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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  September 24, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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that is going to do it for us tonight. we'll see you again tomorrow night, which i have a feeling is going to be just as nuts. "way too early" is up next. ♪♪ the house committee investigating the january 6th insurrection subpoenas four of donald trump's closest advisers. when it comes to the run-up on the riot on capitol hill, the question is what did they know and when did they know it? plus sometimes you hear critics of congress say, just shut it all down. that might actually happen. the question is why. and an amazing discovery in the deserts of new mexico, fossilized human footprints are rewriting history dating back to the ice age. the question is how cool is that? it's "way too early" for this. ♪♪
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good morning and welcome to "way too early," the show that always wears clean socks. i'm jonathan lemire on this friday, september 24th. we'll start with the news. we've got a lot to get to. the house select committee investigating the january 6th insurrection subpoenaed four of former president trump's closest allies. former white house chief of staff mark meadows, dan scavino, former white house adviser steve bannon, and former pentagon chief cash patel. the committee says it's seeking information about trump's actions leading up to and during the riot and demands the men turn over relevant documents by october 7th. according to the subpoenas, meadows and scavino were in contact with the organizers of the rally that preceded the violence and meadows took numerous steps to undermine the election results leading up to
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january 6th. scavino also allegedly met with trump on january 5th to discuss ways to persuade members of congress against certifying joe biden's victory. in bannon's case t committee says he attended a january 5th meeting at a d.c. hotel to discuss plans to overturn the election results. that same day he told listeners on his podcast, quote, all hell is going to break loose tomorrow. and patel was allegedly in constant contact with meadows on january 6th. they did not immediately respond while patel continued to say, i'll continue to tell the truth to the american people about the events of january 6th. and in a statement the former president said a question for part of a partisan exercise and said he would expert executive privilege in an attempt to block them. meanwhile the current white house is reportedly leaning toward releasing more
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information to congress about what former president trump and his aides were doing on january 6th. two people familiar with the discussions tell the "washington post" that given the gravity of the events on that day, president biden plans to err on the side of disclosure and grant requests from the house select committee. in response, trump says he will cite executive privilege to block the requests though many legal experts say that is an uphill battle. this comes as the house panel says it has already received thousands of documents from all seven government agencies it requested information from. the national archives has also sent documents to trump for review, a process required by law before the information can be turned over to congress. nearly a yoof after the 2020 election, texas has launched a review in that state at the request of former president trump. just hours after a request was made by the president's team pushing greg abbott to launch an
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audit, the secretary of state's office announced it ha begun reviews in four of the state's largest counties. let's remember trump won texas. he wrote in part, quote, let's get to the bottom of the 2020 presidential election scam. the former president is also taking aim at two of his most loyal republican allies in the senate for not going along with his claims of election fraud. he said mike lee and lindsey graham should be, quote, ashamed of themselves for not putting up the fight necessary to win. who needs friends like that. this after a new book from journalists bob woodward and bob costa wrote about it. joining us to talk about all this, congressional reporter for politico, nicholas wu. nicholas, good morning. thank you so much for being there. give us the state of play right here. how big of a deal are these
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subpoenas? what sort of message is it sending to the former president and those close to him? >> it's a very big deal. i mean, what these subpoenas show is quite how fast the select committee is trying to move. chair bennie thompson set this roughly spring goal for them to wrap up their investigation, and democrats are showing that they really learned from what happened during their very first impeachment inquiry against former president donald trump where he stonewalled a lot of these requests to get people to appear voluntarily and produce documents to committees investigating his call with ukrainian leaders, whereas, now they're moving very quickly to subpoenas and ramping up the investigation and going right at trump's inner circle to try to figure out exactly what happened and like you said, who knew what and when they knew it. >> so we have seen trump allies previously dodge subpoenas, but that was when the former president was still in office. now that he's not in power any longer, is there more of a
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chance we actually see these four significant aides testify before congress? >> absolutely. i mean, the biden justice department has indicated they will be more supportive of people coming to testify before congressional committees and their investigations and it certainly helps now that many of these officials are now former officials, so they're not -- so the process here is a little bit different, and the questions of privilege are much different than they would be if they were still serving in the white house where they could be potentially shielded by these potential claims of privilege. >> trump is no longer in power but he certainly holds great sway over the republican party. what do we think -- this is a two-part question for you. what efforts could republicans take to block this to try to prevent this from happening, the testimony, the subpoenas, and so on, but also in terms of the documents president biden is thinking of releasing, what
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could we learn from there? >> well, first, there's not a whole lot that congressional republicans can actually do to prevent this committee from issuing subpoenas and holding these depositions. congressional republicans all be pulled out from participating in the select committee, so they don't actually have the votes, nor can they take part in the actual committee proceedings to try to disrupt, delay, or otherwise stand in the way of what they're doing. as for these documents, it was part of a huge sweeping request of the select committee several weeks ago of these big tranches of documents between the white house and any number of these executive agencies and individuals that the committee saw relevant to its investigation, so this could shed a light on everything from who at the white house knew about, say, the permitting process for the evaluation right
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before the insurrection to who exactly the white house was talking to, who we still don't know about from that day or for that matter what the former president was doing during these times on january 6th. there's little in the public report from what we're reporting and what the president has said himself. >> right. certainly we know from reporting the president didn't do much to intervene that day, that he was off in his private dining room, off of the oval office, watching, transfixed in tierjs also seemingly heartened by the mob and the violence. nicholas wu, thank you so much for being here. the question ahead, the shooting spree and what left some dead at a grocery star. and chris meagher discusses what's next on the president's agenda. "way too early" is coming right back. agenda "way too early" is coming right back
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passed a standaloned by to fund the iron dome defense system. they approved $1 billion in new spending by a 420-9 vote. democrats intended to include the funding in legislation this week to fund the government past september 30th but removed it after objections from some congress members. though the majority defended it, some including michigan's rashida tlaib is against it. she called israel a, quote, apartheid regime, and pointed to its military action against gaza as reason not to fund the defense system. the u.s. envoy to haiti has resigned over what he calls the inhumane counterproductive plan
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to remove migrants. there will no longer be border patrol on horseback. we have more from del rio, texas. >> reporter: more than 3,000 packed under this bridge. some who have been deported, speaking out. one of them, apologizing to the american people but saying he and his family hope to make the journey yet again. the rise in deportations sparking the u.s. special envoy to haiti to resign in protest. career diplomat daniel foote slamming the biden administration's plan to deport thousands of migrants. meanwhile the depiction of this image announcing no more horses will be used in del rio. there's a question of where 15,000 under the bridge have gone. 1,400 have been deported and
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1,300 are in border patrol custody, but no detail on how many migrants were released into the u.s. officials tell nbc news in the thousands. >> they had an idea that life would be better for them here in america. >> reporter: so many of the migrants coming to tiffany burro's non-profit shelter. >> this time last year how many would you help a week? >> 25. >> today? >> in the last week, over a thousand. >> reporter: her concern isn't running out of supplies but attention. >> the numbers will go down. the media attraction of it all will disappear. and then we'll be hit with another wave. >> this problem never goes away for you. >> right. elsewhere in texas, abortion providers in that state are asking the supreme court to rapidly review their challenge to the state's restrictive law banning abortion after six weeks
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of pregnancy and allowing private citizens to sue those involved. earlier this month the court declined to block the law in a 5-4 ruling, citing the complex procedure procedual questions. now they're asking to deploy a rare procedure that would allow the procedure to leapfrog the supreme court. meanwhile tennessee police officials are searching for answers after a gunman opened fire at a depressry store killed one and injured others. it happened inside a grocery store in a bustling area. officers rushed the store, helping injured victims and escorting victims out of hiding. the suspect who has not been identified died from what they say was a self-inflicted gunshot wound. the victims were transported to
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local hospitals while police searched for a motive. last night officers were seen searching an apartment near the shooting scene but have not yet confirmed whether it's the home of the shooting suspect. still ahead, the carolina panthers remain undefeated, but last night's win may have cost them their star running back. plus, where the major league teams stand. our mlb playoffs check and a look at the rest of sports and the weather. it's rainy in new york city on a friday, but at least it's friday. friday, but at least it' friday wondering what actually goes into your multivitamin? at new chapter, its' innovation, organic ingredients, and fermentation. fermentation? yes. formulated to help you body really truly absorb the natural goodness. new chapter. wellness, well done. why bother mastering something? why hand-tune an audio system? why include the most advanced active safety system in its class...standard? because when you want to create an entirely new feeling,
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texans. it's a costly win and may hurt some of your fancy football teams. christian mccaffrey exited last night's game with a strained hamstring. the severity of the non-contact injury is still unclear. turning now to major league baseball's push to the playoffs. we begin in cleveland with a 7-2 win over the indians in split doubleheader the chicago white sox claimed the american league central ground. they earn their first division title since 2008. meanwhile the twins are making things difficult for the blue jays. the twins beat toronto 7-2 last night. consecutive losses dropped the blue jays one full game behind the yankees for the second a.l. wild-card spot with the red sox holding a two-game lead atop those wild-card standings. new york has a three-game series remaining against both of those teams starting tonight at fenway
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park. the yankee series with the red sox is the biggest regular season matchup between these two squads in years. i am already nervous. all three teams have nine games left on their regular season schedules. the fate of the national league west, meanwhile, is arguably in the hands of the san diego padres who snapped a five-game losing streak with yesterday's win over the division-leading giants. meanwhile in denver, the dodgers keep the pressure on san francisco, cutting the giants' lead atop the n.l. west with one game with a 7-5 win against the rockies. the padres' performance over the next ten days will go a long way toward settling the division race. san diego plays l.a. and san francisco three times each before the season ends. but the padres, their own playoff chances are still slim as they remain six games behind the red-hot cardinals in the race for the second n.l. wild-card spot. st. louis extended its win streak to 12 in a row, its longest since 1982, finishing off a four-game sweep for the
2:22 am
milwaukee brewers, 8-5 yesterday. the cards hold a 4 1/2-game lead over the phillies for a national wild-card lead. we have a lot to follow here in the final ten days or so of the regular season. now, though, it's time for the weather. let's go to meteorologist bill karins for the forecast. bill, it rained a whole lot on the east coast last night and today. still raining in new york city. what's the recommend look like here and everywhere else? >> the rain in new england is going to be slowly moving out. slowly is the key term. so you may have to wait for your nice weekend, especially areas like boston. it may not even be that nice. let's get into it. you see behind me all the rain on the map, the green and the yellow. that's the heavier stuff pushing through areas of the hudson valley. new york city is just about done. they have maybe an hour or two of o light rain and that should be it for this rainstorm.
2:23 am
it will be a little bit longer for hartford and providence. it should be a beautiful end of the day for philadelphia to new york. so as far as this rain system goes, as we go throughout the day, notice by 8:00 p.m., still a little bit of rain in the cape, all the way through boston and maine. the front stalls along the coast. a little wave of low pressure and weak storm comes up the coast. unfortunately the forecast is going downhill. providence, cape, boston, portsmouth, all my friends in maine, it's not going to be a great saturday afternoon and saturday evening. it should be just fine. hudson valley, new york, d.c., but extreme eastern new england, unfortunately it looks like your saturday will be wet too. heaviest rains, connecticut to the berkshires, and tomorrow we'll get more rain, boston all the way through up in areas of maine. the rest of the country is like what rain? it is dry, it is sunny, fall, warm, nice, from the southeast all the way through the middle of the country, looking really
2:24 am
great. the west coast, no complaints whatsoever. even phoenix has cooled off slightly. and then as we head into your weekend, there's that rain in maine and down into boston on saturday. much of the country is dry and pretty warm for this time of year. and then as we head into sunday, we'll label that gorgeous. what a beautiful day it's going to be in areas from the mid-atlantic, the ohio valley, northeast, the cool, crisp fall air. the humidity is pretty much very low. so it doesn't feel like summer. but areas in the middle of the country still warmer than they'd like, jonathan, with temperatures in the 90s. where's the yankees/red sox series? is that in fenway? >> that's exactly where i was going. it's tonight, tomorrow late afternoon, 4:00, and sunday night. what do you think? are they going to get these games in? >> they should be able to get the games in, but it's going to be wet. it's not going to be dry. i think the saturday afternoon game could be most at risk. maybe they'll have to do a
2:25 am
double header on sunday. >> which would only add to my stress level. coming up, the white house is preparing government agencies for a potential shutdown. will republicans fall in line with democrats to raise the debt ceiling before time runs out? but before we go to break, we want to know that immortal question. why are you awake? i'm your reasons to or tweet me@jon lemire. don't put an "h" in my name but add the #waytooearly. we'll read your answers later in the show. l read your answers lan the show ecret, keep it fresh. available in over 10 amazing scents and aluminum free. secret before you go there, ♪ or fist bump there. ♪ or... oh! i can't wait to go there! ♪
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early." it's just before 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west. i'm jonathan lemire. majority leader chuck schumer is planning on getting senate republicans on record. he's setting up the short-term funding bill and extension that the house passed earlier this week. schumer's goal is to test minority leader mitch mcconnell's resolve. he's going to force them to cast their ballot days before a shutdown and vote to raise the debt ceiling weeks before the nation defaults. >> every single member of this chamber is going to go on record as to whether they support keeping the government open and averting a default or support shutting us down and careening our country toward a first ever default. but if they vote no, the republican party will be solidifying itself as the party of default. >> democratic leaders also say
2:30 am
they have a deal on how to pay for the reconciliation package. house speaker nancy pelosi and chuck schumer announced yesterday they worked with the white house to find several ways to pay for the spending bill that right now sits at $3.5 trillion. >> the white house, the house, and the senate have reached agreement on a framework that will pay for any final negotiated agreement. so the revenue side of this, we have an agreement on, okay? thank you. it's a framework, an agreement of a framework that the deal includes a series of tax increases for high earners including stock buybacks and capital gains, but it's not solidified yet. democrats continue to haggle over several issues including carbon taxes that have not yet been resolved. even by thursday afternoon many
2:31 am
in the house and senate said they have not seen details of the so-called tax plan. they're trying to get all democrats onboard. the infrastructure program and the reconciliation bill. as my colleagues have stated, they're trying to bridge the divide between the moderates and democrats. his pitch at its heart, this is too important to fail and the consequences would be dire for democrats. could one single lawmaker stand as a reason for failure of the agenda of the president of their own party, and if these bills are defeated, how can they ask voters to give them the power again in next year's midterms. they've notified government agencies for the potential of a government shutdown. it will be the first shutdown since the start of the pandemic. administration officials stress the request is in line.
2:32 am
the government will shut down if congress doesn't pass legislation by the end of the month. joining us now, nbc news capitol hill correspondent leigh ann caldwell. are other republican senators feeling the pressure of that vote on monday, and right now, in your estimation, how likely is it the government could shut down a week from today? >> good morning, jonathan. that one republican is senator kennedy of louisiana. he tells me that disaster aid, which is attached to that short-term government funding bill and the suspension of the debt limit, is just too critical for his state of louisiana. as for other republicans including senator cassidy who might join senator kennedy who's also from louisiana to vote for it, but they're far from the ten
2:33 am
republicans necessary in order for this to pass. and the other republicans aren't feeling that much pressure. they're extremely united at this point with senate minority leader mitch mcconnell in saying that this is up to the democrats to do. so is the government going to shut down? well, it's really unclear, but i will say there's not one democrat who wants this government to shut down because president biden ran on promising a government that functions. this would be the exact opposite of it. but they are careening extremely close to this deadline. i don't see how they get out of it unless they hunt until perhaps closer to the actual deadline of the debt, when they need to pass the debt ceiling until it's supposed to be mid- to late october. what they could do is pass a clean short-term government funding bill for just two to three weeks to give them a little bit more time, but that
2:34 am
doesn't solve the problem. that just prolongs it, jonathan. >> certainly kicking the can down the road is a hallmark of congress, and certainly, though, any extra time would be vital, especially during a global pandemic. switching gears, we just played it, democratic leaders say they have a deal on how to pay for reconciliation, but details were, shall we say, scarce, and it certainly seems like they won't have it done by the monday deadline. give us your assessment of the state of play, and do we think speaker pelosi still puts up infrastructure for a vote on monday? >> state of play for this $3.5 trillion bill, they walk in and announce a framework of how to pay for this piece of legislation? well, the framework is not the details. every democrat agrees a corporate tax rate should be increased, but not every democrat agrees on by how much. so the details are critical here. and also a deal between speaker
2:35 am
pelosi and chair schumer is a lot different than all of the rank-and-file members, namely senator joe manchin of west virginia, who has the biggest concerns with this biggest piece of legislation. that is who they need a deal with, on how to pay for it orngs what to spend it on, and also missing from this 'agreement of a framework is the price tag, how much of this is paid for. they will not say this is still a $3.5 trillion bill or if it's going to be $2 trillion. i asked speaker pelosi yesterday, and she refused to say the number. so they are still very, very far off, but they're trying to give the illusion of progress so they can keep their party united database or get their party united, i should say, and also speaker pelosi would not permit holding a vote on monday on the bipartisan infrastructure bill. she has to try to figure out how
2:36 am
to deal with the progressives who are furious that the reconciliation bill is not done, that they're still demanding a vote on that reconciliation bill before the bipartisan bill, and there's not a lot of press between the different faxes of the party who are going to eventually come together. nobody wants to be left hanging out to dry. this is one of the biggest challenges i've ever seen speaker pelosi in, jonathan. >> i don't want to say the democrats are in disarray, but, boy, they've got a lot of work to. do nbc's leigh ann caldwell, thank you so much. please try to have a good weekend. still ahead, the new discovery that's rewriting history. "way too early" is coming right back. that's a tease. t back that's aea tse
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totally different. netflix has announced "tiger king" will be coming back next year. it did confirm the year will have, quote, just as much mayhem and madness as season one. the streaming giant also confirmed this year it will include animal rights activist carole baskin and the now incarcerated joe exotic. chris pratt will voice mario while anya taylor-joy will be princess peach. the star-studded cast includes charlie lewis day, jack black, michael kegel. it will be released in december 2022. my boys are obsessed. the tony awards are back this sunday but like so many recent award shows, it will look
2:41 am
a little different. two familiar faces will take senn tear stace as leslie odom jr. delayed by the pandemic it will take place in person at winter garden theater. mcdonald's will host the first one. odom's part of the evening would feature the night's biggest awards. researchers have discovered early humans were walking across north america 23,000 years ago. the first footprints thought to be made by teenagers and children were found in a dry bed in 2009. scientists at the u.s. geological survey recently analyzed seeds stuck in the foot prints to determine their age. when did people first arrive in the americas after dispersing from africa and asia.
2:42 am
they could have arrived even earlier. still ahead t cdc signs off of pfizer's booster shot for some americans. we'll ask white house deputy press secretary chris meagher about what it means for the vaccine's vaccination push. "way too early" is coming right back. ckba thinking means we see things differently, so you can focus on what matters most. that's how we've become the leader in 5g. #1 in customer satisfaction. and a partner who includes 5g in every plan, so you get it all. with downy infusions, let the scent set the mood. feel the difference with downy. hi, my name is cherrie. i'm 76 and i live on the oregon coast. my husband, sam, we've been married 53 years. we love to walk on the beach.
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advisers to the cdc voted yesterday to endorse booster shots for older and high-risk americans. opening a new phase in the vaccination drive against covid-19. the advisory panel says seniors aged 65 and up and other medically vulnerable americans can get a booster dose of pfizer's covid-19 vaccine six months after their second dose. they stopped short of the full group instead recommending they can choose to get fit they feel they needed in consultation with their physician.
2:46 am
joining me now white house press secretary chris meagher. good morning. thank you for being here so "early today." let's start here. a lot to get to. it says boosters for older adults and those at risk, signs off on. but we also heard from cdc director rochelle wolensky who signed off on teachers and staff. give us the latest on the state of play there but also what response do you have to the criticism from some who say there's been a lot of mixed messaging when it comes to boosters? >> yeah. well, this is good news. this means that millions of americans across the country can get booster shots starting as early as this weekend. people 65 and older, people at high risk, that means teachers, first responders, health care workers, and so this is a good step forward to our booster program. this is exactly what president
2:47 am
biden was talking about weeks ago. that's why we started to prepare and get ready and have conversations with states, with pharmacies making sure that everybody was ready on day one to start putting those booster shots in arms some of we see it as a really good positive step forward as we try to get people safely vaccinated and booster shots in arms. >> so, chris, this today, this has been, shall we say, an eventful week in terms of foreign policy when it comes to this president. we, of course, had the kerfuffle over the submarine deal with france and sfrail, with the french making their displeasure known. the president gave his first address to the u.n. assembly while in office and today he's hosting the first quad summit that include australia, india, and japan. walk us through what the administration hopes to gain from this meeting and tell us about the focus on china. >> yeah. well, since day one, since president biden came into
2:48 am
office, the indo-pacific has been a focus of ours. the prime minister of japan was the first leader to visit the white house. we had a virtual summit with the members of the quad, australia and india and japan, in march, and now they'll be at the white house in person. i think you can expect their conversation to go over a host of issues. i think cyber security and as we just mentioned the global pandemic and tackling that, climate crisis, increasing competitiveness, and just relations in the indo-pacific. i think, you know, president biden's message earlier this week at the united nations was one of working with our allies and coming together in a diplomatic way to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing our world right now, and that's what you're going to hear from
2:49 am
him later today. >> and do we think, staying on foreign policy, give us a sense of the phone call with the french president macron and an update as to when those two leaders may meet. >> well, they committed to getting together later this year, and i expect that meeting to happen. you know, it was a very good, positive phone call between two allies. you know, the president told president macron on the phone that he could have done a better job of communicating around the aucus deal and they committed their respect and admiration for each other. and one situation is not going to impact them. they resolve to continue to work together, communicate better going forward and i expect that's what you'll see between
2:50 am
us and the french. chris, let's shift to the domestic front as we've detailed all morning what we're hopeful for. is the white house hopeful the interject himself trying to get a deal done? >> well, the president has been very involved in negotiations on the hill on a variety of fronts. obviously a shutdown would be costly. it would have a tremendous impact on the american people and default would be catastrophic and so you know a bill has passed the house and we hope the senate will take it up. republicans need to match their rhetoric. if they don't want to support a shutdown or if they don't want to support defaulting and threatening our full faith and
2:51 am
credit then they should vote for the bill that's going to be in front of them next week. >> this comes of course at the backdrop of the president and democrats trying to get their agenda done. >> i can't hear you jonathan. >> we lost chris, thank you, come back soon. >> earlier in the show we asked, why are you awake. >> buddy writes. julia shares this photo, traveling for 18 months and woke up to see how this cutie is doing. >> jean's up doing some handbook. michelle is up early decoraing the house surprising her daughter because today is her eighth birthday. happy birthday to michelle's daughter. up next, coming up we'll
2:52 am
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joining us now is jim from axios. >> a look at the white house, a worry that the president may be too greedy and going for the 2.5 deal infrastructure plan. that's making it a lot harder to get some of the priorities done
2:56 am
that may have gotten able through in smaller chunks when you try to wrap it in one big package. what happens is you try to do that and you try to do the infrastructure and list the debt ceiling it's hard to see they are up against the $3.5 million. >> certainly that number would shrink. president biden is also dropping private polls. talk about that. >> double digits decline in biden's favorable ratings in
2:57 am
those districts. it's being tied to competence. people are looking at covid and afghanistan and they're starting to wonder if this washington under biden is that much different under donald trump. the family is right for the president because he ran on competency. a lot of the stuff can be a femoral and it can change based on a victory here or a misstep there but it's a troubling sign. you look at the national polling you see him declining 50% which is not where you would like to be. i think what the white house is thinking is one they got to get to this mess of all this different bills. if he can get back on the focusing on covid and the economy, can you get covid infection rates down and the economy up and the stock market up and people feeling better of the economy and better of their jobs and wages, at the end of
2:58 am
the day that's the make or break questions for him. that's where they like to be, they don't want to talk about what happened in afghanistan, it was not a great moment for the president. >> democrats are not the only party with concerns. >> what are you guys seeing among these republicans and division party? >> it's a familiar theme now for republicans. we have a lot of the money and super pacs going after their own candidates in these primaries. there is a real war inside the party if you are for trump or not for trump. you take that money and you put it against your own people, what does it do? it makes it easier for democrats. you know party divided and especially in a country that's
2:59 am
50/50. it hurts. you want all of your money and ads and momentum and focus on the enemy, on the opponent. the person you are running against. sort of how people feel about themselves and the country and i don't know if that's going to get rectified any time soon. >> jim, thank you very much for being here this morning. we are a week away from a government shutdown. there will be a lot of efforts here. we'll be watching closely to avoid that and it's interesting to see if that deadline approaches. democrats both have the congress and presidency. the republicans they really risk being seen as objections and
3:00 am
refused to cooperate. the people that i talk to called certainly backfire. thank you all for waking up way too early with us this friday morning. please have a great weekend. "morning joe" starts right now. good morning and welcome to "morning joe." there is a lot happening today including some political news out of arizona, in fact, let's just roll the tape. >> breaking news over night, nbc news projecting joe biden wins arizona. >> yes, the same thing joe reported last mont holds true today, the senate confirms president biden and the election was not stolen from former president trump. even now supporters of the ex-presidentnc