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tv   Way Too Early With Jonathan Lemire  MSNBC  November 1, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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press." \s 5am \e 5am \ president biden is on his way to scotland this morning for a united nations summit on climate change. the question is can he convince world leaders the u.s. is ready to take on the role of global warming. plus press secretary jen psaki tested positive for covid. the last time she saw president biden was tuesday. the question is will the administration see more breakthrough cases? and how to sum up 2021 in one word. oxford dictionary just did. the question is, is it safe to say on television?
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it's "way too early" for this. ♪♪ good morning and welcome to "way too early," the show that is in a candy coma. i'm jonathan lemire on this monday, november 1st. we've got a lot of news. let's get started. air force one is expected to touch down in about a half hour, kicking off a full day of events for the president. biden will deliver the leader statement and hold a bilateral meeting with the indonesian president. the commander in chief faces a difficult task, trying to convince allies the u.s. can lead on his climate agenda despite the stall at home. he was asked this question yesterday. >> can the world and others be confident that you will be able to follow or do -- make good on the promises on climate change that you have made when you're
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at glasgow without a vote having taken place on your bill? >> it's going to pass in my view, but we'll see. we'll see. you all believed it wouldn't happen from the very beginning from the moment i announced it, and you're always amazed when it's alive again. you may turn out to be right. maybe it won't work. i believe by next week we'll see it's passed. joining us now from scotland, nbc news correspondent josh lederman. josh, good morning. welcome to scotland. the aides i've talked to over the weekend say they've pulled off largely what they wanted to do in rome. but what's coming is the centerpiece of this foreign trip. set the stage for us. >> reporter: well, you're exactly right, jon. the white house feels pretty solid about what took place in rome. they feel good about what they were able to do on climate,
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ending overseas coal financing. they feel very optimistic. they were able to clinch on a global minimum tax. and the meeting with the president and pope got a lot of eyeballs, showing the president in a positive way. on the other hand, everyone in europe has got one eye back on washington. it's not lost on anyone in scotland or rome, for that matter, that there's so much unsettled business in washington when it comes to president biden being able to deliver on all of the commitments he's made. on the one hand you've got bide and other world leaders chiding russia and china for not showing up to these summits, not showing up in the global fight against climate change. on the other hand, biden can't stand here and concretely say to world leaders exactly how he's going to meet his own u.s. goals
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of cutting emissions by 20% by 2050. the timing seems to be slipping a little bit on the hill. president biden in those remarks from last night you just played didn't talk about the tuesday deadline that a lot in congress had been talking about. he said hopefully sometime this week. there's a lot of trepidation he may not have the type of gravitas he'd like to have on the world stage because of everything going on in washington and because the president as of yet has not been able to dlirch on the largest parts of his domestic agenda which very much plays into the foreign agenda as well. >> i want to get your take on the next. as they converge with world leaders, his approval ratings continue to sink at home. 42% of americans say they approve of the president's job performance. that's compared to 54% of those who disapprove.
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that's don from april when the president was given high marks. he was asked about his declining numbers yesterday. >> the polls are going to go up and down, up and down. they were high, medium, back up, and now they're low. look. look at every other president. the same thing has happened. that's not why i ran. i ran to make sure i followed through on what i said i would do as president of the united states. >> so, josh, the pressure is obviously on the president to leave scotland with something that could help his poll numbers while, of course, we all have one eye, as you said, back in washington. >> yeah. that's right. you could hear the president be a little bit prickly there? terms of responding well overseas to new plummeting poll numbers back at home. i don't think the white house is necessarily thinking about what comes out of this trip as specifically tied in to his poll numbers if for no other reason than the folks at the white house whose job it is to worry about the approval rating are
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not the same as the folks who plan the foreign trips. it's a lot harder to sell the american public on, for example, a line you were able to get into some joint communique coming out of a foreign capital about ending coal financing. and as far as pre-k, your kids didn't have it last year but they'll have it next year. there's broad awareness within the white house right now that folks are watching very closely and that especially with this gubernatorial race in virginia coming up less than a week away now that if the democratic president whose party controls both chambers of commerce isn't seen as being able to really deliver tangible results for the american people, that that's going to have broader ramifications not only in that gubernatorial race, but if they end up losing that race, you know, a real crisis of confidence heading into the midterms next year. so anything the white house can do to show they're putting points on the board will go to help reduce some of those concerns among democrats right
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now. >> yeah. it's certainly a confluence of significant events right now. the president's foreign trip, of course. but the fate of his agenda in washington and the governor's race has attracted so much attention. josh lederman, thank you so much. white house press secretary jen psaki says she has tested positive for covid-19. she was scheduled to travel with president biden abroad but canceled after members of her household tested positive for covid. she tested negative several times before getting a opposive result. she was last in contact with the president on tuesday and they both wore masks and sat more than six feet apart. she's vaccinated and her symptoms are mild. covid deaths are nearing 5 million. according to johns hopkins there have been a quarter of a million covid cases since the pandemic
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again. on friday emergency use authorization was granted for the covid vaccine for children ages 5 to 11. the move will make the shots available to 28 million children nationwide. it's about a third of the dosage given to adults and it's 90% effective in preventing the infection. still ahead, we're counting down to the election day in virginia. the latest on the neck and neck race as the voters head to the polls tomorrow. next, we're hearing from actor alec baldwin. what he's saying about halyna hutchins, the cinematographer who died. those stories plus a check of the weather when we come right back. e weather when we come rigt back
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joo's gubernatorial race appears to be a toss-up heading into election day tomorrow. it could have national implications ahead of the 2022 midterms. >> reporter: it's a statewide race with national implications. >> we can't get this done unless we keep this positive momentum going. >> the nation is watching what's happening in virginia right now. >> reporter: democrat terry mcauliffe and republican glenn youngkin crisscrossing in a push for governor as president biden takes a turn on his own party. with a new national nbc news poll showing the party in power trailing republicans on which better handles the economy, inflation, and immigration. the top issues on virginia
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voters' minds -- >> people's safety, schools are important. when it comes to climate change, there are many issues we see going on in the country that are very disturbing to me. >> we want safe communities, good schools, good jobs, we want to protect our families. >> reporter: all as donald trump still looms large. he teased a telerally appearance before the polls close. it shows the influence he still has over the republican party in a critical race election. monica alba, nbc news. actor alec baldwin spoke on camera for the first time since he accidentally shot and killed cinematographer halyna hutchins on the movie set. he briefly expressed his concerns, grief for the family
2:14 am
and the future of guns. >> she was my friend. the day i arrived in santa fe and started shooting, i took her to dinner with joel the director. we were a very, very -- excuse me. we were a very, very, you know, well-oiled crew shooting a film together and then this horrible event happened. now, i've been told multiple times don't make any comments about the ongoing investigation, and i can't. he's in shock as a 9-year-old son. we're in constant contact with him because we're woried his family and his kid. like i said, we e're eagerly awaiting the sheriff's department. what else would you have? [ indiscernible ] >> i have no sense of it. i do know an ongoing effort to limit the use of firearms on
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film set is something i'm extremely limited in. >> baldwin's wife is worried and hoping to limit the ptsd. the crew members are speaking out about the working atmosphere. among the reported incidents, alec baldwin's stunt double reported that the gun was cold. another shot herself in the foot, a camera assistant said, and the round was a blank. a cameraman stated in his resignation letter he would often see the director rush to get shots and skipped protocol. still ahead, the houston astros stave off elimination in the world series against the atlanta braves. all the highlights from game five next in sports. five next in sports.
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hits it in the air to right. back at the wall. >> adam duvall slugs his third home run to give the astros the lead in game five, setting the stage for a world series-clenching win. but houston hadover plans. they went ahead for good with pair of runs on a two-out bloop single. the astros are on their way to a surprising victory. keeps them alive. the braves still lead the series, but the series shift backes to houston for game six tomorrow night and if needed, a game seven on wednesday.
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turning now to the nfl, and the vikings hosted the cowboys. there were two second half touchdowns, it ties the game at ten. then he finds receiver amari cooper right there on a five yard throw in the final minute of the fourth. the cowboys beat the vikings, 20-16. in new orleans the saints lost star quarterback jameis winston to what the head coach describes as a significant left knee injury in the second quarter against the buccaneers. clinched when quarterback tom brady of the buccaneers committed his third turnover of the game. >> on second and ten. they bring it.
2:21 am
it gives brady time, and he's intercepted. p.j. williams still going all the way! he's in! touchdown, new orleans! >> that was braid yoo's worst throw in two years. less than two minutes to play, puts the buccaneers out of a win. and in east rutherford, new jersey, new york backup mike white making his first career start as center for zack will some. vinny testaverde reference. a 34-31 upset. mind you, i had the bengals in my survivor pool. that's done. they'll start again thursday night against the indianapolis
2:22 am
colts. busy day of football and one more baseball game at least. tell us about your halloween? >> its with great for me. perfect coast to coast. it was incredible how many people had a great forecast for the kids. that was great news. now we start november. it's starting chilly. we're going to pay for it. we had one of the warmest octobers in the lower 48s than we've ever had. temperatures are well below normal. jackets, gloves for some people. temperatures plunge in oklahoma, st. louis, chicago. tomorrow the chilly air makes its way to north texas and some heads into the areas of the great lakes and even d.c., highs in the 50s. a little shock to the system after an extremely warm october. that cool air stays with us right through the end of the week. it's kind of back to normal.
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it's not like it's that frigid. there's not a lot of rain or snow out there this morning. a little bit of snow moving through the areas in nebraska. another beneficial round of rainstorm, a round of applause for that, in california. we'll take that. here's your week ahead forecast. for today, notice the east after a chilly morning, a beautiful afternoon from boston to new york, all the way down through the carolinas through florida and even into tuesday and wednesday. the east coast holds on to some pretty nice weather. a new rainstorm on wednesday will be in texas. thursday that moves through the southeast. friday, light rain for you in areas of the mid-atlantic and carolinas, but notice i didn't talk about any snowstorms, jonathan, i didn't talk about any hurricanes or tornadoes or anything else. this is actually a really nice forecast. for today, get out and enjoy this. lots of sunshine on the eigg. don't forget. this upcoming weekend is when we fall back. you get an extra hour of solar.
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next week is when the sunset is really early. so, you know, have that in the back of your minds. >> yeah, bill. it was chilly when i woke up this morning. i've got to say, you know, i'll appreciate the next hour of sleep. those for us who do this for a living, we appreciate an extra hour of sleep. it's tough when the sun starts setting at 4:00, 5:00. thanks very much. still ahead, a look at where infrastructure talks stand on capitol hill. plus, congressman adam kinzinger calls on his fellow republicans to find some courage when it comes to telling the truth. we'll explain that next. before we go to break, we want to know. why are you awake? email your reasons to or tweet me @jonlemire. we'll read our favorite answers later in the show. our favorite later in the show. re throat relief.
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okay. settle down. what happens when an unstoppable force means an immovable stop? e" it's just before 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west. i'm jonathan lemire. based on interviews with more than 230 people, thousands of pages of court documents, and internal law enforcement reports, "the post" notes while the public may have been surprised by the insurrection, the red flags were everywhere. one tipster warned trump
2:29 am
supporters were online on how to sneak guns into washington to overrun the police in january. the people noted they believed they had orders from the president, used co-words such as pickax to describe guns and talked about caravans to meet. "the post" notes senator mitt romney was specifically mentioned as a target. the fbi noted its criminal division had received a significant number of alerts about threats to congress and other government officials. the fbi passed the information to law enforcement ageies in d.c. but did not pursue the matter later. in an interview the gop leader adam kinzinger called on republicans to step up and tell
2:30 am
the truth about the election. >> what's the truth and how are you going to take it on? >> the broader part in the house, you can fight hard to tell the truth, fight against the cancer in the republican party and you ultimately come to the realization that basically it's me, liz cheney, and a few others that are telling the truth, and there are about 190 people in the republican party that are not going to say a word, and there's a leader in the republican caucus who's embracing donald trump as much as he can. it's not on liz cheney and i to save the rupp party. on the 190 republicans who haven't said a dang word about it and they put their head in the sand and hope somebody else comes along and does something. >> a house vote on the build back better act will likely be postponed as democrats in both the house and senate look to take programs that had been cut
2:31 am
and put back in the bill. the progressive caucus maintains it will be ready for a vote sometime this week. a readout from a lengthy meeting yesterday reads quote, members of the caucus, which endorsed the president's framework on friday, signaled that they were prepared to pass both bills this week. a note asks congress two questions, do you plan to vote in favor of the build back better plan and if they can commit to 218 yes votes in the house, will you support the infrastructure and jobs act, ie, the bipartisan infrastructure bill. joining us now, nbc correspondent ali vitali. thanks for being here this morning. obviously democratic negotiations continued over the weekend. we heard from the president yesterday saying he thinks that a vote can happen this week. i know tuesday had been signaled. there's thought maybe that will slip. why don't you set the time line?
2:32 am
what can we expect over the coming days about both of these bills? >> yeah, jon. it sounds like tuesday is going to slip because they are doing some last-minute negotiations around things we thought were previously out of the bill but now may be coming back in, looking at prescription drug pricing. i know there were some people hopeful they might revive paid leave. it doesn't seem like it's going happen. when it comes to thinks like prescription drug pricing, that's not in the text of the bill they released last week, so what's happening now, we e saw the rules committee meet on friday going through hours of meeting, and in that bill text, really digging in and debating the finer points. that's a procedual thing that has to happen before it gets to the house floor. then we heard yesterday from a democratic source that they were postponing the rules committee meeting for today because they have to write that bill text of things that might be coming back into play. all of that bill text writing and negotiating behind reviving
2:33 am
policy pieces is going to push this later into the week. but i think what's striking to me from that readout we got of the progressives yesterday is the fact that they say they're prepared to pass both bills this week. they've been prepared to pass both bills. they want to make sure they're doing both bills together. that has been the long game strategy here for progressives. so far they've managed to hold that line. we have no reason to believe it's going to fall apart now. when you saw the whip notices, making sure the strategy of keeping both bills together was sticking, when you see the whip notices, they're trying to get a handle on the caucus. everybody feels ready to move on this. they want to make sure they're moving on it with the good faith they needed the whole time, which is the senate side. >> yesterday as the president was walking offstaid in rome, our colleague peter alexander asked whether he thought he had senators joe manchin and kyrsten
2:34 am
sinema's support and he gave a thumbs-up. then he had to walk that back. he believed he had the support of the democratic party, but not necessarily those two senators. talk about the distrust. >> yeah. that's also a distrust that exists between both houses of congress, right? the house here wants to make sure that they're not left out to dry when this bill actually comes back to them. they want to make sure that if they do both of these bills first, passing the bipartisan infrastructure bill and then the social spending bill, they want to make sure when they pass the social spending bill it doesn't go over to the senate and languish there because manchin and cinema have not fully signed on. we know that congressmanpramila jayapal met with them last week. they seem to say there was progress made in that meeting. we saw tweets of optimism from senators and lawmakers who
2:35 am
helped to set that meeting up. all of that optimism is up. we've heard optimism for a long time on the hill. as they were leaving washington last week, what all of them were saying to me was they need assurances from sinema and manchin, and we have not heard those. a thumbs-up from the president, that's what he basically said. biden said to trust him when it came to those senators, that he thought they would come along, but until they say so, it's hard to see that trust gap in the public eye because there's not much to hang your hat on without coming forward and saying, yes, we're onboard with this framework and we will vote for it. >> one last quick one. we heard from adam kinzinger moments ago. we now have had a couple who voted to impeach who are now heading out. doesn't this actually show the tightening of trump's grip on
2:36 am
the republicans. >> well, kinzinger is the second of those who voted for impeachment and now are leaving and retiring at the end of the term. it does say something, i think, in the way you're framing it, around the lens of this is trump continuing to tighten his grip on the gop. in a large part in the house we can look at that because leader kevin mccarthy has embraced trump so heavily, the rest of his caucus is there as well. i know kinzinger sees this in a different way. but at the same time, it can't be just kinzinger and cheney fighting back against trumpism. you do need the party to decide that's not the path forward they'd like to go down. so far i've not seen the appetite of republicans to say that's not the path they want to go down. they'll say it privately. but the president raises a pretty fair amount of money for them. they don't want to draw his ire because of the money side of it and the grassroots base that he
2:37 am
still leverages a pretty fair amount over. >> ali vitali, terrific as always. thank you. we'll see you soon. still ahead, oxford's sinal word to sum up 2021. we'll tell you what it is when "way too early" comes right back. too early" comes right back the best things america makes are the things america makes out here. the history she writes in her clear blue skies. the legends she births on hometown fields.
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want your clothes to smell freshly washed all day without heavy perfumes? try new downy light in-wash scent beads. it has long-lasting light scent, no heavy perfumes, and no dyes. finally, a light scent that lasts all day. new downy light! time now for something totally different. secretary of transportation pete buttigieg and his husband chastin celebrated their new twins' first halloween yesterday. the couple dressed up their 2-month-olds as traffic cones. he explains yesterday. >> did your twins have costumes? >> my husband found traffic cone
2:41 am
costumes. they're infrastructure. >> the family had to spend the day in the hospital. chastin wrote, quote, as you can see, we're spending the day in the hospital. gus is having a rough go of it but we're headed in the right direction. we're so thankful for the staff taking such good care. oxford has the word for 2021. it's not a four-letter word. it's the word "vax." you have double vaxed, unvaxed, and anti-vaxed all seeing a surge in use. the dictionary's linguist described it as a particularly striking term, adding it adds to the atmosphere of this last year. the dictionary says you can spell one -- vax with one x or
2:42 am
two but one is more common. barack obama honored jay-z at the rock and roll hall of fame induction. obama said in part, quote, this, i've turned to jay-z's words at different points in my life. jay-z is one of the most renowned artists in history and an embodiment of the american dream, a dream he has helped make real for other young people like him. with october in the rear view, the country's box offices are celebrated. october was the best month for the domestic box office since the pandemic started, grossing over $638 million. 78% was driven by major films including "venom," "no time to die," and "halloween kills."
2:43 am
growing consumer confidence and returning to cinemas amid the pandemic led to october's gains. >> still ahead, one day before the city elects a new mayor, the deadline for workers to receive the vaccine leave as shortage of firefighters. "way too early" will be right back. "way too early" will be right back like the splash they create the way they exaggerate the surprises they initiate. otezla. it's a choice you can make. otezla is not an injection or a cream it's a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable, with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. for psoriatic arthritis, otezla is proven to reduce joint swelling, tenderness, and pain. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression.
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enforcement of new york city's municipal worker vaccine mandate begins today. while the number of those receiving the shot has gone up, tensions remain. more than 2,000 firefighters have taken sick days in the last week. the fire commissioner wrote, irresponsible bogus sick leave by some of our members is creating a danger for our new yorkers and their fellow firefighters. in an interview with "the new york times," the president of the new york fires association say the sickness could be because the firefighters got
2:47 am
vaccinated and then experienced flu-like symptoms. that's what it does to people, he said. i'm not sure about that. the personnel shortage has put a strain on the operations, but the department says every firehouse remains open. joining us now, associate professor of political science, my friend, professor grier. we know there are thousands of municipal workers including police officers and firefighters, they'll be placed on unpaid leave if they refuse to get vaccinated, but we're now seeing thousands of firefighters calling out sick for perhaps dubious reasons. where do we go from here? should we anticipate if there is a shortage, people are worried about the sanitation department and garbage piling up. do we believe the city is going to have to step up and take actions against them? >> first things first, congratulations on the new show. >> thank you. >> jonathan, here's the thing.
2:48 am
i want to stress, right now we have two-thirds, almost four-fifths who have done the right thing and gotten vaccinated, especially in the last few weeks. yes, some will be paid on unpaid leave, but hopefully firefighters will talk to their brothers and sisters and convince them why it is so important that they get vaccinated. now, could mayor de blasio have gone through the unions a little more specifically and talked to them and that leadership and had a different strategy that may have been a little more efficient? he did not do that, and so now we're seeing a lot of misinformation. we don't have closed firehouses. there might be somewhat of a shortage, but i think whether or not the individuals have chose on the do the right thing, whether or not they get overtime, there might be an interesting conversation about them in convincing their
2:49 am
brothers and sisters to come back on the job. if they're forcing people to take unpaid leave and not come back to work, that could cause internal tensions that could be pretty interesting to see. but as of now, we don't have closed firehouses. and i want to stress the people of the city of new york are putting priorities of the citizens of new york first. tomorrow is election day. eric adams is widely expected to win and win handily. what sort of messages should we draw from what we see tomorrow? how do we see curtis sliwa as a republican challenge letter do? >> i think curtis sliwa may do better than expected, not because he's better, but sadly, we've seen participation of elections in new york city consistently decrease. it's larger a question about the republican party and the quality of candidates they've chosen to
2:50 am
support. eight years ago we had a public servant joe lhota who had a good resume, not my choice but he would have led in a distinctive way. and now curtis lee, he called african-americans latin-ex and his vision is highly problematic. so eric adams most likely lead quite victorious. we had a system calls right choice voting for the first time. so many people were excited that they did not get their first choice. many people wanted maya wylie. we may see democrats do things
2:51 am
to just stay-at-home because they will assume that eric will win handedly and that'll deter turnouts. and so that may depress some of eric adams votes. the assumption is tomorrow evening, we'll know eric adams the second half of mayor of new york city. >> the one thing we like more to talk about this election is talk about the next election. before you know it it's the next race. christina, thank you so much for being here tonight. earlier in the show we asked this question, why are you awake? one viewer had this interesting take on last night's world series game. spent halloween watching another horror show in which the brave hero strikes a fatal blow to the
2:52 am
evil antagonist. there is two more games. i got the brave reference and dan what you got back there? >> i am up trying to get ready for my workday but someone has other idea. >> sleepy cats is apart of our viewerships. carol is up early filling these maple walnut macaroons before her shift. feel free to put package in the mail for me and the crew. up next, a look at the axios of one big thing. the president is with our allies right now. "morning joe" is moments away. "morning joe" is moments away.
2:53 am
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joining us now to look at axios a.m. the man, the legend, hans nichols, what's axios' one big thing this morning? >> third time is a charm for nancy pelosi. it was late on sunday they decided to pull this plan to happen on tuesday. had you and i had this conversation on friday morning, we would have said this big show down is going to come in a month or six weeks. there is a lot of negotiate and leading me to talk to officials, they think they can get there and have sort of vote by these two packages after biden leaves. so you don't leave joe biden a victory.
2:57 am
so biden won't get this symbolic victory while he's still abroad. jonathan? >> obviously we know that there is been a lot of distress between the moderates between progressives. where do things stand right now with the course of -- we know that things can still change? >> yes, there is so many asterisk here. the big question is do you get more money from the pharmaceutical industry? the range is from 200 to $600 billion. progress was made over the weekend. the bigger question is how is all this going to be paid for and the numbers make sense when you do the quote on quote "official score'. a lot of texts taken place and a
2:58 am
lot of conversation, manchin and jayapal and a lot of conversations going back and forth. you can have a deal by the end of the week, i would not bet by that. even if this timeline holds, we thought it's going to be late november and early december. even if it holds this week. it's not early enough for joe biden to get this. it's also not early enough for terry mcauliffe, the virginia candidate who has been pleading for his party to get this done before he faces voters. that's tomorrow. that's not going to happen. is there a particular county to watch? what should we be paying attention to? >> we'll really get into loudoun county. it's outside of d.c., it's on the virginia side, it's a
2:59 am
montgomery county man. it's hard for me to say too many positive things for loudoun county. it has changed so many ways, a purple to now blue. you look at the demographics, one of the wealthiest countries and accounting in the country. that's where democrats will run up the margins and having this big victory. if there is a shift in virginia, you will see it in loudoun county. you will see it in the exit poll and the issue sets that matters to people and critical race theory had been a big theory there. the same way we talk about bucks county and gwinnet county and this year is going to be loudoun county. >> i have seen enough of you
3:00 am
hans nichols, thank you, we appreciate it. >> this week is crucial for the president and his party. he's landing in scotland for the climate change summit. we have got the election and virginia and other places tomorrow and hopes from democrats that they can get this legislation, two parts done. >> thank you for all getting up with us, "way too early," "morning joe" starts right now. good morning, welcome to "morning joe," it's monday, november 1st, look at that beautiful shot. >> how was your halloween. >> little cat made a huge debut in the neighborhood. >> he was a big hit. >> handing out candy. >> a lot of adorable children. with us,


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