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tv   Deadline White House  MSNBC  October 29, 2021 1:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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hi there, everyone. it's 4:00 in new york. more than ten months after the disgraced, twice impeached expresident left office, the relentless trumpfication of the republican party shows no signs of letting up. today the purge of the rare truth teller in the gop claims its biggest trophy yet, the retirement of adam kinzinger. he's one of a minuscule handful of republicans grounded in reality, and one of just two republicans currently serving on the january 6th select committee. in a video where he denounced leaders who, quote, reach power selling the false promise that strength comes from degrading others, we are looking at you, donald trump, kinzinger made noted of the ten republicans who voted to kbooech the former president for inciting that deadly insurrection. >> i stand in awe at the courage
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of the other nine members in the house who voted to kbooechl impeach a president of their own party knowing it could be detrimenta to their political career. most important lesion i admire those everywhere who put their country above their party in service to their iffo man. >> kinzinger has been one of the loudest and most effective critics of his own party and its embrace of donald trump and the january ths insurrectionists. here's what he wrote. it will matter to the future the country in terms of who wins elections. but what's most important is to look at how a democracy endures. every generation has some kind of challenge to the republic, right? not as big as this, but there is always some moment. if we don't get this right, and the misinformation of peaceful protests becomes cemented in narrative, we'll not have
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learned anything, and this democracy will be in real trouble. that's what matters. what is the narrative of january 6th in ten years? it is clear kinzinger sees his work on the january 6th committee as his swan song. the committee is quickly zeroing in on the architects of trump's coup plans that planned to throw out the election result and give himself a second term in office. nbc news is learning the committee is looking to subpoena john east man by the meddle of next week. he wrote the now infamous memo outlining the plot for pence to stop the certification of the electoral college results on january 6th. the "washington post" is also reporting on the legal woes of another trump ally who is also under scrutiny. jeffrey clark, who plotted with trump to take over the justice department and get baseless voter fraught claims. he was scheduled to show up in
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front of the committee today. it was postponed as his attorney dumped him. while the committee is set to respond to trump's lawsuit seeking to block all of his assets today, they are asking a federal judge to side with the 1/6 committee, a group lays out why the investigation into january 6th is so important. quote, as our country remains at risk of its greatest political and constitutional crisis since the civil war with a reasonable chance over the next three to four years of an incident of mass vie wlens and a breakdown of federal authority it is violates that congress have the ability to exercise those constitutional authorities now, before the lives of senators, representatives, and the vice president of the united states, along with their staffs, and the law enforcement officers charged with protecting the capitol and its inhabitants are ever again threatened, or the peaceful transfer of power is again
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imperilled. the stakes of the investigation of the january 6th committee is where we start this hour. carlos curbelo is here, he is one of the lawmakers who signed onto the brief we just read from. also joining us, jackie al mainy, author of the early 202 newsletter. and mike schmidt is here, "new york times" washington correspondent. also an msnbc national security contributor. congressman, i start with you, and your thoughts on the retirement of someone who has to be the most effective person calling out republican hypocrisy and submission to donald trump. >> it's a major loss for the congress, nicole, and a major loss for the country. i served alongside adam kinzinger. he is an honest man. he is unafraid. he will pursue the truth wherever it leads. and the good news for the country is that he still has over a year left in congress,
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and i can assure you, he will use all of his resources and all of his time to continue pursuing the truth with regards to what happened on january 6th. and not just the truth, but who needs to be held accountable. so it's a big loss for the congress. by the way, adam kin zinger is not running away. he's going to remain active. he's also a kim of redistricting in illinois, which is happening all over the country. so i don't want people to think that he's walking away. he's not. he pretty much doesn't have a choice given the way the maps are going to work out in illinois. but the good news, again, is that we still have him for over a year. >> want to come to you, jackie al mainy. was this a surprise to his colleagues or his staff? or was this, for some of the reasons the congressman cited, expected? >> i think regardless of the reality here and the message that former congressman corbelo is putting forth here, this is a
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surprise to some people on capitol hill. and it's also being looked at as a victory for people in trump's orbit. former trump staffers have publicly and very privately been taking a victory lap. this is undoubtedly a scalp for former president trump and his efforts to really wipe out anyone who publicly disputes his false assertions of election fraud and his continued, you know, propagandists attempts. first it was anthony gonzalez. now it is adam kinzinger. i feel like last week, nicole, you and i were talking about kind the slow disintegration of the group of ten republicans who voted to impeach president trump. they have gotten quieter and quieter, smaller and smaller. and now one of the biggest leaders of that group is calling it quits and throwing his towel
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in. >> mike schmidt, donald trump has smeared people, places things, but he has no venom quite as vicious as that for republicans who don't sort of kevin mccarthy him, pick out his favorite flaifrd star bursts and recant the truth about the insurrection. there is no one more vilified by trump and his crowd than republicans who, in his crew, cross him. >> did president -- the former president has been incredibly effective in this area. the list of moderate republicans that survived the trump era is small, if not non-existent. just this week, jeff flake was confirmed to be an ambassador for joe biden. just a clear example of where these people stand in trump's world, and the stronghold that trump continues to have on the party here even if his -- his
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raleighs and his speeches and everything are not broadcast on national television and are not given full attention, he continues to show this strangle hold on the party that continues to move in his direction. it's not like it's moving away from him. it is moving closer and closer to him like the example we saw today. >> congressman, that's what so remarkable. he was one of the biggest electoral losers in modern republican history. his defeat in the popular vote was of historic size. his loss of the senate was a crushing blow to mitch mcconnell. he is sort of an electoral loser, the likes of which republicans haven't seen in a few cycles. and yet what mike is saying is certainly true. his ability to purge anyone who -- they are not crossing his tax policy, not crossing him on policy level. they are simply telling the
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truth. that we were in safe rooms on january 6th because donald trump supporters came here to try to overthrow the peaceful transfer of power, they attacked the united states capitol. what i find interesting about your rule is that it feels for a defense for the rule of law, that a congressional subpoena has to still mean something. if we lose that, from trump's perspective, he seems to be wielding as much power out of office as loser, as he did in. >> it is extraordinary, nicole. i mean, trump lost congress for republicans. he lost the presidency for republicans. he went out of his way to make sure republicans lost two seats in georgia, pushing mitch mcconnell into the minority in the senate. and yet, republicans who are fearful of a primary challenge -- by the way, that's the only reason they do it, and they will tell you privately. they won't say it publicly. but republicans who are fearful of a primary challenge, which is
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most people in politics these days, to be fair, find the need to continue returning to the altar of donald trump to get a blessing and get another two years in congress. and at the end of the day, these people have to ask themselves, is it worth it? is it worth it? look at everything that's at stake. i very rarely sign basketball documents or letters these days, but i thought i had to do this, nicole. because this is about the truth. this is about defending our country's democrat crazy. -- country's democracy. my family -- my parents lost their country because there was no rule of law there one day when they woke up. that's why i signed that letter. and that's why i hope, even as adam kinzinger leaves congress that more republicans will wake up and understand that this is a lot bigger than another two years serving in the house of representatives. >> i am going to read from your letter.
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but if they don't follow your path and adam kinzinger's path, would you like to see the republican party burned to the ground because it represents a break from the rule of law and democratic norms? >> well, i think that will happen naturally. i mean we have seen people move away from the republican party since the end of the trump presidency. when you look at voter registration in a lot of states you have seen a lot of centrist republicans become independents. even democratics. now, we only have two parties in this country. so, you know, the other one is always going to get a chance, right, because the party in power inevitably trips. but you know, more and more, especially with the young generations of voters, nicole, there is not a market for trumpism. so the republican party will ultimately fail if it does not move away from this one-man rule inside the party. >> i want to read from your letter. this is from the brief. if traitors bent on disrupting and damaging our government were
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to meticulously plan and nearly succeed in applying a jumbo jet into the white house we would not expect congress to implement stronger safeguards without the opportunity to investigate the attackers. and we certainly would not expect congress to sit on its hands when it comes to such an important matter of national security. why do you think some of the same members people like mitch mcconnell who were in their current jobs on 19 when jumbo jets certainly could have been headed to the white house. they flew into the twin towers and the pentagon and a field in pennsylvania. but why do you think this national security question that you guys raised isn't of interest to mitch mcconnell now? >> nicole, because i think, regrettably, everyone is now focused on 2022. and republicans see that they have an opportunity to perhaps return to power in the house, maybe even in the senate. and they are putting the truth, these principles, aside in order to focus on elections. look, i have given mitch mcconnell a lot of credit. no one was more explicit and
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crystal clear about what was at stake on the 6th of january. but in some way, people have moved on. and you can't move on until you uncover the truth. and the reason donald trump is claiming executive privilege is because he doesn't want people to know the truth. because whatever is in those documents is surely embarrassing, and probably indicting. so he doesn't want people to see it. plus, he probably thinks it will make it harder for him to run in 2024 if he ultimately decides to do that. this is about uncovering the truth. if we don't do it, we are just going to continue seeing our democracy, our government trust in society deteriorate. >> speaking of getting to the truth i want to see if we have this clip of adam kinzinger during the january 6th hearing. we are working on that. i want to turn to adam kinzinger's work on this committee with you, jackie, and mike. he has been out front with the
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chairman, bepy thompson, and the vice chair, liz cheney, in saying that a subpoena for donald trump isn't out of the question. in pursuing both the subpoenas and the contempt charge for steve bannon, it seems, jackie, that this retirement in some ways may free him up even more than he already appears to be to do what carlos is talking about, to get to the truth. >> yeah, that's -- that might be true. i also think that in some way, him, you know, sort of taking a concession in the view of pro-trump republicans and going ahead and retire also knewer thes some of the power he had previously enjoyed as a republican who was not retiring on this committee. i mean him and liz cheney have added some important important bipartisan bone phied to the work this committee is doing. there is no doubt.
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but i fear that in the republican conservative messaging silo machine that, you know, because he is sort of -- because so many pro-trump republicans are taking this victory lap now, it gives them further reason and further ammunition to delegitimize the work the committee is doing. they have been called republicans only in name and tried to delegitimize all the work they have done for the republican party. while that's not the case. we do know this is an environment now such that conservative media, you for example it is an ecosystem here, and whatever message they ultimately pick up on, that was the message among conservative voters. >> not to mention with tucker
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carlson's documentary being teased out. they are expected to subpoena john eastman next wednesday. you profiled john eastman. he was described by adam kinzinger as the architect of the coup plot. it sounded like he was going to take this fall of coup plotting based on sort the false indication of fraud from donald trump that bill barr never saw that no one was able to produce and write a book and run with it. now he can't find a lawyer. where are those two things in conflict? >> well, look, there are a lot of lawyers out there who will represent a lot of unsavory clients. after all, people who go on trial for murder usually have lawyers. in the case of eastman, he has struggled to find a lawyer, to find someone who will walk with him up to capitol hill and into an interview room and be photographed with him and speak to the press about him and help him through that process. some folks that i have spoken to in the conservative legal world
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have said they would no interest in representing him. there are in fact lawyers who rebuffed overtures from him to represent him. they don't want anything to do with him because they are so put off by what he did, and find it so hard to defend. it's not only what is written in the memo, but even what came out in the past week, in this video of him speaking about this. they are very concerned about being associated with someone who, you know, helped the president try and overthrow an election here and they don't want anything to do with him. it's just one of the difficulties and one of the things that will slow down the committee here because they need good lawyers on the sides of these witnesses in order to negotiate the terms for interviews, to get them in for interviews, to get information from them. this will slow them down. >> jackie, i find that so extraordinary. i mean you look at some of the
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characters. matt gaetz has an attorney, he is an alleged sex trafficker. paul manafort had an opportunity, an alleged clueder with officials from ukraine. donald trump was represented in his second impeachment by some guy from pennsylvania. the fact that john eastman can't find a lawyer seems like a sign that the legal world is totally disconnected from the republican party. >> yeah, nicole. it's not just that there are a lot of republican lawyers that can't stomach the coup but i also think there is a consensus and a private feeling that it is bad lawyering and bad constitutional reasoning and arguing that they have heard time and time again from eastman who is a particularly mercurial character that has emerged out of this entire insurrection and legal operation that he got himself involved in on behalf of the former president. but there are breakups between
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lawyers are abound here. jeffrey clark broke up with his lawyer, bob driscoll yesterday as well. that led to a postponement of clark's deposition. that occurred because my colleagues reported that driscoll couldn't agree on how to cooperate with the committee. i think we are going the see more and more schisms and problems between these who continue to argue and assert that the former president should still be president and that joe biden's presidency is illegitimate. >> you know, mike, mark meadows has a real lawyer, a respected conservative figure, someone who has been around for a long time. i think we might have lost mike. but congressman, let me ask you
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this question. george terwilliger is representing the former white house chief of staff, a. toer d.o.j. official. what in your mind are the distinction carlos between someone like mark meadows who we know from the senate judiciary report was on all those calls with trump, on the call with raffensperger. all the flash points of the coup plot certainly put mark meadows in the room as much as mark eastman was writing a memo. is it the premeditation of what eastman did, writing it down on paper how you would overturn the will of the american people that mix him more toxic to republican lawyers? >> nicole, there was a point made earlier about how each people who are charged with murder get representation. i mean, that's probably easier than representing eastman. >> wow. >> because he is operating in fantasy.
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>> yeah. >> he is operating in fantasy. he drafted something that is completely made up. so i would imagine that most attorneys, or apparently no attorney wants to sit there and defend something that's science fiction or you know, out of some crazy, fantastic movie. so that's the issue here. look, mark meadows and others are probably going to do whatever they need to do to defend themselves and, you know, will maybe put out as much information as they think is reasonable. but eastman -- this is just -- i mean, why would anyone sign up for that? literally, it is easier to represent someone charged with murder. >> so amazing. you have all bunt my mind saying it is easier to represent an accused murderer than john eastman. wow. carlos, jackie, and mike thank you all so much for starting us off this hour. when we come back, another
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prominent voice calling on fox news to cancel tucker carlson's dangerous propaganda piece about january 6th the head of the antidefamation league saying the show will fan the flames of conspiracy theorists. jonathan greenblatt will be our next guest. in virginia, both candidates urging residents to get out to vote early. we will go live on the ground to virginia and talk about the issues fuelling turnout on both sides. later in the program georgia's republican secretary of state calling out members of his party again for their lack of moral courage in denouncing the big lie as that state readies for a slew of voting law changes. all after a quick break of don't go anywhere. nywhere. ♪
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the tucker carlson makes a tribute video for the terrorist, celebrates the cop killer, the message that is received by the people watching is, if we do this again, we will be honored on fox news. so people at home are making the bombs, loading the guns, sharpening the knives, getting ready to aim their venom at whoever tucker carlson says the next target. >> strong words there from congressman eric swalwell on the dangerous propaganda series set to air next week on fox news. it appears to baselessly frame january 6th as a false flag instead of what it was, an insurrection and treason inspired by donald trump.
1:27 pm
as the real images of that day on the left side of your screen show to anyone with eyes. even more dangerous a tucker carlson original, instead of what it is, permission and the stage for the big lie and extremism to grow. jonathan greenblatt head of the anti-defamation league wrote to fox's ceo. i have to ask, where is the line for you and fox? how many more people need to die? how many individuals must subscribe to groundless conspiracies before you say enough is enough? clearly, carlson has the right to make outrageous claims, but freedom of speech is not freedom of reach. you have no obligation to validate his views with air time on your platform. and i would argue, a moral responsibility not do so. joining us now, jonathan greenblatt of the anti-defamation league. your letter caught my attention. you are fighting extremism on all sides. tell me why this one sort of got
1:28 pm
you to write this letter and respond almost immediately? >> well, thank you for having me, nicole. i would say that it is sort of a sad and disturbing commentary on our current social and political climate that we have a major so-called news personality and network airing basically a propaganda piece that promotes delusional far-right conspiracy theories about the assault on the capitol that, as you said, we all watched happen on january 6th. you know, and tucker carlson lass a long and documented history of promoting white supremacist talking points and extremist narratives, including his nightly embrace of the anti-semitic great replacement theory, his xenophobic and racist opinions on immigrants. and it has literally -- literally, initiated violence in the past. we have seen over and over again the consequences of unhinged
1:29 pm
conspiracies, from pittsburgh. we honored the three year anniversary this week of 11 people slaughtered in pittsburgh. to poway, to el paso, to christchurch. those acts of violence were animated by many of the same grievances that carlson promotes. in fact we just learned yesterday from the child in charlottesville, that crit over the cantwell, the kind of crying nazi, he said that he and his friends watch tucker carlson every night from their jail cell. so, you know, honestly, what makes this so dire, so frightening, is that tucker carlson is host -- is from some far fringe website hosting a call-in for a dozen friends. he has a platform literally on primetime on the most watched news network in america. so murdoch has to look in the mirror and ask himself, this really what we want to promote.
1:30 pm
>> we have been covering the charlottesville trial and he said he gets his legal advice from watching tucker carlson's program. now they know, right? it's all out there. i wonder -- tucker carlson doesn't russia is have a platform. he is the most watched host. and he is the most anti-semitic, the most pro-white extremism, the most sort of permission structure building for kyle rittenhouse, for all the sort of white violence to go so far as to call these false flag operations. and i wonder what it says to you that that's the most popular show on the network. >> it's deeply disturbing that the network chooses to validate his views with this primetime platform. i mean, keep in mind, again, this propaganda film that he is going to be pushing next week. they are choosing, knowingly, to schedule this. i mean, it's a shocking
1:31 pm
dereliction of duty. it's the kind of malfeasance you would not expect from a national news network. and, again, nicole, it is deeply dangerous. we have seen propaganda and hate speech has real-world consequences. adl is the oldest anti-hate organization in the united states. we have seen again and again how anti-semitic rhetoric leads to real-world violence. and to think that the murdochs somehow believe that this is okay, to use that phrase you just did, they are granting this, privileging him with a permission structure. and look, from promoting wild, you know, answered semitic george soros conspiracies to suggesting, literally, as he did last december, that white supremacy wasn't real, to so many other just heinous things that he says every night, at some point, nicole, you have got to ask yourself, when will this stop?
1:32 pm
>> you know, charlie sykes said on this program that it will take a tragedy to wake people up, to break the fever. but for all the tragedies you just cited, el paso, the three-year anniversary of the synagogue mass murder. we are post tragedy crisis. and i wonder, with eyes wide open, do you simply feel that we are in a period of, as the fbi has warned, sort of white-inspired racist violence being a gravest threat to the homeland for the foreseeable future? >> yeah. i mean, don't quote me. you can quote christopher wray, fbi director for saying this. but the idea is, adl, we track far right extremists, left wing radicals, political extremists, you name it. we alarmed at what we are seeing.
1:33 pm
this movement, they call it justice for j 6, as if somehow who marauded through our capitol, who called to overturn the government, who called to hang mike pence are somehow martyrs of some sort? yeah, i believe we are post tragedy here and it is going to require all of us, a whole of society approach. we need responsible public officials. we need business leaders. we need faith leaders. we need civil society, we need all of us to lock arms and say enough, the danger is just too great. >> we will stay on this. i appreciate your letter and i appreciate you taking the time to talk to us today. thank you very much. >> thank you for covering this. >> jonathan greenblatt. the battle teen terry mcauliffe and glen youngkin as the virginia governor's race sprints to a dramatic end. cultural issues and race inflaming their last political messages and are on the minds of
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1:38 pm
in a race that tapped into the culture war surrounding critical race theory and education. with youngkin hoping to rile up the republican base while mcauliffe continues tie his opponent to the disgraced twice impeached expresident. voting turnout is high so far. already 870,000 votes cast as of yesterday according to the department of elections. joining us now, the reverend al sharpton, host of msnbc's "politics nation" and president of the national action network and at one of those early voting sites in richmond, virginia, our colleague, heidi president bella. you are there on the grounds. tell me what you are hearing. >> nicole, if you had any doubts about what this election is about, the duelling ads that were just cut by both of these gentlemen really focus on education, education from a conservative woman's standpoint targeting suburban women on both sides of the aisle. for conservative weapon that's about some of the culture wars
1:39 pm
taking place at schools. it is about the lock dunst they felt were unnecessary as well as this notion that critical race theory is being taught in schools when we really don't have evidence of that. for democrats it is about these same issues, schools pushing back on the culture claims, reproductive issues. talk listen to the cross section of women we talked to earlier. >> for me the issues are public education and gun safety laws. my kids go to public school, i attended public school. my mom taught for 30 years in public school. it's important. and most kids in virginia go to public school. so it's something we need to invest in. >> i will be voting for glen youngkin on november 2nd. education is the top issue. virtual schools didn't do kids any favors. it is it is important for in-school education to be happening, quality education to be happening. i don't think critical race theory has any place in our public schools. >> the one thing that both sides agreed on here, these suburban
1:40 pm
women, here, nicole, they are exhausted physically and momently after a year of virtual school shouldering most of the child care burdens. but looking a the polling, the state has a history of voting for the party that is out of office for the white house and that those thing do bode well for youngkin. but the democratic women at the same time when i talked to them they said yeah we are tired as heck but we are still going to vote. and of course this was the demographic that really helped push democrats not only over the line in 2017 but give a big margin of victory. >> heidi s critical race theory taught to that woman's children? >> you know, i asked that. and there really is no evidence of that. of course, the ad that was cut by youngkin focused on this love, beloved, from toni
1:41 pm
morrison that was taught in a single ap class. the mother who didn't like it was offended by it cut an ad. but that was the one incident of something being taught that a suburban mom didn't like that is not necessarily critical race theory. however, youngkin is really leaning into this. and a lot of people in this state, nicole, really do believe that it's a thing and it's being taught. >> rev, critical race theory is not taught in elementary school in virginia. it's not taught in elementary school at all. it is a theory, sometimes taught in law school. youngkin's campaign is a lie. if terry mcauliffe loses based on a lie it is a political failure as well not to debunk the lie. >> it is. i'm in richmond, virginia, as well. i was there on a referendum national action network is
1:42 pm
supporting. i have heard this throughout the day here. critical race theory is not thought only in elementary school, it is not taught in high school or junior high school. i think that, clearly, the democrats should have debunked this. again, we are dealing with republicans that campaign on a big lie and that will use cultural issues to divide people and divide them with misinformation. so when you can take a toni morrison book, an award-winning author who has gotten every mainstream award in the country and internationally and act like she is some threat to people based on some extreme racial theory is absurd on its face. and i really believe that we are seeing the really dumbing down of american politics if people can continue to get away with this and the democrats not be able to debunk it.
1:43 pm
because if toni morrison is an extremist and it is something that scares children of different color, then i don't know who will in the long run be acceptable to people. we are becoming a nation that is so ill intolerant that even the tolerable becomes intolerant. >> rev, how did we get here? >> i think we got here because we started in many ways rationalizing extremism, reporting extremists who used every dog whistle in his setup to become the president of the united states. and we continue to allow him to act like he was robbed when he lost by 7 million votes. i think we are playing on people's fears. we are playing on people's emotions. and people that know better are not speaking up loudly enough. and not being adamant enough to say this is nonsense. when you see people in the senate that are republican that
1:44 pm
know better who will not say better, they are part of what i feel is the breaking down of this country to where we may not be able to get back to where we should any time soon. and that's sad. they know better. they know that donald trump lost the election. they know toni morrison is not some extremist. they know that racial -- critical race theory is not being taught in schools. but not one of them will stands up. not one republican would even vote to have a debate, a debate, on holding in terms of the question of freedom to vote act. where are we where when decent people are allowing indecent people to have the microphone and the megaphone without any contradictions or questions? >> heidi, if you can find anyone who can produce for you any curriculum that proves us room that critical race theory is
1:45 pm
indeed being taught to children in virginia, please, please, please wave your arms and come back. we will be here another hour and 15 minutes. heidi president bella thank you for joining us. the rev is sticking around. president biden putting his domestic agenda asid for a little while kicking off his full day overseas meeting with the pope ahead of his meeting with the president of france. he is about to attend two major world summits. we will talk about it next. d tw world summits. we will talk about it next
1:46 pm
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1:49 pm
president biden overseas in rome. america's second catholic president meeting with pope francis this morning. then turned to diplomacy meeting with various world leaders ahead of the g20 and u.n. climate summits this week. president biden looking to show the world america is back on the international stage and ared to meet the 21st century issues the world faces despite failing to get to agreement on some of his signature spending agendas back home. he met with the president of france and. in their meeting today the president acknowledged the u.s. could have done a better job communicating with our oldest ally over a submarine deal with australia. >> h australia. >>
1:50 pm
[ indiscernible ] there is too much we have done together that we have suffered together, celebrated together and valued together for anything to really break us up. >> joining our cold front bureau chief ashley parker. not for long. just wave if you have to go. skbloo actually, tell us about the white house's objectives in terms of what they want to highlight and make sure it reaches audiences back home from this trip. >> well, in some ways, it's the same as his first trip, the g7 and then some other countries that i accompanied him on but it is more complicated because he's further into his administration. that messy work of governing. when he was campaigning he talked about how he would show how democracy worked. and that is in some ways what he
1:51 pm
is showing but democracy is tricky, held up by humans on both sides. what he wanted to show was the way washington could in an alan sorkin work. bold to talk about with planet change. he does not have that. he has a framework of a deal which includes half a trillion dollars. there are some objectives still that america can take leadership on. about the pandemic, about the role of the united states and europe in the world, so these are still his objectives. they are just a little bit undermined or undercut by the complicated reality of the mess in washington and the global pandemic and climate change that is proceeding unabated. >> i want to read some of the
1:52 pm
reporting ashley is talking about. one of the key abductions to shifting away from oil has been the costs but the president has been making the climb that nature is already exacting a price. president obama is also going to lend a hand to this agenda. the obama foundation is going to be sort of coming in and undergirding that message. i wonder if you think that this issue with all corners of our country, seeing this extreme weather from flooding in new york city and new jersey to rampant fires in places that have never burned in california. if you think this might be soft of part of that. >> i absolutely do. i mean, the evidence is in the tex dream that we're seeing when you see this nation from coast to coast, all facing weather
1:53 pm
emergencies, things that don't happen at the seasons that we are accustomed to and that are more intense. i think that that is the evidence that the voters and the population is seeing that is pushing and supporting the president is pushing, and to raise it on a global level when we have these kind of domestic challenges i think is appropriate and i think it's time we are going to face a real crisis if we do not emplace the fact that there's going to have to be a real collective effort by nations around the world to deal this global emergency. but we have to set the example. i don't think we need much encouragement when we see the kind of weather and weather related catastrophes that we're facing one after another right here in the united states. >> actually, i know that this is
1:54 pm
one of those issues that, especially european allies feel a lot of angst when there's a republican administration that doesn't row the same way. i wonder what this sort of in crisis mode and the enduring anxiety of a return of donald trump to the white house, is even having a president, making this a priority is sort of the same relief it used to be for european leaders. >> well, i think one of the things that makes it les of a release, as of now, one of the four things he outside lined, he again is going to arrive in glasgow with nothing tangible to show for this. there is a spring mark. leaders are savvy. they can see what he is lobbying for, what the democratic party
1:55 pm
wants but what has been signed into law, as of yet, there's not that much to deliver. about the questions of biden versus trump, generally this would be a concern on the first trip where biden is saying america is back where the world leaders were so excited to greet him. when you talk to him again, only exponentially true now, there's a sense of they see what's happening. they see what's going on. with the january 6th complete, with the continuation optical the so-called big lie that former president trump is pushing. they are very aware there's a better than 50% chance that donald trump may announce that he is running again. even if he doesn't, just his mere presence impacts politics in washington and therefore what this democrat elected president. issues like climate change is
1:56 pm
actually able to accomplish. >> any reaction to adam kin singer's retirement from the white house? >> not -- to be honest, i haven't asked the white house about that, but just in general, i think it falls to people in washington. one of these shows the challenge for those small group of bipart czar lawmakers, those working across the aisle and not being so tribal. the idea again was that he could work with a whole slough of republicans. in fact, it was a very, very small group, represent difficult kissinger mopping them and now he's one of those who for a variety of reasons h has decided that politics doesn't make sense right now. >> thank you. we have to move on before we wrap up.
1:57 pm
thank you for being a part of our conversation. after a quick break, don't go after a quick break, don't go anywhere
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♪ call one eight hundred,est resul eight million ♪ what had happened and throwing money to take responsibility and speak ruth to everyone. i say here are the facts president trump did not get any votes from 28,000 voters. they skipped -- 28,000 people skipped the presidential ballot. >> don't they speak that truth?
2:01 pm
>> lack of moral courage. hi again, everyone. that is why our democracy is on the verge of collapse. republicans, lack of moral. he stood up to trump's pressure and lies about turning of the vote in georgia. calling out the rest on 538. but despite the courage raths perger felt, with republicans in his state continue to push the big law so audacious in its suppression of voters that the nfl moved to all-star game out of atlanta earlier this year. remember this? he disagree with one of its provision chair of the state
2:02 pm
election board which is responsibility for overseeing elections in georgia. that is selected by the state legislature. does that make the election more subject to med meddling. >> accountability for potentially during things. why even do this? >> well, that's one thing -- aspect of thought i support. when the second of state chairs the state election board, i have held accountable by the voters. i understand that i report to the voters.
2:03 pm
>> republicans in georgia didn't stop there. that's not all that they did, continuing to aterritory control. in georgia there's now performance review underway targeting fulton county. next week it takes place at the republican-led assembly continues to redraw the congressional map. they report georgia has changed. it added one million residents over the past decade. and witness democrats winning statewide elections for the first time until more than 20 years. the special redistrictsing session will be filled with contentious debates as republicans try to maintain their majorities. the latest battles in georgia over ensuring every person's right to vote.
2:04 pm
we tart this hour with some of our neighbors and friends. nick, also, erin, and jason johnson is here. politics and journalism professor at morgan state university and a contributor to msnbc. let me start with you. you've done some of the detailed reporting for a long period of time about what the republicans in georgia muscle through. they are not slowed, they were not deterred by major league baseball. even from democrats, there weren't many boycotts reinstated. tell many where georgia is right now. >> well, georgia's in a very important place in terms of the redistricting calendar as well as this continued review of fulton county, which is the biggest county, the most important county for democrats in the state. it's a lengthy process and one that started back in august and
2:05 pm
is likely to continue through the year as a republican majority board reviews fulton county's electoral past. there have been issues in fulton county, no one is denying that. there were lines that were hours long due to machines malfunctioning, poor staff training. they've made changes to address that. what a lot of democrats fear is that this review in fulton county could lead to part of a new provision and the new voting laws, 202 which allows the state election board now controlled by the legislature that would oversee fulton county's election where governor brian kemp is up for rerelex. heading into a contentious redistricting session that people expect to last until about thanksgiving, and i think
2:06 pm
what to look for in georgia can be similar to what we saw in texas. it's a state with similar on population growth and there's a republican majority in the state house and the state assembly about 60% as out of line with the state total voters who voted democratic in both the senate and presidential elections in 2020. what the republicans in texas did was create what's known adds a defensive gerrymander where they shore up their own incumbents instead of looking to add seats. i think in georgia you might see the republicans looking to shore up similar seats for encome bantsz in the state legislate your and the congressional delegation. >> i see you nodding. let me read the agency reporting on exactly what nick is talking
2:07 pm
about are redistricting. white legislators make up more that 2/3 of the general assemfully in a state that's just 50% white. over 90% of black voters generally support democrats according to exit polls. spunts data show that the nonwhites accounted for. but redirecting could prevent them from winning more seats in next year's election. >> erin, what could go wrong. >> anything could go wrong. you know, georgia's maps's coming out next week. it's going to be interesting to see what changes they make without meeting that from the doj, which is suing the state over voter suppression bill. >> nick is exactly right in
2:08 pm
terms of those -- looking for a similar strategy to what happened in texas despite the fact that the population growth is driven by a black and brown residents who moved into the state over the last decade. whether or not that's going to be reflected in the maps is going to be a real question. it's interesting, because just as black and brown voters are on the line last year, a battle mid pandemic and did so. they were urged to participate in the snups, to stand up and be counted. many of them are woernding, what good was that. the new maps that reflected they're bog to be represented as a result. could the same happen in dpae? stay tuned. >> i want to go to you jason. then i want to broaden this out to voting rights legislation.
2:09 pm
this could be rated. this is from the associated press, jason. elections in georgia's highly democratic fulton county on tuesday could died more than atlanta's next player. republicans are watching for any mistakes. against that backare drop gop state lawmakers empowers the republican controlled state election board. it was written with fulton in mind and republicans launched a state review that could result in the state board's appointee. here we are. >> this is all -- yeah, yeah. so little background. i spent 90 minutes on the phone earlier today with a friend and organizer in atlanta. that entire time they were waiting in line because today is the last day to early vote. when we got off the phone,
2:10 pm
they've said i've been waiting in line 90 minutes. it's going to be another 45 once you get inside the building. there are structural issues about voegts in fulton county, but where do those come from? they came from the republicans republican legislature who routinely provide fewer places to vote and fewer functional machines to high democratic voting areas in order to suppress the vote. all these things we see now are the pretenses that republicans are going to use to shut down voting in 2022. that is what this is all about. they don't have a functional party anymore. they don't have people on the door who can do the door knocking. they're doing this so they can stop the vote as soon as they want to next year during the elections. i think this is is a larger and dangerous position. why is this administration
2:11 pm
complaining and screaming about the fact we're using a faulty census. we know that president trump didn't try to administer the census properly last year. we have documentation of them to block out, ignore and not reach out to communities of chor. we are using faulty directions to try to put together this ikea show whchl the whole thing falls apart, we can look back at this census and the failure to fight against it as one of the things that led to that. >> you said when comes the get wiped out. there's a -- i'm trying to think of a sanitized word. there's a mountain of angst about virginia. the fox poll while most democrats in virginia said that's bogus. there's a lot of anxiety in the final days of the georgia gubernatorial election is not
2:12 pm
going terry mcauliffe. to rig the vote next time and redraw congressional maps to rig the votes in our state. why does it take losing, i mean, why is it your assumption that they're going to have to lose before they do anything? >> that's -- i don't understand either. i don't. because there are resources at their disposal. this legislate that you can pass in the senate if you can get everybody together. there are legal things that can be done to make sure elections are reflective of the people on the ground. for some reason, some members of the democratic party don't want to use the resources at their disposal. i think next tuesday is going to be close. i'm apprehensive about predicting a race where things we measure, like crowd size,
2:13 pm
have been hard to judge. terry mcauliffe was never super popular. i have trouble seeing northern virginia, which is the biggest, most populous most important voting in virginia right now. saying we're going to vote for a die who was in favor of the insurrection. i don't see that happening. but anything is possible and certainly the democrats are sweding in a way that i haven't seen in a long time. when they -- they didn't come out for the recall. this is going to be a tight race. >> you know, nick, you've been writing about the post 2020 faux. these are the first elections since some of them have been on the books. i'm wondering what you're watching for.
2:14 pm
>> well, we'll especially be looking for what we saw in the california recall election, which was an immediate swing, as soon as things started looking like they're going south, we saw conservative news immediately reach for the false claims of fraud. as soon as polls showed governor newsom comfortably ahead in california, there was cries of fraud, new allegations that we need to audit this and there were even dhaerns he might not accept the results. and so we're looking for that in virginia but we haven't necessarily seen it. i think there's two reasons. it's a very close race. i don't think we'll know the results of this until very late into tuesday or possibly even later in the week, since it's postmarked by state. it could be coming in in a close race. youngkin has been careful. he hasn't said he wants the
2:15 pm
president to come campaign with him. if he were to start saying, i think there might be fraud here, it would run against the campaign he's trying to run. but that could change if all of a sudden it goes away from him. the i think they'll be looking carefully for where those kind of rumblings among the right might start and whether they can bubble up enough to create issues. virginia's state house is controlled by democrats in both chambers, though, so the possibility of some of these partisan audits that we've seen in pennsylvania, in wisconsin, in texas, in georgia, failed attempt, aren't necessarily as likely in virginia, just given the makeup of i was. but that doesn't mean that should the election go mcauliffe's way, i can see some kind of noise being made. >> erin, the white house has bet
2:16 pm
back in january was that shots in arms, checks in the bank account, and the social spending programs was a pr political path for democrats coast to coast in these elections and then the mid terms, and then taking on voting rights. do you think that was the right bet? >> well, i think that, you know, after a grueling summer where we saw democrats unable to pass voting rights legislation where you had situation with haiti in terms of immigration, the georgia situation, and then, you know, nothing happening. on police reform you do have frankly a lot of voters who are part of the democratic base who are wondering what it is they vote for. so try to galvanize those voters is the work of what's happening in virginia and why that rates at least for one reason it was so close.
2:17 pm
i would push back a little bit on what -- normally -- actually -- this time, too, brilliant analysis saying that cunning kip is courting trump voters. he needs voter turnout to be good and early voter turnout has already been record setting in virginia and that's showing up in blue areas. talking to voters about things like critical race nearly and tony morrison and the beloved bill, that appeals to the kind of folks who voted for the forum president in 2020 and 2016. at the same time he is messaging black voters to say things like teary mccall i have does not support black colleges. you have an ad with the champion of the beloved bill, you know,
2:18 pm
back from few years ago versus teary mcauliffe's conversation with glover and tony morris on and say hello, you know what it is, don't let them take your voice away from you. as they're trying to silence tony morrison's. >> these aren't separate conversations, sfliegt the abl coming noult opposition to tucker carlson celebrating right flag bs, megaspecial. the -- one of the two republicans being run out of the republican party because it's unsurvivable. critical race theory, which is not taught in virginia, being the lie told to all voters in virginia and literally the closing message of the republican campaign, critical
2:19 pm
race theory taught in elementary school. where are we? >> this is -- it's a throwback. i want to add to this. college university. i don't teach critical race theory. i don't know where people keep coming up with this stuff. but nicole, what it boils down to is this. this has been going on for a long time. you have a republican party that recognizes outside of a couple of states, we are not representing the majority of the people. their policies are not popular, their candidates are automatic not popular, so the only way they can win is by saying black people and jewish people and white liberals are trying to take your rights away from you. and they will try to get by changing the rules. the problem unfortunately on the democratic side all too often is they, too, seem to be intimidated by these messages.
2:20 pm
they start saying we've got to fight against defund the police. their policies are popular. stick with what's working and you can probably win more elections. >> thank you so much. we'll keep coming back as we watch tuesday come into sharper focus. erin and jason, stick around a little longer. when we return, how the republican party has recognized extremism, all part of its plurge. plus, texas's near toll abortion ban. if the supreme court overturns row versus wade. the governor of florida taking steps to punish schools who would dare to make safety of schools inside them as a priority. we continue after a quick break. don't go kwirp. anywhere.
2:21 pm
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2:24 pm
now, i don't now about you but it's starting to feel counter intuitive. it's almost a disorienting effect, watching every infuriating maddening twist and turn day after day after day could make any of us lose the forest for the trees. alarming and to start dangerous, the situation has become in a relatively short period of time. so take a deep breath.
2:25 pm
come along with us, consider what's happening this week. sitting united states senator defending as administers across this country face height pd threats over mask mandates and teaching race recommends. republican fury being taught in schools ignited and inflamed by conservative meeting is the closing argument. the looming election now somehow orbits around a gop effort to ban a book. not just a book but a pulitzer prize winning treasure written by a nobel prize winner. it's racism, straight out. in the same state where the far rights are standing trial. now, don't get back deadly rally. they confuse it with the other
2:26 pm
deadly rally that took place on january 6th. there are questions about coordination as media seeks to recast what happened to rewrite that history all in an effort to white wash it. what is it that we can do? joining us is someone who understands it. jason's still here. chris, tell me what you're seeing about these flash points i described in charlottesville. ted cruz is a-ok with a nazi salute. >> especially folks like myself who specialize in folks beyond the far right, people who are basically looking to become domestic terrorists.
2:27 pm
for ted cruz as a senator who is a lawyer and smart one at that, to decide that on the third anniversary of the tree of life massacre that he would use the nazi salute as an example of first amendment speech that's protected. yes, and mayor garland responded appropriately. it is protected speech but for that example to be at the fore front of his mind and the fore front of probably young staffer who wrote it. what i watch not just on mainstream tv or the hearing live but on what i call a hate machine, my extra computer. kneel nazis. i'm not talking in a hyperbolic measure. self identify as nationalists
2:28 pm
socialists who self-identify as nazis. we're ecstatic with senator cruz this week. senator josh hawley leader of the insurrection caucus that is coming at mayor garland the attorney general was the greatest threat to our democracy. it is truly, truly upsetting to me as someone who went to war for this country to see these sitting senators right now discrediting the intelligence community, discrediting law enforcement, attacking the fbi, attacking the attorney general, not because of some sort of misconduct but because of this disinformation campaign that convinced themselves that parents are being targeted by the pib. no. parents aren't being targeted by the fbi. neo-nazis are producing videos talking about going to school boards to recruit and radicalize
2:29 pm
republicans, who are upset because they're watching tucker carlson all the time. when i use the word fascist or nazi, i'm not talking about republicans. i'm being specific with my language. these are the people who are celebrating some of the most popular republican senators today. >> kris, seeing on the monitor about tucker carlson's upcoming documentary calling it a false flag. >> yes. so alexander, nick twenty easy, just about everyone in the insurrection movement, people who actually advertise the stop the steal lie, like physically traveling around the country from state capital to state capital doing practice rubs like when they invaded the georgia capital. these -- and in michigan. these folks are ecstatic,
2:30 pm
because they have the biggest voice on cable, not just to help them get their message out but to help them billing all of their followers. all these gullible people who watch fox news who unfortunately are duped into this not alternative reality but mythlology. they're willing to throw money at them. it's the patriotic thing to do. as someone who's defended this country, who served in uniform in a combat zone, i am disgusted. i am deeply upset. i'm having a hard time talking about it right now. >> so jason johnson, you remember having a conversation like this for five years. this isn't new. this isn't even surprising that the natural extension of seeing good people on both sides at a kkk rally is that donald trump is sort of the place for one of
2:31 pm
the defendants in charlottesville artillery. that said, congresswomen breaking the glass now on this program, around this table since before they were virtual conversations for so long. i wonder why nothing happened. >> you know, i think what concerns me most, nicole, things are happening, right? they're calling -- we're calling out people like tucker carlson in a way that wasn't happening five or six years ago. there's been, i think, some progress in the public discourse way. the problem is that has not trickled up enough to people in positions to hold people accountable. i'm not surprised that tucker carlson is making this crazy video and we have a great colleague who did a tweet today.
2:32 pm
if a american tries to do a false flag video on 9/11, that wouldn't get past production. they would have been escorted out of the building. but the other part of it is there's not enough aggression from our. nicole we saw last year that there were activists for black lives matter who were being dragged in by cops for simply liking protests. how can we have sitting members of congress who are dm g and tiktoking back and forth. that's what makes me concern. not that there's still bigots out there, that's always been the case in america. >> yeah. i mean, jason, i want to say there's something that paralyzes, and i want to say the
2:33 pm
left. myself, everyone that is on the side of democracy, that on the side of truth, they are almost more particlized by how republican brazen the racism, getting in bed with white supremacists. i haven't heard any advertisers who basically have a white nationalist dock airing on the screaming side or network. i wonder whether that is -- again, this is a bleak assessment but you've got kin singer emerge from the caucus. liz cheney, the only one who's paid a price. what does it say that the more brazen and public the association with extremism is on the right. the more paralyzed the election everyone else is by it. >> i think it's because you have -- i think it's a racial
2:34 pm
component and a political component. i think large numbers of white americans, who are not bigots. and the majority aren't. but i don't think they really understand how their racist friends, neighbors, and colleagues operate. they seem to believe this is something to be negotiated and discussed. they don't recognize, no, your uncle is gone. these people can't be convinced. it's not economic anxiety. as long as a party in a position to do something about it, still thinks they can talk to their friends again. we will be in this situation. large numbers of white people and certainly people of color have been ringing the alarm bells for ten years now. john mccain was talking about this 15 years ago. >> yeah. i mean, kris, if you can speak to what the reaction is when you flag extremism content that
2:35 pm
moves from speech to operational violence, do people jump into action? is that a clear line when something more can be done? how do people respond? >> i can't talk about how law enforcement responds to any tips that they don't tell me. when i send my information to members of congress, congressional staff, democrats are very concerned. i can say in all the years i've been working on foreign disinformation campaigns, that's how i got into investigations. i've never had a republican office reach out to me to pro actively see what's going on, who's trying to take advantage of service members and veterans. anytime i mention anything about the internet, all they want to do is say we're conservatives, we're being censored. i come here and i tring alarm bells but i don't give
2:36 pm
solutions, and i want to fix that today. if you want to help a nazi cry today, you go to integrity for america and you donate to them to support charlottesville website. if you wane to help protect your school board, what you need to do is find out when the next meeting is, show up and sit there quietly and respectfully and watch your neighbors. when you see the crazy neighbor down the street shouting their heads of it, take a video of it, post it. let your friends and family know what's going on in your neighborhood, so people realize how close it is. this stuff is going on in every neighborhood around the country. we can all fight back. make a nazi cry, go to your local school board meeting, sit there quietly, respect any, support those people who have been taking so much abuse for
2:37 pm
the last couple of years and donate to integrity for america. >> we're going to come back and really flesh all those out. a segment that we'll make official another day. thank you both so much. when we return, new reporting on the impact texas's near total ban on abortion how bad it is getting and how bad it could get. that new reporting is next. ng it exploring the heart of historic europe with viking, you'll get closer to iconic landmarks, to local life and legendary treasures as you sail onboard our patented, award-winning viking longships. you'll enjoy many extras, including wi-fi, cultural enrichment from ship to shore and engaging excursions. viking - voted number one river cruise line by condé nast readers. learn more at
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. on monday u.s. supreme court hears arguments, oral arguments on tkts's near total ban on abortion and the court's decision could permanently affect the ability of women in america to have determination over their bodies, their health. it's caused people seeking care, often traveling hundreds of miles. a new report found that if row versus wade is overturned, 26 states have laws on the state that would support bitmaps on abortion. women would be forced to travel 500 miles away. kansas could see a 1300% more.
2:42 pm
the statistics get even worse to win over primary voters. despite the laws broad unpopularity, one net candidate vying for the republican nation in missouri, infamous for waving a gun to black lives matter supporters. >> somebody asked you the that question and says, so, you enforced a 13-year-old and keep that and said yes. i mean the client, 13-year-old. have a child finish high school, finish clem, got a master's degree. the child he never reported faced college and high school. on the street i found that to be offensive. >> the republican party. joining our conversation, donna
2:43 pm
ef lets is here and aaron haines is pack with us as well. so donna, forcing a nine-year-old a 10-year-old, a 10 earlier to carry a pregnancy that's the result of incest or rape is so unpopular, has been to so long, let alone a shapous crime against women. you vn heard the republicans say what that guy said for a long time. where are we? >> nicole, here's the fact that even more -- even in cases of rape and incest in the congress, in state legislatures there have always been exceptions for rape and incest. imagine if you will in a state like texas who is already -- if the time period has shrunk to
2:44 pm
six weeks, that rape or incest victim has to go to court to get court approval for abortion. you're backing up against the time line again. these provisions are so outrageous and the disdain that's being shown for women, for women's choices and for women's lives is extraordinary and i fear what's going to happen come monday and beyond when the supreme court makes its decision, because i think that we are on a show march, maybe not so much slow march to getting rid of roe v wade and its protection, constitutional protections altogether. >> i don't want to get too far down the legal path without showing and reminding people this isn't about standards. it isn't about republicans running for office. it's about women, women who are suffering. i want to show some of the women in pennsylvania seeking abortion
2:45 pm
care. >> if this wasn't an option, i would be suffering. >> i already have two small children, a six-year-old and a four yaeld from a previous marriage and i'm recently single. i have a corporate career. this isn't in a position that i ever thought i would be in. my initial thought was i should tell no one about this, right. this should just be a secret that i take to my dpraif because it will change how people see me fundamentally or because people will judge me for that. >> it's not that simple. peel have abortions. people have babies. life is complicated. try to just let them know it is ok. only they know what they should do. women are full human beings who deserve to have control of their lives and being able to choose be you're going to continue your
2:46 pm
pregnancy or not is a life changing thing. >> i think it's so important and i wish i could show that every single day, erin, but there's something we don't talk about, that's the shame that this debate ushers in. somehow you get pregnant, you feel shame or if you get pregnant and don't want to keep it, shame. >> yeah. and that's why focussing on the real life impact of these stories is so important that absolutely something that we are doing at the 19th. you mentioned kansas. i want to point your viewers to a story that was written by my colleague who went to kansas where about half of the apportions are performed on people from out of state. we check only one abortion clinic and some of the harshest abortion laws. kansas really was kind of the access point in the roim for a
2:47 pm
lot of pregnant people who are seeking apportion portions. you talk about monday the supreme court challenge, and obviously people on both sides of the fight are interested in what the outcome of that decision will be. but in 2022 kansas voters will have a chance to decide whether they want to preserve the right to have an abortion. we have to talk about this in real terms. one, anti-abortion activists are seeing what they wanted to happen in the first two months. this is what they fought for. this is what they voted for. the other, there are stories of doctors, of pregnant people who are having to talk about this, doctors who are turning away patients that are seeking an aboris. many are will have mults who
2:48 pm
have a lot of shame about this because whom they're supposed to be in our society. many of these decisions continue to be made by white men who don't know what it's like having an unintended pregnancy or a pllly trucked pregnancy. >> erin haines, don everett, thanks so much. when we come back, the governor of florida punishes school districts. the superintendent at the center of that fight is our next guest. don't go anywhere.
2:49 pm
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( abbot sonic ) . just when you think the gop -- can't get worse, there's always florida to prove you wrong. the state's department of education is taking the next stop to punish school boards for their mask mandates, stripping them of thousands of dollars thatted biden administration provided. now, the u.s. department of education has filed a cease and desist complaint asking an administrative judge to block the withholding of funds. i want to get tots money, but i
2:53 pm
first want to ask you, you took this stand to protect your students and your teachers with masks. how is it going? >> so, farce how covid is going with our schools, we have seen the results of having the masks. so our quarantine numbers are down. our community numbers are down we're at this plate where we're starting to say this going to an ec. it's challenging transitioning from having the mandated masks that was quite high, because now we have to figure out how do we come out? you think that your result
2:54 pm
would in some ways speak for itself. i want to ask you about federal funds and prodo things stand right now? >> so the governor has withheld our funding. now we're totalling just shy of $200,000. we wrote them that we had not taken any of the federal funding in our last respond to them, with the board of education, and we told them when we did take federal funds, we would let them know. at that point we had received zero dollars from the u.s. department of ed. their response was they took the entire award, which was $147,000-plus. that number is a year's worth of our school board members' salaries. we've only been in this for three months, and they took everything, which was not what we expected, also frustrating, the way we found out, it took a
2:55 pm
considerable amount of our staff contacting the department of ed to get them to respond of what they have actually taken. they have just taken money without any form of notification. we finally received a response i believe yesterday. >> what's the process for being made whole? >> in this situation, now we will go to the project safe grant and withdraw those funds, so we can have that money. this is not salary for our board members. they take that as well. so this would -- these dollars are instructional dollars, and so we need to make sure we have them there, so we can serve or students 679 so we will now have to draw down the federal funds we had no intention of, at this point, but they really kind of forced our hand. >> so, in punishing you for
2:56 pm
having a mask man dade in place to protect your students and the community, you were deprived money that pay foss teachers and classroom education by ron desantis, is that right? >> yes. they deducted the sal results of our board members, which they have been doing. then they doubled down and ducted a year's worth of board members' salary that could be direct instruction dollars. they are actually hurting our students at this point. >> doctor, we'll stay on this story with your help. thank you for spending time with us, and good luck with all of this. >> thank you. a quick break for us. we'll be right back. you. a quick break for us we'll be right back. n air. which leaves us to wonder, where does it go? does it get tangled up in knots? or fall victim to gravity? or maybe it winds up somewhere over the bermuda triangle.
2:57 pm
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nang you so much for letting us into your homes. we are grateful. "the beat with ari melber" starts right now. happy friday. >> thanks, nicolle. we're tracking news on matt gaetz later this hour. and we have a new ash the supreme court reports a new case, a report we've been working on we don't think you'll see anywhere else. that is later in this hour tonight. our top story is another breakthrough, a breakthrough on covid. the fda approving emergency use of the new vaccine for kids, medical leaders heralding the news. >> as a mother and as a physician, i know


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