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tv   The Reid Out  MSNBC  September 9, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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well as your body of work and writing on this, and so we'll be having you back to discuss it because as mentioned, the doj suit keeps this very much a live issue in the courts, what texas is trying to do. laura bassett, i want to thank you. i'm out of time but "the reidout" with joy reid is up next. hi, joy. >> hi, ari. thank you very much. you have a great evening. we begin "the reidout" with a major development in the fight against covid. late today president joe biden outlined the most aggressive attempt yet by the federal government to contain the latest surge. it's a plan that will affect tens of millions of americans. >> we can and we will turn the tide on covid-19. i'm announcing that the department of labor is developing an emergency rule to require all employers with 100 or more employees that together employ over 80 million workers to ensure their workforces are
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fully vaccinated. or show a negative test at least once a week. some of the biggest companies are already requiring this. united airlines, disney, tyson's food and even fox news. may god protect our troops. get vaccinated. >> even fox news. president biden is also requiring vaccinations for all federal workers. and for health care workers in settings that receive medicare or medicaid funding. he called on large entertainment venues to require proof of vaccination or testing. and announced that the tsa will double the fines on travelers who refuse to wear masks and had some strong language to those who disrespect flight attendants. >> and by the way, show some respect. the anger you see on television toward flight attendants and others doing their job is wrong. it's ugly.
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>> the sweeping new mandates could not come at a more critical time. hospitalizations and infections, including among children, are surging as americans return to school and work. which may explain why the president specifically called out the elected officials undermining the efforts to protect some of the most vulnerable americans, unvaccinated kids. >> right now local school officials are trying to keep children safe in a pandemic while their governor picks a fight with them and even threatens their salaries or their jobs. talk about bullying in schools. if they'll not help, if these governors won't help us beat the pandemic, i'll use my power as president to get them out of the way. >> multiple republican governors are, of course, already vowing to challenge the mandates. joining me now, yamiche alcindor, moderator for "washington week." dr. uche blackstock and
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elie mystal. i'm going to start with you, yamiche, this is a president who's decided if it's going to be war, it's going to be war against the vaccine and any governors who stand in his way. talk about the thinking about this much more aggressive posture that we saw from the president today. >> president biden is fed up, and this speech was about telling people you are now put on notice. the phase of carrots and free beers and all the different things people were getting to get vaccinated and hundreds of dollars, the president is now saying, if you don't get vaccinated, not only are you putting the country at risk but you yourself are going to face dire consequences. the announcement that he made today affect 100 million americans and two-thirds of american workers. so if you're someone who thinks this isn't going to touch your life, president biden is saying it's getting personal, i'm coming for you. the president was also very clear. he pushed back forcefully against republicans and also took down some of the arguments that we've heard from people who
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don't want to get vaccinated including this is my personal choice. he said this is not about freedom, this is not about personal choice, this is about the fact that you need to be taking care of your fellow americans, the patriotic thing to do, the humane thing to do is to get vaccinated. i also thought it was important for the president to say we've been patient with y'all. we've been patient with folks. the patience is wearing thin and we are in a new phase where people need to get it together. in some ways i think this really underscores that president biden wanted to be as aggressive as possible today because you're starting to see more children in hospitals with covid-19, you're starting to see people die over and over again who are saying over and over again i wish i would have gotten vaccinated. so this is the president really, i think, going after people and saying whether it's out of ignorance or out of politics, now is the time to stop playing games with the vaccine to get your life together. >> dr. blackstock, the other thing that's happening is we're starting to see people get real stupid in schools, pushing past school administrators. let me show cut 4, my producers.
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this is in michigan. you know, you literally had a mob outside the school -- sorry, i meant 3. the mob outside of this tennessee school board meeting where people were screaming at doctors. let's play that real quick, it's 3. >> we know who you are. >> keep it calm. >> no more masks. >> we're on these guys' side. >> no, you're not. you're not on our side. >> the police are on our side. the police are on our side. let's calm down. calm down. we know who you are. we know who you are. you can leave freely, but we can find you and we know who you are. >> you'll never be allowed in public again. >> that was some unruly people, parents and people who weren't even parents yelling, screaming at health care workers like yourself for daring to say kids should wear masks. there was a michigan school where parents encouraged their students to push past administrators, disrespect them and force their way into a school.
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they didn't even get to go to class. this is just an update. we showed this video yesterday. according to the health department's public information officer the students who pushed past in michigan were put in a separate area and weren't allowed to go to class so all their parents did was get them in-school detention. for you as a health care professional, what is your reaction to the president saying it's above you now. we are taking this off of the individual doctors and nurses, this is now a policy, a national policy? >> right. as it should be, joy. it should have been probably a few months ago. we've gotten to the point where we have 1,500 people dying a day from covid, 100,000 people hospitalized. so this was the logical next step. as i said, i think that it could have been done earlier, but we have 100 million people who will hopefully be vaccinated. i want people to keep in mind it's going to take a while for those 100 million to get vaccinated. while i also appreciated the invoking of the defense production act to increase
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testing, especially rapid at-home testing which we know is very important for keeping schools open. something else i would have liked to see is more about masking. we know masking is very simple. i think because it's been politicized so much, it may not have been included in that plan. but masking is incredibly important. i would like to see more attention to ventilation in schools and workplaces as well as vaccine mandates for air travel. >> yeah, i think you're absolutely right and the mask situation is actually -- we do know that in los angeles, los angeles county schools, they have now given people until january to get fully vaccinated. everyone 12 or over in los angeles public schools, we know that new york has issued a very strict guideline requiring teachers and students to get vaccinated. so states are acting in one way in blue states. elie, in a very different way in red states. here is the list of governors who are freaking out about what they heard the president say. it's the usual suspects. brian kemp in georgia, kristi
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noem in south dakota, kim reynolds in iowa. you can go on and on and on. we haven't seen desantis yet but he's probably busy dealing with the six or seven lawsuits he's lost. he wants covid on cruise ships, he wants covid in the schools. apparently wants to spread it everywhere. the argument that's being made against what the president is doing is that somehow it is illegal, he cannot enforce businesses to abide by these mandates and he is behaving somehow as a dictator. talk about the legal backing for what the president is doing. does he have one? >> of course he has one. welcome to the immense reserves of federal power that we have existed under for this entire 250-year experiment. of course the federal government can mandate basic health and safety regulations. the same power that allows tsa to take off my shoes and molest me because i want to go to south dakota allows the federal government to mandate a vaccine
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and mandate testing at the employment level. for the labor situation, the constitutional authority is a little bit attenuated, but biden is giving them i think a very interesting choice, right? you can have your employees if you have more than 100 employees, you can have them be vaccinated, you can test them every week or pay them to stay home because they're sick. if you don't want to comply, pay your employees to stay home. that's your option too, employers. that really covers all of your legal bounds. there is simply no argument. and i will particularly not stand for and will not hear it from the forced birth afish yawn owes. the same people that you just listed that are now arguing against the mask mandates are the same people who have been running around saying it's okay to force a woman to bring pregnancy to term against her will. that is ridiculous. those people can take all of the seats. dan crenshaw needs to sit down before he faints under the
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weight of his hypocrisy for where we are right now. of course vaccine mandates are legal and of course forcing women to give birth is not. and if you can't understand that, i suggest you read this document, which explains it to you. >> yeah. really quickly, desantis hasn't responded yet, but he's actually gone to court trying to force cruise ships to let unvaccinated people who might have covid on their ships. like he's lost a bunch of cases because he's trying to force schools and private businesses to allow potentially infected people onboard. elie, does it surprise you that he keeps losing when he tries to make that argument in court? he's doing the opposite. he's like my government power is going to be used to let covid in. >> here's the simplest way to understand this. the government can require people to be healthy. it cannot require people to get sick. it's as simple as that. when you are trying to force
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private businesses to get their customers sick, you can't do that. when you are trying to -- and remember, when we're talking about mandates, we're not talking about the federal government coming into your house and jabbing you with medicine. that would be a violation of your 14th and 4th amendment rights. we're talking about the federal government requiring you to take a vaccine in order to participate in the society. that is legal. making people sick is not. i don't know any other way to say that. >> and it goes back to george washington who was the first to require vaccinations, i believe for smallpox. let me play what stephanie ruhle had to say. she was talking about the fact i think republicans assume this is an issue for them. stephanie ruhle is talking to these ceos and they're saying the opposite. this is stephanie earlier today on nicolle's show. >> are we going to see some businesses sue the administration and say, hey, we
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don't want to do this? sure. for the most part ceos that i'm speaking to, especially ceos that run big businesses in the south, this is exactly what they want. they are looking for the federal government to give them air cover so they can require vaccines. >> is that what the administration is hearing, yamiche, that businesses want this cover? they don't want to have their lower paid employee at the front desk having to enforce mandates, they'd rather have it come from the top? >> based on conversations that i'm having with white house officials and business leaders, the feeling is that businesses want to make sure that their employees are healthy so they can work. it kind of in some ways goes along with what elie was saying, it's common sense. businesses do not want to be paying for unvaccinated people to, one, have health insurance who then get sick and in the hospital who then can't work and whose medical bills they have to pay. so there's a real logical issue for this apart from the moral issue of do you want other employees making some employees sick. so there's a real feeling inside
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the administration when i talk to folks that they feel like the backing is on their side, that the people who are the decision-makers in these companies, that they are welcoming this. the other thing i think it's important to note is that president biden talked about these gop leaders when he talked about the word bullying. i think this was the president saying you're trying to bully people into being sick. you're trying to bully teachers into teaching in unsafe environments. i will move you out of the way. i think when we think about the companies, we also have to think that president biden as much as he tries to be the nice, compassionate, consoler in chief we talk about, this is also president biden saying i will slap you with a stick and move you out of the way, ron desantis, if i have to. >> and the last word to you, dr. blackstock, i know somebody who is still afraid to eat in an indoor restaurant because i am afraid of covid and as a parent that i'm afraid that my kids will eat at an indoor restaurant, i would feel so much confident or comfortable doing that myself or knowing my kids
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were doing it if i knew everyone in that space was vaccinated. in your view just as a medical professional, is this a confidence-building measure that in the end will make people feel more comfortable utilizing some of these businesses and their services? >> sure it will, joy. i have the same concerns even in my personal life. so what vaccine mandates will do is they will make workplaces, health care settings safer. people will be less likely to get sick. they will be less likely to get hospitalized, less likely to die. as i said, this was the logical next step. it's going to hopefully help us get to the end of this pandemic. in the meantime, we really need to focus on controlling the spread of the virus. but i think that this plan was a step in the right direction. >> absolutely. i agree with you, we need more on masks. this was just in my ear so i didn't hear every word of it, but apparently our friend, greg abbott in texas, has issued a statement saying that he plans to issue an executive order --
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you can't make this stuff up. i don't work for "saturday night live." protecting texans' right to choose. the jokes write themselves. >> all the seats, they can take all the seats. >> all the seats. right to choose? i might need another hour. thank you, yamiche alcindor, dr. blackstock, elie mystal. attorney general merrick gaurlands announces a legal suit against texas over its unconstitutional abortion ban. plus new concerns about possible violence as supporters of the capitol insurrectionists prepare for their next d.c. rally just nine days from now. trump's passionate defense of confederate robert e. lee saying except for gettysburg, he would have won the war. okay. except for biden's 81 million votes, you'd still be the
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the justice department is officially taking on the state of texas over its near total ban on abortions. today attorney general merrick garland announced the justice department is suing the lone star state arguing its new abortion law violates supreme court precedent and is clearly and intentionally unconstitutional. >> in the words of planned parenthood versus casey, that quote, regardless of whether exceptions are made for particular circumstances, a state may not prohibit any woman from making the ultimate decision to terminate her pregnancy before viability. the obvious and expressly acknowledged intention of this statutory scheme is to prevent
4:21 pm
women from exercising their constitutional rights by thwarting judicial review for as long as possible. >> garland is seeking an immediate injunction from the federal courts before any further harm can be caused. texas governor greg abbott, the man whose genius contribution to this discussion was to declare that texas would simply end rape in the state, he threw his two cents in saying unfortunately, president biden and his administration are more interested in changing the national narrative from their disastrous afghanistan evacuation and reckless open border policies instead of protecting the innocent lives. wendy davis, who was the democratic nominee against greg abbott back in 2014 and it still boggles my mind that they voted him in instead of you, ma'am, so thank you very much for being here. i have to read you this tweet. i don't like reading tweets from people who tweet things that aren't super right but i'm going to read it anyway.
4:22 pm
this is greg abbott's response to joe biden's vaccine mandates. so it's about a different issue. but he wrote biden's vaccine mandate is an assault on private businesses. i issued an executive order protecting, and here's the ringer, texans' right to choose whether they get the covid vaccine and added it to the special session agenda. something about a power grab that he's trying to stop. your thoughts. >> oh, my gosh. as you said in your prior segment, joy, you just can't make this stuff up. i mean it's an absolute absurd argument in the face of the overreach that right-wing republicans in this state have made against people who are seeking to terminate pregnancy in our state. that is the absolute bodily control. and it's not of course just about controlling the bodies of women who can't access abortion
4:23 pm
anymore, it's about controlling everything in their future. there was a great report today in "the 19th" where they were talking about the fact that women who were prohibited to access to abortion who otherwise would have one have deepening poverty at a greater rate than women who have access to abortion state by state by state. when women in our state and across this country are already bearing an undue amount of burden as a result of covid and the many women who had to leave the workforce as a consequence of that, this is injury upon injury and of course with the unemployment benefit supplement ending, so many women in our state are going to be put in a dire, dire situation. indeed already are. >> yeah. and like the voting ban -- i won't call it a voting ban but it might as well be.
4:24 pm
voter restrictions that were also jammed through the republican legislature and signed by the governor, this law would disproportionately hurt women of color. let's put the stats up. white, black and latino women. black women would be disproportionately harmed. 26% of those seeking abortions and 37% of the population. what do you make of the fact that you still have major corporations that are funding these republicans? i'm going to put the list up on the screen. from at&t on. even cvs health, my god. that are still pouring money into these politicians in your state that are trying to rob women of their liberty. what do you make of that? >> you know, apparently at&t actually wrote greg abbott a $100,000 check on the very day that he was signing the voter suppression bill into law in our state. and when you think about it, joy, women of course who are
4:25 pm
dramatically impacted by this anti-abortion law here are not only in many companies the majority of the employees, they're also the majority of consumers. and i hope that we as women will exercise our voices and our choices in terms of the businesses that we give our money to and that we work with based on whether they are going to align their values with what matters to the vast majority of people in this state. and let's make this clear. a very discreet minority of people are the folks that greg abbott and other right-wing radical republicans are speaking to and trying to make happy with laws like this. 70% of texans said they want roe to be left alone and they want women in texas and others who
4:26 pm
can become pregnant to have access to abortion care as it is guaranteed under roe v. wade. so we are in a situation where we're being choked by this minority group. i hope that we can convince our businesses in texas to be reflective of the majority of people who live here and not this minority right-wing fringe that greg abbott is trying to court so that he can run for president. >> i think a lot of people remember you from your epic filibuster in which you tried to save, you know, women's rights and women's liberties before. any chance you'll give another shot at running for office? maybe greg abbott could use an opponent again. >> i'm going to be doing what i'm doing right now, joy, leading a nonprofit organization that i founded, deeds not words. we're training the next generation of young women to be able to move into these positions of power and make the
4:27 pm
changes that our state so desperately needs. one of the great things that they're working on right now is raising a legal defense fund for all of the clinic workers, doctors who are subject to personal and extreme financial liability as a consequence of this anti-abortion law. we hope you'll take a look at that on our website and consider contributing to that very valid cause. >> tweet that out and we'll retweet it from my account and the show account. thank you very much, former texas state senator wendy davis. thanks for all you do. still ahead, today is the deadline for telecom and social media companies to turn over records requested by the select committee investigating the january 6 capitol insurrection. this as defenders of the insurrectionists plan another rally in washington. what could possibly go wrong? what could possibly go wrong i'm not hungry! you're having one more bite! no! one more bite! ♪
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today is the deadline for more than 30 social media and telecom companies to respond to the select committee's request to preserve phone records and other materials related to january 6th. as we've learned this month, one of the 12 known targets of those requests is the feckless minority leader of the house. the house gop would be kevin mccarthy. despite being in touch with donald trump during the insurrection, little kevin made a dubious statement last week that he doesn't have anything to add to the investigation. he falsely claimed that trump had nothing to do with the mob
4:32 pm
that trump summoned to washington to, quote, stop the steal that day. >> there's nothing i have that can add to that day. >> isn't there another question that the democrats want to know is how deeply was the president involved with what happened that day. >> you know what's interesting about that, that's where law enforcement comes. the fbi has investigated this. the senate had bipartisan committees and come back. you know what they have found? that there's no involvement. >> nope, nope, of course neither the fbi nor the senate reached any such conclusion. meanwhile, law enforcement is preparing for the so-called justice for j 6 rally on september 18th. that's in support of the jailed insurrectionists who attempted to overthrow our government. that is being organized by a former trump campaign official. while the permit claims that only 700 participants are expected to attends, nobody really knows how many might turn up or how deranged they might be. here's house speaker nancy pelosi bluntly describing them
4:33 pm
yesterday. >> now these people are coming back to praise the people who were out to kill. >> law enforcement is now planning to reinstall the protective fencing around the capitol and roll call reports that according to police intelligence there's been an uptick in violent talk about the rally online. extremists have discussed committing violent acts against local jewish centers and liberal churches while law enforcement is distracted. one user said, quote, i will be there with my ar-15 although legally i can't have one. notably many republicans who have been outspoken in their defense of the insurrectionists are not planning to attend, including citizen cheerleaders margie q. greene and madison cawthorne. louis gomert and lauren boebert will also sit this one out. glenn kirschner and kurt bar della join me. glenn, maybe the decisions they're making might be the
4:34 pm
first sign of intelligent life we're seeing in the gop caucus. here's jim jordan last week fudging on whether he'd be there. >> are you going to be there on september 18th? >> is there a rally? >> there's going to be a rally. >> oh, really? >> so there's no rally in d.c. for all the people they're holding right now? >> get in on the -- >> likewise, madison cawthorne glenn was threatening to bust those guys out, ruminating about how they can bust them out of prison. do you think this is a sign they're worried about their legal situation? >> yeah, you know, joy, i think this protest, this rally, whatever they want to call it, will probably fizzle. but if it doesn't, what i am confident of is joe biden's administration will make sure that the capitol is protected. there will be enough federal law enforcement forces deployed to protect whatever the threat is to the capitol as a result of this new little protest that
4:35 pm
they're trying to gin up. of course it may fizzle in part because donald trump has lost all of his platforms so he can't gin up all of the hateful support he's used to ginning up. when you look at what happened on january 6th, it sure looked like the executive branch, donald trump's executive branch, deprived the capitol of the forces it needed to repel the attack, the attack that was orchestrated and launched by donald trump himself. that stood in stark comparison to the blm protests, which i attended. there was every law enforcement agency known to man and some unknown to man because they weren't even wearing proper insignia. the bureau of prisons riot squad was there and i've never seen them deployed outside the bureau of prisons riot. so let them bring their 700 people or however many show up. joe biden's administration will be well prepared. >> yeah. i think it's a very good point, kurt, that we all -- we understand that but for there
4:36 pm
having been january 6th, these 700 or whatever number of oddballs would have shown up and very little in light police presence because this is not a group of black people showing up, right? but that aside, do you think that without donald trump tweeting the "it's going to be wild" tweets that he did last december and ginning up basically a rally for himself and saying come to do this to defend me that they will lack these groups, that they'll lack the impetus to put it together and to make it -- to pull it off? >> yeah, i think that's the optimistic view here, that without the megaphone of social media at his disposal to incite and motivate people to attend that this will essentially be a nonevent. this will just be your typical gathering of white nationalists protesting the incarceration of domestic terrorists in america because that's where we're at right now in this country. but i think this is also going
4:37 pm
to be an interesting and instructive case study about what happens when you don't allow open aired hate speech to litter the entire social media apparatus, when you don't allow those platforms to be used as a rallying cry, as a uniting cry by these hate groups and by hateful people like donald trump. the reason why this may fizzle out is because trump is not on twitter anymore, because all these actors aren't using them as propaganda vehicles to try to get all these people to show up and commit an act of domestic terrorism. so hopefully what we see coming up is nowhere near what we saw on january 6 and that just tells me that removing people from these platforms works and we need to keep doing it and doing it more aggressively. >> are you telling me that getter and parler are not hot? very quickly to stay with you for a minute, what does it tell you that these guys are trying to operate in brazil? it's like they're trying to take their show on the road, kurt? >> it just seems to me that
4:38 pm
people like steve bannon and jason miller, and this has really been their modus operandi for the last few years. we've seen bannon pal around with billionaire chinese figures. we've seen now jason miller in brazil. we're seeing them try to take the show on the road and do what they have done in america, which is dupe and sucker people into giving their money to these people who use it to enrich themselves. >> glenn, i have to give you the last word because we have seen a couple of these proud boys and such who are now facing -- they're facing the music. what do you make of these requests. gabriel garcia who's a defendant, he's arguing that his ankle monitor is unsafe because his potential clients can hear the beeping so it's messing with his business. you have dominique pazola arguing for his release because he says the hygiene is not good and the showers aren't good and everything is nicer in gen pop.
4:39 pm
what do you make of these whinings? >> so these requests are entirely ordinary. any time somebody is on release and a judge imposes conditions of release to make sure, one, the community is protected and, two, the defendant doesn't flee, we get these requests to modify the conditions of release. it's a shame that the ankle monitor may be chafing the ankle of a domestic terrorist. i don't feel all that bad for him. but here's what i predict the judges will do. they'll say the reason you're behaving is because you're wearing an ankle monitor. the last thing the court will be inclined to do is modify the conditions in the wake of these complaints and take the ankle monitor off these characters. not going to happen. >> yeah, that seems right to me. glenn kirschner, kurt bardella, thanks very much. the loser of the lat
4:40 pm
presidential election has a special place in his heart for the loser of the civil war. his latest rant has three words that have us scratching our heads in amazement. you will hear those words next. stay with us. you will hear those words next stay with us and found some really cool stuff... it was just a lot of fun. just to talk to my parents about it and to send it to my grandparents and be like, hey this person we're all related to look at this crazy stuff they did in arizona 100 years ago. it actually gives you a picture of their life, so you get to feel like you're walking the same path they did. ♪ ♪ mission control, we are go for launch. you're walking the same path they did. um, she's eating the rocket. ♪♪ lunchables! built to be eaten. for skin that never holds you back don't settle for silver
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it is impossible to overlook the parallels between the january 6th attack on the capitol and the republicans' whitewashing of it and the first effort to mythologyize sedition, the lost cause of the confederacy. the false thought that the civil war was a battle of cause. unsurprisingly, the orange demi-god of the current lost cause is on the side of the loser of the first. robert e. lee was removed from his perch in richmond yesterday. the geography of robert e. lee is a stew of whitewashing and
4:45 pm
ignorance. the myth of the heroic general lee is a fiction of a person who never existed. he was a slave holder who led a war in defense of human bondage. he wasn't even an american general. he resigned from the u.s. army as a colonel and only got his elevated rank from the traitors who seceded and invaded the united states. it's no wonder the president having digs him having been a fraud himself with that whole successful businessman schtick. he called lee the greatest strategist of them all saying except for gettysburg he would have won the war. except for biden's margin of 7 million votes last november trump would still be in government housing pounding ivermectin and diet coke. and except for a crushing defeat where lee lost his army and turning the tide in the war, except for that, human bondage would have continued for god
4:46 pm
knows how much longer in america, just as ole robert e. lee intended. joining me now, steve schmidt. steve, welcome back. i haven't seen you in too long. i've got to read to you this really genius tweet by congressman connor lamb of pennsylvania. he said i guess trump and robert e. lee both know how it is to suffer humiliating defeat by pro-democracy forces in pennsylvania. your witness. >> yeah. look, robert e. lee at gettysburg on the third day launches an attack uphill over a mile. nine confederate brigades are wiped out. the truth about robert e. lee is he never won a major battle against the north after stonewall jackson was killed. he was an impatient gambler. sometimes those gambles paid off. they did at chancellorsville
4:47 pm
where he divided his force in contravention of all military history and rules and encircled the union army and crushed it and again gambling at gettysburg he lost. the point about gettysburg that we should remember, though, joy, is the second day where literally within a couple of minutes the union was saved. and the union was saved when general hancock rode down the line at a full gallop, a new york ne'er-do-well politician named dan sickles, a congressman who had shot his wife's lover in broad daylight, lower manhattan, in command of union forces had allowed the confederates to possibly get around the end of the line and be in position to end the battle of gettysburg by being on the high ground between washington, d.c., and the union army. to this day, the men that responded to hancock's order,
4:48 pm
the first minnesota, when he said fix bay nets and charge. 250 men against thousands of confederates. to this day it's the highest casualty action in the history of the united states military. 84% of those men were wounded or killed. but in that charge, most of those men immigrants, they saved the united states of america. robert e. lee's due has come -- bill has come due by history. he is what he was. he was a traitor. he raised his sword against the flag of the united states of america for an immoral cause, the building and maintenance of a slave state on north american shores. it's fitting that that statue has come down. >> yeah. it offends me, to be honest, because our family -- people close to me in the military for
4:49 pm
him to even be called general. he was not a general in the u.s. army. he was made a general by the traitors. so even using the term general to me, it sticks in my craw. i've got to ask you about someone else who like i would say ulysses s. grant was decisive today. president biden. there is a lot of caterwauling going on among republican governors, 17 so far and counting starting with greg abbott who had a weird comment about choice and ending with tennessee's bill lee. they're quite upset with this mandate. i don't know if you agree with me on this, but i feel like the majority of americans are vaccinated already, right? we're talking about 6, 7 in 10, in some states it's 70%. most of the people that are vaccinated are irritated about these refusing to do this easy thing and save us from this nightmare pandemic. do you agree with the sort of dave wasserman's of the world that biden now being real
4:50 pm
decisive and coming down strong on the side of the vaccinated is actually good politics for him and bad for republicans? >> you used the word "irritated," which is evident of magnanimity. i think the majority in this country is enraged over this, about being held hostage by an extremist intransigent junk science-believing minority that is endangering america's children. we're in the opening months of what will be the children's phase of this pandemic. and we will see death of america's children. and i think there is a lot to be said about how a society treats its children, its most vulnerable citizens. and these gop governors are showing they're anything but pro life when it comes to children with their cavalier disregard for the lives of america's
4:51 pm
children. and the immunocompromised. and our most vulnerable populations. and so here's the deal as we move into the second year or third year. someone's going to lose out. someone's going to have to stay home. and let it be the people who would rather take horse dewormer than a safe, viable, effective vaccine that's saving lives. someone's world is going to get smaller. i don't want it to be mine, and i don't want it to be my kids. so you have a lot of rights in america. i am completely opposed to the government mandating that you must in the private sector as a private citizen take a vaccine. but you don't have a right to fly on american airlines or delta airlines. congress should pass laws that make it easier to file class action lawsuits against companies that won't make the right decisions to protect their
4:52 pm
consumers, that pack them in into canisters at 35,000 feet in the air, for example. the incentives that government can bring and including the imposition of appropriate mandates using the full lawful authority of the ut government. and i think it's important to understand that imposing mandates around vaccines and quarantines around diseases is as american as apple pie and has gone on since the beginning of the country. we live in an age of misinformation and an age of insanity, and enough is enough is enough. reality is reality, and it's time to end the b.s. and so i think that he should approach this with an iron fist. and i think that the overwhelming majority of the country is going to be deeply appreciative of somebody
4:53 pm
standing up at long last and saying to the small minority of nuts in this country, enough. >> i think -- i 100% agree. i think that's how most people are going to feel. steve schmidt, thank you very much. and don't go anywhere. tonight's absolute worst is straight ahead as a conservative democratic senator puts the squeeze on the rest of his party. stay with us. with us ♪ ayy, ayy, ayy ♪ ♪ yeah, we fancy like applebee's on a date night ♪ ♪ got that bourbon street steak with the oreo shake ♪ ♪ get some whipped cream on the top too ♪ ♪ two straws, one check, girl, i got you ♪ ♪ bougie like natty in the styrofoam ♪ ♪ squeak-squeakin' in the truck bed all the way home ♪ ♪ some alabama-jamma, she my dixieland delight ♪ ♪ ayy, that's how we do, ♪ ♪ how we do, fancy like, oh ♪
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it's a fact of life that even kindergartners understand. a deal is supposed to be a deal. when centrist democrats in the white house insisted on a compromise with republicans on infrastructure, they and progressives came to an understanding. democrats would vote for the pared-down bipartisan infrastructure deal as long as they could advance a separate $3.5 trillion human infrastructure bill that can be passed without the need for any republicans. republicans got to go home and crow about getting their voters roads and bridges. and what did progressives get? a lot of hemming and hawing it turns out from members of their own party over the price tag of the bill. the south carolina representative jim clyburn, who said maybe we don't need to spend quite that much money. or florida representative stephanie murphy who says she's a no vote in committee until she gets details on where the money would come from.
4:58 pm
and it shouldn't be a surprise to anybody that both kyrsten sinema and joe manchin, the bonnie and clyde of chamber of commerce democrats, have balked at the price of the bill without saying exactly what they will or won't support. while exact details haven't been released, democrats have said that they do plan to pay for the bill by raising taxes on the wealthy and corporations. california congresswoman katie porter had a brilliant response to manchin's concerns about the pricetag today. >> we're going to generate the revenue to pay for these things. i have the will to do it. the question is does senator manchin or is he more concerned about his corporate donors including large corporations in the oil and gas industry, the big pharmaceutical industry and others who are getting away with paying nothing under our current tax system? >> hmm. well, the internet reported this week manchin has intensive ties to coal companies with grim records of pollution, safety violations and death. not to mention his family's ties to wall street and big pharma. his daughter is currently under fire for working with pfizer to keep epipen prices high.
4:59 pm
but here's the thing about this reconciliation bill. if democrats want to be on the record for making necessary systemic change in this country, this bill, or again republicans have zero say might be their only chance to do it. it's never been more clear that government spending helps americans. with coronavirus spending causing a record drop in poverty, particularly thanks to child tax credits which the reconciliation bill would expand. it could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to address the country's affordable housing crisis as an expert told nbc news. its paid family leave proposal could help 37% of unemployed americans return to work sooner. not to mention the benefits expanded child care and universal pre-k would bring to parents. and its clean electricity programs would be a significant step toward ensuring that we actually continue to have a planet to live on. so moderate democrats, for double-crossing progressives and caring more about numbers than about your constituents, which
5:00 pm
really ain't cool because a deal is supposed to be a deal, you are tonight's absolute worst. and that is tonight's "reid out." "all in" with chris hayes starts right now. tonight on "all in" -- >> my message to unvaccinated americans is this. what more is there to wait for? >> the president speaks up and acts out for the silent majority. >> we've been patient but our patience is wearing thin. and your refusal has cost all of us. >> tonight the white house goes big to bend the delta curve with nih director francis collins. then -- >> today, after careful assessment of the facts and the law, the justice department has filed a lawsuit against the state of texas. >> what the new doj lawsuit against texas means for reproductive right


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