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tv   Stephanie Ruhle Reports  MSNBC  November 11, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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t'get on our way. a mountain of toys to fulfill many wishes. must be carried across all roads and all bridges. and when everyone is smiling and having their fun i can turn my sleigh north because my job here is done. it's not magic that makes more holiday deliveries to homes in the us than anyone else, it's the hardworking people of the united states postal service. hi there. i'm stephanie ruhle live at msnbc headquarters here in new york city. it is thursday, november 11th, and here are all the things we're watching on this veterans day. any minute now a ceremony will begin at arlington national cemetery on the first veterans day in more than two decades that we as a nation are not at war. president biden set to speak
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there later this morning. we've been keeping an eye on kenosha, wisconsin. plus, the first batch of documents that former president trump has been trying to shield after a federal judge again rejecteded his request. but we have got to start with the kyle rittenhouse trial set to resume, as i said, just a few moments from now after a dramatic day of testimony from the defendant himself. the 18-year-old saying he akact in self-defense when he fatally shot two people and injured a third during social protests in kenosha in august of 2020. as an extremely heated exchange between the prosecutor and the judge over the prosecution's line of questioning, the judge even yelling at one point with the possibility now looming of a possible mistrial. gabe gutierrez is live at the
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courthouse. and, gabe, bring us up to speed where everything is. >> reporter: hi, stephanie, good morning from a very windy and rainy kenosha. more defense witnesses are expected after that wild day. the defendant sobbing, the judge yelling and, yes, the defense now asking for a mistrial. >> do you swear the testimony -- >> reporter: this morning kyle rittenhouse's attorney is requesting a mistrial with prejudice in the closely watched case after clashes between the judge and the prosecution. that would mean rittenhouse could not be tried again. the request came after he first took the witness stand breaking down as he described the tense moments last summer when he opened fire, shooting and killing two men and wounding another. >> that's when i --
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that's when -- >> reporter: the judge calling a short break. rittenhouse's mother in the courtroom sobbing. the dramatic day of testimony coming as the now 18-year-old faces six charges including intentional homicide. stemming from last year's protests in kenosha, wisconsin, following the police shooting of jacob blake. >> i didn't do anything wrong. i defended myself. >> reporter: rittenhouse describing how he had come to kenosha to provide medical aid and protect property from rioters and how the first man he shot, joseph rosenbaum, had chased him. >> i didn't notice mr. rosenbaum until he came out from behind the car and ambushed me. >> reporter: the prosecution with aggressive cross-examination suggesting that rittenhouse had no business in kenosha with a military style weapon. >> everybody that up shot at that night, you intended to kill, correct? >> i didn't intend to kill them. i intended to stop the people who were attacking me. >> by killing them? >> i did what i had to do to
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stop the person who was attacking me. >> you should have come -- >> reporter: with the jury out of the room, the judge lashed out at the prosecutor over his line of questioning. >> i was astonished when you began your examination by commenting on the defendant's post arrest silence. that's basic law. it's been basic law in this country for 40 years, 50 years. don't get brazen with me. >> reporter: the judge also accusing him of improperly trying to introduce testimony that he had earlier prohibited. >> when the judge says i'm excluding this, you just take it upon yourself to put it in because you think that you found a way around it? come on! >> reporter: stephanie, it's not uncommon for a judge to get upset perhaps behind closed doors, but it's entirely different thing with cameras rolling. again, the jury was out of the room. now the judge has not yet ruled on the defense's motion for a mistrial. again, we're expecting more
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defense witnesses today, and we could see closing arguments early next week. >> all right, that's exactly what i want to ask you about. i'm watching the trial. i'm hearing a man's voice unloading, and i'm assuming it's the defense attorney objecting but, no, it was the judge. can you explain to us how unusual that is? >> honestly, any trial attorney will tell you a judge yelling at an attorney, especially a trial attorney, is very frequent. it is very common. if you haven't been yelled at by a judge, you probably haven't tried a lot of cases. that is why mr. binger stayed composed. he is probably used to this. one thing to take away from this admonishment, although in criminal trials, mistrial requests are frequent, mistrial requests where the judge kind of acknowledges that he believes that the prosecutor acted in bad faith is rare, and that can be really bad for the prosecution because if the defense is able
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to show, one, that the prosecution acted in bad faith for willful misconduct and prejudices the defendant, that mistrial will be granted with prejudice, and the prosecution will be precluded from retrying kyle rittenhouse. that means he'll walk free without even being heard on whether or not he was guilty or innocent. >> okay then. back this up for us, charles. it's the judge. it's the judge who is clearly very unhappy with the prosecution. the judge is the one who decides if it's a mistrial, and if it is, that's when rittenhouse walks? >> that would be correct. if, after the defense's motion for a mistrial the judge were to decide there has been so much prejudice caused by the bad faith actions of the prosecutor, the judge could then, in fact, grant the mistrial, grant the mistrial with prejudice, in which case double jeopardy would be attached and he could not be retried by the prosecution. i do not think the judge wants to do this.
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i think at the end of the day the judge would like to give this case to the jury and let them decide. if the judge were to do this given the amount of scrutiny he's already been under because of his rulings so far, i think this would just worsen it. ultimately i don't think the judge is going to grant the mistrial. but kudos to the defense because that's what they're supposed to do. we may not necessarily like it, but you're going to miss 100% of the shots you don't take and with an opening like that, it was a shrewd move but it is legal gamesmanship the defense made that motion. >> the jury was not in the room when that happened. they were in the room, however, when kyle rittenhouse testified. kristen, it doesn't matter whether people like this young man, hate this young man, did he do enough to help himself? was it a good move to testify? >> honestly, the prosecution has a really challenging case.
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in this case i don't know that it was necessary for kyle rittenhouse to even take the stand because i thought that the case was weak, and i think that, again, with the prosecutor's very heavy burden, they probably could have still ended up with an acquittal without kyle rittenhouse taking the stand. however, he was very rehearsed, well coached. he came off like a boy scout. that undermined the narrative avenues cold-blooded killer who came there just to kill people. however, the prosecutor did make some really good points on cross-examination that i think really did hurt the defense. again, though, with the prosecutor's heavy burden it is going to be a challenging case and he really could walk off with an acquittal. >> forgive me, i'm a mere civilian, charles, why is it such a challenging case for the prosecution? he shot and killed two people and injured a third with an ar-15 style weapon that he was carrying and wasn't april loud to carry legally.
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he's 17 years old. why is it such a hard case? >> sure, stephanie. you're not the only one scratching their head about this. one of the things we have to remember is that with regard to the self-defense instruction the defense is going to be pleading and looking for, that is going to essentially put squarely into view not only the frame of mind of kyle rittenhouse but also the actions that preceded when he pulled that trigger. so what we're talking about is a very chaotic scene where the prosecution has already put on witnesses, each of whom in many cases did something to help the prosecution but also did something to hurt the prosecution. we heard testimony from a witness who talk about the fact they, themselves, were armed and they, themselves, were waving a gun at kyle rittenhouse, and they acknowledged that. and that was one of the things kyle rittenhouse talked about when he was on the stand and testified. and soap there's been a corroboration of kyle rittenhouse's accounts of events. that is not helping the
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prosecution. so ultimately when you talk about the self-defense instruction that the jury is going to get in this case, it is about did kyle rittenhouse go there with the intention of killing these people or taking the actions that he did? while it may seem common sense to us, proving that beyond a reasonable doubt, given all the other factors that we've seen, the chaotic scene, there were other people armed there, the fact kyle rittenhouse was actually approached by other individuals and they acknowledged getting into a confrontation with kyle rittenhouse, all of those things are only buttressing their defense and making this case harder to prove for the prosecution. >> all right then. charles, kristen, gabe, thank you. we will be watching that trial when it resumes within the next couple of hours. but as we speak president biden is with members of the military community. then he'll be heading to arlington national cemetery to mark veterans day by laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier.
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afghan war veteran matt zoeller has been working to get u.s. allies out of afghanistan over the last few months. courtney, this is the first veterans day in 20 years that we have not been at war. i know you as somebody who covers the pentagon, covers the military, it has to be on your mind. it's certainly on the president's mind as well. >> absolutely right. there's really two very significant things this year that are going on. right now as we speak at arlington cemetery just across the road from where i'm standing, one is, as you mentioned, this is the first time the u.s. is not engaged in an active conflict. that's not to say there aren't members of the u.s. military in dangerous environments and in hostile environments right now. that is still the case. there are u.s. troops in iraq, in syria. there are troops who go in and out of yemen, soldiers and service members in somalia. they are certainly still in harm's way. as far as being in an active conflict for the first time since 2001, we do not have that
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this veterans day. a second thing we are watching going on right now at arlington cemetery is the 100th anniversary of the tomb of the unknown soldier and in recognition of that anniversary we are seeing a tremendous pageantry going on right now. overhead there's aircraft flying by, joint service flyovers which is u.s. army helicopters, marine hornets, which are jets, an enormous c-130 aircraft that will fly over in just a little bit. and then, of course, marine ospreys. a number of flyovers. but in addition to that we're also seeing a huge military parade go on right now. a tremendous amount of pageantry at arlington national cemetery, steph. >> sadly, there are a lot of americans who last year, the year before, six years ago, may not have even realized we were at war. obviously we were. how do you feel today considering the withdrawal from afghanistan a few months ago?
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>> i feel broken. a generation of veterans who are suffering a deep moral injury and they are injuries of the soul, right? we have left behind our brothers and sisters in combat. i know that for most americans look at me, oh, that's the veteran, but to those of house served with these afghans, they are also our fellow veterans and we feel as if members have been left behind. the last 90 days trying to get people out of afghanistan. >> give us an update. how many of our allies and residents are still stuck there? what are you working on? >> there's 185,000 people who have been left behind. the reality is that most of them don't have a means of getting out and so what we're desperately trying to do is
6:14 am
bring awareness veterans will not let this issue go. this is something we're going to hold on to until the mission is complete. for us mission complete means everyone comes home. additionally we need to convey to the taliban there is a deal to be made. they understand that winter is coming. starvation and exposure. more people will because of the coming winter. a lot of people don't realize for the last 20 years america has fed and fueled afghanistan. we need to continue to do that at least through this coming winter. i think there's a deal to be made here. our food and fuel in exchange to get our people out, we could literally fly filled with food and fuel and leave with them filled with people. >> but when you say the job isn't done until we bring all of
6:15 am
our people home, for those 185,000 people is home the united states? >> it is now. it can't be -- it can't be in afghanistan. they would prefer, i'm sure, to remain in afghanistan, which has always been their home. the taliban are hundreding people down. i begin looking at videos that come out of the country daily that show the retribution. people are being hung from cranes and paraded. being hung from cranes because the taliban are trying to show the afghan public this is the punishment for anyone who worked against them. they're not going to let us. this is a dictate from god. they have to hunt these people down. they're very transactional.
6:16 am
i hope they understand that veterans on this day are not celebrating, we're hurting. >> matt, thank you for joining us. courtney, thank you for your reporting. we're going to think about it going into break for sure. the white house says the infrastructure bill will create millions of jobs. i have a question, who is going to fill those jobs? we have a million open and no one is taking them. a look at arlington national cemetery where we are honoring those who served and paid the ultimate sacrifice. ♪ ♪ there are beautiful ideas that remain in the dark. but with our new multi-cloud experience,
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right now we're watching the white house where president biden will sign his hard infrastructure bill. he just went to the port of baltimore to promote it yesterday. but on top of all of that he still needs to get his democrats only human infrastructure bill across the finish like. wes moore is a democrat running for governor of maryland. democratic massachusetts congressman, and we should note both of them are veterans who served in safes. wes, biden talked about what needs to get down in your hometown of baltimore. he said it's about infrastructure projects that will create thousands and thousands of jobs.
6:21 am
who will fill those jobs? we already have a huge labor shortage. >> the great thing about this initiative and the fact this is a bipartisan initiative, talking about 13 republican house voters who actually voted for his bill who will face intense backlash because of it, highlighting the fact we are at this fundamental tipping point where this gives us a chance to rethink how to work going forward. >> yes, but please answer the question. >> i think the answer is this, you are right. this gives us a chance to not just build the infrastructure but restructure education as a whole. what are we doing to make sure jobs, whether it's trade jobs, jobs in community colleges and training people for the jobs of the future. we're talking about $4.1 million for improving highways. public transportation, $844
6:22 am
million for ensuring clean drinking water. if we cannot do this work you cannot talk about building out infrastructure if things like clean drinking water remain an issue. we have people ready to do the work. we need to make sure that work can get done. >> congressman, this infrastructure bill, to wes' point, will do so many important things that will help us in the long term. what people are panicking over, it's about to get really cold in massachusetts and heating bills will be really high. >> good morning, stephanie, good morning, wes. this infrastructure bill makes investments in our supply change. a lot of inflation is a repercussion of the pandemic and
6:23 am
specifically the fact that people have rebalanced spending towards goods. 9 supply chain is shipping in more now. the balances towards goods is so extreme supply can't keep up with demand. if we can fully put this pandemic behind us as people can spend to in-person services again we'll see that inflation cool off. >> what is your message to voters? republicans will have a field day when it comes to this inflation thing. we have a crime issue. we're dealing with gender inequality issues. what is the democratic message? >> that in 2022 we'll put the pandemic behind us and have a strong economy ahead of us. when you tour the district i see work ethic, talent, ambition.
6:24 am
we can outcompete the chinese communist party in the 21st century. we need the water, transportation, high-speed internet, infrastructure and this bill helps do that. it's not about short-term approval ratings or the midterms. >> i want to talk about afghanistan. this is the first veterans day. we are not at war in 20 years. i spoke to a veteran and he described how he's feeling on this important day. he said he feels broken. how do you feel? >> we find ourselves in a situation where this is a very meaningful day for us. when people say thank you for your service we want that to mean something.
6:25 am
we don't have a full understanding of what veterans are going through. when you think veterans make up about 8% of the u.s. population but account for about 14% of suicides inside this country. when you look at an under employment challenge, a challenge when it comes to service delivery and these are long-standing and historic persistent issues related to our ability to be able to process disability claims for veterans. these are things going on and going on for a long time. i think what veterans are looking for is generational change and they're looking for society when we talk about thanking people for their service. >> actually do something about it. congressman, how about you. >> i'm thinking of them and what that war meant for this country. my grandfathers came from very
6:26 am
different backgrounds. one was the son of refugees. others grew up well to do. they both put on the uniform in world war ii, one as a surgeon and one as a marine. they put their lives on hold, at risk. it was a unifying moment. to feel that sense of common purpose yet again and veterans engaging in elective service is a key component of that. we have the muscle memory what have it feels like to put country first. we need to learn in now. >> i do thank you both for this service. thank you for joining thus morning. you definitely made us smarter. congressman, thanks again. coming up, another blow to former president trump as he tries to block documents to the january 6 committee and the public, so what doesn't he want us to see?
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developing overnight for the second time this week a federal judge denied former president trump's request to block documents from the house january 6 committee. it comes one day before the national archives is set to turn over trump's records to the committee.
6:31 am
let's dig deeper and bring in former u.s. attorney joyce vance and nbc washington investigative reporter scott macfarlane and pbs newshour correspondent and host, of course, of "washington week." trump still has time to file another appeal before these things get released. his jam is to run the clock. how long can he do that? do you think we will see these things? >> you know, i suspect we will, stephanie. the default is that national archives will release the first tranche of documents including phone logs and perhaps mark meadows' notes on friday if the court doesn't act to prevent them from doing it. trump's logical step is to prevent the corporate's order that archives release those documents to keep that from going into effect. they may decide to issue a short temporary stay while they
6:32 am
resolve the issues. the district court order here is definitive. there's little reason to believe that the former president is entitled to an injunction, and so i'm cautiously optimistic the house select committee will have these documents in its hands in pretty short order. >> yemiche, are these physical pieces of paper that the national archives will be turning over, are they emails? because the head scratcher for me is donald trump is not a person who writes emails or even signs his name to much. >> when you look at what the national archives is being requested to provide, it's photographs, it's videos, it's all communications between april 1, 2020, and january 20, 2021. this is going to be a lot of paperwork. i'm not sure if it will be digital or handed over physically. the point is it will be reams and reams of information. yes, it's true the form earp president didn't use computers, which even saying it out loud
6:33 am
now is in some ways remarkable, but what you have still are a lot of communications going back and forth between the white house and people outside the white house and information related to the planning of this. >> couldn't that end up proving to be that he's dumb like a fox, that we laugh saying we had a president of the united states who didn't use computers, but that could be the way he gets himself out of anything, that he can say not mine, didn't know, didn't see it. he has no problem turning on people. >> well, the issue is the people around him were still using computers, the people around him were still taking notes, were still taking documents, were still writing memos about what they wanted to do. look no farther than john eastman who wrote a two-page memo trying to convince former vice president pence to overthrow a u.s. election. even if the president himself isn't writing emails the people around him are taking into consideration all the things that he's saying and they're taking notes because, let's remember, some of the people around president trump, while they wanted to give him what
6:34 am
they wanted, they were nervous they were being pulled into an illegal overthrowing of the u.s. government. they were in some ways documenting the things happening. that's why we see these books, people laying out what was going on what the president was saying at the time. it's very interesting what is in these documents. it's too early to say the president not using a computer, whether that helps him here. he was still talking to so many people around. we watched what he was doing about this election, about the rally and the march. i'm not quite sure that it would exonerate him that he isn't using digital communications in the way most of us do. >> it will be good to see what's in there. scott, a new jersey man got the harshest sentence yet for storming the capitol after he assaulted a police officer. what does this mean for the investigation at large? what was his sentence? >> 41 months in federal prison, stephanie.
6:35 am
if other january 6 defendants were trying to read tea leaves in that, they should not like what they're reading for a few reasons. the judge gave the feds pretty much what they wanted but the judge almost congratulated him saying there isn't a jury in america that would have acquitted you, and then he warned the other nearly 200, by my count, defendants accused of assaulting police, if they come to court they're not likely to get 41 months but far higher. >> there's a rioter that's got a lot of media attention. the so-called qanon shaman. can you explain this to me? >> the feds want to give him 51 months, between four and five years. his defense lawyer says his getup that day is so discontinuingive that he is to
6:36 am
january 6 what the swoosh is to nike. that's what his defense lawyer says, that he has some mental health concerns, was not trying to be violent that day. he wants leniency. we'll find out wednesday if this distinctive defendant gets leniency from the judge. >> that's a head scratcher for me. thank you all so much. we'll have you back on to discuss soon. we have to turn now to another story that is sounding a serious alarm in washington a. new bulletin from the department of homeland security says domestic extremists are now threatening violence against congress and schools and health officials. ken dilanian has been digging into this. what is going on? >> reporter: the top line in the new bulletin is the violent rhetoric rocking around the dark corners of the internet before the january 6th insurrection has only gotten worse. dhs found they called for violence against elected
6:37 am
officials, police officers, public health officials and schoolworkers. intelligence official told me former president trump's false claims that the 2020 election was stolen from him are continuing to stoke threats of violence as are vaccine mandates and covid restrictions. the bulletin says the rapid success celebrates what they perceive to be a victory and they use that to encourage violence by their followers against u.s. targets. the resettlement of afghan refugees. the other part of this bulletin, steph, that jumped out at me was a line about domestic extremists sharing bomb making knowledge online. i was doing reporting about the threat from homemade bombs right now and i learned there were 428 bombing incidents in the u.s. up 71% from the year before. so law enforcement agencies are deeply concerned about the combination of angry extremists
6:38 am
and the threat from homemade bombs, stephanie. >> we will stay on this. coming up a year ago we did not have a vaccine. now 200 million americans are vaccinated. a year ago our restaurants were shutting down, laying off their employees. today you can't get a reservation, and they can't get enough workers. how is all of this connected to the higher prices we are paying on almost everything? along with veterans today is 11/11. that means it is a day to recharge, reset, regroup, take a deep breath. we all need to do it. ordinary tissues burn when theo blows. so dad bought puffs plus lotion, and rescued his nose. with up to 50% more lotion puffs bring soothing softness and relief. a nose in need
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now to the price you pay. costs are going up everywhere
6:43 am
from the grocery store to the gas station. now the biden administration is trying to figure out how to respond to concerns about those prices while still promoting the overall strength of this economic recovery. i want to bring in nbc senior economics reporter steve liesman, jason fuhrman served as chairman of the president obama's council of economic advisers and heidi heitkamp, co-founder of the one country project which focuses on the needs of rural voters. steve, the fact the recovery has led to inflation is not a surprise, right? this is not inflation in isolation. it is all part of the economic recovery and the recovery is going well. but at this point prices are bad. they're getting worse. the administration, what can they really do? >> you know, not a whole lot at the moment, i don't think. i kind of -- i don't laugh but i
6:44 am
think it's amusing to think the infrastructure bill they're touting as something that will cure inflation, not now, but down the road perhaps. i don't think there's a bridge that can be built in the next six months that will have any impact on today's inflation. i think they have to wait this out. i think there's something of a concern here about what's happening with energy and oil production in this country. certainly more oil production in america would help the situation though, of course, opec is also cutting back. i don't know how much they can do. they're going to have to wait this out. if i were to look for any near term reaction i would think more with the federal reserve than the administration. one thing jason might say, not to take words out of his mouth, is not do any additional spending when it comes to the fiscal side. >> okay, jason, steve might not, but i am going to laugh at this idea that the infrastructure bill will help with inflation. all it will do is create more jobs. we don't have enough people to
6:45 am
fill our current jobs and this argument there will be jobs at higher wages, higher wages are one of the contributing factors to inflation. >> look, you want to distinguish between two types of spending. one is sending everyone in the country checks at a time we couldn't make quite enough for all of those people who got the checks, and i think that has contributed to the price increases we've seen. the second is what they're doing in the infrastructure bill and in the legislation related to families and climate change. that money spread out over time, a lot of it's paid for. some of it will increase the productive capacity and the fed has more than enough time to offset it. >> okay, okay. >> is it a good idea? i think it mostly is a good idea. they should pass it. >> but, jason, what does the administration do right now? you could say, listen, inflation isn't that big a deal. america is flush with cash. we have stimulus checks.
6:46 am
we've expanded unemployment. we're doing okay. that's not going to matter come the midterms. every person out there is talking about gas prices, their heating bill and what it costs at the grocery store. what can they do? >> i think inflation is too high. i think inflation is a problem. our economic system it's the federal reserve that is tasked with inflation. they need to be shifting their policy and starting to tell us what they're doing now that inflation is still high even before we've reached maximum employment. i would love to see tariffs dropped on china that would help, too. mostly this is a matter of waiting for the federal reserve. >> heidi, take us to congress. how does this inflation impact the democrats' agenda? does it hurt the human infrastructure bill at least for the time being? >> i think everybody right now is kind of scrambling because the customer is always right, voters are concerned about inflation. they realize that inflation is cutting into their paycheck even
6:47 am
though their paycheck is bigger. all this long-term strategy isn't going to work. it's not going to work for people in cycles. the first is to open up the strategic oil reserve. they need to get oil prices down. that's contrary to the green message of stopping oil production in this country. and so they're going to have to bite the bullet and realize that a lot of this that's squeezing middle class families are energy prices and moderates and modulates the prices. if i were in congress that's what i would be saying. quit looking to some long-term thing. you have to deal with it today because today's politics are bad on inflation for democrats. >> steve, nobody likes to pay higher prices. one dirty little secret is that people are doing it in droves. we have record household savings, retail demand is through the roof, holiday spending is likely going to break records. why should we expect prices to
6:48 am
slow when people are lining up to pay them? >> you know, stephanie, i hope people realize how sophisticated your question is. when you ask the economics professors what they will say is that is one of the longer term breaks on inflation when people stop paying the price, start to substitute out for other things. what they teach you in economics class is meat is too high, you go for chicken. chicken is too high, you go for fish. that's part of the process that happens. another thing that happens, stephanie, as you know, people will start businesses that will hopefully compete down excess profits that may be out there, yeah, that's part of the process. consumers are paying it now, and so that's not a break at the moment and the thinking is they have all this money in their pocket from the stimulus.
6:49 am
as that runs down, people will start to make the choices that you're talking about, and that over time has an effect i have bringing down inflation. >> yeah, it's a supply chain issue why people can't get dishwashers, another reason people have the money to renovate their kitchens. republicans are clearly having a field day with this. this is like mitch mcconnell's wildest dream. they're going to own this whole economic message despite the fact the economy is doing well. we keep forgetting that a year ago this country was shut down. restaurants were laying off workers, and now they can't even book enough holiday parties because there's so much demand. how can democrats start to take control of what really should be a winning message for them? >> well, they can't wait any longer. i mean, they've been sitting around saying, look, we're doing so well. they don't tell the public they're doing well. you need to get out there. you need to talk about why we have this problem. workforce, when you talk about build back better, getting women
6:50 am
back into the workforce, stech any, you know this, many women left and they said, look, i'm working to pay my daycare bill. let's get daycare under control, people back into the workforce, immigration reform so we can grow economy by growing our population, and so there are so many sophisticated ways you can do this but the message has to be simple. the first thing you say is you're hurting, we're listening and this is what we do to reduce cost so you enjoy a higher paycheck and better quality of living. >> heidi, you are speaking some truths today. steve, you called me sophisticated, jason, i have to say you're my least favorite guest, given what the two of them just offered me. there's always another time. i will see you soon. when i get called sophisticated that's a win. thank you. we'll leave it there. why the investigation into the deadly astroworld could take
6:51 am
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motrin works fast to stop pain where it starts. like those nagging headaches. uncomfortable period pains. and disruptive muscle aches. you can count on fast, effective relief with motrin. we're revealing new details this morning about the deadly crowd surge at the travis scott concert in houston, texas. the police chief holding a news conference late yesterday trying to clarify what they know so far about the chaos that took the lives of eight people with the investigation expected to take months.
6:55 am
shaquille brewster is in houston. what more is the police chief saying? is the story changing? >> reporter: he's saying investigators are going through hours and hours of video, still collecting witness statements, as they try to establish a time line to determine exactly what happened. stephanie, i asked the police chief yesterday if anyone in his department had the abilitior the authority to end this show at that concert and he didn't answer that directly but he put the ultimate authority on the entertainer and the production staff. now travis scott, through members of his team, continue to say he was unaware of the scale of the tragedy that was unfolding at his event and the police chief said the actions of the police department and officers there will also be in focus in this investigation. i want to you listen to a little bit more of what he had to say directly. >> we're going to hold people accountable and i think that the family we owe that to them, and people have to understand that's why we're moving with this
6:56 am
investigation anding to the best job that we can do on it. we owe it to the city, to our nation and we need to learn lessons from this. >> reporter: the chief did walk back an initial report that we heard in the hours after the tragedy. he said that there was a security guard that claimed he was injected in the neck with some drugs and passed out. he said instead, the security guard was struck in the head and passed out, and clarified that was a report that wasn't accurate. he also says that there are two people still in the hospital right now in critical condition. those families are asking for prayers as they remain in critical condition and they hope that this tragedy doesn't expand beyond what it already has. stephanie? >> shaq brewster, thank you. coming up, our hero of the day, a special group helping veterans heal, when they return home from service, on this veterans day. people, with quickbooks live someone else will do your books for you.
6:57 am
they'll even pair you with an expert bookkeeper like me, who knows your business. knows... your... business! expert bookkeepers who understand your business. intuit quickbooks live bookkeeping.
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6:59 am
this morning we take a moment to honor those who served to thank them for their service and dedication. our own kerry sanders introduces us to our hero of the day, a very special group in florida helping veterans who returned home facing struggles with mental health. >> reporter: semper fi rescues pooches from shelters and after months and months of training the rescue dogs become the rescuers. >> i consider it having a battle buddy. >> reporter: ryan trains and matches vets with dogs. what's it like when you see the dog make a connection with the vet? >> when i see the connection, it makes, it's like the, i might not be rich but it's spiritually i'm rich because i know i just changed not only that veteran's life but just like you drop a
7:00 am
pebble in a pond, it changes everyone's lives around that veteran. >> reporter: ptsd is why veterans are 60% more likely to separate or divorce than the average american. >> on this veterans day we thank all the veterans who served this country today and always. thank them every day. today especially. that wraps up this busy hour. i'm stephanie ruehl. thank you for watching. any anyone now the rittenhouse trial is set to resume in kenosha, wisconsin. we're keeping an eye on arlington national cemetery where president bide listen speak shortly on this veterans day. jose diaz-balart picks up news coverage right now. >> good morning. it's 10:00 a.m. eastern/7:00 a.m. pacific. i'm jose diaz-balart on this day at arlington national cemetery procession and fly-over to mark the 100th anniversary of the tomb of the unknown soldier. president


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