magazine described as non consensual physical violence.
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all four women allege that scheneiderman repeatedly hit them often in a sexual, or sexual degradation context but never with their consent. scheneiderman did he ever salted anyone, but just three hours after the story dropped in the new yorker, he resigned as a disgraced attorney general. that is how the great state of new york got its first ever woman serving as attorney general. barbara underwood, she had been the longtime solicitor general of new york which meant, among other things, she represented new york and its major court cases. barbara underwood stepped in to temporarily take over the attorney general job after the scheneiderman scandal in a shock resignation. that is a high pressure, high profile job, right? underwood took it over at such a high pressure, high profile time, and she took it over in such a weird way to be suddenly shoved into that kind of a job, which doesn't have a natural successor lined up.
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but barbara underwood just stood up, took the reins, nailed it. she sued donald trump's fake family charity straight out of existence. fuchsia through his eighth pa, successfully challenge some of the trumps administration's inhumane -- like this is the census and forced family separations at the border s an >> she won seemingly univel praise for her brief tenure as new york attorney general, do this -- she took that job under the hardest circumstances. she was great. she proved, she showed, she lived that for sure new york was ready for a woman to be attorney general of the state for the first time ever. barbara underwood took over she held down the fort after the
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scandal. in the next election it was laetitia james who ran for the job outright and won by a mile. she won by a 25 point lens slide. she had been appointed to the drop in the immediate wake of schneider's scandal, that made her the first acting attorney general, letitia james was the first woman elected to the game. letitia james turn that job into a nonstop headline generating machine. as attorney general of new york, she sued the nra leading almost indescribably influential gun lobby to declare bankruptcy and flee the state. she's leading a lawsuit against the company facebook. she started a civil investigation into the trump organization which has morphed
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into a criminal inquiry into the former presidents business. but then there was this. in december, a former staffer to governor andrew cuomo accused him of sexually assaulting her for years, two months after that a former cuomo staffer came forward saying she too was sexually harassed by andrew cuomo when she worked in his office. he denied that he ever inappropriately touched anyone who worked for him. but letitia james went to the governor and asked him to allow her office to conduct an independent investigation of these claims. that was in february this year. between now and then more women came forward with similar allegations about governor cuomo. others made allegations sort of related, adjacent, to the harassment claim. a toxic, emotionally abusive work place. for months governor cuomo continue to deny that he had done anything wrong. but then last week, letitia
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james reported her findings. she dropped the report that contained the findings of her investigation into governor cuomo's conduct, it was a bombshell. during his time in office cuomo had sexually harassed at least 11 women. according to letitia james investigation the governor broke ex state laws and in fact created a workplace culture of harassment and fear. five different prosecutors, five district attorneys have since requested the underlying evidence from letitia james investigation to conduct criminal inquiries into cuomo's behavior. there are at least two criminal inquiries already underway. at least one woman identified in the report has already filed a criminal complaint with one county sheriff's office. and now today, in a stilted oddly stage difficult to watch rollout, governor andrew cuomo of new york resigned saying his resignation is effective two
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weeks from today. he still adamantly denies that he knowingly did anything wrong. but, regardless, either way, that makes his number to his lieutenant governor kathy hole called the next governor of new york. she has spent her whole life in new york state, she was practicing lawyer before working as a legislative aide, she worked in the assembly, she ultimately won a county clerks seat. she won the ill-fated seat and congress. since she became lieutenant government, she has driven to every county in the state, every year she has been in office. she's originally from a traditionally more traditional part in new york, she described herself as an independent democrat. she wants -- at one point you got an endorsement from the nra. but she has moved to the left or at least to the center, she's renounced her old stands on the driver's license. she's adopted or more
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traditionally progressive state of policies. she is considered to be essentially pragmatic. and to have followed the same sort of pat that a lot of upstate new york relatively conservative democrats have followed when they've moved into statewide or national office. essentially lining themselves with the party at large as they get into bigger settings. that account to larger numbers of voters. by all accounts kathy hochul governing style is nothing like that of her former boss. she's probably known as able, well respected, pragmatic scandal free. she's a worthy inheritor of this job. but the inheritance of this job, honestly, it's thanks to an unbelievably relentlessly depraved pantheon of terrible men of both parties doing absolutely terrible things in office, mostly but not
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exclusively, two women. and teenagers. i mean, that is what happened with all those terrible men do terrible things. that took her to the congressional seat. it took her to the lieutenant government seat. it took her to get the government ship in new york. she's able and respected. but maybe to get the next, one shouldn't take a prostitution scandal, a child sex abuse scandal a domestic abuse scandal a bizarre online sex solicitation scandal, a bizarre pornography scandal, a sexual abuse scandal and a series of sexual harassment scandal to make this possible. maybe that shouldn't have to be the path to women having power. maybe. that kind of a path where finally at the end of the day
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york democratic governor andrew cuomo, that he will step down from office in two weeks means that lieutenant governor kathy hochul is poised to become the first woman governor of new york state. once she steps into that role, kathy hochul she will seize being lieutenant governor of the state, according to state law the person who will temporarily replace her as lieutenant governor is our next guest the president of state senate in new york, a majority leader in the state senate, she will not also be acting as a lieutenant governor of the great state of new york. her name is senator andrea steward-cousins. she has led the democratic party in the new york state senate since 2012, that makes for the first woman to lead a state party in new york she. will soon be the first black woman to serve as the state
9:27 pm
lieutenant governor. but that is happening under these extraordinary circumstances that have been a long time coming. she called on andrew cuomo to resigned, all the way back in march. today he finally did. democratic majority leader andrea steward-cousins of the new york state senate joins us now. not a majority leader, thank you for joining, us it's been an intense day. >> it has been very difficult, very intense but i so appreciate your pattern recognition, because i always like to tell the history of how we got to places and that is important history thank you for that. it's greatly needed. >> thank you for thanking me but it makes me feel like i need to take a shower just talking about it. it is absolutely bipartisan, it spans federal office and statewide office, up to the very highest levels to multiple,
9:28 pm
generations of political leadership with all different kinds of creeps. i have to ask you if you have a dike doses for what accounts for all of these levels of men behaving terribly that led ultimately to this resignation today. >> >> well, rachel, we know what it is. we know that people get enamored with their power. they get enamored with their titles, they get enamored with the position that they hold over other people. their egos get really big and sometimes people forget, it is extremely, extremely hard to forget if you are really centered on public service. somehow, i don't understand why, but people seem to feel like if you do this than maybe you are allowed to do all kinds of other things. for women, i found in this position, and certainly it's a position that has been largely male, white male, that when
9:29 pm
women get an opportunity to show up we have to -- first of all we fought 20 times before we even decided to run, and then we've been told by million people that we can't. and then you find yourself in this place. you have to really focus on doing your job exceptionally well in order to be able to retain it for yourself and you also know that you don't want to be the last, that women find hard to get in our spaces and we don't want to be the last. we want to lay a path for our daughters are granddaughters and for every other woman who might be inspired by what we do. the focus is, i won't say every man but most women come in with the mindset that they have to prove themselves and frankly, i think that we are at this moment now where our leadership is going to be paramount to the success of not only our state
9:30 pm
but our nation in many ways. newer gonna have a key and unique role in the new leadership, we assume temporary role as the turning governor which you assumed essentially through the power of succession. lieutenant governor kathy hochul ascending to the governorship. what should the country expect from a lieutenant governor, soon to be governor kathy hochul? how long do you expect to be in the lieutenant governor position? i say, the national spotlight is here for the scandal for the men now leaving the position, but what do we know about soon to be governor kathy hochul, and yourself? >> i think i have to clarify because people are saying oh, you are gonna be the lieutenant governor, i don't believe that will be the case. why? because, the two weeks span between the time the governor actually resigns. had he ben as a member of governor spencer ben saying,
9:31 pm
i'm stepping down immediately then this succession happens. lieutenant governor kathy hochul is still the lieutenant governor while the governor is still the governor. she will have two weeks to make the decision about who will be who -- her lieutenant governor. i believe that's what's gonna happen. i'm glad i get a chance to clarify this because i've gotten a lot of congratulations and the reality is, it's just fine. i am perfectly sure that you will pick a lieutenant governor in the next two weeks, and if she doesn't we get to ascend to them until she does. i am looking forward, i spoke to her this morning, i'm looking forward to as her partner is being one of those people, only three men in the room until i showed up in the room frankly because it's always the governor, the speaker, and the majority leader and up until the time i
9:32 pm
was elected majority leader in 2019, there were only three men in the room. the room was going to look very different now. the first woman governor, the woman majority leader, in the first one majority leader, and the speaker, an african american male. a very different room hum looking forward, frankly, to seeing how we can again continue to move us forward in our progressive way so that we can continue to build our economy, fight covid, and prove once again that when you let other voices at the table and let people have a chance, amazing things can happen. >> do you expect that governor cuomo may yet to be impeached obviously he said he is leaving office and as you mentioned that will happen in the next couple of weeks. one of the things that an impeachment could do is prohibiting him from holding office again. do you think this could happen
9:33 pm
despite his resignation? >> there are certainly people who are wanting to see that this could happen there are other people that feel the fact that he is stepping down was really something that is significant and we need to move forward. for me, i trust the assembly will take a look and it's another meeting with the judiciary county on next week they were having a broader investigation and they were looking into nursing home numbers and looking into the book deal and looking into vaccine test preferences. they were looking into different things. i think that in addition to what the attorney general has looked at, they may have some things that they might want to look at further or maybe not. i believe we will know more next week and we can start talking about going forward.
9:34 pm
i want to say in new york, we have really taken the stabs around sexual harassment and workplace safety, and really are creating an environment that needs to be welcoming with zero tolerance for sexual harassment. since 2017, we had sexual harassment hearings around the state, none have been had in 25 years. this is a very serious thing, and the fact that these women came forward with this powerful man and stood their ground and it was cooperative are i very able attorney general, is really significant. i think more than enough to say that, you know, time is up. we have got to go forward. that is what we're doing. arrests i think we will know more about, maybe there was to be an impeachment, but whatever happens we need to progress. >> andrea steward-cousins the majority leader of the state senate. one of the three men in the
9:35 pm
room at this point, with all the arnett rich i deliver it. thank you so much madam majority leader. i know these will be trying times ahead as well. keep us surprised, we would love to have you back as newer goes through this transition. >> i loved being here. thank you rachel. thank you for a redo. >> i appreciate it. much more to get through tonight. stay with us. >> stay with us >> unstopables in-wash scent booster downy unstopables
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sheriff came to a press conference to say there is a new covid outbreak at a county jail at raymond mississippi. sheriff lee bans announced that the press conference that they randomly had done tests of 188 people at the jail, both prisoners and staff, of those 188 random tests, 74 of them turned out to be covid positive. 60 prisoners and 14 staff two days after the press conference, the man who made the outbreak
9:40 pm
announcement at the jail, he himself tested positive from covid after that, the sheriff also tested positive over. week after that the undersheriff of hinds county, he not only tested positive for covid, he was hospitalized. forties after, that the sheriff himself died from covid. sheriff lee vance, age 63 years old. this is all in hines county mississippi. home to the state capital in mississippi. this is their front page today -- who see the big headline under the front? sheriff will get the vaccine. that's the tragedy that happened there this past week. yuck the sheriff --
9:41 pm
in addition to becoming huge strictly ill and hospitalized himself, alan white lost his friend to covid last wednesday. and that is a controlled -- controversial issue, anderson mandates in my choice as an individual whatever comment everyone is get the vaccine. white says because his doctors say he has covid antibodies, he doesn't need to be vaccinated for three months. after my 90 days are up, he said undersheriff ellen white, he will be standing up with his sleeves rolled up. >> that was the front page of the ledger in hines county today. down in the gulf coast, in mississippi, here's the front page of the sunherald they say
9:42 pm
the worst is yet to come. it was a weakness of sick and death in mississippi. the headline is a quote from the mississippi health officer thomas dobbs, we are rapidly depleting or hospital resources, the worst is yet to come in mississippi. who's getting vaccinated. over knock, inside the front page today of the democrat gazette. after record admissions, icus down to the last eight beds. only eight intensive care units were available in the state of arkansas monday, and the hospitalizations of covid-19 patients jumped by the largest daily increase yet, so the largest daily total yet since the pandemic began. in louisiana, here's the front page of the advocate from baton rouge today. delta variant still driving herd surge in hospitalizations. and children's hospital new orleans, there were 12 children
9:43 pm
husbands with covid, half of whom were under the age of two. three of the child patients were under mechanical ventilators including a one-month-old infant. overnight alabama, the decatur daily says there are children getting covid now. the florida times union out of -- children missions for covid doubled in a week. the number of patients including patient -- that was in one hospital, in jacksonville.
9:44 pm
pensacola florida, the news journal from page shows a photo of this very brave 14 year old getting her shot at the brownsville community center. they put that over the stark headlines, covid cases break all-time record. speaking of florida, the federal government today did send 200 ventilators and 100 other high flow oxygen machines to the state of florida to help florida deal with its record number of covid hospitalizations. the republican governor in florida, ron desantis, he's not just now insisting, but threatening personal retaliation against school district officials who require masks as kids come back to class. the same kinds of fights are brewing in texas as well, warned texas governor greg abbott just had to ask's state hospitals to pare back in make room for all of the people who are sick in that hospital. he hired an extra medical staff from out of state to alleviate some of the burden on texas is over run medical staff and
9:45 pm
hospitals. the front pages in texas are just as stark. both in terms of the scale of the problem and the inability and unwillingness to fight it. and austin, and icu beds projected to fill up in austin soon. in beaumont texas, new high in covid hospitalizations. in galveston texas, to pastors died with covid-19. in houston, tense pop up at this hospital as delta pushes the county near capacity. more children were covid going to hospital as delta spreads. look at this front page, abbots order defied. county challenges ban on mask mandate. the require mask mandates. dallas and senate tone year or two big texas cities that have sued the republican governor greg abbott after he has tried to ban any locality or any school districts from having a mask mandate. san antonio got somewhere with
9:46 pm
that, the big one a ruling who issued a temporary restraining order against governor greg abbott and his mask ban on all texas localities, dad judges order will allow send intoning to require masks and schools. which their health department wants them to, do as kids head back into the classroom. joining us now is the mayor of san antonio ron nirenberg, mayor ron nirenberg, thank you so much for being here i know this is a busy time for you in your city. >> thank you for having me, rachel. >> let me ask you first of all if i explained that correctly in terms of that impact of that ruling in the nature of this conflict that you have right now with the texas governor? >> the delta surge is so dangerous and rapid that every day matters. we contended that the governor used his emergency powers unconstitutionally to bind the harried of local officials,
9:47 pm
from dealing with -- to prevent us from dealing with the emergency, we did win that ruling in court so effective immediately or county -- excuse me, our public health authority has implemented a mask mandate for all public schools. it's effective immediately, it's already going to have impact and we believe it will save lives. >> tell us about the balance of health capacity right now, in and around san antonio in terms of how bad the current surge is and how strained your health resources are, and what you are expecting as schools go back into sessions? obviously the mask mandate should make a difference, it should help in terms of trying to limit the spread of covid in schools. but how worried are you about health capacity and schools getting started back up and continuing transmission? >> our aspinall capacity like most major cities in texas is
9:48 pm
stretched beyond its limits. you saw the governor already issued a call which we've been asking him to do for weeks for outside help, for nursing, our capacity is past its limits. the surge of the delta variant is not slowing down. that is our concern. our hospital capacity has been breached and there is no abating it if we don't mitigate. we have work to do, including getting folks back in masks. now that we have that authority we're gonna do that. we also have to ensure that folks who can get vaccinated are being vaccinated. that work needs to continue. we exceeded the biden administration's goal quite a while ago, but back in june san antonio had one of the lowest positivity rate for several weeks, months in facts, less than 3%. it has gone up almost 20 fold, rachel, in the last 6 to 8 weeks. the case numbers are just out
9:49 pm
of control. let's not four that the hospital workers, the medical workers the nurses, the doctors they're putting themselves in harm's way which they have done, triple time, for the last, 18 months and they are getting no relief and they are in times taking this risk back home to their families. >> incredible, series of challenges, remarkable that one of them has to be in court to give your own health authorities the ability to do it they think is right. ron nirenberg, the mayor of the great city of san antonio, mister mayor thank you for making time to be with us tonight. we would love to have you bike. >> we're gonna keep fighting for our constituents, rachel, thank you for having me. >> we will be right back. thank you for asking me --
9:50 pm
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9:54 pm
and every dipping sauce. whatever the opposite of i told you so is that's what i should say now. i was completely wrong. today after months and months of back and forth, democrats and republicans in the u.s. senate passed a 500 billion dollar bill and they did it together. i was so sure republicans were pulling the same trick they pulled back in obamacare with -- for like a year and they pretended to be so interested in supporting something, only for none of them to vote for it in the end. they were just wasting time, i was so sure they were doing that again. i was totally wrong. i was so wrong that it wasn't even the bare minimum ten republicans that they needed to vote for the bipartisan infrastructure bill, it wasn't just ten of them, it was 19 of them who voted for it including mitch mcconnell. so take it from me, don't take it from me. i am very bad at predictions,
9:55 pm
that's said with that enormous caveat shaped piece of amble pie as an appetizer, this is what i think is going to happen next. i'm sure i'm wrong but why break the street. despite the celebratory remarks today from biden and harris, i don't think this bill is going to be on its way to president biden's desk anytime soon. i think it is going to happen is that it's going to sit in the house for a while. speaker of the house, nancy pelosi, and the progressive caucus they're united in their determination and their plan to not touch that thing until the senate passes the other infrastructure bill that is in play right now which is much more important to progressives. that a third bill is a way bigger bill, that's the one that has the focus on big ambitious democratic parties like health care and child care and huge amount of stuff on climate change. democrats plan to try to pass that through budget reconciliation, which would
9:56 pm
mean they won't need any republican votes at all. but it also means the process is complex and a little bit different from a regular bill. the senate is still in session right now as i speak, working on something they're going to send over to the house to the house can start technically writing that big three and a half trillion dollar bill. the senate is expected to finish this process and handed it over to the house this week. speaker pelosi told members of the house that they need to cut their vacation plan short and come back early from the recess. they need to come back august 23rd to get to work on their part of it. ultimately, it will take a lot of time. the details of this three and a half trillion dollar bill will have to be ironed out and agreed on, only after all that stunned, and the house manages to pass it, will that then, the big 1 to 3 and a half trillion dollar bill will go to the senate for the senate to pass. if the senate did then passes that, then, the democrats in the house have to pass the bipartisan bill which the senate passed today. so, lots of celebrations that
9:57 pm
the senate did this thing that i would assure that they would never do. but it will be a while yet, we're talking at least two months. before, if the house progressives get their ways, both of these bills will finally get to a position where they can become law. a month or two months, that's what i say. but like i said, i've been wrong before and i will definitely be wrong again. watch this space, or don't. take it easy. it easy can not only stop a migraine it can prevent a migraine as well. nurtec is the first and only option proven to treat and prevent migraines with one medication. onederful. one quick dissolve tablet can start fast and last. don't take if allergic to nurtec. the most common side effects were nausea, stomach pain, and indigestion. with nurtec, i treat migraine my way. what's your way? ask your doctor about nurtec to find out! as someone who resembles someone else...
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in entrepreneurs to bring what's next for sports technology to athletes, teams, and fans. that's why we created the sportstech accelerator, to invest in and develop the next generation of technology that will change the way we experience sports. we've already invested in entrepreneurs like ane swim, who develops products that provide hair protection so that everyone can enjoy the freedom of swimming. like the athletes competing in tokyo, these entrepreneurs have a fierce work ethic and drive to achieve - to change the game and inspire that will do it for us tonight the team of tomorrow. i will see you at this time this morning. now it's time for the last word with ali velshi in >>. i was listening to the story of how kathy hochul became the representative. you talk about the district where she was from your noting that was a fairly conservative western new york district. these things fascinate. need that part of new york that she is from is what i called the canada part of new york.