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tv   The Beat With Ari Melber  MSNBC  September 16, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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alicia mendez in for ari melber. we start with donald trump siding with january 6th rioters. d.c. law enforcement taking no chances, new fencing is up outside the capitol. workers installing it over night and preparations for this saturday's so-called justice for j-6 rally. today former president trump out with a statement expressing sympathies for them. >> our hearts and minds are with the people being prosecuted so unfairly related to the january 6th insurrection. january 6th was not a protest, it was an insurrection and an attack on our democracy. these rioters have been charged from felony and ranging from assault and conspiracy.
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many have pled guilty. speaker pelosi saying this time d.c. will be ready. >> january 6th was one of the worst day in history. they have their plans to come and everybody will be ready for them. >> this rally is being organized by a former trump campaign official. new reports revealed that some far right extremists are urging people not to attend because they think somehow that it is a secret government plot to arrest more people involved in the january 6th riot. you cannot make it up. officials are not worried about d.c., dozens of j-6 rallies are planned around the country without security resources with the federal government to help keep people safe. joining me now joyce vance and
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katy kay and frank. frank, tell us what you expect to see this saturday. >> first, i expect to see extraordinary even unprecedented security precautions. i expect to see intelligence sharing and collection and a posture across the capitol region that brings in all departments and that's all what we are seeing right now. that's the good news. i also expect and watch carefully three things, attendance. the number counts. how many people are fed up with the lie and conspiracy and will not further support behind the january 6th rioters. i think not. i am not expecting to see that based on the chatter i see on their site. lastly, who's going to taking
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podium. what's the radicalized rhetoric we are going to hear about the rioters. are we going to see distancing from that podium and a lack of attendance pointing to a good sign ahead if that's the case. >> katy, we know no gop members are currently planning to attend in that rally. if it sticks, what does it say to you? >> how much republican members are caught between president trump himself with protesters and a base that really does believe the january 6th rioters were righteous and justified good people and the desire they have to get afar away from -- when they are talking about january the 6th, that's not a winning strategy for them. they want to keep the focus on joe biden. it does not surprise me that
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members and even marjorie greene are not saying they're going to be there in attendance this weekend. >> joyce, it pains me to have to read that statement from the former president. how dangerous is this for trump to frame the rioters as quote, "protesters" given the crimes they are accused of? >> the former president's megaphone speaks a little less loudly than it did when he still had access to social media platforms. even though social media taken steps to lessen his voice. that does not make his comments less dangerous. we know he helicopters to mislead americans for his own purposes. that should be unfitness. that should be something that the republican party is running away from and not continuing to embrace. this notion that a president, a former president when he wants to be the future president would
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lie to people in an effort to prop himself up. it seems to be out of bound and yet in 2021 it isn't.. >> that seems like a great way to take no responsibility regardless of what the outcome is. >> the fact that he's golfing at bedminister this week. this is why i think frank is right. the tens of thousands who were here on january 6th. it may not be as big as anticipated. this group is organizing this look ahead of america has had a track record of saying they're going to have much bigger
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numbers. be careful this is a set up, they're bringing you to washington in order to make further arrest, it sorts of gives people an out. >> frank, your thoughts on what katty just laid out. >> yeah, there is a good sign here 600 arrests, six guilty pleas is having a chilling effect on violent planning and actions. the chatter says what i am seeing is i don't want to get arrested, they're going to arrest all of us and don't go. there are plans for similar rallies even from the same organizers around the united states and smaller places and smaller cities that can challenge law enforcement, that's something to watch saturday and the following weekend, september 25th. >> frank, if you were local law
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enforcement and you are watching and see it may be bubbling up in your city, what type of preparations are you taking now? >> here is what we are seeing nationally and globally that can help you do that. you want to start preparing and may be a budget increase for overtime. get your intel or sources going. send a message. you are not going let it happen here. you will have designated protest areas. you got to get your act in gear. it's going to go local saturday or the next week and that seems to be the model for the foreseeable future >> frank, there is no reporting of the department of homeland security which warned law enforcement agencies this spring. the domestic extremists had used tiktok in the lead up of the january 6th riot in the capitol
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including by bringing guns to washington that day. my tiktok feed hacks for missing my kids' lunch. how dangerous is the fact that none of these social platforms seemed to have a handle on how to stop extremists using their platform for recruitment. >> we need to listen to the ceos of these very platform and they are. they can't do this alone. they need help. when a ceo and one of these platforms tell us they need congressional lesson. we need to listen. we need to start rating and reviewing those that get it right or try to get it right. facebook alone has 20 or 30,000 employees who come to work under the rubric of safety and security. it's still not enough. we need regulations and
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consumerism when it comes to our people. >> joyce, i want to turn to this. this is related to our discussion because of the big lie. what do you make of this that these so-called election audits that we are in september and it's still happening. >> they better call it "fraud it." these are not true audits election. it gets it perfectly. these violate federal law earlier this year, there was a letter sent out by doj's civil rights division to arizona saying we are watching laws that requires proper tracking of election materials of ballots and machines after the fact. there is the possibility of action from doj, if this
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continues on but the real impact is local. elections are run on local budge dollars in large part. when you have one of these fraud-its then the machines being compromised. we are seeing counties in some states having to acquire new equipment because their old equipment is tainted. the spill over here is more of the perpetuate of the big lie. make no mistake about it. also it has a real impact in terms of administration of future elections and how that funding spilled out, all of this means the only real answer is for the senate to bypass the filibuster and adopt the john lewis' voting rights app. without those measures, our
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election will be disarray. >> i can never figure out whether or not the camera can see me when i put them around the word "audits" here. katty, i want to play some sound from speaker pelosi, i want to get your take. just take a listen. >> that was an assault from outside. it was horrible. again, that was horrible. having an assault within our country. this is just between us, you don't tell anybody. no one could ever expected that the president of the united states would incite an
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insurrection. >> powerful remarks in pennsylvania on the anniversary where he talked about the fact that america was now at risk of being attacked from being inside as much as almost outside. these people are culturally different, they have different religions. you have to look back at the last 20 years to see the number of people have died at the hands of domestic terrorists far higher than the united states. the number shows us that. speaker pelosi and president bush is pointing to something that's continuously recognized by law enforcement and as well as the general public. katty, frank, thank you both so much. joyce, you are staying with me, i want to turn to another breaking news story. michael sossamon is part of a special council probe into the origins of the trump russia
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investigation. his firm has deep democratic ties. the false statement was maid five years ago about trump and russia. the deadline to bring charges is coming up this weekend. sossamon denies the wrong doing. joyce, what do you make of this indictment? >> we are seeing this indictment for the first time this afternoon. there maybe more evidence to come but based on that indictment, it looks pretty thin, the core of this crime that's charged, making a false statement to a government official. this was the same charge that was made against mike flynn for his conversations with the russian ambassador, the charge that was dismissed by bill bar after flynn pleaded guilty not once but twice. that requires the government to prove the defendants made a material misstatement of fact
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and made a material lie. material means it has to be something in court that could influence the outcome of that proceeding. the allegation here looks a little thin. it was well-known to folks that sossamon's firm represented, the dnc and did work for the clinton campaign. beyond that, when the fbi decides to open an investigation, they do that when they are presented with credible information that something requires an investigation. the source of that investigation is not particularly important to them. so in this case it seems likely that whether or not the fbi's general council was aware that sossamon was working for the clinton campaign which there were some conflicting information whether he was working for them. the real point here is whether there would have been an investigation, anyhow it seems likely there would have been. this is a tough case for doj.
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>> joyce vance, thank you. how trump's former aides are spending millions of dollars to block the agenda. i am going to talk to chris murphy. now reporting on how mark zuckerberg ignored facebook's own research. and facts-check on the covid-19 vaccine claims. stay with us. the covid-19 vaccine claims. stay with us it and to send it to my grandparents and be like, hey this person we're all related to look at this crazy stuff they did in arizona 100 years ago. it actually gives you a picture of their life, so you get to feel like you're walking the same path they did. ♪ ♪ why bother mastering something? why hand-tune an audio system?
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and here is how you know. new reporting on a ban of former trump's aides hooking up a plot to fight biden's proposal. the very champion of the tax cuts for the rich. democrats are now trying to roll back. biden making that contrast very clear. >> attacking me and my plan which is fine. if you are going to have a debate, let's have an honest debate. our republican friends are attacking my plan saying big spending. these are the same folks who passed the trump tax cut.
3:20 pm
$2 trillion in tax cuts. >> under speaker pelosi, all house committees now finished their work on the spending bill, it includes major priorities. there are still debates over prescription drug prices. biden meeting with both senators this week. big picture. biden's agenda getting a big new thumbs up from nobel-prize. maybe why maga world is so nervous. i am going to talk to the democrat on the top front line of this fight, we'll be back in 60 seconds. fight, we'll be back 60 seconds i have jaybirds that come when i call.
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murphy, members of the senate appropriations committee. maga road trying to torpedo biden's plan. what do you think is motivating them. you take power from corporations and billionaires and millionaires and deliver it to middle class and poor families struggling to make ends meet. that means corporations are going to pay more taxes and billionaires are going to have to pay their fair share. that means pharmaceutical are not going to make $2 billion in profits next years. the maga crowd which has been funded by billionaire corporate interests for a while are going to be busy trying to undermine this agenda. we have seen it before. i see the american people are on our side here. they want us to see it delivered for them. they are sick and tired of those
3:23 pm
elites getting everything they ask for and want for in washington. it will be a fight, a fight worth having. >> there are a lot of eyes on senator manchin and sinema. have you spoke with either of them, what do they need in order to get on board? >> i guess i do agree with senator manchin when he says we should not be guided by arbitrary number. this package should be 3.5 or $6 trillion. let's decide what the american people need in order to survive. we can find consensus if we build the agenda from the bottom up. we can find consensus on universal pre-k and benefits for seniors. i think we can get this.
3:24 pm
>> what is it that you think you can't find consensus on? >> again, i have not had detail negotiations with those senators to know which part of the agenda they may not be willing to support. i name a few that i think we can find consensus on. of course, for me, the elements of this bill which attacks climate change are most important. what worries me is listening to senator manchin in particular expressing reservations of the piece of the agenda there, they're going to save our climate and planet from deaf and destructions. that is going to be the hardest part to find consensus on but in some way is the most important. we have the conversation this week between all 50 of us and manchin was in the room trying to find that common ground on social spending. i still have faith that we'll get there. >> senator murphy, three house dems voted against lower drug
3:25 pm
prices. how important is it to get this specific piece right? >> so this is absolutely crazy that we allow the drug industry to continue to make billions of dollars of profit off of us, right? the drug companies are subsidized by taxpayers' program like medicare and medicaid. medicare is prohibited from using their power to negotiate lower prices in the drug industry. it was written in the law two decades ago in order to guarantee these profits in the drug industry. i do not understand why there are a handful of house democrats that are more interested in drug company profits than they are in saving the taxpayers' money. money that we'll use to expand benefits for medicare. we'll use those savings to add dental benefits and visual benefits. i did a press conference on this in connecticut today. i am encouraging all my constituents to get activated here. i hope people across the country
3:26 pm
are going to call into every single house and demanding they stand up for seniors and healthcare consumers instead of the drug industry. >> a new study shows big pharmas make big profit. the difference is people need drugs to live which underscores the exact point you were making. what then specifically needs to happen to bring in big pharma. >> you got to give medicare to negotiate directly with the drug companies. each insurance company negotiates prices with the drug industry. walmart does not have each individual store negotiating the price it pays to buy goods it puts on shelves.
3:27 pm
the united states of government should be negotiating on all medicare beneficiaries. the results would be the profits of the drug industry would get smaller. while the drug industry makes up, i don't know, only 10% or 20% of medicare spending, there is 15% of the profit. we can take it and increase benefits for americans. that's a win-win, a win for taxpayers and the people. thank you so much for your time. how mark zuckerberg ignored internal warning of the divisive and hateful contents swirling on the platform. tucker carlson back at it. his massive news self-own on covid safety measures. stay with us. n on
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zuckerberg disregarded about warnings of hateful content swirling on the site. some capitol rioters used facebook to organize, prompting a public outcry.
3:32 pm
the wall street journal reporting today on changes facebook made in 2018, designed to encourage people to interact more with friends and family and spend less time passively consuming professionally content. >> there are a lot of hard work we need to do to make it harder for rusia to do elections interfering and trolling. >> the changes backfired and made the angry voices louder. the company's own researchers finding that "misinformation, toxicity and violent contents are prevalent." zuckerberg knew facebook is
3:33 pm
becoming a more contentious place but refused to change it. the story is one of a serious in the journal called "the facebook file." reported on another article from the files, facebook's own research shows instagram is toxic for teen girls. >> joining me now is rosalind wiseman. i am going to start with you, you wrote this story, what surprised you the most? >> i was surprised that they wrote some of this stuff down. the most shocking thing was that there are some political party in europe that told facebook they actually changed their policy positions towards negative and divisive ones. >> the company's own research shows political party ramped up the outrage.
3:34 pm
why didn't facebook do more to change it? the reason was there was a trade off here. zuckerberg was warned of some of to the worst things but he says i am going to test it a little bit but i am not going to do anything broad if it means giving up engagement. >> you know these platforms are the domain of women where a majority of instagram users, i am a user of these platforms and i understand the comparative elements which exist offline and they do online. you have filters and retouch features. those impact me as a grown woman and what is it doing to girls? >> it's making them feel terrible about themselves. i want to reframe this as sacrificing young people's dignity and their mental health.
3:35 pm
we are paying it for young people's mental health. i am grateful this information came into light. they have known about it and i have known about it. instagram makes me feel terrible but i can't get off of it. i know all those filters and when i see people on it, i feel terrible about myself. if we can reframe this for everyone, this is taking away the dignity and the sense of worth that young people have for themselves, that's a high price people are paying. are we continuing to pay this price? i don't think we should be. >> rosalind, there is the role we as consumers and users and parents or caretakers and
3:36 pm
consumers and users choose to make that sort of the immediate agency that we have. these platforms are ubiquitous. how can facebook change the platform? what would it look like to create a platform that does not have this impact? >> i want to go back to young girls and also boys are also feeling this way. so often it gets swept under and we know that boys are suffering. when facebook talks about talking to young people, are we having young people at the
3:37 pm
table? young people know they are being manipulated and they also know in some ways they can't control it. are we whaling and this is my answer to your question. are we willing to have young people at the table where they have a voice and being able to set parameters that really help all of us. i encourage we look at young people as a subject matter of their life and being the recipient and targeted by their attention by instagram and all of these things that they are being told that this is who they should be. and we are thinking about this in terms of their worth and dignity. we are not teaching young people of how to manage their emotions and how they manage their social interactions with people. oftentimes in schools, we are
3:38 pm
curtailed to not doing that for young people. if we bring young people to the table and ask them to contribute, i think we'll get to a much better place. >> yeah, we can't ask them to teach us to use the platform and not consider them subject of experts. >> i appreciate you making this more of a gender perspective. >> take a listen on mark zuckerberg. >> i think the idea that fake news on facebook, is a small amount of content influenced the election in any way is a pretty crazy idea. >> zuckerberg apologized for those comments. does he have trouble admitting facebook is as problem. when you look at misinformation and you look at the way
3:39 pm
instagram is impacting teens. what does it tell us about this company? >> it tells us while they are willing to study the problem, they don't have to political will within the company to fix it. that's basically it. they are talented people and finding out damming information and writing it down but when it's escalated to mark zuckerberg, he was not willing to make the trade off to ultimately fix the problem. >> that's where real change happens. thank you both. ahead, news on the pandemic and a glaring hypocrisy coming from fox, tucker carlson and aoc's tax the rich dress, new reaction exclusive. lop plop fiz zz' ♪ alka seltzer plus cold relief, dissolves quickly... instantly ready to start working. so you can bounce back fast with alka-seltzer plus. i've got moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. now, there's skyrizi.
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>> even if fox news required and i am not being facetious when i say that. they stepped forward and done that as well. >> the fox misinformation continues. last night tucker carlson ignored the facts of his own employers so he can spread more lies about the mandates. >> joe biden's order forcing hundreds of millions of americans to take the covid shot is insane as a matter of public health. this whole thing is a shame. it's all fake. it's not about public health. if you can force the people to get the vaccine, what can you do? >> it matters because the fox news base overlaps significantly with the millions of unvaccinated people who are most at risk right now. 59% of fox's vaccine segments including claims and under cutting immunizations and at night when tucker's show airs,
3:45 pm
false claims. this information has potentially deadly consequences. nbc reporting covid infections among children exploded with nearly 500,000 cases the last two weeks. joining me now, howard dean, and dr. natalie aazar. it's good to see you both. how dangerous is it for fox news to spread false claims about the mandate? >> it's incredibly dangerous and causing a lot of people lives. they should be sued and they should be liable for the damages in the same way that trump wanted facebook and youtube to be liable for the damages they caused when they didn't screen misinformation off their sites. fox news is killing people. they can be sued for that. you need a smart lawyer because they have freedom of the media and the first amendment and
3:46 pm
blah, blah, blah. when the first amendment is used to kill people then you probably can't sue them for a lot of money. diminion will probably sue them. >> the impact it has on health professionals who are having to in take these patients and heard these false claims about covid on tv or online. what is the position that it's putting medical practitioners in? >> it's really all part of our jobs. most of us spend at least part of every encounter inquiing of our patients their vaccination status and those who are still reluctant and hesitant and have legitimate concerns about it. we spend quite a considerable amount of time with our patients discussing this all. i am sure many of us have friends and other people in our orbit who are getting their
3:47 pm
information and in this case a lot of disinformation and misinformation and it presents a challenge. it gets exhausting after a while to have to fact-check everything but that's what we have to do. i certainly seen that if you do take the time and you ask people exactly what they are thinking and where they are getting their information and you spend that time educating folks about it. they generally are more incline to want to get vaccinated. >> particularly relevant because study after study shows that talking to your primary care provider is the best way to persuade someone. >> dr. azar, schools across the country is dealing with covid outbreaks. can you walk us through why so many kids are getting infected now? >> unfortunately it's
3:48 pm
straightforward. we talk about the concept of are not and how many people are infected by one infected person. in the original strain is about 2 to 3 people and this one is 6 to 7. it basically doubled the activity of the original strain because kids are not under the age of 12 candidates for vaccination, they don't have the extra layer of protection. at least for the moment, although we are looking closely at the issue whether or not covid is more severe in children. there is no evidence of that. it's just a numbers game. more adults are infected and naturally more children will be infected as well. >> perhaps, unanswerable question. do anti-vaxers realize they are putting their own kids and other
3:49 pm
people's kids at risk, too? >> well, there is a difference of anti-vaxers, they are basically nuts. they have psychological problems which prevents them from being rational. a lot of the people who are against the vaccines for all kinds of reasons including political reasons. the most effective way is having them talk to their primary care people. the most effective way is when somebody in their family dies from covid. we have seen stories after stories where people's last words were get vaccinated. that's a real waker upper. the truth is, the anti-vaxers have always been there.
3:50 pm
they're a little off. that's not potent for it. the real potent force is the people like trump and politicians claiming it does not matter and even trump's medical advise sometimes. you're fact checking me, not dr. azar. >> sorry. >> a new hampshire republican state lawmaker, also a doctor, someone like you, both an elected official and a doctor, switched to the democratic party -- >> i saw that. >> -- because of the gop policy. what did you make of that? >> i think it's great. look, there are decent people who are republicans who see the light. i always talk about governor hutchinson in arkansas, who signed a bill that banned mask mandates and then said he regretted it and it wasn't the right thing to do. mike dewine is a really conservative republican governor in ohio who's handled the whole crisis very, very well. just because you're a republican or a conservative doesn't make
3:51 pm
you anti-vax. but the tremendous, tremendous pressure among republicans to be anti-vax, to be anti-science and if it costs lives, then people ought to find a different political party because i think the republican party is morally bankrupt right about now. >> dr. azar, i do want to get you in on this. idaho hospitals so maxed out on covid patients they're contacting hospitals to transfer patients. what kind of a effect does that have on care in these areas? >> well, it's devastating, alicia, for all the obvious reasons. even the level of care for the covid-19 patients could suffer if there's a shortage of important medications, remdesivir, dexamethasone, all the other reasons people seek medical care like car accidents and things like that. there was even reports of hospitals closing because they didn't have enough staff to handle deliveries, and so there was no longer going to be births at a hospital.
3:52 pm
i mean it sounds crazy, you know, but it is certainly something that we experienced maybe not to that degree on the east coast early on, but it happens. there's only so many hospital beds and there's only so many ways that you can transform or reutilize the space in your hospital. >> all while a vaccine is available that prevents hospitalization. thank you both. turning to another important story, tonight new calls to punish or even prosecute the fbi agents who mishandled the sexual abuse case involving more than 100 american gymnasts. millions watched as simone biles, aly raisman and mykayla maroney testified about what they suffered the and the fbi's failure to act. >> this is the largest case of sexual abuse in the history of american sport. it feels like the fbi turned a blind eye to us. >> i can't tell you how horrifying it is to meet young
3:53 pm
girls who look up to me, who watched me compete in the olympics and tell me that they went to see nassar because of me and my teammates. >> what is the point of reporting abuse if our own fbi agents are going to take it upon themselves to bury that report in a drawer? >> one of the journalists who broke the story says these young women had been telling their stories for years, but no one listened. >> i didn't hear anything that was new that i had not heard before. they have been asking some of the same questions for a long time and have not gotten answers to those questions. >> today one "washington post" columnist writing larry nassar is in jail. why isn't everyone who ignored his crimes? the fbi just fired one of the agents who bungled the case, but his boss is now retired and
3:54 pm
collecting a taxpayer pension. he's also now represented by a lawyer who used to be the top doj official in the district where the abuse happened. so tonight there is growing bipartisan pressure on the attorney general to consider charges against all the agents and prosecutors who allegedly let the abuse continue. others suggesting an independent special prosecutor to investigate. we are going to stay on this story. ahead, aoc's "tax the rich" dress sparked a big political discussion. exclusive new reaction, next. usn exclusive new reaction, next
3:55 pm
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just crack an egg. a milestone in american politics. colorado's governor and his long-time partner got married yesterday. it is the first same-sex marriage of a sitting governor in u.s. history. he is also the first openly gay man to ever be elected governor. finally tonight, a note on congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez's statement at the met gala wearing a dress with
3:59 pm
the words "tax the rich." a theme president biden hit today. >> where is it written that all the tax breaks in the american tax code go to corporations at the very top? i think it's enough. i'm tired of it. >> the president echoing aoc's message. i just caught up with the designer of that now iconic dress. here is some of our exchange. >> what does it mean to you, what does it say to you that the president of the united states is currently sharing that message? >> well, i think it's proof that you can't underestimate a woman in a dress, right? people want to say what they want to say about it. ultimately it's about pushing the conversation forward. it's about putting the message on the medium, and i think that's exactly what we did. and i think people are scared of that, to be frank. i think that people are scared of women of color. i think that we got extra slack because we are women of color. i think if it were a man to wear
4:00 pm
that garment, they'd be like, oh, have a different point of view on it. and i think that people, again, like they have these fears and they manifest itself in really dark ways sometimes. but ultimately she continues to be who she is and i think that she's set out to do, you know, exactly what she has done. >> you can catch my full interview with aurora james this saturday on my show, "american voices" at 6:00 p.m. eastern. "the reidout" with joy reid is up next. >> how are you doing, alicia? i will definitely tune in. that sounds like a fascinating interview. thank you very much, have a great evening. good evening, everyone. we begin "the reidout" with the never-ending right wing freak out. tucker carlson trotting out an irrelevant comedian, former snl goat boy, jim brewer, to explain why he is not a demon, in his


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