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tv   Craig Melvin Reports  MSNBC  October 22, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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history being rewritten. we have a living example sitting right in front of us of how history can very quickly be written by the losers, and mistold, deliberately mistold. so that people can feel better about their participation in some event. >> yep. those who cannot remember the past are, indeed, condemned to relive it. thank you so much for being with me this morning. and thank you for what you've done. be sure to catch "civil war" this sunday at 10:00 p.m. eastern, 7:00 p.m. pacific on msnbc. that wraps up this hour for me. i'll see you tomorrow on nbc nightly news saturday. check your local listings. please follow the show online. craig melvin picks up with more news right now.
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a good friday morning to you. craig melvin here getting ready for a busy hour. hollywood tragedy. officials say actor and producer alec baldwin fired a prop gun and killed one movie crew member and injured another. what authorities are learning this morning about how all of it went down. and any second now the white house covid-19 response people will be holding a briefing. the briefing comes at the start of a new chapter in our pandemic fight. we now have three booster vaccine options, and we also have new guidance to follow on those boosters. covid protocols are still a flash point in parts of the country. we're on the ground in texas where the governor and the dallas mavericks are facing off over covid requirements for fans. also this hour, president bide en's economic agenda is back in the spotlight. the president pulling back the
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curtain, giving an inside look at the negotiations over his party's spending bill. you can sense the urgency with the president holding a breakfast meeting this morning with speaker pelosi and majority leader schumer. right now democrats seem to be all over the map about what should be in the bill? will we get a deal? what will the deal look like? in a few moments i'll talk to jim clyburn, the third ranking doctors in the house about where talks stand at this hour. and that is where we are going to start on this friday morning. some new details on the president's build back better plan. and it's all coming straight from president biden himself. >> i probably spent -- well, well over 100 hours. >> are you close to a deal? >> i think so. i was a senator for 307 years, and i was never -- i was relatively good at putting together bills. >> the clean electricity
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performance program has been dropped from the spending bill. but the concession has been agreed to for senator manchin. is that true? >> nothing has been formally agreed to. >> the question was on community colleges which was a big campaign promise that you made. you talked about that a lot. >> and i'm going to get it done. and if i don't, i'll be sleeping alone for a long time. >> joe manchin wants a work requirement with your enhanced tax credit for kids. is that something you would support? >> no. here's the deal. all these people are working anyway. >> i'm willing to make sure we pay for things with people making less than $400,000 not paying a single cent. >> president biden, lots of jokes agts the town hall last
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night. kelly and ali. kelly, let's start with you. we heard a lot. that's the tip of the iceberg for what president biden addressed at the town hall. what are the major signals he's sending right now about his agenda and the white house's priorities themselves? >> in some ways it was the tone of the president. humor, optimism coming through. some reality about the limitations of what his own influence and power can do to shape this when you have just 50 democrats who are in the senate. so that reality is there. we expect that there will be difficulty with the issue that he had said would be a part of the plan, and that is raising taxes on corporations and wealthier americans. he made clear that the arizona senator kyrsten sinema is opposed to raising the rates on corporations and high earning individuals. that presents a challenge to the
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financing of the package. the issue of community college being free. the president saying that he could try to get that done at a later time. but that would be a piece that is a big chunk of what he promised. hanging on instead to on the front end of one's education, the universal pre-k remaining in the bill. the president pointed out it's not all baked in yet. the president has an important personal deadline coming, and that's his trip overseas which is come where that will include not being on the global stage but the climate conference that he's heading to. will they make it in time? there are some who don't believe that is likely. others who think they can maybe use the pressure of that calendar and the reputation of the united states as the president would describe it, for a bit of leverage to try to get things done. it seems hard to imagine that's going to happen yet, but we'll see. we know that this morning the house speaker was here at the white house having breakfast
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with the president. leader schumer joined via zoom. now that we can all zoom in, dial in face time in from other places, so they could have an update on where things stand. so there are some key developments, and i think one of the most interesting things about the town hall is that when we've been talking to white house advisers about this, no one wanting to negotiate in public. okay. sure, we understand that. but the president did give us more detail than we had really had before. and from a more comprehensive point of view. and that was helpful to know where things stand today. >> all right. let's talk about where things stand with lawmakers, kelly o. ali you've been chasing down lawmakers for any nugget on spending bill negotiations. president biden just spilled a good amount of beans himself. what is the state of play on the hill right now? >> yeah. we get our steps in here on capitol hill, craig. and we're probably still going to be doing that.
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because when president biden says there are four or five things that are still left to be worked out, those could be pretty big four or five things. it has felt like there's more momentum behind the negotiations over the last few days than at any point in the last few weeks or months. at the same time, there is a little bit of a feeling of whack a mole throughout the negotiations. just when you think something is settled, something else pops up that needs to be solved. i'm thinking specifically this week of kyrsten sinema's opposition to raising taxes on corporations and the wealthy. certainly that's been a center point for democrats both on the campaign trail and certainly now that they're here in washington. atop both houses of congress and the white house. that's a problem now that's in need of a solve, especially when you look at how to pay for this. speaker pelosi arriving back here, reiterated after her breakfast, that this has been paid for up to 3.5 trillion. of course, the cost of the package has come down to the 1.75 or $1.9 trillion range. that's significantly down.
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what we heard from the president last night were some of the things that have fallen out of the bill and some things kept in. kelly o. mentioned universal pre-k. the child tax credit. those things are being thought about right now. we're working in frameworks here. when you talk about people saying could we have a deal by tend of today which seems unlikely, could they have a deal by next week, they're not talking about the nuts and bolts written line by line in legislation. they're talking about getting a framework together that would allow the house to move forward on the bipartisan infrastructure bill that sort of is just sitting here waiting for a deal to be struck on the larger social spending bill. i do think the thing that was notable in terms of what is in and out of the bill in terms of what's out, we're starting to see the president in realtime lay out some other things that can be done instead. specifically, i'm thinking about on free community college, that's off the table right now. but he did make a point to say yesterday that he's going to increase pell grants.
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that won't get you all the way to what free community college would have done, but it will help, and thinking about things like medicare expansion. this was really important to bernie sanders. adding dental, vision and hearing to medicare. instead, what we heard from president biden last night is that maybe there's going to be something like an 8 $00 voucher for dental coverage proposed instead of touching medicare. we're starting to see alternatives play out here as well. as someone who spends their time running back and forth between the halls on capitol hill, the number of times that we have heard the name joe manching and kyrsten sinema at the town hall with the president of the united states, he jokes about the fact that in a senate that's this tight, everyone can be a president, but it just goes to show we're going to keep running back and forth. clearly those senators are lynch pins as we wait to see if a deal can be struck. >> all right. ali on the hill, kelly at the white house. a big thanks to both of you. we'll go back to the hill in just a moment for conversation
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with congressman jim clyburn. first, we continue to follow the breaking news out of new mexico. authorities sharing more details about a horrific accident. it would seem to be an accident at this point. on the set of alec baldwin's latest film. the santa fe officers say baldwin discharged a prop gun. while he was discharging it, something went wrong. one person was killed. another person was hurt. steve patterson has been following this story. steve, walk us through the latest developments. >> reporter: there's still so much to uncover, specifically when there should be such strict protocols and regulations on a set like this. production is being shut down. this is being investigated as a horrible accident. here's what we know. listen to this. >> in these photos, a distraught
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alec baldwin reportedly in tears hours after the deadly accident on the set of his new movie. authorities say he fired a prop gun during a see killing one crew member and injuring another. the film's director of photography was air lifted to an area hospital where she was pronounced dead. days ago she posted this video writing one of the perks of shooting a western is you get to ride horses on your days off. another director was shot and hospitalized for his injuries. sheriff's deputies were called to the movie set thursday afternoon. >> bonanza creek road be advised. two people have been accidentally shot. >> a spokesperson for baldwin described the shooting as an accident that involved the misfire of a prop gun with blanks. detectives are looking at what kind of projectile came out of the weapon. authorities say the investigation is open and active. the deadly incident happened at
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bonanza creek ranch, a location in new mexico used for filming movies and tv shows. an actor was working on another set. >> they said there was a live gun discharge. fatal accidents involving prop weapons have happened before. the most high profile in 1993. the son of bruce lee died during filming of "the crow" after he was shot by a prop gun. a hollywood weapons expert says since that time the industry has put strict new protocols in place. >> the questions that i would always ask is were the safety guidelines of our industry followed? blanks are not designed to do what the final outcome of this was. we need to investigate and find out what went wrong. >> baldwin is not only the star of rust but also one of the producers. while filming in new mexico this month cast and crew members shared scenes from the set on
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social media and thursday morning just hours before the accident, baldwin posting this photo with a caption, back to in person at the office. >> again, you heard what happened there to brandon lee in '93. you heard from the prop expert. there should be more safety protocols in place here including, of course, no live ammunition anywhere near something like that. there should be a master of props, an armor to check on the gun and explain it to the cast and crew to load the blanks in. and then in a scene like that, they usually have shielding. how this happened i think is something that's going to be the source of this investigation focusing on the prop that was used as this continues. craig? >> steve, during the course of your reporting there, word coming into nbc news that the director, joel susa has been released from the hospital. again, that director injured during the shooting. the director apparently out of the hospital just moments ago. steve, thank you. the cdc just recommended
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booster shots for millions of more people who got those moderna and johnson & johnson vaccines. we're listening closely to the white house covid team briefing as we speak. we'll bring you any updates as they warrant. also coming up, we'll dig into how quickly folks could get the booster shots with our doctor on stand by. first, though, i'll talk to house majority whip jim clyburn about the latest on the negotiations on a spending bill. the fight for voting rights, and a big warning he gave president biden. ident biden.
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we had a positive meeting this morning. >> is it something you feel is within reach? >> are you on the home stretch? you said yesterday -- >> are you getting sinema and manchin on board on this? do you feel like a deal is close? >> i think it's very possible. >> all right. speaker nancy pelosi just a few moments ago. those ongoing negotiations within the democratic party about president biden's build back better agenda and the spending plan. i want to bring in democratic congressman jim clyburn of south carolina. he is the house majority whip. and congressman, we heard president biden on thursday night talk about some of the issues in flux in the spending bill including tuition free community college, clean energy.
8:19 am
what is the must have funding in this bill for you? what cannot be cut? >> well, thank you very much for having me, craig. there's nothing that i don't think can be cut. i've been saying and i'm pleased to see that people are beginning to understand the wisdom of not worrying about these ten-year budgets. these numbers that we have been belaboring for months now are ten-year numbers. and some of the things that we need to do need to be done immediately and may not need to be done for the long-term. so i'm all for seeing a softening of the time in many of these efforts rather than eliminating a whole lot of them. now, i know that some people have been saying let's go fewer things and do them well. well, let's be careful how we
8:20 am
make for fewer things. when it comes to children and families, we may need to do a lot now up front in order to keep a problem from being there later on. and do a good job in two or three years with some of the programs. then they will not be needed five, six, seven years out into the future. so that's where my concentration has been for a long time now. and i think that those kinds of discussions are taking place and are taking hold. >> congressman, at one point several months ago there was talk of a six trillion human infrastructure bill. then it was about half that price tag. now we're talking about less than $2 trillion. what happened? >> well, people are ruminating for a long time. i don't think that anyone ever thought that after doing the
8:21 am
rescue plan of over a trillion dollars that we would come back with a $6 trillion program. the question is how do you pay for that? because we're committed. democrats are committed to paying for what we do. we saw the republicans do another $2 trillion tax cut and pass it onto our children and grandchildren to pay for it sometime in the future. that's not our philosophy. our philosophy is let's do what we need to do, but let's pay for it. there's no way to pay for a $6 trillion program and you may recall, i questioned as to whether or not 3.5 trillion could be paid for. in fact, i said at the time, that i thought that somewhere between 1.5 and 3.5 we'll be able to find a sweet spot. and that, it seems to be what's taken place now.
8:22 am
we're all close to finding the sweet spot. it will be between those two numbers. >> with regards to how you pay for it, i'm glad you brought that up. you have folks like yrsten sinema who said she does not want to raise taxes on corporations or wealthy individuals. senator joe manchin continues to spend a fair apt of time talking about what perhaps should not be in the plan. do you think that senator sinema and senator manchin have come to wield too much power in our nation's policy making? >> well, let's just say that what they do is reflect the diversity of our caucus. senator manchin represents west virginia which is coal country. kyrsten sinema is from arizona, and she believes that coal is something that wshd be moving away from. she wants to do something about
8:23 am
the climate, and she knows that the future rests in renewables and other things that may not be where senator manchin is. that's what the democratic party is about. it's not just left and right. it's a lot between. so we have to try to reconcile those differences, and we do a pretty good job of it. the only thing that we get a lot of flak for is that we do it out in the open. it is transparent. we aren't in there secretly to operate in a darkroom somewhere. we're having these discussions out in the open so that the american people can take stock of what we're trying to do. that's why i think it's very important for us to talk about what it is we're trying to get accomplished rather than what the price tag might be, because that price tag will be affected by whether or not it's ten years or three years of or something
8:24 am
inbetween. >> we watched republicans tank senator manchin's, his federal voting rights bill in the senate. obviously putting new attention on the filibuster. you've called on president biden to create a carveout filibuster on voting rights. this is what the president said about it at the town hall on thursday night. >> if, in fact, i get myself into at this moment the debate on the filibuster, i lose at least three votes right now to get what i have to get done on the economic side of the equation. i also think we're going to have to move to the point where we fundamentally ator the filibuster. >> when it comes to voting rights, you would entertain the notion of doing away with the filibuster on that one issue? is that correct? >> and maybe more. >> again, the president cautious not to say anything to upset the
8:25 am
negotiations on spending and infrastructure. do you believe changes of the fill -- >> i'm hopeful it will happen. for six, eight, maybe even nine months now i have been talking about this so-called carveout. what i have said, that the term reconciliation that we apply to budget issues, you know, that the they get around the filibuster is a much more apt term to be applied to constitutional issues like voting. so reconciliation is good for the budget. and i think it's also very good for constitutional issues as well. i'm pleased to hear the president say what he did say. i haver in called for eliminating the filibuster altogether. i would like to see it eliminated, but i've never called for it.
8:26 am
>> why haven't you called for it if you'd like to see it eliminated? >> simply because i think there's a case to be made for having issues discussed long enough for people to gather support for their positions. and that's why i would love to see the filibuster go back to what it used to be. where whoever feels strongly about their issues, go to the floor. stand on the floor. and admit your case. don't sit downtown in a spa somewhere and phone in an objection. if you can stand on the floor for 25 hours dwlark gives you time to gather support for your position, but if you don't get the support in that period of time, then the issue moves forward. so that's what i think should be applied to the filibuster if we should have it. so that would not be eliminating
8:27 am
the law altogether but putting the owness on the back of the person who feels strongly about the position. today you telephone in. sit in a spa or at a bar and never have to go to the floor, and you stop people's constitutional rights most especially the press's right of voting. >> congressman jim clyburn, it's always a pleasure. i'll admit to you i have not seen this backdrop before. where are you? i like the busts behind you. >> thank you very much. i'm in my office. that's the busts over my right shoulder of linden johnson and thurgood marshall. on my left, wb the boys and our home girl, maya mccloud -- >> i like it. thanks as always. >> thank you. right now we're keeping a close eye on the white house. the covid response team holding a briefing hours after the cdc authorized boosters for millions more people.
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this is really great news, because we now have a booster plan for all three of our covid-19 vaccines. >> so who qualifies? and will everyone eventually be able to get a booster? those details next. xt riders, the lone wolves of the great highway. all they need is a bike and a full tank of gas. their only friend? the open road. i have friends. [ chuckles ] well, he may have friends, but he rides alone. that's jeremy, right there! we're literally riding together. he gets touchy when you talk about his lack of friends. can you help me out here? no matter why you ride, progressive has you covered with protection starting at $79 a year. well, we're new friends. to be fair. eh, still. if you're 55 and up, t- mobile has plans built just for you. whether you need a single line or lines for family members, you'll get great value on america's most reliable 5g network. like 2 lines of unlimited for just $27.50 a line. only at t-mobile.
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for moderna and the johnson & johnson vaccines. the cdc also endorsed a mix and match approach to the vaccine boosters. this is what a white house covid response coordinator had to say about all of it a few moments ago. >> more than 120 million americans will become eligible for a booster in the coming months. that's two out of three fully vaccinated adults in the u.s. >> nbc's morgan chesky is at the american airlines center where the dallas mavericks play in texas. i also want to bring in dr. john wright. he is web m.d.'s chief medical officer and a practicing physician. dr. white, let's start with you. what do you make of expanding the eligibility of booster shots and allowing the mixing and matching of those boosters? >> it's great to be with you, craig. this is the right decision at the right time. we have to remember, even though we're seeing improvement in terms of the number of cases,
8:33 am
we're still getting roughly 70,000 cases a day, more than 1,000 deaths a day. so we have to protect our population. and i think boosters are a way to do that. we know we have waning immunity as we get older. and we know that the vaccines are not 100% effective to begin with. so giving that extra boost of immunity is going to go a long way in quashing the pandemic. >> can you explain for our viewers and listeners on sirius satellite radio why mixing and matching vaccines, why it could be helpful? >> yeah. i think the mix and match approach is particularly relevant for the johnson & johnson vaccine. so remember, that was a one-shot regimen, and to begin with, it was about 70% effective. it was a different type of virus in terms of the vector called
8:34 am
anned a know virus as opposed to an mrna type of vaccine. what we saw is that over time immunity waned. so if you got johnson & johnson, and i gave you the johnson & johnson booster, you might have four times increase in your immunity. but if i gave you pfizer, you'd have 35 times increase. moderna, 76 times the number of antibodies that you'd get with the johnson & johnson booster. so that makes a lot of sense that you might want to switch to a different vaccine. if you got pfizer or moderna, i got moderna, i'm going to stick with moderna. that's what i would recommend you stick with what you originally got, particularly was moderna is actually half the strength, half the dose for the booster. >> i didn't know that. morgan, let me turn to you for a moment in texas. nba season just kicked off. that means you have packed arenas across the country now
8:35 am
covid protocols remain somewhat in place despite the pushback from governor abbott there. take us through what that means in dallas at the arena. >> reporter: yeah. craig, it means that the mavericks being a bit more proactive than the majority of teams in the nba. they are one of about a dozen teams league-wide that are requiring fans in they show up to catch a game to either have that vaccination card ready or if you are unvaccinated, show proof of a negative test within the past 48 hours before you can go inside and catch the game. mark cuban standing very firm behind that. and important to note that dallas mavericks and the oklahoma city thunder are just a couple teams in the league that have rules like that in place without a local mandate in effect. essentially taking it upon themselves to keep these rules going forward when it comes to covid-19 protocols. on the flip side with the players, we have seen the
8:36 am
majority of nba players get vaccinated. one big name who is not getting vaccinated is kyrie irving who is specially sacrificing about half of more than his $30 million salary to not get vaccinated. no timetable on when or if he will get the shots necessary for the team to allow him to play. but here's some feedback on his choice from michael smith. take a listen. >> kyrie irving is already a martyr to people who think like him. kyrie irving is already being worships in a lot of corners. okay? so -- >> okay. >> he's made his point. he's made his point already. so in the event -- >> kyrie irving reverses -- >> right. in the event that he reverses field and decides to get vaccinated in order to be there for his team, i don't think anybody would begrudge him.
8:37 am
>> reporter: and we've also heard from former nba greats magic johnson, charles barkley, saying that he needs to realize that this is about helping other people, protecting others, and not necessarily himself here as well. meanwhile irving said this is a personal matter. he's asking people to not pry into it as of right now. craig? >> yeah. well, it is striking that a lot of the folks who are celebrating kyrie's decision to not get vaccinated were not celebrating him on matters of social justice nearly a year ago. doctor, we should mention you have a book out. the book is titled "take control of your cancer risk". that book out right now from dr. whytte. steve bannon could face criminal prosecution after the house voted to told him in
8:38 am
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but when we realized she was battling sensitive skin, we switched to tide hygienic clean free. it's gentle on her skin, and out cleans our old free detergent. tide hygienic clean free. hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin. we continue to follow that breaking news out of new mexico. actor alec baldwin firing a prop gun there and killing a member of the crew, and wounding the director of a movie he was filming there in new mexico. the actor just tweeting a few moments ago there are two tweets. i'll read them both in their entirety. there are no words to convey any shock and sadness regarding the tragic accident that took the life of halyna hutchins, a wife, mother, deeply admired colleague of ours.
8:43 am
i'm fully cooperating with the police investigation to address how this occurred. i am in touch with her husband offering my support to him and his family. my heart is broken for her husband, their son, and all who knew and loved halyna. again, that tweet a short time ago from alec baldwin. meanwhile this morning, it's up to the justice department to decide if steve bannon is going to be facing criminal charges for refusing to comply with the house committee and investigating the deadly january 6th insurrection. thursday evening the house voted to hold the former trump adviser in contempt of congress. that vote included a referral to the doj for criminal prosecution. nine republicans joined democrats to pass it. not clear at this point when the doj will make its decision. meanwhile, today marks the deadline for more subpoenas from that committee. nbc's garrett haake following this story on capitol hill for
8:44 am
us. garrett, take us through the next steps for this committee. >> well, there's a couple things that are going to happen simultaneously. we're waiting to see what the justice department decides to do with this referral on steve bannon. the committee is pressing ahead. there are two subpoena deadlines for testimony and documents that are due to come up today. the committee isn't commenting yet on whether they expect those deadlines to be met. these are for folks involved in planning of the rally held on january 6th down at the ellipse. notably the two people whose subpoena deadlines are up today were not publicly claiming to fall under former president trump's executive privilege claim, so they don't even have the same protection flimsy, though it may be legally that steve bannon put forward. there's also a bunch of subpoena deadlines at the end of next week. one of the reasons that members of the committee and democrats and congress wanted to push ahead as quickly as they did with this contempt referral for steve bannon was to send a
8:45 am
message to everyone else who subpoenas from the committee that they expect them to be followed. they will follow up. they will purr see people whose system they sought. we'll know by the end of today whether the folks involved in the rally planning responded to the subpoenas and we'll know quickly next week whether the contempt referral had the desired effect of essentially scaring straight other potential witnesses for this committee. >> garrett haake on the hill for us on this friday morning. thank you, buddy. appreciate you. the leader of a notorious gang in haiti made new threats against the 17 kidnapped missionaries. the new demands and the growing violence on the ground there, next. xt
8:46 am
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8:50 am
origin of the people who live in those communities. redlining has its roots and programs that were designed to make home ownership widely available for the american people, but that purposely excluded minority neighborhoods from accessing purposely excluded minority neighborhoods from accessing those benefits. much has changed since the federal government engaged in depression era redlining but zrim father practices by financial institutions still exists. unfortunately, redlining remains a persistent form of discrimination that harmed communities. lending discrimination runs counter to fundamental promises of our economic system. when people are denied simply because of race or national origin, their ability to share in our nation's prosperity is all but eliminated. we are here today to announce
8:51 am
that the justice department has launched an initiative to combat modern redlining. along with our partners at the consumer financial protection bureau and the office of the comptroller of the currency, we are also announcing our first settlement under the initiative. and our second redlining settlement in the last two months. redlining contributed to the large racial wealth gap that exists in this country. the practice made it an extremely difficult for people of color to accumulate wealth for the purchase, refinancing or repair of their homes. that discrepancy in wealth is clearly reflected in current home ownership rates. today, a white family is 30% more likely to own a home than a black family. this present day gap in home ownership rates is larger than it was in 1960. when lending institutions denied
8:52 am
or avoid providing loans to minority communities because of the racial or ethnic demographics in the relevant neighborhoods they contributed to these inequities. such lending practices also violate federal law. the justice department has authority to investigate and file fair lending lawsuits under the fair housing act and the equal credit opportunity act. these laws prohibit lenders from discriminating against customers on the basis of certain protected characteristics like race, religion, age, sex and others. today, we are committing ourselves for addressing modern day redlining by making far more robust use of our fair lending authorities. through the justice department's combatting redlining initiative, the civil rights division will partner with the u.s. attorney's
8:53 am
offices. they will mobilize resources focused on making fair access to credit a reality in underserved neighborhoods across our country. initiative represents the department's most aggressive and coordinated effort to address redlining. it will seek to address fair lending concerns on a broader geographic scale than the justice department has ever done before. the initiative will draw on and strengthen the department's existing partnership with the consumer financial protection bureau and with the financial regulatory agencies like the lcc. our work will be informed by strong outreach to consumer advocates, industry stakeholders state attorneys general and other agencies. together, we will proactively seek to determine if lend can go institutions are engaged in redlining, and when fair lending violations are discovered, the justice department will act.
8:54 am
we are wasting no time getting to work. the civil rights division currently has several open redlining investigations, and through partnerships with u.s. attorneys' office, the department expects to open more in the months ahead. and our efforts are already producing results. today, we are pleased to announce our first settlement under the initiative. and our second settlement in less than two months. the several rights division, working with the u.s. attorney's office for the western district of tennessee, the consumer financial agent bureau, and the office of the comptroller of the currency has reached a settlement with trust mark national bank. the agreement resolves allegations that trustmark engaged in lending discrimination by redlining predominantly black and hispanic
8:55 am
neighborhoods in memphis, ten. we commend trustmark for its cooperation and swiftly resolving this matter. through the settlement, trustmark has shown truth in lending and promoting equal access to credit. we recognize that our initiative alone will not erase the full legacy of discrimination. but we will spare no resource to ensure that federal fair lending laws are vigorously enforced. and that financial institutions provide equal opportunity for every american to obtain credit. to that end, you can expect more cases like the one we are now seeing today. i will now turn the podium over to assistant attorney general clark to provide more information about the settlement with trustmark. >> okay. there you have it, attorney general merrick garland there,
8:56 am
announcing that he is going to be harnessing the power, marshaling the resources there, doj, to combat redlining all over this country. and also lending discrimination as well. that announcement coming from the attorney general. let me turn now to trumaine lee, a friend and colleague here at msnbc but has posted wildly popular podcast and has done the practice and study of redlining. for how prevalent redlining was and still is, brings up to speed on that. >> craig, thank you for having me. when you consider the racial wealth gap, extraordinary by every standard, with discrimination that puts black and white folks apart.
8:57 am
but redlining drawing a red line around black communities. essentially said these communities aren't worth investigating. homes were devalued. black folks could not purchase homes with those federally backed loans. as we know in america, home ownership is not a driver of wealth. it is the wealth. every step of the way, the federal government was complicit in this. what will we're hearing from merrick garland, policy is what we needed to do do this. it's not just the wealth alone, right? the community you that live in there determine the access you have to hospitals, quality of health care, the quality. schools, the actual air that you breathe. black communities are often surrounded by some of the worst pollutants in this country. the soil, the air, the water. think about flint, michigan. so, this is a pretty big deal. and the idea that they'll attack this in a modern sense, not just
8:58 am
from when it became the enormous wealth gap but also what's happening now in terms of predatory lending or black folks simply not having access to the kind of funding and loans from the banks, this is a big deal. back at the root of disparity, it's been desegregation and the reality playing out at the end of the day, craig. >> yeah. you make a good point there, in terms of home ownership, it is for a lot of folks, generational wealth is created. and unfortunately, we still live in a time where your zip code determines so much. trumaine, thank you for your reaction of what we just heard there. enjoy your weekend, brother. we want to mention, he has a fascinating new episode of into america, jaz said mine sullivan's mother battle with
8:59 am
breast cancer. and black women are diagnosed at twice the rate as white black. trymaine digs into why. that is going to do it. you'll see me back here on nbc and msnbc as well. for now, "andrea mitchell reports" starts next. ♪♪ and good day, everyone. this is "andrea mitchell reports" in washington where the speaker of the house is projecting new optimism about breaking the congressional log jam on the president's social programs and getting a deal done after her breakfast with the president at the white house. >> we had a very positive meeting this morning. i'm very optimistic. >> do you feel like a deal is close? >> i think it's very possible. >> but how close are they,
9:00 am
really? and the president's new comments about changing the filibuster rule to get voting rights and perhaps other key priorities to pass the 50/50 senate. joining me now, nbc news chief correspondent and weekend today kristen welker. and garrett haake. and jonathan lemire. >> garrett, to you, the speaker of the house, at the hill, we're hearing details for the first time about the state of negotiations that the town hall. >> reporter: yeah, that's exactly right. the speaker sounding pretty optimistic there. even more optimistic, a notice from steny hoyer, speaker of the house, will aim to consider both the infrastructure bill and the build back better bill, a bill that doesn't yet exist by the end of next week. so, the house trying to move fast, trying to capitalize on this perceived mo


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