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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  September 21, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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woodward and robert costa, have been making huge headlines for days now since eye-popping details first started to emerge last week. the much, much, much anticipated book is finally going to come out tomorrow. "way too early" is up next. the biden administration plans to relax travel. the question is how will it impact everyone? plus, president biden is at the united nations assembly. the question is will he be able to reassure foreign allies and leaders on the national stage? and parties leaders are forcing republicans to vote on a short-term funding measure that including legislation to raise
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the nation's debt ceiling. the question is will this move help avoid a shutdown? it's "way too early" for this. ♪♪ good morning and welcome to "way too early," the show that gets stuck in gridlock traffic on the way in. i'm jonathan lemire on this tuesday, september 21st. covid has now killed more americans than the 1918 spanish flu pandemic. cdc estimates show the 1918 pandemic killed about 965 americans while 680,000 have died from the coronavirus. so far 32,000 deaths have been reported this month compared with 28,000 in august. right now the united states is averaging about 2,000 deaths per day. on monday florida reported more than 1,000 coronavirus-relate deaths to the cdc.
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the "miami herald" reports half of them died in the last two weeks. in the last week, the "herald" calculates the state has added 368 deaths each day, the highest ever reported. florida has recorded 52,000 deaths from the total virus. while deaths are increasing, cases are dropping. it's the lowest since mid-july. just over 56% of eligible floridians are fully vaccinated, which is about 12 million people. democratic congressman tim ryan of ohio has become the latest covid breakthrough case on capitol hill. he tested positive despite being vaccinated. he tweeted this. while i'll currently experiencing mild symptoms, i'm grateful to have the protection of a safe vaccine. i know without it, this illness could have been much, much worse. he's now the 11th congress
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member to experience a breakthrough case of the coronavirus. now to the showdown of the nation's debt limit. democrats are planning to attach an extension of the borrowing limit to a bill that funds the government. both pieces of legislation need to pass quickly. congress has until september 30th to fund the government or reach a shutdown. it could disrupt the u.s. economy. despite democrats' new plan, republican minority leader mitch mcconnell is doubling down on his insistence that democrats handle the debt ceiling themselves, even though democrats worked with republicans to raise it during the previous administration. >> since democrats decided to go it alone, they will not get senate republicans' help with raising the debt limit. this isn't about the past. it's about the future. and democrats want to build a partisan future without our
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input, so democrats will not get bipartisan facilitators for their purely partisan spending bids. >> but congressmen do not represent all republicans. john kennedy told reporters he will probably vote yes on the bill. meanwhile the biden administration will allow some of the thousands of haitian migrants at the southern boarder to stay and request asylum. nbc news correspondent morgan chesky has the latest. >> reporter: in del rio, texas, this is where thousands without a home wait to see where they'll go tomorrow. still more than 10,000 migrants in this massive camp, mostly haitians, surviving in makeshift shelters, the group increasing to 15,000. hundreds of state troopers in cars and border patrol on horseback, blocking more people from crossing the river into the united states. del rio mayor says calls for
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help from the biden administration were ignored and it's too late. >> they're trying to get processed. it's a completely dire situation. >> reporter: we were granted access. this woman named eva told us she's barely eaten over the last week. she left haiti a year ago. they're blaming the biden administration for failing to enforce immigration laws and halt illegal crossings. federal authorities say they've removed 3,300 migrants here so far, 327 deported to haiti. others taken to different processing centers in the united states. senior officials telling the news they'll deport singe haitian adults and those not claiming asylum. unaccompanied children and families with children can stay
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in the u.s. >> were there enough in place for the search? >> i don't think we expected the rapidity of the increase that occurred. >> what would you tell the woman i met under the bridge that if she goes back to haiti, her life is in danger? >> we are realistic about the human tragedy of this, but we have a responsibility not only to the migrants themselves but the well being of the local communities and the american public. >> our changes to morgan chesky for that report. joining us now, national political correspondent for politico, meredith mcgraw. meredith, good morning. thanks so much for being here. let's start there, the scene under the bridge. it went from 5,000 people to 15,000. how did the situation escalate to where we are now, and what has been the biden administration's approach, and what's it going to be going
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forward? >> we've really seen some harrowing images come out of del rio, texas, where those thousands of migrants are camped out under the bridge in squalid conditions. it really is a humanitarian crisis that texas is facing there at the border, and these are mostly haitian migrants, some of them from central america who say they've been escaping terrible conditions in haiti. they've gone over to central america, to south america, and they've made their way up. they understood that area in del rio was a vulnerable place where they could cross and it was a safer section of the border, and they've gathered. there it comes as their president was assassinated. there was that incredible earthquake. and so they've expressed fears about going back to haiti themselves, but this really is an important moment, of course,
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for president biden, as they're looking at this situation and all of these incredibly vulnerable people there. president biden doesn't want to be seen as an open borders president at all. they're sending people back to haiti, but at the same time, they're facing pressure with how they're going to deal with these migrants and many of them who do have temporary protected status as haitians. >> let's circle back, meredith, to the shocking new data that covid has killed more than the spanish flu. people had fear, but there was a sense of, well, it can't be that bad, but here we are. it has been that bad, worse than the spanish flew of 1918. it's been two years since the outbreak. as cases and deaths are continuing to spike, what do the health officials say now? where do we go from here?
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>> this really is a tragic milestone. we keep hearing of cases where icus are overwhelmed, to capacity, and we're still struggling to get people vaccinated. president biden is committed to getting 70% of the world vaccinated. he's going to be having a virtual summit at the white house on wednesday where he's going to be talking to global leaders about how they can get more people around the globe vaccinated, and he is pushing for this booster shot, which the world health organization has criticized as places like the continent of africa only has a 6% vaccination rate. and they say a lot of these vaccines should be going to the these vulnerable populations elsewhere. >> politico's meredith mcgraw. thanks so much for waking up early with us.
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come back soon. still ahead, the fbi ramps up the investigation into the disappearance of gabby petito. agents have now searched the home of her boyfriend who's gone missing. and later in the show, i'll be joined by dr. vin gupta as the united states plans to ease up on covid travel restrictions for international visitors. those stories and a check on the weather when we come right back. not much traffic in times square, but it will be u.n. gridlock later. most bladder leak pads were similar. until always discreet invented a pad that protects differently.
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the fbi recovered a body believed to be that of 22-year-old gabby petito. her fee an fiance's home has been searched. >> reporter: the fbi searched the home at what was called a crime scene. laundrie's mother and father
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escorted away by agents who scoured the home, looking for leads, after their son vanished nearly a week ago. laundrie was named a person of interest in petito's disappearance. >> human remains were discovered that fit the description of gabby petito. >> reporter: investigators scouring the area, but have not released a cause of death. still a crime scene, it's unclear how much time petito may have spent here. it's the same area where a woman said she found laundry hitchhiking alone, which the police are investigating. >> he offered to pay us $200 to give him a ride. >> reporter: the couple who were documented their ride cross-country journey in a van -- >> our plan is to just hang out. >> reporter: -- spent much time
2:15 am
on the road but ran into trouble in utah. after a 911 call by witnesses, police found the pair in a domestic dispute. with no charges filed, their journey continued until laundrie returned home alone earlier this month. petito's family reported her missing ten days later. her father spoke to andrea canning on friday >> i have a gut feeling i'm not going to get her back. >> reporter: family and friends are remembering a life cut short, her father saying she touched the world. during a white house press briefs, jen psaki was asked about last month's drone strike in afghanistan that left ten dead, seven of them children. here's what she had to say. >> as a human being, as a president, as somebody who has
2:16 am
overseen loss in a variety of scenarios both as a leader and personally, his reaction is it's a tragedy, and every loss is a tragedy, and he supports the effort to move this forward and have a pentagon investigation. >> the strike which they said initially killed two isis-k fighters actually killed around innocent man. he and nine others were killed including those seven kids. allen weisselberg told the judge in a pretrial hearing yesterday his office believes there could be more criminal charges coming. cnbc reports weisselberg's attorney told the judge they have been swamped by the millions of documents handed over to them by the district attorney's office and pleaded
2:17 am
for more time. weisselberg who is accused of receiving almost $2 million in come pen said said he's no stranger to this. the judge granted the extension for filing pretrial motions and anticipated the trial will begin late august or early september of next year. still ahead, sports. packers quarterback aaron rodgers lets his performance on the field speak for itself. plus the wilds' wide report. you see what i did there. that's next. eport. you see what i did there that's next. because it's not just for kids. can you be free of hair breakage worries? we invited mahault to see for herself that new dove breakage remedy gives damaged hair the strength it needs. even with repeated combing hair treated with dove shows 97% less breakage.
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passes on the night. aaron jones rushed the first quarter. the only loss for jones was his necklace containing his late father's ashes missing somewhere in the end zone. he said if there was any place to lose it, that's where his father would have wanted it to be. they defeated detroit, 35-17. another score i know you care about, my faenlts football team lost this week by less than a point. turning now to major league baseball, we turn to cleveland where a home run was made. the two-run shot puts perez in the tie with a major home run league with vladimir guerrero jr. they sweep the indians in a double header. to milwaukee where jon lester notched a 200th win.
2:22 am
they streaked to its ninth vick try in a row. over in the american league t east leading rays cut the blue jays' lead in the wild-card chase, holding off toronto, 6-4. last night in the mlb debut of 22-year-old pitcher shane boz. at yankee stadium new york capitalizes ground to beat the rangers, 4-3. the win moves the yankees to within a half game of the blue jays for the second a.l. wild-card spot while toronto drops to 1 1/2 games behind the red sox atop the standings. finally in miami, outfielder jesus sanchez is still giving fans a reason to watch.
2:23 am
the marlins' rookie overrun as fly ball hit to foul territory in right field, but still makes the catch using his bare hand. look at that. reached back to grab it for the second out in the fourth inning. that's pretty spectacular. the marlins bead the nats, 8-7. time now for the weather. we go to bill karins who would have undoubtedly made that same play. >> i would have taken my cap off and caught it with my cap. >> there you go. >> next time. how cool would it be if perez, the catcher, wins the home run title. that would be awesome too. we have rain to deal with. nothing severe. the gorges weather is going to come to an ernld for some people. areas of the ohio valley, get ready. we have a lot of heavy rain headed to wisconsin. it went through missouri. now it's sweeping through illinois. a little light rain in chicago, heading out.
2:24 am
the st. louis to indianapolis drive on interstate 70 is going to be one of the wetter ones we're going to have. as we go throughout the day, the rain will move to detroit this evening, same with assassinate, louisville, lexington, rain in charlatan and roanoke. holding on to one more day of gorgeous weather in pittsburgh and washington, d.c., and new york. that comes to an end on wednesday. a lot of rain, especially from detroit, back over to pittsburgh and buffalo. later in the day, roanoke to charlotte. heavy rain totals. charlotte to roanoke, assassinate to detroit, more heavy rain. one more gorgeous day. new york, no problem. boston, 73. cooler in texas. yesterday it was 100 in dallas and san antonio. this is more like it. back up with temperatures in the 80s. san antonio you get your cooler weather as we go into tomorrow. look at almost all of the west. talking about a gorgeous
2:25 am
wednesday. finally you're into your cool season, oklahoma city to denver, kansas city, after a rainy day today. st. louis, that is like -- we call it free air. temperature around 71 degrees. you don't need the heat or the a.c. absolutely perfect as we go throughout your wednesday. all that rainy weather will swing to your east. we've had gorges days the last three or four days. that comes to an end starting thursday. everyone joy today. >> enjoy today. that's a pretty good forecast. we'll take it. still ahead, how president biden plans to open a new chapter in world affairs. the "washington post's" reporter joins us regarding the u.n. assembly address later today. before we go to break, we want to know, why are you awake? email your reasons to "way too
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♪♪ welcome back to "way too early." it's just before 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west. i'm jonathan lemire. later today president biden will deliver his first address to the united nations since taking office. he held a meeting with the u.n. secretary-general. this morning he's scheduled to deliver remarks at 10:00 a.m. a senior administration official tells "reuters" that the president's speech will stress
2:30 am
ending the military engagement in afghanistan will open a new branch of deployment say. he'll speak with scott morrison here in new york before heading to speak with boris johnson. the president of the european council is weighing in on the diplomatic dispute between the u.s. and france. the u.s. deal to sell nuclear submarines to australia demonstrated a, quote, clear act of transparency and loyalty from the white house. it ended the 2016 deal between france and australia for less, worth about $66 billion. the french official said they were given no advance notice of the new deal and responded on friday with an unprecedented move to recall their u.s. ambassador. that ambassador will join
2:31 am
"morning joe" in a few minutes to discuss the tensions between the two countries. joining us now, white house reporter for the "washington post," anne gearan. she's a contributor on msnbc. good morning ahead of what will be a busy day in new york. walk us through. how different is today going to be compared to his first presidential appearance on the world stage? you and i were both in europe when he went to the g7 summit back in june. how is that going to feel very different from what we're going the see today? >> jon, it will be different in a couple of respects. one is president biden has been the president of the united states that ma more months. a number of things have happened between june and now that really haven't gone as the white house intended. clearly the way the afghanistan withdrawal was handled has upset a number of nato allies that fought alongside u.s. for all
2:32 am
those years, and a number of those nato allies really felt like at the very end when everyone was rushing to get all their people out, that bind wasn't listening to them when they said they needed more time or they needed various things to change procedurally so they could get their own people out and afghans who had worked for those countries alongside the united states and afghanistan. so there's some sore feelings there. and then you get to the france -- very complicated france/australia/u.s. sub deal. if you can keep that straight, you might see why things will be difficult for biden this week. you might not see macron who you saw in spain, the pictures, and he's not come to the u nations in person this year. instead he's seeing a lot of the leaders involved in that sub
2:33 am
deal. he will meet with the australian prime minister later this afternoon and then tonight he will see the british prime minister at the white house. the white house is saying, hey, look, this is business, we understand that france is upset, they lost this deal, it will blow over. france is upset with biden and it doesn't mean they distrust the united states, the alliance will be fine. i spoke with the france foreign minister or rather i heard him speak yesterday. things are not fine. france is very upset. they're not letting this go easily. they're really saying this does question u.s.'s commitment not only to european alliances but to the strategy alongside europe in the indo-pacific against china where the submarines will be deployed. >> even if macron were here in new york, i doubt there would be hugs on the beach like we saw in
2:34 am
cornwall back in june. the president is having meetings with the other two leaders involved for the uk and australia. after a line in which he said it was the most successful nation he'd ever seen, the others laughed at him and he paused. it had thrown him. it was a moment for the ages. we don't expect that today for president biden, but what kind of reaction do you think he'll receive from the world leaders at the u.n.? >> i think in the word, polite. there will not be that laughter that rippled through the room a couple of years ago that was really quite shocking. remember when then president trump tried to make light of it, but he looked really thrown off. nobody's going to be laughing at biden today, but they'll be greeting him with considerable skepticism that really wasn't there several months ago. at least on the french side, a
2:35 am
considerable measure of disappointment. you know, i think there was a great wave of optimism across europe in particular and other partings of the world as well when biden was elected that, hey, things are resetting, things are going back to normal after the years of trump, which allies found incredibly unpredictable and often insulting. to hear the french talk about it now, they're worried that the underlying attitude of american policy hasn't changed at all. it's wrapped in a nicer package and there's a greater deal of cooperation between washington and europe, but they're worried that underneath that, the united states has made a strategic decision to go its own way and leave europe out whenever it feels it needs to. >> the "washington post's" anne gearan. still ahead, commanding
2:36 am
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2:40 am
accompanied the south korean president who designated them as special on voice. they highlighted goals by 2030 including ending poverty and improving gender equality. the band treated fans to a prerecorded dance song "permission to dance." ben & jerry's is bringing something sweet to capitol hill. it unveiled a new flavor promoting the people's response act. ledge lalgs proposed by democratic congresswoman cori bush that seeks to shift safety from police to community efforts. the limited batch flavor consists of cold brewed coffee ice creme and fudgeswirls.
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still ahead, we'll speak with the administration about easing restrictions when traveling to the u.s. as we go to break arc look at this date in history. 40 years ago, the senate unanimously confirmed the nomination of sandra day o'connor to become the first female justice on the supreme court. >> i'm absolutely overjoyed with the expression of support from the senate, and my hope is that ten years from now after i've been across the street at work if a while, that they will all feel glad they gave me the wonderful vote they gave today, and i'll certainly work hard to make that happen. certainly wor make that happen s like a mile. yet he stands strong, dry, keeping the leaks only to his eyes. depend. the only thing stronger than us, is you. the best things america makes
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the biden administration is easing restrictions on international travelers wanting to come to the united states. starting in early november, foreign nationals will be allowed to fly into the u.s. if
2:45 am
they're fully vaccinated. according to coordinator joseph zeins. the cdc will also require airlines to collect information for u.s.-bound travellers including phone numbers and email addresses for contact tracing. unvaccinated americans traveling back to the u.s. will have to show proof of a negative test within one day of their flights. as for a possibility of a vaccination requirement for domestic air travel, zients said nothing is off the table. the white house is planning to use the back drap of the assembly as a push for vaccinations worldwide. the president will try to persuade vaccine-producing countries to distribute doses to poor nations in need of them. the vaccine program is so far behind schedule that not even 10% of the population in poor nations is fully vaccinated.
2:46 am
millions of health care workers around the world also aren't vaccinated. 11 billion doses are necessary to achieve widespread global immunity. the u.s. has pledged to donate more than $600 million, more than any other nation, with the white house the n talks to buy another 500 million from pfizer to donate to overseas. let's bring in dr. vin gupta, a pulmonologist in seattle and msnbc contributor. how big of a deal is this that the white house is relaxing restrictions on international travelers that are fully vaccinated? what should be the effected? >> good morning, jonathan. i think it's a signal you can travel safely under certain guidelines, that you're vaccinated ideally with two shots of an approved vaccines. the u.s. has to require certain
2:47 am
vaccines. if you mask up, you can travel safely. this is a leasher we should pull now in the u.s. for domestic travel because we know restricted travel is a big motivator among the unvaccinated, so there is an opportunity here. i think this is important for messaging that we can resume normal activities under certain commonsense guidelines. >> dr. gupta, should the -- in your estimation, should the u.s. and other developing countries be more concerned about vaccination rates in their own countries, or how far behind are they? what are you seeing? your colleagues, in terms of where things stand globally? >> you know, jonathan, i would say most people think that the risk of the unvaccinated to all of us is almost tantamount to the risk of keeping 80% of the world unvaccinated. the two are equivalent risks for different reasons.
2:48 am
but in part, you know, so much of this discussion is focused on supply. the u.s. needs to send more doses to pfizer and moderna and elsewhere. that's part of the solution. that's what they'll be talking about tomorrow at the u.n. general assembly. the big piece here, yesterday, for example, they're going to resume production. that's enormous for vaccine expore -- ex-portation. that's going to be the key in the medium term and also in the long term. innovations, we don't talk about this a lot, jonathan, but internasal vaccines. we developed it for the flu. imagine how easy it would be to vaccinate more people in underdeveloped settings if we
2:49 am
had that capability. double covid/flu shots. there's a lot in the pipeline we need leaders to help accelerate. >> there's also news yesterday the vaccine works in children ages 5 through 11 in low doses. for those included including myself who has two kids, that's such a game-changer. that will be such a burden lifted when that actually does get distributed. my two questions, what are you seeing in terms of children getting sick, and how quickly do you think this vaccine for kids can get authorized and distributed here in the united states? >> well, to answer your last question first, hopefully based on the news yesterday, two to four weeks we might have emergency use authorization. for all of you viewers out there who have kids 5 and up, hopefully in the next two weeks, your kid might be fully vaccinated before halloween. that's the hope. to the second question, my
2:50 am
wife's a pediatrician. what we talk about at night is what she's seeing in children's hospitals across wachlt you're seeing kids ending up with a diagnosis of the problem is kids are reacting to more than covid, there is kids flus cauing peaks six months before cold flu season. it's important for parents to make sure kids have well-fitting masks to adopt to testing and allow kids to stay in school even if there is a close contact and make sure ventilation is up to par as possible. mitigate exposure is going to be reality. >> dr. gupta, thank you for everything, please come back soon. >> early in the show, we asked, "why are you awake"?
2:51 am
>> myya tweeted this. the fire alarm in the building next door has been ringing non stop since 11:30 last night. we appreciate you are with us. aaron wrote this, i am glad to be up way too early to hear john lemire dropping baseball dad jokes. as long as i got a chuckle some where, it worked. we are up because this cute yankees fan had to go out. i am sorry, i am not going to approve any yankees fans here. >> carol writes, she says she's up because this little peanut decides to be up. >> and lastly, i received several tips from people who express the belief that they do
2:52 am
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2:55 am
good morning jonathan, the one thing big thing we are looking at is nancy pelosi. she may need to rely on republicans to get it across the line. let me walk you through that. you have so many democrats and
2:56 am
progressive caucus from 20 all the way to 48 who were hard no's voting on this package before you get to the 3.5 reconciliation package, all that spending more new social programs. you only have and here is the question we don't really know, anywhere from 5 to 20 republican yeses. and the math is exceedingly difficult. one caveat on this, i guess i should say two, there is a coordinated strategy, the white house and the congressional lead r ship always have a plan to get this through that we in the press are not necessarily reporting. i talked to a lot of people in town don't understand how nancy pelosi is going get there but convinced she will.
2:57 am
you look at the numbers, it's going to be challenging. >> yeah, speaker pelosi is a truism and we hear a lot in the belt way. hans, "axios" spoke about how many in the party would support the bipartisan bill. what did they say? also, what's the reasons behind it? >> when you look at why they would vote for it is because many of them have projects in the district that would benefit from it. you look at how many senate republicans voted for this, 19. and it gives you about 80 house members, that's what they think should be there. in reality it should be a single digit. that's because house leaders are starting to quietly with this, they're asking are you really for this. when house leadership asks a question of are you really for this about a bill they look like they're going to oppose, that's indication that mccarthy making sure to keep his number at zero. if you keep those numbers at zero, that makes pelosi's job
2:58 am
even harder. she's got a tight margins. i think that sort of the challenge or goals that we have this week is figuring out how firm mccarthy and opposition is and whether members are willing to buck them on this issue. building roads and bridges and highways exceedingly popular and a lot of districts out. the same is true for progressives and voting against a trillion dollars in infrastructure because they want something else. a popular project in there. that's partly of what the white house's argument as well. >> we hear a lot about how and we want to offer you an election of the party that's not hours. if that happens, republicans are going to make gains. what areas are democrats targeting? where do they think they can defend and where can they gain? >> the big picture here is the
2:59 am
smaller map and the shrinking map. democrats have 21 seats they're trying to force and together republicans on. the high 30s. a wave election could look like a dozen seats for republicans, right? the universe redistricting which is the polarization in american politics. there are not many seats out there that are competitive. in the past we have had 100 seats flipped. really high numbers that are out there. you won't have that this time. you will have much smaller number even if it's a wave. you can see something happening in the senate. this means massive amounts of money will be flowing into districts. there will be more money spent for fewer seats and it puts a premium on candidate recruitment on both sides because there is
3:00 am
no margins for error when you have a smaller universe. something both parties are thinking about a lot and we try to wrap it all up and look at the shrinking map and encourage you all to read the piece. my colleague did a great job. >> hans nichols, we'll read it. >> president biden addressed the u.n. general. 10:00 a.m. right here on msnbc, make sure to watch it. thank you for getting up way too early with us this tuesday morning. "morning joe" starts right now. in less than two years my administration accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country. america's so true. didn't expect that reaction but that's okay. >> well, when you say something so stupid