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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  November 2, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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and good day, this is andrea mitchell. i'm hearing the election music in my ears. well good day, it is a big election day for voters from minneapolis to atlanta with the center of the political universe today is virginia. voters go to the polls to decide if terry mccauliffe will win his job back or if glenn youngkin will win for the first time in a decade. they are putting the state up for grabs just one year after
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they won by ten points. >> are you ready to do this, folks? >> yes. >> this is the tarkest contrast of candidates running. we can't go back. >> we can make the statement that yes, we will be heard around the country and we will be heard right here in lowden county. we get to redefine our future. >> what will the volters tell us about what they care about most? joe biden's president si? donald trump on the sidelines, sort of, or covid as the cdc has approved shots for five to 11-year-olds. chuck todd and kristin welker will be here with us in a moment. let's go to kris jansing.
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a youngkin victory seems unlikely a year ago, but he could win this race with a strong turnout today. >> yeah, i think it is fair to say that the level of suspense was pretty high. this has been a brutal and most costly campaign in virginia gub guber he got a big crowd here. again hammering away at the issues o of taxes and jobs and also education. it was called a parents matter rally, and this morning he was out at several polling sites and here is a little bit of what he had so say this morning. >> i just felt a great surge of momentum for the last six to eight weeks.
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when we started this my first poll, i had a 2% name i.d. with a 3% margin of error. so to be here feels really good to watch it happen. >> we have not seen mccauiffe yet. they are claiming momentum even though they have had less people at the rallies. he was hammering away at youngkin's ties as he sees them as a doex donald trump. andrea? >> thank you so very much. joining us here in the studio is kristin well welker and chuck
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todd. chuck, let's start with you, this race has gotten so much closer than nen would have thought, and a lot of factors what are you looking at as the biggest issue? >> i thought there was a good led line today that says math versus momentum. we know virginia is blue, but how blue and how many will show up tonight. if the turnout is a turnout like 2017, northam won by nine points. if it's like 2013, they got into the 40% rake, that would be 2.7 or 2.8 together tonight. he is banking on presidential turnout in the young counties. chip away a tad, but he is really hoping for a muted democratic turnout. and that is the theme of every
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single election that we're really following. how blue is blue these days? how blue is virginia and new jersey? minneapolis, how blue is that when it comes to policing. in many cases i think it is a test of what is the center of the contract party. i think it is a debate that these guys in the capital dome have not figures out either. >> the issue of a abortion, particularly with women, education, glenn youngkin is almost a textbook case of someone oak an agricultural issue, and according to our fact checking, critical race theory is not being taught, but it is becoming a cause of outrage in so many school ports. >> that's right and this has
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been striking for that reason. they're talking about traditional issues but here education is front and center and he is accusing youngkin of trying to stoke the culture wars. we can't find that it is being taught anywhere. i think chuck touched on something really important that we are p waing for. democratic enthusiasm or lack there of. if you talk to voters, independents, democrats, they'll tell you they're frustrated by what they're seeing and not seeing. i'll be curious to see what if any impact those have. there is a lot of races tonight, and i think that will be fascinating to watch from bush duff low and the more progressive and democratic parts
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of the country. >> george floyd's death, his trial, and following the politicians. . >> look at that divide. it is the progressive and the moderate divide. it is basically rebranding, i think it would essentially rebrand the police department. they would still have police officers, maybe calls peace officers, but you're seeing that divide. terry mccauliffe won by 50 plus points in his primary. seen i would argue what we're seeing in congress right now, the progressives, are they to the left?
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i think we're going to find out tonight. >> when you talk about the victory, he defeated two black. >> doug is a wild card, isn't sne i don't think he ever had a good relationship with many democratic successors, actually, but he does have his finger on the pulse. the first black goran, but he always tacked to the middle of what he could do and i think that is and that is ter ri terry's instipgt. i think while he does have a good sense of understanding where the state is, beyond what politics look like.
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>> let's talk about one of your earlier hats, a white house correspondent, he seems to have kept him at a distance but still got his endorsement. he is a candidate, but trump has not appear thds in person. >> that's right and glenn youngkin did not participate in that, and there was the former president out touting glenn youngkin. the way that he walked this very fine line. and yet not appearing with him in public. very different for mccauliffe. >> i agree with you that if he wins, a lot of republicans are going to rush to this. there is a way to take shrank
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and not have to pay a price with the middle. i would be careful of over learning that lesson if i'm the republicans. i think this is a unique race, and moment, and i think he won in an accidental primary that was kind of rigged to make sure that a real trumpy person didn't win. i don't know how much it can be replicated. i think is a riskier bet. >> that was his -- that will be the second guessing, the vaccine drive dwb he make it enough about youngkin? was it too much about trump? i think you can knit pick a lot of things. he is in this position because of the environment. it's only a close race because of the national environment. and what could be a misreading of the mandate that democrats did get from the country versus
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what they think they got. >> this could be oh, whoa is me, because his polls have been down and the midterms. >> absolutely and the white house rejects that analysis. >> it is astonishing. i remember the 2012 race when the romney folks had all of the momentum and i would just caution everybody right now that like, tap the brakes here. he may win, but there is a map problem. he said that parents should not have a say in their child's education. it is playing on repeat. he tried to clarify this
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weekend, but a lot of supporters say i wish he had come out the day after the debate to clarify. that would have given sir gased more to go on. that becomes potentially a misstep. >> virginia usually reports early. usually 10:30 or 11:00. >> they changed a lot of things. for instance, we could get early vote, the early in-person vote should be dumped pretty quickly. we could see northern virginia numbers. and while the early vote was democratic, virginia is still knew that. i forgot that owe, that's right, and saturday i was able to remember, i can early in-person
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vote. a lot of nights imnot able to vote. a lot of times i'm in new york. if we're at half a percentage opponent or less we're not calling this until friday. ballots can come in up to friday. up to friday. >> so if we don't know tonight, we may not know until friday. >> buckle your seatbelts. >> and now we're going to test this environment with the crazy lies that donald trump has been spewing about how elections are counted and if we have a close race here -- but none of us are excited about how the world reacts to that. >> and if one side or the other is ahead, it's not over until -- >> all because of how donald trump has propagandized it.
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>> i'm so excited. >> and you. >> mark murray, lots of people. and tonight, our special streaming on nbc news now. and you can watch more election coverage tonight on msnbc including steve kornacki. that starts at 5:00 eastern. first, a game changing commitment. president biden making a big announcement about an agreement. we'll go live to scotland, next. . wooooooooooooo scotland, next we are not getting you a helicopter. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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president biden is calling for action to initiate climate change. >> one of the most important things we can do is to keep 1.5 degrees in reach is reduce our methane gases in check. it amounts to about half of the warming that we're experiencing
9:19 am
today. just methane exposure. >> he is pushing his plans to tackle climate change, and he is coming under pressure. peter baker, chief white house correspondent for the new york times, and he is there trying to reduce their emissions of fossil fuels and he is calling on others to produce more oil. it does seem to be a conflict there. >> there is a conflict and the president admitted as much. he says he know it seems inconsistent on the surface. and john kerry said if president biden was asking them to increase oil production in the next five years that he would quit. president biden says this is
9:20 am
just a short term supply issue. they need to build out the sew lard and wind farms. he can't be taling other countries that you have to stop this, and ask at the same moment for people to temporarily increase production. >> it is an unusual move for the president to offer an apology about his predecessor, donald trump. >> i apologize for the fact that the united states in the last administration pulled out of the paris accord.
9:21 am
>> what do you think that was, something that someone would say to the world at large about trump. >> look, for president bide's point of view, he needs to reaccomplish credibility on the issue of climate change. they doubt the united states, and given what happened in the last four years, a lot of leaders say look what happened. and they pulled out because they had an election. what happens if biden doesn't run for our win a second term. i think what he needs to do, or thinks he needs to do is reestablish the idea that america will be a sustained and enduring partner to create this kind of long-term commitment that is necessary. and scientists are working to curve the growth of the greenhouse gases.
9:22 am
>> what is your read on the president's effectiveness on the world stage. >> i think the president's ability so far to get social spending and climate change done, the biggest initiative on climate change was taken out, but it has about a third of the spending of this on board. >> he is talking about doing this through regulations, and
9:23 am
the supreme court is going to test legal sport to work through legal authority and they may potentially validate it. >> that is right, he is trying to do the same thing that president obama did which is use existing law through epa regulation. if he can't that is a huge hindrance. president biden wants to deal with some of the issues that had been put in place. it is hard to see a congress with a 50/50 senate passing something sweeping enough to make up for that. >> thank you so much. joining us now. fiona hill, senior director for
9:24 am
european affairs and her new book is "there is nothing for you here." finding opportunity in the 21st century. two of the methane emitters have not signed the pledge, they're not even in scotland. putin because of his covid issues back home, but how much can be accomplished without russia and china? >> i think the previous segment, the problems on our side as well, and people having confidence in the u.s. ability to lead. i think the change is trying to find a way of working with russia on this. a lot of it is associates gas
9:25 am
from oil fields, i think this exultation will increase some of it in the short term. there is a lot of natural seepage in russia. as the permafrost is beginning to melt, it was acting as a natural capstone. the russians are having huge seep holes popping up. we're seeing warming, i think there could be a possibility here of the united states reaches out to the russians. and saying look, maybe we can get some technical fixes for this. maybe our industry and your industry, our governments could work together to find somewhere to address these joint
9:26 am
admissions. >> are you surprised by the way that the president apologized for former president trump getting out of the paris accords. it seemed strange for them to bring it up. >> i guess it is just acknowledges the el elephant ine room. you have the whole section on election day and virginia, and that tight race. what is the best prognosis. will trump come back in 2024. we're talking about curbing emissions by 2030 and that's a long way out. it's not clear that they have this staying power.
9:27 am
but have been having this for 26 years now. this is a 26th go round. it is clear that we're not going to make the progress that we hope. and we really hope that president biden can get some real traction in glasgow. >> what does traction look like, do you think? >> it is not just the agreements they already have. it is you know, nine years out, 2 is about 2021. so if they can pick up on the
9:28 am
momentum and have senator meetings with counter parts and getting into an agreement with someone like the russians to do more would really be a success. >> thank you for being here with us today. >> coming up, policing on the ballot. a referendum against the minneapolis police department 17 months after the death of george floyd. more from the key racing you'll want to watch. this is "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. to watch. this is "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. for your old or busted phone, you just end up living with it!? i don't think so. verizon lets you trade in your broken phone for a shiny new one. you break it, we upgrade it. you dunk it? doggy-bone it? ha-ha! slam it, wham it, strawberry jam it? we upgrade it! get a 5g phone on us with select plans. every customer. current, new or business.
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ask your doctor about xarelto®. to learn more about cost, visit or call 1-888-xarelto ooooh, that's really cool. check that out. bespoke post sends you awesome boxes every month for a great price and i love it. the variety's great, i love how easy and flexible it is. head to and get a free gift with your first box when you enter code free. today's election in virginia is dominating the headlines. in minneapolis a referendum on
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the police department. and a mayor's race that is still suffering from a murder and trial. shaq brewster is joining us now. what are voters talking to you about and how big is this police issue which is clearly dividing the politicians there? >> for them it is a big thing. this is something their taking extremely seriously. this is a local election that would be a big deal under normal circumstances. now you also have this police ballot question and let's break down that ballot question. ballot question number two and it goes to see, it proposes the idea of eliminating the police department and replacing it with a department of public safety. that would go away. there would be no exclusive control over the department and
9:32 am
the minimum funding requirement for the department would go away. there would be a new public safety commissioner. the mayor will split control with the city council, and the idea is that it will start a conversation about the process of figuring out how they want to have their public safety infrastructure. they're asking that people vote no, but for advocates that sign petitions, they have 20,000 signatures to get this on the ballot, they say that is kind of the point. they want to start the conversation about how policing should be and what public safety should look like here, andrea. >> and it is fascinating that you have senators on one side with the governor and the attorney general on the other side. >> thank you, we go now to boston for the first time in nearly 400 years they will elect the first woman and the first person of color to be mayor.
9:33 am
trémane, walk us through the election. >> yeah, a 400 year lock on the mayor's office by a white man ends today. they will choose between two women, the moderate who is polish and arab, and also michelle woo who is of asian decent. they will make history, they will brake that 400 year lock. but i caught up with michelle woo earlier, and she contextualized her childhood, she said she never saw someone that looked like her in a position of power. the city has a reputation for being one of the most racist cities in america. with a growing constituency of
9:34 am
diverse population and it has grown more progressive. turnout might be lower this year, but folks have been excited that for the first time as you mentioned earlier in 400 years, the mayor will not be a white man of irish or italian decent. joining us now, john boehner and paul ryan former managers. first, michael steele, talk about the president's rating down in the latest poll, does that spell trouble for the democrats across the country today? >> i absolutely think it does and i think you see it out in a place called virginia where terry mccauliffe tried to tag
9:35 am
his opponent with president trump and trumpism. he pivoted in a way off of the mistakes of the former governor on education. so while terry wanted to nationalize is, glenn wanted to localize it. and that will be great for republicans going into the next cycle looking to give trump the heisman, if you will. and that will create some distance between a national kerks and what republicans want to say on the ground closest to the people and i think that virginia offers a really good example of potential success there. >> donna, let's talk about new jersey, you phil murphy, you
9:36 am
have those that came out of nowhere, doesn't have a political background, where do you see it going? it is not as close as what you have seen in virginia. >> i think things are leading the way of governor murphy, but phil murphy has an opportunity to make history himself, winning reelection as a democrat, but he had to walk a fine line of getting president biden's endorsement and support, and he seems to be faring a little bit better. it is a little closer than even murphy would like, but it looks like he might pull that off in
9:37 am
new jersey. >> let's talk about the president's agenda they wanted these bills, and now he is coming home to the same negotiations with joe manchin last night saying he wants to see the congressional budget office squirm. they are hoping, is her hope misplaced. >> they have an agreement and it falls apart. in it clearly doesn't exist. so the house can move forward if
9:38 am
they want to, but it is a natural environment now with democrats. you have a lack of enthusiasm among the base. but joe biden got elected to be someone to gets things done. a competent government. they clearly don't have their act together yet. >> donna, how concerned are democrats getting that mccauliffe, say it's a tight race. donald trump will try to take credit. what are the worries about next year? and such a closely divided congress? >> clearly the race has been
9:39 am
been run on a national platform, and there are a lot of democrats coming to pay attention to this. people are talking about turnout. it looks like early voting numbers are off of the charts. democrats have been knocking on a lot of doors and making a lot of phone calls and in the waning days of the race in virginia, so it will be really close and i think that we could read a lot into this election in it should make democrats think hard about how to win a race in this environment and also whether or not democrats can gin up
9:40 am
support, and i don't think we're months away from an agreement, we're days away from it an agreement, and they'll have a chance to run on an agenda that democrats can embrace. >> glenn youngkin showed how to take a cultural issue and capitalize on it with a lot of distortions that don't affect the curriculum. but it is a big deal, education. >> yeah, i don't know how easy it would be to do. keep them at arms length, and don't let it all politics is
9:41 am
local. i think that is the first time in a long time. it is a hyper localized issue. i think that is the key target their working towards. i think many people, they have made changing because of early voting, if if is a close race we won't know tonight. what about people's suspicion that's will be fed by anything donald trump says?
9:42 am
50% of republicans say they're not trusting the way that votes are counted or not counted. there is a winner tonight and we're waiting days, what mischief could be may. they are bringing about the efficiency, i think republicans in virginia have been advocating and pushing early voting. despite the national narrative from trump. so that is going to have an impact as well. we'll see how many republicans they heed for that. >> showing his hand, sending a new demand back to the house. sarah jacobs is joining us next. sarah jacobs is joining us next.
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♪ well, a potential drag on democratic candidates, this election day, the stalemate in washington as speaker nancy pelosi said today, she is hoping for an agreement by the end of the day. that is despite the latest remarks last night and now saying he wants a budget scorecard before voting on the social policy legislation. joining us now is sarah jacobs from california, a member of the congressional progressive caucus. where do things stand now? does that throw another obstacle into having a vote in the next 24 or 48 hours. >> i think that house democrats are eager and ready to get both
9:46 am
bills passed through the house. i think we're close to being able to do that and we trust the president when he says he can deliver 51 votes in the senate. >> it is unlikely that the speaker would go to the floor unless she few for sure that she had those votes. she had to pull back a couple times before, and congressman, she says, as you do, that she trusts they have those votes. how do do you that without joe manchin? >> i think that we, in the house, feel very good about the bill text as it stands now. we know there are a few things being negotiated, but i think once those are done we'll have the votes needed to pass both of the bills. i have to say there is 99%
9:47 am
agreement with the caucus about the excitement for the bills like childcare and the child tax credit and we're ready to get both of the bills through the finish line. >> is there going to be a last minute agreement to do something, a moderated program on cutting drug prices? >> those conversations are ongoing. i'm hopeful that we'll get somewhere. i'm in favor of what was originally in the house bill and hr 3, but we know that drug prices and prescription drug costs are huge across the country and in my district. i'm hoping that we'll be able to do something on this bill to deliver on the promise that we all ran on to address the high cost of prescription drugs. >> how did you feel when they said they're holding the
9:48 am
infrastructure bill hostage? >> i think we long said that both of these bills go together, and that that is what we're doing. we're making sure that we're passing both of these bills and i'm feeling very optimistic that we'll do that this week. >>. >> is it do able to vote on the infrastructure bill first? or do you have to vote on social spending and reconciliation first? >> i think as long as there are votes to pass the votes, the order is not that important. >> sarah jacobs, thank you very much. thank you for being with us. and the greenhouse gaffe. the u.n.'s focus on methane is aggressive but shortsighted. this is "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. shortsighted. this is "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc.
9:49 am
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president biden today announced some of the nation's strongest regulations to date against methane emissions, part of his administration's plan to show the world that america is taking seriously global warming. joining me now is stewart patrick. thank you for being with us. how would you score the climate summit in glasgow so far? >> you know, it's pretty disappointing so far and it's probably headed for a c plus. if i could use a baseball metaphor, the world series is tonight. the leader should be swinging for the fences, but basically they're playing small ball when the world needs home runs. you mentioned the methane commitment, which more than 90 countries signed up to reduce methane, one of the world's most potent greenhouse gases by 2030. another 100 countries signed up to end deforestation.
9:53 am
and then some agreement to stop financing coal-fired power plants. these really don't make a dent in the big problem, which we're a seventh of the way there to meeting the paris commitment for keeping global warming to 1.5 degrees celsius. >> and why are we so far behind on the commitment? is it because of the u.s.? is it because of china? russia? all of the above? india stepped up today. >> sure, they did. india stepped up to the plate, though their target for reducing or being carbon neutral is 2070, which is 49 years from now, which is a very long time from now. india may be the leading producer may be the largest economy in the world at that point. the chinese have not budged on accelerating their timetable for carbon neutrality. the russians have no credible plan really for what they're doing. the united states has been
9:54 am
deeply hamstrung by the fact that joe biden arrived hobbled diplomatically because nobody can tell what will happen with these two big infrastructure and build back better bills that are meandering their way through congress with a lot of opposition -- modest opposition from a couple of key players in the president's own party. that is -- we were just talking in the previous segment about that. that is still completely up in the air with even the powerful speaker, who has always been able to predict success, she's the best vote counter anyone has seen up there, she's not been able to budge the caucuses. the progressives now are ready to play and now manchin isn't. that's another story. bottom line, when he comes home and he's made these commitments, first of all, can he deliver? will the supreme court end up invalidating some of the regulatory changes he's promising, how much clout does he have if he's doing this by executive order and not by
9:55 am
legislation? >> the president said he can do a lot of this from the white house. the problem with that is that it can be overturned by the next occupant of the white house if it's donald trump or one of his fellow travelers. so there's -- there are some important things that the president can do in terms of vehicle standards, trying to move forward on regulating industries to be more climate friendly. but a lot of the big meat that was included in the build back better plan, particularly for clean power generation has been gutted. so, you know, he's going to face skepticism abroad and difficulties on capitol hill bringing his clean energy transition and decarbonization which needs to happen to the world economy into fruition. >> stewart patrick, great to have you on. thank you very much for the context. we'll stay in touch as this goes forward. we have a lot of time between
9:56 am
now and 2030. that does it for "andrea mitchell reports." election day, we'll have all the updates tomorrow. and "meet the press" tonight at 9:00 eastern, and the coverage on msnbc. first chuck todd and mtp daily starts after this. as someone who resembles someone else, i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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look, i love our walk-up music on "meet the press," but it's tuesday. not just any tuesday in america -- cue the music. ♪♪ there it is. ah, you know what those sounds mean. we'll start to count some votes. not yet. a few hours from now. welcome to "mtp daily," i'm chuck todd. buckle up for a big night, perhaps a late night or early morning. millions of voters will cast their ballots in the first major election of the president biden presidency. we have the governor race in virginia. democrats are trying to avoid a major upset in a place that widen won by 10 points in 2020. and that the previous democratic governor won by nine in 2017. we'll have more on why this race


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