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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  November 8, 2021 11:00pm-11:42pm PST

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committee mean to the former president, those around him, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle for that matter. the president hits the road after a big win, can he sell it to actual americans? our political experts are standing by tonight to weigh in on why the message really matters this time, and why it's really got to be right. all of it, as the 11th hour is just getting underway on this monday night beneath the rotors of marine one. of marine one.
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subpoenas, we are no more real congress than a court that can compel witnesses to testify in a case in that courtroom so, we are using all the tools that we have. the country deserves to know about every element of this plot. who was involved, how far long it went, and what we need to do, most importantly, to prevent this kind of attack on our democratic process in the future. >> for more on this new round of subpoenas from the january six committee, we are joined tonight by two friends of this product david plouffe former senior to the president and a b stoddard associate editor and columnist for real clear politics. good evening to you both. , a b how much did these subpoenas, does this one six investigation matter to actual americans?
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americans who are going to be called upon to vote in say, midterm elections, americans who are struggling with exactly how much it cost them to fill up their tank of gas right now? >> that is the question, brian. i think because of the results in last week's elections across the country, particularly in blue states where democrats saw staggering losses across the coalition, independents, asians, latinos, woman, all the people they need to hold on for next year, they are assessing the polling and just what it is that is motivating these voters. i have spoken to members of separate groups who have commissioned polling in the last six months and it threats immunity and there is no big deal right now. it doesn't mean that should the committee come off with a complete report with
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devastating findings about a coordinated plot, involving people at the highest level including the president, that that will not focus the minds of the voters that put democrats in power in 2018 -- and then president trump and helped biden win in 2020. we don't know what they will find, certainly trump and his allies, including the people who were subpoenaed today, we'll do everything they can to make sure they have time to run off the clock and they complete an investigation -- it's not possible. should it occur, it will change the calculation and it will be on every republican candidate every year depending on what they find to answer questions about the revelations that they will be asked whether or not they support whatever the narrative is coming up from president trump at that time. >> david, i want to continue in this vein by way of saying,
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fetish shies things. the republicans did with benghazi, even though mccarthy admitted it was a harassment vehicle, largely. the perfect phone call, democrats were convinced that when americans heard the truth, they would get this guy. they did not. democrats are convinced that running against trump still has an upside, even though they learned of the country in the commonwealth of virginia. how should we look at one six, especially year all in your party when at a time to buy gasoline, eggs, you need a mortgage broker? >> well, brian, this will sound like a west wing episode but, you kind of have to put the politics secondary here. we came this close to losing our democracy between november of the election year, and
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january six. adam schiff put it right, yes, we want to find out what happened and i agree with a b. once that gets aired, it will hold the accountability of this. maybe it is a deterrent so that january six 2025 we are not having this again. if this is all voters are, hearing it would be a mistake. we passed the infrastructure bill, there may be the build back better plan coming on its heels. democrats are going to have a lot to talk about then with taxes, being cut, helping you get health care, helping you take care of your children and your aging parents. that has to be mainstream in the main argument. i don't think you could take a dive on this, whatever the polls say. i think that's what the republicans are counting on. people lose interest, this isn't a win for democrats. you have to follow this whatever case, unless you can tell by the people reacting. this was not a bunch of people
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showing up, this was organized, it was well funded, donald trump was at the top of that ladder. many of his minions were working day and night, not just to have an event on january 6th, but to try to overturn the results. democrats have to be able to do both things which is get to the bottom of this, bring full accountability, and make sure it's a deterrent that never happens again. they also have to speak to people, you know, in their cars as they are driving to fill up their tank, going over the bills for the month. there is no question -- and listen, i have learned in politics. it's hard sometimes you get issues dropped in your lap, and you have core messages you want to pound. you can never forget that this election next year will be determined largely on the economy and joe biden's approval right. until the way -- things get better, we should see biden's numbers get into the high forties.
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>> a b do you on messaging. twitter is helping. is there any number that the democrats make 50 commercial spots? one for every state in the union with a laundry list of deliverables. customer service, telling folks what's coming for where they live. do you think the party has the means, the ability, the drive, to do something like that? >> well, they are flushed with the money, even though they're pulling things, and they are certainly reading the polls and as i said, the data coming out of the polls last week and the country was really focusing on where their liabilities are. they need to make a course correction and they need to really sell their agenda. the first bill that passed, and whatever comes out of the second bill when it passes,
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largely because they have seen polling, brian, that shows that americans do not appreciate, feel, remember, what they got out of the 1.9 trillion dollar rescue plan that was passed in the winter, early spring. that is a huge alarm bell for democrats, that in the height of this, before we were vaccinated, americans did not really appreciate and remember their 1400 dollar checks and everything else that came out of that. that is a warning sign for the build back better agenda when they pass it. etter agenda wthey better realle what's in it because there is a lot of money in that bill that will not be spent and felt anyway, from 23 to 24. the information will be critical when looking at the midterms elections next year. >> critically for, us both these guest will stay with us when i fit in a break. what's in stake for the white house as they prepared to sell all of this to the american
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people? when we come back. when we come back.
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cells itself. communities never needed to be persuaded by their bridge needed to be fixed, their ports need an, upgrade investment. they have been trying to get washington to catch up to them. i do think it's important for us to go out there, especially in communities where a member of congress or the senate plays
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an important role. as you know, numbers from both sides of the aisle play important roles in delivering this bipartisan win. i can't wait until i am out there celebrating the news. >> president biden is set to hit the road for his part on wednesday to do just that. he will be in baltimore to sell this infrastructure plan. stakes are high, with biden's poll numbers decidedly underwater in the midterms looming as we have been talking about. washington post puts it this way interesting final point there. thankfully still with us, david plouffe and a b stoddard. a.b. the only crueler thing i could ask you would be to explain trigonometry. does the first bill passing endangered the second bill
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passing, and what links them? when is it going to be voted on? >> we'll, if the passage of the first bill didn't threaten the passage of the second bill, it would not have been held hostage for three months. the president could have had a signing ceremony in august, with several republican senators who are supported this bill and instead, we're looking at the barrel of the week before thanksgiving at best. it could go later than that though. i do think there has been enough of a commitment from different factions of the democratic party, and the democratic caucus to each other and it will pass. we just don't know when. i think the problem for democrats, on messaging the second bill, you heard secretary buttigieg talking about the quote infrastructure bill being very popular, with 70% of americans favoring.
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it they promised a lot of programs that will not attempt in the final bill. the people will be extra confused about what's in, it dual nazi projects in their communities. they drive down the road, that will be a steep challenge on messaging, is to make sure they hone in on the benefits of the build back better act once they get it passed. >> we have got that to look forward to. david, i want to read you this from the washington post about the current democratic party. the party of 2021 often functions more like a collection of smaller tribes spending an ideological spectrum from socialism to centrism. as a result, when voters and politicians are asked to define what it means to be a democrat, the answers are often as varied as the diverse constituency and coalitions that make up the party. i know that the speaker of the house is fond of pointing out wherever cameras are present, the diversity of our caucus,
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and the nature of being a democrat especially in the house of representatives, david. sooner or later though, desist bother you? sooner or later will be ball game for the democratic party here. >> brian, i would rather have this problem and challenge then a smaller, more cohesive party that is a minority party. so, with majorities, it comes a challenge. once the build back better bill passes, i think for the most part, the big legislative -- of joe biden's first years will be. down democrats need to spend the next year doing not just storytelling, and that is important, but as projects are actually on the ground, the reality is important. people do not feel it in their own lives, no matter what you say, it's hard to press that through. the most important people in 2022 of course are gonna be the candidates who are running in the swing senate districts. there is no doubt, listen. we had an election in a lot of
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places last week, not just virginia and new jersey, and it was a place for democrats as well, but for the most part, it was the ten alarm bell fire. there are rule areas where glenn can got the kind of margins that vladimir putin gets in russia. okay? you can't be losing rule counties to -- in 90 ten, we have to get back to 20, 35%. we saw some big shifts vertically along love -- college voters. we saw them speak about this saying people get a benefit from the infrastructure bill, in college. people working with their hands who will rebuild this country. that super important. based voters, by the way, i think it will still be challenging. they have to communicate with the people who brought them there. we deliver.icate and that is important to keep them enthused. we will turn to swing voters. coming out next week, the democrats have -- this time, 51 weeks from now,
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joe biden's approval ratings were in the high forties to low fifties because the economy continues to strengthen and more so, for the most, part we are done with covid. democrats have shown they can get big things done. democrats will be in better shape. a year's a long time in politics, didn't used to be, but the warning signs coming out of last week's elections are profound. the worst thing you can do when you are behind at halftime in sports or politics, is suggest you are not behind. the republicans have been pretty clear about what they thought happened in that race, and i would study very carefully what they are saying. it doesn't mean they are right about everything. but i always believe what your opponent is willing to say, why they thought you, lost you should pay careful attention to that. great thanks to our friends david plouffe, and a.b. stoddard for hanging out with us tonight and taking our questions. greatly appreciate it. guys coming up for us, an infectious disease expert is here to tell us how the anti-vaccine movement is sadly now impacting the acceptance of
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other vaccines as well. suppose it was inevitable. was inevitable.
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things are going in the right direction with the diminish in of cases, hospitalization and deaths. the steepness of the deflection is not as good as it was, let's say a month or so ago. we have about 60 plus million people in the country who are eligible for vaccination, who have not yet been vaccinated. >> let's call the future of covid, uncertain. new york times column is david lean hard has noticed a troubling trend, he writes this, quote, the gap in covid's death toll between red and blue america has grown faster over the past month more than every previous point. the immunity from vaccination appears to be much stronger than immunity from infection. which means that conservative americans will probably continue to suffer an outsized amount of unnecessary illness
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and death. indeed, to put a finer point out of the death toll in some red trump counties is over three times higher than blue counties where vaccination rates are higher. with more, we are so happy to have back with us tonight, doctor nahid bhadelia, infectious disease and chief white house correspondent for the new york times and msnbc analyst. doctor i said before the break. this was probably inevitable. no less heartbreaking. talk about this contagion of the anti vax community. and how it is not stopping at just the covid vaccine. >> ryan, i think that we have seen increasing anti-vax even before the covid been damaged. in fact, w.h.o. ranked vaccine hesitancy as a top ten issue globally. there was a 50% increase in measles cases. we have basically controlled measles in 2000 and right before the pandemic we had the
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most cases of that the season. what's happened, during this pandemic, one, this potential hesitancy and politicize a shun of the covid vaccine has created more space for many other anti-vaccine advocate. but what you are also seeing is an increasing in identification of your political ideology with vaccination is actually eroding support for other child vaccinations. there is a government poll just last week that showed that over the last year the support among republicans 14 childhood vaccinations requirement, brought from 59% last august to 46%. that is less than half. this year, that is worrisome. because we are also looking at a global picture where there have been massive destructions in childhood vaccinations because of the pandemic itself. in fact, globally 23 million kids have missed their vaccination. so we are walking into some dangerous walkers for other infectious diseases as well. >> doctor, as you remember,
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trump gave anemone distraction for the malpractice that was going on here at the start and the height of the pandemic. china is back in the news. this is financial times. china's efforts to eliminate covid-19 are coming under increasing pressure, with officials warning of a grave challenge in the months ahead. the current wave of cases has reached the majority of the country's 31 provinces, in the broadest outbreaks since the early days of covid-19 pandemic last year. they go on to say, doctor, china on a per capita basis, is the most vaccinated nation on earth. it is also the largest percentage of humanity in one country. are we looking at the possibility that we're grows in china could come to the rest of the world, variance included? >> i think that china has been the most draconian in terms of its containment effort.
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i think their efforts have been successful but those are not efforts that could've been carried out anywhere else. within the nation, travel restrictions, massive lockdown suddenly, massive testing -- and separately, economically, what you are seeing with this delta wave is really knocking at the door. what you're seeing in russia as well, is a major outbreak. it is coming up against potentially a population where the disease hasn't gone through as much. the delta wave hasn't effected that as much, and that is speaking through. but even though they are vaccinated, the other concern is that the two major vaccines used in china our inactivated virus vaccines. they don't have the same amount of antibody response. particularly in older patients, they may not be protected by severe diseases. the thing that is alarming, china's vaccines have of the 7.3 doses globally how are actually grown in -- so if there is some immunity from these vaccines in china, we have to look at other countries that were heavily vaccinated with those vaccines
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as well. >> one of these nights, i promise, nothing but good news. we will get there. doctor nahid bhadelia will be with us when we do that. our thanks for taking our questions here tonight as always. coming up for us, we were just talking about no fly rules, we'll, coming up a look at some of the emotional reunions today now that the vaccinated people are finally allowed to fly into our countries. our countries.
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hopes and dreams of people all over the world who have put off seeing that new grandchild, perhaps seeing an ailing loved one in person. because they weren't allowed to fly here. during the height of the pandemic. well today, finally, the u.s. reopened its borders to fully vaccinated foreign visitors from dozens of countries. and we get our report tonight from nbc news correspondent tom
11:34 pm
costello. >> oh my god -- >> at the airport, hugs, tears, and laughter as americans reunited with family and friends. a two year wait for mark in london. >> now it's a christmas election box, it's a thing that english people. get >> who spent the weekend packing to see her sister in connecticut. >> absolutely been the most hardest thing that i have. done i miss my sister so month, their children, and her husband. it has been devastating. >> it was january 2020 when president trump shut down most flights from china to contain covid. the travel ban than quickly expended. but with vaccination rates rising, the white house today reopened u.s. borders to nationals from 33 countries. >> but to travel to the u.s., most adult travelers must provide proof to the airlines that they are fully vaccinated. and provide a negative covid test, take it within three days of departure. starting earlier this morning, heavy traffic at both the
11:35 pm
canadian and mexican border,'s vaccine requires, but no tests. overseas today, airlines reported mostly full flights to the u.s.. >> we have seen searches reach 340%, which is absolutely massive. >> reports the most in demand u.s. destinations for foreigners, new york, miami, and los angeles. domestic airline ticket prices are expected to move higher in the weeks, and months ahead. at jfk airport, this afternoon, mark and jill chambers finally reunited with their american families. >> i just kept crying on the plane because i knew i was going to see my sister. and it has been absolutely overwhelming. a world win for a week. and they're here now -- >> -- i love you so much >> happiness replacing heartache. as america reopens to the world. >> tom costello, nbc news, and denver international airport. >> i am debunk to say that montage, there at the end, reminds us that love actually
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is all around. when we come right back, a unique way of remembering what happened on the 6th of january. n the 6th of january
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morning with america's mayor. don't miss your chance to own a piece of mega history. may not represent actual history. >> our thanks, to realtime with bill maher for that bit of one six creativity from their show this past friday night, and that is our broadcast. for this monday evening, as we start a new week together, with our thanks, for being here with us. on behalf of all our colleagues at the networks, of nbc news, goodnight. tonight on all in. >> six new subpoenas from the select committee investigating january six, tonight, what we know about what the committee wants with michael flynn, bernard kerik, john eastman, and more. plus, why hasn't the justice department moved on to steve bannon yet? a new reporting on the right wing playbook drawn up in advance of the insurrection. >> all we are demanding of vice
11:42 pm
president pence is this afternoon at 1:00, he let the legislatures of the state look into this. plus, the grim reality of the partisan toll, covid continues to take on america. and the former president, addresses the world in glasgow. >> some of our progress stalled when, my successor decided to unilaterally pull out of the paris agreement in his first year in office. i w


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