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tv   Way Too Early With Jonathan Lemire  MSNBC  October 28, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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all right. that is going to do it for us tonight. see you tomorrow night. "way too early" is up next. ♪♪ with democrats struggling go reach a compromise on their social spending bill, president biden could delay his departure for europe to hold a last-minute meeting with lawmakers this morning. the question is will he be able to lock anything down before he heads to italy? plus, the number of covid-19 cases is plunging everywhere in the country. the question is at long last does this offer a reason to be optimistic? and the houston astros tie up the series with the atlanta braves. the question is will altuve go down as one of the greatest
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postseason hitters ever? it's "way too early" for this. ♪♪ good morning and welcome to "way too early," the show that has a policy to always leave for rome as soon as possible. i'm jonathan lemire on this thursday, october 28th. we'll start with the news. president biden is expected to make an appearance at this morning's house democratic caucus meeting. before leaving for europe, the president will push for the house to pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill. two people familiar with the news say they're using it as leverage to get the larger social spending bill passed, but progress is slow, and the white house wants a win to tally overseas. the meeting could push back the president's flight to europe, but white house press secretary jen psaki said, quote, there was lots of flexibility built into the president's schedule. his first stop tomorrow is with pope francis followed by french
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president emmanuel macron. he met with joe manchin and kyrsten sinema for two hours yesterday. as "the washington post" notes, things still plague democrats. democrats have been forced to fight for key provisions as negotiations continue to shrink the bill. senators patty murray of washington and kerstin gillibrand of new york cornered joe manchin. there are questions how long progressives can hold out on voting for the by part san infrastructure bill. speaker pelosi is pushing for something as early as today. quote, we're facing a crucial
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deadline for the bipartisan infrastructure framework to pass. to do so, we must have trust and confidence and an agreement for the build back better act. but congresswoman pramila jayapal says they're still looking to see the votes passed in tandem. >> we want to see both bills moving forward at the same time with a vote in the house. now, as you remember, we had called for a vote in the senate. the president had said to us, please trust me around the senators, and so if the president says to me, i've got all 50 senators and nobody's going to undermine this and vote-o-rama and all that and if everybody is publicly saying that to us, that would be a significant concession and one to make, but the bills have to pass at the same time. >> speaker pelosi has scheduled a meeting for later today. joining us to talk about all
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this, reporter for "the washington post," eugene scott. thank you for being here. there's a lot going on. we note the president will leave for europe, but not before he makes another push for the spending bill. the white house added this was not in the original plan. they added late yesterday this meeting with the house democratic caucus meeting this morning on pennsylvania avenue at the capitol. what's your sense of it, the people you've been talking to? what should we expect in that meeting? >> i think what the president is going to try to communicate is that he actually has been hearing these lawmakers participate -- the progressive lawmakers who have been quite frustrated with the progress of this bill, and even the president in terms of not being able to see many of the issues that they were hoping would be safe in this bill be just that, there's some fear among democrats and some of the seats that are really competitive that they could lose midterm
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elections if some of the ideas and policies that have been proposed very early when this bill was first introduced don't remain in place, and so they will look to hear biden remind them or convince them that he is going to be advocating for so many of the issues that voters who backed him in 2020 would hope he would. but also hear that things could move forward despite what has been considered one of the most difficult negotiation periods in recent history. >> we're going to go into some of the specifics of the bill with congressional reporter leanne called well later in the show, but just in terms of big picture, what can president biden say today that he hasn't already said? we've heard this pitch from him before, but yet the divide from these progressives and the democratic party and the conservatives, senator manchin in particular, they talk about paid family leave. it's in danger of falling out. what can really be done here?
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what can really move the needle? >> i would think something has to move or leave the bill that progressive lawmakers want. the president would have to talk somehow about the plan to get these ideas passed at another time or maybe some executive orders or some other avenues in which these policies can become the norms in the land if they are a part of this bill. i think there's some real concern that biden's reputation as one of the most progressive presidents in history can be contained by the left. if these deals were so attractive last year but don't move forward regardless of the reason, i think it's about keeping people in high faith, this administration, when there seems to be so many people on the ground who aren't sure if the president they were hoping
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would follow the trump administration would actually come to pass. >> there's some real debate about the deadlines being faced. like the president is going to leave for europe regardless. it doesn't matter if he has something in hand as much politically he wants to have a deal to go over there to italy and then scotland. same with the governors race next week. the two things are not inherently linked even though people want them to be. are democrats facing debate giving up things? >> probably not. as you stated, these are not hard deadlines, but they do affect morale and confidence and belief and faith and what's going to happen moving forward, and i think we saw this, you know, when it came to the coronavirus pandemic and the july 4th deadline. these are not things that, you know, have to be accomplished by these specific dates, but it
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certainly does take some of the wind, you know, out of the and to say that mission was accomplished by the time that we, you know, set for it to be done. and that can really make it very difficult to remind or should i say convince the voters that the party has done what they said they would do when they said they would do it. >> "the washington post," eugene scott, makes a great point about political momentum. thank you, sir, for being here. we will catch up with you soon. investigators of the movie set shooting where actor alec baldwin accidentally shot and killed the cinematographer and wounded the director are still looking at things. adam mendoza noted 500 rounds of ammunition were found.
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>> we also believe that we have the spent shell casing from the bullet that was fired from the gun. the actually lead projectile has been recovered from the shoulder of mr. souza. all of the previous mentioned items along with other items of evidence will be submitted to the fbi crime lab in quantico, virginia, for analysis. right now it's too early in the investigation to comment on charges at this point. >> adan mendoza noted two other revolvers were seized. the local district attorney tells nbc news she doesn't think it ethical to start releasing charges until the information comes back. the film's armorer, hannah
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gutierrez-reed said she checked the gun to make sure dummy bullets were loaded around there were not live rounds. he also said live rounds were not kept on the set. still ahead, a judge denies a bid from the city's largest police unit to block the covid-19 mandate. plus, "the wall street journal" published a letter from former president trump who's still pushing false claims of voter fraud nearly a year after the 2020 election. those stories and a check on the weather when we come right back. weather when we come right back.
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turning now to long-awaited good news when it comes to covid. it has peaked, but will that
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trend continue around the holiday corner? gabe gutierrez has the a littled. >> reporter: new cases of covid are down 57% since their last peak on september 1st and 16% over the past week. hospitalizations have dropped 54% since late august. >> we are now heading in the right direction, but with cases still high, we must remain vigilant heading into the colder, drier winlts winter months. >> reporter: the hospital was treated 200 covid cases the last time we visited. now it's 17. >> my hope is it's made the biggest improvement. >> reporter: across the country there are still hot spots.
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billings, montana, is hoping its caseloads are lessening. >> we're very worried about what's going on currently and we're worried it could get worse. >> reporter: a bright spot, the possibility that younger kids could soon get vaccinated if the cdc signs off as early as next week. new york's gronk says she does not anticipate needing mass vaccination sites, instead relying on pediatricians' offices. >> parents have been weighing for this. schools have waited for it. this is really a breakthrough. a judge in new york has denied a request to block the city's vaccine mandate. the mandate requires police officers, firefighters, and other workers to get at least one dose of covid-19 voon by 5:00 p.m. or be placed on unpaid leave. acourting to court papers, they
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say the city's mandate was arbitrary and unnecessary. it argues the number of covid case hasd been dropping under an earlier mandate that allowed unvaccinated workers to stay on the job with weekly tests. the judge did not find the argument compelling enough to approve the request to stop the mandate from going forward. the union plans to file an immediate appeal. still ahead, all the highlights from game two of the world series. plus the best story of the day, the los angeles lakers spoil a lead. sports is next. lakers spoil a lead sports is next neuriva plus fuels six key indicators of brain performance. more brain performance? yes, please! neuriva. think bigger. when you hear the word healthy, it always feels a little out of reach. that's 'cause the way we're thinking about it is all wrong. so we made a healthier song. for some folks it's like baby steps. maybe it's a jump or eating something green. or taking mom to get that vaccine.
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all around. 2-1, houston, here in the second. >> houston rookie jose siri with a hit. this highlight and siri ice name may have set off your phones, i realize. houston's playing small ball using a flurry of small balls. no one's covered third. usually you should cover third. they jumped out to an early lead against braves last night. a home run by jose altuve, boom, in the seventh inning makes it 7-2. that would be the final score as the astros end a five-game losing streak in the world series games played at their home park, minute maid. it's the first time since the dodgers won game three against the red sox in 2018. that's because in 2019, the road team won every game.
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and last year, of course, the world series was played at a neutral field. now tied at one game apiece, the best of seven series shifts to atlanta for game three tomorrow night. turning now to the nba, lebron james missed a second straight game because of a sore right ankle that was injured in sunday night's win in memphis. without him, the lakers blew a 28-point lead. that's a shame. carmelo anthony had a chance to tie the game but air balled that free-throw attempt in the last seconds. okc wins. it was a different case for the sacramento kings. tied with phoenix against the suns, the clock winding down. >> looking for a heel. dr. barnes lets it fly. gone at the wall. >> harrison barnes beating the buzzer, knocking down a three-pointer from the left wing to lift the kings to a victory. and in los angeles the cavaliers
2:22 am
who have been good so far this year never trailed against the clippers on the way to a victory last night. it marks cleveland's first road win since march 20616. now let's go to the nhl and boston where the hot start for florida panthers continued last night with a 4-1 win over the bruins. the pap thers are now the 14th team in league history to start the season, 17-0. i would note i made a request for more hockey highlights during that segment. i love the nhl. i did not expect a bruins defeat. thanks, guys. >> time now for the weather. let's go to meteorologist bill karins with the forecast. bill, how are we looking out there with halloween approaching? >> we're still recovering from yesterday. i've got amazing pictures. wait till you see this tornado footage from orange county yesterday. this tornado wasn't on the ground for a long time. it looks like your average tornado. suddenly it gets stronger, picks
2:23 am
up trees, projectiles, gets very violent in a hurry. that's a little too close for comfort. whatever's in its way. at one point it picks up an a tv and tosses that. we still have all the people recovering in the northeast from the nor'easter. we still at this time still have almost 400,000 people without power. most of them in eastern marks some in rhode island. it peeled this roof off, apartment buildings, water, leaks, and the big issue, downed trees. there are downed trees everywhere in eastern mass. we're still tracking severe weather. we have another storm. this one produced tornadoes yesterday in texas. it will be shifting through the southeast. we have a tornado watch in florida. we haven't had any tornados for a while. we'll continue this threat
2:24 am
through the southeast today. areas in yellow, you're under a slight risk of storms. sarasota, orlando, daytona beach, gainesville, and toward savannah and charleston and wilmington, north carolina. so for today's forecast, kind of cool and rainy from chicago to st. louis, and then that mess is coming to the east coast on friday, especially the mid-atlantic. d.c. to baltimore. it looks like an ugg friday. and then friday night that rain arrives in philly and new york, and it's kind of a cool, wet, raw saturday. not great for any halloween activities on saturday. still good news. sunday looks like a nice halloween trick-or-treat forecast. the exception wyoming and nebraska with a little bit of snow. i think we'll take it, you know. not a bad trick-or-treat forecast at all. >> bill karins, two comments for you. one, i appreciate the spider-man graphic on the graph. two, that tornado was
2:25 am
terrifying. >> yeah. it was violent. yeah, we'll find out today just how strong those winds were. >> let's hope we don't see any more of those for a while. thank you, again, buddy. still ahead, president biden is expected to meet with house democrats as the caucus meets with divisions over the house spending plan. leanne called well joins me with the latest on those capitol hill negotiations. >> before we go to break, we want to know why are you awake. i'm your answers to "way too early" at or tweet me @jonlemire. we'll read our favorite answers later in the show. we'll read our favorite answers later in the show. en time. i absolutely have to be sharp. let me tell ya, i was struggling with my memory. it was going downhill. my friend recommended that i try prevagen and over time, it made a very significant difference in my memory and in my cognitive ability.
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welcome back to "way too early." it's just before 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west. i'm jonathan lemire. president biden is expected to make a last-minute push for hick economic agenda before leaving for europe today. he'll meet with house democrats in an effort to get progressives to vote on a stalled bipartisan infrastructure bill. it comes amid ongoing disagreements over the spending plan. nbc chief correspondent kristen welker has the latest. >> reporter: the urge to meet agreement on president biden's plans to be finalized before he leaved for europe. democratic leaders struck an
2:30 am
optimistic note. >> an agreement is within arm's length, and we're hopeful we can come to a framework agreement. >> reporter: there are still a slew of issues between moderates and progressives. they're targeting the 700 wealthiest americans including amazon's jeff bezos and tesla's elon musk. but there are questions over whether it's constitutional. and key moderate joe manchin is already blasting it. >> i don't like the connotation that we're targeting specific people. >> reporter: we learned negotiators have dropped paid leave from the package. >> it would be devastating. it would be devastating for working women. >> joining us now, nbc capitol hill news correspondent leigh ann caldwell. good morning, leigh ann, you've
2:31 am
had a busy couple of days. give us a sense what ee in there. >> the biggest blow, paid leave is not going to be in there. they're not giving up. they think there's some hope. the reality is senator joe manchin is opposed to it. as for the child tax credit, it's going to be one year. some people wanted it five years or permanent. one year is where it stands right now. the other big issues are medicate expansion for those in red states who didn't get medicate expansion during the affordable care act. that's still being negotiated as well as those $800 vouchers for dental coverage, for medicare recipients. those are still part of the negotiations. and then the prescription drug pricing which is supposed to be
2:32 am
hundreds of billions of dollars of revenue. that's something kyrsten sinema is opposed to. so there's still some big outstanding issues. i'm told they're getting much, much closer, but ultimately this bill is scaled back to ta $3.5 trillion mega bill to a 1.7 perhaps trillion. that top line number isn't even agreed to yet with a few democratic priorities like free universal preschool and climate change stuff, which they hope is going to be big and bold but also not yet decided an assistance with child care and elder care for seniors and disabled, jonathan. >> leigh ann, does this battle between the frogs and the parties and conservative or moderate democrats, the winner of this, are they going to have the upper hand going forward through the remainder of at least the midterms or biden
2:33 am
party? have they figured out what's next? >> there's an element you need all 50 senators. joe manchin and kyrsten sinema have an outsized role right now, but that's why moderates are hoping superstrong and resistant bipartisan bills on roads, bridges, and highways. they know they've been ignored, left behind by leadership. they don't want it to happen again. there's not a lot of pressed in leadership as well and they don't want to lose their clout. and the moderates who usually are the front line members who are at both risk of losing their re-election, they usually have sway with leadership. but this time around progressives are standing strong
2:34 am
moving forward even though ultimately speaker pelosi and president biden support a major aggressive agenda, but tactically in congress, it's a much different scene. >> but the president we no will be heading up to capitol hill later today to try to talk to democrats, rally their support. speaker pelosi suggested there could be a vote today on the bipartisan infrastructure parts of this. do we think it's going to happen? has it been scheduled? do your best on how this day could play out. >> i think it's going to be really ambitious. i don't see how it hatches. that's what progressives want. they want a commitment and they want to vote on the big before before they vote on the infrastructure bill. the only way that this could hatch is if president joe biden goes to house democrats and tells them you have my word that joe manchin and kyrsten sinema
2:35 am
are going to vote on this bill. they're going to support it, and you may now -- you have my blessings to move forward and it's going to happen. and i think that that is the only way that president biden is able to seal this deal and convince the progressives they're not going out on a limb. but absent that, i don't see how there's a vote today. >> thank you for that. i should note you contributed to the why are you up way too early. you were up in support of the $500,000 raised for breast cancer. and the bad news babies. >> thanks, leann caldwell.
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some may argue may be too early to think about. michigan's christmas tree was harvested from upper peninsula. donning hats and singing carols in october. the 62-foot spruce was donated. it will arrive one day before halloween. is this a supply chain issue? not only do we have to order our presents early. do we have to get our trees early too? >> meghan markle and prince harry were the target of a coordinated hate campaign on twitter. they analyzed tweets on the duke and duchess of sussex. the duchess was the subject of about 80% of the harassment with some tweets not surprisingly using racist language. the accounts interacted with one another in an unorganic way suggesting a coordinated effort
2:41 am
to amply harassment of the royal couple. still ahead, donald trump renews his false claims of a rigged election. should one of the top newspapers in the nation really be providing him a platform to do so? recommend? we'll talk about that and lots of other things just ahead when "way too early" comes right back. ahead when "way too early" comes right back ce. find your breaking point. then break it. every emergen-c gives you a potent blend of nutrients so you can emerge your best with emergen-c. this is... ♪ ♪ this is iowa. we just haven't been properly introduced. say hello to the place where rolling hills meets low bills. where our fields, inside and out, are always growing. and where the fun is just getting started. this is iowa.
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nearly one year after the 2020 election, donald trump is still pushing claims of voter fraud. his outlet for spreading this information? "the wall street journal's" editor's column claiming debunked claims. trump rattled off a list of so-called facts in this letter yesterday. the claims which have been proven false suggested hundreds of thousands of votes were illegally counted and he blames
2:45 am
bill barr and mark zuckerberg. he wrotes, quote, barr poured $17,000 to interfere the pennsylvania election. let's understand score that. wall street, what are you doing? john eastman can be heard criticizing former vice president mike pence for not overturning the 2020 election results. eastman was filmed by a progressive actionty viv who would approach, pretend to be a flattering person and then post the comments. >> i read it and i thought it was solid in all of its legal arguments. >> yeah. >> i was floored that mike pence didn't do anything. why didn't he act on it because
2:46 am
you gave him the legal reasoning to do that. >> i know, i know. exactly. >> like all of your legal reasoning is totally solid. >> yeah. there's no question. >> i mean like, you know, just supported and supporter. why wouldn't mike pence do it? >> because mike pence is -- if we could have got the desert fe indication, we could have had georgia, wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania back in january. i met -- trump, giuliani, and mehmet with 300 legislators on january 2nd via zoom conference call, and they all wouldn't do anything even though we gave them all of the evidence. they wouldn't do it. look. i very much wish it were otherwise, but i just -- these guys are spineless, and now if we take a bunch of them out in the primaries in 2022 and the
2:47 am
precondition for getting elected is we're going to fight this stuff, then maybe we've got an opportunity. >> last week in an interview with the national review, eastman disavowed the plan to have mike pence reject electoral votes calling it not viable and crazy. the committee is expected to subpoena eastman. joining us now, my good friend, elise jordan. thanks for being here this week. let's start with that video and how interested do you think that house select committee is going to be? >> i think they're going to have to figure out what that horrible background music strumming at this clair month institute gala first, but, you know, jon, eastman has sure enough gotten himself a subpoena in front of the select committee. and i guess what eastman tells national review when he's trying to be, you know, a straightforward establishment conservative lawyer is very
2:48 am
different from what he says after hanging out in some gilded ballroom with conservative donors. so you see what he did there. maybe they were casual comments with someone he thought was a fellow supporter, but at the same time, it's probably what he truly believes. and a glimpse into ton guarded moment. and truth and honesty perhaps. >> elise, we have not scuttled plans to have background music here on "way too early" during all interviews. we read from this op-ed being pushed by former president trump, this is your former party t gop, that still seems very much in the grip of trump, and it's a loyalty test now, whether you believe joe biden was duly elected or not. do you see, you know -- we're coming up on a year before the midterms. any chance that breaks or is this going to be a wave of
2:49 am
republicans from the house and senate being forced to say one way or the other whether joe biden is president and most of them saying no? >> no. i mean, jonathan, you've seen where this is the new strategy. it is all about people who are going to claim that the election was stolen, cling to the big lie, it doesn't matter how wrong the evidence is. you see where the evidence is even the false evidence, i want to add -- it's even allowed prestigious real estate in "the wall street journal" page which is so disappointing. they didn't have to publish their own published editorials, and wonderful reporters have debunked it consistently. as this gains steam and the lie is given more, you know, corridors of power, it -- it seems inevitable that this is going to continue to be the norm, and we need to just point out, it is not correct and it's
2:50 am
factually inaccurate. >> so, elise, switching gears and drawing upon your state department experience, let's take a look at president biden's upcoming foreign trip. he leaves today for rome. he egot a meeting with the pope tomorrow. and then it's the he is first meeting with french president macron and onto scotland for this major climate summit. >> what would you say is it is stakes here? this is the first time we see a lot of these allies since the afghanistan withdraw. what does she need to do to accomplish and how important is it to have the legislation enhanced as you go? >> it's terrible with the legislative agenda up in the air right now. what is joe biden going to be able to deliver on the domestic home front on his agenda? all this does is detract him having a command entrance on the
2:51 am
world's stage and trying to assert american leadership again. it's a difficult time with so many allies who do feel that they were blindsided by unilateral afghanistan withdrawal and not treated hand in hand. he really has androgen da ahead of him that i would not invade going into the summit. >> thank you so much, we'll see you back on the show again soon. earlier today we asked why are you awake. one viewer tweeted this. i am up way too early baking halloween cookies. >> dan, what do you got? >> we got one from patrick. my daughter gets way excited to sleep because she's going to the harry styles concert. >> you told me that's why you were up sick this week because you had to go see harry styles.
2:52 am
we got this note from minnie, back in the day i got up on the gym watching mr. willie and now i have got you. speaking of willie geist, he's joining the marathon this year. i will add one last, a bunch of white house reporters are heading to italy, they're up early, too. we'll hear from congressman hakeem jeffries and chicago mayor lori lightfoot will join us. "morning joe" is just minutes away. is just minutes away introducing new vicks super c and dayquil severe convenience pack . [coughs] dayquil severe for you...
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2:56 am
am out of synced with my fellow democrats. maybe a thought, it's maybe it's you? at that point it's just suspicious odds. >> to mark my first official week hosting "way too early," we have our members of joe's. today the black sheep of the family, mike barnicle , thank you for being here today. you are not unfamiliar of the hours since you were from time a reliable fill in for willie when he was out and the show was called "way too elderly." >> that's right. >> it was a popular program. >> and certain demographics. >> it gave the viewers the chance to age on camera. >> you looked great today and thank you for being here. let's take a step back and think of the stakes here for democrats that it seems like they are rushing to get some things done
2:57 am
before president biden steps on the plane and flies to italy today. is it worth to say hey it's not. >> few look at this the last few days, this is as horrific as the way the united states does business. they taken a complex piece of law, the united states tax code, you don't have to be h&r block to tell you it's very complicated. they're trying to rewrite it in 48 hours. it's absurd what they are doing. we have the late night clip there, senator manchin is out of step with everyone else. how much is progressives have to compromise. they seem to be doing most of the sacrifices here. i can't understand why chuck schumer and nancy pelosi and others and the president of the
2:58 am
united states have not defined what it means to be a democrat in the house and the senate where the sitting president controls the democrats and the house of representatives. what is it that you don't get of this house of opportunity that we have as democrats. i don't understand why they have not enforced discipline. let's get something done here. >> certainly does seem like in the year 2021, the senate is a broken institution. it's hard to imagine anything is happening for either party at this moment. let me ask you what i asked elise. the president is heading to europe and onto the g-20 and the climate summit, what does he need to do this week? is he coming in from a position of strength? >> basically because he's the president of the united states. that's an automatic. i don't think he needs to come
2:59 am
in hey, the house of representatives just passed the infrastructure bill. i don't think he needs that. i think what he needs to do is push his stamp firmly on what the united states intends to do with regards to climate, first of all, and do it firmly and further convince the europeans and others who are going to be at the g-20 conference that the president of the united states is a guy who knows what's going on. he's not some crazy whacko and i will ask you about baseball here. give me your assessment of the first two games of the series. where do you think we are going dow with the astros? >> it will be an interesting series. the braves lost charlie morton. i would think they'll take this
3:00 am
maybe six or seven games. >> i think i agree with you that it's going to be hard. >> it's rare and i don't like to agree with you, but for this moment i will say thank you. >> we hope that nobody sees this. >> this is our last appearance. mike, we appreciate you being here. thank you getting up way too early and way too elderly for us this thursday morning. "morning joe" starts right now. last night the fda panel gave the green lights for kids for vaccines from ages 5 to 11. kids vaccines are the best way to prevent two things parents fear the most, covid and home-schooling. i don't know. kids you are


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