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tv   Ayman Mohyeldin Reports  MSNBC  August 13, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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because better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands with allstate. click or call for a lower auto rate today. good afternoon, everyone. i'm ayman mohyeldin in new york. as the taliban continues its offensive across afghanistan, thousands of u.s. troops are on their way to the capital, kabul, to help evacuate american citizens and afghan civilian who's work with u.s. and coalition forces. moments ago, pentagon press secretary john kirby was asked if the deteriorating security situation could change the time line for the final u.s. withdraw from afghanistan. >> we're going to be watching security situation day by day. if we have to adjust, we'll do. that but we're always going to be in a security force on the
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ground. >> the biden administration scored a victory when a judge denied a motion by a group of lapped landlords to block the cdc's he vision moratorium. a advisory panel advised that people with weakened immune systems ab loud to get a third vaccine dose hours after the fda amended the emergency use authorizations for the pfizer and moderna vaccines to allow that. democrats are putting more pressure on nancy -- on house speaker nancy pelosi to call a vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill instead of waiting to vote on the $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill is ready. we'll talk about it with judy gomez. and census data shows that america is becoming more diverse and less white. we'll take a closer look at what that means for the country and for our politics. but we start this hour in afghanistan. a full taliban takeover now
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seems almost inevitable. two major capitals have fallen to kandahar. you can see the taliban is circling in on kabul, the capital from all sides. this as the. uk, u.s. and canada all prepare to send in troops to facilitate the drawdown of kabul embassy personnel. we're live in washington, d.c. i know you just came out of that meeting with john kirby. afghan officials said that another major capital is also now captured by the taliban. john kirby is reluctant to give information. what do you hear from your source ands why is there so much confusion about what has fallen and when? do you want to comment as to
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whether or not kabul itself was completely encircled cutting off access to people in and out of the city? >> think don't want to talk about the battleground assessment. there aren't americans in these places anymore. so when you talk about that capital in the southwest and helman province, it's a trans it area. hate as you long history for the u.s. military and the british military of serving there over the last 20 years. but right now there are no americans there. so the u.s. doesn't have a really about picture of what's going on on the ground there. they don't know moment to moment. it's been remarkable to watch this unfold so quickly. >> but besides this area as you said, ayman, there are reports that it has fallen and helman province has fallen unconfirmed by the u.s. there are other areas that are
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under very serious threat from the taliban right now. a couple of the critical ones, in the north, a very important city. one of the largest in the country. an international airport exists there. another one that is very important is logar province. it is right next to kabul. it is very strategic area. it is a straight shot into kabul if if the taliban take that, they're really on the kabul's doorstep. that's why officials are watching very closely to see if the taliban are able to take it. it would be the last one of the very last steps in this taliban offensive isolation of kabul. >> they expect the u.s. by the end of the weekend to have the bulk of the troops deployed for this narrowly defined mission.
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>> talk about the ramp up there and more importantly, he also eluded that the u.s. is carrying out air strikes to try to thwart the taliban offensive. but it seemed it's not necessarily slowing down the group. >> that's right. the very first small element of the marines infantry moved into kabul now. they're moving in now. but the rest -- vast majority of the 3,000, so it's two marine battalions, one is coming from a marine unit in the region and then an army moving in the next 48 hours or so. they will be in place, we don't yet know when they'll start helping to move americans out of that city. but we can assume it's going to be very soon after they arrive there. and on the air strikes, that is a very important point. so the u.s. had been conducting anywhere between 1 to 5 air strikes a day.
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weather has been a factor there. also the available to fly in the airplane. they're flying them in from neighboring countries. there is very limited left in afghanistan. they're not the things they would be flying for air strikes. but in the last 48 hours or so, those air strikes had actually stepped up a little bit more in the neighborhood of eight or nine or so a day. the reason we're not seeing a real big impact is the air strikes are like putting out fire here and there. they're targeting equipment that taliban are stealing or taking over as they roll through these areas. but the air strikes are not having strategic impact in stopping the taliban. what they're doing is helping the afghan security forces in the areas not come under attack from this equipment.
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they have been able to take over as they take over areas that were once controlled by the afghan security forces. >> continue to say this. what a stunning turn of events in a matter of days. courtney, thank you so much. we'll check in with you obviously as it continues to develop in the days ahead. i want to play a quick reminder of of what the secretary of state said about the withdraw from afghanistan. this was just two months ago. take a listen to this. >> whatever happens in afghanistan, if there is a significant deterioration in security, that could happen. we discussed this before. i don't think it will be something that happens from a friday to a monday. so i wouldn't necessarily equate the departure of our forces in july, august, or by early september. >> all right. so that is secretary of state tony blinken. that is back on june 7th.
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it's a stark contrast from the rapid hour by hour offensive that we're seeing from the taliban now. deputy national security adviser under iraq and afghanistan under president bush also joining me he is matt zeller, a former cia analyst and the author of watches without time and american soldier in afghanistan. gentlemen, great to have you both of you with us. you heard there secretary of state tony blinken say it won't be a friday to monday type of situation. really, it's a monday through friday type of situation. where we are now is very different. it is totally in taliban control. what do you make of the assessment back then and what that reveals about the mindset of this administration in terms of how surprised they are about what is actually happening right
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now object ground? >> well, i think like many others, there is surprise. but the pace of the afghan-taliban progress on the ground is very dissatisfying to see the large scale collapse of the afghan forces which we said 20 years, tens of billions of dollars organized, training and equipping. essentially standing up from scratch. that is about four time as many soldiers and policemen than the taliban. it is a reminder that the moral factors in war, things like discipline, leadership, cohesion, dictate and dominate over the material factors. like number of troops and equipment. i think that's what we see playing out here. the moral is defeating the material. and outsiders like us can provide material supply and
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material support but we cannot substitute for afghan moral factors like leadership. >> and so to that point, sir, about the moral component of the afghan army. general john allen has written a piece out today calling on president biden to reverse his decision and to re-engage, so to speak, the fight in afghanistan and to push back the taliban. you were back in april one of those who supported the idea of the u.s. withdraw. i'm curious, have you had any change of heart just seeing what has played out over the past couple of days? >> no. the i have not. it's because of this enduring quality of war that we can provide and have provided and continue to provide the material support that afghans rur. but we can't substitute for their leadership. and it doesn't matter how long we stay engaged in this. it will always be leadership and
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discipline and legitimacy of those afghan forces that will count the most. >> matt, at the same time back in april, you wrote that it's the fall of the government came of the afghan government came, it would happen faster than america would be able to respond to. the you noted that afghanistan is no vietnam geographically which makes the logistics of an he vak wags -- evacuation difficult for americans. i think by most people's assessments, we're seeing that play out in reel time right now. at this point, what can be done for those allies on the ground? >> we have to immediately evacuate them and stop messing around with any semblance of trying to figure out who qualifies for the visa. the if you're in that data base, screen you. if you show up as a former employee, put you on a plane and fly you to guam or qatar. we should be trying to minimize
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the logistics as much as possible. the next thing we need to do is figure out how we're going to move the 44,000 afghan wartime allies and their family members that we assess outside of kabul right now. just before i got on talking you to, i was interviewing a man for our podcast four time allies. we're going to call him milad. he's in a city in the province of bagdis. it is 800 kilometers from kabul. the taliban took it yesterday. as he and i were talking, we hear gunfire in the background. he told me that they're currently going door to door looking for former government employees, anybody who worked with the u.s. in any way, u.s. aaid employees, interpreters, engineers, even the people that used to pick up and collect our trash. if they're found, they're immediately executed on site. that is the fate that is going to befall the people unless we go and rescue them. >> all right. we're going to have to leave it at that. the i want to bring into the
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conversation really quickly nbc news chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell. you were just hearing that grim assessment there from matt speaking to an individual there in afghanistan. i know you and you have seen similar reports from that country. we're seeing thousands of images of displaced afghans fleeing kabul or fleeing to kabul, excuse me, from around the country. it raises a humanitarian question about what happens to that if kabul falls? as we're seeing, it's no the clear they can even get out of kabul to neighboring countries. >> the boarders are being closed and having difficulty maintaining open boarders even though the u.s. asked neighboring countries to keep the boarders open. not asking iran, per se, but iran did last weekend have about 200 refugees displaced people.
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but as up to 14 months before they can get that paperwork. there has been legislation, congressman jason crow and others sponsored that did pass which would cut some of the red tape of that siv program. >> those people living in the park that our colleague cynt viewing, they can't get that paperwork. and it's four mules as you know from the embassy to the airport. and how are they going to traverse those four miles even the people of the embassy who are going to have some security, some 1400 people at the embassy. so they're doing what they deny is an evacuation but is an evacuation. you know, making sure that the embassy itself is locked and it is going to be a skeletal team. there they're claiming this he can get thousands more to neighboring countries to a military base. but, you know, at this point, it's desperate. it's clearly happened much, much
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more rapidly thn they thought. they're saying diplomatically, well in, doja, we're working with other countries to tell the taliban you're not going to gain respect from elsewhere. china and rush yashgs tehran, they were all welcomed taliban delegations in recent weeks, treating them like visiting dignitaries. they're not worried about respect. they're going to get the respect from the ground by their military advance. it was, you know, predictable but not predictable at this pace. and what i'm seeing is e-mails recounting the terror really of women and girls who have been involved in civil society who have followed for 20 years the encouragement of the u.s. and several administrations to come to kabul, be educated, get your schooling, the american university at coed university, defy your fathers. i spoke to women there who have been disinherented and taken the courageous step. and now where are they? they have target onz their back.
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when i talk to ned price, all they can say is we're working in doja, we're working through the neighbors. but the taliban are not obeying any of those prescriptions and basically what is happening is, you know, according to the embassy, war crimes, criminal war crimes, beheadings, rape, kidnappings and any unmature rid woman is at risk of being taken. >> matt, let me ask you a pount that general talked about which is the moral component of this. the argument goes by some as well that, you know, if we haven't been able to prop up the afghan government and their forces over 20 years an additional year and two years is not going to turn this around. there is no moral will on some of the afghan fighters to go up against the taliban. is there an argument beyond the moral sfwhun the understand the moral argument. they fought served alongside us. the we need to protect them and
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serve them and get them out s there any other moral argument beyond the moral argument as to why the u.s. should stay in afghanistan if it hasn't succeeded in 20 years? >> there's two argument ps you'd make. i'm somebody that wanted this war to end. shame on us this is getting to the point that my children could have fought this. you know, my cousin fought in helman. i fought in gosny yesterday. the prove thans we're talking about is as close to kabul as baltimore is to washington, d.c. to give your viewers some perspective. the first is no one is going to trust us again. if you kaur about americans coming home in future wars, the only reason i'm suting here talking to you is because my afghan interpreter killed two people in a bat who will are about to kill me. he was standing next to me because he believed that americans were honorable people
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that kept their word. the second reason why we should care and this is exactly andrea's point is it's on social media. i post you had it on twitter for the world to see. there is video of the taliban going home to home stealing girls to be forcibly married. i'm a father of a 9-year-old. there is no other moral argument than i need than that. we shouldn't be standing by to allow this to happen. and you should note that we had 2500 soldiers in afghanistan when the biden aministration took office. six months ago we had bases everywhere. . why didn't we evacuate these people then? lieutenant general, waunt to give you the final word as w to respond to that, you're saying that simply not enough as for why the united states should have a presence in afghanistan because it's not going to turn around that country.
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>> i'm saying we can't provide the moral support for the afghan forces required for them to do their job. i'm behind the moral obligation we have to the afghans who work with us and we should have set bureaucracy aside. get these people evacuated and then talk about bureaucracy. the worry about others things weefrment past bureaucracy on this program. >> all right. lieutenant general douglas, andrea mitchell, thank you for that insightful conversation. breaking just a short while ago, the secretary of homeland security issues a new terrorism advisory amid what the department calls a heightened threat in landscape across the united states. nbc's pete williams joins us with an update on that. pete, thanks for joining us. what more can you tell us? >> it's important to know this is not based on any threats. this is based on analysis.
12:20 pm
not on any imminent warning that something could happen here. the last of these terrorism advisories was issued in may. it expired today. there are several concerning factors. there is concerning grievances over covid-19 restrictions which is stirring up a lot of opposition. there is the continuing efforts by foreign influencers to try to stir up trouble in the u.s. there is the coming 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. and there are approaching religious hol dawes and the opening of schools and the possibility of school shootings. so for all those reasons, dhs says this is the terror threat picture that we face. but again, it's not a warning that there is attacks that they know of. it's more of here's the threat picture. that's why we're continuing this advisory. >> all right, pete williams,
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thank you for that update. still ahead, the nine house democrats are giving speaker nancy pelosi. plus a cdc advisory panel is making a recommendation about a third covid-19 vaccine shot. we're going to talk to doctors about that. t that that's why i started medhaul. citi launched the impact fund to invest in both women and entrepreneurs of color like me, so i can realize my vision and give everything i've got to my company, and my community. i got you. for the love of people. for the love of community. for the love of progress. citi.
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cdc recommend unanimously that certain patients with weakened immune systems should receive an extra dose of either the pfizer or moderna vaccines. cdc director will now need to sign off on the recommendation before the physicians can begin administering the extra dose. there is a current moratorium with a group of high transmission of covid-19. they can appeal the ruling. right now in mississippi, schools are facing an unprecedented covid outbreak. more than 4400 students had to quarantine due to a potential exposure to covid-19 during the first week of august. joining me is dr. osterhome. i'll begin with you.
12:25 pm
you're based in houston. the city is seeing a significant strain on its medical services. i heard official there's say for 26 minutes on thursday all of san antonio is without any free ems units. meaning they had no available ambulances. >> we're seeing rising cases. every person i see come into the emergency department is covid positive. i think back to the last four shift that's i worked, that fourth shift when leaving the emergency department, i still had a patient that admitted for covid pneumonia on that first shift. and they were still stuck there. that's because the icus are full. our in patient beds are full. the patients have nowhere to go. when i heard the term this is the pandemic of the
12:26 pm
unvaccinated, that is true. if it you're in a car accident and all the ems units are tide up waiting at the hospital because they can't off load the patients because the hospital is so full, that ambulance may not come f you're having chest pain and you're at home and you might be having a heart attack and you call 911, that ambulance may not come. although the folks with covid-19, a majority of them run vaccinated in the hospitals, they're affecting everyone. >> do you envision a point where you or your colleagues may have to ration the care and the treatment to certain patients in terms of accommodating the number of patients you're dealing with? gentlemen. i think is unheard of. we over the past couple weeks have been doing that similar to last year. the patients that are fairly healthy and needing low levels of oxygen, we set them up with
12:27 pm
home oxygen and send them home. is that best case scenario? no. its what we have to do because of how burdened our system is right now. >> dr. oesterhome. we're seeing this strain on medical services that he's describing, texas even having to deploy out of state workers to deal with this influx there. how much longer do you expect this crush picking up? >> well, first of all, you heard the very, very challenging reality of what is happening in states where we're seeing the big surges of covid-19. the major question we have is not what will happen necessarily in the eight states that have already really lit on fire. we know that there are challenges. they'll see cases increase for
12:28 pm
the next few weeks before they start to level off and come down. we're concerned about a number of other areas where the numbers are increasing. georgia, north carolina, south carolina, kentucky, tennessee, southern illinois. we're seeing it in the northwest in oregon, washington, idaho. we are seeing it in the upper midwest in minnesota and wisconsin. and as we get closer to school openings, as we get closer to big state fares in many of the locations, you know, the next few weeks could get very challenging. that trajectory, we could pass the 125,000 which should give you a sense of reality. >> let's talk about the cdc recommending that a third dose
12:29 pm
of either pfizer or moderna be given to those who have weakened immune systems. talk to us about whether you anticipate that happening for everyone or how it might be ruled out in the fall for people beyond those who have weakened immune systems? >> let's just distinguish between what is happening with this group of people and everyone else who has been vaccinated. i don't call this a booster. this is a series. we're talking about some cases needing three or four doses like we do in childhood immunizations before you achieve immunity. booster is when you had immunity but then lost it over time. that's the question you're asking next. are we going to likely have to be confronted with that? i think right now we do have some troubling data that supports that we may be talking about booster doses.
12:30 pm
we're working on how we fine tune them. expect that's going to continue to be a point of discussion for the next few weeks. >> that's why we're lucky to you have help us break that down. thank you both. still ahead, a federal judge decides not to block the cdc's eviction moratorium. but not all renters are in the clear just yet. we'll talk to jimmy gomez about that and much more. that's coming up next. you're watching "ayman mohyeldin reports." ex nt. you're watching "ayman mohyeldin reports. ou have diabetes, it's important to have confidence in the nutritional drink you choose. try boost glucose control. it's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels and contains high quality protein to help manage hunger and support muscle health. try boost today.
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the reconciliation bill faces another obstacle. it is am coulding from democrats. nine house democrats sent letters to nancy pelosi saying they will not consider voting for a budget resolution until the bipartisan infrastructure bill passes the house and is signed into law. their defiance throws the
12:34 pm
party's two track plan to pass the infrastructure bill and the $3.5 trillion social budget into jeopardy. but it also leaves speaker pelosi in the difficult position of bartering between two warring factions within her own party. let's talk about what is happening inside of the part. they're making major concessions to try to get the president's bill. >> look, governing the house of representatives is hard. it is harder when you have a majority of handful of votes. that is the situation that speaker pelosi is in. she can't afford to lose more than, i mean three or four votes depending on how many people are there on any given day.
12:35 pm
the deal just passed the senate. that would give her a little bit more wiggle room there. ultimately, she has to call the bluff of one side or the other of her caucus. because as you said, these moderate democrats have said they won't move forward on the bigger reconciliation bill. we've been looking at a similar threat from the house progressives for more than a month now who said they won't favor in part of that bill unless the reconciliation piece moves over to their side as well. pelosi is naturally a progressive. she has said publicly many times she aligns with the strategy that these progressive members have laid out. and she knows this moderate group is smaller and in the past far less willing to really play political hard ball. my best, most educated guess is that's who she will target to try to convince to go along with the plan that has existed for
12:36 pm
democrats really since they started on this two track strategy several months ago now. >> all right. thank you. always a pleasure. thank you, my friend. joining us now to continue the conversation on this is california democratic congressman jimmy gomez. he is a member of the congressional progressive caucus. congressman, great to you have back on the program. in is obviously what you care about since it won't get any republican support. why not get this bill out of the way first so you can focus on the $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation? why push both through at the same time? >> thank you for having me back. i know those nine members. i get along with them great. you need to have both sudz at
12:37 pm
the table. you need to have their interests and our interests taken together. and everybody has votes in congress. everybody can sink a bill, especially when the marge unis so close. if that happens, the damage done to the caucus would be done at their own hands. so the reason why we want to do it together is because it assures the likelihood that we get everything we want. the hard infrastructure, the human infrastructure, and we push the bill back better agenda that president biden has wanted. this is not the progressive members' agenda. this is joe biden's build back better agenda. that was agreed to by the entire caucus. so this is something that we're going to be pushing together. i have no doubt that both of them are going to be passed. >> let's turn to the buget resolution. what do you make of a plan that was approved earlier this weekend? are there things you luke to see in the bill that are not currently included? >> you know this bill, i -- it's
12:38 pm
a big bill. one of the things i think about is my own personal experiences, the experiences of my constituents, you know, when it comes to paid family leave that, is something i can relate to. when i was 7 years old, i ended up sick with pneumonia and was a week in the hospital. it almost interrupt mid family because my parents had to take care of me from work without pay. that is a story told across the country. i'm a community college kid if it wasn't for community college, you was never able to transfer to u kruchlt la. community college will help give people the skill they need to succeed. n. a growing economy that we have to invest and clean tech, we have to invest in our infrastructure. we have to invest in combatting climate change. so both of them go hand in hand. so i'm very excited about the bill.
12:39 pm
the devils are always in the details. we'll have to make sure that also the resources get to the airs that are in most need. that's the people that have been left behind for so long, the folks breathing dirty air, drinking dirty water, people that don't have access to all the education we need. we need to unvest in the communities so they feel they can be part of a country that looks out for them. >> a few hours ago congressman, a federal judge denied a motion from a group of landlords to block the latest version of the cdc eviction moratorium which came after you. some of your colleagues spent days camped out on the steps of the capital protesting a lack of action against this country. and as i mentioned, it came after the supreme court struck down part of a new york eviction moratorium law. what more should congress do to prevent the evictions? >> first, we want to make sure we keep pushing the white house and our own party to think about
12:40 pm
the people that are most in need. because the pandemic isn't over. we saw the surge of the covid-19 delta variant that has had more people get covid-19 in the last several months. more people are dying. so we want to make sure that people get the resources that they need. the reason why we host the workshops is we provide the tools to the service providers so that they can take kaur of their clunts so they don't end up on the streets. a lot of people don't know their rights. congress also needs to make sure that we continue pushing the state and local governments to get the rental relief money out and get it out quickly.
12:41 pm
it shows that america is becoming a more diverse nation. earlier this year, the census bureau revealed that california is one of several states that will actually lose a house seat after this congress as california's population did not grow as fast as some other states. you are concerned that your district is one that could be split up in a new map? >> the rules here are done differently. and they look at communities of interest. my district is most likely going to have to expand by 60,000 residents. and that's going to, i think, it's doable. i'm not too concerned about. that you know what it says about this? i was pushing to make sure that the citizenship question was not included in the census. trump administration didn't undermine it. we have to have a complete count
12:42 pm
and view of where our country is going. where it's at, where it's going. the challenges that they faus. where do we need to shust resources and how do we build a healthier and stronger and more inclusive america? and the census is the first step to do that. >> all right. congressman jimmy gomez, always a pleasure. thank you for your time. >> thank you so much. >> all right. breaking just the last hour, the new york state assembly suspending the impeachment investigation into governor andrew cuomo. it comes three dawes following bombshell reports from the new york attorney general's office detailing allegations of sexual harassment by 11 women. in a new statement, the assembly speaker says the investigation did uncover credible evidence in relation to allegations that have been made in reference to the governor. he goes on to say, this evidence concern not only sexual harassment and misconduct but also the misuse of state
12:43 pm
resources in relation to the publication of the governor's memoir and improper and misleading disclosure of nursing home data during the covid-19 pandemic. this evidence, we believe, could likely have resulted in articles of impeachment he had not resigned. and one of cuomo's accusers says carl hasty is no profile encouraged. he dragged his feet on the investigation and grossly said one of us in this place could be accused. now he's ready to forget about it. we deserve better. governor cuomo disputes many of the allegations and has continued to deny any wrongdoing. coming up, more on some of the biggest take aways from the census numbers and how they could impact next year's mid terms. and the elections for years to come. you're watching "ayman mohyeldin reports." you're watching "ayman mohyeinld reports.
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12:47 pm
take ways from the newly released sensa dat yachlt the percentage of americans identify as whooil whut white continues . congress will use the new data to determine how much federal money states should get for things luke education, highways, even healthcare and most importantly, states will use it to draw new congressional districts which could have a huge impact on the balance of power on capitol hill. joining us now to talk about this is victoria. of an assistant dean for civic engagement at the lbj school of public affairs at the university of texas in austin. she an msnbc contributor. great to have you with us on this fascinating when you look at the trends. and people of color are driving the population growth in the u.s. but is it possible that some of these groups particularly latinos may have been undercounted perhaps because of
12:48 pm
the controversy at the time surrounding the trump administration's efforts to put that on the forum and the count was done during the pandemic as well? >> right. it was a perfect storm in terms of the census count. so any census is such a massive undertaking. i is the one time where you seek to count every individual in the nation. it's not a statistical sampling. it's a count of everyone. what we saw was first of all big picture, the pandemic. so much harder to reach people. we know that more vulnerable populations, the harder the count people are the ones that traditionally rereach in person. the pandemic made that so much harder. but let's take two steps back. to your point, this fear that was instilled in immigrant communities and both the latino community and the asian community, if you think back in 2018, at the peak of president trump's anti-immigrant push, he said you know what? we're going to put a citizenship
12:49 pm
question on the census. okay. of so what is this going to do? but among folks would are undocumented or mixed status households, that unstuld a unstilled a tremendous amount of fear and that led to a lot of people not filling out the form. the investment in the stauts. like with any var, you need to get people mobilized to take part. to give you an example in, california they started this outreach process in 2019. well over, you know, 20 million dollars here and in texas, you know, we started in september of 2020. you know, a fraction of the amount that others were contributing. you put all of these together, and you see why it is very, very likely that there is a number count. and also why we didn't see the growth in seats in states like arizona, texas, and florida that we expected. we thought each of these states would get an additional one and
12:50 pm
they didn't. >> so let's talk about the number and what it means for politics for a moment. the headlines surrounding this data release notes that whul the while the country is more diverse, the white population is shrinking and getting presiden a new erm earthence and they felt they were emboldened a bit. could these trends in the census that we're seeing now further fuel the rise of white nationalists and other similar movements in this country? >> you know, i fear that perhaps in the short-term it might. because i think change could be very jarring and for folks at these streams, these numbers to push them to again radicalize. but i'm going to look into the long-term. and this is really where i feel optimism. because what we saw from the census was that for those under 18, there was no one dominant racial or ethnic group.
12:51 pm
so the future before us, the future of those kids right now who in the next decade or two are going to be our change-makers, is one of a very different reality than we know today and that we've historically known. so i think in the short-term we'll have quite a few growing pains. but i think in the long-term is where we see our country starting to gel. >> victoria, always a pleasure. thank you. and as kids prepare to go back to school. schools are scrambling to find teachers. new details about the nationwide teacher shortage and how it was pead worse by the pandemic. you're watching "ayman mohyeldin reports." g "ayman mohyeldin reports. in a fit so discreet, you'd never know they're for bladder leaks. always discreet boutique. i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! [sighs wearily] here, i'll take that!
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#1 in customer satisfaction. and a partner who includes 5g in every plan, so you get it all. so three teachers and a teachers assistant in broward county, florida, have died from covid-19 within the last two days. fear gripping many educators nationwide. they're weary of returning to the classrooms amid a surge in the pandemic and on going debate over masks and vaccines. shack brewster joins us with more. fascinating development. teachers already strained and now they have to deal with all of this dynamic at well. walk us through the profession and what are their reasons for it? >> reporter: yes, some striking numbers f. you look at this nationally, one survey showing that one in every four teerks say they plan to leave the profession by the end of the
12:54 pm
school year and that is just talking about nationally. here in wisconsin, if you look back at one survey telling us that there was a 14% increase in retirement in 2020 and that doesn't include 2021. if you talk to teachers, the bottom line is there is a lot of burnout. we know the saying that teachers are overworked and underpaid and the pandemic politics that we're seeing and the discussion and the debate over whether or not students should wear masks in the schools and then the resource problem, they come out of pocket for school and now health supplies. listen to what they're seeing in terms of the burnout inside their schools. >> we have have our list of resignations and retirees and it is much higher at this point than it was in the last several years. when the work load, when case
12:55 pm
loads for special ed teachers, when the funding continues to be taken away, you're doing this for a lot of teachers for minimal money and then kind of being dragged through the mud in the media and kind of politically, teachers are saying why would i stay and continue to do this. >> there has been a teacher shortage for years but now it is more notable because of the pandemic. i've seen a lot of burn out and passion dying away. >> reporter: and i'm also hearing it is not just a problem of teacher retention, it is a problem of recruiting new teachers. there are fewer people going to school for education. so you have some agency that works with the different departments and they're trying to be a little bit more creative in recruiting new teachers. they're going to industry
12:56 pm
leaders to see if there is some overlap, an auto mechanic and coming in and teaching a tech class. they're trying to draw some incentives to get more teachers in the pipeline and more services to those students. >> live in wisconsin. appreciate it. that wraps up the hour for me and the week. i'll see you right back here monday at 3:00 p.m. earn. "deadline: white house" with nicolle wallace starts right after this quick break. nicolle t after this quick break ♪ when technology is easier to use... ♪ barriers don't stand a chance. ♪ that's why we'll stop at nothing to deliver our technology as-a-service. ♪ feeling sluggish or weighed down? to deliver our technology it could be a sign that your digestive system isn't working at it's best
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hi there, everyone. it is 4:00 in the east. there is breaking news this afternoon on the rapidly deteriorating situation in afghanistan. president biden saying he has no regrets about his decision to withdraw. now stands against the picture of a humanitarian kries that is threatens allies and their families and now risk being abandoned and killed. washington post reporting on collapse of the afghan military in the face of taliban aggression. senior officials and hundreds of afghan government forces in the country's west and south surrendered to the taliban overnight thursday. after the militants over ran three key cities inching the country closer to collapse. the biden administration forced to surge troops to the country to secure kabul and aid with the evacuation of embassy staff. "the new york times" reports, as the taliban capture capita


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