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tv   Kendis Gibson and Lindsey Reiser Report  MSNBC  October 31, 2021 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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a glimpse into what former president trump is trying to hide from the investigating committee. visitorsig list, call logs, handwritten notes and morement why he's fighting so hard to keep hundreds of documents secret. reaction from illinois congressman mike quigley straight ahead. alec baldwin speaking out on scam rah for the first time about the fatal shooting of cinematographer ha lena hutchins. >> she was my friend. the day i arrived i took her to dinner. >> what he's saying about the shooting.
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the mlb, contradicting its claim ittr invited trump to the world series. so who invited him? it is sunday, october 31st. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm lindsey reiser. happy hall bean. the g20 working group set to start any moment now. we have a team following the latest from us from capitol hill to virginia to rome to glasgow. breaking in rome, president biden has started his meetings. the first meeting of the day did officially deginn. that meeting still going on. we also saw prince charles host ansa event at the summit this morning, focused on the climate crisis and the private sector. he said there is no more pressing issue for all of these world leaders and the health of the planet. >> today the president is set to host an event to discuss a
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shipping ooh crisis, one of his biggest priorities on the trip. the iranian nuclear problem and the global minimum tax he's expected to speak at 2:30 eastern time. tomorrow the president heads to the cop26 climate summit while democrats in washington work to pass his agenda which includes $555 billion for clean energy. mike memoli is with the president in rome, molly hunter is in glasgow. mike, we'll start with you right now. we gotht a new update, reportin here that we may see the president soon?en >> reporter: that's right. the presidentte potentially makg an announcement that the white house previewed as relates to tariffs being yeezed in the trade dispute between the u.s. and the european union t.u.s.
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allowing in my european steel and aluminum and the european i don't know backing off on tariffs on motorcycles and whiskeys. it's an indication of the way president biden has been trying to use this o summit to repair d strengthen the alliances with europe. when ith traveled withes the president toen the uk, to brusss in june, his first meeting with world leaders as president, certainly looked like he was pushing on aned open door. so many of those leaders were looking forward to meeting a leader that is no longer donald trump. theum president's drawdown in afghanistan, the handling of the submarine deal with australia, obviouslies has imposed new tensions on some of our closest relationships. the president, administration officials arepr indicating they feel this summit has been a success. we saw that announcement yesterday about a global minimum tax and the president trying to
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use the alliances we have to try to deal with some of the most pressing economic challenges at home, specifically higher prices and stress supply chains. the president expected to make announcements related to our own stockpiles of key goods, but to try to get our allies to better coordinate to deal with some of these supply chain bottlenecks. >> it will be a crucial speech we'll be watching for this afternoon. molly, to you in glasgow, all eyes willsg be on this cop26 summit here. what are the top priorities? >> good morning for a very rainy, windy glasgow this morning. all eyes will be on this. the world's media has already descended on this scottish city. this is being build as the last opportunity to meet the agreement that was decided in paris in ec2015. i wantin to show you some video one of the big players, greet that thunberg, the 18-year-old
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activist was kind of mobbed at the train station. she'll be leading protests all week. gearing up a for friday and saturday. protesters out in force hitting the streets. the world's media here, 25,000 people expected to come into glasgow, nearly 200 countries in addition to ngos and private companies. as a reminder, countries agreed to net zero emissions by 2050. in the last six years, countries went back to their capitals and were told to come back with individual plans that were even more ambitious. the problem, guy, and what we're already seeing is those plans are not enough. by the numbers they represent basically than a 1% cut of emissions. scientists say what we need is close to 7% cut of emissions over the next decade. the u.s. has been very vocal.
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president biden has laid out an am by plan. a couple big problems, specifically china, of course. the world, cannot reach these goalsot without china. as of now xi jinping is not going to come do glasgow. he may join by video conference. biden also needs congress to get on board to plow ahead with these ambitious goals. guys. >> president xi hasn't left china in some 21 months. thanks to molly hunter and mike memoli kicking things off. let's bring in our political panel, p.j. crowley, former assistant secretary of state and hinojosa is a democratic party strategist. president biden is going to try to get commitmention from other world leaders on climate change. what's that process like behind the scenes? >> it probably won't be as dramatic asas it was in 2009 at
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the koppen haggen summit when president barack obama and secretary of state hillary clinton barged into a leaders meeting of the chinese, brazilian and indian leaders to encourage them to do more. we'll see less drama from that. obviously the president will be encouraging these leaders, particularly india, to do more. of course, the united states has its own credibility problem. these leaders are both students of u.s. politics and can push back on president biden despite hises best efforts and say, hey if president trump is re-elected in 2024, he'll roll back these things again likell he did in 2017. there's going to be a lot of headwinds here even as the leaders try e to do what they c to advance this agenda. >> i want to show this headline that reads why the cop26 climate summit won't save the planet. it says there's almost no chance
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that they'll agree to do what things need to be done. we heard a lot of the pressure is on china. we don't even know if the president will be there. your thoughts on that? >> well, i think that while they might not be able to make as much progress as scientists hope, i think what you are seeing is president biden going to the table after reaching a deal with congress on making significant and historic progress on climate change. here will be able to go to the table and talk about how he will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the steps they will take to make historic investment. >> do you think that's added pressure sochi. they don't to do it by tuesday. when he's making this big announcement, there won't be anything technicallynt passed, signed. >> he has a framework that congress has actually agreed to. i thinkct over the last few mons
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you've seen those negotiations haveu' gone back and forth. we finally have the two senators on board and definitely have the progressive caucus on tboard. i do think it is a big step. he can still go into those negotiations and talk about how he has moved the ball forward. i want to emphasize what t.j. said as well. he's not donald trump. he wants to work with the world leaders, he wants to make progress on climate it's refreshing for these world leaders to see president biden who actually knows what he's talking about on climate change and is committed to ensuring we meet our goals. i think this is a breath of fresh air as you see our leader go into these negotiations and really talk about his commitment to reduce greenhouse gases. >> p.j., let's be frank. we were discussing it in the last ushour, that a lot of thes issues, whether the iran nuclear talks, climate change, covid crisis, all of them deal with
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china and russia and the leaders of those countries are not there. does it make it advantageous for the u.s. or a lost opportunity right now to get any progress done at a conference like this? >> i think it is advantageous to the table, having joe biden at the table, xi jinping not there, gives the united states a chance to regain momentum in terms of global leadership. the challenge for all of these leaders is actually to deliver results, collective action on the international stage has been haltding. each of these leaders has to not only commit to something in glasgow, but they haveom to com backve to their capitals and
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convert pledges for real action. that's the challenge for the united states as twell. the democratic party seems committed to advanced the climate agenda, and the republican party is sitting on sidelines. that is a challenge here, how do we create a unified political position whereca both democrats andde republicans are committedo advance the climate agenda. that's really a challenge for the country, that this has become deeply polarized. >> we'll have to leave it there. thank you so much. e. we'll dive right now into all r that legislation on capit hill. aftern a months' long logjam, house democrats are eyeing a tuesday vote on president biden's economic and infrastructure packages that could define his first term. >> democrats have to finish revisions today. julie tsirkin is on capitol hill
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withn details. julie, are democrats all on board? >> reporter: that's the million dollar question here. progressives have been saying for months are linked. one congressman told me they needng to see a blood oath that the $1.7 trillion bill can pass both chambers before agreeing to vote on the bipartisan plan. now, that's set to happen on tuesday per house democratic leadership. let's talk about senators manchin and sinema. we still don't have any definitive statements from them in support of this plan. they issued statements supporting thest negotiation process.ot one notable sign yesterday is house progressive endorse this quick timeline for tuesday's pass kaj. that's something to key an eye on kehere. also, we don't know where senators manchin and sinema state. of course, jayapal met with
4:13 am
senator sinema on thursday. i'm told that's a big breakthrough. i beg you to send me snacks to the hallway tomorrow where i'll spend my day to gear up for the tuesday vote to find out if they are on board for this bill or not. >> s julie, we know there's a l thereth originally that was in e bill on the chopping block including paid family lead. meghan markle reached out to lawmakers asking democrats to sl vag this, which many progressives do. is there any likeihood of that? >> reporter: paid family leave is a big issue here. that was not just a top priority for democrats, but something the president ran on during his campaign. right now it's not in this $1.75 trillion package in any way, shape or form. senator gillibrand and murray, gillibrand a mom of two
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school-age children. they're-a pleading with senator manchin who is opposing paid family leave policies to include it in the reconciliation package in any way,on in four weeks, in2 weeks, employer-to-employee matching. i spoke to her before she left town and offered manchin basically anything that would stick.ll he's still opposing it. meghan markle sent a letter to congress earlier this month asking for action on universal paid leave. she followed up to a leader to those two senators, manchin and sinema, thanking them for that time on this, issue. >> that letter from meghan markle saying she's not a politician orno elected officia just a citizen hoping for action. >> julie tsirkin, thank you. aie friend. that's> how actor alec baldwin describes the cinematographer killed on the set of "rust." later, more than 700 pages of documents that trump wants to
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we're hearing from alec baldwin for the very first time since he fired that fatal shot on the set of the movie "rust" more than a week ago. >> the actor spoke to reporters saying he is cooperating with police. he talked about his relationship with cinematographer halyna hutchins. >> she was my friend. she was my friend. >> reporter: alec baldwin on camera. >> i'm not allowed to make any comments because it's an ongoing investigation. i've been ordered by the sheriff's office in sante fe, i can't any questions about the investigation. i can't. >> the 63-year-old be signed his wife telling reporters "rust"
4:20 am
filming will not continue. >> there are incidental accidents on film sets from time to time. nothing like this. this is a one in a trillion episode. >> reporter: the actor/producer sharing concern for hutchins' family saying he talked repeatedly with her husband. >> he's in shock, has a 9-year-old son. we are in constant contact with him because we're very worried about his family, his kid. we're eagerly awaiting for the -- >> baldwin shooing his way away at one point. >> do me a favor. i'm going to answer the question. >> the famed 30 rock actor was handed a prop gun. the assistant director yelling
4:21 am
"cold gun," saying it was safe to use. still defending the production. >> we were a very, very well oiled crew shooting a film together and this horrible thing happened. >> on sharp contrast to what others on the ground recalled. a source familiar with the matter saying some crew members walked offset shortly for the shooting over safety concerns. "rust" movie productions saying we were not made aware of any complaints concerning weapons prop safety. >> so what has to happen is, we have to realize when it does go wrong and it's this catastrophic thing, it's urgent you understand i'm not an expert in this field. i'm all in favor and i will cooperate with that in any way
4:22 am
that i can. >> the baldwin family parting with this plea for privacy. >> my kids are in the car crying. today hutch kins's family holding the funeral. authorities say it could take weeks, even months for the investigation to be completed. lindsey, kendis. >> thanks to emily there. >> apparently the reporters, the paparazzi were following his kids and he pulled off to the side of the road and said i will speak to you, but please leave us alone. all right, coming up, courage and spine. that's what they claim was needed by mike pence. the subpoena that could be coming soon.
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new contingency after a radio interview with former president trump campaign attorney john eastman has resurfaced, telling steve bannon days before the january 6th attack that then vice president mike pence had the power to overthrow the election if he had the courage and the spine to do it. >> are we to assume this is going to be a climactic battle that will take place this week about the very question of the constitutionality of the act of 1877. >> i think a lot of that depends on the courage and the spine of individuals involved. >> when you said to the courage and spine, judge gomer from texas, that guy is tough as texas bootlegging. talking on the other side of football, that would be a nice way to say a guy named vice president mike pence? >> yes. >> just yesterday the washington report emailed pence's team as
4:28 am
rioters stormed the capitol blaming him for the attack because he didn't object to the election results. the email was part of an unpublished draft article. a truck spokesman didn't respond to the request for comment. joining me is congressman mike quigley representing illinois's house district. congressman, good morning to you. >> morning. >> what you make of this new reporting? >> i'm starting to wonder where the trump election law -- went to law school and how they passed the bar exam knowing every court ruled against him at that point in time, every local election jurisdiction ruled against them, that there was zero evidence, as there is to this day, of election fraud, yet they still come up with this to enable a president to overturn a
4:29 am
lawful election. it's scary how close this came. >> we have these new details about what records former president trump wants to keep secret from the january 6th committee. we're talking more than 770 pages including daily presidential diaries, call logs, handwritten notes from mark meadows. what do you milwaukee of the desire to prevent those from coming public? >> because i think the documents would document an attempted coup that didn't work and would document an assault on the nation's capitol, the citadel of our democracy. i suppose i could stake this personally because i was in the room where it happened, but i think what's more important is it was an attack on a lawful election, an attack on our democracy, an attack on the very fabric of our country. the last thing they want out there is they move toward the midterms they're so confident about, is the fact that they attempted to overturn a lawful
4:30 am
election in a violent way. >> the january 6th committee is also examining that law that certifies the election. they're essentially looking for ways to tighten the loophole in their efforts to overthrow the election. this is all still in its inf infancy. it could contradict trump's statements that this panel has no legislative purpose. we could see legislation as a result. would that be something you would throw your support behind? >> i'm already there. there's important legislation that references abuses that took place under the trump administration. as a member of the intel committee i watched the trump administration obstruct justice as we attempted to find out what happened when russia attacked our democratic process. i was there when we learned that the trump administration had extorted the ukrainian government for political gain. as the mueller report shows, they obstructed justice, they
4:31 am
obstructed congress's attempt lawfully to find out exactly what took place. and so far they got away with it. so it has to end now. congress -- to protect our democracy, congress has to enforce the subpoenas. the select committee has to have the power. and the good news is it's doing so on a bipartisan basis, an enforcement of the bannon subpoenas, have also been enforced and gotten some bipartisan support. you called adam kinzinger a bold choice for power. he announced this week he doesn't have an intention to run again. obviously kinzinger, he's gotten a lot of rebuke from republicans. there's talk this may have more to do with the fact of redistricting and he would have to face a fellow republican who is sitting in congress. what impact will his absence
4:32 am
have in congress? >> you know, my concern is that those who did speak truth to power will get forced out. i think we've seen it. there were other examples with republicans who spoke out against the trump administration and they decide just not to run. all along as a democrat, i was one of those asking them to show this courage. so for democrats who asked for this, we have to, on the other hand, give kudos and support those who showed that kind of courage. in the final analysis, the democrats can't do this alone. >> quick question for you, congressman. there's something to be said for the fact that adam kinzinger is more moderate. for example, senator manchin has been getting so much attack over the strong lines in the sand that he's drawing over reconciliation here. is there room for moderates in
4:33 am
congress still? >> i think in the final analysis -- i won a special election, when i sat down, republican mark kirk came um to me and said, in the final analysis, the only thing that gets done in congress is through compromise. it usually happens in the middle. what we're watching this coming week where we're trying to pass this important legislation, reconciliation and infrastructure, it's a lot like what we saw with health care. it takes time. it's complicated. it's nuanced and it finally meets in the middle. what we don't need is more people staking out ground and saying this has to happen or i won't support it. we need folks willing to compromise. typically that means bipartisan cooperation. >> congressman, we'll have to leave it there. thank you so much for your time this morning. >> thank you. we in the stretch of virginia's most expensive governor's race in history. the last ditch efforts by terry
4:34 am
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we know one person was killed, eight others injured. police say their injuries are not serious. there are about 200 people at this party.
4:38 am
the vaccine mandate for city employees tomorrow. city health says 28% of new york's 17,000 firefighters remain unvaccinated. the fire department's commissioner says a group of firefighters is taking excessive sick leave to protest the mandate. >> more problems 10,000 feet up. american airlines has canceled more than a thousand flights since friday. the airline is blaming staffing problems and high winds at its busiest hub in dallas. american is one of several airlines trying to staff back up after convincing thousands of employees to take buyouts earlier in the pandemic when fewer people were flying. >> if you can't get off the
4:39 am
ground, it's a problem. two days away from the high-stakes governor's race. voters showed up for the last day of early voting with their own ideas. >> definitely what's going on in schools, and with the parents being home -- >> 'em's safety. schools are important. there are many issues on what we've seen going on in the country and it's very disturbing. >> abortion was actually a pretty big issue i was passionate about. >> we want fair elections. we want to know that there are honest elections. >> with the polls showing a tight race, republican glenn youngkin will not attend president trump's virtual rally for him tomorrow. chris jansing is joining us in northern virginia with the latest on this race. how are the candidates
4:40 am
campaigning on this final stretch of things? >> reporter: hey, kendis, i think in a word, aggressively. here is why. a whole series of polls this week, the latest from roanoke college shows this as a one-point race. that's a statistical dead heat, well within the margin of error. pretty much what we've seen all without that this race is too close to call which is why both candidates have a lot on their schedules today. terry mcauliffe scheduled to be in chesapeake. very interesting area. it is politically diverse, it can go either way. clearly a place that a lot of analysts say youngkin needs to win. for his young, youngkin is going to a small town, less than 4,000 people, the smallest city in virginia. he has to shore up those. >> kevin: steady republican voters in rural areas.
4:41 am
both of them very interesting. here is a look at their closing arguments. >> youngkin is on the other side, ended his campaign on a racist dog whistle, banning toni morrison's book. >> we can see the clear distinction between my opponent's desire to put government between parents and their children, my opponent's desire to stand up for big government over individual freedom. america is watching this race. all eyes are on virginia, all eyes. >> reporter: donald trump looms large in this race. you mentioned he's having this tele-event. youngkin won't be going. terry mcauliffe never misses a chance to tie youngkin to trump. leesburg, arguebly the most important county in the state. it's a place that joe biden won
4:42 am
by 25 points and it's a place where absolutely young kin has to keep those margins of victory for him down. if he can keep it within 15 points, that's going to be trouble for the democrat. for the challenger, it would be an incredible upset. if he kept it within 15 points, expect to see both of them out on the campaign trail. when you're looking at a race that's this close, it's true what we always say, that every single vote counts. >> the chamber of commerce today in leesburg, virginia. chris jansing, thank you. on tuesday, we'll break down live results of the key races happening across the counted including virginia. our team coverage starts at 5:00 p.m. eastern time on tuesday. and stream the kornacki cam, still ahead, per miss
4:43 am
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university of florida reportedly banned three professors from testifying as expert witnesses in a case against a new voting restrictions law. the claim is the law drim naelts against people of color, dictates id requirements, limits to who can return a mail-in ballot, restrictions -- >> they said they couldn't testify because outside paid work is against the university's interest. an email said outside activities
4:48 am
that may pose a conflict of interest to florida's executive branch. >> joining us from mitt co-is mark caputo. we broke it down for our viewers. talk about what's at stake here, why this is such a big deal. >> it's a big deal because it's new. in the past, the professors -- certainly dan smith, the head of the department, they've been a dynamic duo. no secret that a lot of political scientists pick up the newspaper, read what's on the line and tell you what they think. these guys, however, do real research. in the past, especially dan smith, they've testified in voting rights legislation against the state when people bring a claim against the state, whether it's felons' voting rights, dan smith has been the preeminent expert from florida to call. he's the guy from florida that
4:49 am
reporters call if you want to understand the data of what's going on. it reduces the use of drop boxes. there are 4.8 million mail-in ballots. 1.5 million were put in drop boxes due to the pandemic. those are being limit nated. another thing is it says you have to have an exact match of your driver's license or social security number on your application on file to get a mail-in ballot. it turns out about 600,000 people don't have that. it hasn't been required before. this could knock out absentee ballot requests. it's true on the left they've been saying this is jim crow 2.0. let's remember this, florida still has eight to 13 days of in-person voting, and then voting day. it's a generous construct. the republican-led legislature
4:50 am
were forced by donald trump's election lies to have election security in the state even though donald trump won florida and the governor, prior to having to do this law or feeling he had to do this law, bragged about how this was a smoothly run election. so of a solution in search of a problem and the problem would be with muzzling these university professors, they could speak to these specific data points, the history as well as the racial feel behind this. right now the university of florida we believe under a sense of political pressure is preventing the professors from doing this. >> as you know, they say they will take legal action. some experts say the university's decision is frankly unconstitutional. what kind of backlash could the university face? >> the university of florida is the flagship in the place. it's a place where they go
4:51 am
because it is a plumb university, influential university. there is a question about governor ron desantis. he's made part of his political identity about he's against political censorship and curtailing free speech rights of parents. now you have the two univerity professors, now there's three, who have testified in trial in court cases against the state and now they're being muzzled, they're being censored, prevented by the government from speaking out and telling the truth, presumably. we'd like to know what the governor thinks. so far we haven't heard from him. >> our thanks to marc caputo right there. thank you. appreciate it. >> thank you. we're keeping an eye on the situation in rome right now. developments there where president biden and the european union president will formally announce a deal on steel and aluminum tariffs. we're going to bring it to you live. watching for that.
4:52 am
former president trump's baseball boycott appears to be over. he was in the stands last night. that's not the only thing that had people talking. the stadium chant that many say is racist next. their only friend? the open road. i have friends. [ chuckles ] well, he may have friends, but he rides alone. that's jeremy, right there! we're literally riding together. he gets touchy when you talk about his lack of friends. can you help me out here? no matter why you ride, progressive has you covered with protection starting at $79 a year. well, we're new friends. to be fair. eh, still. [music: sung by craig robinson] ♪ i'm a ganiac, ganiac, check my drawers ♪ [sfx: sniffs / long exhale] ♪ and my clothes smell so much fresher than before ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ i'm a ganiac, ganiac, check my drawers ♪
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from anywhere, anytime. it's network management redefined. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities. just months after calling for a boycott to major league baseball, former president donald trump and his wife
4:56 am
melania attended game four of the world series in atlanta. >> the former first couple seen here taking part in the controversial tomahawk chop with the braves fans. the chop is seen as offensive to many who believe it promotes a racist stereotype of native americans. nbc's vaughn hilliard has more from atlanta. >> good morning. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, kendis and lindsey. yesterday they won 3-2. what you saw is former president trump attending this game. why is this notable? seven months ago he called for the boycott of major league baseball after major league baseball decided to pull the all-star game out of atlanta and move it to colorado. added new measures for voter
4:57 am
i.d. laws pertaining to mail-in ballots. last night the president was here in georgia. you could also note that this is where he lost, by just over 11,000 votes in last year's 2020 election. but what you see in that video is him doing the tomahawk chop. this is a couple months after the cleveland indians said they were changing to the cleveland guardians. but this was the president that came. we should note, the atlanta braves set up a suite for him. they never showed him up on the jumbotron. you saw the grumbles but he waived to fans. the tomahawk chop is another part of the story here. insensitive. many would call it racist. this is a hollywood stereotype. it is not a native american chant. it is not a native american song for the last 30 years atlanta
4:58 am
braves fans have ton this chant. last night attendance was more than 40,000 and more than 90% of fans, you could say, engaged in this chop. you saw the president taking on, as he likes to do, the cultural hot button i guess -- i'm trying to figure out what to call the tomahawk chop here. what he did is show up in atlanta and suggest that he was cheering for the atlanta braves and also standing in the middle of this divisive issue. >> many people call it racist. vaughn, i've got 20 seconds here. was the president invited or did he invite himself? >> reporter: that's where the discrepancy is. the president putting out in a tweet last night that he was invited by major league baseball yet major league baseball has not confirmed that to nbc news and he did not appear alongside any baseball officials or atlanta braves ownership.
4:59 am
he was quite a ways down the first baseline. he did appear though with u.s. senate republican hopeful herschel walker at the game. >> mlb saying i don't know her doing that whole thing with the invite. vaughn hillyard, thank you. >> thank you for watching msnbc reports. >> i'm lindsey reiser. >> i'm kendis gibson. velshi starts right now. we're following a flurry of activity among democrats as they push for votes as soon as tuesday on the center piece of president biden's agenda to rebuild the infrastructure and shore up the social safety net. plus, two days from the key bell wetever event in virginia. we'll have brand-new polling from nbc news that outlines the challenges ahead for democrats and exploding the myth of america as a melting pot. we'll highlight an important conversation about america's immigration policies.
5:00 am
then the inflation story you haven't heard about the folks who have been on the front lines of the covid economy from the start and who are facing the highest stakes and toughest choices. velshi starts now. good morning, happy halloween. we are awaiting expected results from joe biden at the g20. biden will appear with the eu commission president. we'll have those remarks live when they happen. meanwhile, a vote for joe biden's massive and ambitious and quite possibly transformational agenda has now been tentatively scheduled for tuesday. house speaker nancy pelosi has directed members of her party to finish writing the build back better plan live today so it can be sent to the rules committee for approval tomorrow and be ready to be voted on alongside


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