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tv   The Reid Out  MSNBC  October 28, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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thanks for watching "the beat." "the reidout" with joy reid is up next. hi, joy. >> how you doing, ari? have a great evening. >> you too. >> cheers. good evening, everyone. if you took a snapshot of the country right now, here is what you would see. on the one hand, you have all that war as the american right takes aim at every civic and cultural institution, from whether we live or die from covid to our schools, history and democracy itself. banning books, senators defending nazi salutes and unhinged anti-nazi rants at school boards. going full alex jones, promoting a fringe conspiracy theory about the january 6 insurrection being a false flag. so that is all happening.
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and we're going to get to that later in the show. but right now there is also a war on the democratic side. today we saw president joe biden declare victory, putting everybody on the spot and announcing a new framework for build back better before he got on a plane and headed to europe, where he plans on telling everyone that america is back. but the situation on the ground in d.c. as usual is more complicated than that. at the same time biden announced his new framework, he also emphasized the importance of passing the bipartisan infrastructure bill, which speaker nancy pelosi was trying to bring to the floor as soon as possible due to the looming expiration of the highway trust fund. the fate of these two bills were linked, supposedly to make moderates and progressives hold hands and jump together. but as two conservative democrats, joe manchin and kyrsten sinema have seemed to
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break that deal, conservatives have made it clear for months that they will not vote for one bill without the other. and without firm support from manchin and sinema on biden's framework, they are holding the line. at this point, it's a matter of trust. in a statement today, the progressive caucus stressed that while they're still enthusiastic about the framework, there is too much at stake for working families in our communities to settle for something that can be later misunderstood, amended or abandoned altogether that is why dozens of our members insist on keeping both bills linked and cannot vote only for one until they can be voted on together. members of our caucus will not vote for the infrastructure bill without the build back better act. and they prevailed, with the house voting on a transportation assessment tonight and adjourning until next week to work on bipartisan infrastructure bill and build back better. now the white house has expressed confidence, right, in having 50 votes for the framework.
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and manchin and sinema seem open to the bill, with manchin saying he agreed on the price tag, and sinema saying she looks forward to getting it done in meeting today with caucus chair pramila jayapal. earlier today, president biden stressed how important this legislation is, telling the dramatic caucus this morning that, quote, i don't think it's hyperbole to say that the house and senate majorities and my presidency will be determined by what happens in the next week. and he made it clear to the country what a bfd this plan is. >> after months of tough and thoughtful negotiations, i think we have an historic -- i know we have an historic economic framework. it's a framework that will create millions of jobs, grow the economy, invest in our nation and our people. i ran for president saying it was time to reduce the burden on the middle class, to rebuild the backbone of this nation, working people and the middle class.
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i wouldn't have been any clearer from the moment i announced my candidacy. that's why i wrote these bills in the first place and took them to the people. i campaigned on them. and the american people spoke. >> indeed, it is a very ambitious proposal, with $555 billion dedicated to climate and clean energy provisions. it also includes universal pre-k, child and elder care, housing, an extension of the child tax credit as well as expanded health care, including in the states that refuse to expand medicaid. but paid family leave, free community college, expanded medicare and prescription drug reform didn't make it. so those trust issues are real. for the latest, i'm joined by ali vitali, capitol hill correspondent for nbc news. just confirm for us, because what it looked like today -- earlier today you saw senator bernie sanders come out and say he didn't think there ought to be a vote on the infrastructure bill until there was more than
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just a framework for the build back better bill. and it looks like despite the fact that we heard earlier there was going to be a vote on the infrastructure bill. that didn't happen. it looks like the progressives prevailed on this. what are we hearing? what are you hearing from inside the caucus, the senate and house caucuses? >> that they feel that they prevailed on this. progressives who i have spoken to have been saying for weeks now that they've had one simple demand, which is to continue to keep these two bills coupled so they don't lose the leverage on the larger social spending package. certainly there were conversations about if a framework would be enough. after it was released this morning, it was clear in conversations with lawmakers that a simple framework wasn't enough because of the trust deficits that you were talking about both between the house and the nat senate, but also between moderates and progressives. that's what we've continued to hear. and i imagine you can see over my shoulder congresswoman pramila jayapal who leads that progressive house caucus is talking with reporters now. i imagine that she is
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reiterating something similar to what we're talking about, which is they have endorsed and voted to endorse as a caucus the framework that was released this morning while continuing to say that they need all democrats in the house and all 50 democrats in the senate to assure that they are going to be able to move forward on these two bills in tandem. we saw today, though, and what sources have said to me -- go ahead. >> go on. >> what i've heard, joy, from sources in the senate and in the house, they sort of feel lying they've been on a hamster wheel on this. that they've been working really hard, but they looked around today and they ended up still in the same place. >> yeah. >> what this vote did in the house is it sort of kicked the can down the road, bought them a little more time. but there is some optimism that at some point in november they will finally be able to prevail on this. i would also point out that while a lot of people in the house are looking over at the senate wondering where manchin and sinema are on this, jayapal met with sinema. she didn't say she got assurances with her, but she did
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say it was good meeting and they're going to keep working. on the manchin front, he was mum all day. he said he was okay on that $1.7 trillion price tag, but he just tweeted a statement now where he said he is reading through the bill text and he hopes to keep working in good faith. when you heard words like good faith, continuing working, work in progress, they are not close to being done. >> that is what it sounds like, ali visit stally, thank you very much. joining me now is susan rice, she has been a key player in the negotiations. and so thank you for being here, susan rice. you just heard our reporter ali vitali say that there are still trust issues that remain here. that you have a -- you now have text that has been released. i was starting to read through it before the show. but you do not have, that i can see, any assurances from manchin and sinema that they are going to go along with the original deal, that they are going to
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support the build back better plan. has the white house received any assurances whatsoever from manchin and cinema that if they -- that they are going to ultimately support the build back better plan? >> well, hi, joyce. great to be with you. thank you for having me on. >> sure. >> let me say this. i've been involved in these negotiations for the last many weeks, even months. and i've been in meetings with all concerned parties in the senate, in the house. and what we can say with confidence is that we believe this framework has the votes that can pass the senate and pass the house. we have not said that before. that is a function of the work that we have been doing, the consultations that we've been doing. and most importantly, the leadership and the efforts that the president has exerted with all of these relevant players. so, yes, we are confident in that. but let me also tell you what i saw today, which is truly extraordinary. i was with the president when he was up at the house democratic
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caucus. he got sustained standing ovations, and they chanted loudly and in unison, "vote, vote, vote, vote." and that's what we're going to do. we're going vote. because what this package is, joy, it's transformational and historic. and it has already garnered since being released today support from every spectrum of our party. nobody is arguing about the substance. everybody agrees that what is in here, universal pre-k, child care, housing, higher education, extension of the child tax credit, incredible provisions to protect our climate are all necessary and worthy. and they agree that we need both these bills, the bipartisan infrastructure framework as well as the build back better agenda. so i'm confident. >> i'm sorry to interrupt you, but it's one thing for the democratic caucus to cheer the president. he's the president. he is the leader of their party. but it is quite another thing to say in general we like the idea
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of doing universal pre-k. it's quite another thing to get joe manchin and kyrsten sinema to say we're going to vote for it. saying this has the votes to pass in theory, sure. but i have seen no evidence. one moment. i have seen no evidence that publicly stated by manchin and sinema that if the transportation bill were to pass, they wouldn't just leave the build back better billiton side of the road. so i want to know have there been specific assurances from joe manchin and kyrsten sinema that they are committed to voting for the bill? just specifically that. >> joy, i would be crazy to speak for any senator or member of congress. that's not my role. i'm here to represent the president of the united states and to speak to the american people. but what i can tell you, and i will speak for myself now, having been in the room with these senators and many others and countless hours of discussions, i am confident that this package can pass the senate. and i am confident that once
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each of the members of congress and the senate have the opportunity to do which is what they all should do, which is their right to do, which is to review the legislative texts and vote on an actual bill, just as they did in the senate on the framework, the bipartisan infrastructure framework, we're going to have legislation pass the congress that is both build back better and the infrastructure frame. but it's not realistic to ask any responsible member of congress or the senate to commit to something that they haven't had a chance to fully digest. >> both manchin and sinema voted for the framework before, it was $3.trillion and then they started to trash it. let me give you stats here. there is a poll that shows people do support what you've just talked about. they support what's in the bill. health care has high support, 64%. education, climate change, child care, paid family leave. people are in favor of it. but then there are the things that didn't make it.
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kasie hunt tweeted today from cnn that she is pretty much going to spend -- she believes she's going to spend the next all the way to the midterms covering suburban women who are turned off by the fact that paid family leave went away. we don't know who she means specifically by that because that -- what does that mean by suburban women, but we'll see. then we have public approval of the negotiations. president biden's approval rating on this is pretty low, 41% don't like what they have seen. this sort of sausage making they've seen. and i want to give you one more thing to just consider. here is a democratic voter in virginia, very important state to get out the vote for democrats, and for biden's agenda to go forward. let's listen to this voter in virginia. >> there is so much in-fighting. i'm not inspired. i'm not inspired by the democratic party. all i see is the democrats fighting and calling each other out and calling the republicans out there. is no discourse anymore. so what's the point?
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no one is listening to each other. the ugliness coming out of washington, why would anyone be inspired by politics anymore? >> is the risk here, susan, that no matter what finally passes, the base of the democratic party will be so demoralized and dejected by this process that it will be very difficult to get them to believe that it was win? >> i don't think so, joy. i disagree with that. when mothers and fathers around the country have the ability to send their children to child care and not have it bankrupt them, when they will pay no more than 7% of their income if they're a working middle income family in this country, earning up to $300,000 a year, when they can send their children to universal pre-k, when they can take care of their elderly mother or father in their home and have access to the services to do that with high quality
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care, when they can tell their children that we're not leaving our planet to self-destruct, that we're taking the steps that we finally need to take to put our house in order, create good jobs and address climate change, these are the issues that are tabletop issue, real world issues for people. and when the democratic party delivers, which i am fully confident they will, those will be true benefits to the american people. that's what this is about. and i have every confidence that what will matter to each of us as citizens and as voters is how our lives have changed. when you have money in your pockets for the child tax credit that gives you the breathing room to give your kid a summer sports class or to get new shoes or to get a dress to go to the prom, those are the kinds of things that matter in people's lives, and that is what this legislation will deliver. >> susan rice, thank you very
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much. really appreciate you being here to talk this through with us. thank you. cheers. let's bring in congresswoman cori bush from missouri. she is a member of the missouri caucus and a frequent friend of the show. i don't know if you were able to here, but i want the get your take. it feels like the progressives won today in that progressives held the line and said we are not going to vote for the infrastructure bill if we don't have the assurances that the build back better bill is going to also pass, that they're going to stay linked and stay together. in the end, were progressives, were you prepared to vote against the infrastructure bill if it came to the floor? >> absolutely. and i made that very clear before i walked in the meeting this morning, the very first meeting where president biden was there in that meeting. i walked in saying i knew that if we didn't have both bills going together that i would be
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no. that that would not change. and i want to see a senate vote. i came out the same way that i went in. and i still stand firm, flat-footed right now saying that if the infrastructure bill came to the floor, i would be an absolute no on it if it is not together with the build back better act. and the reason is, some have said, well, you know, what about all the great things that are in it? and what i'm saying is we have to help the greatest number of people the quickest. and the way to do that is while we have the house, the senate and the white house, we need to make sure that we get that done. and if we say that we're good with just helping apart, helping some people when we know we can help more people, then that's an error on us. our title is representatives. so represent all the people. >> let me play for you what senator sanders said earlier today very quickly about that house vote that never ended up materializing. here he is. >> i think before there is a
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vote in the house on the infrastructure bill, the members of the house have a right to know that 50 u.s. senators are supporting a strong reconciliation bill. >> he said 50 u.s. senators. that means manchin and sinema to agree more than just a framework to a bill. there is text of the bill out now. do you trust joe manchin and kyrsten sinema to not double cross the progressive caucus on build back better? >> no. and i don't owe them my trust. and they don't owe me theirs. what moves me, and what moves the people actually is the vote, you know. so give us the vote. let us see the vote. that's how we know where you stand is by the vote. now if they want the get up and give a big press conference and say hey, we looked at the text and we agree with the text. we're having a press conference to make sure it's on the record and we're just waiting for senator schumer to pass that --
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to pass it, you know, to the floor, get to it the floor, okay, that's different. well can start a different conversation there. that's all i can say on that. but for me, it's not about trusting two people. it's about thinking about every single person in st. louis that has reached out saying that you know what? that $300, that child tax credit, how much that changed my household. it's thinking about when i was a teacher, when i worked in child care for ten years. and at one point, i was a 3 and 4-year-old teacher, and i remember when i became the administrator, i would have to turn away parents saying you know what? it's monday morning. if you don't have your full tuition, you child can't stay for the week. so they would have to take off work if they did didn't have the money to pay so they could go to work. we are cutting that. and i will not think about just -- and what we're talking about, if we're only talking about the bipartisan infrastructure package, we're going to make sure that we set up white men. we'll set up white men. will some people of color get help? yeah. but we're basically setting up white men, but we're leaving out
4:19 pm
immigrants, black women, brown women, our native community. we're leaving out so many others that are part of that other human infrastructure piece. and i won't do it. i won't do it. because i felt like that's what happened to me before. i felt like when i was sleeping on the street, when up was on medicaid and wick and have i food stamps, i felt like who has been paying attention when i -- when you give me -- you give me a little and you think i'm supposed to bow down and get on my knees and thank you for it and instead of making sure that i have what i needed to sustain. so i will not be --ly not be that person that steps up and agrees with that. i'm going to make sure that each and ever person in my community is able to live a decent quality of life. if i have anything to do with it. and until that happens, i'm standing strong. >> you know, thank you for reminding us. because i was going to say it before i said goodbye to you and thank you, that kyrsten sinema
4:20 pm
and the republicans who negotiated the infrastructure bill, there was not one person of color on that team. it was negotiated by an all white. >> exactly. >> conservative group of people. and as you said, that's going to help one set of people. and they put all of the things that are going to help young people, black and brown people, help the environment in this other bill that they're now threatening to flush down the toilet. you know, that they're saying just give us the other bill. it's pretty stark. and democrats need to take notice of, that because folks notice. cori bush notices. congresswoman cori bush, thank you for being here this evening. >> thank you. thank you. up next on "the reidout," yep, it looks like they're close to a deal for sure, but watching the sausage get made, lord, it's like a lot of democrats deeply disappointed. how does the party turn that around in time for the midterms next year. plus, tucker carlson's dangerous propaganda, leading the culture war and teaching republicans how to rewrite and
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reframe not just history, but the things that are happening right now before our very eyes. and's absolute worst. baseball swings and misses in a huge way on racism and human dignity. we got a lot more. "the reidout" continues after this. >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ woman: i have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. now, there's skyrizi. with skyrizi, 3 out of 4 people achieved 90% clearer skin at 4 months after just two doses. skyrizi may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. before treatment, your doctor should check you for infections and tuberculosis. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms, such as fevers, sweats, chills, muscle aches, or coughs or if you plan to or recently received a vaccine. ♪ nothing is everything. ♪ woman: talk to your dermatologist about skyrizi. learn how abbvie could help you save.
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so you can control your network from anywhere, anytime. it's network management redefined. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities. joining me now is juanita tolliver, democratic strategist, and kurt of the dccc. juanita, i don't know if you were able to hear congresswoman corey bush, but she made the point linking these two deals. i talked with pramila jayapal on this show. the risk of delinking the bills always was that manchin and sinema, who really want the hard infrastructure bill would say yeah, great, i got that. and bye when it comes to build back better which is the bill that helps people of color, young people, single moms, et cetera. do you feel that the progressives spotted the potential double cross and won the day today? >> they spotted the double cross
4:26 pm
weeks ago when they held the line, and they did the same today. and they've been consistent in that, because let's be real. >> yes. >> that's what they said back in april when the bipartisan deal was being negotiated. they said you're not getting this unless we make sure we deliver for people. and the thing i love about representative cori bush is she always asks the question, who is this for? who are you prioritizing. >> yes. >> and she named it not only with you, but every single time she and other progressives stand still and hold the line, because we know this is about young people. we know this is about black and brown people. and i think democrats absolutely need to follow her playbook in messaging this to the public, because it's about those tangible very real impacts that we know it's having on people. hey parents, that $200 or $300 you're getting every month in your bank account, that continues for another year. hey families with 3 and 4-year-olds, they get to go to pre-k for free. hey families with older aging parents, here are some investments that not only pay health care better and home care
4:27 pm
workers better, but allow your elders to live safely and comfortably for the long-term that is what democrats need to do. so yes, talk about the top lines in the policy, but talk about the tangible impacts. >> yeah. >> talk about the communities this will provide for, joy. >> you're absolutely right. the u.s. ranks 28th out of 38 industrial countries for the share of 4-year-olds enrolled in early childhood education. we're barely a modern country when it comes to how we treat families, kurt. most people don't know what is in these bills. we try the do it in the show. here is what is in the bills. there is a poll out that only 10% know a lot of the specifics in the bill. i kind of feel like manchin and sinema have taken advantage of that. everyone knows what infrastructure. it's trains, roads, stuff like that, bridges. but the other bill has been allowed to be sort of pushed aside. but it's the bill that helps the most people. so do you think that at this point now that now that the white house understands that he is going to get on that plane, biden, they ain't giving him the bill. and they t-bill won't happen
4:28 pm
until they get build back better. do you think that puts democrats in a stronger position to pass the substantive legislation? >> i do. and i think one thing that we have to remember, and i've been trying to stress this point, every single dollar that democrats approve and joe biden signs into law is one more dollar the republicans want to spend on anything. the republicans want to gut education. they want to gut health care in america. democrats are fighting to make it easier for children, for health care to go down, for education to be accessible, and to put more money in your pocketbook, instead of putting it in the pockets of billionaires which is what republicans want to do. when it comes to the messaging of this thing, and you're right. for too lounge now, we have allowed defining this to be done by other people and outside forces. and it has to be simple. it has to be understandable. and it has to be concrete. republicans are very good at branding, as you and i both know. >> they are. >> we need to start taking a
4:29 pm
page from their book, and we need to make republicans own the fact that they are the ones obstructing things that will make it easier for children to get an education. >> yeah. >> for families to actually be able to aevacuation order child care in america. for families to be able to afford health care in america. we're talking about very basic fundamental rights if we are the great country that republicans want the say that we are, we got to be able to do these things. >> another little stat. most developed countries offer more than $14,000 a year for toddler care. the united states has about $500. and they put it on the employee to do it. here is how sneaky the republicans are, juanita. lawrence o'donnell pointed this out. he caught mitt romney doing some trolling where he put out his little fake ted lasso thing. look who is in the picture with him. he is up there with kyrsten sinema. and he tweeted this out while president biden was doing his speech, as if to say don't trust this lady, right. they've already talked about the fact that republicans, that they love what manchin and sinema are doing because they think it will help them get the other senate
4:30 pm
seat in arizona. listened look at tweets from republicans. alex mooney tweeting about spending, as if they ever cared about that. other people tweeting they don't care about fiscal sanity. they were letting trump spend whatever he wanted. talk about the republican side. because the democrats are messy, but the republicans are absent. >> the republicans are absent. and worse, republicans are only focused on spreading trump's lies and peddling everything that he wants them to peddle because he's got them in a vice grip. but also, that picture of them playing in our faces like come on, sinema. why allow yourself to be used like a prop like that by this guy, a dude with an elevator in his car garage. this is the image you want? this is what you want to be the center of conversation, especially when you're tanking in polls at home and you know democrats want you gone. this is not it. and she needs to get it together. i think the other reality here, like you said, joy, republicans do not care about spending. spending was not anywhere in their minds when they cut taxes
4:31 pm
for the rich and the wealthy back in 2017. but you know why it's front and center now is because the rich and corporations are about to be taxed. that's another message that democrats need to lead with the press. 69% of americans support taxing the rich, support taxinger corporations and making them pay their fair share so we can invest in these types of programs. parents of toddlers get more than $500, and they're wondering why millennials aren't having kids? we're taxing the rich to deliver for you and here is what we're delivering. >> and real quick, kirk, as we leave here, kyrsten sinema is playing a lot of games, thinking she is going to get her infrastructure bill that she negotiated. she might wind up getting nothing, because i think progressives have made it clear, you gets nothing until we help the most people. >> it's like you run the risk of kind of being left at the altar at the last second when you play these games instead of playing in earnest, being transparent,
4:32 pm
and really listening to your constituent it is. let's be very clear here. these are not controversial bills. >> no. these are not controversial provisions. this is not a controversial legislative piece. this is something that the overwhelming majority of the american people clearly want. any time you put yourself on the opposite of, that any time you put yourself in a position to potentially be an obstruction to, that you are playing political fire with your life, with your political livelihood here. and you're also setting yourself up to get a lot of the blame and very little of the credit. >> there you go. i've heard it called maverick theater, what she is doing. won't say who i heard that from. juanita tolliver, kurt bardella, thank you. it's almost time for halloween and there is a monster in our midst. creeping out of the shadows and into the political mainstream. are you frightened yet? you should be. we'll be right back. we'll be ri. i want some more of it♪ ♪i try so hard, i can't rise above it♪
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ends in the same kind of heinz ketchup. because a bit of magic unfolds when there's a ketchup for everyone. the republican party's full-throated embrace of the big lie is proof that the most deranged elements of the far right conspiracy theorists are now just the norm. there is no idea too unhinged to be served up to republican voters by the right's favorite network, fox news. from its most popular host, tucker carlson. on his program last night,
4:37 pm
tuckums went beyond the rewrite of the january 6 insurrection to shameless lying and conspiracy mocking. the one-time speech writer for the disgraced twice impeached former president who was fired for palling around with white nationalists. and ali alexander, one of the organizers of siege who has been subpoenaed by the january 6 committee. he has apparently come out of hiding to become a right wing media star. i am only showing you this because you need to see just how unhinged and frankly dangerous this is. especially coming from the most watched person on fox news. >> the domestic war on terror is
4:38 pm
here. it's coming after half of the country. >> i've been told that i'm a white nationalist, me. >> false flags have happened in this country. ♪ glory, glory hallelujah ♪ >> one of which may have been january 6. >> a false flag. he honestly seems to be pushing fascistic propaganda. that january 6 was government plot to target conservatives that is a lie, full stop. a lie. this special is going air on the network streaming platform. but he used the main fox news platform to promote it. and streaming online is potentially more dangerous. it can go more viral that way. fox news is basically letting him go full info wars in prime time. he is no different at this point than alex jones. tucker is the main actor teaching the right how to normalize fascism, white nationalism, and white supremacy. and now he is priming easily at least a third of this country's
4:39 pm
adult population to go all in on this radical rewrite of january 6. and with it to normalize violence. just listen to this man in the audience at an event held by the right wing organization turning point usa just this week. >> this is tyranny. when do we get to use the guns? no, and i'm not -- that's not a joke. i'm not saying it like that. i mean literally, where is the line? how many elections are they going steal before we kill these people? >> hold on. no, stop. hold on. now i'm going to denounce that, and i'm going tell you why, because you're playing into all their plans, and they're trying to make you do this. >> and to be clear, while charlie kirk denounced that question at the time, only because it plays into the wrong hands, the appropriate answer would have been to say never. but there is no bottom for these people. but back to tuckums. when it comes to his latest propaganda effort, a handful of
4:40 pm
the usual suspects have spoken out. adam kinzinger called it disgusting, and liz cheney said correctly that fox is giving him a platform to spread the same lies that provoked january 6 to begin with. and tagged rupert murdoch and several executive, including former house speaker paul ryan. remember him? even geraldo rivera slammed tuckums for the documentary, which he called inflammatory and outrageous. as for the network itself, though, it's crickets. rupert murdoch? oh, he is busy giving trump a giant platform on his other outfit, the "wall street journal." and what about the leadership with the republican party? you know the folks who happily trot on over to his program when it suits them, kevin mccarthy, mitch mcconnell, lindsey graham, nothing. so when tucker carlson, fox's in-house promoter of white nationalist, white replacement theory begins his three nights of serving up an unhinged version of january 6 to radicalize the widest audience possible, remember that republicans said nothing and unleashed this monster on all of
4:41 pm
us. and up next, they're not just saying the quiet part out loud anymore. they are shoutling it from the freaking rooftoping more on the gop's embrace of violent ultra nationalism. more after the break. stay with us. downy unstopables in-wash scent boosters keep your laundry smelling fresh waaaay longer than detergent alone. pour a cap of downy unstopables into your washing machine before each load. and enjoy fresher smelling laundry. if you want laundry to smell fresh for weeks make sure you have downy unstopables in-wash scent boosters. shop online for downy unstopables, including our new, lighter scent. this is... ♪ ♪ this is iowa. we just haven't been properly introduced. say hello to the place where rolling hills meets low bills. where our fields, inside and out, are always growing.
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one of the guests on tuckums' show last night shortly after he unveiled his propaganda to rewrite the january 6 insurrection was glenn youngkin, the republican candidate for governor of virginia. the new poster child for the republicans' current twisted priority of banning books when they're not trying to reenact "fahrenheit 451." republicans are continuing to lose their minds over the justice department's effort to protect school board officials threatened with violence over race conscious lessons and mask ruchlts at a senate hearing with attorney general merrick garland, ted cruz once again proved there is no bottom. >> i did a quick count just sitting here during this hearing i counted 20 incidents cited.
4:46 pm
of the 20, 15 on their face are nonviolent. they involve things like insults. they involve a nazi salute. that's one of the examples. my god, a parent did a nazi salute at a school board because they thought the policies were oppressive. general garland, is doing a nazi suit at an elected official, is that protected by the first amendment? >> yes, it is. >> joining me now is california congressman eric swalwell. he was an impeachment manager early this year, and cynthia idris, professor at the school of education at american university and the author of "hate in the homeland: the new global far right." representative swalwell, your thoughts on head cruz defending the nazi salute. he later said well, he was just defending parents' rights. your thoughts. >> imagine wanting to own the libs so bad that you would
4:47 pm
defend the nazi salute to a jewish attorney general. that's where they are right now. good evening, joy. good evening, professor. but this also is defending the violence that many are taking against school board members across america. maybe i'm a little sensitive to this. my working class dad ran for and was the president of a school board. it's one of the hardest jobs in america. but we now see republicans believing that people not only have a right to go to the school board, but they have a right to go there and incite and threaten violence against people making decisions about our kids' education. and ted cruz is cool with it. he just doesn't want the police to get in the way, professional miller idris, welcome back to the show, i should say. when you have norm core supposedly republicans like glenn youngkin, who is running in virginia, people like head cruz who used to be i'm a fiscal conservative. that used to be his thing. i'm a constitutional conservative. but they're now normalizing and
4:48 pm
rubbing elbows with open white nationalism, white replacement theory, some really dangerous ideologies that are designed to whip up, you know, particularly white men and working class white men, noncollege white men. and then you have one of those working class white men, or we don't know his class or whatever show up at an event and say when do we get to start killing, i don't know why anybody is surprised, but are you surprised that's where we are? >> i'm not surprised anymore. and thanks for having me back. it's good to be here. it's good to be here with you both. i think what we're seeing here is under the guise of free speech, a lot of the veneer of kind of respectability that mainstream politicians and mainstream news platforms carry, you have actually now holocaust minimization happening, and you have real mainstreaming and
4:49 pm
legitimizeing. free speech is final. you cannot compare, you know, a mask mandate or a vaccine mandate to the holocaust. it's just -- even if it's allowed, legally allowed, it's incredibly dangerous. and right when we have holocaust denial happening online in ways that recruit and draw people into extremist moments. >> you know, congressman, all of this feels like a really dangerous stew that's being created here. you have fox news putting tucker carlson on a specialty. they're going to do it on their streaming platform to basically do his own alex jones, to go info wars and claim it was all a false flag on january 6. and then the same empire, rupert murdoch's empire publishing a full-on letter from donald trump which again promotes the big lie and denies the election was valid. they let him do that in the hall load "wall street journal," claiming that it's legitimate to do it because it reflects on his fitness for 2024.
4:50 pm
you've got people being promoted and put into place in michigan, conspiracy theorists are being installed in nonpartisan election canvasser positions. they're putting the worst of the worst, the farthest right people in positions where they're going to have the ability to look the look at elections and determine who wins elections. i feel like the republican party is gone and paul ryan, have you heard from him lately on whether or not he thinks there's something wrong with what they're doing at fox? >> he's on the board there and he should resign if he does not agree with what they're doing, joy, because right now it's tucker carlson makes a tribute video to the terrorists, celebrates the cop killers, the message that is received by the people watching is if we do this again, we will be honored on fox news. we'll get our own documentary honoring what we've done and so people at home are making the bombs, loading the guns, sharpening the knives, getting ready to aim their venom at
4:51 pm
whoever tucker carlson says is the next target. it's an extremely volatile situation that we're in right now. the best thing that anchors at fox news can do if they don't agree with it, what you would do, joy, if someone in the msnbc lineup had a one hour special honoring al qaeda is resign. if you're going to show this, i'm not going to be part of your network. >> the thing about it, professor, i used to watch some of these isis recruitment videos when i used to do a daytime program. they were very similar in that they showed lots of action, lots of very -- they were very cinematic and they were designed to draw a certain kind of man, a young man who was frustrated by whatever was happening in their life and get them to comfort action. this video was cut very similarly. it has the cinematic action movie cut. it isn't that different and so, you know, they're trying to get angry about the fact that they're talking about domestic terrorism. they look like the videos that
4:52 pm
terrorists make. >> these are propaganda tactics that are perfect ituation -- persuasive. they're used across ideologies to play into a lot of emotional characteristics that draw people into these movements, that make them feel a sense of betrayal, that makes them feel like they are being called upon to act heroically. they think they're thwarting threats to democracy so it's a twisting of, you know, characteristics that may have drawn them into veterans movements -- into the active military to begin with. the same characteristics around heroism or courageous action. they're being manipulated. >> i think i have to remind our audience that fox news's broadcast on military bases all over the world, there were people that had military
4:53 pm
connections that were there on january 6th. they are trying to -- they are trying to radicalize even people in our military. rupert mourdock should have the answer for it. it will involve rupert mourdock. congressman eric swal well, cynthia miller idris. the absolute worst is next. the venerable world series provides a shameful reminder of america's ongoing mistreatment of native americans. it just doesn't stop, y'all. we'll be right back. ♪don't know what it is 'bout that little gal's lovin'♪ ♪but i like it, i love it♪ applebee's. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. [music: "i swear"] jaycee tried gain flings for the first time the other day... applebee's. and forgot where she was.
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a $500 prepaid card when you upgrade. call today. [ eerie music playing ] attention all responders be advised, we have a violent criminal at large. she's losing a lot of blood. be on the lookout for a man with a white mask. run. it's halloween, everyone's wearing masks. oh god. no man could have survived that fire. [ screaming ] michael myers has haunted this town for forty years. [ chanting ] evil dies tonight! tonight we hunt him down. [ chanting ] evil dies tonight! he's coming for me... -run. and i'm coming for him. the world series between the atlanta braves and houston astros is happening now shifting to the stadium in atlanta for the next three games which means viewers across the country will soon be subjected to a particular show of fandom that has royaled baseball for decades and that's the tomahawk chop.
4:58 pm
a synchronized movement of the arm, a gesture and chant promoting stereotypes, charactures and frankly hatred of american people. a chop gets the world series spotlight starting tomorrow as other teams are retiring such appropriation. the washington football team dished its former name, a racial slur we will not be repeating here. the cleveland ipd yabs banished their extremely offensive logo. rob manfred said the native american community is supportive of the braves program including the chop but, yeah, no. native americans and allies have protested the chop for at least 30 years including actual native american baseball players like ryan helsley. he was forced to pitch amid the chop when his team faced the braves. the national congress of
4:59 pm
american indians responded to manfred saying native people are not mascots, degrading rituals like the tomahawk chop that dehumanize and harm us have no place in american society and it's all over-mile-per-hour society. you have to wonder how on earth is this happening? we know, don't we? it's allowed for the same reason that white parents are allowed to erase centuries of truth from u.s. history, why they get to expunge tony morrison books or any role of andrew jackson. the entitlement, white privilege which boils down to complete impunity for them. isn't that what the cult of trumpism is and what this offensive gross tomahawk chop embodies. it's no wonder trump is attending game four. his core belief is racists can do whatever they want and others
5:00 pm
are ridiculed, erased, deduced from the stereotype that justifies a genocide. it's your right to use team sanctioned racism to root for the home team. that is the absolute worst. that's tonight's reed out. all in with chris hayes starts right now. tonight on "all in." >> no one got everything they wanted including me, but that's what compromise is. >> as the build back better plan finally approaches a vote, tonight a long view of what this means and how we got here. >> your vote tomorrow will decide which party controls the united states senate. >> then the historic civil trial of white supremacists begins in charlottesville. >> we're not nonviolent. we'll [ bleep ] kill these people if we have to. >> we'll go inside the courtroom where this guy cites things.


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