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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  October 8, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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all right. that is going to do it for us tonight on this fine friday eve. it doesn't mean that today is friday evening. it means it's the eve of friday. we'll see you tomorrow. "way too early" is up next. ♪♪ after a tense showdown on capitol hill, congress narrowly avoids plunging the american economy into crisis. with the raise temporarily, the question is are we really going to do this all over again in december? plus, they la out striking details in trump's attempt to overturn the election. but with his refusal to testify, the question is will anyone be held accountable? plus, it wouldn't be friday without space news. nasa wants to crash an asteroid to change its direction. the question is, didn't we
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already see this movie? it's "way too early" for this. ♪♪ good morning and welcome to "way too early," the show that really could use a long weekend. i'm jonathan lemire on this friday, october 8th. we'll start with the news. with just days go before the federal government was set to default on its national debt for the first time ever, the senate passed a short-term measure to raise the country's debt ceiling. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell provided democrats the ten votes necessary to advance the bill yesterday after a tense stalemate. the new measure lifts the country's borrowing cap by $480 billion, temporarily putting off what secretary janet yellen warned would be a, quote, utterly catastrophic democratic crisis. they look to early december when the next new limit expires and they'll have to negotiate the debt limit all over again. despite the votes democrats needed this time, mcconnell
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insists that won't be the case in december. former president donald trump urged republican senators to vote against the deal to raise the debt ceiling and accused senate minority leader mitch mcconnell to folding to democrats. trump further criticized mcconnell's leadership during a phone interview. >> the republican senate needs due leadership. he gave them a lifeline. he gave them so much time now to figure out what to do because they were in a real big bind. they wouldn't have been able to do anything. he had the weapon and he was unable to use it. >> republican senator lindsey graham of south carolina echoed the former president in a skactsing statement against his own party's leadership plan. graham said, quote, i don't understand why we are folding here. for two months republicans have been saying democrats want to spend $3.5 trillion without any republican input. if they're going to do that,
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they need to raise the debt ceiling on their own. this is just a mistake. graham also called senator mcconnell let's move a complete capitulation. >> we made a promise for two months that we would make them do it without our help, and we folded, and i hate that. we're in a hole. we've got to dig out of this hole and we can. we shot ourselves in the foot tonight, but we'll revisit this issue in december. >> senator ted cruz of texas appeared on the senate floor last night to say the deal mcconnell struck with democrats was a mistake. >> i believe democratic leader schumer was on the verge of surrendering, and then unfortunately yesterday republicans blinked. i think that was a mistake. i understand why republican leadership blinked. i wish they hadn't. i wish they hadn't because i
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believe we were on the verge of victory. chuck schumer won this game of chicken. as two trumps drove on this country road, one of them was going to turn or you were going to have a lot of dead chickens. i wish republicans hadn't blinked. we shouldn't have done that. >> joining us now, nbc news correspondent ali vitali. thank you for being there. i want to speak about the language specifically that senator cruz used, acknowledging the game of chicken, putting the nation's health at risk, saying this is a political game, a standoff. cruz and others criticized mitch mcconnell. wauc us through where republicans are. . >> look, clearly for people like cruz and graham, they threw in
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with the former president on this. that's not exactly new here. if you asked me 36 hours ago where they were, i thought they would stay where they had been for weeks where the republicans said they weren't going to give an inch and democrats weren't either, but they wanted to get this done on their own because they have the numbers to do that. it was always about the mechanism through which they were going to do that. that's the mechanism we're going to continue to see him fall back on as we go through this interim period where this debt celling issue doesn't become a problem until december. mcconnell is going to consistently say he wants them to move forward on this through a reconciliation. the one thing i heard when this deal first came forward is there's no way we're going to do
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this through reconciliation. that's where democrats stand on this and that's still where mcconnell wants them to go. we're going to be able to do that battle again in just a few weeks because this is not a crisis that's going away. sort of on pause for the moment. the other thing i thought was interesting and i caught up with senator thune right before the vote, he acknowledged this was a tough one. republicans don't like taking votes when it comes to thinks like the debt ceiling especially not in this way when they have been talking about the trillions they're spending that the democrats are looking to do. we're talking about different pots of spending because the $3.5 trillion is probably lower than that when this is all said and done. that's not the money we're talking about here with the debt ceiling. it's already been spent in part because of the republicans' decision to do things like the trump tax cuts several years ago. nevertheless, when that's been the republicans' talking point, it puts them in a tough situation. i do think the thing to remember
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is they didn't necessarily vote or they did not vote to raise the debt ceiling, but they did vote to allow democrats to raise the debt ceiling. those are those 11 votes we're talking about here. >> ali, i'm glad you raised the point. it can't be under scored enough. these are two different pockets of money here that the republicans are arguing about. they're saying this is about future spending. but this is stuff that's been spent including under president trump. let's talk about the democrats. they've got a window. i know there's some hope to try to use this window to get the biden agenda done. they can't put off the debt limit thing for too long, so are they going to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time? >> they're sort of going to have to. you're right. the bipartisan infrastructure bill, the larger social infrastructure bill, and add onto that, you've got funding that runs out at the beginning of december and the debt crisis
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that comes back around again as well. all of the crises we spent litigating, we're going to do again in december. the thing on the reconciliation package and all of the rest of it, democrats are going to have to figure out where they are in the price tag. that's still negotiations that are still going on. i would note when senator schumer went to the floor last night, he effectively spiked the football. 11 of them did help to get democrats raised. there are democrats and republicans, but most importantly, there are democrats that are unhappy with the language used last night. senator manchin talked about the role he plays in the democratic caucus in the senate, shaking his head, at one point putting his head in his hands as schumer was talking about last night. manchin was not happy with the language schumer was using here, and we know mcconnell and manchin have been talking
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throughout the process. the thing that seemed to motivate mcconnell is the threats democrats were place that they could go nuclear and form the filibuster in a very narrow way on the debt creaming. that would really open up a whole can of worms here. that is the thing that pushed these two parties that had been at a stalemate to some kind of solution, and it's unclear where that fight goes as we end up doing this again in december. >> ali, while you were talk, we rolled manchin's expression over chuck schumer's shoulder. i don't know that schumer's language was all that much different than most of his speeches. ali, thank you. still ahead, the latest findings from the investigation into the january 6th attack on the capitol. plus, a look at the dangerous oil spill off the coast of california. what officials there are saying about the long-term impact. that story and a check on the weather when we come right back
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an 18-year-old texas student accused of shooting a classmate and causing a lockout is now out on bond. nbc news correspondent sam brock has more. >> reporter: timothy simpkins is out on bond a day after police say he perpetrated a school shooting that left a 15-year-old in critical condition. >> do you have anything to say? >> reporter: among the tragedy unfolding is the fear students now carry to class. >> there's no reason a student should bring a firearm into a school or feel threatened in that way or feel like they've got to have a weapon. >> reporter: arlington p.d. reviewing several videos. the student in the white shirt
2:14 am
being beaten. simpkins' family said they reported bullying to the school. >> the decision he made taking the gun, we're not justifying that, that's not right, but he was trying to protect himself. >> do you believe that bullying played a role or could have? >> i do understand the family's concerns, and to the family, i want to assure them that we're going to do everything we can to look into why that happened. >> reporter: police made another arrest for a young student threatening violence against a different arlington area school on social media. parents and police calling for sweeping change in safety and culture. >> our thanks to nbc's sam brock for that report. as layoffs slow, jobless rates fell for the first time in last week. the initial jobless claims last week fell to $326,000, down from 364,000 the week prior.
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this puts claims close to their pandemic low, which was reported the first week of september. meanwhile the number of americans claiming unemployment benefits continues to drop, a reflection of states ending pandemic benefit programs. the labor department will release the suspect jobs reports later this morning. we'll have those numbers on "morning joe." now to the still unfolding disaster in southern california. as officials work to determine who's responsible for a massive oil spill off the coast. now the ripple effects could last months or even years. nbc news correspondent miguel almaguer has more. >> reporter: this video reveals the gash. now officials expect this 41-year-old pipe that runs from the oil rig to shore for signs of corrosion and pressure problems, but for now many believe the pipe was likely hit
2:16 am
by a 30-ton anchor like this one. >> the fact that the pipeline appears to have been dragged leads me to conclude that it probably was caught on the ship's anchor. >> reporter: reviewing satellite imagery in the hours before and after the spill, the coast guard will be likely to pinpoint which cargo ships were anchored in the area, a jammed shipping lane dotted with a maze of drilling platforms. >> as long as you have shipping and offshore oil development operating in close proximity, this is the kind of accident and spill that you can expect to have happen. >> reporter: with so much focus on the investigation, the true disaster is unfolding out here at sea. these boons can only hold back so much oil which is moving through this fra jeel ecosystem. >> with more wildlife and the beaches stained from the spill,
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i've been taking prevagen for about four years. i feel a little bit brighter and my mind just feels sharper. i would recommend it to anyone. it absolutely works. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. third down continues to be a problem for seattle. >> oh, here's a block. blocked off the front of dixon, and dixon now kicks it. >> that's coming back. >> that's coming back as this goes down near the ten. >> wow. that's seahawks punter michael dixon pulling off a bizarre double punt during last night's third quarter against the rams. able to recover after his first attempted block and then still kick the ball 68 yards down the field. i have never seen that before. it also marked the final series
2:21 am
with russell wilson under center, wilson existing with what coach pete carroll later called a badly sprained finger. he was backed up by geno smith that cost an interception. meanwhile rams' quarterback matthew stafford was playing through a spraining finger himself. he still through 365 yards leading l.a. to a 26-17 win. and the player returned to form in the playoff stage. he scored three of the rays' five runs. racing around to give tampa the early lead.
2:22 am
arozarena made history. >> there goes arozarena! he steals home in october! >> man, oh, man. arozarena is the first player in mlb history to hit home run and steal home in the same game. and despite the show he put on in the 2020 postseason, he remains a rookie and is among the favorites for a.l. rookie of the year. the rays take game one from the red sox, 5-0. to houston where astros starter lance mccullers pitched a shutout in the sixth inning. alvarez drove in three home runs including a solo in the fifth and the astros beat the white sox, 6-1. game two of the series is this afternoon. there will be a pair of national league division series. the brewers will host the braves
2:23 am
followed by the los angeles dodgers visiting the san francisco giants, both teams winning more than 112 games. what a great day for baseball, four playoff games. time now for the weather. let's go to meteorologist bill karins for the weather. bill, tell us what the weekend is going to look like. >> yeah. the weekend forecast is interesting, especially if you have any interest along the eastern seaboard and southern new england which includes a lot of people. we have three storms on the map, one that's been plaguing us all week long in chicago, another in southern georgia, and one off the coastline. the one causing a lot of problems now is in southern georgia. a lot of heavy rain and thunderstorms. there's flash flooding east of perry in georgia. we're watching a flood watch for 9 million people. we continue to watch the soggy area continue to get more heavy periods of rain. there's a possibility of a tropical zurns developing.
2:24 am
right now the hurricane center has upped the chances to 30%. it could bring additional rain, clouds, and windy conditions, and rough surf. this is kind of what it looks like. we have that storm developing off the coast, more heavy rain in the southeast, and as that storm off the coast kind of combines with the other storm, it looks like a really nasty saturday, especially for our friends all the way through the outer banks down through wilmington, newburgh, and morehead. it looks like an ugly sunday. we may get rainfall in new york city, long island, and southern new england on sunday too. we'll have to keep an eye on the earn seaboard. the forecast goes like this. today, no problems, beautiful day, d.c. all the way through new england. still very warm. look how hot it is in the middle
2:25 am
of the country. this is october. it's more like early september in dallas all the way through oklahoma city. then on saturday, still warm in the middle of the nation. we'll watch the system coming up the east coast. and then on sunday, the warmth is still a huge story, jonathan. it doesn't feel like october. many areas of new england, you know, people are still picking like their gardens heading in the middle of october. it's very rare. >> a lot of humidity. 94 in dallas in october? no, thanks. bill karins, thank you, and have a great weekend. still ahead, first donald trump questioned the election itself. now he's questioning the investigation into the attack his supporters carried out in his name. we'll have the very latest on the congressional inquiry into the january 6th insurrection. but before we go to break, we want to know, why are you awake? email your reasons to or tweet me @jonlemire using the
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welcome back to "way too early." it's just before 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west. i'm jonathan lemire. following an eight-month investigation, the senate judiciary committee is out with an interim report on former president's intense campaign to get justice department officials to overturn the results of the
2:30 am
2020 election. the 394-page report titled subverting justice is based largely on the testimony of three senior doj officials, most prominently, former acting tern general jeff rosen. jeffrey clark was a key player in the election results. in at least nine calls or meetings, president trump directly raised claims of election fraud for doj to investigate. mark meadows, asked acting a.j. rosen to launch a fraud investigation. assistant a.g. clark attempted to recruit rose on the back his scheme on the georgia process in exchange for clark turning down trump's request. his allies inexuding scott perry
2:31 am
of pennsylvania participated in the doj pressure campaign. lastly, the doj deviated from its longstanding policy of investigating election fraud claims after certification to avoid politicizing the department. based on the report, the committee may suggest criminal prosecutions. meanwhile republicans issued their own findings based on the same testimony and concluded that the former president was concerned about electionic integrity in general and followed the advice of doj officials. former president trump is instructing his former aides and allies not to comply with subpoenas from the select committee investigating the january 6th capitol attack. that's according to reporting by politico and then confirmed by nbc news. in a letter reviewed by politico, a trump attorney directs former aide dan scavino, former official kash patel,
2:32 am
former chief of staff mark meadows and former adviser steve bannon to hold back any documents about the ex-president's white house work and to refuse to testify about his official duties. the letter claims the committee is seeking materials that are covered by executive privilege as well as other privileges and that, quote, president trump is prepared to defend these fundamental privileges in court. nbc news did not receive an on-the-record response for comment from any of the lettered recipients. mr. trump's political action committee said the document request was, quote, outrageously brown and executive privilege will be defended. meanwhile the select committee issued a third round of subpoenas including a round of stop-the-steal rally documents. they're seeking information from right wing provocateur ali
2:33 am
alexander, the leader of the stop the steal movement and martin who's listed as a representative for a permanent rally on the grounds. they're to produce records by october 21st and testify by deposition at the end of the month. joining us now, eugene daniels. he's also an msnbc contributor. eugene, thank you so much for being here today. any word on the white house reaction to this report and any possible plans to have the current doj, the biden doj take up these findings for an investigation of its own particularly in light that it may make criminal referrals. >> i mean that's the thing. i think they're waiting to see if there's going to be criminal referrals because this is the white house that has wanted to depoliticize the doj as we've seen and as you've just
2:34 am
outlined, jon, just how much donald trump tried to use politics in dealing with the doj, trying to make them do things on his behalf not as president but as candidate of a presidential race, and so at this point, the white house is trying to stay if not this far back, pretty far back when it comes to just exactly how much involvement they have with this waiting on others to make decisions, waiting on others to say, this is criminal, we need to investigate that. that includes staying away from the doj, right? the white house. you've been in those press briefing rooms when we've asked about the doj, and jen psaki, the white house press secretary, has continued to make it very clear, if you want to talk about the doj, go to the doj and talk with them, making that clear distinction. that's something we're not really expecting. was the white house definitely
2:35 am
concerned about it? it's bigger than the campaign that was against donald trump at the time and more about the focus on democracy, how this damages people's trust in elections and not the way donald trump talked about it because he created a lot of this election integrity concerns that his allies have now. >> eugene, a demonstration of just how far back the white house was is pretty terrific. thank you for that. you're certainly right. this is an administration that has really tried to depoliticize the department of justice, tried to restore the americans' faith of its independence and institution. i would agree. politico broke the news of the trump instruction for aides not to comply with these subpoenas. great work. any additional information that you guys have heard as to whether the recipients, these trump aides, plan do as trump told? if one breaks ranks, what's
2:36 am
trump's plan b, do you think? >> i mean it's pretty unclear how they're going to -- whether or not they're going to comply because one thing that we do know about not just these four men but also anyone who calls themselves a republican nowadays is that they follow the orders of donald trump, and that has continued and probably will continue for the foreseeable future for this, so there's no indication that they're going to break rank, right? there's no political blowback for them doing that. and i think president trump doesn't have a plan b. his hope, it seems, is to make sure the people who have the information don't give it up. that is something that we saw when he was president. he did over and over, right, in not complying with congress, congressional subpoenas and orders, when they were asking and investigating different things within his own administration, right? something that people should know, though, if you're convicted of criminal contempt of congress, you could face a
2:37 am
year in prison, fines of up to $100,000, and what donald trump doesn't have anymore is presidential pardon power. he doesn't have the ability to commute people. when i talk about executive privilege, when i talk with experts, they say the executive privilege is about the office, not the person. it doesn't go with you when you leave the presidency, and it's unlikely president trump can actually expert executive privilege in this case, and it's up to this current white house to do so, and they've made it pretty clear that they're going to do the legal thing and comply with any subpoenas from congress. >> yeah. the drama over that will be fascinating to watch. you make a great point there. and certainly when trump was in office, their philosophy when they were the subject of investigations by the democratic-controlled house was basically just say no. so i think we're going to have a similar sense here in the weeks ahead. eugene daniels, thanks for being
2:38 am
here. still ahead, the totally different method nasa is using to knock an asteroid off course. does it involve bruce willis? "way too early" is coming right back. "way too early" is coming right back hi susan! honey? yeah? i respect that. but that cough looks pretty bad... try this robitussin honey. the real honey you love... plus the powerful cough relief you need. mind if i root through your trash? now get powerful relief with robitussin elderberry.
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time now for something totally different. nasa is hoping to demonstrate a technique that could redirect asteroids if they ever posed a threat to earth. the mission called the double asteroid redirection test or d.a.r.t. is led by johns hopkins for nasa. they will use a kinetic technique to change the motion of an asteroid in space. it will crash into at 6.6 kilometers per second, altering the orbit. the launch is scheduled for the
2:42 am
23rd. let me say on the path of all humanity, good luck. in a comical moment caught on camera, the seahawks' live mascot touched down on a fan's head. yikes. he took a detour instead of returning to its handler, flying around the field before landing on the unsuspecting man's head. fox broadcaster joe buck said, quote, a good line, get that guy season tickets. still ahead, reading, writing, and inoculations. vaccinations against the coronavirus could be coming to a school near you. the latest on a push to protect kids from covid. and as we go to break, a look at this date in history. 65 years ago dan larsen pitched the only perfect game in a world series game, 2-0.
2:43 am
>> he strikes them out. don larsen is baseball's man of the hour. he pitched the second perfect game in the history of the major league. d perfect game in the history of t mheajor league of your love babe♪ ♪girl, i don't know, i don't know,♪ ♪i don't know why i can't get enough of your love babe♪ ♪oh no, babe girl, if i could only make you see♪ ♪and make you understand♪ get a dozen double crunch shrimp for $1 with any steak entrée. only at applebee's. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. paul loves food. but his diabetes made food a mystery. everything felt like a “no.” but then paul went from no to know. with freestyle libre 14 day, now he knows how food affects his glucose. and he knows when to make different choices. take the mystery out of your glucose levels
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pfizer officially submitted its request to the fda to authorize its covid vaccine for children aged 5 through 11 years old. if approved, this would be the first approved covid vaccine for younger kids. they say once the data was submitted, the agency could authorize it in a matter of weeks. pfizer already has a vaccine approved for people aged 16 and older. the fda advisory committee plans to meet about the authorization at the end of the month. joining me now, dr. avita patel. dr. patel, thank you so much for
2:47 am
being here this morning, we really appreciate it. this is the news that parents of kids of that age, and this includes myself, ages 6 and 10, have been waiting for. talk to us about this development. how we could have a vaccination, shots in arms by early december? >> jonathan, that's the hope. certainly as you mentioned, they've lined up an advisory committee on october 26th. the senior advisory committee would meet a day or two after. that feasibly we could have a shot in the arm that day before halloween, but keep in mind you need two shots to be fully immunized. it hopefully does not mean that parents interpret a shot in the arm means to g out and not take precautions. it's significant for two reasons. the obvious one is the children that fall into that age group.
2:48 am
more importantly it signifies, here you are. once you've got a vaccine for 5 and up, it really is kind of the -- we have the ability now to kind of beat back all of the things that have kept us really, really hampered for the last 20 months, and now it's really up to us. we have failed on many of those occasions, but this is where the mandates have become critical. you've seen schools with anticipation setting the stage for this to be an expectation of almost all school students in certain states and cities. >> obviously for years, if not decades, there have been vaccine reese required for children to attend school. look, we've seen how politicized the covid vaccine has been. there are certainly going to be parents reluctant or concerned about giving their kids a covid-19 shot. what would you say to them? how would you reassure them? >> a couple of things. one reassuring fact, children
2:49 am
are not little adults, but we do have data on the vaccinations that would go into children's arms at higher doses, jonathan, but we now have literally hundreds of millions of people for months to look at the common window with concerns, clots, inflammation of the heart, et cetera, we now know what to look for. pfizer has certainly understood that. it will be a point of discussion for sure at advisory committee meetings, but for parents, bottom line, the benefits outweigh the risks. the risks are very rare, but they're worth talking about with pediatricians. they're prepared to sit down and talk with parents about the sent meants surrounding the shots, spacing the shots, doing it separate, meaning more than three weeks recommendeded. there are caveats to that. finally there are movements to consider one shot, which certainly if a parent is
2:50 am
nervous, watching and waiting might be an option. in the end, the data will bear out. i'll be looking at the data and reporting back. i can't think of something when we have tens of thousands of ho. 6 million affected. schools have have been shut down. think about your nation's devastation, your kids, mine, affected by this. this is critical and important and a milestone for our country. >> we will look forward to that future reporting on the data. right now one last week, give us a brief assessment as to where things stand with the pandemic. it does seem like cases have started to fall. deaths and hospitalizations are high but have started to decline. where are we, and is there any scary new variant out there that we've seen? >> no. i mean, interestingly enough, delta just dominates, especially in the world. so that's both good news and bad news. it's bad news in that we had a variant that became a quick
2:51 am
infectious kind of -- not to surprise us all, but to hamper us briefly. hospitalizations are the first sign. the decline is the first sign we're coming down in the surge, but it's not as quickly of a decline in previous surges due to regional outbreaks we've had in the united states. deaths are always the last indicator to fall. we'll be watching for that. again, hospitalizations down. we have definitely peaked with this delta wave. and in terms of future waves, i think we're all kind of crossing our fingers, cautious optimism is the theme of the year, and hoping this is the worst that is behind us and that future surges will become regional. >> let's hope so. doctor, thank you for being here. come back soon. earlier in the show we asked all of you, why are you awake? linda emails, i'm going to the albuquerque international baa lean fiesta this morning. 545 hot air balloons.
2:52 am
awesome. that does sound really come. i've never been in a hot air balloon, i don't think. christine is celebrating her sobriety day. anniversary of 34 years. well-done, christine. congratulations. maya blessed us with these lovely pictures from her leaf peeping trip in upstate new york. and lindsey is up because her pet squirrel got hungry? and now wants to play. pet squirrel. that's the first time ever on way too early. mark it down. up next, a look at the axios one big thing. coming up on "morning joe," more than a decade after leaving his command of u.s. forces in afghanistan, retired army general stanley mccrystal joins the conversation to discuss the situation there. plus more on the covid fight. a check in with the nation's top doctor, dr. vivek murthy. "morning joe" is just a few minutes away. ust a few minutes away
2:53 am
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joining us now with a look at axios a.m., alaina drain. what is the axios one big thing for this morning? >> good morning. happy friday. the one big thing for us today is about the deficit and the debt deal that mitch mcconnell and chuck schumer struck while it passed the senate last night and it looks like we're going to be averting a default by october 18th th which is obviously something to celebrate, but at the same time, a lot of people in both parties, democrats and republicans, are really dissatisfied with this deal, or unsatisfied with this deal, i should say. democrats, a lot of them wish they dealt with it more long-term since the deal only solves the debt problem for now. it's like a temporary band-aid that kicks the can down the road until early december.
2:57 am
and republicans are really fru rated with how mitch mcconnell handled this. they felt that he -- the party was really unified, heading into how they were going to be obstructing democrat's efforts to raise the debt limit, and they feel like he pulled the rug out from under them at the last minute. we saw this all really play out yesterday ahead of the vote. >> it certainly became a political game of chicken over something that could have catastrophic economic ramifications. the white house warned if the nation were do default, the global recession that it would trigger would probably be worse than 2008. let's hope -- >> bernie sanders withheld support from a joint statement condemning last week's protests against kyrsten sinema. we saw protesters follow her into a women's restroom. what more do you know about what
2:58 am
sanders was thinking here? >> i got leaked an email exchange. it was an email exchange between aides to senate democratic leadership, and essentially what had happened is they wanted to put together a joint statement condemning those protests, and in calling them inappropriate, and unacceptable. and ultimately so an aide to bernie sanders wrote back that they would be fine signing on to the joint statement if they made some changes that criticized essentially sinema's political views including prescription drug prices and her holding out on president biden's massive 33.5 trillion reconciliation package. the other senators said sorry, we're not going to accept the changes. and ultimately sanders' team said well, then please remove his name from the statement, and please remove senate leadership from the headline. and so you know, it's a back and
2:59 am
forth. i think it's a small kind of anecdote to what's really playing out in the broader party right now. what we're seeing between moderatings and progressives. it's how hostile the environment has become and how far apart people are. bernie sanders, a key symbol of progressives. a key leader there. and sinema, of course, being her and manchin the two hold outs on the bill. so a very interesting, i think, symbol of what's playing out on the larger scale right now. >> yeah. real divisions democrats need to figure out. one more, axios is looking at conservative groups trying to whip up opposition to biden's spending plan. what are they doing? >> they're leading with metascare adds as they're calling them. we've seen this be a useful tactic in the past, and it's something republicans are really leaning into to try and beat back his plan.
3:00 am
and the scares around health care and medicare benefits in particular potentially being weakened is something that's been effective. we're going to continue to see these ads play out over the next several months. democrats will try to hit back on their own and counter them. it's one area that republicans have found to be very tactful in fighting back against this package. >> thank you so much. have a great weekend. and thanks to all of you for getting up way too early on this friday morning and all week. "morning joe" starts right now. >> the republican senate needs new leadership. i've been saying it for a long time. mitch is not the guy. he's not the right guy. he's not doing the job. he gave them a lifeline. it's more than a lifeline. he gave them so much time now to figure out what to do, because they were at a real big bind. they wouldn't have been able to do anything. he had the weapon and he was unable to use it. >> we made a