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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  October 6, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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can sharpie it on to your own hat. never thought i'd have to brush up on the rules of exponents to cover politics, it's like being in middle school math again again. that does it for us tonight. rachel will be back tomorrow. thanks for bearing with me. "way too early" is up next. look, i know there's a lot of noise in washington. there always is. but it seems to me a little more than usual now. a whole lot of hyperbole. a lot of heat. i'm here today to try to set some things straight if i can. we're at a deflection point. anywhere 40 to 80 years in america, there's an inflexion point. we have to choice where we're going. not democrat or republican but who are we going to be. president biden makes the case for his economic agenda during a stop at a swing sate in michigan. but with democrats on capitol
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hill divided on how to move forward on infrastructure. the question is when will we see a bill on the president's desk? plus, a facebook whistle-blower gives congress a rare insight into the innerworkings of the company. the question is how will lawmakers tackle some of the issues they addressed. and it's certainly my favorite story of the day, the red sox beat the yankees to advance the american league series. the questions are how will they do against the rays and will i ever stop smiling? it's "way too early" for this. good morning. and welcome to "way too early." the show that promises not to gloat -- much. i'm jonathan lemire on this wednesday, october 6th. we'll start with the news. the senator agreed to a meeting on the house bill suspended to december 2022. democrats are increasingly
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looking at ways to raise the debt limit without gop support. four sources with knowledge of discussion tell nbc news that senate democrats have considered creating a new exception of so-called filibuster carveout to bypass the 60 vote threshold needs to stem the debt ceiling. the challenge is whether democrats have the support of all 50 senators in their party to change the rule. >> we can prevent a catastrophic default with a simple majority vote tomorrow, if republicans would just get out of the damn way, we could get this all done. >> i implore them one more time not to play russian roulette with the american economy. >> ask mitch mcconnell. the bottom line is very simple. it's on his shoulders. we're willing to cast the 50 votes ourselves. it's up to him. all he has to do is get out of the way. >> they said they're perfectly
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prepared to do the job themselves. the easiest way to do that is through the reconciliation process. >> we're going to stay here until get this done. >> president biden spoke to reporters, including myself, multiple times in michigan about the debt ceiling. here's some of what he had to say. >> if mcconnell refuses, senate minority leader refuses to cooperate, what happens next? >> quite frankly, there's not many options. there's not many options. there's not much time left to do did with reconciliation. i can't believe they're going to be that irresponsible. >> are democrats considering a carveout to raise the debt limit. >> i don't think that's a possibility. >> the infrastructure now where the price gap seems to be narrowing between progressives and moderate democrats. two sources tell nbc news on a
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monday call with president biden, top progressives would support it although the president is pushing for 3.5 trillion sources say they told the president on monday that $2.5 trillion should be enough to ensure all programs make into the package. that leads a$2 trillion gap. manchin was asked yesterday about accepting a bill that size. >> the president floated a price tag for reconciliation from 1.9 to $2.2 trillion. is that something that you'd be open? >> we've been talking about it, it's still in negotiation, everyone talks about what needs to be done. >> what are you ruling out about that price tag? >> i'm not ruling anything out. the bottom line is that we do the right job and we don't basically add more to the concerns we have right now. >> while president biden and
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congressional leaders acknowledged the top line number will need to come down, little has been said about where the cuts are. this has made lobbyists, according to the "the new york times" searching for clues about the bill. the "times" said the fact sheet handed out by the white house, left off what was a cornerstone for the president's plan. a paid leave plan for workers. the president also failed to mention paid leave in a speech in michigan. joining us now co-founder of yankee news and depressed yankee fan, john bresnahan. thank you for being here. the infrastructure bill, the reconciliation bill, on capitol hill, you know better than most, what's the outlook right now for these bills passing, say, by the end of this month? >> you know, i still think it's difficult to see them actually getting through the house and senate by the end of the month.
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there's so much negotiation going on, as you guys did a great job setting this up. they would still need to draft everything. go over the legislation. pass it through the house and senate. there are time limits, because of the process that they're using. this reconciliation process. and the infrastructure bill has already been passed in the senate. it just needs to go through the house. so, i mean, there's a chance but, you know, drafting takes a long time. and i still think they -- you know, getting it done by the end of the month is ambitious, but clearly, clearly, they're making progress. the president is weighing on this personally to closely involve senator schumer, speaker nancy pelosi. they're trying to get a top line together. get their moderates and conservative progressives on the same page. once they have a top line number they can fill in the details. >> right. it certainly seems like everyone involved is willing to be a little more patient than it
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looks a week or so back. bres, turning back to the debt ceiling, it certainly doesn't look like mitch mcconnell is going to change his mind anytime soon. there's new momentum for the filibuster carveout solution. tell us how that works? would that work and do senate democrats have enough vote those make it happen? >> yeah, there was a lot of talk of filibuster yesterday but this became a real hot issue after the president's comments talking about this as a real possibility, this will become the dominant issue. so today, around 2:30, they'll vote on a debt limit. on a closer motion, a procedural motion to try to move forward on the dead limit. republicans are going to try to block it. they don't like the path, the procedure. they want them to use what they call reconciliation and pass it on their own, no republican votes at all. this is, you know, a fight outside of d.c. no one cares about.
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they can see problems here. but this could be enough to inspire the democrats to make some changes in the filibuster. they're not there yet. joe manchin as you showed and kyrsten sinema have been opposed to getting a filibuster. the reality is if they do a carveout for filibuster, they're going to get rid of filibuster. if you do a carveout, they're going to end it entirely. that's the debate that you have. i have a hard time seeing them get rid of the filibuster, but this is on the table. the president has put it in the middle of the discussion right now. schumer has to look at it. democrats have to look at it. this is a crisis. we're going to hit this debt limit on october 18th. congress needs to act. time is running out, the 6th, they only have 12 days to do this. >> certainly, there's no doubt that mitch mcconnell would do this if the shoe was on the other foot. but you're right. john, as promised, you got 30
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seconds to rant about the yankees. talk about to us about aaron boone and cole. >> i loved cole, he had a great year. judge wants to be a yankees forever. we'll make that happen. yankees near to fire brian cash, the general, start over, dump a bunch of guys. they have to get back to their winning ways. it's killing yankee fans, they're dying. we're on tv on the outside, but on the inside, we're dead. >> you're dying inside. and fellow yankee fans dying inside gives me life. i want to say that. i really appreciate you being here. i will note this is now three straight matchups that red sox have beaten the yankees.
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a new federal report shows the covid-19 vaccine saves thousands of lives among older or disabled americans even in the first two months of rollout. according to analysis from department of health and human services from january through may, vaccinations prevented about 265,000 cases, 107,000 hospitalizations and 39,000 deaths among medicare recipients. the report also found for each increase, 10 percentage points in the county's vaccination rate, the number of covid hospitalizations and deaths among medicare recipients fell
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11% to 12%. south carolina senator lindsey graham was shouted down by his republican constituents at a saturday event in summerville for suggesting that they get vaccinated against the coronavirus. >> you have to have a vaccine or think about getting it -- >> no! >> i didn't pay to get it. think about it. well, 92% of the people in hospitals in south carolina are unvaccinated. >> graham who was vaccinated and suffered a breakthrough virus in the summer credited the vaccine. and he talked to the crowd adding that republicans had to take back congress to stop it. a deeply depressing scene. >> the crisis is going more dire in alaska. the delta variant is feeling the current new surge in cases which has far outpaced last year's
2:15 am
peak. alison roberts has the latest from anchorage. >> reporter: across the country, covid and hospitalizations are dropping, but in alaska, a very different story. through much of the pandemic, the health officials say the state's geography was an advantage. it kept cases relatively low. but now alaska is surging. the hospitals are overwhelmed the unique geography is working against. >> traveling hundreds of miles apart. to get them supplies and resources anything from testing to oxygen can be a huge logist achal barrier. >> reporter: over the last two weeks, alaska has seen the highest rise in covid cases in the country. covid deaths spiked 114%. >> all of the cases are unvaccinated. >> reporter: the state's crisis
2:16 am
of care has been activated at 20 hospitals including the alaska medical center where some patients are forced to wait days for beds. at this hospital, they can't let any visitors inside this hospital except for very few exceptions. they're going through the covid ward, outside the hospital. they're going to take us through this system. the same system that hospital officials use. she lost her best friend to covid last year. last week, her cousin also died. he wasn't vaccinated. >> i'm just so sick of people dying, you know. we've lost five family members. >> reporter: so, she's urging others to roll up their sleeves, trying to curb the spread of covid now tightening its grip on alaska. still ahead, the red sox send the yankees packing and now the yankees face the tampa bay rays in the division series. we have all of the highlights next in sports.
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2-1 pitch. bogaerts sends it right to deep center field. gardner turns around and the fly? xander bogaerts, gerrit cole gave the red sox the lead. kyle schwarber extended it two innings later. the $24 million right-hander was pulled needing to be bailed out of a third inning jam. meanwhile, red sox started nathan eovaldi taking the shutout in the sixth before he gave up to anthony rizzo. aaron judge and eovaldi exited
2:21 am
the game for first for a would-be moment for giancarlo stanton. >> slider. stanton hits one again. that one is off the top of the wall. judge streaking around third. and the play -- and time to get him! >> out. for the second time in the game, stanton sends a line tore left that bounces offer the green monster instead of going over the wall. the red sox sent him each, bogaerts, and they cut down judge at the gate. stanton would eventually hit one out, but not until the end of the night. the red sox defeat the yankees 6-2 to win the a.l. wildcard. the sun is shining brighter today. the sox now advance to face the a.l. east champion tampa bay rays in the series. that is scheduled tomorrow night in st. petersburg, florida, coming a few hours after the
2:22 am
houston astros host the white sox in game one of the other matchup. meanwhile, the los angeles dodgers will host the cardinals in the national legal wildcard. it comes down to a single game matchup to decide which team will face the n.l. west champions the san francisco giants. it will be a good one in l.a. the dodgers are going for a repeat title without ace pitcher clayton kershaw. kershaw is not expected to return to the playoffs after he suffered an injury which ended the last season with the club before he enters free agency. and max munsey will also rest the entire postseason. time now for the weather. we know that six new england states are happy today. let's see if they get rain. bill karins, we assume will get good weather from southern california for that game.
2:23 am
but give us a sense of what else is going on as we all watch dodgers/cardinals tonight. >> that would be fantastic, the dodgers win two, then they got to win six. that's crazy. never ever happened in baseball before. let's take you through today's forecast and get you right through the upcoming weekend. we had a lot of heavy rain in alabama yesterday. we had flash flood warnings in birmingham. we're making up to numerous areas of rain, tennessee, and very heavy rain near pensacola. we have flash flood warnings, areas in marone, east side there, northern of pensacola. 14 million people still in the flash flood watch. additional rainfall through friday. unfortunately, the southeast is going to continue to get soaked, up to two or three inches in atlanta, you're going to have periods of rain that you deal with. that's probably the biggest
2:24 am
weather hazard over the next two days. today's forecast, not bad until hartford. and much cooler in seattle. only 57 degrees today. tomorrow, beautiful day in the northeast as the sunshine returns. still clouds and rain from atlanta to st. louis. how does the fall weekend look. the lingering rain and storms and clouds will continue in the southeast. not a good weather to be at the beach throughout the southeast this upcoming weekend. the waves will be kind of rough and kind of cloudy. we also have a system that's going to bring rain to the west. that's great for the firefighters fighting fires out there. on saturday, the rain lingers from the krs to virginia. sunny and warm. look at st. louis and kansas city, 90 and 91 on saturday this weekend. that's not pumpkin picking weather. on sunday, showers would linger through virginia all the way up
2:25 am
through southern portions of new england. not a horrible weekend. we have to watch that sunday forecast for the sporting events in the northeast on sunday. >> bill karins, we really appreciate it. thank you, sir. have a great day. still ahead, lawmakers and facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg reacting to testimony that a former facebook employee turned whistle-blower. we're going over all of the big takeaways from yesterday's senate hearings and what changes could be on the way for the social media gentleman giant. before you go to break, we want to know why are you awake? email to waytooearly@jonlemire. tweet me. we'll read your answers later in the show. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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♪♪ welcome back to "way too early." it's just before 5:30 on the east coast. 2:30 out west. i'm jonathan lemire. the day after a worldwide social media outage reminded us just how far reaching the company has become, a whistle-blower testified on capitol hill describing just how dangerous she believes the social network is especially for the younger generation. nbc news correspondent hallie jackson reports. >> reporter: facebook under fire. >> company's leadership knows how to make facebook and instagram safer, but won't make the necessary changes because they have put their astronomical profits before people. >> reporter: whistle-blower
2:30 am
frances haugen insisting congress must act against the company she said is withholding content. >> in the end, the buck stops with mark. >> reporter: haugen left in may, armed with tens of thousands of document including some that the company knows its instagram app can lead to eating disorders in teen girls. >> it's just like cigarettes. teenagers don't have good self-regulation. they say explicitly, i feel bad when i use instagram and yet i can't stop. we need to protect the kids. >> reporter: and to do that, haugen says, facebook must share more about its algorithms which determines what pops up on your feed. incentivized towards problematic posts. >> that facebook confirms they work as intend said like the department of transportation regulating cars by only watching them drive down the highway. >> reporter: from facebook, an aggressive defense.
2:31 am
>> what you have is a former employee who didn't work on these issues, and was with the company a couple of years miss characterizing some documents she stole. >> it's an attempt by facebook to undermine her credibility is your strategy for the message or not the messengerer? >> my strategy is to make sure that we're giving accurate information. facebook actually has been calling for regulation for more than 2 1/2 years now. >> reporter: on regulating big tech, rare bipartisan agreement after years of hearings, congress calling again for changes. those could increase release from outside parties, oversight that demands transparency from big tech or a platform that they share the algorithms with regulators. >> if facebook is serious and honest, there will be legislation for them to support on privacy, on oversight, on protecting children. we'll see whether they're serious. i hope they are. because big tech is facing its
2:32 am
big tobacco moment. it is a moment of reckoning. >> facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg shared publicly an internal memo to staff on tuesday writing in part, quote, we care deeply about issues like safety, well-being and mental health. it's difficult to see coverage that misrepresents our work and our motives. at the most basic level, i think most of us don't recognize the false picture of the company that's being painted. joining us, media reporter at axios sarah fisher. sarah, thank you for being here. let's start with miss haugen's testimony. and what you think the big takeaways from it are? >> i think the biggest takeaway was that she was really good. somebody who seemed competent and knows what she's talking about. even if facebook tries to discredit her, i think the public felt she was well received. that's one.
2:33 am
she said facebook knows that it's doing harm to kids. and the algorithms over public safety, that's why they should be publicly made available to regulators to scrutinize. the last big thing, she said that facebook overinflates its metrics when talking with investors. that's why she filed a complaint with the securities and exchange commission. those are serious allegations made by frances haugen. lawmakers the first time listening to the hearings, jonathan, were actually receptive and wanting to engage in a meaningful conversation, normally that's not the outcome in these hearings. >> with facebook resistant with change in the past. certainly their defense in the last few days has been defiant in terms of what she alleges happened. do we think they're going to change? and also what steps might lawmakers actually take at this
2:34 am
time? >> there's a chicken and egg statement here. does facebook make changes because they know the law is coming for them or do they make changes preemptively? they made all the changes that the act detailed in 2017. we have not pass national privacy laws but facebook has made a few changes. there's a chicken and egg here. for big tech, your algorithm is your secret sauce. you don't want to give that up unless you're forced to. and the methods around transparency, details about reports what they take down and what they don't, but actually taking down the secret sauce, the algorithm code, i don't think they'll do that unless a law is passed, jonathan. >> yeah. that would be a huge deal. give us an understanding to where things stand with that massive outage. instagram and whatsapp, there's
2:35 am
a lot of conversation, this isn't just that you can't look at pictures for a few hours but whatsapp is huge around the world. sort of the vitality of it, the need for it which really underscores when that outage happened. what's the latest explanation in terms what happened and what safe guards is the company taking to prevent that from happening again? >> yeah, that's a great point. that surely brought it to public conversation when we realized we're so hooked on something that went down for many hours. the latest is this. monday at 6:30, engineers at facebook started to revise the network after down six hours. in terms of what happened, engineers believe there was a communication gap between facebook routers and between our websites and phones. they were able to address that by bringing engineers in. now it seems that the whole network globally is up and running. the question moving forward is does this become a regular thing for facebook? we've seen blackouts in the past
2:36 am
but this by far was the most egregious. to your point, so many people rely on facebook around the world. and if this continues to happen it's going to be a major problem for the giant. >> sarah, thank you. still ahead, the totally different reason to eat more cheese. "way too early" is back in a minute. centrum multigummies aren't just great tasting... they're power-packed vitamins... that help unleash your energy.
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compared to those who ate less dairy fat. before you get too excited one of the researchers poured cold water on it to say, quote, it's important to note that dairy foods can be rich in fat and be healthy with newt tree yets, however those like seafood, nuts and nontropical vegetable oils can have greater benefits. and the nation's largers public library will waive fines. the city found that fines were an inaccurate way for those to return bookers and a barriers to new yorkers. a halloween classic is returning "it's a great pumpkin, charlie brown" will air later this month. it became the home of the peanuts group removing the
2:41 am
special for tv, following outrage of pulling the 1966 holiday special, the streamer allowed thanksgiving and christmas specials on pbs. "it's the great pumpkin, charlie brown" scheduled to air on 7:00 p.m. eastern on sunday, october 24th. my kids will be watching. and also available now to stream on apple tv plus. still ahead, congresswoman debbie dingell joins us on the heels of president biden's visit to her state. as we go to break, a look at this date in history. in 1979, pope john paul ii was the first pope to be received in the white house by jimmy carter. >> for those of you who do not
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as congressional democrats look to pass the agenda in washington, president biden is trying to sell his build back better plan to the american people, hitting the road. yesterday, he spoke at a union training facility in michigan. there, the president sharply criticized those standing in the way of his infrastructure bill. >> i want to set one thing straight, these bills are not about left versus right or moderate versus progressive. or anything that pits americans against one another. these bills are have been competitiveness versus complacency. they're about opportunity versus decay. they're about leading the world or continuing to let the world pass us by which is literally happening. so to support these investments is to create a rising america, america is moving. to oppose these investments are
2:46 am
to be dupelici in america's decline. joining me now is congresswoman debbie dingell, and with the president's speech, necessary to compete on the global stage. i was at that speech yesterday. you were a few rows up. we know that you said more, you and your colleagues have said, you needed to hear more from the president to protect the moderate democrats in the house. did you hear what you wanted from the president? and tell us where the bills stand now. >> let me say several things when i said we needed to hear more from the president, the president needs to be speaking to a larger caucus of exactly where he was and what he wanted to. people say why would he go to michigan. it is a community, those are the
2:47 am
people that made you know how to get it done. they feel nobody cares about their jobs. so, he came into a city that wasn't necessarily a very good city, but he knows the importance of these bills, they really want to get the things that they've proposed. but what is that is there and put it in there. that's what people need to hear and understand. and that's what our colleagues need to understand. and with workers, men and women, who worry all the time and think that democrats have forgotten them. and i found it was a good day. >> you were certainly right. the motorcade pulled, there were hundreds if not thousands trump supporters there, who greeted
2:48 am
the president rather rudely. but i think that underscores the message is for people everywhere. not just traditional -- traditional democrats. in terms of where things are with the bill. there's a sense it centers around the two senators, manchin and sinema. perhaps some movement on the top line number for the reconciliation bill, although senator sinema's motivations remain serious to some. what are the time lines we're looking at? >> let me say a couple things. first of all, i think the caucus is united. even the two senators know the value time option. and i know on monday -- to keep it together. he's talking what he would need. what can we get off the ground. and i think that is a very good,
2:49 am
and i'm also -- i love the line, this isn't moderates versus progressives. i believe he's working with everybody. i think he's trying really hard. leadership says we've got to get this done. we do. i think deadlines from last week, but i know people are working really hard to bring this together. we've got to deliver. and the american people need this. they needed ten years ago, 20 years ago, we've got to fix the roads and bridges and take care of child care so women can go back to work and a lot of other things. >> most immediate crisis facing us is the debt ceiling and the need to pass it, than to suspend it. there's talk in the senate yesterday about the so-called filibuster carveout that might be a way for democrats to
2:50 am
cooperate. how do you see it playing out? >> well, let me be very blunt, what do i think the problems are? republicans are irresponsible. they know it has to be raised but don't want to do it. give me a elected official say, "we can't let the government default but we're not going to do anything about it?" this never happened before. democrats supported it when republicans were in power, it's irresponsible. there is a secret plan? i know he knows. no democrats want the government to fail. if republicans would get out of the way and stop blocking everything -- that is why mitch mcconnell is not being sincere. we could not have republicans block it with the filibuster. yes, people are out there talking about the carve out on the filibuster. we cannot default in the world. we can't not pay our social
2:51 am
security checks and a thousand other things we keep talking about. we have to get this done. >> congresswoman debbie dingell, thank you, as always, and we'll see you again soon. earlier in the show, we asked the immortal question, why are you awake? this is asnapshop of a new grandchildren. "sweet carolina" is played every night at fenway park. and a photo of an angry cat. writing, mia is channelling all yankee fans. enough said. sorry, mia. sorry, cat. not really. go sox. up next, "axios one 1 thing." and on "morning joe," more of the testimony from a facebook
2:52 am
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joining us now with a look at axios a.m., political reportermackanin. thank you for being here. what is axios' one big thing? >> good morning. it is about the virginia gubernatorial race. it's getting tighter and more competitive with less than 30 days to go. the axios one big thing focuses on a new digital ad campaign employed by terrycauliffe's campaign against youngkin, playing on the heartstrings of taylor swift fans. he highlights the role youngkin had at the group during her
2:56 am
controversial about the sale of her songs. democrats are trying an 11th hour strategy to try to win over younger voters by using this in a new ad. >> certainly, that race is being considered an off-year bellwether, right? could be a referendum on the president's popularity. terry mccauliffe, heavily favord going into it, could go down in defeat. also, the white house's secret deal with australia, leaving the french feel betrayed and angry. how is the biden administration trying to patch this up? what diplomacy are we seeing there to mend this division between two ancient allies? >> well, as you said, and i think it can't be underscored, the french are feeling betrayed and blind sided. the white house is mending in different ways. biden and his allies acknowledge the situation at hand.
2:57 am
we saw secretary of state tony blinken in paris. he met with his french counterpart and also the president, emmanuel macron. jake sullivan is heading to paris this week, too, trying to do damage control, talking to the french, and making amends in that way. also showing support for different things president macron wants to do, like strengthening europe's defense capabilities in the future. it's something blinken showed support for when they met. >> meeting for biden and macron scheduled in europe later this month. the president will be over there, his second overseas trip for g-20 in rome and then the climate meeting in scotland. also, president xi will not be there, taking a little of the heat out of the summit. tell us about the exclusive data axios has about former president trump's post oval office online
2:58 am
engagement. what did you guys find? >> as you know well and others watching this show well know, former president trump is no longer on twitter. he desperately wants to be back on twitter. we have some new data provided to axios by news whip, which tracks social networks, engagement with article, things online. it really shows in spite of the different ways that donald trump has tried to put out messages -- he created his own platform of sorts. he's put out messages and emails to look like press releases and statements. there's far less engagement with those things than there ever were with the tweets. part of it is because trump is not in the news as much as he was before. even, we found, when there are articles written about donald trump, people are engaging with that less than they were even a couple months ago. we saw a dip in trump's news engagement and relevance in march after the february impeachment trial, when i think there was fatigue and folks were moving on to this new political era and engaging with politics
2:59 am
and political content in different ways. >> people i've talked to close to the former president say that's one of the things he is considering as he mulls over another run. he misses being the center of attention. he misses being talked about all the time, being on cable all the time. that's one of the reasons he is considering indeed running for president again. another quick one. give us a sense of the state of play. it's been a tumultuous week for democrats. last week it looked like the negotiations on the bills might be falling apart. they've been pieced back together. progress has been made. give us your sense of how close democrats are to getting this across the finish line. >> there's still a lot of negotiations going on. i think senate democrats fully expect to be working all day on friday to kind of figure things out before the weekend. so i think they're all working to get as close as we can to a vote. you see that in speaker pelosi's dear colleague letters. greater senses ofurgency every time. >> thank you. we will see you soon. thanks to all of you for
3:00 am
getting up "way too early" and indulging my talk about the red sox. we'll see you again here tomorrow morning and on "morning joe," which starts right now. this week in covid history. it's covid 2020, and the president is back on the buggy. >> i just left walter reed medical center. i'm better. maybe i'm immune. i don't know. >> what doesn't kill you makes you wronger. >> i learned so much about coronavirus. and one thing that's for sure, don't be afraid of it. >> don't be afraid of it. the same thing he told stormy when she locked herself in the bathroom. >> science medicine will eradicate the chinese virus once and for all. it is disappearing. >> until then. >> perhaps you recognize me, your favorite president. if you're in the hospital and feeling really bad, i heard about this drug that's called regeneron. i wasn't feeling so hot. they gave me regeneron, and it was like unbelievable.
3:01 am
i feel