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tv   Katy Tur Reports  MSNBC  August 20, 2021 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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a.p., zeke miller. >> thank you, mr. president. you have promised in afghanistan to bring out those who have helped america and the war effort, and we have seen these heart wrenching efforts of getting the people out at the airport, but what about those who have not been able to make it to the airport and will you make the same commitment to those who have assisted in the american war effort in the last 20 years, number one, and number two, what is the message to america's partners around the world who have not criticized the withdrawal, but the conduct of the withdrawal and questioned america's credibility on the world stage. >> i have seen no question of our credibility around the world. we have spoken to the nato allies and the secretary of the state, and the national security advisers have been in contact
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with the counterparts throughout the world and our allies as has the general, and i keep calling him the general, but my secretary of defense, and the fact of the matter is that i have not seen that. and as a matter of fact, the exact opposite. i have gotten the exact opposite, and we are acting with dispatch, and committing to doing with what we would do. put it in perspective here. what interest do we have in afghanistan at this point with al qaeda gone? we went to afghanistan for the express purpose of getting rid of al qaeda in afghanistan as well as, as well as getting osama bin laden, and we did. imagine, just imagine if the attack and bin laden had decided with al qaeda to launch an attack from yemen, and any reason to be in afghanistan? control by the taliban?
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what is the national interests of the united states in that circumstance? we went and did the mission. you have known my position for a long, long time. it is time to end this war. the estimates of the cost of this war over the last 20 years range from a minimum $1 trillion to a think tank at one of the universities saying $2 trillion that is somewhere between $150 million a day and $300 million a day. the threat from terrorism has metastasized. there is greater danger from isis and al qaeda and all of these affiliates in other countries by far than there is from afghanistan. we will retain an over to horizon capability if they were to come back to take them out, andically remove. so this is where we should be, and this is about america leading the world, and all of the allies have agreed with
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that, and by the way, before i made this decision, i was at the g7 as well as met with our nato partners, and i told them all, every one of them knew, and agreed with the decision that i made to end, jointly end our involvement in afghanistan. the first part of your question was i can't remember now. >> will you commit the same commitment to bring out the afghans who assisted in the war effort. >> yes. yes, we are making the same commitment. nothing more important than bringing out the american it is zerngs but there is nothing more than sivs who helped us, and they were translators and went into the battle with us, and part of the operation as well as trying to get out as many ngos, nongovernmental organizations and women organizations, and et cetera, and we are doing all we can, and in the meantime, secretary blinken and i will be
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working with our allies to see to it that we can bring international pressure on the taliban to be -- they are looking to gain some legitimacy, and they will have to figure out how to maintain that country, and harsh condition, and strong conditions to apply, and depend upon whether they get help based on whether or not how or how well they treat women and girls and how well they treat the citizens. so this is just beginning on that score. >> will it come past the 31st to bring all of those americans and sivs out? >> i think we can get it done, but we will adjust as we go. now justin sync from bloomberg. >> you just said that you will keep a laser focus on the counter terrorism, and you don't see as great of a terrorism from afghanistan as other parts of the world. if you and the administration so
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badly mis-assessed how quickly the taliban took over afghanistan, how can we be confident in how you can keep it in check, and the americans will be safe from terror attacks in afghanistan. >> i think that you are comparing apples, and oranges. one question was whether or not the afghan forces that we trained up would stay and fight and in their own civil wars they had going on. no one, i shouldn't say no one, but the consensus was that it was highly unleekly that in 11 days they would collapse and fall and the leader of afghanistan would flee the country. that is a very different question than whether or not there is the ability to observe whether or not large groups of terrorists begin to accumulate in a particular area in
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afghanistan to plot against the united states of america. that is why we retained an over the horizon capability to go in and go in and do something about that if that occurs. but in the meantime, we know what has happened around the world. we know what has happened in terms of what is going on in other countries where there is the significant rise of terrorist organizations in the middle east and in east africa and other places. and so, the bottom line is that we have to do, and we are dealing with the terrorist threats from other parts of the world and failed states without permanent military, and without permanent military presence there, and we have to do the same in afghanistan. >> sir, just on that initial assessment, we have learned over the last 24 hours that there is a dissent cable from the state department. >> sure. >> saying that the taliban would come faster through afghanistan and can you say why after that
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cable was issued the u.s. didn't do more to get americans out? >> i have all kinds of cables. all kinds of advice. if you will notice that range from this group saying that, they would not say fall when it did fall, but saying that it would fall to others, to others saying that it would not fall for a long time and sustain through the end of the year, and i made the decision that the buck stops with me and i took the consensus opinion that in fact, it would not occur, if it did occur until later in the year. so it was my decision. and now i got my next is stephanie ramos of abc. >> thank you, mr. president, two questions for you. the military has secured the airport as you mentioned, but will you sign off on sending troops to kabul to evacuate the americans who have not been able to get to the airport safely?
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>> we have no indication that they have not been able to get through kabul to the airport and we have made an agreement with the taliban so thus far that they can go through and in their interest to go through, and we know of no circumstance where american citizens are carrying the american passport are trying to get through to the airport, but we will do whatever needs to be done to see through to get through the airport. >> and my colleague martha rad ditz interviewed abdul, and we have evidence of taliban coming to hunt him down, and he was able to escape, but he is in mortal danger and what is the advice to abdul and his wife and three young daughters? >> we want you to get to airport and contact us, and we will get you there. we have to get you out.
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we are committed to deal with you and your wife and your child to get all three of you out of afghanistan. that is the commitment. >> thank you, sir. >> meredith lee of pbs newshour. >> you mentioned just now of using every resource available for evacuation, and why haven't you ordered the military to expand a security perimeter around the kabul airport and do you have any plans to do that given more military troops and are you plans to have rescue troops to get the allies stuck behind the taliban checkpoints? >> the last answer is yes to the other opportunities and means by which we can get folks to the airport. that is number one. number two, the reason why we have not gone out and started, and set up a perimeter way outside of the airport in kabul
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is that it is likely to draw an awful lot of unintended consequences in terms of people who in fact are not part of the taliban -- we have been in constant contact with the taliban leadership on ground in kabul as well as the taliban leadership at doha, and that is how we got everyone out of the embassy safely, and that the distance and how we helped to get the french out of their embassy. so the question remains, there will be judgments made on the ground by the military commanders at the moment, and that i cannot second guess each of those judgments to be made. but, the idea of -- let me get back to the fundamental point i made at the outset.
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when the decision was made by me that, and it was made some time ago and i ran for president saying that i wanted to get us out of afghanistan, one of the things that is reality is that people now say to me and others and many of you say it on air that why did we have to move, because no americans are being attacked. why did we withdraw those, and why did we agree to withdraw those 2,500 troops, because no americans were being attacked, but as i said before, the reason they were not being attacked is part of the agreement that trump had made a year earlier that we will leave by may 1st he said as long as there is no attack on americans and in that period. number one. number two, the taliban was taking large swathes of the
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countryside, north and south. none of the major areas, none of the major points of the capitals of each of the provinces, but they were all over the country, and the idea that if i had said on may the 2nd or 3rd we are not leaving, but we are staying, does anybody truly believe that i would not have had to put in significantly more american forces, send your sons and your daughters and like my son was sent to iraq to maybe die and for what? for what? so the only rational thing to do in my view was to set up and preposition american forces for the purpose of evacuation and the aircraft to preposition those ahead of time so that we would be able to begin the process of evacuation of
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american citizens, sivs and others who helped us. the last point i'll make is this, look -- if we had decided 15 years ago to leave afghanistan, it would have been really difficult. if we decided five years ago, and if we continued the work another decade ago to try to leave, there is no way in which you would be able to leave afghanistan without there being some of what you are seeing now. but what we have done so far has been able to get a large number of americans out, all of the personnel at the embassy out, and so far, and thank god so far, knock on wood, we are in a different position. scott debtro. scott? npr.
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>> thank you, mr. president. i wanted to follow up on something that you said a moment ago that there are no circumstances in which american citizens cannot get to the airport that. does not square with the images that we are seeing around the airport and the reporting on the ground from our colleagues who are describing chaos and violence and you are saying that unequivocally any american is able to get to the airport and past the checkpoints -- >> i thought that the question was how can they get to the airport outside of the airport, and the answer is to the best of our knowledge is that the taliban checkpoints, they are letting through the people showing the american passports, and that is different than the rushing folks just outside of the wall from the airport, and that is why we had to, and was it yesterday or the day before we went over the wall, and brought in how many? >> 169. >> 169 americans.
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so it is a process to try to figure out how we, how we deal with the mad rush non-americans, and those who did not help and not on a priority list, but any afghan, and any afghan to get out of the country, and so my guess is that no matter what, under any circumstances that there is not a whole -- there is a whole lot of afghanis who assume to come to america, whether they have had any involvement with the united states rather than stay under the talibani rule. and so what i am saying is that we have an agreement to let pass through the checkpoints that they, the taliban control to let the americans through. >> and given this, the negotiations with the taliban, and can you fully explain why the plan wasn't to go ahead with
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the evacuations of the americans and the allies before the drawdowns began and bagram was closed, because whether it is now or several months from now, there is a broad consensus that the taliban would make these gains and it would be needed at some point. >> well, yeah, at some point, but the point is that although we were in contact with the taliban and doha for this whole period of time, that some point was not expected to be the total demise of the afghan national force which is 300 persons. let's assume that the afghan national force had continued to fight, and they were surrounding kabul. be a very different story. very different story. but the overwhelming consensus was that they, this were -- they were not going to leave and
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abandon and put down the arms and take off, and that is what has happened. thank you very, very much. thank you. >> why do you continue to press the taliban, mr. president -- >> we have been listening to the president provide a status update and the extraordinary effort to evacuate the american citizens is and afghan allies to remain in country and any american who wants to come home, we get you home, and the president says that he makes that same commitment to the afghans who assisted in the u.s. war effort. we will unpack all that we have heard with the panel. we have washington post foreign columnist and msnbc contributor david ignatius with us, and foreign adviser to ash carter and retired u.s. navy reservist mark jacobs, and we have mark
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rahash who is trying to get his parents out of afghanistan, and we will have courtney kube who is going to be joining us later. and so, mark, the president said something, and then on a follow up from mark detro who tried to clarify it, and he said that he knew of no circumstance of where american citizens are trying to get to the airport in kabul and can't get through and then he constant talks of the u.s. and taliban, that they have been able to get through, and because of the talks that you have had with people in country, and does that hold up? what is happening on the ground? >> great marks to the president on the clarification, because there is a big difference. the taliban checkpoints, and the people that we are working with to get through are able to do so if they have the u.s. passports, but the taliban are harassing the persons with green card and
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those are u.s. persons and really going after the people with the siv applicants and the regular applicants are having trouble to get through, but the citizens is that once they get past the checkpoint, you have the situations where the u.s. citizens are waving the passports at the marines, and they cannot get through. it is crowded and chaotic, and still afghans with the sivs getting beaten and high profile afghans with government jobs whose kids are getting beatup outside of the gates and still nothing to be done there. i want to say one thing, because i have been highly critical of the last week, and things are a little bit bert and the throughput is better, and there are thousands of people in bagram waiting for flights out, and now the question is can we get them some place to clear up, and the u.s. government can clear up room in bagram to get more people in. >> and david ignatius, what is the assessment of what we have heard. this is a president not changing the strategy or the approach or
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the footprint of the u.s. troops and he said to extend the perimeter around the airport there would bring with it. an awful lot of unintended consequences, and he is not changing the deadline and he says he can handle this evacuation by the 31st, and he said that we will make a judgment as we go. >> i had the same reaction that the president didn't really make any apologies, and he described the situation as heartbreaking and gut-wrenching and seemed to connect with the emotional intensity of what we have been watching around the world, but he didn't change in any way his sense of the correctness of the decision that he made. the troops would have to come out, and it was always going to be chaotic. he just, he would not give ground. the questions that people have about how well prepared we were, and whether sufficient force was destroyed early enough, those are going to continue, and we
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are going to go through what is a systemic re-evaluation of what happened if the president hopes to put this aside with a news conference or a speech, that is not possible. but it was a full throated defense of what he has done and why he has done it, and a commitment to the americans and afghan friends to get them out, but one final point, i was struck by how dependent we are on the liaison with the taliban. every time he was asked about a difficult question, he said, we are committed about talking about that with the taliban and we are in touch with the taliban and there is not an alternative track for the u.s. right now, and we are dependent on the people who two weeks our sworn enemies. >> that is right, and i wanted to ask you about that, how can the taliban be trusted in a reliable partner this, and of course, we don't know what we don't know, but it is a sworn enemy of the u.s. >> so, they can't be trusted
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based on what we have seen over 20 years. have the senior leaders changed in the time that they have been negotiating with the u.s. in doha or qatar, and is this emerging? i don't want to rule tout possibility, but the ability to control their own people that we are seeing in kabul on the streets is very limited. whatever they may be saying to general mackenzie or other u.s. interloquiters is not transmitting to those who are holding the appropriate credentials. >> and now, a former translator, and your parents are troy to get out of afghanistan, and what are they experiencing so far with the experience?
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>> they are going to have a ter rib, terrible leadership, and we should have planned things months ago, and the president is needing to admit to the failure. the gates are closed. the taliban are not the problem. there are thousands of people surrounding the airport, and the camps and the military entrants have been closed. they are beating the people, and smoking fire and gas at them, and there is no way for the people to get in. it is a complete failure, and what the prisoner says have been contradicting the situation. my journalist is telling me from the airport and one of the journalists has been outside of the airport and one has been beaten outside and the reality on the ground is that the administration has literally failed. this footage is from my journalist wanting to make his way out, and the u.s. embassy has been issuing the visa passes and the problem is not the taliban, but the problem is our
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capabilities, and the u.s. forces and the afghan security forces that cannot control the crowd. we are talking about thousands of people, and 18,000 people left, and 16,000 last night, and right now everything is closed. so why are all of these footages? there is beating. and over 90% of the people have never worked for the u.s. government. and their families are not in the u.s., and it is a mismanagement of the program, and this should have been done a long time ago and it is literally a failed and terrible leadership, and the president admitted the failure and he is not regretting what is happening on the ground. yes, there are a lot of brave soldiers on the ground, but if the leadership is not working or the strategy is not working how do you safely bring these people home? on the crowd, my journalist told me that there are a lot of american citizens with the green cards and the u.s. citizenship passport and the ngos is the issue. the crowds and there is very,
11:25 am
very hard for people to go, and you an american, let's go on to plane. so that is the situation that is chaos, and disaster. i got a message from the journalist that she made it to the airport, and she was crying and telling me, i don't know what to tell you, because people are killing each other over a bottle of water, and it is a disaster and chaos and she hung up on me. >> mark jacobson, we heard the president say that they have evacuated 5700 people in several hours and the pentagon said they could evacuate 5,000 to 9,000 people a day assuming that the airport is running at full capacity. is this something to be finished in the next 11 days by august 31st? >> i have never thought so. i mean, this is why i think that to david and ahmed's point, there is no planning for this. the overflight, and the landing arrangements that need to be taken care of ahead of time. you know, you have thousands of people going to qatar, and the question is if the air base is
11:26 am
ready and food there, and air conditioning there and housing there, and we are hearing, no, there is not. in fact, i heard from one afghan who made it out yesterday that it is worst at where it is than it was at the kabul airport. so, again, everything that is problematic right now is due to the lack of preparation, the lack of planning ahead of time. i am very worried to the date that the president says that is it, and i have had enough and everybody pull out and leave the afghans on the ground, and the siv holders and the afghans and the families and the president needs to double down on what he said about the americans, we won't leave any of you behind. what we need to say about the afghans with the sivs and those who helped, we won'tley them behind and i thought that he kind of said it, but i'd like for him to be clearer that we will not be leaving until this
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job is done. >> david ignatius, i want to draw you out on the column that ran yesterday in the "post" and you talked about how the implicit take away is that this is not a intelligence failure, but political and policy failure and you talked to the degree to which president biden's own views are playing heavily into this, and this is the part that i will read. biden's personal view is part of the reason for this. and he was peeved when his own personal objective was rejected by president obama and he rejected to get the forces out of the country, and biden only dug in his heels, and pick it up from there. >> so the paradox is that pieden had it right in 2019 -- 2009 when he argued that we should have a limited counter terrorism mission only in afghanistan, and
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forget about these grand ideas of remaking the place, and big counter insurgency idea, and no, it is a counter terrorism operation and requiring a small force and biden argued for it, and he was the only senior person in the obama administration who made that argument, and then he lost. he was upset about it, and he has kept that anger. so he comes into office as president, and the paradox is that, but we now have been over the last several years down to precisely the kind of mission that he was arguing for. we have less than 10,000 troops in afghanistan, and the mission is counter terrorism, and it is the kind of thing that biden was talking about all along, and that is when he decided to pull the plug on the very sort of deployment that he wanted. we have not had casualties, and we have not lost an american in almost a year and a half. the second point that i want to make, the reason that we didn't make earlier preparations to
11:29 am
evacuate americans and afghans who depend on us is because president ashraf ghani said, please don't, because it will destabilize me, and so we didn't initially, and because of the pleadings of the afghani president, he bails out, and catches a flight to the uae, and so i find it really disturbing that we held back to things that we would do after the request of a man who bolts off, and leaving everybody behind, and that the kind of the thing that president biden has to address. it is personal for him, and in a sense he had it right and ten years ago, but i fear that in this set of decisions, he was so motivated by the past feelings that he just kind of rode through some blinking lights,
11:30 am
and he did not do all he needed to do. >> and david, your assessment of the deadline, because it does not matter, the august 31st deadline does not matter now that everyone knows that we are leaving and the taliban is in control. >> this has been the recurring american mistake is to set dates by which we will withdraw forces rather than looking at the conditions-based requirements are what make sense here. so biden should just say, we will leave when the last american who wants to get out, and the last afghan who has worked with us, and with our forces who wants to get out is out. that is when we will leave. it should not be about a date. then that date is going to be haunt everybody. i think they should take the date off of the table, and stick to what he said. we will get out when all of the people that we need to evacuate are out.
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>> and nbc's courtney kube is with us, and can you bring us up to speed on all of the flights that had halted for a time, and it was a not so much logistical, but diplomatic one, because there is a finite place to where the u.s. military can take the evacuees and the refugees, and what is the latest there? >> as the u.s. ramped up the efforts to get the people out of kabul, it stands to reason that as they were getting thousands of people out of kabul, they take them somewhere and initially to doha, qatar, and once you have several thousand people there, you reach the capacity, so they hit another bottleneck there where they have so many people they can care for in qatar, and they hit it today. so there was a scramble to find other locations to send these evacuees, and these americans, this, you know, hundreds and now everyday roughly thousands of people getting out of the
11:32 am
country. so, we do know that there was an extended pause, and a number of hours where there were no flights coming out of kabul international airport, and we are told according to air mobility command a flight went out about an hour ago and another one that may have taken off by now and we are not sure, but it is clear that there has been a restarting of the flights, but it is definitely not back to the pace that we saw 24 hours ago, so i will remind you as of thursday august 19th, there were about 16 flights that went out in a 24-hour period, and the numbers are confusing, geoff, and i will say it off of the bat, because the people, and the pentagon is measuring them from one 24-hour frame to another, but we know that there were a number of flights that got out, and somewhere in neighborhood of 300,000 people who got out in the time period and what is clear is that today, friday, the number has dropped significantly, but the defense officials who were speaking said that they are working to get through this bottleneck issue,
11:33 am
and to process the thousands opeople sitting at kabul airport trying to leave, geoff. >> and ahmed, as we are talking about the situation on the ground, i am told that you have new information or reporting about the resistance forces that remain in country. what is the latest there? >> yes, before i jump into that, i have a message and video that the 3-year-old girl passed away in the crowd because of lack of water. so, the resistance forces in the province, the son of the legendary massoud in the panjab province, they have all gathered in panjshir, and i have spoken to them yesterday and i have interviewed them and i said, what are you all wanting, and they are asking for the international community to not recognize the taliban and no power sharing with them, and we
11:34 am
will continue our resistance and we will not surrender until the last breath, and give some credit to president biden in terms of the screwed up the evacuation plan, but it is the afghan president who betrayed his people. so in panjshir, one commander was so upset that he was betrayed and so the most shameful, not only are you leaving, but you are taking the cash and the $169 million rather than controlling the taliban, and last year when president trump made the deal, we gave everything to the taliban, and so, we will spread out the difficulties and the failures. the taliban had to apprehend and i predicted this is happening to every news platform, i said, look, we are giving so much for the taliban and so it is all adding up to the current situation, and so right now, there is no strategy, and there is no plan of the airport, but
11:35 am
looking at the taliban, you have seen them starting the nightly operations to go house-by-house, and starting to arresting people and shooting people who are bad against them, so that the resistance force in panjshir, and the political leaders and i have spoken to other people in pakistan and uzbekistan and the political leaders are saying that you are willing to work with the taliban as long as there is a political compromise or power sharing and otherwise the resistance is not going to give up and afghanistan should have freedom and the last 20-years' gain should not be lost and you are asking the community to trust them as the taliban cannot be trusted. >> for all of you four, thank you. we are expecting a pentagon briefing to start in this hour, and we will take you to that live when it happens. you can see the reporters gathering in the room. still ahead, new information about the man who surrendered after the hours' long standoff
11:36 am
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this afternoon the man who authorities say threatened to detonate a bomb at the u.s. capitol will make the first appearance in court. floyd ray roseberry was arrested, and police say they did not find any explosives, but they did find bomb-making materiels. and roseberry was live streaming which he spewed conspiracy theories aimed at president biden. joining us is ben collins, and
11:41 am
what have you learned about roseberry and the conspiracy theories that he is touting? >> well, it is a laundry list of the election disinformation and things about trump's reinstatement, and the things in the conspiracy theories that you would hear from places like fox news, but he said that he went to get stem cell treatment and his wife had cancer and neither of those things were covered by the insurance and then in the next breath he started to blame the immigrants about it, and he started to blame the mexican immigrants that he called illegal immigrants and afghani immigrants as well, and there is a throughline, and he was obsessed with it, and five or six hours of that, and he was touched with personal experience which may have led him down the
11:42 am
path. >> setting aside the personal experience and the overt racism. >> yes. >> and we were talking about this experience of how he found himself down the rabbit hole, and he was a coin check to, and then he found himself in the cesspool of radicalism. >> yes, you see it that they start at a place that is nothing to do with chemicals in the back of the car to blow up the library of congress, but algorithms can take you to weird place, and places like being obsessed with the value of currency by itself is nothing at all, but then with the algorithm of a couple of days to facebook where he was livestreaming a couple of days ago, you can get to dangerous places pretty quickly. >> there was an issue to police about calls to violence on social media, and linked to the false claims of the stolen
11:43 am
election, and this guy, roseberry is described as a lone actor, but give us a broader sense of the ecosystem in which he was swimming. >> he is a lone actor, but he kept saying that the southern patriots agreed with him, and they were coming with him, and there is no proof that it was happening, but he felt that way because of the talk on the internet about this sort of thing. and the places that helped to plan getting people to the capitol on january 6th talked about, you know, got people on the buses and posted pictures of the planes full of people headed to the capitol on the 6th, and those places are still up on the internet and for the last several months they had cooled off, but those places are angry again, and those places are angry that sham audits are not turning up anything, and trump is not reinstated any time soon and now it is back at a fever pitch, and there is no one
11:44 am
centralized event to go to and sometimes you get stuff like this. >> unfortunate and tragic as it is s. ben collins, thank you for the reporting. and now to two storms that we are tracking. tropical storm fred has caused two people to die in north carolina where 20 people are unaccounted for. fred has been downgraded to post tropical storm cyclone and drenching parts of new england and new york, but it is strengthening storm henri that is causing new concerns. it is a slow moving category 1 hurricane, and with us now is nbc news msnbc michelle grossman and what to we know about the new projected path of the storm? >> hey, geoff. so good to see you again, and we are looking at long 48 hours, because the projected path is the eastern part of rhode island and into rhode island and connecticut and parts of new england, and looking at the
11:45 am
satellite, because it is strengthening and moving to the north, and the satellite imagery is a indication of it going down and the millibars moving up. that including new haven and rhode island and so you can see that sort of category 1 as it is sort of moving very close to the eastern part of long island as category 1 storm. so up to speed of what is on the tropical storm henri. we have a tropical storm advisory at 2:00, and we have another one coming out at 5:00. you only need 70-mile-an-hour winds to be a category 1. that is the energy it needs for this engine to get going. sot some time later today and possibly saturday, a category 1 storm over the waters and cape
11:46 am
hatteras, and norfolk, virginia, and you will see they are okay, and rough seas and rip tides so be careful in the ocean, but most likely, that is the only issue. this is the concern coming in, and the time stamp is the category one coming in with the still waters and i wanted to stop the clock here at this time, because if you are looking at the eastern part of long island, it is way too close for comfort, and this is what we are watching over the next several days, and then kind of extending it out further, the hurricane center's forecast, and we see it hitting between connecticut and rhode island as a tropical storm. geoff, the rain from 1-3 inches of rain, and the biggest problem is the leaves on the trees, and they are going to be coming down, and think of some without power, and no air conditioning, and it is august and hot, and so it is going to be a back-to-back
11:47 am
punch. >> thank you for that assessment, michelle grossman. and the school mandate debate, and even in texas as some schools are rejecting the governor abbott ban. why do some schools believe it is a winning issue for them? stay with us. ay with us. i have friends. [ chuckles ] well, he may have friends, but he rides alone. that's jeremy, right there! we're literally riding together. he gets touchy when you talk about his lack of friends. can you help me out here? no matter why you ride, progressive has you covered with protection starting at $79 a year. well, we're new friends. to be fair. eh, still.
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the largest employer in the state, the university of mississippi minis pal center announced a vaccine mandate for all 10,000 employees and 3,000 students. let's go to jackson, mississippi. with us is dr. reid tuxon. welcome to both of you. what more can you tell us about this new mandate for hospital employees there? >> yeah, so this covid-19 vaccination being fully vaccinated employment and enrollment is dependent upon that. the new rules will gun to go into effect on september 15th.
11:52 am
this is one of the largest employers in the state of mississippi. it is the largest hospital in the state of mississippi. they have 10,000 employees and 3,000 students enrolled in their seven different schools related to health and science. so this is a huge deal. this is something that a lot of people are paying attention to. part of where they decided to go ahead with this rule, previously they were requiring people who were not vaccinated to wear an m-95 if they were in nonpatient areas inside the campus area. they say they need to preserve m-95s given where things are now. and they also want to send a message to the community how important they believe vaccinations are.
11:53 am
just a quick reminder. vaccination numbers are started to increase. they have gone up 120% in the last two weeks. this state is still among the least vaccinate the states in the country. and right now their hospitals are filled with patients needing care. over 1600 mississippians are hospital yuzed because of covid-19 yesterday evening, jeff. they have less than ten icu beds available across the state. close to 100 patients needing one of those beds. jeff? >> and, doctor, good to have you with us. i want to draw on your experience as co-founder of the black coalition against covid-19. what approach got through to people on this subject of vaccines? >> there is no one single approach. it's kbangs of things. it includes speak truthfully to the americans in general about the facts and the black voters against covid is compromise of
11:54 am
the four schools and national black nurses association all coming together to be able to say at least and trust from trustworthy sources. and so we're engaged in the project now with shae moisture and the university of mayor mature where we're signing up 1,000 barbershops to be per have aors of scientifically accurate information at the important places like. that we're working with the nfl players alumni association. using those voices to help bring truth and evidence basis. so there are multiple elements. and before i forget, let's definite remember the role of churches. black churches are incredibly good at that as well. >> i appreciate your time. i hope to you have back on a day when we have more time to speak with you. across the country, hospitalizations for children are on the rise. as of this wednesday, average of
11:55 am
more than 1200 children prosecute day are treated at u.s. hospitals thacht is twice the number from the end of july. but despite this, you got school boards, state legislatures and governors continuing to battle over vaccine and mask mandates. and in school districts where masks are not mandated, mask quarantines are increasingly welcoming kids back as they return from the summer. in the minute that remains in our program, i want to bring in mark murray. help me understand. i don't understand the sort of the republican politics of mask restrictions and vaccine restrictions against these vaccine mandates. i don't understand how it's good politics to endanger the help nl of defenseless children. the polling shows that 70% of the american public wearing masks when they go indoors. i think the vaccination changed
11:56 am
things as more people become vaccinated and some of the cdc guidance if, you're vaccinated, take off your mask. some people might be reacting to that predelta mindset. but we have actually seen or these kind of rural versus urban divisions play out in a lot of the key states like arizona and florida where you end up having republican governors going to war with democratic leaning cities and urban areas that wouldn't to be able to have mask mandates for young children in schools. most of the electorate voted against him. voted for andrew gillman instead. he isn't try to be a governor for everybody in the state of florida. and we're all kind of fighting these political fights that we've been fighting over the last several years. >> in the meantime, you have president biden and education department, education secretary saying that they will will step
11:57 am
in and provide funding to these impacted school districts. so, you know, the biden administration believe they're right on the merits. they also believe they're right on the politics here. >> yeah. and you know, jeff, when you talk about the politics and we talk about florida governor ron desantis, he is up for re-election in 2022, next year. and you have someone like charlie chris, the democratic congressman from florida who is challenging him today and released a statement going directly at this mask mandate. and so, jeff, i do think this is going to be an issue that will be litigated on the campaign trail next year. >> yeah. that is for sure. mark murray, great to speak with you as always. and thanks to you for joining us for this hour of msnbc reports. this is jam packed hour of news. my friend picks up our coverage coming up next. rienpid cks up o coming up next ff. you downloaded the td ameritrade mobile app? yeah, actually i'm taking one last look at my dashboard before we board... and you have thinkorswim mobile- -so i can finish analyzing the risk on this position. you two are all set. choose the app that fits your investing style. ♪♪
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welcome to msnbc on a busy friday afternoon. president biden giving an update on the chaotic situation, the evacuation of americans and afghans as the white house continues to deal with the fallout from the crisis unfolding in afghanistan. the president says evacuation flights have resumed. that is of being paused for several hours. sources tell nbc news the flights stopped temporarily because qatar, the first batch of evacuees were taken, didn't have the capacity to take any more people. this has its situation outside the airport gets more desperate. thousands of afghans hoping for a chance to get inside and get on a plane out of the country. the president defended his situation to get out of afghanistan in a report that nearly two dozen diplomats at the u.s. embassy in kabul sent a cable


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