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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  October 20, 2021 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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democrats are about to run into unified opposition on legislation to expand and protect voting right. as republicans keep shrugging off trump's dangerous election lies. plus the house's january 6th committee unanimously has a contempt report for ally steve bannon as the president stonewalls and we will speak with the committee about the political battle itself ahead. later today, the fda is steering a decision on mixing and matching the boosters. the white house goes public with its plan to prove vaccinations for kids age 5 to 11. to do that before the holidays. welcome to "meet the press." without a doubt, the biggest thing will be the steady erosion
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of our democracy by one political party. former president trump tightened his grip on the republican party. his lies have been embraced so fervently that republican leaders continue to remind us that they basically are shrugging this off. >> are you concerned at all, comfortable with your party embracing the former president who used his morally responsible attack? >> well, i do think we need to be talking about the future and not the past. i think the american people are focusing on this administration, what it's doing to the country and it's my hope that the '22 election will be a referendum on the performance of the current administration, not a rehash of suggestions about what may have happened in 2020. >> you know, unpack that quote in so many ways. he says he has no interest in
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helping the president govern the country. he says he hopes it's a referendum which he is foreshadowing how he plans on working fourr with the senate democrats for what it's worth. the other point is he can't bring himself to say utter or elude to the word trump. even though it has taken over his party. now in the next hour, senate democrats will advance voting rights, which some of the party argue you is a vital tool to combat. the former president's election lies which are trickling down to the state legislatures. >> across the country, the big lie has spread like a cancer. if there is anything worthy of the senate's attention, if there is any issue that merits debate on this floor, it's protecting our democracy from the forces that are trying to unravel it from from the inside out. >> now republicans will block this bill. via the debate, the filibuster.
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we will see fiery speeches from democrats today. then the focus will no cause back to biden's infrastructure plan. that is what's on the white house again do you, not voting right. the president is headed to scrantop this afternoon to talk about the agenda on the social and physical infrastructure. even as democrats are pairing down his bill. we're going to have the very latest on what's in and what's out. at least for the moment. that will come up later in the show. the awkward reality is that amid this erosion of democracy, president biden is struggling politically. his polar rating continues to slide, down to 37% in a couple national polls, one is quinnipiac, you may have scenttism scenttism, it's at 37% from grinnell and selzer.
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what is clear the campaign rally cry to save the soul of american democracy hasn't yet been the white house governing philosophy. if it was, you'd see a full court press from the president on issues like voting rights and protecting election officials from interference. but the other awkward political reality is that there is a noticeable lack of public alarm about the direction of our democracy and where it's headed. a remarkable nugget from that quinnipiac poll is there are more american who's say donald trump is protecting democracy than americans who say biden is doing a good job. monica alba is outside the white house. le yan caldwell is on capitol hill and with us political reporter holly otterbine that reports on politics but a perch further outside the beltway. monica, again, it's always easier to campaign than it is to govern. and being able to take democracy, trump, voting rights,
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climate change, income and equality and put it under the larger umbrella, the battle for the soul of america. that made a lot of. how to tackle each of these. some might argue they're existen the existential threat. we could pay a heavy price, it does present a challenge of what to focus on. obviously, the white house has been focused on the inside game, not the outside game. >> reporter: that's right, chuck. and they will tell you officials here that essentially they had to make very difficult decisions about where they put the president's outward and public energy and that has been on trying to enact this sweeping domestic agenda clearly has had issues over the summer getting off the ground. they feel they're making progress at the real cost potentially of spending time on issues like voting rights and behind the scenes, the white house will be very quick to tell you that the president has been
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hon the phone, that, of course, vice president kamala harris took in on her plate as one of her main issues. they've done things like double the civil rights division at the department of justice. there is all this outreach. of course, it's very different than what he has been spending the bulk of his time at the capitol trying to push the infrastructure traditional and human pieces of legislation. the white house will tell you because realistically, they want to try to put their energy behind something they they they can actually accomplish. in eting is all of that aside, in setting voting rights, i am told it will be about highlighting what they will portray as gop inaction, what is expected to be a failed vote. they will also not talk yet about the filibuster, of changing the senate rules, something they have been hesitant to do even though democrats, people within their own party, civil rights leaders who have been here at the white house have urged them to have this conversation. so there are things the white
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house doesn't want to go down a murky path on. again, we're talking two critical voices, kyrsten sinema and joe man. in. the conversations with them over the past two weeks have been 5b9 infrastructure, way less about voting rights. there is pressure on them to change that i am told that could happen as we head into the mid-terms, as we get closer to 2022. but the reality here is a political one where the president put most of his time and energy around things they think they can get past, chuck. >> the irony is the same two people that don't want to get rid of the filibuster for voting rights are the same two people they need to negotiate on the bigger bill. that's a one item at a time. i get that le anne caldwell, i want to put up a few bullet points in this bill that will be voted down today. if it was enacted, it would mandate automatic and same-day
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regstration. it would set a minimum for every state of two weeks of early voting, make election day a holiday, protect non-party officials from interference. set standard for how voter i.d. would work in different circumstances. lee anne, in your observation on the hymn, did voting right activists try to find ten republicans or did they go into this assuming they were never going to find them? >> senator joe manchin tried to find a compromise. this bill was retoday to get the support of for joe manchin. that's just have that voter i.d. requirements, including in the legislation and senator manchin has been saying all along he's not financial to support legislation that does not get bipartisan support. so he had been working extremely
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hard on finding republicans to vote for the legislation. it looks like he was unable to do so. we expect this vote to be a partisan vote today. now democratic leaders are saying, this is not a vote, not for bipartisanship, brew to show clarity, where the two parties stand on this issue and they think that, you know, of course, it falls far short of voting rights changes and appeasing the base but it does take the initial step for the first time they were united on this issue. chuck. >> holly, your base, you report out of pennsylvania, yet, you are reporting on what is happening in the political conversation. i want to point out a poll question that's a bit, might be a bit disturbing to those folks in d.c. alarmed about jean 6th. do you need more information about january 6th? 40% want to hear more.
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56% of folks told quinnipiac they know enough already and boy i would argue, we haven't actually gotten much at all? technically, there hasn't been more information and certainly in the public space and coverage of it, is this a lack of interest nit out there when you talked to voters? >> i mean here in pennsylvania, i am guessing a lot of those folks that said that are republicans. they feel as though they already know what has happened january 6th. here in the state, we have folks like state senator doug mastiano who would only become more popular as he's questioned the results of the election and tied himself closer to trump in that regard. republican candidates here for the governor's race and the senate race and likely candidates like doug mast
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mastriao. he was at the january 6th event. he said he left before things got bad but, nonetheless, it shows you that democrats thought they were going to be able to calm out lawn makers here in the state and make gains and they haven't. it's made more folks like him popular. >> i'm curious. the right is having a conversation about basically trying to memory hole january 6th and re-imagine what the meaning of it is, the conversation they are hearing from democrats is about their agenda and not about january 6th? >> look. today biden is going to come to scrantop, pennsylvania, he is going to be talking about his agenda. he is not talking about january 6th. he is trying to change the conversation and recast the agenda as a populist one it's
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been cast as a social spending bill. many think it has hurt him and his popularity dick durbin says democrats haven't done a good job. they need to change that in the closing pitch, so this is biden's closing pitch as he goes to scrantop for his agenda. it's going to be about the fact that he is going to argue that it's for working families as opposed to for wall street. it's tieing back to his campaign, one of his mannas was scranton versus park avenue. he is talking about that not about january 6th. >> monica, i want to pick up something holly just said about the dick durbin criticism, they haven't sold the president's agenda well enough. we talked about, have they leaned in hard enough with the public, in general. we know where the activists are, the elected officials are, does the white house acknowledge they've struggled here on
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messaging? >> i think it's a part of the challenge and something they pushed back open. i believe they can when they can make this messaging they believe very clear, but, obviously, just looking at the infrastructure agenda, we don't even know what's exactly going to be in it. out of it. when he makes those remarks, he has to walk a very fine line. that's something they are very aware of. just friday, he was talking all about the child tax credit and wanting to have it extended and talking about child care. he had to compromise on, free community college, that's something that has been in almost every joe biden speech as candidate and president in the last few years, first lady dr. jill biden talks about it all the time. now that looks to be stripped of it as well. that's a messaging perspective. one they would challenge by saying we're doing the best we k. again they point to polling that shows these proposals are
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pretty popular outside the beltway. chuck. >> they're popular but they're not. when you test them, when you tell people about them, they're not at the tip of their tongue. it hasn't become what they see all the time here, anyway. thank you all for getting us started. i want to bring in alex padilla, you spoke to president biden yesterday about voting rights. i argue the day you were sworn in, you have been on this issue. i don't think anybody can say you haven't been focused on this, you haven't been sounding the alarm. are you concerned in 2024 you will look back and say we should have done more? i don't have a good answer if i have a sense of urgency on this particularly if you have one party not accepting the premise. what is your concern about whether what should be the existential threat the democratic party needs to focus
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on right now? >> it's good being back. are you right, i have been ringing the alarm since i got here. my entire experience and service to california's secretary of state, where we have tried to show the way to follow the voter suppression model. we've seen if state after state where republicans control legislatures, frankly, a model that allows eligible voters easy and multiple opportunities to cull actually cast their ballot. i'm not worried about 2024, you have to get through 2022 first. so there is absolutely a sense of urgency because our rights to vote is under attack and statehouse after statehouse, it will have huge implications potentially in the interim elections that are practically upon us. i know that sense of urgency is shared with all of my colleagues, at least on the democratic side of the aisle, which is why we need to press the envelope here. >> all right. but what happens after today?
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we know the procedural hurdle is going to be you are elected. will you not clear it. then what? >> like you've heard me consistently throughout the year, chuck. if republican /* if republican colleagues can't do the right thing, we le have to re-visit these outdated rules in the senate. my colleague from maine put it yesterday, senator king, our democracy is more than any senate rule. so, all my republican colleagues up until now have been hypocritical saying we can't modernize our election laws. it has to be done on a bipartisan basis. they sit idly by. they complicit in the partisan attack in texas, georgia, i, what elsewhere. i call out the hypocrisy for
10:17 am
what it is. >> i saw the rules from angus king. he has been somebody that, he didn't start out with somebody that said scrap the filibuster. i know he is very cautious about that what are your conversations? have you had direct conversations with senators manchin and cinema on this specific carveout filibuster carveout for voting rights? >> we have been having direct conversations with manchin and sinema and all the colleagues throughout the course of the year on voting rights on immigration reform and climate initiatives and so much more. it's a product of being 50 as far as. look, i do think the democratic caucus is pretty united on building back better done. i think the democratic caucus, everybody agrees, it's unanimous, nothing is more fundament am than our right to vote and are we completely there yet on how to take that step forward?
10:18 am
we are getting there quickly. i think the next several weeks will be pretty tough. >> you know, senate republicans. we've watched them over the last two years. when trump sort of crazy statement u statements and irrational ideas about how the dras works is in their face, they get uncomfortable. over the last nine months, they have been able to compartmentalize trump. even as he in some ways has hardened the party on this issue, this is going to be a weird thing to say, do you think if donald trump were on social media every day there would be more urgency to do something about this? >> i think the urgency is absolutely there. trump is no longer in the oval office. thank god. but trump is alive and well and certainly palpable in the hallways of the senate each and every day. every committee, you know, one of the byproducts of a 50-50 senate is 50-50 committees, which makes getting things done
10:19 am
that much more difficult. there is a grind around here. but again, there is complete agreement nothing is more fundament am than our right to vote. republicans cannot have it both ways. we will have to get this done and just think about what we have to do next. simply restoring the senate. i feel the united states constitution, the philly buggser is nowhere in there. so this is simply doing what we have to do in the year 2021 to pay lou the senate to function better and get the work of the american people done. >> senator, i know you said you thought the urgency was there. i might argue your constituents if california, that may be true. they went through a recall. it's a little more front of mind i think for california. but what do you make of the fact that a majority of americans told a pollster that they've heard enough about about january 6th. that was a little uncomfortable
10:20 am
to read. >> you know i saw your private segments. i think it touches both ways. maybe there are so many republicans that will just follow trump without question. that lead to a big number of they already know enough already. but there is a whole heck of a lot of democrats who know all they need to know already to know donald trump and his enablers were absolutely responsible for the daily insurance in the nation's capital january 6th. we have to go through this process to hold people accountable. that we know. >> senator alex padilla, democrat from california. i'm in washington. i appreciate your perspective. >> say hi to my family. coming up, as former trump aid steve bannon moves closer to contempt of congress. the committee says a lot of other people are cooperating enough congresswoman joins me
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welcome back. it could soon be up to the justice department to decide whether to prosecute steve bannon. the full house is set to vote tomorrow after the january 6th committee voted unanimously. he has refused to cooperate. he hasn't been a white house committeeman in years. >> i want everyone to understand if you are thinking off filing path mr. bannon has gone down, are you on notice that this is what you will face. >> even if the justice
10:25 am
department does decide to prosecute ban knowledge, it does not guarantee his committee. he has sued white house documents related to january 6th. he could loads that lawsuit, it could slow things down. a member of the january 6th president, she served as an improechment manager and as everybody i think now knows has a lot of experience when it comes to three impeachment truls she has been involved with. congresswoman, i want to start with the issue of the delay tactics and you know in many ways, i know you expected this from the former president that there would be extra hurdles here. are you concerned that he could run out the clock by the end of next calendar year? >> i think that's his accident e intent. if you look at the complaint which i've done, it's baseless.
10:26 am
so i got to assume he is doing it for delayed purposes primarily. that would be consistent with his history when he was president. as a private citizen, he was known to engage in frivolous litigation to gum up the works. our mission is to make sure these frivolous complaints are dispensed with promptly. >> i know you are deciding who is getting subpoenas, this and that, knowing what the legal strategy is likely to be by some of these folks, are you considering expediting some of your asks in the next few weeks? basically, if you will file these lawsuits, let's hurry up, who will fight and find out who isn't and find out southeastern rather than later. you don't want to start a new court fate in april. >> it's interesting. as the chairman said last night,
10:27 am
bannon is the only one who has taken this posture. he's the only one -- >> is meadows cooperating? >> they are engaging with our lawyers. they don't want to go into the details. >> define the word engaging versus cooperating. yeah. >> let me say this, mark meadows was actually an employee of the white house unlike bannon, so he may have various claims. those need to be sorted through but he's a not saying i don't have to come in. the state of the law is you have a valid subpoena. you don't have to testify. let's say a fifth 5e78d claim. you can't say, i'm not coming in. make that claim. if you have a claim of another exemption why you don't have to tell the truth. you have to make that claim and
10:28 am
have the committee sort through it. do you still classify cash patel as engage under that definition? >> actually, there are discussion under way with the attorneys for many patel and mark meadows. as you know, we had a delay in serving dan scovino. that will come to a head later. we'll see. these individual have an obligation to the country to come in and say what happened they're trying to hide things i think is concerning to me and to many people who want to get to the bottom of this. find out the truth. >> i don't know if you saw this poll number. you heard me reference it twice, where a majority said they heard enough january 6th.
10:29 am
i want to ask you about jeffrey rosen. i know have you interviewed him. it's an alarm, story he kells e tells, is that a story the american public need to hear on camera at your committee hearing? >> i don't know yet. i will say this, we have learned a lot leading up to january 6th. we have not found out everything that there is to know and w our intent is to find out everything there is to know about what happened leading up to those events, who paid for it, what the intent was, also to make sure we take whatever steps necessary up to and including suggestions for legislation to prevent anything like this from ever happening again. >> look, since you have been so involved with impeachment inquiries, you know how they work. i'm curious. i understand that. everything you have learned so
10:30 am
far in this investigation i can't help but think back, imagine if we had the jeffrey rosen testimony in full at the impeachment trial. look, i know some people will say, oh, they still wouldn't have found more than seven votes. okay, it was slightly give i different on the republican side then. do you lament the sort of this you know you had speed versus thoroughness. now you have more it could be a morespell compelling case, could it not? >> it could, i have never found it helpful to engage in who-if-im. who knows, our job now is to find out everything there is to know about the events leading up to january 6th and take steps, including potential lejtslation to make sure that nothing like this happens again. that's what we're going to do. >> let me pause the issue then
10:31 am
this way. the quinnipiac poll where 56% said they have found out enough. are you concerned that what the former president was able to do to the mueller investigation. it was a one-sided. he was having a public attack on it and mueller was keeping his head, nose to the grindstone. are you keeping your nose to the grindstone, trying to get all the information. he is out there every day trying to delegit piez this committee. are you worried it's having a public opinion impact? >> certainly the president, former president, has his fans and supporters. people the old frayed, i'll believe it when i see it? well, for this cohort, it's i'll see it when i believe it. but i think that's not the case for most americans. we're doing our job. some of it is behind the scenes. some will be in public hearings. i think the first public hearing we had was compelling from what
10:32 am
we were told. we will have other public hearings. this is not just going to be a behind hef the-scenes effort. >> congresswoman zoe lofgren, democrat from california. i appreciate you coming on and sharing your perspective. >> thank you. news out of florida, authorities say they have found items that long to brian laundrie in a nature preserve. nbc news has learned a medical examiner has been call to the scene. he was engaged to gabby petito, whose remains were found last month in wyoming's grand teton park. we will give you as much information as soon as we can get it. we'll be right back. zblemplts
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to earn more points on the big-ticket purchase. she got the new fridge, fulfilled the orders, and with her extra points, she got new equipment that allowed her to expand her business by rolling out a new product. get the card built for business. by american express. . welcome back. president biden is going to scranton, pennsylvania, his hometown this afternoon tole is his build back better plan as we learn more is and isn't likely to make it into the final version of this social spending package democrats are trying to pass. according to two sources, president biden told progressive lawmakers during their meeting yesterday the cap for the bill is now just under $2 trillion versus the 3.5 trillion it started at. in a big reverse am for biden, the white house is cutting free community college from the political completely. this was an important thing to
10:37 am
the white house. to jill biden, he's cutting it as a way to say, everybody has to give something up in order to get agreement here. the child tax credit will be a single year around, if they can get republicans to pass an extension, paid family leave would be reduced to four weeks, it's not completely gone, there is some fear it will be totally out. a blow to combat climate change, it's still the biggest sort of gap in what we know about what's in this bill we are there ahead of the president's speech. last week in connecticut he started to hint he was about to pair back his ambition it was classic biden, he said, let me tell you about this college proposal which may or may not
10:38 am
get in. what is he going to campaign on today in scranton? >> reporter: well, chuck, it's interesting, you referred to that hartford event. i was paying close attention to the ad libs, one of the ones from the president is we will not get the 3.5 trillion. we will get what we can and fight for the rest next time. you put in that screen, you see a political strategy and negotiating strategy on the part of the president. the political strategy you see in the child tax credit. class believe is popular. they think that's something that's renewable. once you get it in, it will be hard for any subsequent congress to not review it each year. one they can campaign on moving forward. the community college to me was incredibly significant as you just indicated, because there are some elements of the build back agenda things biden warned
10:39 am
that are progressive causes. this is biden has been covering. he was here with then president obama had a community college, this is not just a biden priority, it's an idea that has bipartisan support. it was the idea from bill haslem, the former governor of tennessee, this is biden saying to democrats, we have to give a little. i am giving something important to me. yes, we'll try toified for it down the road. it's very clear when you schedule an event if scranton, this is the white house whether they want to admit it or not trying to get to the period. >> they are getting to a compromise on how much they'll spend and what they'll spend it on. are we further away on how they're going to pay for it? >> reporter: well, what the white house has been saying,
10:40 am
it's so interesting, everything is paid for. one of the questions is. >> how? >> the tax changes they are proposing very much is subject to a manchin veto. it's all paid for, you don't know what it is, maybe you overpay for it? maybe you can make tax changes that save money. this is something when they know what the number is they will make the changes accordingly, not much more than that. >> the weirdest talking point is when they say, this doesn't cost anything. that's probably not the best way to word it. exactly. on the beat if scrantop, pennsylvania, thank you. coming up, the white house just released a new plan to get kids vaccinated. we will have the details ahead. you are watching "meet the press daily." e watching "meet the pres daily. ensuring food arrives as fresh as when it departs... being first on the scene when every second counts... or teaching biology without a lab.
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we have an update to the breaking news we brought to you minutes ago in the search for
10:44 am
brian laundrie. a senior law enforcement told nbc news what appears to be human remains in that florida nature reserve, where they had found brian laundrie's belongings, it's not clear if those are laund reese, there is a medical testing there. those remains have been found and they had been under water for what it's worth. as we said earlier, laundrie had been missing for more than a month. he was engaged to gabby petito. an arrest warrant was issued for laundrie. that's when he went missing. we'll bring you more information as soon as we get it. we'll be right back. re infmaortn as soon as we get it we'll be right back. so you have diabetes, here are some easy rules...
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start here. walgreens makes it easy to stay protected wherever you go. schedule your free flu shot and covid-19 vaccine today. welcome back. the white house announced this morning that they have a plan to vaccinate children under 11 just, under 12, excuse me, just in time for the holidays. the administration says it purchased enough pfizer shots between the ages of 5 and 11 that will become eligible once they approve it for emergency use. that approval could come as early as november, in a couple of weeks. once it does, the white house says it will partner with the children's hospital association and thousands the of pediatrician and pharmacies to fet them in young arms nationwide as they show signs of progress. while cases are down to under 80
10:49 am
thousand new cases per day, there are tens of millions of americans unvaccinated. they're one of the last cohorts to become eligible for the shot. vaccinateing them quickly, we've seen some evidence in canada and the northeast, there is a little bit of an uptick. the advancing health equity dr. j. blackstock. i want to talk about that on the state of the pandemic. i saw a stat in permit, the most vaccinated stat in the country, that has seam seen some up tick. that i saw said this could be the beginning of a tern that the colder months will bring a bit
10:50 am
of an uptick. is that your sense? >> that is my sense. the delta variant is highly contagiousp we need to essentially vaccinate many, many more people, even though vermont has the the country, it's still not enough to blunt the uptick. and so what we really need to do is, in addition to encouraging more vaccinations, is that people need to understand that those other mitigation strategies, those layers of strategies, masking, physical distancing, ventilation, that's also still going to be really important especially as we head into the cold weather. >> all right, doctor, give your advice to the white house on how to convince parents to do this. i'm going to be very curious if we're going to see resistance fall along party lines among this group of parents with kids 5 to 11 or whether you think a public information campaign can uptick it.
10:51 am
>> well, i do think that their plan is heading in the right direction. i think they are hitting the major points. directing it towards pediatrician offices, family medicine, schools, areas where we know there are already trusted messengers. i do kind of feel like we're behind. we should have really been supporting private physician offices, other health care professionals to engage in that public health messaging with parents for this whole past year. and i think what we've seen in terms polling, kaiser family foundation has done some excellent polling showing that, very similar to 12 to 15-year-olds and adults, and adults, a third of parents are saying they'll give their children the vaccine right away, a third will be wait and see, and the other 25 to 33% are saying definitely no. that's the challenge we're facing right now. >> my producers are very happy
10:52 am
with you, we actually had that poll graphic ready to go, you did it without me bringing it up, well-done on that. it's funny you bring that up, because i remember early in the pandemic, we all use our own personal anecdotes, my mother complaining her doctor's office didn't have shots to give her. it sounds like had you believe had we gone with the strategy where people could have gone to their own doctor and gotten that vaccination immediately after their questions were answered, that we might have mitigated some of this hesithesitancy. >> yeah, that was a huge misstep, to focus on hospitals and pharmacies and not private physician offices. even the american medical association, the oldest association of physicians, had been beginning since the beginning of the vaccine rollout to put vaccines in the hands of physicians and nurse practitioners and people who know their patients well and
10:53 am
have that relationship already. most people -- not most, but many people are not excited about going to a hospital to get a vaccine but would be more willing to go to their own primary physician to do so. >> i have a friend who carps at me on this all the time, that on coronavirus deaths, there's not enough reporting on essentially the demographics of the dead on covid. what is -- do you feel like we know enough of that information? is it just something that we've had a hard time getting our arms around? why is that somewhat difficult to get? >> no, i think that data is incredibly important. but it really is up to local and state departments of health to report that. we need to make sure, there needs to be accountability to the cdc to report that information. but definitely that information is incredibly important and
10:54 am
should help to inform policy. >> i was thinking about what you do in health equity. early on, when we know some people didn't have easy access to health care, were more likely to get the virus and die from it. >> absolutely, we need that data. if you don't have that data, how are we going to form policy and interventions and target the groups that need to be targeted? >> dr. blackstock, we appreciate you coming on and sharing your expertise as always. coming up, new developments from haiti where the gang holding american missionaries is demanding millions in ransom. we're live in port-au-prince. you're watching "meet the press daily." [suitcase closing] [gusts of wind] [ding] (man 1) oh, this looks like we're in a screen saver. (man 2) yeah, but we need to go higher.
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10:58 am
these missionaries are innocent victims here. according to haiti's justice minister, first reported by "the wall street journal," these kidnappers, a notorious gang in port-au-prince, have demanded the equivalent of $1 million for every one of the 17 hostages. gabe, what do you hear and how possible is it that somebody or some entity does pay this ransom? >> reporter: hey there, chuck. that is the big question right now. obviously haiti's cash-strapped government will be in no position to help pay this ransom. it's unclear exactly how negotiations are progressing. but i can tell you here on the ground, chuck, there is an extremely tense atmosphere here because of this rash of kidnappings that's only really escalated over the past several months since the assassination of haiti's president. we spoke with one missionary coming back into the country from florida who says these
10:59 am
kidnappings are no surprise to him. he says he's been attacked at gunpoint before and had to give up money. he runs an orphanage in the city. this is really incredible, what they're having to deal with in this country. the gang, residents say, has ramped up their efforts since january. ngos say kidnappings have risen 300% here in this country over the last several months. but this is an ongoing situation, chuck. and a lot of questions about how these missionaries will be returned. and really it's unclear where they are. we just communicated with the justice minister who says generally this gang often keeps its hostages in the same area where they were abducted. but at this point it's unclear where they might be, chuck. >> you wonder what kind of
11:00 am
pressure the biden administration will be under, if the haitian government asks for law enforcement help, we know there's some fbi presence there. this will become potentially a pretty complicated national security challenge for the biden administration. gabe gutierrez on the ground for us, please stay safe, gabe. we'll be back tomorrow with more "meet the press daily." if it's wednesday, it means a brand-new episode of the chuck todd cast. jackie coombs and olivier knox in a fascinating conversation on whether we're compartmentalizing donald trump too much. msnbc coverage continues with geoff benefit heft. good to be with you. i'm geoff bennett. breaking news out of florida, items belonging to brian laundrie may have been found in a park according to an attorney for the laundrie .


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