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tv   Kendis Gibson and Lindsey Reiser Report  MSNBC  November 6, 2021 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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plus, we are live in glasgow, of course that is where young protesters are energized by really greta thunberg, of course, the standout climate star taking on the u.n. climate summit. >> is it summit is ongoing. we say good morning on this saturday, november 6th. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm lindsey reiser, good to be with all of you this morning. we have a lot of prunes we want to get to. just a little side note here, things are starting to look a little festive here at 30 rock, that ice rink where people can start skating opens today at 9:00 a.m. >> it's been under repair for a little while. as you mentioned we have a lot of breaking news to get to. >> we have a team of reporters and analysts following the larts for you. we start in houston, the concert that local authorities are calling an extremely tragic night. >> at least eight people are dead and dozens injured at a music festival and police are still trying to figure out exactly how they died.
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they're looking into rumors that there might have been some laced drugs there. but we also know there were reports of fans rushing the stage. this was from earlier in the day. several hours before this major tragedy happened. police really appeared to lose control of the situation. large groups of young people starting swarming the gates and running inside. >> one of the people hospitalized we've learned was just 10 years old. investigators still trying to figure out what happened, but they believe it all started when a group of people started moving closer to the stage. >> the crowd began to compress towards the front of the stage, okay, and that caused some panic. and it started causing some injuries. people began to fall out. become unconscious. and it created additional -- additional panic. >> nbc's raf sanchez has the latest for us. >> reporter: kendis, lindsey, this was supposed to a night of music and fun and raising money
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for charity, and instead it ended in deadly chaos. here's what we know at about 9:15 p.m. local time that crowd of some 50,000 people there to see headline rapper travis scott started surging towards the stage. authorities declared a mass casualty event, some 15 minutes later, at least eight people killed in the crush. 17 more taken to hospital, 11 of them, according to authorities, had suffered cardiac arrest. and, guys, another 300 people were treated there on the scene. now, this turned into a very chaotic situation. but there were some worrying signs earlier in the day. hundreds of people just pushed past security to get into this sold out concert. you can see them just surging through metal detectors, stepping all over each other in
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that rush to get in. three people were injured at that earlier chaos. but the festival did go ahead. now, we have not yet heard from the festival's organizers, travis scott actually put on this festival to raise money for his youth charity, the cactus jack foundation. it was supposed to be a two-day event. needless to say, today's event has been cancelled in light of what happened last night. this festival was supposed to happen last year, but because of covid it was called off so it was a very highly anticipated event in the city of houston. but in front of that stage where people today should have been gathering for another fun time, there is now a major police investigation under way. guys? >> raf, thank you. for more on this we are joined now by houston fire chief samuel pena joining us on the phone. we heard from him at a briefing a few hours ago.
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chief, thanks for being with us and we're sorry you guys are dealing with this today. >> caller: yes, it's a very sad and tragic night. thank you for having me on. >> chief, is there any -- are there any developments since that overnight briefing that you can tell us about in terms of the number of casualties and what early investigations have found? >> caller: no, at this moment what we know is that we have eight people who have died as a result of the injuries suffered at that event. that number may rise because we did transport more people in critical condition. we took 11 that they were performing cpr en route to the hospital. a total of 23 patients were transported throughout the -- at the -- after the mass casualty incident was initiated. so, you know, that number, hopefully it doesn't, but it may rise. but right now it stands at eight. we still don't know what caused
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the initial surge of crowd up towards the stage. but the police department is looking at video that was taken from cameras that were present there for security purposes. and other reasons. so there will be -- that will be part of their investigation. they'll be dissecting exactly what the issues were and what caused the surge. and if there was anything else that contributed to this tragedy, and thief when you're talking about. >> caller: yes. >> when you're talking about what potentially caused that surge of fans who rushed the stage, is there a question here of potentially whether they were rushing because they wanted to get maybe closer to travis scott who was the headline performer or maybe they were trying to get away from something in the crowd. is that what you're trying to deduce? >> no, again this investigation is still in infancy. we don't know what caused it. but we have 50,000 people. an estimated 50,000 people in that venue. it was just, i think, a matter of people trying to push towards
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the front and get towards the front. that's what i envision, i anticipate. but again, that will be determined after they review the film and they review the video that they have from those cameras. from our perspective, from the houston fire department's perspective, we'll be looking at the layout of that venue itself and considering items as far as was there enough means of egress? what caused the inability for people to escape that situation? so, again, we will be dissecting this thing in its entirety because this is -- you know, i've been doing this for 27 years. and i have never seen something like this. i've read about it as far as -- go ahead. >> no, sorry to cut you off. i had a couple more questions to get to you. do you feel as if you all had enough authorities there on the scene to -- just in case
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something like this would have happened? >> caller: here's the thing, the promoter was the one who hires the security, the promoter that they provided the medical component. they actually had a field hospital of sorts present there on scene. so they took care of all that, all those aspects. the police department, houston fire department were there, again just in anticipation. this was -- it was 50,000 people that we were expecting. so we pre-deployed resources, incident command teams to that location. again, for monitoring and it was a good thing because the initial medical component and security components were quickly overwhelmed and we were able to quickly muster resources and deploy them appropriately. >> should the concert -- because during -- travis scott ended up playing 75 minutes. should the concert have been
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called off? should have gone on stage, saying listen, we need to stop. there's a tragic event taking place right here. he stopped the show several times because he saw the emergency lights making its way through the audience there. should somebody have stopped this show? >> yeah, so, you know, again, that's all going to be part of the investigation. i do know that the member of the houston police department when the situation started escalating, he did make that call in cooperation with the -- with live nation, which was a security outfit that was hired by the promoter to provide security. they did decide to essentially, in essence, pull the plug on it when the situation started to escalate. and, you know, they began doing triage. there was people doing cpr there on scene. so it was a chaotic and really
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tragic event. but look, they did an outstanding job to get resources in there and try to disburse the crowd as quickly as they could, as quickly as you can disburse 50,000 people. we're going to be looking at this thing, you know, from top to bottom. we want to ensure that -- that this does not happen again. and we learn from this. >> and chief, quickly, we know you have a busy day ahead of you and a lot to get to but we did speak an attendee. he had been hearing rumors of people injecting drugs and i heard in the overnight briefing you guys are looking into that. anything more you can tell us? >> caller: not at this moment. we did hear the same thing, again, we were going to wait for the medical examiner's determination on the cause of death of these individuals. we'll get a better picture as
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soon as the investigation progresses. at this moment, all we know is that tragically eight people lost their life tonight when really they should have been going out there and having fun at this outdoor venue. our hearts go out to those families because this is just an unspeakable tragedy. >> chief, one more real quick question. i assume that place, nrg park right there that used to be the former amusement park, it has been cleared, everybody is out of there? >> caller: yes, everybody was disbursed tonight. it was cleared out. >> okay. >> caller: and the -- there was another program, another concert program for today and that's going to be cancelled. >> it's cancelled, understandably. >> chief, we know the youngest to be transported. some as young as 10. do we know the ages right now of any of the victims that died?
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>> caller: we do, but we have to notify next of kin. we're in the process of ensures the next of kin are appropriately notified before we release anymore information. but what i can tell you is that the vicks or the -- not the victims, but the patients that were transported ranged from 10 all the way up to the mid to late 20s. >> all the way up to 20s. >> caller: yes, sir, as far as age. >> so not much of a range, very young people there in all of this. >> caller: right, it was a young crowd. >> samuel pena, thank you so much for your time. >> thank you, chief. >> caller: thank you all, be safe. >> you as well. >> we'll be following this developing story. >> at least eight people who were dead, the chief there in houston telling us that number will likely rise, at some point today. >> 11 people that they took to the hospital. the 23 they were doing active cpr on. >> active cpr, some 23
4:12 am
transported and the age range, that's the shocking part for me. of all those people that were transported, all the victims range in age from 10 to mid-20s for these folks. it was a very young crowd there to watch travis scott in concert there last night. we are going to continue to monitor. but breaking news in washington, a major win for the biden administration, we expect to hear from the president at 9:30 this morning to talk about the historic infrastructure bill that's now awaiting his signature. >> yeah, after months of negotiating a victory for democrats on the hill, the bill touches on a lot of different parts of american lives including bridges, roads, energy transit systems, broadband internet and clean water. >> our coverage begins with nbc news white house reporter gary grumbach on capitol hill. and lauren egan. how can i forget you, lauren. let's talk about how hard the
4:13 am
president and colleagues worked, how bad they needed this win. >> reporter: the white house really wanted to get this done after tuesday's night's off cycle elections in virginia and new jersey. that was a disappointing night for democrats. they lost in virginia and narrowly won in new jersey. those are two states that the president carried in 2020 by double digits. i think tuesday night forced the white house and the democratic party as a whole to confront the real possibility that they could lose both the house and the senate in the 2022 midterms elections, giving them a nar roy window to get this done. the president did not want this to drag on into 2022. he wanted to have this on his desk before the end of the year and the president after the election on tuesday talked about how there was a frustration among americans that washington had been unable for, we've been talking about this for seven months now, how they had been unable to get this done and he said that that frustration, in part, he thought, kind of hurt
4:14 am
democrats in tuesday night's elections. now, as you mentioned we are going to hear from the president at the white house in just a few hours. he's going to speak there before coming here to rehoboth, delaware where i am last night. he shared a written statement, writing in part that last night's step was monumental. he called the infrastructure bill a once-in-generation bill that will create millions of jobs, turn the climate crisis into an opportunity and put us on a path to win the economic competition for the 21st century. so the president has viewed this bill as a really legacy defining moment for him, and i expect to hear from him in a few hours that he's going to echo a similar message, kend is and lindsey. >> thanks to lauren ebegan. gary, to you, there's a long way to go for the biden agenda. where do things stand on that even bigger, more expensive social spending bill? >> reporter: hey there, kendis,
4:15 am
we saw the $1 trillion hard infrastructure pass last night. things like bridges and roads. if you can travel in it or on it. it was probably in the bill. the second part, the build back better act that's more of a human infrastructure, so these are things like child care, and paid family leave, things related to climate change. just after midnight last night a rule was passed by the house of representatives on that so what does that mean? it's just procedural to allow the vote to happen. but a full vote has not happened in the house or senate on that human infrastructure part of it. but it is a step, it is a baby step here, and every step matters in this process. representative jayapal had this to say last night. >> hey, everybody, so tonight we have reached a really important deal for the country. and that is that we will move the bipartisan infrastructure bill forward and in just two weeks that bill will also pass the house with the commitment of
4:16 am
our colleagues, the reality is, this is too important for the country. we need to get both bills done. >> reporter: now, while congress is pushing for that november 15th date to have this voted on there are a couple of roadblock s or speed bumps. congress is out this upcoming week. they are out the week of thanksgiving, and they are out starting december 13th, for the christmas holiday. and they've also got more than just bbb to focus on. they have to fund the government, they have to raise the debt ceiling. they have to pass the ndaa, the defense authorization act, and do this bbb as well. so a lot going on here on capitol hill over the next couple weeks. kendis. >> kind of surprising they didn't take up world peace while they're at it. solve that problem. gary and lauren, thank you guys. how will the white house celebrate this win? we're going to dive into what all this means for the president and the party ahead of the midterms.
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breaking news from washington, d.c. where we're waiting to hear from the president at 9:30 this morning. he'll be speaking about that historic infrastructure bill. >> let's bring in our political panel for all of this. fernando almandi and rena shaw. thank you for joining us. fernando, starting with you, what should the democratic strategy be when it comes to doing this victory lap? >> good morning, lindsey, first off we have to understand it looks like the message was received loud and clear for the tuesday election results. they needed to have gotten this bill, they needed a kick in their sails and one almost wonders what would have happened if they'd done this a couple weeks ago but the truth of the matter is it's a massive victory
4:22 am
for president biden and the democrats and what they need to do is make sure the american people are well aware what exactly this bill will accomplish. and then they need to make sure that as much of these projects go online with shovels in the ground as quickly as possible so people can actually start to see the benefits and how their own quality of life around this hard infrastructure bill and what that means going into the 2022 elections. if they can do that, and if they can get this thing online and message around what it's going to do it's going to be a massive, massive win and the good news is, in only passing this bill they have an opportunity to repeat this experience a couple of weeks from now if they get that soft build back better infrastructure bill passed out of the senate and house as well. >> rena we saw some 13 republicans vote for this bill. still 200 voted against it. is there still hope, a little bit of hope at all for bipartisanship in washington, or is everything still too extreme at this point? >> well, good morning, kendis,
4:23 am
and, yes, i'm still reeling from a really rough night. it's been ten years since i left capitol hill as a senior aid, and it was one of the roughest days i've experienced. it was frustrating on some level, with nancy pelosi's leadership called into question? of course it was. factions within factions creating problems. of course that was the issue. but what really led me to be hopeful this morning is the fact that, yes, those 13 republicans did join the democrats and that's not a number to stop at. of those, two are retiring, kinzinger of illinois and gonzales of ohio. and one of is of staten island. this is an interesting mix of people, a lot of your non-usual suspects we saw cross over and help democrats with things like impeachment. but really, what we need to know is that the republic held in that republicans did understand the value of investing in our aging infrastructure. like i just said, only one of those is women.
4:24 am
broadband was really big as we know. it's been called an old fashioned public works bill. you would think women would understand also around the country broadband and last year how that highlighted the need to make those investments. but again, i really commend these 13 republicans because already this morning you're hearing from hard line conservatives saying we should really oust kevin mccarthy from leadership. he's not able to hold the caucus together. it's unclear what the gop caucus is really thinking this morning. but i want to highlight something else. >> okay. >> the congressman clyburn really had a huge hand here. he really staved, i believe, this bill. he brought the congressional black caucus and he did that. this past week what we really learned is that it was the moms and the minorities that need to be listened to, by democrats, and also by republicans. >> okay, all right. >> fernando, we know that pramila jayapal last night said we will deliver for the president in ten days. how optimistic are you?
4:25 am
build back better needs to get back to the parliamentarina and the cbo score. >> it depends on what manchin decides. it's until the hands of joe manchin more than anybody else. the fact that bipartisanship, at least in this short term, did work around this bill. i think it's going to build up a lot of momentum for this passage and let's be honest, the democrats really needed this. they node to get this other one done. this may be the last chance to get a major legislative project onto the president's desk but if you take it in totality, let's be clear here there's a really good story emerging for joe biden and democrats. in nine months whooes done more than successful two-term presidents have done in eight years. if he can get that build back better bill passed it's a rosy
4:26 am
outlook for 2022. >> fernando amandai and rina shah, thank you so much. >> thank you. aaron rodgers breaking his silence, admitting he's unvaccinated but also insisting he didn't lie when he said this. >> are you vaccinated, and what's your stance on vaccinations? >> yeah, i've been immunized. there's guys on the team that haven't been vaccinated. i think it's a personal decision. i'm not going to judge those guys. >> what he now says he meant by those comments. next.
4:27 am
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the nfl's reigning mvp aaron rodgers went on the radio yesterday, admitting he never got the shot. >> the interview is riling up football fans across the country. here's nbc's national
4:31 am
correspondent miguel almaguer. >> reporter: former super bowl champion, league mvp and the face of the nfl, aaron rodgers is breaking his silence after testing positive for covid. >> didn't feel great yesterday. >> on the pat show, the quarterback discussed taking monoclonal antibodies and ive wr mectin. it's often used to treat livestock. >> i believe strongly in bodily autonomy and the ability to make choices for your body. >> reporter: rod gers said he consulted with joe rogan and revealed he never took one of the three authorized vaccines. >> i'm not, you know, some sort of anti-vax flat earther. i am somebody who's a critical thinker. >> reporter: this after telling the media over the summer he was protected. >> are you vaccinated, and what's your stance on
4:32 am
vaccinations. >> yeah, i've been immunized. >> reporter: rodgers said the woke mob tried to cancel him. insisting he was not misleading the public. >> my plan was to say that i've been immunized. it was the truth. >> reporter: he says he's allergic to ingredients in m r&a vaccines, he received an immunization protocol. now sidelined for at least ten days, rodgers loss may stretch beyond the football field, impacting his public perception after fumbling his handling of his vaccination status. miguel almaguer, nbc news. >> so how is this going over right now in nfl locker rooms and living rooms across the country? let's bring in our guest marvin washington who played 11 seasons as an nfl defensive end.
4:33 am
including eight here in new york for the jets. good morning. what's your reaction to what we heard from aaron rodgers? >> excuse me? >> what's your reaction? >> i heard, you know, there's a lot of things going on with twitter and bob costas came out yesterday and said he was being disingenuous. aaron rodgers outright lied, when they asked him was he vaccinated. the first word out of his mouth was like he'd been immunized. they asked him a follow up question, kirk cousins and cam newton, to talk about his availability. which, it's -- the best ability you have as a football player is availability. we know he was being -- well, not disingenuous, he was lying then. then during the pre-season on the sideline, he wore no mask. didn't do a zoom call with the press -- with the media.
4:34 am
he was being in front of them without a mask whereas the other players on the green bay packers had to wear a mask that were unvaccinated. aaron rodgers lied on this. i hate to say i'm believing the nfl on credibility, but i'm siding with them. nobody has a problem with aaron rodgers being unvaccinated. but the whole thing is, he lied about it and he doesn't give other players a choice. other players may be going home to, you know, a wife or kids, and mother, grandmother, that immune compromised and they're thinking this guy is vaccinated and they're being around him and acting like he is vaccinated. so he outright lied, and that's what i have an issue with and i imagine his teammates and other players do. i'm all about free choice but his union agreed to these protocols and it's not about him. i think it was a selfish act. yeah, it -- >> i've got to be quick here,
4:35 am
you know locker rooms, spent so many years inside of one at the jets. what will the reaction be like when his teammates see him next? they're 7-1, playing the chiefs, big game coming up and he's not available. >> well, he's aaron rodgers, you know, and talent covers a multitude of sins, they're going to accept him back as, you know, for his talent. and that's the way it is, in the nfl. but guys can't trust him. they can't trust his word. you know, he has sponsorships up there with one of the biggest medical providers in wisconsin, where he's a spokesman for, and he outright lied and now he's trying to say that he's a victim. that's a problem. and so i don't know how it's going to play out. he's leaving green bay after this year. and i don't know how it's going to play out. and i wish, you know, the green bay packers all the best. i wish him all the best but
4:36 am
let's come out and say it. nobody has a problem with him being unvaccinated. the problem is, he lied about it. >> i gotta run, based on that interview yesterday, i'm sure the people at jeopardy are like, that's our future host. thank you, marvin, really appreciate it. >> i hope not. >> thank you. up next, an emotional day in georgia, and a courtroom, at this, after opening statements in the trial of three white men charged with killing ahmaud arbery. >> arbery's mother in tears as new video is played in court. ig. all they need is a bike and a full tank of gas. their only friend? the open road. i have friends. [ chuckles ] well, he may have friends, but he rides alone. that's jeremy, right there! we're literally riding together. he gets touchy when you talk about his lack of friends. can you help me out here? no matter why you ride, progressive has you covered with protection starting at $79 a year.
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day one of the ahmaud arbery murder trial is already off to a controversial start due to the makeup of the jury. only one black man was selected for it after the defense struck down 11 of the 12 remaining prospective black jurors. the judge says the defense appeared to be discriminatory but still allowed the trial to move forward. >> quite a few african-american jurors were excused through preempry strikes exercised by the defense but that doesn't mean that the court has the authority to reseat. >> you'll recall arbery was shot and killed last year in brunswick, georgia while jogging down the street. his accused killers, three whit men, one of them a former police
4:41 am
officer, they pleaded not guilty to aggravated assault and criminal attempt to commit false imprisonment. liz mclaughlin is following the latest developments in brunswick, georgia, liz, good morning to you, we heard the opening arguments there laid out by the prosecutors and the defense team but still, that jury selection, quite controversial. >> reporter: absolutely. a lot of folks, including activists and ahmaud arbery's family say this racially lopsided jury is problematic to them and they wonder if justice can be served, if this can be a fair trial. this high profile trial finally under way, nearly two years after ahmaud arbery was killed in those opening statements the defense basically characterized this as a citizens arrest gone wrong. saying that the actions of those three white men, gregory mcmichael who you mention is a former police officer, his son travis mcmichael, and neighbor
4:42 am
william brian were actually legal in their actions that they could be armed under georgia's open carry law, that they could chase and pursue ahmaud arbery under the citizens arrest law and that travis mcmichael was acting in self-defense when he shot ahmaud arbery, that this unarmed black man was actually the aggressor in this case. it's a tough argument but one we've seen in the george zimmerman case in 2013. the prosecution is saying no, this was cold-blooded murder and that that none of those a/cs was justified. the prosecution wasted no time in showing that video that has been widely circulating online of those final moments of the struggle and ahmaud arbery's mother, wanda cooper jones, was in that courtroom, an emotional day for her. you could see her really overcome with emotion seeing the
4:43 am
video for the first time of her son's final moments in life when there was a struggle and travis mcmichael shot him three times in close range with a bump action shotgun. certainly tough to see. tough to imagine, for any mother, and she spoke after that court proceeding saying she was glad she held strong and it's heartbreaking to see but she hopes justice will be served. >> she was saying it's been so many months avoiding looking at that videotape. that was the first time that she saw it but she wanted to be able to see it there in court. liz mclaughlin, thank you, appreciate it. a former doj official refusing to testify about efforts to overturn the election. the january 6th committee is threatening to hold him in contempt of congress. ng. so subaru is growing our commitment to protect the environment. in partnership with the national forest foundation, subaru and
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customer support and 5g included in every plan. so, you get it all, without trade-offs. unconventional thinking, it's better for business. contempt of congress now on the table for former trump doj official jeffrey clark after he failed to cooperate with the january 6th investigation. clark stalled the probe after
4:48 am
appearing for an interview with the panel and then refusing to answer questions. instead he provided a letter from his attorney saying he couldn't provide testimony until a court decides that his interactions with trump were not protected under executive privilege. clark was a key player in trump's efforts to overturn the 2020 election results and had direct contact with trump in the weeks leading up to the capitol insurrection. joining us is msnbc legal analyst glen kir -- he was in the room for 90 minutes. that's a long time to not talk. >> he was probably deflecting, lots of bluff and bluster and misdirection, and then he may have stormed out in a huff prematurely. it feels to me, because there's no viable claim of executive privilege, it feels to me like this may be clark engaging in the calculation that, you know, i don't want to invoke my fifth
4:49 am
amendment right against self-incrimination. let me tell you, he assuredly has a right against self-incrimination he could invoke. that's never a good look because it's announcing that if i were to testify truthfully, i would be telling you about crimes i committed. so instead he tried this deflection tactic, and i bet the calculation is, look, at least i showed up, and i pretended to cooperate, at least in part, with the subpoena, as compared to steve bannon who didn't show up at all. he just thumbed his nose at the subpoena and as a result he was voted in contempt, and referred for prosecution. so this may be clark trying to avoid being held in contempt and referred for prosecution. at the end of the day it won't work because his half step approach to appearing but not answering questions does not satisfy the legal requirements of the subpoena. >> want to go through some other big developments here, committee
4:50 am
chair benny thompson says they have signed about 20 new subpoenas to go out soon and a federal judge thursday appeared unwilling to block the release of white house documents that trump has been trying to keep secret, some nearly 800 pages of them, including daily call logs, and notes from the and notes frf staff. you said the judge doesn't play last week. how do you see this playing out? >> i was in court on thursday. i had the pleasure of watching judge tanya take the lawyers to task. she shot down every argument they tried to make. they had little authority for the argument. she made it clear she will issue a ruling expeditiously and she understood there is a november 12th deadline for the first documents to go over from the national archives to the select committee. i suspect a ruling and an appeal. going to the other point where we heard representative bennie
4:51 am
thompson has prepared and signed 20 subpoenas. it is not the issuance of the subpoenas which is a problem, but enforcement. we are 16 days in the bannon indictment watch. he is still footloose and fancy free and unindicted. that has the effect of emboldening other witnesses. if steve bannon is not indicted, i'll take my chances. must mark meadows are not engaging or cooperating. i contend everybody day the department of justice declines to indict steve bannon is another day the department of justice is under cutting congress' ability to conduct a timely investigation of the insurrection because they are unable to enforce their subpoenas. that sends the wrong message to the next 20 people who receive subpoenas. >> they have to have teeth. glenn, we have to leave it
4:52 am
there. good to see you. thank you. i want to go to listen live images from scotland. glasgow. dozens of protesters are demanding climate justice. we are live on the ground next. and today, georgia tech of state will join ali velshi for a live interview at the top of the hour. today on "velshi." hi." got a couple of bogeys on your six, limu. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. what do you say we see what this bird can do? woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. looks like we're walking, kid. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪ feel stuck and need a loan? move to sofi and feel what it's like to get your money right.
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4:56 am
thousands of people will march as part of the global day of action for climate justice in glasgow, scotland. from glasgow to nairobi to australia, people are demanding immediate action for climate change. we had greta thunberg with the youth leading the charge. we have anne thompson with more. >> reporter: kendis, we are here in scotland where thousands of people are ready to step off and make the 2.5 mile march to glasgow green. with every step, they are telling world leaders they are
4:57 am
not doing enough. they want fossil fuels to end now. greta, the teenage activist rallying the world's youth, to fight against climate change held the rally yesterday. she called the climate conference another pr stunt. she described the talking going on as blah, blah, blah. the protesters are sick of promises and sick of pledges. what they want are actions now. if you take a look at the mural over here. this was made from the man who came all the way from mexico to demand climate justice. he wants to make sure no one is left behind. either because of the extreme weather events amplified by climate change or in the negotiations. the climate negotiators at the u.n. conference are trying to get the world to agree to keep global warming to 1.5 degrees celsius or 2.7 degrees
4:58 am
fahrenheit. that's the task. they're at the halfway point and now we will see what happens in the next week. kendis. >> anne, are all of the protests and demonstrations seemingly peaceful? >> reporter: they have been. yesterday's youth climate march was very peaceful. there were no reports of violence as we know. there's a very strong police presence here, but there's no aggitation so far. it is rainy and blustery. that may keep the numbers down. epectations were 100,000. i don't see it will reach that number. certainly the people here are energized and committed to wanting action now. >> anne thompson, thank you for that report. thank you for watching msnbc reports. >> to highlight how the climate is changing. i was looking at that.
4:59 am
a tropical storm that is headed toward scotland for tuesday. very unusual situation. >> you mentioned the southeast coast. dealing with flooding. >> they are. i'm kendis gibson. we are back tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. eastern. "velshi" starts right now. we have breaking news from washington. just hours ago, the house voted to send a landmark bipartisan infrastructure bill to president biden's desk. it will funnel $1 trillion to our nation's roads, bridges, airports and public transportation and more. democrats did not manage to get final passage in tandem as planned on their other big priorities. the so-called human infrastructure bill aimed at shoring up the social safety net. we will get the latest on what happens next now it finally and truly is infrastructure week in america.
5:00 am
transport secretary pete buttigieg joins me later in the show. president biden is expected to speak in the 9:00 hour. we will carry that live. the coup attempt of january 6th did not succeed. how the insurrection is moving in slow motion across the country now. and georgia's former republican secretary of state is here to tell us what it was like to stand up against the big lie. why he considered trump's call to find him more votes to be a threat and what was unleashed on him when he refused. a genuine breakthrough. the tool used to fight the vaccines. "velshi" starts now. good morning. it is saturday, november 6th. i'm ali velshi. it has been exactly ten months to the day since the violent mob of the ex-president supporters attacked the capitol. just look at how difficult it


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