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tv   Yasmin Vossoughian Reports  MSNBC  September 5, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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rewards float in. our thanks. your rewards. thank you for joining us. this hour the fight over abortion rights, the new texas bill firing up the effort to protect an abortion rights like no single act in years. but the question for those who want to fight, what is the
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battle plan? i'll talk to former texas state legislator wendy davis who filibustered. and plus we'll look at the gop frontrunner to replace gavin newsom oig. and a man who has argued against vaccines for young people, faced sexual harassment and domestic violence allegations and once made the case for slave owners being the ones who should get reparations. more on larry elder, the man who could save newsom. plus an amazing new interview with sydney powell. not sure that she's ever been asked this before. >> do you have hear yourself and think thatit sounds ridiculous? >> no, i know myself very well. i've been in me a long time.
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>> and that is just one of the rival moments from a new documentary about right wing media and the big election lie. more on that coming up. but we begin with texas republicans enacting one of the strictest anti-abortion laws. one of the most well-known acts of democratic resistance came in the summer 2013. when then state senator wendy davis filibustered for 11 hours to stall the vote. despite it, the bill still passed and signed in to law by then governor rick perry. and wendy davis is joining me now. we appreciate it. and are there any options left for democrats in texas with this law? >> absolutely. we are going to fight this of course as hard as we possible can. on several different fronts.
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you probably saw that on friday, planned parenthood was successful getting a ruling that protects planned parenthood's clinics from suits by a particular right to life organization and any of its affiliates which likely includes all of the people that have reported on to its snitch line. unfortunately, that only protects planned parenthood and it only protects them against those particular complain complain yants. and so we want to make sure that women can leave texas if they are post six weeks and desire abortion care elsewhere. and i'll put a number up in my twitter feed that gives you a company nation link to that. and my organization deeds not words have started a legal
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defense fund. because none of these clinics believe that this law is constitutional. and they would like the benefit of being able to challenge it and create a rightness question before the court. but they won't want to put any of their clinicians at personal risk. because right now they could be sued for $10,000 plus the attorney's fees of the complain . and so every drar goes to defend them and help push the question both at the federal and state level. >> so so i had a spokesperson from planned parenthood on yerd and i pose this had question to her. if they would purpose it beyond
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six weeks, there could be a moment that they would be sued which would elevate to the supreme court to then challenge the constitutionality of the law. would your legal defense fund support that effort and is there any effort to get folks to actually do this so it can be challenged? >> that is the thinking. so i do want to make sure to acknowledge the fact that there are law firms outside the state of texas and within the state of texas who are pro bono volunteering their time to defend against this law. the problem of course is that for the people who work in in clinic, in these clinics, they are personally liable for the fines and they are also personally liable for the cost of the complainant's legal fees and that is what we're trying to make sure that we create a defense fund to protect against. and as you know, the supreme court dodged this question, they
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dodged it basically on a rightness argument. that this want something that they could make a decision on yet because it hadn't actually happened yet. it hadn't been put into effect by a complainant. so we want to make sure that we have the resources to proikt the people who may be vulnerable even those following the law right now and who still may find themselves the subject of one of these suits. >> so two things i want to cover with you. first the subject of women. i know that you said that you are working on figuring out a way to get women out of state for abortions that they need. how would that work, how would these women connect with you, what would that look like? >> so in 2013, following the law that i filibustered, we successfully killed the bill but called back to a special session. it went into law and in the
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intervening time while we were arguing it through the federal court system, about half of our clinics in texas closed. and these abortion funds grew up around the need to help women travel, many women lived 120 miles or more from the closest texas abortion clinic even though they lived in texas. and these abortion funds helped them pay for the cost of the abortion care as well as the travel and the overnight stay costs that were required. now these same incredible groups and there are many of them that is why i will put a company nation link up on my twitter feed, these sources are helping women right now to leave the state for the care that they need. >> and you had corporations speaking out about voting rights in texas. but they have stayed silent on this. do they need to speak? >> they absolutely do.
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and we see companies stepping up and doing the right thing when it comes to standing for the trans community and for voting rights and for the idea and the premise and of course the precious right that black lives matter. but when it comes to abortion rights, even though for many of them more than 50% of their workforce are women, and their primary consumers are women and even though that they like to talk about participating in international women's day and other things that make it appear as though that they support women across america, when it comes to a controversial issue like this, too many of them have stayed silent and i'm very pleased with the ones that you just showed some of them on your screen that have come forward very forcefully against this law. go daddy which dropped the snitch site hosting that snitch site basically, lift i go on,
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uber saying that they will their drivers who drove someone to an abortion clinic, match saying that they will con continue contribute to the women who need the help. >> wendy basis, thank you very much. and so the supreme court with all three of the justices put by former president trump deciding not to block the bill. so what does it mean for the future of roe v. wade? amy, i want to read part of the dissenting opinion. she wrote presented with an application to enjoy a flagrantly unconstitutional law
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engineered to prohibit women from exercise being their constitutional rights and evade judicial scrutiny, a majority of justices have opted to bury their heads in the sand. this was an incredibly divided decision in the supreme court. >> it was. justice sotomayor is now i think since the death of ruth bader ginsburg clearly the most liberal justice. she literally wrote the most fiery dissent from the court's order on wednesday. and if you notice there were four dissenters, four separate dissenting opinions. and justices breyer and kay kagan joined all of them, but four dissenting justices but they were not united.ay kagan joined all of them, but four dissenting justices but they were not united.y kagan joined all of them, but four
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dissenting justices but they were not united. kagan joined all of them, but four dissenting justices but they were not united.kagan joined all of them, but four dissenting justices but they were not united. they had different views on what was going on even as they dissented. >> so there was a lot going on about what the most recent justices believed. and i want play some sound and we'll talk on the other side. >> one of the important things to keep in mind about roe v. wade is that it has been reaffirmed many times over the past 45 years. i understand the importance of the issue. >> roe vs. wade decided 1973. it is precedence of the united states supreme court. it has been reaffirmed, reliance interests considerations are important there. >> i can't express views on cases or pre-commit to approaching a case any particular way. >> so a lot of gray there. but now we know where they stand
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when it comes to this texas law. can we now assume how they would vote if roe v. wade were challenged or do we have to see what happens with the mississippi xas? >> i think that we'll have to wait and see. there was language in the court's order on wednesday night about how there were serious questions about the law's constitutionality and you shouldn't read the court's order as a decision about the merits of the texas law. but one thing that i think that you are talking about, dobbs versus jackson women's health organization and that is a challenge to a mississippi law that bans an worse -- abortion after 15 weeks and they will hear that case in december. and it is a case in which they have asked the court to overrule rowe versus wade. and so the state came to the
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supreme court after a lower court had struck down the law and reached out and asked the supreme court to heart case and the case. and when they heard it in 2020 a case out of texas in 2016, in those cases the lower courts upheld the lower courts. so this time i think that they felt like they had to step in. but now five or four want to see if they have the voteses to overrule roe vs. wade. so i think that roe vs. wade is very much in jeopardy and even if they don't overrule roe vs. wade, there could definitely be five votes to seriously undermine to make it much easier for states to pass restrictive abortion laws in the future. >> amy, thank you for that excellent examination. appreciate it.
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joining me now to talk about what options congress has, debbie dingell of michigan. thanks for joining us. we appreciate it. is there any pathway forward to codify roe v. wade? >> well, i think that people have been talking about that for a long time. certainly the speaker has made clear that the house will vote on this when we return the week of september 20th. i think that it will be a narrow passage, i think that the house will probably pass it. but the problem is that the united states senate. i think that joe biden has made it clear that he would sign it, but everything these days the senate is more a robot [ inaudible ]. >> we haven't heard from many republicans in congress about this texas law.
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they have been fairly silent especially senator ted cruz who we would have expected to hear from when it came to this law. at the very least when it came to wipe and incest. why is it do you think? >> first of all, this is an extremely difficult issue. i think that it is one of the most difficult decisions a woman has to make and i think that takes very personal decision. as between a woman, her faith, her doctor, her partner, husband. and we are [ inaudible ] it is very difficult, emotion emotional and i think that lot of republicans have taken a lot of positions that have a lot of [ inaudible ]
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and they know that this one actually is one that is going to -- [ inaudible ]? do you think the men in congress understand the way that you put that, that this is a very emotional, difficult personal decision? do you think they get that? >> i think some do and some don't. sometimes we try to paint these paint brushes with everybody. for me -- i thankfully never had to make the decision. but i know how difficult it is. [ inaudible ] but we have a separation of church and state. that is one of the most fundamental of our government as well. and people think this is easy. this is very hard for many people. and we need to remember all of that. that is aunt my business to get into somebody else's religious beliefs. >> yeah. all right.
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congresswoman, i appreciate your passion on this and joining us on this sunday afternoon to talk more about this. thank you. coming up, i'm going to speak with journalist behind a new documentary called "fox and the big lie." fine, no one leaves the table until your finished. fine, we'll sleep here. ♪♪ it's the easiest because it's the cheesiest. kraft. for the win win.
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and free premium delivery. ends labor day. today two republicans are calling out kevin mccarthy for urging telecom companies not to comply with the house select committees to turn over data. and this morning adam kinzinger joined liz cheney in criticizing mccarthy but stopped short of calling it ob strubs. >> obstruct, i don't know, but it is really bad politics in-. >> and nicholas wu is joining us new to dive into his reporting. thanks for joining us. mccarthy said that the doj concludes had donald trump did not incite the january 6 mob. now you got liz cheney and
1:22 pm
bennie thompson calling mccarthy out in a new statement saying that it has been made clear that reports of such conclusion are baseless and we'll continue to pursue it in a nonpartisan and thorough manner. and we remind mccarthy of his statements including from the house floor on january 13 which are inconsistent with his recent comments. what is this telling us? >> what this is saying is that it is really showing the january 6 committee putting on united front against what they see as these inaccurate statements from the minority leader. this because the very first statement that cheney and bennie thompson put out together ever since cheney was elevated to the vice chair of the committee. they say that they want to get to the truth of what happened that day regardless of what top
1:23 pm
republicans like mccarthy are saying. >> so how is mccarthy fighting back? >> mccarthy for his part has taken an aggressive stance. earlier this past week he has threatened companies that have received document preservation requests from the select committee threatening retribution against them when republicans are in the majority and said that they could be breaking the law. it is unclear which law that they would be breaking. a lot of these requests are fairly standard in federal investigations. although the request of lawmaker records is really what has infuriated republicans here. >> what is high school his driving motivation, is this add >> that is part of it.
1:24 pm
republicans see that this is to smear them and muddy the waters ahead of the elections next year. it does show the extent to which the republican party is still in lock step with the former president, they are still trying to defend him and as mccarthy said absolve him of responsibility for january 6 despite what he and others said that he did bear responsibility. >> thanks so much. and since the 2020 election, some of fox news' most familiar faces have fanned the flames of the big lie convincing viewers that the election have been stolen and accuses two companies
1:25 pm
of conspiring the companies. and now those companies are suing for a total of $4.3 billion. my next guest stand by with powell. take a listen to some of their exchange. >> do you ever hear yourself and think that it sounds laus? ridiculous? >> no, i know myself very well. i'm confused about why you're here. >> because make you a series of very strong allegations against smartmatit and dominion containing many errors of fact. do you accept the fact that the company that you accused of stealing the national election only operated in one county in l.a., one county, one state? >> no, i'm not prepared to accept that fact. >> you said that it seasons
1:26 pm
dominion. how do you justify that error? >> i'm going to stop this interview. it is wholly inappropriate. >> but these are simple fact of who owns what. >> we're done. >> and joining me now is sarah ferguson. an incredible piece. i have to say, i put myself in your shoes for that moment and thought, wow that is tough. what was going through your mind? >> we had a large audience who wanted to hear from sydney powell. and there we were actually only a few minutes in the to
1:27 pm
interview and she was grabbing her dr. pepper and her cushion and walking out. . so i thought i was in trouble. >> how did you convince her to come back? >> combination of my asking her to stay, but also her lawyer was in the room. he was another member of that slightly ramshackled group of lawyers brought together in the wake of the election to challenge the results and we had previously interviewed him one of the lawyers criticized by the judge in michigan for his role in bringing those lawsuits. so he thought it was a good idea for her to keep talking. so we managed to get her back in the chair. but she sat down with her little white dog and said that she was very skeptical that the interview was going to last a long time. >> let's play a little bit more of your interview. >> in how many states were smart
1:28 pm
matic machines were used? >> i don't know the exact numbers. >> what sort of fact checking did you do to find out their involvement in the election was? >> if do you work for smart matt tick? it was a blood less coup where they took over the presidency of the united states. >> who is they? >> i don't know who they are pl . but i'd like to know. and they planned it for at least three years. >> it was shocking to me of how far ill prepared it seemed that sydney powell was first for your interview. and secondly, it was telling, and i've been in this position before, where she said do you work for smartatic because you
1:29 pm
were challenging her, that she would go this. >> it is an easy first in-actual if you like to an interviewer to suggest that they are doing the bidding of somebody who holds an opposing view. it is a kind of cheap shot and i let that one go straight past to the keeper as we say in australia. i think the point you raised earlier shocked me the most. given the lawsuits and that group of people mounted what they said was a serious election challenge that she did not have a grasp of the basic facts or at least a challenge to the basic question. and without getting too detailed, we know their argument was fundamental to understanding how fragile democracy is, one of
1:30 pm
the things that they need dodd is to list smart dmatic, and by creating being connected rkt they were able to have this picture of where other commune uhe nis leaders were involved in trying to rig the u.s. elections. so constantly repeating these allegations, they managed to put these two companies together as part of a conspiracy. so it was crucial for me and american journalists to put her through her paces on the basic facts. go back to basics, start at the beginning. and like you i was astonished that she have can't have an answer to any of the straightforward questions. >> it was an incredible interview. thank you so much for sharing it
1:31 pm
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welcome back. the devastation hurricane ida left is making life difficult for millions. in louisiana widespread damage has caused outages and some residents may not get power back until the end of september. and joining me now from lafitte is vaughn hillyard. what are you seeing there in the wake of the recovery efforts as the situation remains pretty
1:36 pm
horrific? >> reporter: there is really no win here. either it is sweltering heat, humidity, 95 years earlier and now the rain is coming down here. and we are standing on the one right of passage, the one main roadway that is allowing folks to allow access to property. but it is standing water and mud here. and their homes are definite investigation stated here and just trying to get further back and begin to have some sort of reckoning of whatdefiniteinvest here and just trying to get further back and begin to have some sort of reckoning of what they could rebuild is so difficult because we're talking about power being up four to six weeks here. let's listen to one of the residents that we talked to who talked about the unknown that is
1:37 pm
ahead. >> for years i've done this over and over again. this is the worst i've ever seen. >> your kids lived here, your grandkids? >> my children, my grandchildren all grew up here. my father bought this property before i was born. >> reporter: this is a shrimping community and she's been here for all of her life and people are trying to get back to their communities. and i'll have derrick pan back over. this is the entrance to a home. you see the welcome sign but it is not clear what home those stairs used to actually lead up to. that is the kind of devastation that we're talking about. and when i talked to her husband there, chris, i asked the question do you think that you will stay here and he said no,
1:38 pm
we just don't know how we can rebuild in a community here when another storm could come and flood us again. >> yeah, starting to hear a lot of that. vaughn hillyard, thank you. and so in my reporting this past beak in both new jersey and new york and watching the damage there, and louisiana, it is devastating to see the effects of both climate change and lack of infrastructure to protect against the extreme and long term damage we're seeing. lives have been lost, entire homes and belongings gone. cars gone. electricity out for weeks. and all of this happening across this country. and guess who are the people to be most affected by these circumstances and who likely have nowhere to go? lower income communities. lower uncome households. in the same move failing to update the electrical grid now leaving people without power for four to six weeks. in new jersey, i spoke to an
1:39 pm
hispanic family who had no idea where they would live or how they would afford. and another man told us he wanted his house to be condemned. at least that would pay for his mortgage. and another family in new york displaced after their home flooded unsure without insurance what they would do. and a man recounting to me how he swam in the floodwaters to rescue his tools because otherwise how would he work. how key go to his job, what would he do, how would he make money. this is the reality of vice president-elect.he do, how woul. this is the reality of vice president-elect. the citizens of the world need to do our part. for every 1.8 degrees of fahrenheit of global warming, there is 7&7% of warm motive.
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welcome back. president biden will mark september 11 visiting all three sites. they will visit ground zero in
1:44 pm
new york city, the pentagon, and shanksville, pennsylvania. on wednesday, msnbc premieres a documentary memory box, echos of 9/11. it features people returning to a video booth to share their thoughts. here is a look. >> i was hot, panicked. i was scared. >> i cried out to jesus and i asked him to just help me, help me get out of this. >> my first thought was is that the building that my son works in? >> it was bleeding, the building was bleeding into the sky. >> in the air you could feel the reality of it. >> i guess this is working.
1:45 pm
>> it flipped me into a different sort of consciousness about where i was in the word. >> what do i want future generations to know about this? there is nothing greater than love. >> memory box echos of 9/11 premieres wednesday night at 10:00 eastern and it will stream exclusively on peacock. and be sure to join msnbc next saturday as we mark 9/11 beginning at 5:00 p.m. and then at noon, brian williams and nicole wallace will have live coverage. will have live coverage.
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what makes new salonpas arthritis gel so good for arthritis pain? salonpas contains the most prescribed topical pain relief ingredient. it's clinically proven, reduces inflammation and comes in original prescription strength. salonpas. it's good medicine. welcome back. perhaps the most consequential election since last year's special election in georgia is unfolding right now in california.
1:50 pm
should the recall prove successful, governor newsom is going to face an unceremonious ouster. and while recent polling has shifted in the governor's favor, driven in large part by women voters, concerns are still that larry elder could come out on top. in 2017, elder suggested in a tweet that women who participated participating in the women's march are too unattractive to be sexually harassed. elder made the startling vision for california and the nation clear this week when he issued this threat to senator >> all of these people are scared to death about one big thing. they couldn't care less about gavin knew some. they care about the 50/50 split
1:51 pm
in the senate and washington, d.c. and god forbid elder should replace governor feinstein who nobody has seen in weeks. they are afraid i am going replace her with an republican. which i would a do. and there would be an earthquake in washington, d.c. >>wo with me, director of the public policy program at the roosevelt house. welcome to you. we know an ousting of dianne feinstein could prove problematic for the biden administration. could it rally conservatives in the state? >> i think it could rally conservativesra much in the wayt would in other states in the way that supreme court picks rally conservatives. as you said in the leadup, gavin
1:52 pm
is extraordinarily popular. i think a lot of voters actually understand the difference between descriptive and substantive representation. as an african-american man, there have only been two blacks elected to governorships in this country, actually in our entire history. it happened within the last 30 years. i imagine there is some sense of some conservatives saying look what we can do. and it is not about black conservativism. it's not that at all. it's just that, you know, you don't want him to be the opening through which you have a lot of policies like what we have seen in texas l and other parts of t country with prochoice rights. we may see itro in terms of votg rights. you don't want somebody like that in office and start to chip away at a lot of the things that
1:53 pm
we hold dear. i think californians are in a place where they can resist that urge. but i imagine that it certainly will excite some conservatives. >> i want to be clear, his comments about dianne feinstein's mental state have no basis in fact. important to point that out. cher mike a.m., let's talk about polling here. recent polling showing governor newsom has a substantial lead with 58% of voters saying they don't support thef recall. if, in fact, this recall is successful, what could it mean for the state. >> i think larry elder would be the number three african-american man elected in the regardless of his politics i think that's positive. i think it is concerning that gavin newsom is, quote, unquote, a popular governor yet if you look at some of the reporting from nbc, you look at hispanics, a lot of people didn't know the recall was going on. black community, they are luke warm to governy, newsom. looking a the state issues,
1:54 pm
homelessness, some crime depending on what city you are talking about and other issues. i think there is a legitimate case that larry elder could make for, hey, there are some things that have gone wrong that the governor hasn't been successful with. i should be given an opportunity. >> you are saying he could make a case on a local level despite all of the egrergeous things that i laid out that he has been accused of, things he tweeted about, things he has said publicly that h puts him in the same space as some would say fringe politics. to the likes of marjorie taylor green? >> look, i am not saying that i condone or don't condone those things. thedo people of california haveo figure it out. i am saying there are dozens of other candidates that are republicans that are running. for some reason, everyone seems to be going e toward larry elde. that is far a reason. i don't think you can discount thatn' regardless of some of hi
1:55 pm
pronouncements that people dislike or may not be completely true or make people uncomfortable. you have got to look ateo the facts. there is reason why he is surging in the polls. there is also a reason why the governor is in trouble here. we can't discount those things. if elder were to be elected issues such as voting rights or such as abortion, there is not a lot he can do with those things. the legislature in california is controlled byat democrats. so the people in california don'tpl necessarily have to wor about that. again,y i think from a policy perspective as a conservative i think there are some things california clearly needs to work onle and i think elder can make legitimate case that the governor hasn't been successful one those issues. >> are you -- i have got to be clear and make sure i am understanding what you are saying here. h then basil you can weigh in. you are saying he has clear case to be governor despite all of the things i laid out that he has done and been accused of? are you willing to discount those llthings, cher michael?
1:56 pm
>> i think thatin the people in california clearly are looking at larry elder as a viable candidate. by people i mean republican candidates. again, if youub look at the way the recall system works in california, there is a possibility that he could become governor regardless of the things that you just laid out. that's not my opinion. that's not anyone else's opinion. that's are the facts based on the recall law of california. >> basil, final word to you. >> listen, i will say that the existential question for us all, to piggyback on something cher michael said there is fear and anxiety in this country over the handling ofov covid. it crosses party lines, gender, race,ge ethnicity. it is a challenge for leaders no matter where you are in this a country. the question is, can we fight the urge and the impulse to put someone in there that isn't actually able to lead us through this and is more of a provocateur as you said at the
1:57 pm
top of this than someone who is necessarily solutions oriented? that is really the existential question for t us at this time. >> thank you to you both.o guys, i appreciate it. that wrapsap up the hour for me. i'll be here again next saturday and sunday at 3:00 p.m. eastern. our coverage continues after a break. fter a break. or necessity. we can explore uncharted waters, and not only make new discoveries, but get there faster, with better outcomes. with app, cloud and anywhere workspace solutions, vmware helps companies navigate change-- meeting them where they are, and getting them where they want to be. faster. vmware. welcome change.
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