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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  September 20, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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tonight's last word is peril. the authors of "peril" will be on morning joe in what i hope is a more extensive show than what we have had tonight. 11th hour starts now. >> day 244 of the biden administration. the president is in new york just hours away from his first speech to the general assembly as the united states president. that's just foreign policy. our death toll has just passed 679,000 souls, north of the
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675,000 estimated to have been lost in the 1918 flu pandemic. this is now the deadliest disease and mass death event in u.s. history. today there was hope of shielding young children from the virus, that is parents who are willing to give them the vaccine. pfizer says its vaccine is safe for children 5 to 11. and there has been heat on the travel ban over foreign visitors. the white house will allow fully vaccinated foreign nationals to fly into our country in november. and as mentioned, biden will make his debut at the general assembly tomorrow. this is at a time after the
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afghanistan withdrawal and when france is angry at us. >> we are committed to those alliances, the threat of leveling the economic playing field. those are all issues we will continue to work with our partners on. >> the president's ambitious push to rebuild the infrastructure and safety net is running into the realities of the house and senate, back in session for the first time since july. looking to make the president's 3.5 trillion with push back from moderate members. a federal shut down and a treasury that can't play their
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bills, and it's the republicans resisting. >> the republicans are doing a dine and dash of historic proportions that hurts the american people and both parties. they will have to come together to allow the government to do its most important responsibility, paying the bills and making good on our obligations. >> since the democrats decided to go it alone, they will not get senate republicans help with raising the debt limit. >> so all of this uncertainty coincided with the dow losing 600 today and fears in china were also a factor in driving these losses on the market. even as congress grapples with things like keeping the house afloat. the committee met for several hours tonight. the chairman said subpoenas
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could be coming soon. >> we will probably as a committee issue subpoenas either to witnesses or organizations within a week. #. >> also tonight we are following the latest developments in the case of mr. allen weisselberg of new york. the cfo of the trump organization charged. he was back in court. the judge was told more indictments are expected in the former president's family company. a trial would likely not get under way until august or september of 2022 so justice won't exactly be swift. let's bring in phillip rucker, senior correspondent of "the washington post," and the
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moderator of "washington week." and dr. celine is back with us, a critical role these days. she was part of a panel that advised the biden transition team and hosts a weekly podcast. welcome. i would like to get back to what your colleagues have written -- >> phil, what's the guess on how much time they have in high school civics courses they teach us that new presidents have to
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get their agenda done after year one. >> that's exactly right, brian. by the end of this year the members of congress and the political class in washington will be looking ahead to the midterm elections and the partisanship will be more entrenched and it will make it difficult for bipartisanship that biden has been looking for. first and foremost, the debt ceiling limit you referenced, that has to be raised or he will lead the country into a government shutdown, a suffer of competence he did not campaign for and does not want to have on his hands. there is pressure to try to get
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working republican voits in order to raise the debt limit even as leaders like mitch mcconnell are opposed to it. but we have seen for months over these spending bills, both the infrastructure package that passed the senate and is stalled in the house and then that much larger 3.5 trillion that is so essential but that moderate democrats are resisting. they are not making progress with joe manchin and kristin sinnema. and it could spell defeat of the bigger package. >> the president balancing a lot.
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let's talk about foreign policy. specifically savannah guthrie's interview of boris johnson, the prime minister of the uk. >> do you think the president was too stubborn about the total withdrawn by a certain date from afghanistan? >> i can tell you i think he took a view. america has been that for 20 years. it's a respectable argument to say that enough is enough. you can't endlessly subcontract the government of your country to other people. there has to be a system. >> do you agree? it sounds like you do. >> i mean could we have done it a bit differently? maybe we could. >> so set the stakes for us with joe biden at the u.n. starting
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tomorrow. >> it's a tense moment for the biden administration. you add all of the domestic challenge to the foreign policy challenges, and it's strange under the pressure of so many things. boris johnson telling savannah guthrie that he agreed with the way biden pulled out, saying maybe a couple of things could have been different. but biden is still having to prove to people that he made the right decisions, the things he did, the way he pulled out, this is the way it had to go and he believes the u.s. government pulled this out in the best way possible. but just last week the u.s. government admitted they killed civilians after they came out saying that the drone was
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targeting isis and instead it killed kids. and then there is france and they are recalling their ambassador because they are angry at the new deal with uk. and then there is the haitian deal. this gets to the heart of what president biden ran on. there are human rights activists saying border patrol on horses running after people with ropes. i say that to say also this, the white house is defending all of their moves, doubling down. officials tell me when the president goes to speak before the u.n., at the end of the day
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he is going to say what america is centered on is this new war and the new diplomacy. this will be the theme of the speech, we are done with this war and moving on. so that the president will defend himself, but there are mounting challenges ahead of this speech. doctor, speaking of mounting challenges, we got the first potential good news in a long while with the pfizer announcement. we have to subtract from the good news, the anticipatory percentage of anti-vaksers who will not allow their children -- and it is a family by family decision, who will not allow their children to get the
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vaccine, but when will we see these shots in children's arms. >> i think parents breathed a sigh of relief. we have not yet seen the data. pfizer has not submitted it publicly or to the fda but will be shortly. if all goes well we could see the fda with an emergency use for those 5 to 11. those 12 and up, the biggest predictor whether they get vaccinated south dakota whether their parents have been. we have seen in the 12 and up children, those vaccination
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rates are variable bipartisanship and geography. we suspect that will continue to be the same. one of the things we are really concerned about is what the impact will be on children. we have seen a huge surge in covid on kids over the summer. kids ending up in hospitals in icus. this is driven by the emergence of the delta variant. if they don't get it, kids will remain at risk. >> you mentioned the phrase emergency use authorization. while it was not prominent in the american lexicon prior to this pandemic, they have latched on to those three words and they
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have penned their use of approval on that because it is not full approval. has there been any discussion of condensing this process, stream lining this process of government to give it that level of approval and take away the weapon of referring to it as an experimental vaccine. >> we have seen full approval granted of the pfizer vaccine for older adults 16 and older. it is just having the time for the additional follow-up. there is no way to fast forward that time. >> so phil rucker, let's go back to politics. we learned today in the many portions of the woodward/costa
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book, two of your colleagues, that senators lee and graham, ardent trumpers were in charge of vetting some of the false claims and found nothing. there is something different than them saying that and us living with that. do you think that donald trump and the party will ever say so publicly? >> it depends who the people are we are talking to. if they are standing for re-election with trump supporters, the answer will probably be no. it has been no so far. it's remarkable to consider how many republican members of the congress and senate, even state
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offices around the country, refuse to say that the big lie is what it is, a big lie. refuse to acknowledge the legitimacy of joe biden and refuse to correct the presidency of the former president donald trump when he made so many bogus statistics about the election fraud that exists when there is no evidence to support that. those who do not stand for that have been coming forth and saying that including the former attorney general bill barr who was trump's hatchet man and by the election decided he couldn't do it anymore, saying the
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department of justice's investigation of election fraud said there was not substantial election fraud that would have changed at the election. that led to the breach in their relationship. that is one of the members who told the truth. members of congress, i don't think we will hear that from then for some time to come. >> and he ran on immigration and many things, including his time as an insider, a political realist. he entered the senate in his early '70s and is now in his 70s. he knows about the b.s. factor and moving at the pace of molasses. and yet frustration must be
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setting in in the west wing and with the timeline, time that is running out. >> my sense in talking to white house officials is that there are two things. one, they do thing that the president's large agenda, it's doable, not off the rails. some of the coverage is infuriating because they feel like this is something that the president can pull off, like with the infrastructure bill. the second part of this is that they also understand that it's never good when the president is being compared to the former predecessor donald trump, not only by republicans who make comparison saying he is not living up to the trump brand,
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but the french are pissed off about a new deal. when you look at it in that regard, when i talk to officials, they see it that the optics of this make it harder to go in with political power and calculation that is needed to go along. and for him to nudge senators and have a lot of power in that the senate is so tight. i should tell you when i talk to white house officials, they do say the president should not be counted out. this is the middle part of this and the president still has good confidence and he could pull off key items including his infrastructure deal. >> great appreciation for our
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starting line. our thanks to the three of you for starting us off. coming up, is it possible that government bureaucracy is what turned a virus into a public health disaster, or is it possible that any political figures share the blame. scott gottlieb is here sharing his theory. and how members of congress is changing the job for capitol police and the members and their families. es
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over a year and a half into this pandemic, the u.s. is still averaging roughly 150,000 new covid cases a day and about 2,000 deaths each day.
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in his new book, dr. scott gottlieb talks about how our country crumbled under the virus and why we are still under the virus today. he writes in part -- for more we welcome the aforementioned dr. scott gottlieb, a member of the board of directors at pfizer and the author of the new book "uncontrolled spread." it is due out tomorrow. we are happy to have him tonight. doctor, i am looking at the subtitle of your book, which is why covid-19 crushed us. you realize a number of the audience have a simple answer to
8:25 pm
this. your argument is multilayered and it has to do with bureaucracy and war gaming this. had the last president not lost the first month of this. had he not engaged and committed malpractice, if we had a president actively working from the beginning, where would we be today? >> in a better place, but there were shortcomings in our response and the agencies we looked to in that response. we need to look to those shortcomings for the future. there has been talk about the political narrative and shortcomings. that's important. but if we want to get at the root causes of what made the
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u.s. vulnerable to this pandemic, we will have to have a discussion about what went wrong with respect to federal agencies. a lot of that has to do with our reliance on the federal agency. they couldn't help form the response. and we need better logistical support for a public crisis of this magnitude. it doesn't have to be a different agency, but it has to be an agency reimagined by the cdc. we always thought the next pandemic would be by an influenza, and it probably will be an influenza. i don't know we are much better to deal with it than we were three years ago. >> we have seen the anti--vax
8:27 pm
communities rise. you were on the board of pfizer. the new rule is offset by the number of parents who won't have their kids vaccinated. what could you do to correct that? >> we have done a good job rolling out vaccination to adult population. 76% have at least one dose. most will complete the series. i think we will continue to have that chipped away. about 50% of those children eligible to be vaccinated so far -- and right now it's only vaccinated for children above
8:28 pm
the age of 12 -- have been vaccinated. i think what you will see more and more overtime is for more school districts to make the vaccine and part of the immunization schedule. pediatricians are effective at counseling parents around the pros and cons of vaccination. i'm hopefully that when they are authorized for children of the ages 5 to 11, i think a lot of parents recognizing the vulnerability of that age group will get them to to get their kids vaccinated. i think a lot of pediatricians will help counsel parents through this decision. >> doctor given your life in
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public health, will readers of the book find out what it was like for you personally in realtime to watch the president of the united states saying it will go away, fade away, it's just like the flu, suggesting lung cleaning through antiseptics. what was that like in realtime? >> i wasn't just watching it. i was having discussions with the white house over this time period. i continued to have dialogue with people i worked with in the administration including the president. i had a number of conversations with the president and recount those about not having him pull out of the world health organization, and trying to cut down on the scope after it spread in new york. it was on the brink of collapse.
8:30 pm
the focus wasn't consistent. they were convinced that uncontrolled spread was inevitable. i don't think that's true. i think we could have put down the scope of this epidemic. we didn't have a shared set of principles and action. i think the president could have exerted more leadership in the white house. it was the shifting messages from the white house as much as it was any one message. they didn't stick through it through the end, through election day, trying to work with a set of common shared actions on this epidemic. >> the title tells the story of what we witnessed and what we are, sadly, still living with.
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"uncontrolled spread." dr. scott gottlieb has been our guest tonight. thank you very much for coming on the broadcast. coming up how the only twice impeached retiree is working to out the top senate republican. when we come back. t the top sen. when we come back. i'm not getting through the pandemic just to end up with the flu. i asked for fluzone high-dose quadrivalent. it's the #1-used flu vaccine for people 65 and older. fluzone high-dose quadrivalent is the only vaccine approved by the fda for superior flu protection in adults 65+.
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new reporting by the l.a.
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times just how dangerous our political climate is. back with us again tonight former obama campaign manager and senior adviser to the president. and the former communications directionor for one jeb bush. can you believe the specter of physical violence that hangs over our politics? for those who haven't thought about it. capitol hill police have security details for leadership, but if you are a freshman member of congress flying home to your district in colorado for the
8:36 pm
weekend, they don't have a big enough payroll to accompany you on the plane. you can hope for the sheriff or local police to be there, but you can hope they put a squad car outside your house but this is very dangerous and personal for politicians. >> that's right. i don't think you should take sporadic attendance at the rally this weekend doesn't mean it's not real. when you have a security infrastructure that was ready for it and was on the side of trying to prevent it and had undercover cops embedded among the group trying to ensure everyone is safe, then the people, bad actors, don't show
8:37 pm
up. that was the difference between this and 1/6, when you have a president on the side of the insurrectionists. this can be thwarted with the right kind of policing. but the threats to congressmen are as real as ever. the congressman who voted to impeach president trump retiring at 36 because he feared for the safety of his family. this is a former football player, an alpha, he decided congress wasn't for him because he didn't want security around him every time he went to the airport with his young kids. they are scaring off normal public servants who care about their job and will be replaced
8:38 pm
by insurrectionists like miller who is primarily known for his rap sheet and beating up his ex-girlfriend. >> let me read you something from "the wall street journal" -- so, david, remember the motto of the democrats is never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity, do you buy into the theory of this divide and is there any way trump doesn't win at the end of the day. >> let's fast forward.
8:39 pm
look at the toxic stew. trump is shouting that you can't trust elections. some people will come to the conclusion why bother to vote. and that senator mcconnell should be replaced, and now he is trashing kevin mccarthy. every midterm election is hard to turn out voters on both sides. but it will be hard on people who march to the trump tune. hopefully some democratic groups and candidates will get in front of those voters to remind them. trump is not a chess player. he is a checkers player if you can give him that. it's all about him.
8:40 pm
this is a trifecta for the republicans when you say you can't trust elections. i don't like the house and senate and i don't think they should be there and you shouldn't either. we are just getting started with both of these gentlemen while we get a break in. coming up, exactly when did mitch mcconnell decide it was okay to let our country default on our debt. some guesses when we come back. . some guesses when we come back e, coricidin provides powerful cold relief without raising your blood pressure be there for life's best moments with coricidin. now in sugar free liquid. >> tech: every customer has their own safelite story. this couple loves camping adventures and their suv is always there with them. so when their windshield got a chip, they wanted it fixed fast.
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8:44 pm
democrats put that out to show the hypocrisy of mitch mcconnell. avoiding a shut down, when you add in things like infrastructure and voting rights. we will get to mcconnell in a minute. but if you were to advise democrats on the same kind of campaign discipline democrats are used to seeing from republican campaigns of late, how do they achieve their goal? >> well, brian, i will point out, the people in the country who think republicans are the best messengers and campaigners of all times tend to be democrats, but the democrats have the house, white house and senate so let's not give them
8:45 pm
too much credit. you have to lift up what is happening in the infrastructure bill assuming that happens, the recovery act, child tax credit. it's important that we have a third election cycle where democrats get good enough turnout to win. every district and state has its nuances. this notion that the republicans can get great turnout again is also a question. that's why i think trump poisoning the atmosphere, a lot of his stalwart fans say why bother. >> tim miller, let's talk about mitch mcconnell. a broad question i know you think about on regular occasion and that is where did this come from, take the case of mitch
8:46 pm
mcconnell, a guy that is a product of the system, where does it come from that he is okay of burning the system down. >> this is a feature for mcconnell. i don't think it came from him naturally out of birth. it came that this is what republican voters want from him. and he figures he could get this for power's sake. the fact that mitch mcconnell with the garland was able to steal a seat, the only way to get him to change his actions is to ensure that he changes his
8:47 pm
political action. he was upset that donald trump cost him political power. i think if the dnc are successful at making mitch mcconnell pay politically for shutting down the government, i think he would back off. he is not within the republican base who exists to want to cause pain to joe biden and chuck schumer, then he will back off. the only way is if the republican base wants this, to create enough noise and signal to turn independent voters against the action as they head to the polls. >> this is why we so appreciate when these two thoughtful friends come on the broadcast and take our questions.
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as we mentioned, as we talked about earlier in the broadcast, pfizer said today its vaccine is safe for children 5 to 11. despite a troubling rise of infection in children, some parents are hesitant about the safety of these vaccines. our report on it. >> elementary schools could soon be better protected from covid. pfizer announcing its vaccine is safe and effective for children between the ages of 5 and 11. a trial showed kids developed a strong immune response given a
8:52 pm
third of a dose given to adults. >> we intend to submit the data and it will be up to the fda to review that data. >> this as cases jumped 240% since july, causing 240 school closures since the start of the school year. >> this could not only prevent school closures, but could get us out of this delta variant of covid. >> we have already talked to our pediatrician for a 5-year-old. as soon as we can get it for her, we plan to do so. >> others need to be convinced. >> i don't know what is in there. it will probably make them sick. >> this woman was worried about her two daughters. >> i don't feel safe enough for
8:53 pm
me to feel okay vaccinating them. >> but since then her 14 14-year-old got the shot and her 9-year-old probably will as well. >> have you had a change of heart? >> i wouldn't say change of heart, but the circumstances have changed, with the numbers going up of children in hospitals and with the variant. >> what do you say about kids getting a vaccination but still having to wear masks to school. >> i do think as we get more vaccinated, we will have to loosen the restrictions. that's a fair point. >> our thanks to stephanie goss for that report. imagine about the vaccine
8:54 pm
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the point of mandatory vaccination is to identify the christians, free thinkers, men with high testosterone, and don't like president biden. and it's a takeover of the u.s. military. >> one last thought. we will get a team on this blockbuster story. we will get on it and get back. it has always been an interesting thought experiment, what it must be like to be a member of that madcap murdoch family. do they own it or are they the
8:58 pm
romanovs? and what is it like for this guy to sit on the board of fox directors. they sow doubt about the vaccine validating the anti-vaxers. the recount was thinking about that time two months ago when they reflected for sean hannity. it was a fleeting moment. >> please take this seriously. i never told anyone to get a vaccine. >> do you plan on complying with this? >> this is about marxism.
8:59 pm
if you can do that, you can lobotomize me. >> the vaccine will protect you. entertain this for one minute. what if it doesn't work? >> buying a fake vaccination card is an act of desperation by decent americans forced into a corner by tyrants. >> we are starting to see this vaccination system. >> joe biden declared war on freedom yesterday. >> better get the vaccine or dr. joe biden will unleash the full force of the federal government against you. >> please take covid seriously. i can't say it enough. and so a tip of the tin foil
9:00 pm
hat to take us off the air. this is where this ends up. this was a highway overpass in texas. the banners read vaccines kill. you are the happy to have you here. so we're supposed to start at noon. noon sharp on saturday. plan was to have everybody in place. and this very dramatic setting, right in front of the capitol. for a big bold dramatic loud statement that would start at noon sharp. the hold world would be. watching as the loudly demanded justice. and as we got


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