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tv   Kendis Gibson and Lindsey Reiser Report  MSNBC  November 7, 2021 3:00am-4:00am PST

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grave. that is not good enough. it's never going to be good enough. >> that is all for this edition of dateline, i'm craig melvin, thank you for watching. first up, on msnbc, strange new mystery. the fallout from this weekend's concert tragedy, or concert goers on knowingly injected a certain range is it that the access myth is accessible where eight people died? that criminal probe just getting underway. and new, overnight, the contours headliner rapper travis caught speaking out about what happened. as families mourn the victims. >> i could just never imagined this serious situation. we've been working closely with
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everyone just trying to get to the bottom of this. >> president biden takes his victory lap, now his party is working on the next historic pillar of his agenda, as he prepares to sign that trillion dollar hard infrastructure bill. >> i truly believe that 50 years from now, folks are gonna look back and say this was the moment, this was the period, this year in the next couple of years when america decided to win the competition of the 21st century. >> facing off with the feds over covid policies, the bold new strategy, what -- to try to avoid following him state and federal covid mandates. >> the war between the nfl and aaron rodgers how the league is pushing back against the reigning mvp's headline making interview, as he prepares to sit out today's big game. good morning everybody, it is sunday november 7th, i'm lindsey reiser. >> i'm kendis gibson, we're live at msnbc world
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headquarters. so the best laid plans. let's get a lot of shot of the u.s. capitol from yesterday and today. >> great idea. >> and i will just show the difference between an hour. it will be striking. so what happened was, which one is yesterday. we >> kendis gibson just stick to the prompter. >> don't do any producing, we're supposed to show a striking difference between the sunrise from yesterday and today, and not so much, you could see on the left of course was yesterday and on the right. >> well maybe in the wintertime, just be a little bit nicer to each other cars were in the dark. >> all right, well will have a team of correspondents, and reporters, and analysts who are with us throughout the day to cover the big stories. >> and we are going to start with that mystery right now in houston, police are launching a criminal investigation now, into that deadly in incident
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that claimed the lives of eight concert goers in houston, including two teens. officials say some people were trampled, but that security guard and possibly others may have been jabs with syringes during the astroworld festival. >> the scene of the tragedy transforming overnight into a makeshift memorial, the headliner and creator of the festival, travis scott, speaking out for the first time. >> we are actually working right now, to identify the families, so we can help assist them through this tough time. you know my fans, my fans like, my fans really mean the world to me, and i always just really want to leave them with a positive experience. >> travis scott's from houston, so you can imagine he's hit hard by all of this. -- is in houston, keeping track of a lot of developments in the story, katie good morning to you, what more are we learning? >> good morning, the central
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question at the heart of all of this. why did the crowd surged causing those eight deaths to occur? and that is when investigators say they are focused on but it could be days even weeks till they have asked that. yesterday, they release the ages of eight victims. basically saying the youngest was 14 years old, all the victims were under the age of 30. there is a single victim, they're arlette yet to invent a fire, and they're actually asking the public for help with that. releasing the photo of that person to try to get some indication as to who this person is, so they can contact potential family members. they also brought up that incident, candace, that you mentioned, about this orange, there was a security guard at this advent, there was allegedly stuck in the neck, and became an unconscious, had to be revived narcan. authorities are saying was that an isolated incident? or is it possible that there was a chain effect, and this could have triggered some of that stampede, and later some of those deaths. 1:16-year-old, one concert goer we spoke to, describe the event
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and describe sort of the conditions that we heard from many, suffocating, packed, seen people in distress, here's what she had to say. >> so, we were in the scene towards the front of the stage, so we were really close, there was no way out. so the feeling of people like, pressing up against you, and all the body heat, it was like that was one of the reasons why everyone is passing it now because we're so much body heat and so much noise, and so much going on, and smoke blowing in your face, and it's just really hard especially like when those younger kids, and everything. people have never experienced anything like that. >> now, there were 50,000 fans packed inside this venue, live view did provides -- live nation to provide some site plans, and obviously had security and ems forces here. they just weren't prepared for the scope of this disaster. and that is what investigators
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are looking into. is there something we might have missed, what can we do a bit better the next time to try to prevent this. >> well, certainly katie, when we talk to a concert or yesterday he said that typically these events, people can get a little aggressive, his fans are very passionate, and there have been incidents before. what can you tell us about safety concerns that have come up before it astroworld concerts? >> well, investigators brought that up yesterday at the press conference, basically saying they have taken steps after incidents have occurred at other astroworld festive vents, to increase security, to increase manpower, to have those ambulances at the ready should something happen. they really thought that they were well staffed and well situated for what was going to happen. on friday night. unfortunately, it took a lot for ems workers to get their way through those dense crowds, and it sort of happened as people describe it, all at once. it was almost as though, the ridges suddenly people down in large numbers, and a mass casualty again unfolded before
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their eyes. so they will be reviewing their processes going forward, like i said, they felt like they took steps already from previous events to try to correct some of the things in the past. but they say, perhaps there's more improvement to be done. guys? >> just incredible, strange new developments that we are tracking, katie obviously in front of a memoriam there were people of left flowers in candle there in houston. katie, thank you. >> okay, with me right now is doctor away, who runs emergency medicine physician in houston texas. he has been, of course, with us throughout the covid situation, and of course him being in houston he has a unique insight into exactly what is happening right there. doctor variety, thank you so much for being there with us, you work in houston as i mentioned, and you say a few of your close friends actually attended the festival? what did they see? >> yeah, they did, it's such an unfortunate event, i personally attended back in 2019, and i had close friends that attended
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this past year. in my discussions with him over the last 24 hours, there is a few things that were mentioned, there is those viral post of people pushing down those security barriers early in the day, they've seen that even when they were entering, there are a few people try to climb over fences. they themselves were located about halfway into the crowd during that cross travis scott concert, and they said that in the first 20 minutes or so they were essentially pushed backwards, there are numerous people in that initial 20 minutes fell to the ground and were stepped over, and they all were separated for a good 20 minutes or so at that time they actually contemplated leaving. they ended up staying and standing away towards the back, it kind of away from the crowds, and throughout that time they noted ambulances and whatnot. it seems like even towards the beginning of the show, there was some unrest, and kind of these kraus sort of just happening. >> and doctor, you are actually
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asked to be on the medical staff for astroworld, this peaceful there in houston. you can make it due to other obligations. they're all or know -- that i want to ask you about, that the medics there were poorly trained, and quickly became overall better situation, where are you hearing? and how are these medics actually trained to handle a mass casualty incident like this? >> yeah, i'd say from a mass casualty event, i don't think you can ever truly be prepared for what happens. what happens no matter how many resources you have, those quickly become overwhelmed, whether that's personnel, whether that's medication like narcan, whether that's other equipment. when that happens, you have to go into triage mode, and that essentially means going back to our abc's is what art training is, airway, breathing, circulation. a second seeing as many provinces possible, to make sure that they're breathing, their areas are open, their heart is not thin and their circulation is. good and that's really hard to do, and even in an emergency department, then you go into a dark environment is loud, there's a lot of noise, there's no lights, and there's numerous
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fatalities as we now know. and that makes a really difficult. so i can't speak to the training of these particular individuals. or anything like that. but it was just a very difficult setting to practice in, and to save lives. >> yeah, i'm told that there were teenagers who were performing cpr and other teenagers there at the concert, based on some of the footage that you've seen, does it appear as if this was a stampede incident took place, for many of these kids. we have these reports that somebody, or maybe some others were injected by a syringe, what do you make of what you've seen in her? >> yeah, it seems like there's probably a combination of a few different things, we obviously know that there were cpr being performed, which means that there is cardiac arrests, so when you have a stampede type in situation or crowd surges, essentially being pushed from all directions. you are not able to expand your lungs and get oxygen, and that is going to lead to you passing out and not getting oxygen to
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your heart is going to lead to cardiac arrest. in addition to that, being trampled over or pushed is going to lead to traumatic injuries, they can lead to things like internal bleeding, and once you have a lot of bleeding you're not going to get blood to your heart, your brain, and your heart will start. and that will happen. and then of course, there are these reports of fentanyl, which is an opioid medication, 80 or 100 times more important than morphine. i wouldn't opioid does is essentially, to presses your cardio respiratory system and breathing slows down, and eventually stops, and your heart does that. so that can lead to cardiac arrest, so it could be all of the above, one of them, or a combination of those things. >> very interesting, well there has been an issue with fentanyl across the country, lately, with a lot of people dying from it. hopefully that was not the case with this particular into incident, doctor owais durrani thank you very much for, time we appreciate it. >> all right, to washington, now the question what's now, after weeks, months, years really of debating, discussing infrastructure. congress finally passed the
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bill. president biden says he's going to hold off though on signing the infrastructure bill in till those people who were involved in making it can actually make it there to d.c.. >> now it's really crunch time for the other part of his agenda, that social spending bill, which will depend, in large part, on the whims of these two people we've been talking about so much. senators joe manchin and kyrsten sinema, for the latest on all of us let's start with nbc news correspondent heidi criswell a, at the white house, and nbc news reporter gary graham back on capitol hill. so heidi, the administration clearly wants his money's worth when it comes to touting this big achievement. >> yeah lindsay, it has been a running punchline now for two administrations, but as the president said, it is finally infrastructure week. this is what he promised during the campaign, it is a historic investment in the nation's infrastructure, roads, bridges, airports, broadband. the president said it will be a, quote, blue collar blueprint to rebuilding america, which is really on par with a major investment that we made in the 19 fifties to build the
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interstate highway system. here's the president. >> we took a monumental step, for our organization. reminder that armand country made 5.6 million jobs since he took office in january 20th. we've reached an unemployment rate of 4.6%, two point -- than the vast majority of economists project that would happen. and we're just getting started. we are doing something that is is long overdue, that has long been talked about in washington, but never actually been done. >> and guys, the president said that hopefully the nation will start to feel the impact of this in the next 2 to 3 months, as shovels get in the ground. but it is certainly an important win at this particular time, as the president is experiencing falling approval ratings, as he experienced this loss in the bellwether state of virginia, a state that he won by ten points just last year.
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fairly squeaking by with a democratic governor in new jersey, so democrats were urging congress to move decisively on this, at this time. >> and that they did, just a few days after the critical election, harry over to you, but plenty of work left to be done on the presidents agenda there on capitol hill. what comes next? >> it's really been a rollercoaster of the week for biden in for congress. big loss in virginia on tuesday, a big win here on capitol hill on friday. now congress is out of town for the next week, but when they come back, they are going to be hit with an absolute avalanche of legislation that needs to get done, and needs to get done now. we have the government funding running out in less than a month, we have the debt ceiling and that needs to be raised in less than a month, and we have the nda, the national defense authorization act that needs to be re-upset for the next year by the end of this year. that is all on top of the build back better act, which of course is that human infrastructure, things like childcare, paid family leave,
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provisions related to the environments. and to do this kind of legislation you really need to have all the democrats on the same page, something that really happens up here. you mention those two names joe manchin and kyrsten sinema, those folks are going to be pivotable to what's happening here, the christmas bear break starting december 13th, you realizing there's not a whole lot of time. here's what representative job all told us about negotiations with the democratic party. >> we work this out on our own, the president of course helped. this is really important to our discussion, but really this was about can we look each other in the eye and start to reestablish trust. because, that is going to be essential for everything else we need to do. >> but that reestablishing of trust is really difficult when members of congress don't even know with fellow members of congress want with this legislation. we saw this with ebi f, the bipartisan infrastructure framework negotiations where
3:16 am
kyrsten sinema was negotiating directly with the white house not her fellow members, and her fellow members weren't sure where she even stood. it's one thing for us reporters to not know, but tell members need to know to have legislating have been properly. >> absolutely, how do we want to get back to you on a slightly different topic here, the biden administration facing a new setback on his vaccine mandate for businesses. what can you tell us? >> well lindsey, this is a federal circuit court of three gop appointed judges, they are not ruling on the merits, but this is a temporary blockage, it is a setback. and they wrote that they have, quote, cause to believe that there are grave constitutional and statutory issues with the mandate, so the justice department will have until about 5:00 on monday to respond. we expect those to play out pretty quickly. and some legal experts are saying that they're pretty surprised that this happened in the first place, and says there's not really urgency to act, the administration gave a deadline of january 4th for these vaccinations or testing programs to be put in place. and the administration believes that they are on solid legal
3:17 am
ground to put in place a new rule here, grant based on grave potential dangerous to employees in the workplace. they also believe that there is strong legal president, going all the way back to 1905, when the supreme court upheld mandates on the state level for vaccinations against smallpox. guys. >> all right, heidi pryzbyla and harold graham back, thanks very much guys. >> all right, our political panels going to weigh in on all of this, including the backlash against 13 republicans who voted for the infrastructure bill. >> and a little later in the show, except right now, close your eyes and just listen to. latest >> can i get 60 seconds on the clock, please, because there is a lot of times when i was giving advice, there was a lot of times i was given a fires and people weren't listening, it didn't work out, so great for some of those people. i mean when you look back at star wars, you need to do it with swords. >> dying to hear candace's reaction, there is a new donald trump on snl. we're going to bring you the best moments from that pretty
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washington where president biden is calling the final passage of the one trillion dollar infrastructure bill a monumental step forward. but now, democrats are really embracing for the next battle, over the larger social spending bill, which the house will soon vote on. before sending it to the senate. let's bring in a democratic started his, and lucy caldwell, who is a campaign manager for joe walsh's 2020 presidential run. welcome to both of you. okay, let me start with you. what would your strategy be to make sure democrats get the maximum credit for this historic legislation? >> well, first and foremost, you have to go back and talk about what is actually in the bill. i know there is a lot in there, a lot of democrats want a little bit more money for some of those programs but when you think about all of the jobs
3:23 am
that can come from some of the provisions in that bill, roads, bridges, broadband, there is some consideration for the environment and climate change. there is a lot to discuss, there. the advice that i would give the democrats's do not get caught up in what we think we could have gotten, let's talk about what we did get, the jobs that could be created from this. and i would even actually not even spend much time talking about the build back better plan. i know that is coming up, that will be a little bit more contentious, let's focus on what we did get out of this bill, and the jobs it could create for americans. >> lucy, to build on what basil was just saying, passing these social spending bill would still be a task for democrats, even though they are projecting confidence in setting deadlines. do you think it is worth the risk of potentially more negative headlines about internal squabbling? or will this just add fuel to
3:24 am
the republican fire? >> well, the good and bad news for democrats is they do not really have a choice here, right? because some spending bill does need to get past, and we are up against a december reality of the continued operation of our government. that is one thing. something you really saw joe biden do yesterday in his speech, in the morning, for hisg it, he drew a sharp contrast between his messaging now, and the messaging we have been seeing amongst democrats on the campaign trail. he really, really made an appeal to all americans, to our idea of american exceptionalism. he talked about how this has been a confusing time, this is a blue collar blueprint. and what he is essentially doing is touting the victory of the infrastructure bill, it was really tying up the infrastructure deal with the continued work of this second piece of legislation, the build back better act. people like congresswoman
3:25 am
jayapal, and moderates claim they had a deal, a deal is a deal, although there is no place where i could see this less than in washington. in general, i think biden set the tone as well as he possibly could, that this needs to get done, this is going to get done, and that it is a continuation of the bill that was passed last week. >> and back to you, basil. the democrats are celebrating all of this, let's be honest about something, here. this infrastructure bill would not have passed if not for a 13 house republicans voting yes. actually, there are many on the extreme right who are furious at this. do you get a sense that the minority leader kevin mccarthy is in trouble with this party there? >> i am not so sure. look, we elected joe biden, we wanted him to do exactly this, right? to work across the aisle, to be able to convince republicans, many of whom were aligning themselves with trump, to be
3:26 am
able to accept parts of a democratic agenda, and fought for a program like this. f>> so i think some of these republicans might be in trouble, my colleagues across the aisle to probably speak better to that. but the best insulation against battles in your district, in a primary, is to be able to go back and talk about what you did, what you provided, with your constituents. the best jobs, but once he did not get, former taxation into this bill, it is probably a good thing, to say small businesses or their businesses will be taxed further. these are things they could go back and settle. it is insulation, as best as they could for some of these. >> all right. >> basil smikle, we will have to have lucy caldwell back, since your name was invoked back there, thank you so much. you will want to stick around and watch tonight.
3:27 am
remember that wild rudy giuliani press conference of the four seasons total and skipping after the 2020 election? of course you do! but was exactly one year ago today. make sure to tune in for it tonight, four seasons total documentary, a film that goes deep into that day. you will meet the family behind the small philadelphia business that suddenly surged into the national spotlight. this is tonight, 10:00 eastern on msnbc. >> we are following days of controversy over his vaccine status. aaron rodgers will be sitting out two's game. and there are many nfl watches who are saying is the man who is one of the key faces in the league has fallen from grace, in record time. in record time bye mom. my helpers abound, i'll need you today. our sleigh is now ready, let's get on our way. a mountain of toys to fulfill many wishes.
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vaccinated? >> i never lie, i took all my teammates into a huddle, got all their faces, three inches away from my wet mouth, and told them, trust me, i am more or less immunized, go team!
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>> and you said, you did not get the vaccine because it might make you sterile, which is so insane, i am jealous i did not say it! >> snl, over there, having some fun with one of the biggest stories, of the biggest talkers of the week, cecily strongest shooting pirro, and pete davidson as aaron rodgers. and now, the nfl is pushing back on one of the claims that its superstar made in that wild interview on friday. >> only one of them? so, he is the reigning league mvp, he said a doctor actually told him that it is impossible for a vaccinated person to get or spread covid, the league says. not only is that not true, but no lead doctor or infectious disease consulted ever talked with rodgers. >> he will miss today's game because of his positive covid test. here's news correspondent one venegas. >> i, good morning. lots of controversy surrounding aaron rodgers latest interview he is now confirmed that he is not vaccinated, he also told the podcast, he did not agree with the way the league treated
3:33 am
him because he was not vaccinated. now, rogers says he is allergic to ingredients in the mrna vaccine, the moderna and pfizer vaccine any also had concerns about the j&j shot side effects, which is why he decided not to get vaccinated. this is part of the interview that aaron rodgers did. >> i am not, you know, some sort of anti-vax, flat earth are. i am somebody who is a critical thinker. you guys know me, i marched to the beat of my own drum. i believe strongly in bodily autonomy, and i make choices for your body, not have to acquiesce to some woke culture, or crazed group of individuals who say you have to do something. health is not a one size fits all for everybody. >> now, here is where it gets interesting. rodgers says he received what he called quote, an immunization protocol, which has not been proven to provide immunity against covid.
3:34 am
many have wondered what type of treatment that meant, right? according to the, instead of getting vaccinated, he receives a homeopathic treatment from his doctor, and then the asked the nfl to count that is being vaccinated. now did not specifically say this on the show, and he did say whatever treatment he is doing, is between him and his medical team. now, after contracting covid, rodgers says he has consulted with podcast joe rogan, on how to beat it. he has been digging monoclonal antibodies, and also has been taking effect women, the drug used to treat livestock with the fda has advised against. also now, wisconsin health provider provide health is saying they have made the decision with aaron rodgers to end their partnership, the company adding that they encourage all eligible parts of the population to become vaccinated against covid-19. kendis, lindsey,?
3:35 am
>> thanks to guad venegas, kick off for that game against the chiefs will be at 4:30 today, in kansas city. in the meantime, a crucial week ahead in the trial of the man accused of murdering ahmaud arbery. each side has a starkly different view about what happened, but with a nearly all white jury, are the scales already tipped? >> and in our next hour, they came, they waited and then they left. qanon extremists genuinely thought jfk junior would appear in the flesh at a rally this week. how the movement is becoming bigger than q himself. but is at 7 am eastern, right here, on msnbc reports! on msn rbceports this... is the planning effect. this is how it feels to have a dedicated fidelity advisor looking at your full financial picture. this is what it's like to have a comprehensive wealth plan with tax-smart investing strategies designed to help you keep more of what you earn. and set aside more for things like healthcare,
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3:39 am
men have accused of murdering ahmaud arbery resumes tomorrow after an emotional day of opening arguments. the prosecution says the defendants chased arbery, a black man, through a georgia neighborhood, trapped and shot him. the defense claims travis mcmichael shot the 25-year-old in self-defense. >> the trial began under a cloud of controversy after just one black man made it on to the jury. despite african americans making up about a quarter of the county's population. msnbc's correspondent list maclachlan is in brunswick, georgia, about an hour south of savannah. with the very latest on what we can expect tomorrow, when the trial resumes. liz, good morning. >> kendis and lindsey, when the
3:40 am
court reconvenes here at the glenn county courthouse tomorrow about 9 am you may very well see some demonstrators outside like we saw on thursday and friday, even in 40-degree rain tomorrow, it is supposed to be sunny. and it is not just the family speaking out, the community and activists nationwide have come here to really express their concerns about a fair trial over here. the defense and defense lawyers, and the prosecution will continue to try to make their case as testimony continues. we did see the first witness on friday. the defense, wanting to prove the actions of these three men, travis mcmichael, gregory mcmichael and william bryan were justified, hoping to convince the jurors that it was self-defense, those three shots that killed ahmaud arbery. and the prosecution is hoping to prove that it is murder. cold blooded murder. and the judge ruled in favor of the prosecution in a few instances, when it comes to what evidence is admissible.
3:41 am
what you will not see in this trial, ahmaud arbery's history, his criminal history, health record. the judge says this is irrelevant to this trial. but, he did say the prosecution could show pieces of evidence, including texts, social media posts from the defendants that used racial slurs, a picture of a vanity plate on one of their pick up trucks, let's chose confederate imagery. things the prosecution might used to show racial bias. so racism might be a core part of this trial, it is not really what happened that is on trial, but how it happened, and why. so, the motive here is what these lawyers will be trying to prove. and racism might be in the center of. that lindsey, kendis? >> liz mclaughlin, thank you for your reporting. a unique way to fight supposed government overreach. one town in california has declared itself a constitutional republic, all to avoid state and federal covid mandates. can they do that? we will break it down.
3:42 am
>> later this morning, on the sunday show, jonathan speaks with a senior white house adviser, cedric richmond, about president biden's victory on infrastructure, and the path forward for passing the rest of biden's agenda. that is starting at 10 am, eastern time. eastern time i've been taking prevagen on a regular basis for at least eight years. for me, the greatest benefit over the years has been that prevagen seems to help me recall things and also think more clearly. and i enthusiastically recommend prevagen. it has helped me an awful lot. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. welcome to allstate. ( phone notification ) where you can pay a little less and enjoy the ride a little more. now, get new lower auto rates. you're in good hands with allstate. click or call for a lower rate today. healthy habits come in all sizes. like little walks.
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3:46 am
to find ways to fight covid policies, especially when it comes to the presidents vaccine mandate. according to a report from the guardian, one california town has a new, unique strategy, declaring itself a constitutional republic, who tried to dodge covid mandates from both state and federal governments. it is all happening here, in or ville, a town about ten minutes away from sacramento, they have a population 20,000 people, and a pension for bucking covid rules last year it refused to regard state requirements for indoor dining. this week, the city council passed a new resolution, the first of its kind nationwide.
3:47 am
but their skepticism as to whether the constitutional republic status really gives the town any sort of autonomous authority. all right, we are glad to welcome the reporter over here, of this guardian story, danny o'connell. ghani, good morning, thank you for being with us. does the city need this to be more symbolic, or do they say this will have teeth? >> well, it is kind of a mixed bag, to be honest. there resolution states that they are not going to follow state and federal mandates that they deemed unconstitutional. but at the same time, while passing, it they acknowledge it is only symbolic, it is a way of affirming their values. and if they wanted to actually not uphold state or federal law, that would require a different mandate, and a different conversation. >> in your story, you point out of the vice mayor tried to look for similar resolution in another town to use as a kind of framework, but could not find one. since they wrote their own,
3:48 am
what do we know about whether this will actually work? >> not a lot, a legal expert i spoke with when i brought this up to her, and said what is a constitutional republic city? she said, i have no idea. a city can call itself whatever it would like, that does not mean it is not required to uphold state and federal law. it does not make it immune from that. >> how does the public feel about this? we know there were some constituents who spoke in the public forum here at the council meeting, who said they were in favor of it. but, you have gotten more of a pulse on the ground, here? california has one of the lowest covid rates in any state, at least as of last month, it did. >> california does, but this county is a unique area, it is not like los angeles or san francisco, this area is a lot more conservative, it is generally a lot more open than the rest of california. right now, the risk of contracting covid is much higher in this county, then it is in san francisco or los
3:49 am
angeles, even though september was one of the worst months for the county, this is coming after the county has already had a very difficult few months with covid. so with that, there are even residents, who were certainly happy this measure was being passed. a lot of them spoke up at the meeting about this. also, there were people who said, i do not feel safe in this community. i do not think we should be doing things that will encourage people not to follow health mandates. certainly, there are plenty of people who are scared, and are not happy about what the city council is doing their. >> well, you also quote a council member who argued that the immune system is the best defense against this disease. you point out, the best defense is vaccination. and in view county, the vaccination is about 40% according to new york times data. so, have you talked to any experts, or do you yourself have a prediction as we go into the winter months about how this will shape up? >> i suspect we will unfortunately see this county
3:50 am
continue to have a lower vaccination rate than the rest of the state, it's a lengthy public health department there is really struggling with, really trying to encourage vaccination. but as you can see from the attitude of some city council members there and some of the people who have spoken at the meeting, there are some people who believe that no, the immune system is the best response. that was one of the things i heard from a couple of different people. god made our immune systems, they can handle this disease. but as we know, the covid-19 vaccination is the best way to prevent the disease. >> all right, dani anguiano, thank you so much not only for your reporting, but for coming on and talking to us. we appreciate it. >> all right, thick trump goes on fake fox news, but it seems so real. the new actor playing the former president on saturday night live. >> and professional athletes and their pull towards alternative medicine. it reported makes the case, they are susceptible to it, including half baked medical thinking, and what he calls affectionately, medical
3:51 am
quackery. we will speak to that author. >> on our twitter page, follow us at msnbc weekends. let us know how you are dealing with your daylight standards -- daylight savings? >> daylight savings! we are now on standard time? >> we are now on standard time. what about hawaii, or arizona? >> we don't deal with this! [laughs] everybody is jealous! >> let us know how you are feeling. are feeling.
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3:54 am
just under two hours away from
3:55 am
hearing that new york city marathon starting gun. the race, returning after the pandemic forced its cancellation last year. but this year, it will look a little different with safeguards put in place, it has been kept at around 30,000 donors, 20,000 down from the last marathon in 2019. >> msnbc steven romo is live with us. steven, it is a chilly 43 degrees right now, perfect running weather, but will heat up to 57 today? >> yes, that is one thing the runners are excited about, the temperatures. guys, i am less so, i might need to get my blood pumping a little bit to be on their level. there are some changes you mentioned this time around. there will be fewer runners, more waves of start times, trying to space people out a little bit. also, there will be the requirements, there must be a proof of vaccination, or you could submit a negative covid test 48 hours before the race is actually set to begin. for some of them, they are
3:56 am
training for this, starting back in 2019, they are eager to jump through whatever hoops they need to to get out here, and finish this. the runners are excited, many of them running to race. this is a big part of the marathon, a lot of businesses, though, they are eager for things to get started as well. >> it is really an important aspect of the race, we do economic impact reports after the race, and we have seen over $400 million of economic impact, whether it is from the hotels, the airlines, the restaurants, the shopping. so we worked really closely with new york city and company, all of the tourism boards, through our part, to strengthen some of the businesses, and the economic viability of new york city, which is exciting to see it coming back. >> one thing that has not changed for the marathon is the enthusiasm, of course. runners are even more enthusiastic this year, the ones who had to sit last year out, it is all set to get
3:57 am
underway at 8:30 eastern this morning. i will be there to bring you updates. lindsay and kendis? >> the one time of year where more cannabis is encouraged by many people, here in the city. we hope that you have got a jacket, stephen? >> steven, you need something heavier! >> i need a better one. guys, i know. guys, i know. >> it will be exciting to see the runners out there. as you mentioned, they have been training for several years for this. and now, it is all coming to a head, the largest marathon in the country. >> the nbc runners are here as well? >> this is true, bill karen,'s really geist. and brinkman from w nbc. alison morris, nbc news, you will just run the whole network! >> good luck, everybody! that is all i have got! and snl was back last night with -- hosting, one of the stars of hbo's succession. but it is a new donald trump has everybody talking. >> former, and basically current president of the united
3:58 am
states, donald trump. >> thank you, thank you so much. thank you. [applause] thank you so much, i just wanted to congratulate clinton, mostly myself, the biggest victory in virginia. you know? what we did it together. >> oh pete, you do not have to say. that >> frankly, it's great to be winning again. we love to win, you know what? you will see a lot more winning where that came from, let me tell you. you will see it a lot. >> oh, you could take me off the split screen -- >> no, glenn, we do this together! we do this so good, we really want you to stay! >> i do not know who i like better, that youngkin, or the trump. maybe the trump? they had a great time, there. >> you could close your eyes, and it just sounds, i mean, it is incredible. >> uncanny. nearing the top of a new hour right here on msnbc. n msnbc. >> first up on msnbc, president
3:59 am
biden, celebrating his big win after the passage of that one trillion dollar infrastructure bill. and offering new hope for americans, as democrats prepare for the next battle. >> we are looking more forward to having our shovels in the ground, to begin rebuilding america. and for all of you at home, who feel left behind and forgotten in an economy that is rapidly changing, this bill is for you. >> this morning, families morning loved ones lost at the astroworld festival in houston. >> he was trying to tell them that there were people, people underneath there, dying. there were other people's kids, down there on the tracks, dying. >> i was there, like, stuck. i could not move, at all. >> i have never seen anything like this before. never, ever. >> now, the question swirling over what caused the chaos after a security officer reported being injected in the
4:00 am
neck with a syringe. >> the qanon conspiracy, spiraling out of control, after hundreds of followers gathered in dallas, to witness what they thought would be the physical return of the late jfk jr.. we are looking at how dangerous the movement has gotten. >> airlines bracing for chaos after months of violent outbreak, staffing shortages and canceled flights, and the one thing happening tomorrow that has many experts warning of travel chaos, as we say good morning, it is sunday. november 7th. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm lindsey reiser. that's not something i want to hear two weeks away from thanksgiving travel. we'll dive into that later in the show. we have a team of reporters and analysts following the latest for us right now. we want to begin with the news out of washington. president biden will soon take another victory lap on the newly passed infrastructure bill when he puts pen to paper. >> when it comes to two major pillars of his agenda, it's only half done. democrats on the hill will try


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