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tv   The Reid Out  MSNBC  September 27, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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the latest and greatest, we'll always bring it to you as we get it "the reidout" with joy reid starts now. >> happy monday. we'll be waiting for the subpoenas that with baited breath and i'm sure you will, too. thank you, my friend. good evening, everyone we begin wit"the reidout" tonig, c the republican party today is a zombie party the sole purpose is the willing enabler of tlurump's efforts to gain the oh el electoral to regn power. the monstered from those who smashed our space to paul go
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czar, they consist of a real reaction today congressman gosar wants a trump biden rematch by year's end talking about arizona's fraud-it as a good start. that is what this gaslighting exercise is about, a starch to solidify the norm of challenging but really steeling future elections. the cyber ninja report found that biden defeated trump by more votes than the original count and yet, that very finding now has trump republicans doubling down on their election lies with arizona gop chair and big lie minon kelly ward because arizona tax have not been wasted enough what this report said never mattered so long as the performance of speculation aired of trump media, so long as it kept the big lie alive and it is very much alive.
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similar sham partisan recounts are now happening in pennsylvania, wisconsin, and texas. your vote questioned your decision threatened while changing election laws make it harder for democrats to win and easier for them to challenge the results each time they lose. that does not describe a democracy. it is instead, the very calculate plan already in motion to overturn the 2024 election and restore trump or some version of him back in power with me now is stewart stevens, senior advisor for the lincoln project. stewart, i want to start with you because you spent a long time working in, you know, normal era republican politics and i just wonder what you made of the argument that what we saw was not just a rag tag band of losers ransacking the capitol and defecate all over the mace we saw a practice round for overturning future elections
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that actually continue to be extended with the fake recounts and changing election laws do you agree with that basic premise? >> 100%. i read robert's article and i said hallelujah. there is a need for us, a lot of us to believe that we live in a normal time, we have a normal president, there is such great tension over the last four years of trump but that would be a huge mistake and it is exactly what the autocrats who have become the republican party want us to do they are very patient. they're very well funded they have buffoon archaracters t front. what robert said is so dead on and we have to take this seriously. ou it is a threat to democracy. it's mind boggling to say this to somebody that worked in a party but there is no al alternative but the truth is an
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autocrat tforce. it has a different ideology. it exists to change democracy in america in an unrecognizable form. >> ellie, not to have the criticism here but one of the challenges that i feel, i'll take it upon myself is that this conversation is not the way most of the media, most of the political press conducts itself. there is a tendency to veer back toward normalcy and try to make both the parties fit into sort of on the one hand and other hand having a normal political debate that's a normal way of dealing with things. i think there is a sort of compuc compulsion to drag them down no, they said this is a
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rehearsal for an undemocratic society. you sort of sound, like, crazy, right, if you're trying to say that i wonder if you think this desire for norms, even in the justice department and you said that criticism a lot is what is preventing us from fighting this the way we should. >> i think you're absolutely right. the main stream media loves the two party system it gives them conflict and drama and admitting one of the parties is not a political party but a white supremist rump who has risen who tried to overturn democracy doesn't fit neatly in the narratives so they try to deny it and as you put it so well, bring us back to normal. what's happening is pretty clear. first of all, trump has now lost the 2020 election more times than the new york jets he's got nothing that's done with right? this as you pointed out was never an effort really to relitigate the 2020 election, it's always been about 2022 and
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2024 the republicans have no other strategy to win and stewart well knows, if you go back to 2012 when the republicans were picking, when mitt romney got his teeth smacked in by barack obama and republicans picked up the pieces, they had an ansutopy and saw the only way forward is expand their base beyond the white supremacist rump that votes for them that's the only solution except for authoritarian. everyone who wants to vote can vote and all those votes counted, the republicans are not a viable national party. instead of dealing with that, you know, sadness and responding to that, they have gone in this other direction, which is the hard right fascism we see across the down industry. >> stewart, you're from mississippi so you saw the
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pol politics democrats can't win there because the state is sort of jerry b gerrymandering and feels fixed for the republicans. it does feel like they're trying to expand the same mississippi strategy you can see them doing it in texas and florida. you know, so it works there even in a state that's diverse. let's go to a state that's not diverse. wyoming. by my old state of colorado. here is liz cheney of wyoming talking about the leader of her party. take a listen. >> what he's done is embrace donald trump and if i were doing what he's doing, i would be deeply ashamed of myself i don't know how you explain that to your children. there is a difference between somebody who voted for donald trump and being the republican leader after an insurrection and setting all of that aside and going to mar-a-lago and rehabilitating him and bringing him back in. that to me is unforgivable.
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>> so here is the problem that i have stewart so she's voted for donald trump's agenda almost universally. so she's saying there is a difference between that and what kevin mccarthy is doing, which is basically sitting at trump's feet and asking to be petted but she also said that behind the scenes, other republicans are glad she's out front fighting trump they don't have the courage to do it themselves they would rather hide behind her skirts and let her do it the person trump wants to run against her who used to call donald trump a racist. she's a wyoming republican trump wants her to run but five years ago, she tried to overturn his victory in the primary race and called him a bigoted candidate to repel voters and said it would make it hard for democrats. she used to be like elise stefanik repu republicans that are weak roll over and will vote for him in
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2024 oh don't know how you stop it if liz ch cheney's stick with him. >> she's voted for inpeachment you may not agree with her political view but you has one you can disagree with it she's defielending democracy we would be better off if we i'm peached donald trump if republicans after the moment of the insure recollection when they could have impeached donald trump they could have begun a process of rehabilitation of some sort of affirmation of democracy. they didn't do that. and i've said this before. i think it's going to go down as one of these tragic moments of attempting to be somebody. at least chamberlain was a well intentioned person the problem i have with people that switch in a way, this woman from wyoming has, i just don't believe people change deeply with their believes in a few
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years. i think it proves you didn't really hold those believes. >> it's hard because you think about brian kemp, ellie. this guy has done everything but roll over and show trump his belly and trump still hates him. trump hates him because no matter what he tries to do to appease trump, someone like that will never love you and appreciate it and be grateful. he's like i'd rather have stacey abrams than you. he still mocked him. it's almost as if -- there is nothing republicans can do to appease trump enough kevin mcelderry coccarthy, thern they can do other than hand him back the white house look at the former v.p go ahead. >> the willingness for republicans to be the pacbase fr this man, look at ted cruz letting that man talk bad about his wife and didn't do nothing you can look at the younger bush and let him talk bad about his dad. just the level of -- i think the
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word is crowdedness and debates these people are willing to go through in service of donald trump is frankly shocking but again, there is more here than just like the personal moral failings of the republicans. they have a plan here and that plan includes getting secretaries of state in place, in various critical states who are willing to throw away dually cast votes i mean, like so there is two things going on. there is the very public clownishness, right, where republicans kind of beclowned themselves to donald trump but then there is the very serious attempts to not just over throw democracy but to make it so that democracy cannot happen again in 2022 and 2024 and those tracks are going in parallel. both of those things are happening at the same time yes, the gullible people might think that, you know, next week they're going to have a rematch and that a fool and his money
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are easily parted and the republicans are happy to take their money. what their actually doing is far more scary and directly -- it's pointed head on at taking away the rights of people that have their votes coupnted in the future. >> you know what scares he the most, stewart, if donald trump is able by having, you know, implanted his people all the way down the line to the people who are going to count the votes and gotten states to say yes, we're willing to overturn the election in 2024 because i think he'll only run if he thinks it a guarantee he's goin ging to win because he doesn't like to be a loser. let's say he does that there will be a few liz cheneys here and there they will roll over. they will all roll over if he gets back in and we can't get our democracy back we can't get him out because the vast majority of them will roll over. >> that is the plan. and they're pretty open about
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it it's methodical. it's not a coincidence they have this series of legislations to propose in different states. people have thought about this this is a plan to do this. you can't change the demographic tide in america so the only way is to change the people who will vote, who are allowed to vote and votes can count. i mean, this is what is happening here, and i just feel like i go around shaking people. i worked -- we know these people as bad as you think they are, the people trying to do this are worse and please, take it seriously as we should because if you lose one election like this, it may be the last election we recognize as anything we've grown up with in america. >> i agree god bless us all and god help us thank you both. up next on "the reidout" an opposition party and
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obstructionest members of their party and president biden gets his booster shot, thousands of new york health workers are facing consequences of their vaccine hostility. they're about to lose their jobs. plus, the nba's covid showdown with kyrie irving, if he's knot vnot vaccinated he ca play on his court. he has a cure for rape "the reidout" continues after this got a couple of bogeys on your six, limu. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. what do you say we see what this bird can do? woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. looks like we're walking, kid. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ -capsule! -capsule! -capsule!
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it's a family tradition. jesus took over his dad's roue when he retired after 47 year. now he's showing a new generation what recology is all about. as an employee-owned company, recology provides good-paying local jobs for san franciscans. we're proud to have built the city's recycling system from the ground up, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. let's keep making a differene together. moments ago senate republicans refused to move forward with a vote that suspend the nation's debt limit. that's right, they choose to move us closer to a devastating default because they want to inflict maximum pain to the democrats. no surprise on the party devoid of ideas and preoccupied with
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deranged lies spewed by captain bone spurs it should also come as no surprise given the fact republicans seem to care more about cutting corporate taxes than they do about the overall financial well being of this country. today's vote would have addressed debts incurred under a republican senate house and president. during the previous administration, members of both parties voted together to raise or susptained -- suspend the det limit three times finalizing a human infa srastructure made woe by a republican party intent on sabotaging things desperately needed like immigration reform, voting rights and police reform. democrats could make these republicans irrelevant by nuking the filibuster here is the problem, there are people on their own side standing in the way. i'm looking at you senator krysten sinema and joe mansion that leaves biden's agenda
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trapped and with the midterm elections inching closer, democrats have to wonder if failure is an acceptable ou outcome. joining me is jason johnson and host of the slate podcast "a word with jason johnson" and adrian, former senior aid on the biden harris campaigns thank you both for being here. let me play joe biden, if there is one thing about joe biden, he's optimistic. here he is. >> is there a reconciliation deal, how close do you think you are? >> you know me, born an optimist i think we'll get it done. i have meetings tonight, tomorrow and for the next little bit. >> i know jason is my fell he pessimist. i'll give you a shot on this, adrian is that optimism optimistic?
4:21 pm
democrats have not gotten through police reform which scott has turned against the ideas. they can't goet through the voting rights. it's dead on a stretcher they'rebarely going to squeak through what is with the optimism? >> we're lucky our president is in inmentally optimistic. here are the things we know. number one, democrats are going to have to rely on each other to pass the agenda. we won't get any new repu republicans, we're certainly not getting new republicans with voting rights. we have to rely on each other. we have to figure out how to make a deal. that's what nancy pelosi and chuck schumer are working on how do we get in legislation through the build back better
4:22 pm
loeg slags through i got to tell you look at the bo build back better act compared to where we were i was chief of congress at the time that was a very difficult piece of legislation to get through because it was widely unpopular. this is a very popular bill. i mean, of course, the aca became popular after it was passed and people realized the benefits the legislation provided for them but this is totally different and that's why i think it's fus ra frustrating moderates in the caucus, you know, stifle the progress here i'm telling you, you tell me who in some of these moderate districts is going to say i don't want my prescription drug costs lowered. i don't want to expand child care access. i don't want to expand or provide paid leave for all these are very popular policies part of this act and i do believe at the end of the day, joy, this is going to get done but it may not happen quite asid
4:23 pm
for. >> these moderate, these nine moderates are still calling. they want their bill, the bill they like to pass. there is nine moderate democrats saying no, pass our bill we like there is no guarantee that p progr progressives, if they do that they'll get anything in return some wrote a letter saying congress faces the choice to advance the entirety of an again to to get what americans need so we as leaders of the congressional prodepgressive cau remain committed queue joe mansion, sounding a lot like a republican here he is. >> in a nutshell, we need to look at are we moving more to a social, to a social refinement, if you will? i'm concerned about basically a society moving towards more of an entitlement mentality versus row w rewarding mentality.
4:24 pm
>> entitlement mentality, the $3.5 trillion reconciliation package joe mansion is calling entitlement mentality, half of people favored 25% your thoughts? >> the vast ha majority of peope want it. we shouldn't talk about him and his family and the benefits he and his wife and daughter have gotten from government deals we won't talk about that here is the problem here joe mansion has been allowed to be this guy and krysten sinema have been allowed to be this person for months and you have president biden out there doing this halftime code speech, we can rally together look, you're down 37-33. there is not that much time left in the game and you've let your quarterback runaround the whole time like he's running the game and not throw to anybody that's what we have going on the progressive caucus said we're tired of falling for the banana in the sail pipe. we're tired of it.
4:25 pm
we have to show something to our constituents next year, and here is joy, here is where i think the real problem is. i think the debt ceiling is probably going to get fixed. when we talk about the human infrastructure bill and the plain infrastructure bill, if these don't get passed by like thanksgiving you're not going to get it passed next year and nobody is going to go vote next year under voter suppress sieve circumstances for a democratic party that says send us reinforcements and we'll do the things we ran on they have to show they can get something done with this level of power or nobody has insentive to give them more power. >> adrian, that's the problem. dianne feinstein voted no on the bill today how do democrats go back to voters particularly voters of color in 2022 and say see what had happened is we couldn't get you voting rights, infrastructure, human infa structure
4:26 pm
we couldn't get you anything because joe mansion said we couldn't people could barely get to vote at all. >> that's correct, joy i think the bottom line is we're not going to because we've got to get these things passed and if that means we reform the filibuster or amend on certain pieces of legislation like voting rights, we have to do that i think president biden knows that he wants to go into the midterms with wind under his belt but made promises to the american people he's got to deliver on and he knows that. however this approach happens, i think jason is right this may not happen in the next week it may not happen in the next ten days i think you will see some progress made over the course of at least the next two months, i would think because members of congress, especially moderates don't want to have to go home and face constituents that say to them be elected you to deliver on the biden agenda. biden received more votes than in the other candidate running for president in the united states history his agenda is supported by the majority of the american people
4:27 pm
and these guys don't want to hear time and time again why didn't you give me paid leave or expand my child care the things that are in thispone build back better act are components that the american people desperately need. we got tokeep in mind, joy, yo know this very well. we had essentially no progress under donald trump the only thing he pass ed was a tax cut for the ultra wealthy. we have a lot of work to be done this bill is paid for. that's frustrating to me to see that people talk about the cost. it's paid for over ten years. >> that's another thing -- >> progress. >> right we always talk about the paid fors rather than what it does. president obama is weighed in on the build back better act. take a listen. >> when you look at the overall package, you know, it's got a headline price tag of $3.5 trillion but that's not a single year this is spread out over a number
4:28 pm
of years and most important familtly, it's paid for by asking the wealthiest americans who have bep benefitted incredibly over the last several decades and even in the midst of a pandemic saw wealth and assets rise, asking them to pay a few percentage points more in taxes to make sure that we have an economy that's fair for everybody. >> jason, kudos to robin roberts for scoring that interview i would like to believe that's enough to move minds and hearts. it might have been in like 2009. i don't know if it is today. >> right. >> i feel like the base is d-o-n-e done that's my scenical opinion, your thoughts >> so back in 2009 there was a great show that was called the closer and that's what obama was the closer he can come in and he can give a
4:29 pm
great speech and everybody say my god, we love him. it would working right we're knot there now people were very angry at him. one of the things we realized is that former president obama getting health care through and a stimulus package is really amazing if you look in contrast to what is happening today here is the problem, joy, you have so many people dead set in their positions who rather than seeing the circumstances of, you know, a slow moving coup and pandemic that ravaged the american economy and stresses people out, they're still fighting like it is 2009 they think these are arguments they can go and work out in retail politics and we're no longer there politipolitically. for the democrats that say we shouldn't have to play at this life you got to bring in reinforcements which means passing the for the people agent and the john lewis voting rights act. the only reason you can keep people like krysten sinema and joe mansion from having this power is if you allow the voters
4:30 pm
to actually vote and give the democrats the leads they need so they don't have to fight at the margins. >> i need democrats the hear that maybe they will. we'll see. jason johnson, adrian elrod, you're both great. >> repercussions for anti-vaxxers are kicking in. many will lose their jobs. how do us vaccinated protect ourselves from them? stay with us (burke) i've seen this movie before. (woman) you have? (burke) sure, this is the part where all is lost and the hero searches for hope. then, a mysterious figure reminds her that she has the farmers home policy perk, guaranteed replacement cost. and that her home will be rebuilt, regardless of her limits or if the cost of materials has gone up. (woman) that's really something. (burke) get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. wait, i didn't ruin the ending, did i? (woman) yeah, y-you did. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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president biden received his covid booster shot today in a public display at the white house. he urged those unvaccinated to get their shots if not to save their open lives, save lives around them. you would think that's reason enough for people to get vaccinated for tens of thousands of health care workers in new york, today is the day they need to decide whether to get their first shot or risk losing their job that's because the state imposed a vaccine mandate for all health care workers and as of last week, up to 72,000 were not yet vaccinated teachers and school workers in new york city face the same decision, a mandate was alloweded to proceed by a federal appeals panel after blocked last week by a federal judge. the consequences will be the same in the largest school system get a vaccine or get a new job
4:35 pm
joining me now is a member of the "new york times" editorial board and dr. lroy. thank you both for being here. dr. roy, i'll start with you this is where the consequences and the mandates kick in what do you make of the fact that new york city is doing to be pretty strict new york city has, this is two for my producers, they already require vaccine, proof of vaccines for dining indoors shs fshs, going in the club, fitness classes indoors, pools, studios and indoor entertainment, movie theaters, broadway, et cetera. does this new vaccine requirement with those 72,000 health care workers facing the music, is that what we need to proceed so the rest of us are safe >> joy, so good to be with you yeah, that's unfortunately what has to happen. if you have such a large swath of people still not abiding by public health guide lines by
4:36 pm
recommendations, this is what needs to happen andi'm all in support of mandates and i'll tell you and share with you at housing works when we implemented the new york city mandate, which started a few weeks earlier, two of my senior staff, seniorpractitioner, who to be woman men of color once te vaccine kicked in or weekly testing of your own time, guess what they got vaccinated miraculously i'm all for it mandates, how policies work, the problem however and you're going to see this already is that there is a threat of a lot of health care workers not showing up, leaving a job because they are going to get terminated and unfortunately, that's what we saw a little bit when h.r. sent a notice to three nurses
4:37 pm
sustaine suspending them and left one nurse alone to take care of 100 patients luckily, we got backup, that's the problem with these kind of mandates, though, as well. >> so here is the thing, mara, if people decide they want to quit over this, guess what you won't get unemployment benefits new york will not extend unemployment benefits for not doing a mandate. that t at this point unless you have a doctor approved excuse, you have to do it or you can't collect unemployment you have police officers quitting dozens of people in massachusetts quit according to the state's police officer union in august. they're quitting this are some people saying i'd rather be unemployed than vaccinated i guess that's what we have to live with. >> yeah, you know, this is really time to hold the line, but the interesting thing is for days now what i've been hearing from the vast majority of new yorkers and these professions
4:38 pm
who are vaccinated is an immense amount of relief because they have done the right thing consistently to protect themselves, their family members and those they serve whether in public schools or health care settings and they deserve to have the freedom to breath well because they are covid free, the freedom to live their lives in health and dignity without being, you know, more terrified than necessary of this pandemic. it important to note despite the fact it's about 70,000 workers under these mandates and haven't gotten vaccinated yet in new york, that's a large and concerning number. this is the right policy but at the same time, new york is a huge state so we're talking about millions of people who have done the right thing and, you know, again, i think this is the right policy and it's going to change some hearts and minds,
4:39 pm
maybe by force. >> it will change behavior because at this point it doesn't matter what you think. you'll have your job or not. i think for a lot of people frustrated with the argument, people are cool with that. dr. roy, we're seeing more people showing up with ivermectin issues. there are two deaths sustapected for people treating themselves we're at a point it's madness. i want both of you to comment. this is joy on "the view" today. there is an issue whether two members of "the view" tested positive this week take a listen. >> we were all given numerous, numerous covid tests i mean, so many. i am thrilled to report that sunny and ana's friday results turned out to be false positives and everyone is safe [ applause ] >> healthy and covid free.
4:40 pm
okay no one has it. it was a mistake of some sort. >> how is that even possible, d roy? how can that happen that these two women are tested just before they interview the vice president and suddenly test positive and then test negative? i don't get it. >> yeah, so it's a little frustrating. so it -- i have several questions. what kind of test did they get go with higher sensitivity and a pca test that has a very high accuracy or did they just get a rapid test which has a high false negative. so i really don't know, but i will tell you you have to rely on the testing because if the test is positive, they need to quarantine for up to steten days the testing is an issue. on the ivermectin, it's concerning people are taking this medication that is not fda approved to treat covid. those people are the people that died among 14 people who were hospitalized in new mexico
4:41 pm
because of i'vvermectin poisoni, one died from kidney failure which is a known factor from poisoning from ivermectin. >> get vaccinated and keep your job. thank you both very much. coming up, a standoff in the nba as players refuse to vaccinate ahead of the season. one hall of famer, the solution is simple. remove the players from their teams. that is next stay with us welcome to allstate. where you can pay a little less and enjoy the ride a little more. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ now, get new lower auto rates with allstate. because better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands with allstate. click or call for a lower auto rate today. tonight, i'll be eating a buffalo chicken panini with extra hot sauce.
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new york's vaccine requirement brought the nba's behind the scenes battle over vaccination into public view the league does not require players to be vaccinated but local rules in new york city and san francisco that require proof of vaccination for large indoor spaces means unvaccinated players for the city's teams, the new york knicks and the brooklyn nets and golden state warriors cannot play on their home courts. over the weekend, the npa ba dee
4:46 pm
a request for a religious exception for andrew wiggins 90% of the league is vaccinated, kyrie irving highlighting the nba's vaccine issues irving did not attend the nets media day today because of new york city's vaccine protocols and he wouldn't address if he expects to play at home saying he wanted to keep his vaccination status private o a report in "rolling stone" looked into the vaccine contin get over the nba and said irving is following conspiracy theories of implanting vaccine into a computer for a master plan of satan. for real his aunt suggested irving could skip nets home games this season matt sullivan who wrote that story joins me and jamil hill,
4:47 pm
contributor for "the atlantic. this is a wild story, matt i read through it today and had to go back and reread lines in it it appears kyrie irving is in general a conspiracy theorist. he got into heat for questioning whether the earth is round or flat and that previous issue, you know, he admitted to going down some youtube rabbit holes whether the earth is round or flat he's in dgeneral prone to conspiracy theories. he's not alone contin jo-- contingent in the nba. >> the nba has an almost secret society of straight up anti-vaxxers i report some players denied the virus existed. kyrie's family is quoting about
4:48 pm
dr. false and another player was saying masks don't work and then there is a theory floating around about moderna mind control that doesn't deserve amplification here if the nba was all in on science and this pandemic proof bubble, hoopers are sick of testing. they don't want to get tested on their days off in fact, they want to go to the club it's a race against time and fake news for the nba to shame the vaccine deniers into denying the next super star, superspreader event. >> what worries me about this, jamel, is that we're talking about black players who have a lot of fans and a lot of in influence and are parroting it if kyrie irving is saying it's a conspiracy, it's hard for you to get your cousin to get vaccinated, as well. there was stories in this about ckyrie irving going to home and
4:49 pm
going to school events unmasked and had to alter photos because he was violating rules meeting with young people. this is terrifying these are people open to not just getting covid themselves but maybe giving it to other people. >> and that's the part that i wish more of the players who are unvaxed would understand is not just their influence but their ability to really highlight and be positive role models. you mentioned it was very moving the fact kyrie irving found this connection with his native american roots it just so happens the covid rate among native americans is awful and he has a real opportunity there to talk to people in his community, not just the african-american community but native american community about vaccinations the other thing, too, that's amazing and powerful about this misinformation is they will trust a youtube rabbit hole and trust facebook memes and
4:50 pm
anecdotal bad evidence when the best evidence is in front of them 9 90% of the league is vaccinated. bradley beal, look at the people on your team there is a player in the nba ckarl-anthony towns carl anthony towns, who has suffered an unimaginable losses from covid losing close relatives losing his mother. he himself had covid lost 50 pounds thought about completely retiring from basketball he was in such a dark place because of what this disease has done to his family talk to him. stop talking to youtube. to me, that's what i don't understand they have top medical experts. they have other players. they certainly believe other players about all sorts of other things they can see the evidence yet they continue to be in this space of ignorance >> is there something different the wnba, nfl are doing since
4:51 pm
they have such high vaccination rates? >> the nfl's pretty big. so if you talk about the numbers, we've probably got 50 or 60 nba guys who are not vaccinated that we're talking about. nba league sources say if it comes to it, they'll sweep state databases to root out forged ids. someone like kye rie is not goig to get paid for missing games. that didn't stop him from taking a leave of absence in january facilitated by the capitol rye outand when we came back, he and kevin durant skipped the national anthem. i think these players are on notice now are they going to stand for justice and for science or as jameel said, are they going to pick and choose their battles? >> kareem abdul-jabbar was pretty harsh he said they've given up their role as role models at this
4:52 pm
point. out front as some nba players, especially wnba, but about voting rights, it's been pretty silent there aren't too many prominent nba players saying let's get back and doing that same kind of activism it's troubling we know there's a disproportionate rate of deaths among black and indigenous people if they get covid you have the last word >> what i would, i understand why it would be very concerning, but i think there are rules of sort of unofficial decorum in the nba, you don't talk about a guy's money. i think there's this fine line that a lot of players are trying to balance they all keep saying this is a personal decision. actually, it's not because if irving misses these home games, if this costs them their title chances, this is costing people's legacies. this is costing other people jobs because everybody doesn't have the job security he has on
4:53 pm
his own team and i would say that for andrew wiggins as well. the warriors have the fifth best odds to win the title. they're in play. if he misses these games because hooeps not vaccinated, it's costing him so it can't be a personal decision when it affects an entire community, team and your organization >> and your hometown fans. can't even play in front of your fans because of this and the conspiracy theories. thank you so much. you're always great. thank you. up next, remember this >> so, goal number one in the state of texas is to eliminate rape so that no woman, no person will be a victim of rape >> it gets a lot worse
4:54 pm
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abortion ban that had zero exceptions for rape and incest yesterday, chris wallace pressed him on that, asking if it was acceptable to tell texans they don't need to worry about the law because he can eliminate rape and whether he'd sign a bill by a republican lawmaker. >> survivors of sexual assault, they deserve support, care, and compassion, but separately from that, chris, i got to point out about the ways that i have fought to go, to arrest and apprehend and try to eliminate rape >> are you saying you will not sign an exception for rape and incest >> that bill is not going to reach my desk, but second, again, the goal is to protect the life of every child with a heart beat >> look, people don't need to
4:59 pm
share their specific reasons for get getting an abortion and 62% of americans according to a new poll think abortion should be legal while 35% think it should be illegal, but only 11% think there should be zero exceptions for rape and incest. abbott is so desperate that he's pandering to a minority. his near total abortion ban wasn't enough, he just signed a law restricting access to abortion medications thanks to abbott, abortion clinics are filling up in neighboring states lead tog a longer wait time for appointments as "the new york times" points out, the longer women have to wait, the more expensive their procedures get, not to mention causing texans to leave the state. but abbott doesn't actually care about texans he says he's worried about the lives of fetuses his state fails children and their parents over and over again. texas is dead last when it comes to health insurance for women
5:00 pm
and it has one of the worst food insecurity, whether families have enough to eat so for you continued bizarre argument that you know how to eliminate rape and you're determination to be as extreme as you can, you're tonight's absolute worst tonight on all in. new hope for a return to normal even as covid continues to crush the unvaccinated and the re resi resistance pushes back >> some people have bad reactions to the vaccine nobody likes to talk about that. >> why he's ringing a new alarm over the future of dpemocracy >> the people of georgia must replace the rhinos and weak republicans. >> plus, what we know about the fate of the biden agenda in congress on what could be a fateful week and from the racist veno


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