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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  November 3, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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with our thanks for being with us on behalf of all of our colleagues at the network of nbc news, good night. t the network c news, good night
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know, stump around with a shaved head giving nazi salutes, he wasn't that kind of a guy. he was a guy who took a pseudo-academic fake intellectual approach to his holocaust denial. he had a starting role in her book. and he sued her reliable. saying it was unfair of her to describe his scholarship the way she did. unfair for her to describe her scholarship the way as shoddy, instead it was in fact loyalist under british law for her to have said that he deliberately viewed the known evidence about the holocaust, he knowingly for one used forged material. he sued her. over those claims that he made about her in the book. and they went to trial. and it ended up being a remarkable thing, that trump.
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because in that trial, she and her legal team, literally had to prove the holocaust happened. over the course of ten super intense weeks, they systematically went through all the fake pseudo-scholarship and all the conspiracy theories, and all the forged john, all the garbage promoted by the holocaust deniers, and they proved it all wrong. in court. they prove that the holocaust happened and not the sympathizers were lying about it for political reasons. the holocaust denied, the guy who had brought the law school talk specifically in the zone that they could have this kind of a -- child because he was so sure that they'd be vindicated and everyone would have to believe him. now he lost the case. he lost in spectacular fashion. the ruling in the case was more than 300 pieces wrong summarize the evidence i guess the holocaust happened, including the gas chambers and all the rest of it.
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and yes it was the nazi specific. and yes the holocaust like this guy, were deliberately lying about the holocaust. and their deliberately is about it work in service of their own racist and neo-nazi sympathies and associations. i mean, it was a complete destruction. of his argument, and his false claims. . debra actually wrote a book about the trial itself, called history of trial, very interesting, it became a very good movie not that long ago. . he appealed the ruling after laws. he lost the appeal as well, he was then in obliged to pay all of the costs associated with this lengthy trial he itself had brought this lawsuit and he lost every single aspect of. it and he was described responsibility for paying all the legal fees on both sides. and the cost of the child were
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considerable, and because he was the legal costs of the trial. he was in fact bankrupted. which kind of ruined him in terms of internationally promoted his holocaust and now. there's a lot more to say about, her she has had an incredible career, continues to have an incredible picture. but whatever else she hasn't, light she will always be the person who personally bankrupted the world most prominent holocaust denier. in fact, by charging him for the privilege of building an unimpeachable public record that the holocaust happened and that the nazis sympathizes like him that it didn't happen or lying when they said so. and that is something that you can really take to the bank. [laughs] debra has been named by president biden to be the u.s. government state -- as i said she has gone on to an illustrious career but today
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that same story has said that within a courtroom in virginia charlotte school virginia is in the midst of a civil trial right now, in which the new nazis were like premises under far-right groups that organize the deadly unite the right rally in charlottesville virginia in 2017. that cast of character, is being sued. by some of the people who were hurt that day. and today, historian, debra, who again has declared the fame of having personally bankrupted the world leading holocaust denier, today she on the stand has testified to the jury as an expert. about some of the chants and the symbol of that rally meant. why were there so many references to the number 88, in the crowd. she will explain today that because h is the eighth letter of the alphabet, eight eight is to mean heil hitler.
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well there was all this black sun on the shield, and the patches, and the stuff that these guys wore at the unite the right rally. debra explains that the black son was a symbol of the nazi symbol. it was a part of their quasi-symbol, the image was in late into the floor at a specific castle in germany where the nazis at best scented to members where they need a little tuneup in terms of their nazi indoctrination. why did the guy that the unite the right alley said that you will not replace us and jews were not replaces she explain today on the stand that long boring antisemitic fantasy that jews are somehow orchestrating orchestrating a white people anti-conspiracy pulling make it to be more people of color in america. and fewer white people because somehow it's a zero something.
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that some white people will be replaced. and the jews in the puppet masters are behind all of it. she explained all of that today. -- because the defendants of the case are who they are, number of the white supremacists and the nazi defendant at the charlottesville trial, they don't have lawyers. they are representing themselves in court. they are acting as their own lawyers. reporter arnold is reporting on the trial every day. and today, he captured a little bit of what the dialogue was like in the trial today, between one of the neo-nazis defended who was on the stand while he was being questioned by another neo-nazi guy who was acting as his own lawyer. >> he said, quote, defendant representing himself, as the defended, on cross examination, what is your favorite holocaust robe? >> my favorite?
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>> question is withdrawn. >> he is now asking him detailed question about adolf hitler's -- he asked him if he's run mein kampf. >> yes. multiple times? >> yes. >> asked whether he believed hitler murdered 6 million jews. >> no. that was cantwell's final question in that part of the cross-examination. that was what happened in virginia today. we are backdrop for electoral politics, right? we are back dropped for a big election while they hide information on. what happened in charlottesville virginia, 2017, the far-right rally that resulted in one woman being killed. more than a dozen people being extremely injured. the parade of the nazi group, the torches, and the chants about jews, and replacement
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theories, and all the rest of it. charlottesville is what president biden said, prompted him to run for president in 2020. in 2019 he released the video formally saying that he would run for president. the first towards individuals were, charlottesville virginia. president trump, was the first president at the time that charlottesville happened. he famously, immediately, after said they were fine people on both sides meaning that there were some people on the counter protesters on the nazis at the. but also fine people on the nazi side to. reporter christopher miller has been covering the trial every day, he wrote this week about one of the defendants, in fact, the one who asked what's your favor holocaust joke to his fellow defended. that guy said in court filings in this case that he shares, this quote, views on the pressing issue of our time with former president donald trump. he shares his views with former president trump. he also said that he shares
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those views, incidently, with the 8 pm 70 fox news channel who has in fact made long arguments on the air for this replacement theories that explains today, and that we all heard out of the lives of those guys would tiki torches back in 2017, in charlottesville. so this trial is unfolding now in virginia. it's a weird backdrop for this weird important election. it is actually quite insane, for this to be humming around in the background alongside the other normal political dynamics that we have between the american right and the american left. between the two major political parties. but that is where we, are somewhere between the normal flow of politics and this freakish rib type that is pulling us out into the darkest places that we know, the darkest places that we can imagine. that is where we are. but most of those things are happening at once. right, this really dark stuff on the right. is the backdrop.
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-- is the background noise. is the thing that sort of lurks off shore while we do normal electoral politics between democrats and republicans in the foreground. and when i say that normal electoral politics does have a sort of normal flow, i mean it emphatically. in terms of what happened last night, consider this. the first year that george h. w. bush was president, his party lost. the governor's race in virginia. and then's party lost the race in new jersey. the first year bill clinton was president, in 1993, his party lost the governor's race in virginia. and his party's lost the governor's race in new jersey. the first year george w. bush was president in 2001, his party lost the governor's race in virginia, and lost the parties governor's race in charlotte. and the first year barack obama lost the governor's race in virginia, and his party's loss
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as governor's race in new jersey. and yes, in the first year donald trump was president, in 2017, his party lost the governor's race in virginia, and his party lost the governor's race in new jersey. the virginia and new jersey governor races always have been a year after presidential politics. and they always follow the same pattern. a lot of things in politics are subtle nuance and complicated. these are not one of those things. every year. after new president is elected his party loses. the governorship in virginia, and the governorship in new jersey. and this is been true all the way back through the 19. last night, it would appear that like every other president in living memory, and admitted, if you have those presidents that we forgot about, it would appear that last night the same thing just happened to joe biden that has happened to all the other presidents like call law cork. like it is written in stone. everybody freak up, the only
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one difference here for joe biden is that he only lost one of the governor's race. the democrats only lost one of them. as we just learned. nbc has just called the new jersey governor's race for democrat phil murphy. democrat phil murphy has been reelected to a second term in new jersey, defeating his republican challenger, jack children rarely, we will be talking with the steve kornacki, to tell us why took so long to call this race. but it looks like the democratic party did lose the governor's race in virginia, but not the one in new jersey. which breaks pattern. in a way that is favorable for the democrats. and honestly, the headlines today, while i counted, democrats were just destroyed, the democrats weren't panicking. now they sure ought to be. honestly there is one thing that they ought to maybe panic about, which is the polling that they're terrible against. both the polling for a lot of the races have been pretty much
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off, like it has been for a couple of cycles. if they don't figured out a way to fix, that their campaigns aren't going to be kept -- so they can panic about that pulling. the fact that polling is bad. yes. okay. but honestly, would have been here for the past 30 years, every single time that we've had a new president, that person has lost the votes for new jersey and virginia. except this time democrats didn't lose new jersey. in a rational world, this would not be a call for democratic panic, quite the contrary. democrats have beat the odds. they have done better than everybody has done going back to the great ronald reagan who was the last president who pulled this off. the last time a president managed to only lose one of those governorships in the first year that he was in office, was a great communicator himself, ronald reagan. biden has done something that no other president has been able to do since reagan. you would think that this would cause for a celebration in the democratic party.
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but that is not how we do things. and the beltway president you can see for yourself -- but you know, even if you want to take a light scope about it. look at how things have been going in big high-profile elections for the democrat, since president biden was elected. back in june, there was a congressional special election, it was in new mexico, republican saw that as a nature opportunity. he talked about how optimistic they were for that outcome. and that congressional race in june ultimately they did not won this only the, sea but won by a expected margin. then in september, republicans and the conservative media, they got themselves very excited about their big recall effort against the democratic governor of california. a statewide recall. they were gonna throw him out of office, the republicans are gonna rise up in california in nearly at the democrats there. what happened in that race? the democratic governor did find.
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he won by just as much as he won in the first place. just a colossal waste of money and energy and breath, it was absolutely nowhere for them. and now, last night, for the first time since the 1980, republicans were able to flip those two governorships. like the opposing party has been able to do in the first year of every new presidency going all the way back from bush. they only got one, then held on to the other. why this tomorrow should be a call for democratic freak is beyond me. but if you are democrat and your freaking up because it's good for you knock yourself up my guess, but rationally? [laughs] i mean, big picture. you'd rather be the party of joe biden than the party of donald trump right now. first of all, the democrats are doing fine in the elections that have happened since biden has been president. i mean, look at all the
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headlines today in the beltway press, never knew, that they're actually beating the historical odds in terms of how things stand out. but also look beyond the normal flow of electoral politics because it is important, this weird humming that we've got in the background of our otherwise normal flow. of electoral politics i mean the stuff that's going on in the background on the right is getting worse and we are not better huffington post was first to report today that other than the republicans who stood for office yesterday, along the country, at least eight of the republicans who won who actually got elected last night, where people who participated in the events of in which a mob of trump january six in washington. supporters violently attacked the u.s. capital to try to stop the election results from being certified. to january six attendees were elected yesterday, as republicans to the virginia house of delegates. the virginia state legislature. other january six people got
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elected as republicans in new jersey, in idaho, in brain jury massachusetts. and elsewhere. as a former president himself tries to shield his white house record so they won't be handed over to the investigation of the january 6th attack, today we got word that there is a heavy hitting new addition to the legal team representing the committee that's carrying out that investigation. mary mccord is the former chief of the national security division at the u.s. department. as trump mounts this fight with the investigation to try to stop his white house records for being handed over to the, mary has just joined the legal team, for the investigation. for the january six investigating committee. and i don't know about how the former president feels about that, but i would not want to be on the other side of her on a case like this. we are still going for, today in wisconsin, a pro trump sheriff called for the arrest for criminal charges to be
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filed against the whole state election board in wisconsin. because they passed rules to help people vote in nursing homes, during the pandemic. that is become the new fantasy in wisconsin, of how the election must have been stolen there. in addition to that, trumpy sheriff announcing that everybody he wants arrested. wisconsin republicans in the legislature of paying for one of these investigations into the 2020 reelection results in that state. the milwaukee journal sentinel has now figured out that despite the republicans efforts to keeps secrets of who's conducting their audit in the elections, it turns out the guy running it is a trump appointee, and he is being assisted by true former trump white house staffers. that's the objective team that they have reviewing the election results in wisconsin. three people from the trump administration, are running the investigation into whether or not trump was really legitimately be in and wisconsin. even where they're not doing
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one of these audits or investigations, this is with the theme music is now in republican campaigns now, republican accountability project for posted this footage of the republican candidate who ran for u.s. senate in delaware, against democratic senator chris coons this past year. chris coons beat this republican candidate by more than 100, 000, votes it was not close at all. but now she is doing the rounds in right-wing media saying she's calling on the delaware state police, she wants state troopers, to come to her aid. to get her that senate see. to somehow take it from senator chris coons, by force, because she says she's figured out that she's probably secretly this senator, and she's super sure she won, but she wants armed backup from state troopers to go take the seat for her. >> they have proof of the dead voters, the people of delaware, it's not just my seat that was stolen. it's the peoples senate see, chris coons is not a u.s.
9:21 pm
senator for the state of delaware, it's looking like lauren whiskey, is so let me tell you something so i have a plan. as a private citizen with do you do when you have stolen property, >> you call the cops. >> so i'm asking the delaware state police to stand with me an air if you double evidence we have awesome people working on the audit, irrefutable evidence of election fraud, and a stolen election, and i'm asking the delaware state police to stand with me and help me retrieve the people stolen property, so that is my plan to reclaim my senate see, in it is without a reasonably doubt that she is mine. you know decagon well that i'm going to go and take it. >> that's exactly what the cops are therefore, that's exactly what an upstanding and moral impartial just law enforcement agency who swears an oath should live up to. they should live up to that oath. >> that's where the cops are
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for, that's where cops are for, that's exactly what the cops are there for. i'm gonna go and take that seat. i want armed assistance. state trooper could go take that senate seat by force in delaware, that was the republic senate can candidate from delaware. this is the background music. this is the weird humming music you hear now behind the electoral politics, you sort of otherwise know how to handle and know how to cover. we otherwise know how to live with. the 2020 election was a year ago today, in the ensuing year, republican voters, egged on by their leaders, have become less and less convinced that the election should have counted. they've become less and less convinced that those election results were real election results, and joe biden really is president. they become more and more convinced, to a point that a large majority of them, are now convinced not only that the election was stolen, but that the election results should be overturned and donald trump
9:23 pm
should be instated as president now. and in delaware apparently they want the state troopers to go take a senate seat for them to. the 2020 election was a year ago today, the 2021 elections, the elections last night, rationally should not be a cause for democratic freak out, the flow of politics sort of proceeds apace. democrats, losing one of the governors races in virginia and new jersey, instead of the two that the party in power in the white house always loses the year after a new president is elected. that should not be a cause, rationally, for democratic freak out. if you're looking for something to freak out about here, i would suggest that weird humming noise you here in the background. might be worth a closer look, the background politics. the background politics on the right right now are as dark as we've ever seen in our lifetime. democrats losing a governorship,
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democratic incumbent phil murphy has held on to the governorship, in the great state of new jersey. nbc news only updated its call within the last 30 minutes to project that governor murphy will win that race, that's more than 24 hours after polls closed in this election. lots of questions remain including how close it will be in the end, will the ciattarelli campaign requested a recount. why was the pulling so off. usually the polling at the end show that the race was really close, with youngkin having a smile, even in new jersey the polling showed phil murphy with a healthy and in some cases double digit lead over republican challenger
9:29 pm
ciattarelli. at this hour, murphy, is projected to keep his job, but he's ahead by just about one percentage point. joining us now is the great steve kornacki, ms and -- since yesterday waiting and the folks from new jersey. or voice of direct deducted, which means you are dehydrated. i hope that you are now close to the end. >> we've got the call. we got the call in virginia, probably sometime around this time last, night we now have new jersey, so here we go. >> tell me what you think people should understand about why it took more than 24 hours to make this call. what is it is slow counter was the reason just because it ended up being so close in the end? >> couple things, obviously the fact that it was this close is surprisingly close, we say joe biden won this thing by 16, points not many republicans this century have even made it close in a statewide race in new jersey, chris christie won a couple of governors races,
9:30 pm
everything else the republicans to brag about in new jersey the last 20 years, years ciattarelli suddenly got within striking distance for a while, looks like he might actually pull it out. i think a couple of things happen. number one, there is a mechanical thing here in new jersey does not allow the counties to begin opening up and processing the mail ballots, the vote by mail ballots they receive until midnight, on election day. i think that created a backlog in some situations here. this especially with the mail-in ballots, number two though, i think in terms of providing information, the county, is a lot of these counties in new jersey, fell short on that, that was something talking to republicans and democrats, they were both very frustrated with the results that came in, it could be very unclear in some, cases exactly how much boat was still left in some of these counties. exactly how much of the vote by mail had been counted, how much of the election day vote have been counted, it was unclear in some of these counties, and i think that created a bit of confusion as results came in.
9:31 pm
ciattarelli is ahead, but there was a lot of confusion on that front to, and then also there is just some issues, it appears at some of the polling places, one issue in particular i think today was an excess county, around, newark there's 56 basically 56 precincts heavily democratic essex county, where the machines, the voting machines are now essentially impounded, because there was some kind of issue at the polling. the county clerk said we have to get a court order now to get the machines counted. he said he was a little vague about what it was. it was an issue involving poll workers. but basically now there's a whole process to get those machines back and get everything counted for them. again there would've been a big batch of votes there from as a county, like the they would've been a very pro murphy batch. it might as bad things up to. a couple of things that were all happening at once. well on that point, particularly what you're describing here in new york, do you expect to see that there would be a recount or? i am trying to remember what the exact revisions here are
9:32 pm
for a recount in new jersey, i remember that there is a not an exact dress hole for a recount that happens automatically. but if you lose, you can request for it, if you pay for. and >> if the recount will happen if he wants to. for that matter, murphy could decide if you want to recount to. if you pay for it you can have a recount. i have not seen the ciattarelli campaign put out a campaign about just making sure that every vote was counted here. it didn't really get anything specific about a recount, there are more votes as we take for instance, there are other places to where there are more votes to be counted. there will be provisional ballots that are counted, they will still accept the ballots that were in the mail for a few more days in new jersey, again, all those things i'm pointing to their, i think our sources of votes that will probably pad this murphy lead. so i do expect it to rise. not significantly. we are not going to be talking about a five or six murphy win in the state. but it could get bigger than what you see here. and then it would be up to ciattarelli to make this
9:33 pm
decision. but if you are getting up to their about two point margin or something, statewide, that is a little different when it comes to recount then like a 0.2% margin. >> steve, there is a bottle of really good bonded ride, which means it's 100 proof ride that is in my office right now. if you're sitting in my does chair, it's at your left elbow, there's a door that doesn't look like a, door if you open up of, that bottle is there, and you can have. it >> wow, how about that, all right. >> thank you for telling me where it is, i hope nobody beats me to. it >> -- and you should go now. because everyone knows where it is. no >> thank you. >> and thank you my friend, for all of these. hours >> i appreciated. >> all right, and i will just go into the control room if my office or is locke, even -- get that lock and let him. in all right less thing to get to us this evening, stay with us. , stay wit us e's best moments with coricidin.
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closely at the beginning we are for starting to hear it, it won't seem like it makes all that sense, but just stick with it. let it wash over you. even the mussolini part, just let it wash over you. and eventually, it will sink in and make sense. >> general paton is the grandson of abraham lincoln. >> lincoln, yes? >> general paton had a brother which was, the need to mussolini as well who came -- so general paton was the son of william wallace lincoln. and mussolini was the son of ted lincoln, all right? >> joseph kennedy the older brother of john f. kennedy, presumed dead in world war ii was not that. he went into hiding for protection. he had children. joseph kennedy --
9:39 pm
general michael flynn who happens to be first cousin to john john and his siblings as well. trump is the biological son of general paton. which makes him first cousin to john john and the kennedys as well. it's all about the bloodline. it's all about the bloodline. >> i told you it was simple. i told you was simple. it's all about the bloodline. see how -- mussolini, lincoln, and the mussolini paton. so those two gentlemen are the promoters of the qanon conspiracy theory which gained all sorts of improbable in fraction during the presidency of donald trump. qanon folks think that they are propound the idea that the entire american political and cultural establishment, all of the democrats, lots of
9:40 pm
celebrities to, there is all a big state in worship-ing of blood drinking child sex traffickers. in crushingly, donald trump is the one who will defeat them all on emerge victoriously and all the democrats will be sent to guantánamo. and there will be mass -- and i know some of this feels hard to follow at first it can be hard to sort of translate but for something that happens today it's were trying to catch what he said at the end here -- >> trump is the biological son of general paton. which makes him for his cousin to john john and the kennedys. >> donald trump is the biological first cousin of former president john f. kennedy and the rest of the kennedy family. he is not.
9:41 pm
that is the idea. yesterday hundreds of americans, hundreds of our fellow americans, qanon supporters, gathered in dallas texas at daily plaza, which is where john f. kennedy was assassinated. and they turned up yesterday and waited around four hours because the rightfully believed in their heart of hearts, they truly and ironically believed that president kennedy son, jfk junior, was going to reveal himself at the site where his father died to announce that not only was he dead himself but he was re-entering public life just in time to become donald trump's running mate in 2024. i'm telling you that this wasn't a joke to these folks. they honestly believed it. some of them did have shirts made up for the occasion. this one says, trump kennedy, keep the world great. this one says trump jfk junior, 2024. they threw big campaign banners to. they think that jfk junior is alive and he's going to run
9:42 pm
with donald trump in 2024. >> did reliant on the moon? >> did we land on the moon? no? >> they took this chance to let -- [noise] gianna kennedy junior was expected to reveal himself as 12:29 pm, the exact time that john f. kennedy was shot. i precisely that time the crowd receptive the pledge of allegiance but then weirdly he didn't turn up. neither did jfk junior, nor his dad, nor anybody else from the kennedys bloodline. you know, none of them appeared at daily plaza, mystically. this is all insane, right? but it's hundreds of people who believe democrats and celebrities are secret blood drinking pedophiles, sit around four hours to witness what they believe would be the re-incarnation of the seas democrat of celebrities that
9:43 pm
are certainly not blood drinking pedophiles, to watch the son of john f. kennedy watched donald trump his first cousin on the ticket to 2024. if you talk to people who follow qanon, who sort of track this train of online extremism, the whole jfk junior's coming back to run with trump thing is considered a fringe believe even within the qanon universe. this is something that really -- around the outer edges of that movement. but with that in mind, that just really makes it particularly striking, that this many people showed up in texas. this week, to rally around a conspiracy so fringe, it's rejected by even some of the most devout qanon promoters. it's funny, but not funny ha. what are we supposed to think about the fact that a group of people can mobilize effectively in d.c. numbers around such an extreme conspiracy theory about
9:44 pm
donald trump's presumed return to power? something that is so on the outer fringes of those kinds of conspiratorial beliefs, that even people in the middle of those conspiracy theories considerate enough to act on. joining us now is bin collins, he's a senior reporter for enes bc, he color this information and -- thanks for being here i really appreciate you making time. >> thank you. >> it is easy to sort of point and drop your jaw and be agog at this. but i feel like one of the -- i feel like you've been smart about how our fellow americans. and these are people who are politically engaged in their own way. and people, these folks are looking for something and believing they are finding it within the -- did you feel surprise that there were so many people who actually turned up there? given how obscure and far out these theories are that
9:45 pm
motivated them even? >> yes rachel, i was shocked about this frankly look in the qanon universe this is like a denomination about jfk junior it looked back about what qanon, there's this idea that there's this guy in, cute embedded in the government, and he has a state secret plan that donald trump to save the world from all of these pedophiles, and at the end of it you know, all of the satanic that a false believe, like hillary clinton and all of these fox in a magic universe characters would be killed in the streets. on live television. this is why this is scary, first of all. because all of these people believe. this and all of these people are hoping for. but q, that messenger at the heart of, it was supposed to be -- that the message for the hosted white supremacy, q, explicitly said, look, he kind of got sick of his followers. in december 2018, he said look, this is not true. the gift gauging a thing, he is
9:46 pm
not alive, he is not coming back, also, -- elections are safe. don't worry about. it he said this on december 12 2018, so, a lot of qanon followers, moved off of. that the majority of them have moved off of that. and they have moved on two different kinds of series, but there is this one subset that is extremely religious subset that is made donald trump basically messiah in the state. and jfk junior as like a sensible running mate when it comes back to life. it's extremely religious, but they do firmly believe the stuff. is it texas specific? or did people come from around the country to be in texas for this thing? >> people came from around the country. they came to me telegram influences. telegram is sort of the wild west, it's like facebook five years ago or no one's getting man-to-man or wet, everybody is getting covered because they were even free speech. there are fake jfk junior
9:47 pm
accounts on there, they sell things like trump coin, may try to get people to give them cryptocurrency. and trump coined as well, and there's these two other guys, they don't even use the real names. their names are a bunch of words with letters at the end of it. and they have hundreds of thousands of followers, and that's who showed up for these things today. it wasn't even the name brand qanon people you would know from the insurrection, it was a bunch of people who wrote a following since then, it's kind of grown its own new life since then. >> by necessity, you have to think of things that happened in the real world, not just online. as an escalation. once people leave the keyboard, and get out from behind the keyboard and actually physically go somewhere, and show their face, and dress up, and get the t-shirt, and hold the flag. it is an escalation. it is in a renewed commitment in effect to that subculture in those beliefs. >> yeah. two major points there. first of all, once you d
9:48 pm
platform these people from facebook and twitter, they go away largely. these groups are not going to stick. but they are much more committed, these people were livestreaming to each other, and they were just reaffirming their own sort of literature. they were creating their own language in vocabulary about how to talk about this. about how to talk to each other about this religion they were creating in realtime, the scary thing is, even the people who think they're nuts in the qanon community, the endgame is still there, the endgame is still, let's go murderer enemies. if we get rid of these enemies, if we get rid of hillary clinton, if we get rid of all these people who we believe are killing children, for their blood, and everything will be okay. and this is a tiny subset of a much larger movement. and all of them believe this. >> then, colin senior reporter for nbc news covering this information, extremism, and the, internet thank you very much
9:49 pm
for being here. it's spooky an unsteadily story. thank you. >> thank you. >> we have much more to come tonight. have much more to come tonight. tonight. [yodeling] yo-de-le-he... (man 2) hey, no. uh-uh, don't do that. (man 1) we should go even higher! (man 2) yeah, let's do it. (both) woah! (man 2) i'm good. (man 1) me, too. (man 2) mm-hm. (vo) adventure has a new look. (man 1) let's go lower. (man 2) lower, that sounds good. (vo) discover more in the all-new subaru outback wilderness. love. it's what makes subaru, subaru. in 2016, i was working at the amazon warehouse when my brother passed away. and a couple of years later, my mother passed away. after taking care of them, i knew that i really wanted to become a nurse. amazon helped me with training and tuition. today, i'm a medical assistant and i'm studying to become a registered nurse. in filipino: you'll always be in my heart.
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tonight, since the 19 eighties, the first year of every new president being in office, that new presidents party loses the governor's races in virginia in new jersey. it is happen for every newly elected president, all the way back to the lee 1980s. last night president biden broke that 30 years street. as democrats did lose one governorship, they lost in virginia, but they held on to the governors see in new jersey. overall, in historical terms, not a terrible night for the democratic party as a whole, despite what you're seeing in the headlines today, that said, in virginia it's a balance of power shortage shift, there's an interesting question now in a live question now, as to how much it has shifted. this is something we've seen before in recent history, in 2017, just like last night, every see in the virginia house
9:54 pm
of delegates was, upped all 100 seats in the house of the state legislature, in 2017 when the results were tallied on election, many of the hundred seats in the house, republicans had 50 of them, democrats have 49, in the final seat was a tie, literally a tie, the democrats in the republican in that last race both got the exact same number of votes. in the end the way they decided that, race was they pulled the winners name out of a bowl. they put both candidates names in a film canister, they pulled one of a man of a bowl, that person got to be the elected official, in that virginia state legislative district, in and up being the republican whose name was drawn, and that is how the republicans got 51 seat majority in the house delegates after the 2017 election. in addition to that unexpected, problem of a literal tie, there was another problem, if a democrat had won that, that would've meant that the virginia house of delegates would've also voted in a dead even tie, 50 democrats, 50
9:55 pm
republicans. in the commonwealth of virginia, in the house of delegates. there is no plan for what to do for how to govern if that happens, if it's literally a 50/50 tie between the two parties. now, just four years later, it looks like we're on the verge of a potential, tie in the virginia house of delegates again. according to the washington post, republicans have been able to win 50 seats in the virginia house of delegates, still a number of races that have to be called, the republicans win one more obviously the control of virginia house of delegates our right. but if democrats hold on to the remaining sea, it will be 50/50. there is no tie breaking provision for how that house will then be governed. maybe they will pull something out of a bowl again? i don't know. that remains undecided at this hour. watch this space. hour watch this space watch this space hey google. ♪ ♪ ♪
9:56 pm
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really? yep! so while you handle that, you can keep your internet and all those shows you love, and save money while you're at it with special offers just for movers all right that is going to do at it for us tonight again. the news break-in with this past hour, nbc news has predicted that the winner of the new jersey governor's race is the incumbent democratic governor phil murphy. that means, it was a split decision last night with republicans taken the governorship in virginia, the democrats holding on, narrowly to the governorship in new jersey, that now being made official within this past hour by nbc news. we'll see you again this time tomorrow, now it's time for the last word with lawrence. >> good evening rachel. and you mentioned the history
10:00 pm
that terry mcauliffe was up against in virginia. of the challenge of previously serving governor getting elected again. which of course, just about never happens the one time it happened the guy switched parties from democrat to republican in order to get -- to win the second time. the history of new jersey's similar in a way in terms of, i mean, not since 1977? >> democrats. >> democrat been reelected as governor. i did not know that until today. i just wasn't thinking about it because we weren't thinking about the it very much because it wasn't really supposed to be close. and you know me with homework, rachel. i'm only going to do it if i really have to. so you know. >> i mean that's why if there's ought to be a media led freak out about these results -- to the extent that the media