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tv   Jose Diaz- Balart Reports  MSNBC  October 7, 2021 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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pronunciation of the word glacier. keir, thank you for that reporting. it is absolutely gorgeous where you are but so important. we do not want those glaciers to be gone permanently. that wraps up this hour. i'm stephanie ruehl. jose diaz bilar picks up coverage. >> it's 10:00 a.m. eastern/7:00 a.m. pacific. just this morning pfizer officially submitted its request to the fda for emergency use authorization of its covid vaccine in kids 5 to 11. we'll talk to dr. kavita patel. a federal judge overnight blocked the restricted law of abortion for texas women. an cop toll hill a debt default that could send the u.s. economy in into crisis mode may be staved off for now after
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councilmember conditional said it would not block an extension in december. we'll talk to senator menendez about where negotiations stand. exclusive reporting from nbc news reveals the u.s. government knew back in july that thousands of haitians were preparing to head to the united states. julia ainsley will discuss the failures that contributed to the humanitarian disaster. we begin this hour with breaking news that pfizer is asking the fda to authorize its covid-19 vaccine for use in children ages 5 to 11. last month the company announced that based on trial data, their vaccine was safe and showed a robust response among children in that age bracket. joining me dr. kavita patel, a physician and nbc news medical contributor. doctor, it's always good to see you. thank you for being with me.
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pfizer's vaccine has already been given an emergency use authorization for children ages 12 to 15. how significant would it be for the updated grant authorization for the younger age group? >> jose,' incredibly significant. we've had almost 6 million children in the united states infected with covid. 520 deaths with thousands, tens of thousands of hospitalizations but i would argue we can avoid all of those with the vaccine that's effective and safe and that's what we're going to find out. key date is october 26 when the fda announced an advisory committee meeting to talk about the pediatric vaccine application. signals an intent by the administration to make good on its promise to deal with this swiftly and for children headed into the holiday season as many parents are wondering what's going to happen and watching schools closing because of quarantines, the vaccine couldn't come at a better time but important to set expectations, only about half of children 12 to 15 are vaccinated right now. in the beginning, it will be kind of a lower percentage with
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5 to 11, so still important to emphasize adults getting vaccinated. we have room to go on that front. >> what information data research? 5 to 11 is a very young age. >> it is a young age. luckily we have a road map not with covid but other vaccines in children. this is a deescalation trial, the same vaccine any adult who gets pfizer would get but lower doses, two doses three weeks apart but looking in the trial data for safety, looking at all the safety issues that the adults and teens looked at and once the data shows as you mentioned, they looked for what we would call noninferiority, meaning the immune response in a 5 to 11-year-old is matched or compared to an immune response in a 16 to 25-year-old and looking for similar levels of
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immune response and they found it. bottom line, i will be curious with the full application, which usually comes out to the public several days in front of that october 26th meeting, we'll be able to see what were the reported side effects. they seem to be similar to an adult's experience, but a couple of critical questions will be about heart inflammation, myocarditis, very rare but parents are going to ask and questions about if i've got a skinny 5-year-old, do i give them both doses, do we skip do we space? practical things i think pediatricians are ready to answer around the country, but important to consider before getting vaccinated. >> dr. patel, thank you for explaining it to us in a way we can understand things that are so complicated. thanks. don't go far, we'll come back to you later in the hour, but turning now to our other top story this hour, the future of the nation's strictest abortion law is now uncertain after federal judge temporarily blocked its enforcement late wednesday night. federal judge sided with the biden administration writing in
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his opinion, "this court will not sanction one more day of this offensive deprivation of such an important right." joining me with more on this is nbc news justice correspondent pete williams, always a pleasure to see you, pete. tell us about this decision, what it actually means. >> for now it means abortion clinics in texas are free to resume offering services because the law cannot now be enforced. the judge order theed state judges? texas not to take up any of the private lawsuits that spa allowed. the states will immediately go to the u.s. court of appeals and try to get thejunctions lifted. they said they can't deprive them of a constitutional right and at the same time deprive them any way to challenge the law. the federal government has the power to go to court because it has broad authority to sue states that seek to undercut constitutional rights. the state argued it couldn't be sued.
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sb8 sets up enforcement through private lawsuits not through state officials, the judge said fingerprints are all over the law. it's state courts that consider these lawsuits. >> for more on this i'm joined by former texas state senator wendy davis, she has been an outspoken advocate for abortion rights and founder of an organization dedicated to women's issues including reproductive rights and sexual assault. what does this decision mean for women and abortion providers in text >> it's a tenuous moment we find ourselves in right now. it is correct that judge pittman's order yesterday enjoined the enforcement of senate bill eight in texas. however, the way the law is written, one of its many pernicious provisions states that if the fifth circuit or the supreme court were to overturn
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that injunction and put a stay on it, and allow this law to go back into effect, any clinic that provides an abortion during this period of time can be retroactively held liable under sba's provisions. what it means is that the front line abortion care workers are still at risk. i know that today many of them are planning to move forward, and in fact, holum and talc indicated they've done thesonograms on many patients required 24 hours ahead of the procedure so they can immediately begin providing abortion services today. their clinic workers are at risk, and i hope your viewers will take an opportunity to help in provide some safety for them in that risk. we've created a fund called
7:08 am a place to provide resources to indemmenify the front line health care workers. >> when other states were monitoring the texas bill hopes of using it as a blueprint to create their own abortion bans what does this mean for states outside of texas? >> well, judge pittman's order was so thorough, so well well written that i think he'll make it difficult for the fifth circuit and supreme court to find a way to stay the injunction that he put in place, and i hope that that is the case, because he's created a road map for other states, if they see laws like this put into effect, there is a road map for federal courts to be able to turn back this law at least until its constitutionality is tested at the supreme court
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which it very likely will be during this court session with of course as you know the mississippi case and its 15-week abortion ban going to be examined and ruled upon in this particular session of the supreme court. >> wendy davis, thank you for being with me this morning. >> thank you, jose. >> let's turn to capitol hill, where top leaders apparently reached a sentive deal to prevent the world's largest economy from defoughting on its debt. negotiations between senators schumer and mcconnell be expected to continue throughout the day. joining me is punch bowl news founder jake sherman and msnbc contributor. jay, good seeing you. you where i in punch bowl, will a dumb crisis end with a lame deal? is that what's happening here? >> it is what's happening. great to be with you jose. i think a few things. the nation should never default on the debt, a debt ceiling
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priceis without a purpose in essence, mitch mcconnell was not asking for anything. he had no request to relent on his debt ceiling demands on his demands, they don't raise the debt ceiling. he gave in and is raising the debt ceiling now until december. what's happening in december, we're going to be in the same predicament with the same demands, the same dynamics so again we're getting right back into this pit of despair over this issue which should not be an issue. i think there's a growing movement so to speak to get rid of the debt limit for good and we'll see if that happens. >> why would mcconnell offer this deal now, when just 24, 48 hours ago he was saying no way. >> it's a good question. he basically decided he needed a way out i think and he wanted a way out of this fight. republicans were filibustering the debt ceiling, democrats needed to carry it on their own. now he's saying he will provide the ten votes to break the
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republican filibuster, breaking his own party's filibuster on this. he wants to give democrats time in this view, this is what he says to find a way to raise the debt ceiling in a more permanent fashion with just democrats. i think the most important thing to understand here is we're going to be in this same position in four, five, six weeks, when again, we're going to be trying to avoid a government shutdown and pass the democrats' entire agenda, the biden build back better agenda is all going to be in the mix in the next four to eight weeks. >> just wondering what the heck is going to change between the beginning of october and december that there would be some hope they'd agree to it then when they're not agreeing to anything now. >> republicans are asking democrats to use the budget reconciliation process, fast track 50 vote process, they can raise the debt ceiling and
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mcconnell is giving them more time to do that. democrats are saying we're not going to use that method, so republicans are going to have to cave again. those are the two competing sides here and that's exactly why we're going to be back in the same position because nothing is going to change in the next four, five, six, seven eight weeks. >> jake sherman, thank you for being with me. appreciate it. >> thank you. keeping our eye on washington and the fast-moving developments there. coming up senator bob menendez about the debt ceiling, reconciliation at cuba. you're using "jose diaz-balart reports" on msnbc. but then paul went from no to know. with freestyle libre 14 day, now he knows how food affects his glucose. and he knows when to make different choices. take the mystery out of your glucose levels
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. 16 past the hour. this morning in washington lawmakers appear to have traded in an october deadline to raise a debt ceiling for a december one. not all senators are on board. here's what democratic senator
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mazie hirono said. >> what's my reaction? he's heartless, he could give a rip. he should stop playing games, get out of the way so that the 50 democrats can avoid what would be an economic catastrophe. >> joining me is democratic senator from new jersey and chair of the foreign relations committee, bob menendez. are you satisfied with senator mcconnell's offer to push the debt ceiling issue to december? >> no, i'm not satisfied with it. i think republicans are playing russian roulette with our economy, with the full faith and credit of the united states and to the average viewer, that means a real consequence to you, too. if there would be a default we'd see higher interest rates, a collapse of your 401(k) savings
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and a whole host of other things. this has never happened. we have as democrats when we were in the minority, and republicans were in the majority, we voted with them to be responsible and pay the debts that had already been accrued. this is not about what may be accrued in the future, this is about including the $8 trillion or $9 trillion accrued in the trump years. while i don't like this deal, at the end of the day, it may be the only way to prevent that type of catastrophic results. >> how do you prevent something like i don't know, waiting two months for something that could be catastrophic from being the status quo in the future? >> it's a great question, jose and one of the things that i and many of my colleagues are talking about is finding a legislative change to end this
7:19 am
ridiculous process, a process by which we have those who want to play gamesmanship and politics. the only reason mitch mcconnell is doing this to try to put democrats in a bad position as we enter next year's senate races. he's made all types of comments in the past that we cannot play with the full faith and credit of the united states. he's definitely putting it right in the fire and playing with fire, as a result of it. so i think many of us are looking for a legislative fix that can end this process because in 2011, when this happened, even though we raised the debt limit, the fact is that our bond rating was downgraded three days afterwards. there's always risk even when you do it if you create an uncertain circumstance that ultimately you'll have an economic consequence and that's what republicans are doing and what we're trying to avert. >> senator, where do things stand now on the reconciliation
7:20 am
bill negotiations? >> well, an in-depth negotiation, whenever you're trying to do something as transformational and as significant as raising half of the children who are presently in poverty out of poverty in a permanent way, when you are trying to give mothers the opportunity to have reliable child care, so that they can enter the job market again, when you are trying to improve the health of all americans, when you are dealing with the ability to have a tremendous economic long-term boost for the nation, as a result of the initiatives and the reconciliation, this budget process which is really what it's all about, then obviously that's challenging. big things just don't happen easily, but i do believe that we will get to where we need to be
7:21 am
and we will have the votes necessary to achieve it. i think the negotiations are honing down and hopefully we'll come to common ground between all different elements of our party. it's a shame, just like with the question of the debt ceiling that we're in this predicament because republicans don't want to do anything that would actually help the american people versus the special interests that they clearly represent. >> senator, taiwan's defense minister said tensions with china are at their worst in 40 years, china harassing the island with military activities. what is your hope of the summit between president biden and xi jinping, could that in some way help taiwan? >> taiwan is being abused by china. china is violating its air space, it's playing dangerous
7:22 am
games, i would say, by consistently and robustly interfering in its air space and having taiwanese fighters scramble. at some point there's going to be a miscalculation and that would be dangerous for the entire region. this is part of china's coerive efforts against others who have to be exclusively in their domain, why strengthening our relationship with taiwan is so important. this is why sending a message to china that we will not allow what happened to hong kong to happen to taiwan. taiwan is a major producer of semiconductor chips. if we lose the ability to have that, we already face strained supply chain and those chips go into about everything that we drive, use or make. so we can't for the economy and security of the region let
7:23 am
taiwan fall under those circumstances. that's why i hope the president's message will be rather clear to xi jinping that we cannot tolerate that. >> senator, turning to cuba, we watched protests around the entire island on the 11th of july, asking for freedom. the senate under your leadership passed a resolution in support of the cuban people. three months later, oppression is still very high on the island. what is going on? >> well, i mean it tells you everything. it should tell the world that when the cuban regime shuts off the internet, because cubans were using the internet to inform each other to organize each other, to be able to express themselves against the dictatorship that they live under and the conditions under which they live under, that who in the world shuts off the internet? you only shut off the internet if you fear what your people may do, and so that should be a
7:24 am
clarity call to the world to unite behind the cuban people who are seeking peaceful change but nonetheless change. and so you know, while i appreciate the biden administration's initiatives on sanctioning some particular individuals that particularly were repressive and brutally forceful against some of the protesters, it's time to create internet access into cuba so that the cuban people can once again be free to express themselves as we are in the united states and people throughout the world are, and with that opportunity i think that opportunity brings change. >> three months in, still no real change. senator bob menendez, thank you for being with me. appreciate it. could a crisis at the border have been alerted? three official its tell nbc news the u.s. knew months ago that thousands of haitians were headed to the u.s. border. we'll bring you our exclusive reporting next.
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chuck schumer announced on the senate floor a deal has been reached extending the debt limit through december. we'll have much more in a bit. first an nbc news exclusive. the united states knew as early as july thousands of haitian migrants were headed to the
7:29 am
u.s./mexico border. according to three u.s. officials, internal debate and a failure to share information hampered agencies' abilities to handle the 28,000 migrants who arrived in texas last month. this conflicts with messaging out of the white house with secretary mayorkas saying this weeks ago. >> i don't think we expected the repedity of the increase that occurred. >> joining me is national security and justice correspondent julia ainsley. julia, thank you. also with me an immigration attorney and telemundo legal analyst. julia, let me begin with you. what does your reporting show this internal debate within the administration was all about? >> it shows as recally as july, there's a lot of intelligence to figure out what might be coming
7:30 am
to the borders and watching thousands of haitians amassing in areas like colombia, haitians who had left haiti years ago. they were amassing in colombia, panama, to try to come to the united states and there were indications they may soon be starting their journey north. instead, there was a stalling. within the administration, the dhs and the white house there was a debate about whether or not they should start deporting haitians who were in the united states at that time back to haiti. some said it could be a deterrent and keep those who might be coming away from coming to the u.s. border. others said it wasn't the time because as you know in july, that was coming off the assassination of the haitian president and then when august came and we saw the 7.2 magnitude earthquake in haiti, they did decide to halt all deportation and now taking a look back saying what could we have known then and done then that might have had a different outcome? >> julia, just the week and a half ago the foreign minister of
7:31 am
panama said they raised this issue with the biden administration about thousands of migrants headed through the dadayang area through panama and up toward the united states yet nothing really was prepared using that information? >> that's right. a lot of information we get judged from our state department or people within the government here who are communicating with their counterparts in countries like panama. glad you pointed that out. there was this stalling. could you talk about whether or not they should have ramped up deportations, whether that would be humane. they did not prepare for that number, that group you see that got to over 28,000 haitians under that bridge in del rio, texas, to surge resources. as the numbers continued to triple day after day, they finally were able to put 400 border agents down there to try to rush resources. of course that had repercussions
7:32 am
when we saw the clashes between immigrants and asians who took some would say a too forceful approach. they said they weren't prepared. now there is a deep internal discussion about what they could have done differently had they acted sooner to protect that area and to try to make things at least more humane as all of the haitians came to the united states. >> by the apparent surprise, the solution was in many cases just deport en masse. anna, most of the migrants seeking asylum, what does exactly asylum look like, the process? what's the process of asylum supposed to look like? >> well pre-covid it was taking years and now it's taking even more years. affirmative asylum one can apply with the uscis, immigration wr an immigration court if detainend and put under
7:33 am
deportation proceedings. to get a court hearing is up to maybe two, three years for a first hearing and then for the process to be completed, can take another few years. with uscis, they have cases that are pending that have been pending for five years to be heard before the immigration service. unfortunately that's creating more of a surge because people think oh, there's a new president and the open border is now easier to come in and ask for asylum. there's a more humane approach and unfortunately, people are not understanding that you have to fit into, the pegs have to fit in for an asylum. they're hard to win, very few, small percentage of applications are approved and granted, and you have to show that you are being persecuted or have been or likely to in your home country because of race, nationality, political opinion, participation in a social group or being part of a class of social groups so it's very hard to fall into that
7:34 am
and many people do not have documentation to prove their claims. it's just oral testimony. >> so 7,000 for example haitian migrants deported very quickly when officials got to that, under the bridge in del rio, texas, what process did they go through? did they have the right even to ask for asylum? >> yes, of course, if any person fears persecution, they can request asylum. they have to go through a credible fear interview which many applicants that were expeditiously deported and removed and violently in many cases did not even have that opportunity. the constitution grants all individuals a right of due process and due process is severely lacking here where an applicant didn't have the opportunity to even present a claim. >> important what you just said. they did not have the opportunity to present their case before they were sent back.
7:35 am
al marrow is a, julia ainsley, thank you for being with me this morning. still ahead, what investigators think might be the reason behind the latest school shooting, plus some good news about covid, why some are on the front lines saying we may be turning a corner. we'll talk about it with dr. patel when she rejoins us here on "jose diaz-balart reports." oh! are you using liberty mutual's coverage customizer tool? so you only pay for what you need. sorry? limu, you're an animal! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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7:40 am
a handgun was pulled during a fight inside a second floor classroom. we're about to show you some disturbing video posted on social media, which shows what police say they believe is the fight prior to the shooting in the end, four were injured, a 15-year-old boy is in critical condition following a manhunt, 18-year-old tim know simpkins arrived at the arlington police department with his attorney and was handcuffed in the parking lot. a .45 caliber handgun found in the streets of the grand prairie. police say they believe it could have been used during the shooting, but are testing to be sure. jose? >> erin, you're covering l.a.'s new vaccine requirements. >> reporter: earlier next month proof of vaccine will be required to enter any public indoor areas, restaurants, salons, even the laker game. those with medical or religious exemptions will need to show proof of a negative covid test within the last 72 hours or stick to outdoor areas only.
7:41 am
we spoke to one restaurant owner who says he's been requiring proof of vaccines since the summer. he explains why it's important to him. >> this is living with covid, and we all have to take our own measures and be responsible to make sure that we're all safe. bottom line for me is the safety of my staff, and the safety of my customers who have been coming to me for 30 years, and now, we're hardly getting any resentment. we're getting mostly thank you for doing this. >> reporter: when this goes into effect november 4th and lifted once the covid-19 emergency order is lifted, the fine is up to $1,000 for first-time offenders. jose? >> erin mclaughlin in los angeles, thank you so much. back with me is dr. kavita patel physician and nbc news medical contributor. today president biden is traveling to chicago to tout the
7:42 am
importance of covid-19 vaccine mandates. one of the people he'll be meeting with is the ceo of united airlines who has announced that 99% of its u.s. workforce has been vaccinated. what do you make of the success of these mandates in the private sector? >> i think it just simply put vaccine mandates are working. of course there's controversy around any mandate, but with time, that normalizes and evidence shows from united airlines to other large employers that more and more people as time goes on comply with mandates, even health care workers who have been resistant, we're seeing half said they wouldn't get vaccinated step up once there's a mandate in place, so we're eagerly awaiting some of that federal guidance for the workforce from osha, that i think could also be a game changer and is one of the reasons we'll continue to see people getting vaccinated throughout the fall. >> what would the mandate or osha requirements look like?
7:43 am
>> >> the definite sill in the details. we're hoping that comes out soon but gives guidance to employers of larger than 100 employees or more, gives guidance to employers about what requirements need to be put in place and keep in mind, we're using the word mandates but not all mandates just like united for example, the osha guidance have a mandate requirement with guidance around what is considered fully vaccinated and have testing requirements if you have employees who are not vaccinated. i think it's just an incentive to get most employers to say all right, testing requirements are complex. let's put in a vaccine mandate, we'll deal with exemptions as they come. in general most people zpli with a mandate. >> this morning, dr. ashish jha, was on the "today" show where he addressed where he thinks we are in the pandemic. here's what he had to say. >> we have definitely turned a corner. i think the worst is behind us.
7:44 am
we have lucky days ahead. i don't think we're out of this. a winter, flu season but i think the worst is behind us. >> i like that, jose. i would love to say for a couple of things. the reason i think he can say that with security is that we're seeing hospitalizations decline, usually the first sign that we're in kind of this phase where our surge is declining. if you're in alaska, idaho, some parts of our country, parts of the northeast this is exploding. keeping a close eye on michigan, an uptick in cases in parts of the state. the worst is behind us. i'm optimistic what is to come if we can continue to get people vaccinated. health care workers are breathing a sigh of relief but not everywhere in the country. >> also a major development in the efforts to fight another
7:45 am
global health threat on wednesday, the world health organization recommend the first malaria vaccine should be given to children across africa. how significant is this? >> i traveled in a former life international work, all we had were nets and precautions how to avoid kids being near water collection areas, mo mosquitos tend to gather. this is like the covid vaccines the first of what i think will be a global focus on putting atension, money and technology to develop vaccines over time. hiv, the common cold this may be a renaissance time in vaccine technology. these other countries are also struggling with covid. >> hopefully it will be for everything and for everybody. dr. patel, thank you. great seeing you.. >> thank you. up next, following breaking news. chuck schumer announced an
7:46 am
agreement on the debt limit. we have new developments in a live report next. first a powerful moment on the soccer field the national women's soccer league held protests at two games last night during the six minutes of the games, players met midfield and linked arms in solidarity after disturbing allegations of sexual and verbal harassment against former north carolina coach paul riley last week, it was said for the six years the victims had to wait to be heard. fans stood up and cheered, others held signs and banners that read "no more silence." you're watching "jose diaz-balart reports." instantly clear everyday congestion with vicks sinex saline. for fast drug free relief vicks sinex. instantly clear everyday congestion. and try vicks sinex children's saline. safe and gentle relief for children's noses. ♪
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these are not all the serious side effects. now i'm back where i belong. ask your doctor about latuda and pay as little as $0 for your first prescription. breaking news on capitol hill. chuck schumer announced minutes ago a deal has been reached to extend the debt ceiling through december. joining me now from the hill is our national political reporter sahil. what more can you tell us about this deal? >> it's a short-term deal between the democrats and the republicans in the senate to extend the debt ceiling from that october 18th deadline until early december. they are -- they have been working to finalize the details since late yesterday when they struck this general agreement which essentially means that republicans won't filibuster it. democrats will still have topaz it on their own. they'll do it through regular order on the floor of the senate and won't have to do it through
7:51 am
the reconciliation process democrats ruled out. they will have to put a dollar number on it. they want democrats to take ownership for the upcoming levels of debt the united states is going to add. they're trying to connect it to the multitrillion reconciliation bill which democrats say is a lie because the debt has been accumulated over many years and much of it is partly because of trump administration. it looks if the deal goes through and passes the house of representatives like we'll avoid that debt limit cliff coming up just in a matter of days that the treasury had warned could lead to catastrophic economic consequences. >> so nothing about december. in other words, it could all go to hell in december? >> that's right. we're going to do this all over again in december. and not only that, there's a government funding deadline to avoid a shutdown in december. this is all going to come to a head in the weeks before christmas. congress is going to have to figure out how to fund the government. lawmakers are more optimistic about that. there's generally a handshake
7:52 am
agreement about raising domestic spending which democrats want. the debt limit issue is going to be another fight, it seems, unless there's some breakthrough between now and december. there's still a demand among -- from senate republican leader mitch mcconnell that he wants democrats to use the reconciliation process to do it on their own yurks democrats have ruled that out, an it looks like neither side is moving. >> you've been monitoring a house hearing looking into the ramifications of the so-called audit of the 2011 election ruts? >> that's right. there's a hearing by the house oversight committee looking into that partisan audit in arizona. the chairwoman calling it a sham audit by an unaccredited audit. the ceo was asked to testify. he declines to do that. she said this kind of election meddling, this kind of throwing doubt in the sanktty and validity of u.s. elections is
7:53 am
the biggest threat to the constitutional republican since the civil war. she said these claims and the falsehoods about the election by the former president are leading to new audits in states like wisconsin and pennsylvania, and texas which she describes as a problem. there was some fireworks in that hearing between one of the democrats, jamie raskin, and arizona republican andy bigs. let's roll the tape if we have it. >> who won the election in arizona? donald trump? >> we don't know. as the audit demonstrates clearly, mr. raskin, there are a lot of issues with this election that took place. we're going to go through those today. >> now, of course, we know who won the election. joe biden won arizona. the state election officials certified it. the republican governor of that state signed off on it. but trump has refused to accept it. as you saw, a number of lawmakers in his party are following him. >> sahil, thank you very much. still ahead, gut wrenching
7:54 am
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relax people, my wireless is crushing it. that's because you all have xfinity mobile with your internet. it's wireless so good, it keeps one upping itself. turning to news beyond the borders we begin with breaking news of the 6.1 earthquake in japan east of tokyo. officials are checking the area for damage. they have not issued a tsunami warning. survivors of the deadly 2015 attack in paris are testifying in the trial of the only surviving alleged attacker. in court yesterday helen wilson took the stand delivering emotional testimony recounting that horrific night. we talked exclusively with wilson and we are joined from paris with her story.
7:58 am
kelly, you spoke to her hours after she testified. what did she tell you it was like to face her alleged attacker? >> reporter: yeah. she said it was difficult. she was fighting back tears for much of her testimony. it was only 20 minutes long, but a very, very emotional and heart wrenching 20 minutes. she talked about what happened inside the theater. she was there with her friend nick alexander, both were shot multiple times. she talked about seeing the gunman burst through the doors just shooting indiscriminately into the crowd with automatic weapons. she talked about one gunman saying this is for our brothers in syria. threatening people that if they spoke, if they even made a sound, they would be killed. she saw people being executed just cold-bloodedly executed. and she stayed there with nick. she held him. she believes until he died. she said she felt him go cold. she talked to me after, after she gathered herself.
7:59 am
and he told me what it was like to be in that room with the accused. take a listen. >> they looked at me. i mean, they were -- i felt like they were listening to what i had to say. i felt like they were. they were all looking at me when i looked over. so they weren't ignoring me. so that's something, isn't it? and who knows? maybe i did touch one of them. maybe they are -- maybe their heart strings are starting to get pulled now. >> reporter: is this closure? >> i don't know. i don't know. i suppose time will tell. i don't think that it's ever going to be something that i forget about. it's always -- it's a part of me now, but it's not all there is. >> reporter: and jose, witnesses are testifying again today.
8:00 am
>> kelly in paris. thank you. that wraps up this hour. you can always reach me on twitter and instagram. be sure to follow the show online. thank you for the privilege of your time. craig melvin picks up with more news right now. breaking news in the race to raise the debt ceiling. chuck schumer took to the senate floor in the last hour and made this crucial announcement. >> we have reached agreement to extend the debt ceiling through early december. it's our hope we can get this done as soon as today. >> so we have a deal with 11 days to spare before economic ruin. the big question now, when will they actually vote? also what happens in two months when this deal runs


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