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tv   Yasmin Vossoughian Reports  MSNBC  November 7, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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welcome back. i'm yasmin vossoughian. just joining us, welcome. if you're still with us, thank you for sticking with us. donald trump in legal cross hairs. a second grand jury 'em panelled this week in the criminal investigation of the trump organization. a decision on charges for the
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former president himself could be a manner of weeks away. in a moment i talk to the man to inherit the fallout from that decision set to be sworn in as the new manhattan d.a. in january after a history making victory. the former president facing a political fallout, a political threat i should say from a january 6 committee ramping up the efforts to hold him accountable. a victory from a trump averse candidate in virginia has republicans debating the future of the gop with or without the biggest draw and biggest problem. >> i think the only way the republican party can go forward in strength if s if we reject the lie and what happened on january 6, if we reject the efforts that president trump made to steal the election. >> he is not going away regardless of what the few you are holding for him.
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the current president and the administration taking a victory lap over the infrastructure bill and promising more is on the way. >> my prediction is we are going to produce on the build back better and we need to get it done now. the president is saying that he needs the agenda done so that we can continue this biden boom in the economy and creating jobs and doing all of those things so i know for people not in the legislative space it looks noisy but i can assure you that there is a path to passing this piece of legislation. >> this hour the chair of the moderate new democrat coalition about the prospects the reconciliation bill faces in the senate all that and a year ago a strange moment in political history. a rudy giuliani news conference at the four seasons that was at the four seasons total landscaping company sucking a small company into a national
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firestorm. >> for my son, their, he said, mom, this is bigger than we think and sends a picture while i'm talking to him and rudy at my besing with a plaque that says boss lady. i said i think we better get over there. >> tonight a new documentary details how the company turned controversy into cash and the general manager of four seasons about the wild ride. we begin with the former criminal of president trump. an attorney general is said to be moving to a grand jury in the investigation of election interference, a sign the investigation could actually be ramping up. in new york nbc news reporting a second grand jury has been seated in the state's investigation into the trump family businesses.
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sources saying the witnesses could hear evidence. the probe is currently led by the outgoing manhattan d.a. cy vance and new york attorney general laticia james but a new d.a. was elected. joining me is alan bragg, manhattan d.a. elect. will be the first african-american to hold that position. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. let's start with congratulations to you on your win here. you have a big road ahead. i'm sure a lot of eyeballs on what is happening in the next couple of months. let's start with this question. are you being briefed in this transition? >> so thank you for having me on and thank you for the congratulations. i appreciate it.
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we have started the transition of district attorney and gave me audience with the office last week to introduce myself and so we are starting the transition process but at the beginning stages of that so i saw the lead-in. we haven't started to talk about the specific cases and not the one that you led in with so we are starting the process. i have been through this with a transition and expected to be seamless and productive. >> it is my job to push you a little bit and probably your job not to tell me much but if we'll dance let's try to do that. so i guess in following up with you being briefed on a possible trump investigation and where things lead and if vance is going to level charges against the former president to what extent will you be briefed? will you be briefed on every
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detail before being sworn in if vance decides to level the charges and said he'll make a decision on before his retirement. will you stick with what he wants to do and where he wants to move? >> i don't know the extent of the briefing. there are significant rules in the space about grand jury secrecy and things of that nature. also as a district attorney at the time so until december 31st. district attorney vance is at the helm, working on this matter a couple of years. anticipate that how we talk about sort of the mechanics of the process of transition to talk about in the very near future but sitting here today no. i don't have anymore information not in the public domain. to the question about continuity i worked on a number of high profile complex investigations and have found that continuity
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in temps of the team working on the matter is important. the folks working on this for a couple years may add to it. i'll weigh in myself but to keep that team intact and to continue to do the work they have been doing and following the facts which is what i have done for 20 years. >> do you plan on revisiting the decision if you disagree with it? meaning, if he decides to move forward with charges and you disagree want to reviz the or the opposite which is district attorney vance decides not to level charges against the former president but you think otherwise? >> so you're right. i do my job. i'm a courtroom someone would say facts not in evidence. it is difficult and might be dangerous from an administration of justice to answer a hypothetical like that. what i can say is the team
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working on it know them by reputation. they have great reputations for rigor, for complex investigations and plan to see where they are on january 1. i again said i have experience in this. i'll add some value and plan to bring people to the office to enhance the team so i'm sort of constrained from saying more. there's a subject of great public interest but we have rules and i don't have anymore to share with you. >> yeah. listen. i appreciate you're rolling with me on this and understanding my job and i understand yours. let's read from "the new york magazine" on the responsibility on your shoulders. it is hard to say exactly what this means. there's little to provide and enough to fit a broad range of possibilities. suggests that bragg is about to
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become a country's most closely watched and consequential prosecutors. your reaction? >> i think it's no doubt that this is a consequential investigation and why it is watched closely for past couple of years. the office obviously has a number of consequential cases but i won't say that a case with a former president doesn't have enhanced visibility. so i am aware of the sober obligations of this job both in this investigation and beyond. for those that don't know me, number two lawyer at new york state attorney general's office and a matter with the former president and other electeds. as a federal prosecutor i led investigations with democrats and republicans for matters like
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bribery and campaign finance fraud so what i can convey is i'm very well equipped to join this matter unlike any other. >> let's talk about the priorities in this. you have said that you will quote shut down racial disparities. and that you probably would be the first d.a. who had a gun pointed at them. how will you do that? >> yeah. look. >> disparities. go ahead. >> so in 2015 there was a really ground breaking study which con firmed but i like to lean on data what we know is that there's racial disparities in the process in manhattan. we'll use that analysis that led to the report but the data in realtime so as a management tool. if light cases are not being resolved with the same plea
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offers we'll take immediate steps and super vise through the prism of racial justice and be affirmative to make it be a priority and let the data help us close down the disparities in realtime. we have the data to do that. >> finally last question, what about police accountability? we know new york city was the center of many protests especially surrounding the killing of george floyd by now convicted derek chauvin ex-police officer. coming to police accountability, what is your plan? >> so this is a focus of my career. i went to law school in large part because growing up in harlem i had a gun pointed at me six times. three by people who were not police officers but three by members of the new york police department that caused me to
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focus on police accountability. i prosecuted a federal agent for lying. we have a stand alone unit to report to me and prioritize the issues and not just a fairness police accountability issue but i know from my experience when people don't have trust in the police they don't come forward as victims and witnesses. we can't make the cases we need for public safety so i see it through the dual lens of public safety and fairness. >> alvin bragg, thank you for being honest with me as you could be and i hope you come back when you have more information and good luck to you. thank you. want to turn to another big investigation with former president trump. committee chair bennie thompson
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said he is not ruling out the possibility of contempt charges. clark played a key role in then president trump's attempts to substantiate the big lie, something that liz cheney said the party needs to reject to survive. >> i think that we've got to two strong parties in this country and the only way the republican party can go forward in strength is if we reject the lie, reject what happened on january 6 and the efforts president trump made to steal the election and tell voters the truth. >> want to bring in the panel. tim miller and emily smith-tussman. tim miller, reject the lie so says liz cheney.
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your reaction? >> liz cheney is right. so kudos to her for that. i agree with her about how in principle we need two parties and why i'm encouraged that there's something like liz cheney fighting but look. we have seen adam kinzinger is now retiring from congress. anthony gonzalez is retiring. i think that liz cheney is in for the campaign of her life and a heavy underdog right now and so i think that it's likely to come back in 2023 to have a congress that is a republican caucus that's more sympathetic to the events of january 6 than we do today rather than less and while i think liz cheney is correct from an ethical stand
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point, i do not share the optimism about the political prospects of saying no to the lie and today's republican party. >> what do you make of republicans looking at what happened in virginia? the distancing i should say of glern youngkin from the president -- the former president, somewhat like the "snl" skit and gaining success? rick scott say you don't have to embrace donald trump which i found surprising hearing from rick scott. you can kind of always make it about the issues but don't need to embrace the man, the former president. i wonder if we see more of that now because of the success in virginia. >> look. glenn youngkin played foot sy with the big lie. i would rather have him than a
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pro insurrectionist. i don't think he'll try to overturn the 2024 election. this is a low bar to grade from that he is stepping over. i'm skeptical that others can match what he did from a strategic standpoint. number one, he's independently well think. spent $40 million on air defining himself in the well done advertisements focusing on kitchen table issues. he was running in a convention. it is just looking at the craziness in the ohio senate race and the georgia senate race there are glenn youngkin types and never hear about them doing horribly in the polls because senate races are run on national issues. so look. i think glenn is a good model for these governors' races. there are some never trump
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republican governors so i think that there's that as a model for that. whether that's replicatible to 2024 color me pretty skeptical at this point. >> emily, what do democrats need to do to seize on the moment? they had a big win with the passage of this infrastructure bill. build back better seems like it is just around the corner. that is going on for democrats. the economy, there's a great "the new york times" piece talking about the economy doing quite well despite the fact of inflation, obviously, seeing the supply chain issues. unemployment is down. what do democrats need to do to seize on this moment? >> it's very easy. they need to pass the build back better plan and they need to do it quickly. democrats are already starting to compare this year as the democratic downturn after 2009
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after the first congress that obama was in power which i think there's differences from now to 2009. the thing that concerns me, i worked on federal legislation in that congress and saw the total lack of enthusiasm for democrats in congress at that point to pass anything. they just became so scared of the national narrative that they were afraid to push for things that could have kept them in power. they came in under biden under the narrative to do something for you. i will deliver for you. that's how they won the suburban independent women. right? they said i will actually deliver for you. i will not be distracted by the circus of trump in the white house. they have to do it. the infrastructure bill is a great start but they have to do things like get paid leave in the build back better plan and
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pass it. talk about the fact they're the party of the child tax credit why they have to do things that's tangible for voters and then talk about it. >> yeah. you can't help but think that's the conversation that the president was having with congress this entire week in order to get infrastructure across the line, especially after tuesday night's results. tim, emily, sorry. i wish we had measure time but i appreciate you joining me. still ahead, covid controversy. more fallout from the confusing claims about aaron rodger's status. plus looking back at fire seasons total landscaping. how the press conference came to be and the business caught in the cross fire. >> i remember asking, did we make a mistake? >> we had a lot of haters. >> 1,010 new messages. >> it created a lot of fear for
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did you ever lie about being vaccinated? >> i never lied. i took all my teammates into a huddle. got the faces three inches away from my wet mouth and told them trust me. i'm more or less immunized. go team. >> you said you didn't get the vaccine because it might make you sterile. which is so insane. i'm jealous i didn't say it.
1:24 pm
>> so the fallout is continuing for packers quarterback rodgers with the nfl now stepping in to defend itself after recent comments about a league doctor. we have more on this. gad, the nfl stayed silent about the vaccine status. where does the league stand now? >> right. yasmin, here's the thing. backtrack a little bit. in the controversial interview with the show that rodgers did he claimed that a doctor with the nfl told him it was impossible for a vaccinated person to get or spread covid. in response to that the league released a statement saying no doctor from the league, nfl or consultants communicated with the player adding if they had they would have never said anything like that. now let's go to a part of this interview that aaron rodgers
1:25 pm
did. >> i didn't lie in the initial press conference. at the time my plan was to say that i've been immunized. it wasn't some sort of ruse or lie. it was the truth. i had a meeting and they said one of the main docs said it was impossible for a vaccinated person to get covid or spread covid. we know now that information is totally false. that was given to me. >> so as you heard rodgers stated that he decided to say quote he was immunized because he had petitioned that the league accept his immunization under a vaccination protocol. let me explain. according to the associated press rodgers received a treatment and it was requested that the league accept that as him being fully vaccinated which they do not. the quarterback said he wants to keep the details between him and
1:26 pm
the medical team. in the interview rodgers said he was not happy with the treatment from the league after not getting the vaccine and then after that interview there's an announcement that the company and rodgers ended the partnership and adding they're deeply committed to help all eligible populations to be vaccinated against covid-19. yasmin? >> all right. thank you for an update on that. we appreciate it. coming up, a big victory for democrats this past week with the infrastructure bill and a long way to go. washington congresswoman who chairs the moderate new democrat committee joins me with the insights on negotiation. we'll be right back. i don't know. i think they look good, man.
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welcome back. a roller coaster week that began
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with massive disappointment in tuesday's elections ending on a high note for democrats with the passage of the bipartisan infrastructure frame work giving democrats a boost as they continue to push through biden's build back better act. >> we are going to make sure that every family has high speed internet so the children are not left behind and seniors can have access to the internet. we're going to invest in resiliency and do environmental justice in remediate ground fills. this is a deal all while creating jobs and lowering fragsary pressures. >> we have an agreement on pharmaceutical drug pricing. we have immigration which is so important to the members. we have really a remarkable package that at this point is about 2.1 trillion. >> i was very excited to vote yes on the bills yesterday and i'm excited because it means
1:32 pm
tens of thousands of jobs and build both as job bills and jobs sorely needed in my city of los angeles. >> joining me now democratic congresswoman from washington delbene and chair of the new democratic coalition. thank you for joining us. we appreciate seeing you on this sunday afternoon. let me first give you a moment to react to the passage of the infrastructure bill. >> this is a historic investigationment in infrastructure so friday was a great day, a long day, but a graert day. got that bill across the finish line and now we begin the process of getting those -- the president signing the bill and resources to the communities because we know we have been far behind in investments in infrastructure and a huge opportunity to address roads, bridges, transit, broadband and make sure to build the
1:33 pm
infrastructure for the next 50 years. >> i was speaking to emily at the top of the show and mentioned the fact that i asked her what do democrats need to do now? you have a massive win with passage of the infrastructure bill an engood economy numbers come out on friday. she said they need to get things passed, get things done. if there's any reaction that should have come from tuesday it is that. it is that democrats need to start getting things done and americans need to feel the results 0 of that. has that been the feeling on the hill since tuesday? is that a reason why infrastructure got passed when it did? >> i think it's been a feeling for a long time. not just last week. the new dem coalition focused on how important it is to show folks that governance can work across the region. i think a bipartisan thing that the constituents ask for is for
1:34 pm
government nance to show and making a difference for the people we serve and getting things through the house, the senate to the president's desk and why getting legislation like the infrastructure bill is so important and the american rescue plan was so important to make a difference for the community just we don't help them until we get things all the way done and why friday was so important and why we need to move quickly in passing the build back better act. >> so thank you for that transition, congresswoman. talk about build back better. senator dick durbin asked by yahoo! news if he felt manchin would get on board and provide that 50th vote and didn't necessarily feel certain about that. are you worried? >> well, it is important that we have the legislation we do today, solid legislation in the
1:35 pm
house of representatives. we started the work to move that bim on friday and we'll do more going back in session in a little over a week. that is important to go from talking about high level numbers and process to actually talking about the substance of the bill and what makes a difference for the people we serve. child tax credit, health care, making sure we have a bold investment in climate, helping communities. so i feel like we have a lot more momentum because we have gotten to talk about the specifics of what will be there. >> got it. >> it will go to the senate. >> got it. good luck, congresswoman. you have a lot to do between now and the december holiday and will be watching, reporting and asking the questions that we need to ask throughout the process. congresswoman delbene,
1:36 pm
appreciate it. we are going to talk to cincinnati's mayor elect, the plans to clean up the city. a strange page in election history. how a press conference changed the course of a ful phil landscaping business. >> tonight at 9:00 eastern i'll going to speak about the new memoir. standing side by side with hillary clinton. plus georgia secretary of state will talk about standing up to donald trump and where we stand today in terms of election integrity. if it works on nfl jerseys it'll work for you. and it's cold. so you will turn to cold? fine! that guy needs to chill out! i'm gonna earn 3% on dining including takeout with chase freedom unlimited. that's a lot of cash back. are you gonna stop me?
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1:40 pm
lawyers where they pushed conspiracy theories of election fraud which we know of course is a lie. four seasons total documentary tells the story of the chaos and how the staff embraced with the humor saying we used our humor to get us out of it. here's a preview. >> we are a landscaping company. we are an expert in planting, seeding. not press conferences. >> why at a landscaping company? >> it was a pretty quick setup why you saw what was on tv. it was a landscape con strungs yard. >> thank you. >> we had no idea what we were in for. >> joining me now four seasons total landscaping and director of the documentary. welcome to you both. thank you for joining us.
1:41 pm
>> thank you. >> mike, i know that obviously there was so much chaos that ensued after that very event. you had a lot of hate that was leveled against your organization and the people working for your organization but you were able to turn this into an over $1 million profit. how did this all go down? >> after we -- me and shawn released a statement basically, you know, we believe in democracy and if we had a president there. after that like our humor took into place. we are the funniest people in our area and about time that the entire country knows. you know what i mean? so that we kind of just ran with it. the jokes wrote themselves. >> how did you guys make the profit? how did you make the money and capitalize on it? >> at the first couple hours
1:42 pm
after everything everybody demanded t-shirts. me and shawn kind of went in my living room and started to design t-shirts and quotes and came up with make america rake again and in sod we trust and it was just after that the ideas just started to spark but the merchandising. everybody, the fans wanted basically the merchandise. >> so you gave them what they wanted. christopher, what can we expect tonight? why did you guys seize on this story and run with it? >> it was such a stranger than fiction moment. completely disparate worlds that should not belong together. a presidential campaign, salt of the earth landscaping company. they collided in this political moment and the mystery behind why it happened is so
1:43 pm
interesting but the story of how the landscaping company had to deal with it, how four seasons, how the world is turned upside down and the reputation completely on the line, all these elements so interesting to explore in the film. the conflict, you cannot write this. it's too perfect. >> can you give us a bit of a glimpse as to what led to this? why was rudy giuliani outside of a landscaping company? >> you have to tune in the film. i don't want to give you spoilers but the film is tonight. today is national four seasons day. he was there giving the press conference in front of the garage door and he was you doing what he does best which is stir the pot, to create disorder. i think trump and the campaign
1:44 pm
thrived on chaos and just trying to get any attention they could and they did a really good job except the attention they drew to themselves was all premised on these allegations of voter fraud that didn't actually exist. >> mike, how did you find out that giuliani was at four seasons landscaping? are you doing landscaping or all merchandising or leveled out? >> we pretty much leveled out. we'll have one of the most busy snow seasons with the contracts picked up. we have merchandising up there for anybody who wants it. when it came to the whole notoriety of this we kind of just, you know, we ran with it but really didn't help coming the actual landscaping portion. it got the name out there.
1:45 pm
if you google us we are the number one searched land scaper on the web but other than that landscaping is picked up where it left off so -- >> christopher, we'll watch. michael, thank you for joining us. good luck in the seasons ahead. i don't know. trying to come up with thing just watch four seasons total documentary tonight 10:00 p.m. here on msnbc. despite the democrats' disappointment in virginia there were some historic moments for the party. we'll talk to the new mayor in cincinnati. >> my family went from being refugees to now the next mayor of cincinnati. we b t easier
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that we put him on the right medication and he came roaring back to live six more years. he was the sweetest pup. he would come up to you and rest his head in your lap. he would let the kids climb all over him. this is hard. he was the only lab i knew who couldn't figure out the swimming thing, but he sure as heck tried. and he often slept with his four legs in the air. he was so awkward. we love him so much. and he was our boy's favorite, their buddy. well miss him so much. and his brothers already do. but we go on today getting up, taking his brothers for a walk before a pack of three, now only two. i tell you all this to say we get our pets knowing this is an siren shlty, we outlive our dog, our cats over and over again. it is so tough. it is so painful. but with all of it, we remember just how much joy they bring us, how their squeezes heal us, how their warmth comforts us.
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welcome back. while democrats continue to
1:55 pm
digest some difficult defeats in virginia, they still have much to celebrate in cincinnati and boston. both cities made history last tuesday. when they elected their first asian-american mayors. both of whom, won on unabashedly progressive campaigns. our next guest says that his party still has a chance to change course and do the same in the midterms, as well. some opt histime, to say the least. joining me to discuss, aftab pureval, mayor elect of cincinnati. mayor elect pureval, thanks for joining us. we appreciate it. let me say, first, congratulations to your win of the i know there was a lot of people that thought you couldn't do it. even members of your own party telling "politico" this, that you could mount a successful campaign. they weren't sure that you could actually do that. what do you say now? >> well, what i say is thank you so much to the people of cincinnati for giving me this incredible opportunity to lead our city. i feel so humbled. and grateful but i also say that
1:56 pm
it's indicative of cincinnati being a place where, no matter what you look like, where you're from, or how much money you have, you can come and achieve your dreams and that is exactly what happened to me last tuesday. >> you are not the oechbl aapi member that shattered barriers. what can democrats learn from your campaigns? >> well, they should learn that aapis around the country can run and win anywhere. it's similar to what we saw in the 2020 election and now in 2021, we are the fastest-growing demographic in the country. and aapis are now just starting to understand our political power and our political influence. first, at the ballot box. but also, running for office. so incredibly proud of michelle wu and our campaigns and what it signifies because what i was growing up in the '80s and '90s, there wasn't really that many people, really none, who looked like me in public service. that is no longer true anymore.
1:57 pm
michelle and i standing on the shoulders of those who blazed the path for us, and i am so excited about the fact that there is a whole generation behind me of -- of -- of people who look like me who have passion for public service, who are not just happy to be here. but who are ready to lead. and it's on us, as democrats, to be intentional about recruiting that talent, engaging with the aapi community, in order to really leverage the influence that we have to start winning more local and national offices. >> i got to say, i can understand and empathize with -- with what you say and folks in leadership not necessarily looking like you. or any part of the region in which you want to work, not necessarily looking like you. i actually want to read a piece from koe "politico" talking about how people told you you were going to have to change your name. i started telling people, democrats i wanted to run for office. they said i would have to change my name or make some kind of
1:58 pm
other accommodation. they flat out told me to be a brown dude -- they flat out told be a brown dude named aftab cannot run and win. what did that feel like to you when you were told that? did that only kind of inspire you to want to win more? to run more? to get after it more? >> absolutely. absolutely. you know, my story is uniquely american. i'm the son of a refugee. my mom, um, is tibetan and grew up in a refugee camp in india. she made it to college against all odds. she met my father who is from india and the young couple got married and decided they wanted to come to the united states so my dad looked at a map of our great country and from sea to shining sea from new york to california, he could have gone anywhere and he chose beaver creek, ohio. so, my parents emigrated here in 1980. i was born a couple years later. i am half tibetan, half indian. i have a persian name. but i'm all ohio.
1:59 pm
born and raised. >> i know that. >> and that -- that's -- that's exactly the -- the -- the american dream. that's what -- that's what gives us our strength. but -- but to be honest, for brown, for ethnic, for -- for -- for folks who have an accent, who are aapi, running for office is just harder. it means you have to work harder. you have to raise machine money. you have to knock on more doors. the barrier into politics when you have an ethnic name is that much higher. so -- but -- but at a certain point, there is a tipping point where that political liability is a strength. so, those same people who told me, you know, aftab, you can't run because a brown guy named aftab can't win. those same people, now, are telling me, man, i can't run for office. my name is joe smith. how am i figure to stand out from the crowd? so these perceived political liabilities after very hard work can be turned into a strength. >> aftab pureval, again, congratulations. by the way, aftab meaning
2:00 pm
sunshine in farsi. congratulations as mayor elect of cincinnati, and thank you for joining us on this sunday. that wraps up for me everybody. i'm yasmin vossoughian. i will be back next saturday and sunday at 3:00 p.m. eastern. going to turn it now over to reverend al sharpton and "politicsnation." good evening, and welcome to "politicsnation." tonight's lead. a reason to believe. right now, i have to ask the obvious. what does it mean for black americans -- and by it, i mean the biden infrastructure framework which must now be implemented after the president signs it into law, of course. expected to happen early-this week. meanwhile, the second bill to upgrade our social infrastructure for coming challenges remains


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