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tv   Kendis Gibson and Lindsey Reiser Report  MSNBC  August 22, 2021 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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>> no. >> that's all for this edition of "dateline." i'm natalie morales. thank you for watching. >> breaking on msnbc. some birch clouds, flooded subways and closed streets. millions of americans already feeling that first impacts of hurricane henri as it barrels towards the northeast. we're now just hours away from landfall amid morning and it could be worse than super storm sandy. >> this is particularly severe because it's going to be eight plus inches of rainfall on top of tons of rainfall that we have had over the last week. mine that with the fact that
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we're going to have astronomical tied. i mean, astronomical in the sense that we have a very full moon. the highest tides. >> president biden set to speak to the nation within hours. the new threats from isis against americans in afghanistan and chaos in kabul. military officials say at least at seven afghan civilians killed in a stampede near the airport. >> and it's covid hospitalizations and deaths continue to mount, there could be some good news on the horizon. by some health experts say the delta variant may be nearing its peak in some areas. good morning, everybody. it's sunday, august 22nd. i'm lindsay reiser. >> and i'm kendis gibson. we're live from msnbc world headquarters in new york. turning out to be a busy sunday morning. we've been looking at plenty of shots outside to see what the weather situation is evolving. this is our live camera here on long island. as you can see, the renest are here to come down. >> we mentioned earth they're all already areas here in new york there are getting flooded. a lot of rain that canceled
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that big nyc homecoming concert early. so, we're going to get to all this. but first, we're going to start with breaking news of hurricane henri. >> as i mentioned, the latest hurricane centered advisory just coming in. it is a category one storm. 75 mile an hour winds. as it inches closer to land, you see where it is right there. >> what we're showing it on the screen right now is the radar. this cone of concern here. the storm has moved a little bit east, but there are still many areas along the northeast coast that are in danger. and people are preparing, boarding up, making a lot of last-minute runs. >> and that radar right there shows you how large the storm actually is. it's covering hundreds and hundreds of miles, where you have some of the outer rain bands sitting. >> certainly. coming up in this two hour show we are going to talk to somebody who flew through that storm. but you see here video of the prep being made. a lot of other places are just straight up evacuated, in anticipation of all of the dangerous storm surges and
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flooding. utility companies are now saying, look, we may be experiencing philip potential power outages. and they could last, get this, a week or even more. >> new york governor andrew cuomo on his last full day in office, by the way, deploying the national guard and state police. likely henri, to 2012 super storm sandy. >> super storm sandy, which we all remember, was also a category one when it hit new york state. so, just to put it in perspective how serious this is. and how dangerous it is. this >> meteorologist bill and jonas are tracking henri for both. us build, let's start with. you walk us through henri pat and let us know when it's expected to make landfall. and the new update from within the last hour. >> good morning. we have numerous concerns with the storm surge, the wind, power outages, and eventually a lot of flash flooding and the next two days ahead. so far, we haven't seen people
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losing power. right now, the winds are in the 20 to 30 mile per hour range. usually star is losing power when you get to 40, 50, and definitely 60 mile per hour range. as of now, people are waking up and at least they still have power. you see the highest gusts are around montauk into newport, martha's vineyard, and then took it. this is the areas that will have the best chance of power outages during the day. notice how light the winds are towards new york city and areas of connecticut. that will be the backside, weaker edge of the storm. you can see on radar, the white is the clouds. the green and the yellows and the reds are the heavy rain. notice the heavy rain is going to be on the west side of the storm. if you're on the east side from nantucket to new bedford, up to boston, you're not going to get a lot of heavy rain. a lot of the drenching, flooding rains will be on the west side of the storm. it is barreling hurricane. it may not even make landfall as a hurricane. it may be a trouble tropical storm. either way, the impact will likely be the same. just different in the history books. so, it will make landfall after about 2 pm. likely around noon to 2 pm, some places just to the east
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east of new london. then towards newport. the right side is where the heaviest winds would be. providence, that puts you squarely in the strongest winds, all the way down to newport, long island, new bedford. the back side of the storm will be new london, new haven, fort worth, the hamptons. tomorrow is going to rain itself out. the hurricane warnings are still up for newport. tropical storm warnings still up for the new york city areas. i don't think the winds will be all that bad in the new york city area. i don't think we'll see many power outages. but just in case, the islands of cape cod under a tropical storm warning. as far as the storm surge, this will be well from the center. the northern half, because the winds are coming offshore, the north shore of long island will get a storm surge. and then, coastal rhode island and newport. that's where some of the highest storms storm surge will be. 3 to 5 feet. here is the high tide cycle and this is working in our favor.
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we're very fortunate about this. high tide we're approaching that this morning in the next three hours. many areas of southern new england. but landfall is not until noon to 2 pm. and that is going to be almost when low tide is. so, that is really going to save us significantly. that 3 to 5 feet mostly to the right of the center of landfall. we're talking about rhode island, which will were hit really hard by bob. but as far as the maximum wind gusts, the highest winds could get to the 60 mile per hour category. long island, southern coast of new england, newport. that's where we could see tree damage, minor structural damage. definitely power outages. here's our power outage potential map. areas of red, almost guaranteed you will have power by the end of today. >> while, all right, bill. thanks so much. vanessa, we want to get out to you. when we saw yesterday, it was actually a really nice beach day. even though preparations were underway. what are you seeing this morning? er underway what you know the game has completely changed. we have over 20 million people
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across the northeast under some kind of alert. i want to display this scene this morning compared to yesterday. dealing with a ton of sunshine in the west hamptons right now. we've been dealing with a block of moisture that has been in and out for the last hour or so. you can start to see the shift in the winds right now and the rain. continues to pick up off and on. we're going to continue to watch the changing forecast as it bill says, it has shifted slightly. but the rain bands are still really going to be a problem. i am really looking at that storm surge forecast, because the flooding rain across this area really going to be significant in the next few hours. and then, this prolong storm system continues. as i was driving in, you can see the dew points. it is very muggy out here. it is pretty hazy. and the visibility is really starting to go down. in the next hour, we're going to get closer to the water, because you can start to see
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the seas are really starting to pick up. right now, it's that intermittent rain throughout the morning, throughout the day. as the storm system continues to really pick up a little bit more steam, we'll start to see heavier bands and the winds picking up. guys? >> all right, bill and janeesa, thank you so much for picking both of us off. we want to welcome right now, the executive of stuff county new york. he issued a voluntary evacuation order on fire island. that's a narrow strip just off of long island southern close. also with us, about half this half an hour of the coast, is mr. murphy. emergency management administrator for the town of southampton. gentlemen, thanks for joining us. steve, we're going to start with you. you've issued a state of emergency. how are you all preparing and do you think people are heeding your warnings? peoeach of these storms are different. i was here for super storms tandy and usually you have a lot of advance warned warning for a storm like this coming up
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the coast. but a few days ago, we were thinking that we could be facing the first direct hurricane and long island in decades. but we issued the emergency order yesterday, and we work to evacuate people off of fire island until late last night. we were able to get thousands of people off the island to shelters or other locations. so, the priority has been safety. making sure that people are secure. and now we are just preparing for what is ahead today. >> ryan, the hurricane center projected path puts henri's iconic near south hampton. are you ready on a good, beautiful day, it takes forever to travel through that area. have you put evacuation orders in place? >> yes, the county executive just mentioned, we issued some voluntary evacuation orders for the town of southampton. and i know our partners in the town of east hampton did the same thing yesterday, to.
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based on what we saw last night, with a lot of traffic on the roadway. we hope it means a lot of people did heed our warnings. we also had our police department and some of the local village police departments were down on the roads last night, a bias. going door to door, visiting the houses, encouraging people to take the warnings seriously. we are still expecting, whether it's a direct hit or not, we're expecting weaves in the range of 8 to 15 feet out on the ocean beaches. so, we went door to door and ask people if they were staying or leaving. encouraging them to go. and got information for all of those that were staying. god forbid we had to perform any kind of rescues associated with this. f rescues asso>> steve, on thatm surge is, if there are people that are in areas that are prone to them or prone to flooding, and there are still home. maybe they think, oh, the news always hypes these hurricanes
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and they're not thinking this is going to be a big deal. what is your message to them? >> it's always better to be safe than sorry. we know that these storms shift. we saw a little bit of a shift in the storm last night, moving to the east. but we saw this with sandy and we've seen this on the nor'easters. things can shift back very quickly. it is always better to be safe, if you're in one of those low-lying areas. and people know that where you are prone to flooding, that search occurs. you could be trapped there. we have shelters available and open. or, obviously go to friends and family. much better to be safe. >> ryan, even if you don't get a direct hit, these storms, as you all know, can have a huge impact. especially when it comes to power outages. we didn't even have a direct hit and, yet there are 650,000 people who lost power last year.
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how dangerous do you think this can be when it comes to the power situation? >> it could certainly have a huge impact on us. with the ground getting saturated, we're still -- even if we don't get the winds to the degree that they were initially speaking of, we still might see some significant gusts. and we are still expecting a good amount of rain. two inches or an excess of two inches of rain, and we could see anywhere from 2 to 6 in our area. we're not 100 percent sure right now. that could really cause a problem where we could see trees coming down. and it could lead to significant power outages. along with the threat from the flooding. and although the timing for the high tides might be better on the oceans, we're still very concerned about the flanders bay area and the timing with that in the storm. >> all right, we're going to leave it there with steve. and oh you guys have a busy day ahead of you, possibly even busy couple of days as well. let's pop up the radar just so you see where the storm is at
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this hour. you can see we have it in the box but will pop it up full screen as well. right now is where most of the areas are feeling a big impact from this storm. it doesn't necessarily even have to be right there making landfall, for you to have some of the impact that is taking place. >> right, here in new york city we already felt some of the initial impacts. i actually asked our team this morning, was that henri? because it hasn't even made in landfall yet. and it was the initial impact. so definitely, we've got a busy day ahead of us. because it's not going to make landfall until later this morning. >> all right. well, cape cod also bracing for impact. several boats pulled out of the harbor and ferries canceled. we're going to go there. light >> and we're taking another live look right now in west hampton as we continue to track henri. you can see rain. that signal even, taking some hits their. but we are going to continue to track the storm. we'll be right back. millions of vulnerable americans
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the initial impact of hurricane henri, it's already flooded areas of new york, hours before it's set to make landfall. in this video, you can see the flooding we are already seeing on new york city streets. >> yes, plenty of submerged cars in this video. wow, it is really the exclamation point to exactly what we are already seeing. cape cod also expected to feel the wrath of hurricane henri. residents there are bracing for the storm, pulling boat out of the water, mobilizing emergency crew and urging people to take all precautions. joining us right now is massachusetts state senator, who represents cape cod, martha's vineyard as well as nantucket. julian, thank you so much for being here. i really appreciate it, we know it will be a long day. the hurricane watch is gone, at least for cape cod but henri is still impacted that area. you know, it does not take much. how are you guys preparing? >> so you know already this morning we are beginning to see
3:19 am
really humid air and winds. i think we expected this to be a more serious event, the forecast changed in recent days, so keep qatar's we do what we do best right? we prepare for these storms. when you live on an island, 30 miles off the sea, or a peninsula, you are used to serious storms. folks, tying up marine craft, looking at outdoor furniture, securing that. i think the highest winds over here are going to be in the 50 to 60 mile an hour range, or past the consistent -- that is not the huge winds for us, right? we are a pretty windy place. but the biggest thing we are concerned about is that storm surge, particularly on the south coast, with 3 to 5 additional feet of water, being pushed off, especially on the south facing harbors. that is where you could see a lot of damage. >> you know, last time we spoke with you, you guys were dealing with covid cases. a lot of breakthrough cases, a lot of unvaccinated tourists as
3:20 am
well. just last month, tropical storm elsa swept through caused a lot of downed trees, power outages. is the area fully recovered from elsa, and all of these other things? can you afford to take another hit from a big storm? >> so, no. as far as elsa, and storms, we are recovering it quickly from that. even with covid cases, our case numbers have dropped significantly, we went through that spike before. i think the challenge is, will this next week look like? folks have been advised not to be on the roads, the roads are closed. but i do think, if the forecast unfolds, this will not be a catastrophic event for cape cod and the islands, though we expected it would be a few days ago. >> all of that said, at the forecast has shifted a little bit east, putting you guys in what they call the dirty side of the storm right now. so, it has still got to be, you
3:21 am
are not in the clear? >> no, certainly not. and, we are ready. our regional coordination, across with partners, that only opening up at 8 am. we have volunteers, shelters ready to open, if needed. we are especially watching how this plays out with the tides, right? for us, this will be a wind event. we will see that storm surge. when that storm surge happens, and how it happens, particularly those south facing harbors, will be less of an issue, on cape cod bay, northern parts of the region. particularly in buzzers bay, martha's vineyard, nantucket. that's where those storm surges could do a heck of a lot of damage. we are not out of the woods yet, definitely. and, you know, these are hurricanes, right? we do all we can to predict them, but they are precious, and we will watch south. >> julian, before we let you go, there are people all across the country who go to cape cod for their summer vacation travel.
3:22 am
i have a trip planned their mid next month with my family. how do you think this will impact tourism? >> so, the good news is that we are pretty swift at being able to respond, when we have these serious incidents. i remember two years ago, we had a freak tornado touched down in homage yarmouth, and in a matter of days, it was cleaned up. i think we will ride this out, assess the damage and recover quickly. but this is not something that i think is going to impair our ability to welcome people long past midweek. you know once ferry services return, the downed power lines restoring power, having those utility crews ready to go, you know, we are placing their experience and heavy weather, that's just what it is like when you live at lands and. so we will prepare, i hope that folks will have vacations in the next few days, we will be okay. >> all right, we have to run. state senator julian cyr, thank
3:23 am
you so much. we're looking at footage of nearby boston, by the way. just a rough morning at this point, at least for boston. we also saw the surf out of montauk, picking up a little bit, we'll see the radar on the screen, and you can see why. >> yeah, the winds right now, for example, on the island in rhode island, there is sustaining winds of 60 miles an hour, and there in massachusetts, they have recorded winds of 33 miles an hour, gusts of 30. so the winds are picking up. >> all right. the big story we are following this weekend, as if the chaos at the kabul airport cannot get any worse, u.s. officials are now tracking own isis threat against americans trying to get out. >> to ge out. >> ng. reason, or fun. daring, or thoughtful. sensitive, or strong. progress isn't either or
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history says: fine jewelry for occasions. ♪♪ we say: forget occasions. (snap) fine jewelry for every day. minus the traditional markups. we're mejuri. handcrafted like the olden day. designed for the golden days ahead. ♪♪ ♪♪ >> just hours from now, president biden will update the nation on the evacuation efforts in afghanistan as we learn more stunning new developments. u.s. military is now resorting to alternate ways to get americans to the airport in
3:28 am
kabul, because of threats by an offshoot of isis offshoot. they won't give more details by the threats, just seeing their significant. >> according to washington post, this threat prompting the pentagon to move rescue operations outside the kabul airport. in the meantime, the state department confirming five flights with more than 850 americans left from kuwait, yesterday, on their way to the u.s.. nbc news correspondent megan fitzgerald and josh fetterman are following the latest developments. we're going to kick things off with meghan. megan, we're going to get to the threat from isis. there was a fascinating story that i also want to get two of a baby that was born in an evacuation flight, where the military helping out. you can see the pictures coming from that. let's get to isis, because that threat is real and it is right now. what do you know? >> yes, candace. that's exactly right. this is a very big concern for u.s. officials. the pentagon coming out and saying not only is this a race
3:29 am
against time, but they're also fighting just the space that they have to work with. we are talking about thousands upon thousands of people that have gathered and continue to come over the last several days. just gathering around the kabul airport there. desperate to get out. many of them waiting there for days. certainly, they are an easy target for an attack, that u.s. officials have said they believe is increasingly every day. they're very concerned about this. which is why you see the u.s. embassy there in afghanistan, releasing a statement warning people. in fact, i want to read it for you. they said because of the potential security threats outside of the gates at the kabul airport, we are advising u.s. citizens to avoid traveling to the airport. and to avoid airport gates at this time, unless you receive individual instruction from a u.s. government representative to do so. so, this is why we are seeing officials there doing everything they can to try and create these alternate routes,
3:30 am
to try and safely evacuate people. as safely and as quickly as possible. right now, we know as this mission started on august 14th, some 17,000 people have been airlifted out of the country. with about 2500 of them being americans, kendis. >> josh, it's lindsay. what can we expect to hear from the president today? >> good morning, lindsey. the president twice scrapping a planned visit this weekend to wilmington, to his home. opting to stay back here in washington to deal with this afghanistan crisis. when we hear from the president, scheduled for 4:00 this afternoon, we do expect to get an update on the numbers. because two days ago, they finally got into the target range they wanted to, of more than 5000 people flown out of kabul a day. i believe it was about 5800 and that 24 hour people. but then yesterday, that fell to less than 4000. so we want to know whether they are able to get these numbers back up, as they are dealing with this new security threat that meghan was just telling you about.
3:31 am
that's really the second thing we expect to hear from president. is how exactly is this mission changing? getting even more complicated, if that is even possible, that it was just a few days ago. now that we know of this isis threat to americans and to the airport. really for two reasons. the first is that now as those americans were at those gates letting people in, now in addition to screening who is legitimate, who should get under the base, they also have to be wary of the possibility that there could be isis fighters among those civilians waiting to get to the airport. potentially with explosives or other types of devices. so, they have to be even more careful screening those folks. also, this gargantuan challenge which is trying to build outside the wire, as they say. beyond the security border of the airport. to actually get american citizens and bring them to the airport. we are going to be very eager to know whether that is also going to apply to afghan civilians. whether the u.s. military is
3:32 am
actually going to launch into taliban-held kabul, trying to get those afghan allies safely to the airport. and lastly, we expect we were hearing from the president about what the resources tell nbc news is a new consideration by the u.s. military. to potentially in this u.s. commercial airliners. we're talking about delta, united, american and others, to actually theory people, not from kabul. which is a difficult place, obviously, to land right now. but from those transit hubs. from the rain, doha, and from germany back to the united states. we're going to be interested to hear from the president whether he talks about whether the military will order those airlines to help with that effort. order thos >> perhaps they're a lot of the operations taking place behind the scenes that were not really aware of the right. now meghan, back to that baby. because we've seen so many terrible images and stories for the last week, coming out of afghanistan. and these rescue efforts, looking at that photo there, a hopeful one this morning. >> yes, absolutely.
3:33 am
it's a pretty incredible situation when you think about it. this is an afghan lady who is on board a u.s. aircraft that was in wrote germany, when she started to go into labor. she was having some complications, so the commander of that aircraft dropping and air pressure so that it would increase the air pressure on board. potentially saving this ladies life, they say. when they finally landed at the airbase there in germany, of course, u.s. air force medical officials assisted the woman in delivering that baby. and then she was transported to a local hospital, where she and the baby are doing well. but certainly, good news there. but it really does speak to just how desperate the situation is for people that are risking everything to try and leave afghanistan. >> absolutely. somebody that far along in their pregnancy. >> literally life and death situation. megan fitch journal and josh
3:34 am
futterman, thank you both so much. let school bring in the former american civilian contractor on the frontline afghanistan. as well as afghan journalists lailuma sadid. good morning, jeff, we're gonna start with you. there haven't been any confirmed attacks yet. but isis is known to have no mercy when it comes to americans. how worried should we be about this threat? should we have seen this coming? >> we should be absolutely worried. to the extent that it doesn't take a crystal ball to see when you have instability you're going to have opportunity for eyelet isis and other offshoot groups to be able to play here. and an inability to be able to secure the outside perimeter of the airport is it making it easier. without a real system in place here, unfortunately, the terrorists and bad guys have an opportunity to really mix things up. and unfortunately, we're going to be faced with some hard decisions if we can't find a way to extend the perimeter and extend our time to ensure we get american citizens, afghan
3:35 am
allies and families out. >> right now the president has made the deadline of august 31st. he says he thinks he can get americans and afghan allies out by then. what are you hoping to hear from the president today, jeff? >> i'm hoping to continue to hear the president committed to getting out american service members. american citizens, legal permanent residents, and up to 80,000 afghans who worked with us and some of the most difficult times. >> 80,000? >> as of the enemies american, attempting to take a look at history here, we need to be on the right side of this. we need to be fulfilling our commitments here. we need to do everything we can put systems in place, to ensure that we can get the largest possible expansion of the mandatory and parole. we need to get these folks out of here. because a soon as the last things go, they will be retribution's. they'll be stonings, there will be horrible, horrible acts of violence. >> we've already heard of some of those acts of violence. but jeff, that number you just gave me, that could take weeks, if not months? >> absolutely. they're going to have to find ways. and i think to your point, when we're talking about the
3:36 am
airplanes and using commercial, that is certainly going to help. we're going to have to use our allies. the g7 conversation needs to happen. the un, the european union, we need to work with our allies to get as many folks here to take in folks. 20 countries certainly helpful. but we need to be doing. are >> lailuma you, recently made a very emotional plea to nato's top leader asking him not to recognize the taliban. we're gonna play some of that. the taliban we're go>> when we saw the situ, as an afghan woman, like a normal afghan citizen, you see the situation is really tough. and there are thousands of women who really don't know for the future, what is going on. and what should happen for them. i would like to ask, as a woman, please, don't recognize the islamic taliban -- >> so much emotion there in your voice. talk to me about what your biggest fear is for afghan women? >> i was concerned about the
3:37 am
situation and security in afghanistan. when i saw your report today about the woman delivered in the airport, this is there really an acceptable. that's why i was worried. not only this case. there are thousands of cases like this woman, already without any hope for the future. the cause we are suffering a lot during the taliban regime. i was very young and punished two times by taliban. and then i thought if they came back in power, they are doing the same situation. i try to stand strong, to raise the voice of afghan women, living in afghanistan. and say, please, don't recognize them, because i know the mentality of the taliban. and also, the ideology has never changed. don't try to do the same
3:38 am
mistake again. that is why i was really in the situation, wondering what is going on? what is happening? if the international community is leaving very fast, then you see the situation. we will go back. stay at home, like a prisoner. not allowed to go out without any man. studying, working, traveling. and that was unacceptable for me. we don't want to go back. we want to go forward. i'm really afraid the international community is spending thousands of dollars and how many soldiers will die in afghanistan? and they did everything for nothing. and why it's happening like that?
3:39 am
>> then nato secretary was certainly moved by your speech. as sir certainly we were. sadid lailuma sadid, thank you for expressing yourself on our ear. and jeff, thank you also for our time. >> at the moment, thousands of new yorkers were told to take cover at the new york city combat concert. we'll tell you who set was cut short. actually, you see him right there. [laughs] >> he likes but he writes the songs. >> he writes his songs, he doesn't make the forecast. though [laughs] in boston right now, you can see the conditions. live pictures, downtown boston. a little overcast. conditions will worsen throughout the day and we will continue to track henri. seeing blood when you brush or floss can be a sign of early gum damage. new parodontax active gum repair kills plaque bacteria at the gum line to help keep the gum seal tight.
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3:43 am
>> doesn't that always have been? >> i think it does. but the storm, and i've been halfway through the central part event. more than 22,000 concert goers had take cover in restaurants and shops. it was meant to mark new york city's come back after the pandemic, despite the ending, many fans said, experiencing music for the first time in 17 months made it all worth it. >> the amazing thing is people are actually following those instructions, and calmly getting out of their. >> yes. take a look at this, enhanced satellite image showing hurricane henri bearing down on long island, and new england off of the jersey shore, right there. let's bring back nbc meteorologist -- who's in modern during this bill? >> good morning. we are getting hourly updates from the national hurricane center's approach is sure, only 65 miles away now, the center near montauk. we don't think that will make landfall, because landfall have been westerly, but will happen
3:44 am
in rhode island. that's about 80 90 miles away. if it is traveling at 18 miles an hour, and do the math. we are expecting this to slow down a little, bit we're looking at landfall late this morning, maybe into early this afternoon. so, sometime right around lunch hour. let's get to the latest, this is the hurricanes centers updated landfall. reason why we care about the landfall, is to get to the right of that will be the word storm surge, and to the right of that will be strong winds. that puts it squarely right over the top of southern rhode island and the newport area, up to providence, and also towards buzzers bay, the little inland area over there, just to the left of fall month. and i were new bedford's. that is very susceptible to flash flooding and from storm surges. waiting to see how it plays out. the storm will then move inland and we can over the next couple of days, and then all rain a bit. these are our computer models and when you get this close to and for all they come in green, everything's pinpointed at the rhode island coastline right now. as far as the radar goes, we
3:45 am
are very heavy bands of rain, the winners over new york city last night and shifted towards trump did in philadelphia and is beginning to weaken, we still have flash flooding from that. now you can see, the center of the storm over their routine montauk and nantucket just to the south, those bands are now starting to spread through long island, and going back towards new york city. so we already have flash flood warnings, and a good chunk of new jersey, flood watches up to 36 million. you will see the landfall in rhode island but the flood threat is to the west of, it all back to the poconos and the catskills, the rain is going to rotate as we go throughout the day today, into tonight and in the day tomorrow. and the predictive rainfall totals are pretty substantial, especially considering the rain we had yesterday in some areas like long island, new york city and the rainfall we have had this week from when fred went through, including the hudson valley, the catskills, and areas of western massachusetts. so, notice we had another 4 to 5 inches of rain. especially when you get that rain in the mountainous areas,
3:46 am
that is where we start to see trouble. i think later on tonight, we will have significant flash flood problems in areas of the west, the brokers, also from connecticut through the catskills and the hudson valley. so, you know, the next couple of hours we will focus on that landfall, the power outages, what kind of wind damage we get, and the rest of today and tonight it will all be about where the flash flooding is. >> all right, bill karen, thank you so much for that update. we appreciate it, we will keep turning to you throughout the day. coming up, treatment appears to trump prevention for the governors of texas and florida, who are promoting antibody cocktails, but snapping mask mandates. our medical expert will weigh in on their pandemic priorities. and tonight, watch the documentary, the way i see, the emmy nominated film offers a really unprecedented look into the most iconic presidencies in american history, barack obama and ronald reagan, as seen through the eyes of a renowned white house photographer pete seuss apps. watch tonight, 10 pm eastern on msnbc, and also streaming
3:47 am
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3:49 am
jackson and his wife are in the hospital with covid. the rainbow push coalition with unanswered rates organization founded by jackson's urging anyone who is near the couple in the last week to follow cdc guidelines. jackson did say he got his covid vaccine in january. he encouraged other members of the black community to get one, the two are being treated right now in northwestern memorial hospital in chicago. >> many people are praying for them, certainly. his wife is 77, he 79. there's a silver lining, as covid cases surge across the country. the pfizer vaccine is expected tomorrow, to get full approval from the fda. and the move could help convince more people to get the shot. this comes as some delta variants take hold across the country, including in texas, where there is a surge in hospitalizations. and a shortage of icu beds. just imagine what you are doctors are dealing with over there. in the emergency medicine
3:50 am
physician, dr. owais durrani knows this firsthand. dr. durrani, thank you for being here. let's start right away with that pfizer vaccine, getting full approval. you get a sense that it will help more businesses and schools with vaccine mandates being put in place? >> well, good morning. yes, it is pleasant news that we have been waiting for for quite a while. right now, there's a small subset of the population that is really been waiting for that approval, and that is going to be that final kind of block to urge them to get that vaccine. as you mentioned, more importantly, it will clear any legal hurdles for colleges, businesses to put into place mandates, and make sure that their employees, students are safe. and that we can kind of do our day to day without concern of society shutting down again. >> doctor, let's talk about the situation over there in texas, the states health services department said that this is one of its worst fights that it is faced with covid, with the state having to request mortuary trailers, and with hospitalizations up to 2000,
3:51 am
from just last week. where do you all go from here? >> yes. remember, we chatted a couple of weeks ago. i mention, this is as bad as i have seen it. i do not know if it could get any worse. unfortunately, over the past few weeks, it did. i will give you a few examples. san antonio had no ems service for about half an hour for a week ago. our icus are full not only with covid patients but with patients with rsv, a surge of that is happening right now. and then, for the entire state, we have just over 300 icu beds left. that might sound like a lot to some people, but that is an entire state of texas, and that icu beds for covid, and for if your parent or grandparent has a heart attack or stroke, if you are driving down i-ten and are in a major car crash, that is an icu bed for you as well. so we are continuing to be really, really strained. and a few weeks ago, when transports and admissions to other states was a rarity, now that is a common occurrence on
3:52 am
a day-to-day basis. >> it will take such a toll on so many people who are there on the front lines. the dallas morning post released a new report saying some doctors were considering using vaccination status as a factor when choosing who will get icu access, because of the shortage. should medical professionals consider that when admitting patients into icu? >> you know, personally i do not think so. the reason for that is we have huge, systemic health care inequities in our system that are generational. that tends to affect minority populations, black, latino and other minorities, and a much more negative way than other parts of the population. a lot of that is access issues, and then never having interacted with the health care system in the past. so i think putting that into place, would lead to more issues from then and for our health. so i do not think there is the answer. >> i am curious about this, because the city of orlando just over the last couple of days, kind of told residents to
3:53 am
conserve their water usage. the cause some of it is being used for oxygen, for many of these patients. do you see that sort of alert, that sort of warning to residents of other states and communities, the way covid is right now? >> yes. i can definitely anticipate that in other communities. a perfect example, i work in some freestanding emergency departments, which are essentially forward functioning emergency department. but when you get a patient, they get transferred to a larger hospital. there is only a limited amount of oxygen in these freestanding emergency places, your people are high levels of oxygen, and they can't get a bed, out of the tertiary care centers. so we actually have a lot of situations where we have run out of oxygen. that is the same situation if you need the water for oxygen, but we're going to run into issues we really have never dealt with, you know, that developing countries deal with, and we can see continue to see the numbers we are seeing. >> yes, all the countries
3:54 am
dealing with it, we are dealing with it as well. dr. owais durrani, thank you so much, i appreciate your time and your work. up next, as we track hurricane henri, it completely different weather system devastates parts of the south, an update. >> coming up in our next hour, he is one of those who runs towards disaster, not from it. hurricane hunter nick underwood flew through henri, as it barrels of the atlantic. we will talk to him about that a wild ride, and the data he brought back with him. >> in the meantime, on the conditions taking place off the coast of long island, this is montauk, i believe. a two hour drive on a good day from new york city. you could see that the surf is >> waves! >> yes, it is up. >> it is. is up >> it is
3:55 am
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3:57 am
3:58 am
havoc across the country. more than 30 people are missing right now, after record shattering rainfall in tennessee. ten people are confirmed dead, two of them, toddlers. toddlers, swept away from their father in the flash floods, just west of nashville. the rain has stopped, the concern is now turning to the possibility of flooding from a swelling waterways. >> in mexico, two landfalls in two days. hurricane grace first hit a popular yucatan resort town on thursday, before gaining strength from the gulf of mexico, and hitting the coast again. at least eight people have died,
3:59 am
three others are still missing after that rain triggered mudslides. the storm hit as a category three, and has since weakened. now the country is slowly restoring power to the 330,000 people in the dark. >> the first major hurricane of the season so far, where a powerful storm. >> a one to punch. we begin a new hour of msnbc, right now. msnbc right now.
4:00 am
and the painy important on a rescue flight. there heroic efforts made by th american medics to ensure its safe delivery. >> i believe totally in your freedoms, i you have to do what you have to do, but i recommend take the vaccines. i did it. it's good. >> after weeks of silence, months of silence, trump once again t urges his followers to o the covid vaccine. howe they took his message is another story. we'll show you their reaction from last night's rally. >> as we do say good morning, it is sunday, august 2nd. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm lindsey reiser. all eyes are on the northeast


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