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tv   Decision 2021  MSNBC  November 2, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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good evening good morning and welcome to msnbc's special election coverage. and was too close to call for much of the night, at 12:30 am nbc news projected that republican glenn youngkin will be the next government of the commonwealth of virginia. he defeated terry mcauliffe the democrat who previously served as virginia's governor from 2014, to 2018. but the emerging story right now is how close it is in new jersey. where democratic governor phil murphy is running for a second term against republican challenger eric schiller elie,
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i've been listening to him for the last few as we speak to him from new jersey where a lot of the vote is in but it is very close. steve what we are continuing to do the calculations right now will continue what you need to know about new jersey as we look at it at this hour. >> yeah a couple of things here, there's been -- but the bottom line right now about 80% of the vote is in now in new jersey. the big shift you have seen in the last few minutes we have been telling you that the county clerk, in the states largest county, that is bergen county, has posted vote by mail results, okay we have now confirmed that, these are the vote by mail results. so phil murphy now leads in the bergen county vote count, and what that has done it has brought down the state tally much closer, should eerily now leading by less than 5000 votes statewide. murphy getting a big bounce out
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of bergen county. okay what else is left right now, we keep talking about sussex county, here is another one the county clerk in sussex county has put some numbers up on their site. we just want to nail down and make sure that the vote totals up on their site give cheer a lead in sussex county, with all the votes counted of about 20,000 votes. so it should really might be able to put 20,000 right back on the board here. we are just going to try and confirm what they have put up on their website there, the clerks office there. but that could be a 20,000 vote again for ciattarelli if that information is correct. okay, what else are we looking at here, we think mercer county this is one that murphy is going to put a lot of faith and we are trenton as the state capital is a big democratic county. tonight it's only 15, but that's in part because of what you're seeing right here does not reflect the vote by mail.
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we showed you in bergen county the an example of how heavily democratic the vote by mail can be, so in mercer county with the vote by mail there is an opportunity there for phil murphy to make more gains. we are also waiting on vote by mail in burlington county, getting into south jersey here we think that the vote by mail here likely is going to help phil murphy maybe some same day election votes in burlington county it is more republican votes. there could also be simultaneously an opportunity for ciattarelli to get more of a scoreboard for himself and in burlington county. a question mark that we want to nail down, i will show you actually, is right here in middlesex county, 86% in and middlesex county, has marie murphy ahead by now on points. do we need to go to? virginia >> yellows go to virginia first second we do
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have a call in virginia right now, while we have called that glenn youngkin will be the governor of virginia. we now have a call for the lieutenant governor of virginia, a -- will become the lieutenant governor of the commonwealth of virginia. just over to that point, for half a second steve, in virginia it's the same situation we had very heavy day of voting. very heavy turnout across the state generally. but the day of voting is what's decided what happened in glenn youngkin, wanting this thing. there is still very much a contest for the state legislator in virginia, right now it's looking like they're still about 50/50 democrats may hold on to control of the legislator. >> yeah, it's very close on that front. we can actually show you here is the lieutenant governor results for new jersey, i mean
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virginia. it jumps out at you, this is the governor result they are tracking almost perfectly here. -- a rising tide can lift all, boats you see youngkin winning statewide now the projection for. the other outstanding statewide races in virginia. this one is not called yet, but -- this is the incumbent attorney general mark herring 97% in. this race is a little bit closer than those other two, who trailed by 1.6 points. by 60,000 votes, so herring has got a pretty daunting task in front of him. it is not called by our decision desk but he is trailing by that much and we just called the lieutenant governor's race, we have already called the governor's race, and you can see that they are tracking pretty closely together right now in virginia.
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>> we are gonna come back and talk about new jersey in just a second, and bc is projecting serious will be the governor of virginia republican will be this man who is clapping glenn youngkin he is the projected winner for the governorship of the commonwealth of virginia. he will momentarily addressed the crowd let's listen in. >> we [noise] [noise] [applause] [applause] [applause] [applause] alrighty virginia we
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won [applause] [applause] how much fun, how much fun, first of all, first of all thank you all for waiting. waiting a few minutes longer than we thought -- [applause] amazing. well first, let me thank suzanne, let me think susan. just. [applause] i have said many many times, that the lord knew what he was doing because i need her a lot more than she needs me.
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[applause] but i told you, when i told you on that friday afternoon, that a conviction had come over my heart to serve the virginians. you did respond, you responded with grace, with support, you responded with unconditional love. [applause] thank you. i also have to thank my amazing -- because i'm not sure that they were all on board at the beginning. so guys i want to thank you, thomas sean. i love you guys. i love you guys. and i want to thank my beloved commonwealth of virginia. [applause] [applause] my fellow virginians.
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we stand here this morning, at this defining moment, a defining moment that started with two people on a walk. and a defining moment that is now millions of virginians walking together. [applause] who anne, walking together, sharing dreams of hope just like the ones they have always been planted on my own heart. james and hopes for a virginia that soars, a virginia that never settles, a virginia where the virginia promise comes alive for everyone that calls
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this a virginia home. who together, we will change what the trajectory trajectory of this commonwealth. we are going to start that transformation on day one. [applause] there is no time to wait. our kids can't wait, we work in real people time, not government time. [applause] so on day one we are going to work, we are going to restore excellence in our schools.
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[applause] we will invest the largest education budget the history of the commonwealth. we will invest in teachers, new facilities, special education. we are going to introduce choice within our public school system. [applause] how about that, choice within the public school system. we are going to start with 20 charter schools, and we will make it down payment and close the gap on giving parents an opportunity to select where their kids go to school. pete we will embrace our parents, not ignore them. [applause] we are going to press forward with the curriculum that includes listening to parents and allows
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our children to run as fast as they can, keep teaching them how to think, enabling their dreams, when a bling them to soar, we are going to reestablish excellence in our schools. [applause], we are fighting for parents students and teachers. we will reduce our cost of living on day one. we will declare the largest act -- in the history of virginia up. [applause] we are going to eliminate the grocery tax. suspend the hike in the gas tax. double everybody standard deduction.
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and we are going to cut back on the retirement income of our veterans the. he all, in we are going to say virginia families 1500 dollars year one. we are going to keep our communities safe, we are going to comprehensively fund law enforcement because they stand up for us, and we are going to stand up for them. [applause] higher salaries, better equipment, more training, programs like unity in the community to build trust between law enforcement, and those they protect and serve. we will protect qualified immunity and that is in our behavioural health system. finally we will replace the
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entire paroled roared on day one. [applause] and on day one, we will jump-start our jobs, and reinvigorate this economy so it lifts up all virginians. [applause] we will get this economy moving again, growing 400,000 new jobs, fostering 10,000 start-up businesses, friends virginia will be open for business. [applause], it's time for virginia to be the place where everyone wants to live, not leave. a place where the relentless pursuit for a better life, for prosperity, is not burdened, or
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blocked, by self interested politicians who are more focused on their futures, then those they were elected to serve. [applause] over 100,000 miles on the campaign trail, i heard stories that were unique and powerful, but the reality is the challenge of overcoming a culture where the face overwhelms empowerment is all too common. for too long we have expected to shelve our dreams, to shelf our hope, to settle for a low expectations, we will not be a commonwealth of low expectations. we will be a commonwealth of high expectations. and friends all of that cameras
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changed tonight. campaign that came from nowhere. we were joined by neighbors and friends, of all races, of all religion, of all ages, of all political ideology. and it turned into a movement. this stop being a campaign long ago. this is the spirit of virginia coming together like never before. the spirit of washington and jefferson and madison and monroe. over genius tendered. taking our commonwealth back.
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my fellow virginians. this is our moment. it's our moment for parents, for grandparents, for aunts, for uncles, for neighbors, to change the future for our lives. to change the virginia journey. it's our time to turn that vision into a reality. it's a vision where virginians power that historically resided in the halls of richmond and it's spread out. it spread out to the kitchen in the abled that are held together with the bond of spirit, of liberty and freedom. especially those kitchen tables
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were breakfast is even after a midnight shift. friends, this is where our government will go. we will go to the people, for the people. it will be of the people. from the farms of the shenandoah valley to the dachshund shipyards of hampton road. to the coal fields in southwest virginia. to the banks of the james river, to the memorials in arlington national cemetery. [applause]. this is our virginia to build together and we are going to go to work on day one. there are always those, those that say that that hill is too
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steep to climb. but we are empowered. we are empowered by a conviction a righteous conviction. in our children's future, where strengthened by our collective belief. in the virginia promise. let's climb that hill together, let's reinvigorate our future, let's reinvigorate this amazing commonwealth of virginia. [applause] together, together. together. together. we can build a new day. a new day for virginians where yes we soar, and we never subtle. a new day where all virginians, all of us, can deserve to look forward to grabbing to aspiring to dreaming, and then achieving,
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that great virginia promise. god bless you, oh god bless the commonwealth of virginia. [applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ and the rate of your screen, the man projected to have won the governorship of the commonwealth of virginia, glenn youngkin, the republican, nbc news also projecting that sears will become the lieutenant governor, she's 57 years old. she will become the first black woman to have won statewide office in virginia. it's a good office to hold by the way. five of the last ten lieutenant governors have ended up becoming the governor, on the left side of your screen you see marine one. the president of the united states is on marine one now, having landed it join base andrews from his trip to the
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g20, you can now see them entering the helicopter, they're pulling up the door. marine one will head to the white house. this is the return of president biden from the g20, of course returning on a night where there has been a tough loss for democrats in the commonwealth of virginia. although we are watching the state house race very closely there, there is still a dead heap going on in the state, house and we are very carefully watching new jersey, the state of new jersey. i have a panel i want to talk to. but i just want to check in with steve kornacki. well we are listening to glenn youngkin speak, i had one eye on steve who is very busy with the calculator in with his producer, and on that board. steve, what do we know now that we did know about 15 minutes ago? >> it's given us quite the puzzle tonight ali, but basically, i'm trying to remember exactly where we left it off when we went to the speech, but the main drama is this, we got the vote by mail
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in bergen county. it was heavily pro-murphy as we expected. suddenly we were looking at a screen where murphy was in 5000 votes. >> that's what you told us before you left. >> in the next piece was we confirmed the vote had come in and heavily republicans sussex county. so you're seeing that here, better than 2 to 1 margin for ciattarelli, basically what movie make up, ciattarelli got back in sussex county. that's good news for ciattarelli. keeps him ahead by over 20, 000, votes about a point statewide. potentially with the bad news for ciattarelli in making this such a complicated puzzle is. we are trying to piece together, specifically where there is outstanding vote by mail, i think you just saw in bergen, county again bergen county is now, blue it was red most of the night, what happened was we got vote by mail and murphy won it, by upwards of 22,000 votes. just overwhelming democratic
10:23 pm
strengthen the vote by mail. we see it all over the place. now more batches of murphy vote like that? left in some of these counties? there are a couple places where we have reason to suspect, that may be the case. starting right here, i think we've been talking about this the state capitol area. this is princeton that's around here. union township. trump and obviously. right now murphy is leading by 15 points. that would be a shocker if murphy only won mercer county by 15 points. you see this is just an extremely heavy democratic county. what this suggests, and what also you can add into. this is what we're getting from a county website. trying to confirm right, now is they are missing vote by mail. they have not reported the vote by mail in mercer county. which if we get that, if that is missing. that would bring the murphy number up, that would bring this margin more in line with what we typically see in mercer county. and i think the murphy's campaign most importantly would give him a big sort of catapult,
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they're in a statewide vote. we're looking closely at mercer county for, that we're also looking, it's a very similar situation in burlington county. getting into south jersey right here. the republican candidate for lieutenant governor is actually from burlington county, there may be a little bit of a surprise republican strength because. at the same time, we think we are looking at missing vote by mail, not yet reported i should say, vote by mail from burlington county, again if that is the case we're trying to confirm it right now, if that is the case as we suspect, there's another batch of votes for murphy. there are a couple of other spots on the map, where there may also be vote by mail. but i think that's the biggest question mark. is there more, because as you just saw in bergen, it doesn't take many of those for murphy to catch ciattarelli and potentially to move ahead of him, i say significantly to move ahead of him enough to win this race. that's where we're trying to nail down right, now and exactly where that outstanding
10:25 pm
vote by mail is. but we're in a situation right now ali where if there is enough vote by mail out, there to save murphy, he is going to win this thing still by take a step back, a very close margin. in a state consistent with what we saw in virginia. biden wins by ten by, de youngkin will win by a couple of. points biden won by 16 in new jersey. maybe murphy survives by a point or two, again that would be just an incredible regression for democrats coming off of last year. again let's nail it down, i will let you know anything more we learn, but that's where it, stands 21,000 votes right now for ciattarelli, still more to come. we heard from glenn youngkin, the one we are projecting to be the governor of the commonwealth of virginia. we also heard from should really, he was very cautious to say he's not declaring victory. he said shortly when we were able to declare victory, we will do so, and we will do those things. but even the ciattarelli camp right now being cautious. they seem to have similar information to what you, had
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that this race seems to be very close in new jersey. it may not get called in the next few. ours will have to see how this all goes. anything we learn, and i got an eye on you just to our viewers. no you're in my line of sight. if you have anything to say, just wave like this and i'll come right to. you they're taking a look there. you can show us where the two of us are in relation to you. i want to talk about this with some of our, against jonathan our oliver, eugene daniels, and maria kumar, the president and ceo of vote latino. all three are msnbc contributors. we're so grateful for you to stay with us, while we're getting all this information. jonathan you and i have done this many times, and where it's been late at night and we're still watching this whole thing unfold, i want to ask you because right at the beginning of the hour we heard glenn youngkin speak, he's going to reassume be the next governor of the commonwealth of virginia, there were some interesting stuff and why he, said it was soaring, it was big rhetoric,
10:27 pm
he was talking about restoring excellence in schools, where he talked about budgets in classrooms and teachers and all of, that but he also talked about some other stuff about making your kids critical thinkers, he talked about a curriculum that includes listening to parents, teaching kids how to think, not what to think. preserving qualified immunity. glenn youngkin walked a very tight line during this election. and often stepped over into those things that might have solidified a republican vote, particularly the swing, in women, over to the republican side tonight. what do you make of the way he campaigned in with the result was? >> he was a very effective candidate, even if we can all agree, he didn't tell the truth all the time, he went after critical race theory, and it's not tight at all in the state of virginia, but when he said something, like we need to
10:28 pm
teach our children how to think, not what to think, that's just a good political line. that is what we need to be doing, and so. a number of different levels that you saw in that speech, he was just a thoroughbred candidate, that's not the big story, if he had one but murphy had one also by a lot, remember, the last polling on murphy, is the worst he was doing, he was up by six. i talked to some murphy people who said they showed him up by 11. the polls were completely wrong in new jersey where i live. something bigger is going on out there. when i think it is, is that the trump stink is not rubbing off and other republicans. they are the key in both virginia and new jersey. and whereas the white blue color vote oh, among the
10:29 pm
democrats, the republicans are staying with republicans. the white suburbanites, went from the republicans to the democrats, are not at least in these two elections, staying with the democrats. the way they did last time out. this has big implications, for 2022 and 2024. the democrats can improve their communications strategy, in turn this around. >> this is an interesting concept. the trump stink was enough to turn a whole lot of people away from donald trump. glenn youngkin, and ciattarelli in new jersey, in both cases, or actively working to avoid most of the trump stink. they touched a little bit when they needed, to when they thought it would activate voters. and certainly in the case of virginia, youngkin seems to have found the right blend of, it talk to me about what this means for elections to come. are these canaries in the coal
10:30 pm
mine? >> i think it was very clear is they were okay with the dog whistle, and they were able to center very much on this case, but we saw in virginia, school school school. i think the challenge for all of his when he said that parent should stay out of the schools, that's when republicans said nobody, let's not forget critical race theory is not a theme in virginia. but it is what we're going to start seeing in other states, if you recognize where he emphasized most of his speech, it would school school school. that is going to resonate, not just with suburban folks, but also with communities of color. that's one thing to look. at but i also think, it shows the democrats are communicating how the government is working for them. one thing he said was how he's going to put 1500 dollars back in virginians pockets. if under the child tax credit, are receiving at least $3,000 a
10:31 pm
year. if not 6000 depending on how many children they have. so i think jonathan is right. part of it is communication, but the other part is you have folks in virginia and now we're seeing in new jersey, where while the stock market might be going sky-high, they're not feeling relief from the pandemic, they're still trying to make ends meet. and unless the democrats can get their act together and pass really big legislation, that again could be a differential with the republicans, most common folk people are saying, you know what i don't really see the difference, all i see is that the democrats keep fighting, and at the same time i'm losing my job or i'm barely making ends meet, they're going to have to pass a big package. >> it's interesting. no we have exit polling that indicated that virginia governor, voters for the virginia governor, felt that the economy, and jobs was the single biggest issue to them and when asked to they thought when they trusted more to handle the economy, by a
10:32 pm
plurality youngkin was at 43, mcauliffe wins that 50, this chart shows economy and jobs number one concern, and education is number two key concern. taxes number three. youngkin talked about education in new speech, first and taxes. but this is intriguing to me. that the economy leads, and youngkin leads because of the economy. >> absolutely. mcauliffe made about here that he would hug joe biden. and however people felt about joe biden's economy as people put, it that is how they would see this race. that's exactly what's the youngkin camp that on. they end up winning that back. this matters every year. the idea of national races, or the nationalizations of local and state races, but even more so, nowadays. especially when the administration, sent president biden, vice president kamala
10:33 pm
harris, they sent the first lady. prison obama went. what youngkin did, was focused on the local folks. he to make sure that he had an excuse to keep trump out of the race, and keep trump from physically coming, and trying to get onstage with him. he kept almost everyone out of the race. all the national politicians. and then he focused on something that people wanted to hear about. he's talking about our economy, he's talking about her education. though again, as everyone, said we should say over and, over that critical race theory is not being taught in schools. that was something he talked about a, lot where he did not talk about today, was critical race theory, when he went through that laundry list of things he was going to do for schools, critical race theory was not. critical race theory when you need to activate a base of voters, or you talk about education we need to talk to your whole state. folks, standby for a second. i'm going to take a quick break. for those who view of a joined us since the top of the hour.
10:34 pm
the developments are, the commonwealth of virginia, we have called for glenn youngkin, as the governor, the incoming governor, sears will become the lieutenant governor of virginia, she's a black woman, and marine veteran, in nbc's projecting she will be the lieutenant governor, the lieutenant governor in the governor's race in both new jersey and virginia are tracking very closely right now. but sears has been elected, we are still waiting for some down ballot races. and, very importantly. because as we see in texas and other states like. that what happens in the state house, is a dramatic night in the virginia house of delegates. the leader of the virginia house of delegates joins us right after this. egates joins u right after this egates joins u right after this
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steve and his producer adam they've been chatting for the last few, minutes i have not been privy to that conversation. but it looks quite intense. what is going on? >> it's new jersey again, this is been a puzzle else dan by, that there's a couple of the words that can be, used but, we just got a bunch of o in passaic county, the bottom line for murphy is that he may gain, it was an election day vote. we have a ton of the remaining
10:39 pm
electric day votes in. it was enough to put murphy ahead in this county. you can see by a little bit less than two points right here. although put this in some context, this was a county that joe biden was beating donald trump, and by more than 16 points, it's basically what joe biden's margins speak wide in new jersey last year. now tonight, this is very similar to the statewide story that we're seeing. this was 2020, this tonight, razor-thin but murphy is ahead slightly with those same day votes being counted, it also changes the total here statewide. murphy now trailing by just under 20,000. one thing we have been doing, you've been watching, we've been getting these reports that come up on the county website. and then we've got our decision-making, contacts in just confirming that we put this up. we think we've just had another one posted here, in burlington town-y. this is potentially critical,
10:40 pm
in the process of trying to nail this down, but what burlington county just posted, is their vote by mail. there early vote, in most of their same day vote. it shows murphy the governor, with 75,284 votes. and it shows ciattarelli, his opponent, with 67,628 votes. would that would reflect, and again we're trying to nail this down. when they put on their website, the burlington county election website, with this would reflect though is what we've been talking about. that vote by mail is so overwhelmingly democratic, when it comes, in especially in a bigger size county like burlington county, there is a chance for phil murphy to leapfrog ciattarelli. that could put him up 1000 votes potentially in this county. look right now murphy is trailing in this county by 10,000. if that new report is correct, there he will be up a, thousand swing there of 18,000 votes,
10:41 pm
that he'd be making up, again, that's pretty much a hair under what he's trying to make up statewide. this is one of those, we saw this in suffolk's earlier, we saw this was bergen as soon as we do, if we get it confirmed an updated in, here but i think we have some rumblings in burlington county. now >> we will keep a close eye on that, that is why this race is considered too close to. call earlier this evening it was too early to call. we have 82% of the vote in statewide in new jersey. it's not enough for us to make a decision about what is going on. and we will take a quick. break when we come back, i will be with the leader of the virginia house of delegates, sure now herring. delegates, sure now herring delegates, sure now herring and how important it is to know who you are and to know where you came from. doesn't that look like your papa? that's your great grandfather. it's like opening a whole 'nother world that we did not know existed. ♪ you finally have a face to a name. when you give the gift of ancestry®, you give the gift of family.
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10:45 pm
election with a ten seat majority in the chamber. the washington post is currently reporting, 40 seats for the democrats, and 41 seats for the republicans. leaving 19 seats with the results unknown, washroom in from the cook political report tweeted this earlier, dems appeared to have averted an outright gop majority in the virginia house of delegates, by my count, dems are currently leading by 2% or less. in five races, if those winds hold, 50 democrats, 50 republicans, tie. joining me now is charniele herring she's the majority leader of the house delicate former chair of the democratic party of virginia. she's also the co-chair of mcauliffe's campaign. delegate herring good to talk to. you things for being with us tonight. first of all we have a lot of ground to cover tonight, but do you know, information that's more updated than what's wasserman had about the state of the race for the virginia house of delegates right now?
10:46 pm
>> not right now, what we are doing is we're still waiting for some to report, we have provisional ballots, that will need to be cured. and canvassed. we are not giving up, there is no more information, there's just a lot of races out there that are closed, we have races that have been competitive two years ago, which is waiting to see. >> okay you are also the co-chair of the mcauliffe campaign. this was not looking like the outcome several weeks ago. what do you make of what happened tonight. with the election of glenn youngkin? >> right now, i'm still trying to assess it, i will say that my focus, because i am the leader in the house, my focus has been on my candidates, but there has been, i watched the earlier segment, in the breakout. virginia, what's important to virginians. and of course our economy is important to virginians.
10:47 pm
we have a strong economy, as well as increasing our workers rights. at the same time education, i'm sure that there will be a deep freeze about what happened. and again, i'm sure the mcauliffe camp, we're still waiting for all the provisional ballots. they need to be canvassed and counted. >> obviously virginia is a big state, it's an important state. you have real local issues. and the tea leaf readers tonight, are all trying to figure out how much of this is about virginia, how much this is about youngkin in mcauliffe. and how much this is about biden and democrats at a larger level. our exit polling asked one question, one reason for your vote for governor today? to express opposition to joe biden 28% of people said so, to express so port for joe biden, 20% said, so joe biden was not a factor. it was actually the biggest group. that was 48%. for all those who are saying this is some kind of referendum, and what's going on with joe
10:48 pm
biden. and or democrats federally. what do you think of that? you know and the exit poll i don't know what the sample, us but the sample was i hope they did. my focus has always been in virginia specifically, and not across the river. i know that we have delivered for virginians, essentially i go back to our economy how strong it is. and my hope in three retain the majority in the house, i think that we will. i am concerned with youngkin's policies, that he expressed in his victory speech. that he expressed from the campaign. we have to be a stopgap. we have to make sure that our environment, and our economy stay strong. the proposal she has put out there are very concerning. >> yeah, well he had education as a large part of his speech when he got down to proposals. you talked about education, qualified immunity, law
10:49 pm
enforcement, replacing the parole board on day one, taxes, grocery taxes, gas taxes, increasing, doubling the standard deduction. all of these things are interesting to hear him say, because he is going to be the projected winner, for the commonwealth of virginia. but more complicated for him to achieve, if he doesn't achieve a majority in the house of delegates. >> it will be more difficult, and i will tell you it is a concern when you are talking about -- cutting things that will impact our schools. everyone can agree that we value our schools, we value our children, and their education. and that's all the tax breaks duffy's talking about it will be interesting if he is ultimately the winner, how in the world is he going to keep funding for our public schools with all these promises. >> thank you for your time tonight delegate charniele we
10:50 pm
appreciate you joining us, thank you all you have more coverage of this election. election. take advantage now. ♪ wow! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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where the two major elections are in new jersey and virginia. we know largely how virginia's going, except for the house delegate for a few statewide races. we still don't have a full effect on new jersey, but it is a dynamic scene. i want to go back to steve kornacki for an update on the information of what is happening in new jersey. every time i come to think that change on that. board >> yeah it's changed a few times, tonight we have seen on the county website in this case, burlington county, now it has been confirmed and you can see here in burlington county, phil murphy now has the lead here. what happened as they brought in the absentee, vote the mail-in vote, the early vote, what does that do statewide, now mill for murphy is knocking
10:54 pm
on the door with less than 2000 votes separating murphy from ciattarelli. a big boost from that vote by mail, the absentee vote in burlington county. we believe as i have been saying, there is vote by mail left here as well, mercer county, and you have now seen in burlington how strong the vote by mail is for murphy and what that can do. it turned burlington blue, it turned bergen blue earlier, and mercer county is already blue, but it can get blue or. it is a county that trump lost by 40 points to joe biden last year, so we can certainly expect him to gain some votes here. critically for him it would give him an opportunity to overtake jeff ciattarelli, and statewide vote. the problem for should really right now is where else could -- if there's opportunity for more
10:55 pm
murphy to squeeze out more votes by mail, where else could should really get it, sussex county. generally has basically squeezed where he can out of there. , still in county is a very small county anyway but she really was able to squeeze almost 6000 votes out of that. there isn't too much real estate left future ciattarelli to make up the ground. he may be able to get some same day votes and burlington county. there are also some other areas here where we believe he is likely outstanding vote by mail. that is what you hear vote by mail. it is a very democratic friendly ballot, and you have seen with the has done for murphy, it is likely we will see that in a few more places. so for the murphy campaign this has been, halloween was the other night, but this has been
10:56 pm
a terrifying night for the murphy campaign. what i don't know how to three in the morning whatever time it is right now, this is what you are looking at state ride. what is coming into focus here, and likely left here, as you can start to see a path here for murphy to overtake ciattarelli, and potentially win this race. it wouldn't be a would big win. he got elected in the state by 15 points. joe biden won it by 16 points last year. republicans don't nearly come as close as ciattarelli is here, in a state like new jersey. so if murphy gets out of this one or two points of two to relative heat can win by one or two points, he will be happy one, but is one of those who how do we get that close. >> this is how close he is, he doesn't know what time it is right. now it is 1:56 in the morning on the east coast. steve, don't worry about the
10:57 pm
time, all worry about, time you worry about the vote. we will take a quick break, much more of our special election night coverage continues here on msnbc live. after this. ve after this my auntie called me. she said uncle's had a heart attack. i needed him to be here. your heart isn't just yours. protect it with bayer aspirin. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. as someone who resembles someone else, i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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