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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  September 23, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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weird, right? president gets on the phone with another world leader and things get better. temperature drops. things don't get worse. things don't get insane. it is weird right? i almost forgot how that feels. it's nice. that's it for us tonight. we will see you again tomorrow. "way too early" is up next. the big takeaway from the summit is biden wants world leaders to fully vaccinated their population up to 70%. the leaders are like, okay, you first. the push for covid vaccinations ramps up with the delta variant still ripping around the world. the fact is when it comes to getting shot, do we practice what we preach. plus, no one likes to pay bills, including apparently the u.s. government. the question is can we write an i owe you? someone is a lot richer.
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the ticket was bought at a pizza joint just around the corner. the question is why did i get chinese instead? it's "way too early" for this. ♪♪ good morning and welcome to "way too early," the show that has always been mindful of its own debt ceiling. i'm jonathan lemire on this thursday, september 23rd. we'll start with the news. the fda has authorized a third dose of the pfizer covid vaccine for emergency use in people 65 and older as well as those 18 and older who are at high risk of exposure to coronavirus or severe illness. the boosters are going to be given at least six months after people have received their initial dose of the vaccine. it follows the advice given last week. americans 65 and older make up roughly a percentage.
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it comes as the cdc's advisory committee held the first day of a two-day meeting to debate the third shot with a vote scheduled for this afternoon. if they issue a recommendation and it is approved by the cdc, booster shots could begin immediately. turning now to capitol hill, six former treasury secretaries are warning congress to raise or suspend the u.s. debt ceiling or else risk, quote, serious economic and national security harm. the officials from the carter, clinton, w. bush, and obama administrations wrote a letter to house speaker nancy pelosi this week, which they also sent to other congressional leaders. they warn if congress does not take action, it could, quote, undermine trust in the full faith and credit of the united states, which they say would be hard to repair. current treasury secretary janet yell season also pushing for congressional action, warning over the weekend of a historic financial crisis. the department estimates it will
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have enough cash on hand to pay the government's bills through some the point in october, but has not yet issued a specific date for when funds may run out. as democrats scramble to cover the nation's debt before the country goes into default, republican leadership is renewing its promise not to help. >> my advice to this democratic government, the president, the house, and the senate, don't play russian roulette with our economy, step up and raise the debt ceiling to cover all that you've been engaged in all year long. so no effort on their part to describe our position as irresponsible makes any sense because the facts are indisputable. >> are you willing to let the government shut down, all of you? >> i am not going to vote to raise the debt ceiling, all right?
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this is a decision democrats are going to make. >> meanwhile, president biden met with a parade of democratic lawmakers in the oval office yesterday in an attempt to get the caucus to look past divisions and support his economic agenda. that includes the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill and the $3.5 trillion spending bill. his first meeting was with democratic leadership. he then spoke with a group of moderate democrats including manchin and sinema. his final meeting was with progressives. you have bernie sanders and progressive caucus leader pramila. jayapal. there was a promised deadline to vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill that's day s away. congresswoman jayapal will join
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"morning joe" later to discuss the meeting. joining us now is jake sherman, an msnbc contributor and a reporter for politico. what progress was made yesterday between president biden and various democrats. >> well, jon, they're talking. there's a lot to go over here. they're on different pages on nearly everything including the topline number. as you know, $3.5 trillion is the number they're working off. that will have to be paired bag to something smaller. they didn't make any progress on that. and there's also a ton of policies outstanding when it comes to reconciliation andmedi. so just a whole host of issues. as you noted, there's this infrastructure vote on monday, and progressives are threatening to bring it down to vote against
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it in order to maintain their leverage on the larger package. this is typical capitol behavior. it's not unusual. they will vote for the infrastructure bill at the end of the day. but jayapal and the rest of the progressives suggest that they're not going to vote for infrastructure unless they know what the other package is going to look like. >> yeah, we'll certainly know our first question for congressman jayapal when she is on "morning joe" in a little bit. let's talk about that monday though. is there any chance with these threats from progressives that speaker pelosi could move it? >> she could, yes. she absolutely could. it would have to be part of a larger deal that includes some sort of guarantees on the reconciliation package. my guess is they don't move it, jon. we spoke about it this morning. we spoke about it on "punchbowl news" this a.m. which is not out yet. you'll have to subscribe to it
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and read it. pelosi cut the deal for that vote on september 27th. there's no chance he will let her move it. a lot of moving pieces on that. frankly, he wants his vote. pelosi promised it to him and he wants it. that's not unusual baiv. >> jake, i have one more question for you. here's a warning to democrats from a former chief of staff to president bill clinton. unite to pass a spending bill or risk losing your congressional majorities next year. john podesta, founder and chair for the board of directors for the senty for american progress isn't it a memo to every democrat of congress on wednesday. the message was to scale down the $3.5 trillion plan while pointing out mod rats who are only trying to pass a small bill, saying you need both bills or neither, and neither is
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unconscionable. they there's a growing fear among democrats if nothing is passed, the party circulate have little to run on in midterm elections. what are the plans if it all falls apart, particularly if it falls apart in a particular tag. the democrats control. i know the margins narrow, but they control it all. if they can't get it done, what happens next year? >> so it would be very bad clearly. i think it's extraordinarily possible that neither of these bills get passed. i think that's in the realm of possibility. john podesta's comment is interesting, but not more interesting than joe manchin who said he won't vote for $3.5 trillion. so that's the dynamic we're looking at is what will joe manchin and kyrsten sinema and the house votes for, that lines us with what he's saying here. >> jake sherman, thank you, sir. come back june still ahead, is
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the biden administration mending fences with france? we'll talk about a possible detente in that dustup. "way too early" is coming right back. oo early" is coming right back ♪♪ energy is everywhere... even in a little seedling. which, when turned into fuel, can help power a plane. at chevron's el segundo refinery,
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president biden and french president emmanuel macron will meet in europe next month following the spat over the u.s. submarine deal with australia. the two spoke on the phone for the first time since the deal was announced last wednesday. in a joint statement afterward, the white house wrote in part, quote, the two leaders agreed that the situation would have benefitted from open consultations among allies on matters of strategic interest to france and our european partners. the two leaders have decided to open a process of in-depth consultations, aimed at creating the conditions for ensuring
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confidence -- france also says its ambassador to the u.s. will return to washington next week after being recalled for the first time ever. the french ambassador was recalled on friday in response to being left out of that deal between the u.s. and australia, which the french foreign minister described as a, quote, knife in the back. following yesterday's phone call between presidents biden and macron, the two sides announced the ambassador's return, saying he will, quote, begin intensive work with senior officials. >> now to the ongoing search of brian laundrie in the wake of the murder of his fiancee gabby petito after her body was found in the washington national park. catie beck has more. >> reporter: the search continues for brian laundrie, now a person of interest in the murder of his fiancee gabby
2:14 am
petito. >> we're trying to cover every acre in this preserve. >> reporter: all 25,000 of them, the vast area now a grid search by altering individuals, canines, and dive teams. so far no sign of laundrie who headed there a week ago with a backpack according to his parents. petito and laundrie had been documenting their cross-country trip since august. laundrie returned without petito september 1st, her family reporting her missing ten days later. the police shed more light on the couple's dispute while on the road. a witness statement from a second person who saw the altercation telling the police something seemed off. officers stopped and questioned the couple, but no charges were filed. karen abrams lives across the street from the laundries' home and watched them outfit their van for the trip. she said laundrie would
2:15 am
routinely go on walks with his parents and sometimes gabby, too, who previously lived with them. >> are you surprised they didn't report laundrie missing? >> i can't imagine a kid saying i'm going on a hike and two days later, he's still not home. >> reporter: petito's family no closer to the answers they so desperately seek. >> our thanks to catie beck for that report. still ahead a groundbreaking policy will require vaccinations for all u.s. olympians competing in beijing this winter. that story and a check on the weather when we come right back. . instantly clear everyday congestion with vicks sinex saline. for fast drug free relief vicks sinex. instantly clear everyday congestion. and try vicks sinex children's saline. safe and gentle relief for children's noses.
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this winter's olympics will need to be vaccined. the ceo says starting november 1st the organization will require staff, athletes, and others utilizing u.s. opc facilities to be vaccinated. it says the requirement will also apply to the full delegation at the future olympic and paralympic games. athletes will have to show prove by december 1st. neither u.s. nor international committees mandated vaccines for tokyo this summer. according to yahoo! sports, more than 100 of the 600 athletes competed in tokyo while unvaccinated while the ioioc sa all those in olympic village had been vaccinated. turning to the tension between two teams that could meet in the playoffs in a couple
2:20 am
of weeks. an outfielder was hit in the back. kiermaier sparked controversy after picking up and keeping a scouting card that had fallen from the wristband of toronto's catcher during the game the night before. he was escorted to first base and he later said the pitch was intentional. probably. it prompted both benches to spill out on the field before toronto's reliever was ejected from the game. the rays would go on to win, 7-1, and they clinch a spot in the playoff division for a third year in a row. new york completed a sweep against the texas rangers with a win before they begin a pivotal series against the red sox. the sox streaked to their seventh win in a row with their 12-5 win over the mets thanks to the heroic effort of kyle
2:21 am
schwarber. the blue jays slid a half game out in playoff contention. on the west coast, the giants expand their lead atop the national league west, capitalizing on the dodgers' loss earlier in the night with an 8-6 win over the padres. l.a. falls two games behind. meanwhile the cardinals extend their longest losing streak. st. louis all be certain of going to playoffs now, they've got a 4 1/2-game lead for the second national league wild-card spot. finally an unexpected visit to the mound after rookie the bat dog ran onto the field in the middle of an at-bat. you're still a good boy, rook kim he caused a brief delay in play before returning to the dugout with a baseball. you know, bill karins, i wouldn't mind dogs being part of most baseball games. they can run out, they can pick the bats, the balls, maybe bring
2:22 am
concessions to those in the stands. what have we got for the forecast today, bill? >> yeah. dogs at the park are good, especially during the days in the minor league when they would have the bring your dog to the park days. we've had problems around washington, d.c., overnight. we've hat a lot of heavy rain. we were mentioning this threat over the last couple of days, and now we've moved into the northeast. it looks like it's going to cause additional problems today. watch out around new york city for your evening drive home. the storm itself is located over the top of detroit and cleveland, but the tropical moisture is coming in off the atlantic and a lot of heavy rain headed in with a cold front from d.c. to pennsylvania. we have flood warnings around washington, d.c., and a flood warning around hagerstown. in all we have 35 million in this flash flood watch mostly because of the people in and around new york city are included this. we do not expect this to be an ida situation like we had two or
2:23 am
three weeks ago, but isolated areas will get heavy rain. 1 to 3 inches expected in yellow and orange. isolated totals could be up to 5 inches. if we get 5 inches anywhere in a short period of time, we'll have to watch for that. today's forecast, heavy rain moving through the northeast. if you look at the rest of the country, this is our first fall day and it looks nice from the middle of the country all the way through the great lakes. florida is still pretty warm and tropical and humid. you get thunderstorms in miami late today. still pretty hot in phoenix, but we'll get your cooler weather in the days ahead. as we go through friday, it will be existing new england. this weekend's forecast looking pretty nice coast to coast. not many complaints at all. you like to see that word refreshing after a hot summer. and into sunday, pretty nice and sunny with above average
2:24 am
temperatures in most locations, jonathan. once we get through this heavy rain event in the northeast in the next 24 hours, a really nice first fall weekend for just about everyone. >> bill karins, we'll be sure to bring our umbrellas. thank you so much. coming up, police reform was one area where it seems like bipartisanship was possible, but those talks have not fallen apart, and they leave big questions on that hot button issue. we'll talk about that straight ahead. before we go to break, we want to know, why are you awake. i'm your answers to or tweet me at #jonlemire. we'll read your answers later, particularly if they're about a bat dog. ularly if they're about bat dog. you can always spot a first time gain flings user. ♪ ♪♪
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welcome back to "way too early." it's coming up on 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 on theest. with i'm jonathan lemire. negotiations for a bipartisan police reform bill ended yesterday without a deal. democratic senator cory booker made the announcement. >> i had a quick conversation with tim scott. we weren't making progress -- any more meaningful progress on establishing really substantive reform to america's policing. the effort from the very beginning would be to get police reform that would raise professional standards, police reform that would create a lot more transparency, and police reform that would create more
2:29 am
accountability. we could not come to an agreement on those three big areas. >> republican tim scott provide statement that read in part, quote, i offered to introduce a bill that included our areas of compromise, a bill that activists and law enforcement alike could have supported. despite having plenty of agreement, democrats said no because they could not let go of their push to defund the police. senator scott's office said the provision to withhold grants from departments who do not support abuse encounters cut off the stream of funding. we'll hear more from senator booker about this a little later on when he joins "morning joe." many haitian immigrants who spent days living under a bridge in del rio, texas, will be allowed to enter the united states.
2:30 am
that's according to u.s. officials speaking to the associated press, this despite the warning that the border is closed and they're ramping up haitian flights. planes have designed for 135 passengers. six of those flights carried 713 migrants combined. the biden administration is exempting unaccompanied children from expulsion flights on humanitarian grounds. meanwhile nbc news says the white house is looking for a government contractor to hold a migrant detention facility at guantanamo bay. it has the ability to hold more than 100 people, but the administration says they have no plans to use the facility for haitian migrate grants. dhs said they will not send
2:31 am
haitian nationals being encountered to the southwest border. the biden administration has received criticism from both parties on how they've handled the border. what is your latest reporting on the situation in del rio, texas? >> at the moment we're seeing the criticism of the biden administration isn't going anywhere. i would say that from the beginning of this administration, we've had many points of seeing focus on the border, and this is by far the one getting most attention. there's still thousands of mostly haitian migrants at the border. they've been able to clear out, you know, a few thousand of about 14,000 in the past couple of days, and they're really trying to bring attention to the deportation flights they're doing, but quietly we know they're leads thousands stay in the united states and seek asylum. they're not trying to draw attention to it at this point. >> is there any sense of the
2:32 am
conditions there? we heard in recent days about some of it rather squalid and we saw the photos of, you know, officers on horseback treating the migrants potentially even with whips or using things like whips. what's your sense of where things stand as to that investigation and just how things look on the ground right now? >> well, we're seeing definitely an uptick in humanitarian organizations trying to step in and help, whether it's world food kitchen or outside groups that are trying to figure out ways to help inside of this makeshift camp because the reality is for days now we have heard the complaint consistently from folks that are covering this along the border, hearing haitian migrants saying we don't have food, i don't have water. the conditions are obviously not good, and we're talking about texas in, you know, september, where it's 60 degrees at night, but it gets incredibly hot during the daytime and they're just outside under a bridge at
2:33 am
this point. >> yeah. these were reins being used as whips in shocking footage that shockingly horrified direct of of homeland security and others. is there any sense on capitol hill for a plan b on immigration? >> yeah. at this point, you know, democrats are trying to argue that, you know, they're going to be going back to the senate parliamentarian, but as one aide mentioned to me in the past days, you know, it's not looking good if plan a doesn't work and it doesn't look good if plan a is not working. surely they have a plan b, c, and d, many democrats in the senate are saying. a that point there are a lot of behind the scenes things taking
2:34 am
place f they could change the date in the registry. they're trying to figure out how to get it done, but, you know, there is some level of realism that it could be a tough sell to actually make it happen. >> politico's sabrina rodriguez. still ahead, the totally different lineup taking the stage right above us here at 30 rock. "saturday night live" unveils the show's upcoming host and musical guests and there are a few surprises. "way too early" back in a moment. ck in a moment
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built the skinny house to block his brother's view and sunlight. "saturday night live" is just over a week away. they announced their hosts. owen wilson will host the premiere october 2nd with kacey musgraves as the museum guest. october 9, kim kardashian west will make her debut with halsey as the musical gect. october 16. rami may lek and young thug. and returning to his routes, emmy winner for "ted lasso" jason sudeikis will return for the first time as host on october 23rd. sudeikis was a cast member on the show from 2003 to 2013. brynn carlisle will make her first appearance as musical guest on sudeikis's show. a self-portrait is going up
2:40 am
for action of free doe kahlo. diego y yo is the last image. an image of her husband was painted on her forehead. the expected $30 million sale would break multiple art records as the most expensive work by latin american artists and the second most by a female artist. one lucky winner is celebrating a win. the mega millions lottery that sat at $432 million appears to have a single grand prize winner. it was purchased at a new york pizzeria that hits close to home for us. pronto's pizza steps away from rockefeller center. the winner will get to choose to
2:41 am
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reporting over 2,000 covid death as day, a number the u.s. has not seen in more than six months. according to data from the johns hopkins university, it stands at 2,031. the last time the average daily death toll was over 2,000 was on march 1st of this year. at this rate, an american dies from covid-19 every 43 seconds. on monday, covid-19 officially became the deadliest outbreak in recent american history, surpassing the u.s. death toll from the 1918 spanish
2:45 am
flu. joining us now, founder and ceo dr. uché blackstock, an msnbc contributor. we're always happy when she's on the show. >> good morning. >> let's start with the booster shot on an emergency basis for 65 and older and some in special circumstances. what's your take on the latest in the booster shot debate? >> well, good morning, jonathan. i definitely think that the recommendation approval makes a lot of evidence. the data we're seeing is there's waning immunity against the vaccine, especially the pfizer vaccine, six to eight months out, and we're seeing that especially among the elderly. we're seeing more breakthrough disease among this population in particular. i think also to specify, people that are at high risk for exposure, people who are health care workers who received their
2:46 am
vaccines earlier in the year makes tremendous sense and i think we have to make sure we're being as transparent with the public with the messaging around the boosters because i know it's been quite confusing. >> let's talk about florida's new surgeon general. he opposes both mask and vaccine mandates. went to medical school with him. we saw your note on twitter about it. give us your sense. tell the viewers. tell us your reaction to his appointment. >> what i will say is obviously he is a very bright individual. he has the educational pedigree. however, as someone who's bright and has that educational pedigree, they can still spread misinformation. he's been outwardly supportive of unproven medical treatments like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. we've shown that masks are
2:47 am
effective in schools and other indoor locations. and he's discouraging vaccine s, which is incredibly dangerous we flow are profound racial inequities. so the person delivering that messaging is incredibly important, and as a black physician, i think it could be harmful for him to be disseminaing misinformation. i think it's not a surprise governor desantis chose him. i think it was a very strategic move and he chose someone we didn't have to convince of his anti-science messaging. the doctor already agreed with it. we started the segment noting where the u.s. death toll is and what a depressing statistic. here we are back in march to the number of deaths per day. this comes at a seemingly interesting moment of the pandemic. while deaths are still up, numbers of cases are starting to
2:48 am
decline. there's some hope the delta variant wave may have peaked. but we're heading into the fall. the virus tends to spread better when the weather is colder. where do we stand withthis virus? >> i think we're seeing in terms of the modeling and prediction we'll probably have another wave later this fall and into the winter because we know that the virus tlooivs in cold dry weather. we know more people will be indoors and in higher risk settings. we know that school will also be in full swing, and so we've seen this before in other countries where there's initially a wave with delta, that the wave may resolve a little bit and then there's another surge. so i would say we all have to still be very, very cautious. the mitigation strategies will be more important than ever this fall and winter, especially with delta being the predominant variant, and people will just have to be on their guard.
2:49 am
>> dr. uché blackstock, thank you for that warning and being here today. earlier in the show we asked all of you, why are you awake. ellie in chicago says i've got to meet a work deadline after procrastinating too much this week, aka watching "ted lasso." i'll really questioning my decision-making acts. jen writes hubs in australia on business and it's late morning here. he passed his covid test and he's on his way home. dale is up watching. and sandra shares this. i'm awake because i just got this pic via text, my new grandson. congratulations. that's the best possible way and reason to be up unless you won to latry. up next, a look at axio's one big thing. and ahead on "morning joe,"
2:50 am
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three teenagers were shot at a bus stop in louisville, kentucky. >> reporter: police are searching for this vehicle. one of them is as 16-year-old and he died. >> the city's police chief outraged. >> while we can't sit here with thumbs up our -- and do nothing different and don't think we won't be back in this podium. >> when someone brazenly fires antonio a crowd of people striking five innocent people in
2:54 am
this incident is unacceptable. >> reporter: across the country, more children and teens being caught in the fire. >> we have never seen this much of an increase over an extended period of time. >> reporter: last year more than 5100 kids were shot nationwide. 1300 of them died. firearm deaths up 13% and more children and teens had been shot than the same time last year. >> why do you think that is? >> there is as surge in gun sales we saw. the pandemic we saw people released from prison. the courts have been closed. all of these things together contributing to the number of children we are seeing who are injured by guns. >> our thanks to gabe gutierrez for that report. joining us now with a look at axios', cofinder, mike allen.
2:55 am
>> the axios' one big thing is 60 years spike. we have been seeing these signs for months now the fbi is making it official in final figures for 2020 sets to be out on monday. the fbi is showing the murder rate in the country increase the most since they have been keeping records in 60 years going back to 1960s. now vital contact for this and the rate itself is way down from what it was in the '80s and '90s. this increase in this pandemic year is biggest increase according to new york times figure since 1958. a behind the scene for you, i mention these figures come out
2:56 am
on monday. the fbi put them on a stat and the new york times grabbed them. that's why we have a look at them. this is reflecting what they see the direction of what officials are expecting when it's all dead and done. >> good reporting on this. what's behind this bill? >> this is super interesting, one of the casualties, one of the real problems during the pandemic has been for public schools. axios data showing that public schools are losing students to as you mentioned charter schools to private schools and to home schooling is a big trend. we can see there on that map. it's just about everywhere in the country is gaining charter schools. it's not a regional phenomenon.
2:57 am
why does it matter? the number of students you have is directly tied to the resources your district is going of and throw in your website, ap is talking about teacher shortages and all these making for hard times for public schools and what we are watching as many of the cities suffer new outbreaks and we are expecting localized outbreaks, that can cause more parents to be frustrated. something we are hearing again and again and a factor we hear in this charter is parents want their kids in schools and don't like the remote learning. >> you are talking about these outbreaks. the axios' covid map shows us a glimmer of hope this time. >> i am so happy you got to that. how often you and i got to talk about something good. >> never. >> in politics and in business,
2:58 am
too. someone tells you something headed in the right direction. this time we'll take it. the axios' weekly covid map shows we are headed in the right direction after a scary couple of months. new cases down 10% over the last couple of months. that's real. the experts we have talked to say they are optimistic about this holding. the fact that we have a vaccine coming for younger kids could help with that. this is a trend that we want to bottle. i didn't see this coming. so happy we are able to show a happy map and have a great headline. >> mike allen, i hope that continues as we discussed with dr. blatt that deaths are up and cases start to decline. vaccines for children hopefully in horizon the same time we are heading into fall and winter. mike allen, thank you again for
2:59 am
being here. thanks for all of you for getting up way too early with us. "morning joe" starts right now. >> i just think it's time for some of our dearest friends around the world to battle this. because this is fundamentally a great step forward for global security. >> the diplomatic boris johnson telling the french to don't break, give me a break. get a grip about the u.s. sub deal about austria. plus, the debt limit does not authorize new funding, it covers what the government has already spent. with that is the backdrop. will congress really let the country default? good morning and welcome to "morning joe," i am at the white house this morning with sideways rain here.
3:00 am
we are following big developments, domestic and foreign affairs. president biden met with key congressional democrats in an attempt to find a way forward on his signature plans. can he unite his own party, joe? >> that's a big question. another big question is why did you go to the white house on such a chambers morning? >> i love a good time. >> fantastic, willie, not really exactly the message that the french needed to hear from an ally who's negotiating behind their back. basically say get over it. i was glad to see that president biden understood that is not a way friends treat friends. do you want to tell him it's a lousy deal and they got diesel subs that sounds louder than lobster boats roaring around. you can talk to him about that. figure out a way to work it in. i was talking to a lot of