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tv   The Reid Out  MSNBC  November 11, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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past, actively including all citizens in elections and not honoring racist former leaders are a series of lessons that the united states could adopt as well. that does it for me tonight. "the reidout" with joy reid is up next. hi, joy. >> how you doing, jason? and thank you for talking about south africa. it's really important because i think it is a country that is so similar to ours. >> right. >> and african americans understand how similar their history is to ours. it's a pretty big deal that de klerk has passed away. they learned apartheid from the american south. so we're partially responsible too. >> they did. they absolutely patterned apartheid off of the american south. well said. thank you very much, my friend. have a great evening. all right. good evening to all of you. we begin "the reidout" tonight with paging ray bradbury. >> i set the books on fire. >> that's good. that's what i like to see. sweet reason.
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novels aren't nice. what do mankind hope to get out of all this print? happiness? what an idiot you must have been. this gibberish is enough to drive a man mad. >> welcome to the republican party of 2021. our future dystopia is already here. the republican party is all aboard when it comes to stoking the anxieties of conservative white suburbanites to maintain control, especially now that glenn youngkin rode a wave of fragile feelings to victory in virginia last week on the boogieman of critical race here are the and buoyed by a little book banning, mainly "beloved." toni morrison's novel about the legacies of slavery and its black pain. which is really a book about feeling since youngkin's message was an ad featuring a white parent who advocated in banning the book in 2013 because it gave her son, a high school senior, nightmares. and within days of the election,
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the republican leader in the house kevin mccarthy declared the republicans are the party of education, announcing plans to unveil a parents' bill of rights in congress. virginia is just another stop on a road that they've been traveling for months under the guys of anti-critical race theory, which is still not being taught in any public schools, only law schools, launching an all-out war on books. boorks about martin luther king jr., and even seahorses. this week a kansas school district reinstated 29 books removed from circulation after a parent objected, including margaret atwood's "the handmade's tale", toni morrison's "the bluest eye" and "fences." with the approval of republicans, books are also attack in texas. governor greg abbott is demanding school boards investigate pornographic books and to develop standards to block books with quote, overtly sexual content.
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a probe into hundreds of books that caused discomfort, almost all of them about race, gender identity and sexuality. in fact, they don't even want you to learn about the history of texas in texas. this summer lieutenant governor dan patrick strong-armed a museum into cancelling an event on the role slavery had in the whole story of the alamo. but back to virginia, where the new republican effort looks look like those firemen in "fahrenheit 451." a school board voted unanimously to remove books containing sexually explicit content, with two members advocating, you get it, book burning. so we canify in identify that we're eradicating this bad stuff. another said we should throw them in a fire. stating that schools would rather have kids read about gay pornography than christ. michael steele and charlie
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price. you are a former lieutenant governor of a neighboring state nato knot too far from virginia, neighboring state here in the dmv. can you imagine as somebody who wasn't a republican statewide elected official coming into office with your platform and your closing argument being "i will ban toni morrison books." at that point, don't you have to then follow through? you took the trumpian pill. you got to swallow it now. how far do you think this winds up going? youngkin is now tied to this book banning, anti-blackness, anti-history platform. he can't get away from it, right? >> well, he can't get away with it necessarily, but he will try. and i suspect what you will see is sort of a quiet distancing from all of that rhetoric because, hell, i've gotten elected now. so, you know, how much of that am i going to need? it's a one-term position. so i don't have to worry about a reelection bid. and so i think there will be
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some efforts for youngkin who in the main is not a trumpian figure or player, but he played one for an election. and i think that that's really going to be the interesting road that he is going to have to travel, to your point, joy, like this. when folks in the black community speak to him, he goes before them in town halls or whatever, and it's raised, what will you say to them? what do you say in front of those white communities if you've not overseen the burning or banning of books as you said or your supporters said that you would do? so that's going to be a very dangerous and tricky spot for him if he hopes to governor the state because at the end of the day, you still got to set up what comes next. and if you want to hold power in the state, you're going to have to lay down the predicate for that power down the road.
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it's going to be hard to sell that to northern virginia, because northern virginians didn't buy burning and banning books. >> right. here is the thing. stay with us for a second, michael. he played games. he played footsie with far right wing. one of the flag that flew at the capitol on insurrection day flew at one of his rallies. he didn't have a problem with that. he didn't have a problem having trump's endorsement. he is getting credit for supposedly backing trump. he never did that he was quietly, wink, wink, wink, i'm with you. when ronald reagan went to the county fair in 1980 and played wink and nod with white nationalists, the way he governed was to do things to go after things where he called it welfare queens and do things that in my own family, we felt it. he didn't stop. he kept moving. he put his pedal to the metal because he realized those reagan democrats, oh, i can keep them in the party. it's not like people back off
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once they get on board. >> no, that's a very fair point. and that's going to be the early test for youngkin around a number of these issues. yeah, it will be one thing to repeal the grocery tax. but then what do you do about a critical race theory? what do you do about those members of the legislature who want to, you know, peruse through every book on the shelf and see whether or not it fits their definition of morally correct, which i would bet is their definition is a little suspect because i bet their past is a little bit suspect too. it is always those folks who want to raise that ire of virtuosity who you pull back the curtain, baby, you don't have to pull it back too far, you see some stuff. so if republicans want to open up this pandora's box, trust me. they're going to get trapped in it just like they're trying to trap others. and that's youngkin's challenge and problem.
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>> it's a really good point. no, you're absolutely right. it's a really good point, charlie. you wrote a great piece about this for "esquire." the thing is republicans -- this -- youngkin is in the carlisle group, right? he is more of a mitch mcconnell type republican. but they're all willing to embrace and at least keep the racism in the club, because they know that gets them power. kevin mccarthy, they're all doing it. they're doing it in texas. the governor, lieutenant governor of texas, because they want to stay in power. "the dallas morning news." 850 books have been probed by texas lawmakers. out of the first 100 boos they think they might want to ban, 97 are written by women, people of color or lgbtq authors. a book called "new kid", it was later reinstated. he says it's boosted his sales. he says it's actually working for him. it's like they're tied to this now, and now the people who voted for them want the books banned.
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>> well, they've been tied to it since 1968, or a little bit before that. >> hello. >> but it manifests itself in different ways. and we've had -- we have these, you know, textbook thing. we had textbook wars in '70s with the gablers in texas. there seems to me there is a lot more money and a lot more power behind a general attack on general education right now. it's coming from a lot of different directions. for example, critical race theory is a slogan. what they're really attacking is the 1619 project. but that doesn't sound as scary as critical race theory. they want -- the 1619 project went out of its way to introduce curricula into middle school and elementary school around the country, or tried to any way. that's what they were afraid of. they're not afraid of critical race theory. 3/4 of them don't even understand it.
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>> you're right. but they all are using it to gain power. and here is the challenge. it doesn't work everywhere. so there were virginia, yes, it worked. but there are school board racists in wisconsin, minnesota and connecticut. dozens of these races were dominated by masks, vaccines and racism. it worked in virginia because i think -- i saw a google map the place where they were googling what is critical race theory the most and was in virginia. youngkin succeeded with making that dog whistle work for him. it did not work in these other states. it's not guaranteed. the book burning thing shows they are going to take it too far. >> yeah, that's such an important point. because at the end of the day, these school boards on the front line of education in a whole lot of different ways, these boards
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are comprised of moms and dads and community activists and the education space, joy, as you know from your coverage of them, both in florida who are concerned about providing good education, right? so they're not in the business of banning and burning books. they're in the business of helping students explore the world around them and expose them to as much as is possible given, you know, the prescriptions that may be provided by their parents or whatever, their religious faith, et cetera. all that's respected. what republicans are doing are not respecting that tradition. they're trying to say we decide what is morally correct. we decide what is the best book for you to read. and we know in history what that is and what that looks like, looks like what it means. so when communities see this, to your point, they're like oh, hell no, we don't want all that we're not looking to ban a book. we just want to make sure that
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the best education is being provided for our kids. and these individuals who are -- that we elected in the last cycle, they haven't changed. they're the same moms and dads and good citizens as they were four years ago or two years ago, depending on what the term. people got to get it. virginia may be an outlier more than anything else, joy. not necessarily the norm that we're going to see going into the next election cycle in '22 and beyond. i think parents by and large understand. remember, those people showing up at school boards screaming and shouting, i bet you a dime to a donut, if their parents ask them the last time they went to a pta meeting. ask them the last time they actually had a teacher's conference with the teachers of their kids, and i bet you find they aren't the parents who show up when they're required. they show up for the noise. they don't show up for the work. >> right. or they don't have any kids in
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the school. minneapolis star tribune -- minnetonka school board. most conservative school board states in the metro that ran on platforms opposing platforms on critical race theory lost. top vote-getter, a former high school chemistry teacher. i'm sorry. go ahead, charlie pierce. >> no, i was about to say we're supposed to have arguments about great literature. we're supposed to read it and fight about it. that's why i think it's healthy that we argue about "huckleberry finn" every ten years. you can set your watch to huckleberry finn. it's a good thing that we do. it's a novel that deserves to be read, deserves to be discussed, and deserves to be yelled about. if i'm not mistaken, michael, you're jesuit educated the same way i am. >> yep. >> we learned how to argue. you got to bring it when you're going with the society.
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but the point is, have these books in the library. have the kids read them and talk about them. have the parents, you know, argue about them. but don't ban them. first of all, all you'll do is sell more copies, as we learned. and second of all, glenn youngkin gets stopped way down the road. he gets to stop at the governor's mansion. everybody else in society has to keep going down that road, and it doesn't come to a good place. once you've you've put this -- >> it's openly -- i was going to say it's openly an attack on books that have to do with slavery and race. but it's also a very sideswipe on the lgbtq community too. >> sure. >> they keep saying "pornography." that's the other piece of what they want to get rid of. charlie? >> not just, that it's gotten energized by the anti-mask, anti-vaccination people. it's all been rolled up into one big ball of, you know, abandon
4:15 pm
wrath. it doesn't make any sense to put those two things together. but they're two things you can get angry about and yell at the school for. >> hey, joy, can i just say -- >> last word to you, former chairman. >> i was just going the say real quick, all those parents worried about pornography in the literature, kids ain't worried about pornography in literature. you better take your son's phone and take a look at what that bad boy is downloading. >> maybe? hello. >> go to that school dance and see what they're doing out behind the school, baby. come on, now. these parents acting like they weren't teenagers. >> hello. and they don't have the password, so even if they got the password, they don't know what's on it because they don't know what the kids are watching on the phone. thank you very much, michael steele and charlie pierce. thank you very much. up next on "the reidout,"
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new power grabs in wisconsin and georgia. and late today yet another roadblock from the january 6 committee for the former president. also, as defense rests in the kyle rittenhouse trial, my thoughts on american vigilanteism, and why this trial brought back memories of trayvon martin. jordan klepper joins me tonight. and engaging with puppets in a political debate and losing. to puppets! "the reidout" continues after this. this is the greatest idea you'll ever hear. okay, it's an app that compares hundreds of travel sites for hotels and cars and vacation rentals like kayak does for flights. so it's kayak. yeah, like kayak. why don't you just call it kayak. i'm calling it... canoe. compare hundreds of travel sites for thousands of trips. kayak. search one and done.
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the republican party is continuing to add fuel to the ongoing insurgency fire that is raging across the country, with even more blatant power grabs. in wisconsin, senator ron johnson is literally calling on republican lawmakers to take over federal elections and circumvent that state's bipartisan elections commission and the democratic governor there. johnson said there is no mention
4:21 pm
of the governor in the constitution when it comes to running elections. it's state legislatures. so if we're running the joint, and i'm not, i would come out and say we're reclaiming our authority. don't listen to wec anymore. their guidance are null and void. in georgia, the republican-controlled legislature continues its efforts to dilute last year's democratic victories. they've introduced a bill to double the number of seats on the gwinnett county board of commissioners. not only is the state diverse and the second most populous county in georgia, but for the first time in nearly three decades, democrats took control of the board of commissioners last year. and for the first time in its history, it has a black chairwoman. can't have that now, can we. at the same time republicans are using the threat of mob violence for political gain. we saw margie q. green publish lawmakers who supported the infrastructure bill. some of then got death threats. paul gosar indulged in a sick fake anime fantasy where he murders a colleague and takes a pair of knives to joe biden.
4:22 pm
that's the kind of domestic extreism that kevin mccarthy has welcomed with open arms in a deal with the devil that he hopes will land him the house gavel. with me now joyce vance, the former u.s. attorney and kurt bardella, adviser to the dnc and the dccc. i guess the first kind of question for you, joyce, at what point this playing footsie with insurrection cross the line into any crimes? what do they have to do to cross over that line? >> it's a deceptively difficult question because it has to be asked on an individualized basis in each situation. joy, you and i have talked about this before. i think the minute former president trump makes phone calls into georgia asking them to find him the number of votes he needs to win that state, that he has committed the georgia crime of soliciting election crime of trying to solicit the results of that election. who is going to finally step up
4:23 pm
and prosecute it. >> and also whether or not the select committee can even really fully investigate. stay with me for a second, joyce. this appeals court. three judges on this appeals court have now put a stay on what had been a victory for the 1/6 panel to get these records in the archives of donald trump. now that stay is in place. we're talking about between the end of november on the merits of it. can you explain to us how it could be not open and shut that the current president decides what is subject to executive privilege? how can this even be a question in your view? >> so i'm not quite as discouraged about this decision to stay and to hold a full hearing on november 30th, as some people might be. and let me tell you why. for one thing, courts just seemed to move at a glacial pace. i would have loved to have seen this hearing happen, say, in 72 hours. that doesn't really seem to be how our courts work.
4:24 pm
but what this does is procedurally, this will allow the parties to brief issues and to have a hearing in front of the court. and then i suspect this panel will affirm judge chutkan's extraordinarily well written order. there is no reason to delay this turnover, so we will put up with a delay of two weeks in order to give this seal of legitimacy on the court's ultimate decision. of course, that won't keep the former president from trying to appeal to the supreme court. they are not obligated to hear that appeal, and they could seriously slap it down and refuse to hear the issue, or i suppose they could also take it on. >> you know, kurt, what joyce just described, and i think it is, i think it's a glacial pace of the system working. but while that glacial paced thing is happening on the one hand and sort of proceeding amid the norms, with the proper norms, on the right you have paul gosar making a fake anime of himself killing a member of congress and taking knives to joe biden. there is a censure attempt by
4:25 pm
democrats, of course. i assume kevin mccarthy is going to whip against it and that the republicans won't want to vote for it. you have them like really stoking violence, even against their own members to punish them for voting for infrastructure for their districts, right? they're giving out the phone numbers. marjorie green gives out the phone numbers of people. can we play some of this? do we have a little bit of the death threat? this is cut number four. this was the voice received by fred upton of michigan after marjorie green published his phone number. take a look. >> [ bleep ] traitor. that's what you are. you are a [ bleep ] piece [ bleep ] traitor. i hope you die. i hope everyone in your [ bleep ] family dies. [ bleep ] piece of [ bleep ] trash mother [ bleep ]. voted for dumbass [ bleep ] biden. you're stupider than he is, and he can't even complete a [ bleep ] sentence. you dumb mother [ bleep ]
4:26 pm
traitor. piece of [ bleep ] mother [ bleep ] piece of trash. i hope you [ bleep ] die. i hope your [ bleep ] family dies. i hope everyone in your [ bleep ] staff dies. >> to give their own district ought to be stripped of their committee assignments. that's the current gop, kurt. does that match with the slow pace of the way the normal system is working? >> no. and this is the big problem. this is the big threat. this is what republicans who are trying to play january 6 an nihilism are counting on, that their rush to radicalism, their rush to extremism, that the tools and the barriers that are supposed to be in place to act as a check and balance to those behaviors, that they won't be able to keep up with what they're trying to don to right. it's not going to. we need to take a very serious look at how we can give congress and the courts real-time enforcement mechanisms that they can activate immediately. there is a clear and present
4:27 pm
danger to our democracy. it is coming from the enemy from within, from the republican party. it is coming from members of congress elected to uphold our constitution who take that oath who are turning it against their fellow colleagues. they are literally creating content design to incite violence and fear and terror against their own colleagues. i mean, you look at what's going on right now, joy, and i don't know how anybody who works in that building, and i spent a better part of a decade walking the halls of congress, i don't know how i feel if i'm walking down the hall and i see a member of congress who has made a death threat against me. i see the staff who help create that piece of video and put it up there for that congressman. i mean, this is insanely dangerous. and anybody who wants to hide behind the ridiculous refrain that oh, it's just for fun, it's social media. it's nothing to be taken seriously. january 6 shattered any illusion that the people who consume this, the fans of the republican party, the base of the republican party, anybody who
4:28 pm
thinks that it's harmless, january 6 proved that it's not. they treat this stuff like gospel. they see this as their marching orders. they see this as justification to perpetrator terror and violence against people. and is it really going the take someone trying to shoot a member of congress? is it really going to take someone trying to murder a member of congress because that's what their party, their leadership is telling them to do? that's where this is going to go. i don't think anybody watching right now should be shocked if there is a death threat attempt against a member of congress at this point. >> and here is the thing is that the only thing that's knew about this is that now they're doing it to each other, right? kurt, back during the obama era, it was democrats who were getting rocks thrown through their windows, who were getting death threat, n-word laced email screaming at them for voting for health care. how dare you vote for health care. we have this video of the gauntlet that nancy pelosi and a bunch of cbc members including the great john lewis had to walk
4:29 pm
apps after voting to give americans health care. one member was allegedly spat on. this is the same base. nothing about them has changed except that now they're willing to direct this kind of viciousness and violence against other republicans, right up into and including mike pence, "hang mike pence." remember that? kurt, your thoughts. >> the thing i find so remarkable about all of this, the targets of this violence, mike pence themselves still go out there every day trying to cater and pander to them, trying to win their affection and their support. the republican party right now is built on an entire group of people that at any other time and any other place and any other country we would call domestic terrorists that support these people. and that's what they're trying to do to america. and to watch people like mike pence and people like josh
4:30 pm
hawley and all of these characters, matt gaetz, marjorie taylor greene continue to drive this insane cycle that is only going to end in violence and tragedy and mayhem, while kevin mccarthy just sit there's and does nothing, while it's up to nancy pelosi and congressional democrats to try to hold some semblance of accountability, we need to take a serious look at how we're going to start getting actual accountability in realtime or all of this just going the fall apart on us. >> and let's just remember that the tea party movement with all the violence and the racism, that produced a whole bunch of meshes of congress. a lot of reason a lot of these people who are extremists now are even there is because they benefitted politically from that movement. and this is the new tea party. a lot of these insurrectionists are going to end up in congress or in office in some other way. joyce vance, kurt bardella, thank you both very much. up next, the kyle rittenhouse trial is starting to look a lot like george zimmerman trial, full ofconvict
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so i was talking with my brilliant sister friend errin haines on wednesday night. the evening after kyle rittenhouse tearfully testified at his murder trial in wisconsin, like a mini brett kavanaugh. we were talking about how this case reminds us so much of the george zimmerman trial in which zimmerman, an adult, was acquitted on july 13th, 2013 of murdering a teenager, 17-year-old traian basescu. much like the rittenhouse case zimmerman case was fundamentally about american vigilanteism. and whether it is legal for a person not in law enforcement to take it upon themselves to arm
4:36 pm
themselves with a gunshot and mete out what they deem as justice in the name of self-defense and investigating property crime. according to the laws maneuvered into place by the nra, that is indeed legal in america. statistically mainly if you're white. european history on the american continent from 1619 to today is an almost unbroken record of vigilanteism in the name of defending property rights, whether that property was human and african and enslaved or in the form of wives or daughters who had no individual property or voting rights of their own. or whether it was physical land. america is a country formed by men who threw off the european kings to become little kings of their own with land and slaves and women under their charge. and whether it was the colonizers' merciless enforcement of their own made-up authority to forcibly seize indigenous people's land, often wiping out entire tribes, or the
4:37 pm
fuji sieve slave laws that authorized any white man to forcibly capture enslaved people who broke for freedom, or the religious fanatics who claimed the right to try and burn at the stake any woman deemed to be a witch, or the more than 4,000 lynchings from the redemption era to emmett till and the massacres from elaine, arkansas, to tulsa oklahoma and on and on and on. any white man who claimed a crime had occurred felt completely entitled to enforce the law himself. sometimes with a gang of his friends. and the best part, these sacred laws almost never applied to these men. they were virtually immune from the law themselves. american media has even glorified the white male vigilante from steve mcqueen to clint eastwood and john mclane, especially in westerns. it gets trick any in a man named
4:38 pm
django. should we really be surprised a 17-year-old proud boys fan believed he had the perfect right to cross state lines and protect property with the ar-15 he got because he thought it was cool? or that zimmerman believed it was his duty to investigate property crime by following a 17-year-old kid and shooting and killing him even after police told him to stand down? these two teenagers, kyle rittenhouse and trayvon martin exist on opposite sides. the white kid with the ar-15 who shot three white black lives matter protesters, apparently told tulsi gabbard as someone who could be their son. clean cut, maybe even heroic. while the black kid who was holding candy and iced tea in his hands for his little brother and for whom the #black lives matter was born not so much. he must have been a thug, right? and everybody who is willing to pay attention knows what i said is true. it should be no surprise that in america three white alleged
4:39 pm
vigilantes believed that they had the right to enforce the law against property crime on an unarmed black jogger who hadn't committed any crime, ahmaud arbery. and they'll probably get away with it too. or that hundreds of trump supporters could take it upon themselves to right the so-called wrong trump believed had been committed in the election by getting him installed by force, by invading the capitol with a noose, defecating on the grounds, fly ing the treason flag. or texas men who oppose abortion believe the law should authorize them to collect the bounty on women who legally obtain an abortion under the soon to be defunct roe v. wade. because in these men's minds, they are the law, the only law that matters in america. you want to know why they think that? because the law keeps telling them. so we'll be right back. e right k tide pods ultra oxi one ups the cleaning power of liquid.
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it takes a certain kind of person to enter the maga verse, troll its citizens in their natural habitat and live to tell the tale. for commodian jordan klepper who has covered the maga, it's a story about cultish obsession, bonkers conspiracy theories that you guessed it, violence. none of this stopped klepper from going out to get the inside scoop on the maga psyche. here is a peek at what he found. >> who is running the government right now. >> president trump. >> president trump. >> around the military. >> and the military. so we should blame him for what happened in afghanistan? >> no. >> i don't coparent with the government. >> well, you don't want the coparent with the government, don't get pregnant in texas. there. >> we go. >> they're in public school. you do kind of coparent with the government. >> in that regard, i guess, yeah, if you want to say my taxes pay for that. >> but you're giving back your child tax credit.
4:45 pm
>> did you vote for school board? no. >> no. >> i don't even vote. >> you don't even vote? >> no. >> you could vote for somebody who reflecs values. >> >> i could foat vote, right right. don't take the time to do it. i'm sorry. >> joining me is jordan kleber, comedian and contributor to the daily show with trevor noah. thank you for being here. i commend you for going out into that maga verse. i could not do it. you use your ability to walk in there and get them to talk to you i think for good. and, you know, stuff like them saying i don't coparent with the government, in lowell loco parent tis. it would be funny, when you look at those people and talk to them, do you see people who are not very informed or do you see future members of congress as republicans? >> well, i see people who are
4:46 pm
perhaps differently informed. everyone i talked to has their own set of sources that they get their information, and more often than not, the sources -- they're not the sources that myself or a crew walk into the spaces to discuss these contents with them. so i don't think you talk to anybody out there that are going to see themselves as misinformed. i think they just see themselves as coming from a different knowledge base. and then they meet you head-on, and yeah, maybe down the road you see those folks in congress. >> i mean, i think it's likely. i think about the tea party people who were thought of the same way. and everyone laughed at their signs of, you know, calling president obama a lying african instead of an african lion. they came up with monkey dolls. that kind of person then became a de rigueur republican candidate. and i feel like the candidate is moving so far to the right.
4:47 pm
do you get a sense that whenever you're going from state to state to state that you are meeting sort of the rank and file republican base? >> it's always hard to get context with this. just meeting the people who are fanatics for whoever the rally is for, predominantly trump rallies, or am i meeting basic republicans. i will say this. the last rally i went to was in iowa. trump was at it. and normally when you go to these rallies, you get more traditional republicans who might roll their eyes at some of the qanon theories or get frustrated when you push them on the things that the people next to them are literally wearing on their shirts. this last rally, everyone had something on their shirt that we had to blur. our editor practically went blind blurring swear words towards kamala harris. what i see are the majority of people here are buying into the fun of these rallies, but more so the conspiracy side of it all. i think once you buy into the
4:48 pm
quote/unquote big lie and you don't believe the results of the election, then you're looking for what's next. and what i started to see was that january 6 didn't happen. or happened but it was because of the cia or it happened partially because of the fbi or january 6 isn't even a dayton calendar. once you crossed the threshold of reality, you're just getting hungry for more thresholds to cross. >> 100%. i was in cleveland at the republican convention and was shocked at seeing people who looked like girl scout leaders and somebody's mom wearing trump can grab my starts with a p shirt and thought that was totally normal and buying them for the moms, their grandma. i want to play a bit of a video, because this is not funny. this is what you dealt with on january 6 at the capitol. take a look. >> the rioters brought real weapons and committed real atrocities. they attacked our democracy, our police, and even our cameraman.
4:49 pm
>> you assaulted me. you assaulted me! >> trump's fake tough guy military are literally throwing themselves on the ground to perpetuate victimhood. >> jordan, when i think about that was a mix of hairdressers, business owners, members of congress, cops, people with military backgrounds all mixed in with qanon people, three percenters, con spirit cysts, they were all there. that is the base. and that is an insurgency that's inside of a political party. i don't see -- i cannot get away from that, because i don't see that those are just some fringe people. those are regular rank and file republicans who are there. does it concern you that what we're sort of laughing at and giggling at in your brilliant videos is a sign of something much darker to come in this country? >> well, i think it's -- it's both what i saw january 6, it's both completely ludicrous and
4:50 pm
absurd and frightening and depressing at the same time. i mean, what you saw was a man who was dressed in military fatigues, i would guess this is not a military man, but somebody who wants to be a military man, throwing themselves on the ground and playing a on the gro and playing victim. i interviewed a man attempting to drive up and overthrow the government. i think you have gotten to the point where the militants and the absurd qanon folks and people who think it's a fun tailgate, they get in the same group. when you get in a big group, you see the iq drop, the inhibitions drop, when you don't have an adult in the room. it gets scary. i do think if something bad is to happen again, if america is on threshold of anything dangerous, it's not coming
4:51 pm
through thoughtful overthrows of the government that you see on a fancy hollywood movie. it's coming from stupidity and dumb actions. i'm not hearing people make coherent arguments. i'm hearing people getting to the and making dumber arguments than they would alone. >> that's how lynch mobs happen. what do you make of the fact that there are people who oppose things like tony morrison books and biographies of dr. martin luther king junior, are talking about burning books? >> well, i will say, i don't usually get into too many literary conversations with the folks at trump rallies. doesn't appear as if those books are important to these folks. not big book club crews. most of them are holding constitutions on their body. a lot of them reference the bible. if you push on some of that, you realize probably not big book club folks. this just smacks of at its worst
4:52 pm
racism and trying to control the knowledge base of our students in america. at worst, it's -- what it probably is and what it seems to me is just the politics game over and over again. it feels like people are consistently engaged in trolling. it doesn't stop. >> where do you go next? >> we have a little piece. i can't spoil it yet. there's some place in america where people are misinform and are gathering. when that happens, i find myself there. >> you are like batman. maybe a bat signal goes up or shaped like trump's hair and you show up and do brilliant stuff. thank you very much. thank you for all that you do. appreciate you. coming up next, our lovable sesame street friends have yet again ruffled the feathers of right wingers. ers.
4:53 pm
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4:57 pm
hello, boys and girls. it's great to see you again. thought it would be nice to have a chat and introduce you to today's letter of the day. it's p, for persistence. because you see, in the days since people on the right, including raphael cruz, whose name is also ted, went on the attack against our feathery friend on sesame street for trying to keep you kids safe from covid, big bird has announced his candidacy for cruz's senate seat. he hit the campaign trail calling for upgrades to the
4:58 pm
state's energy grid. of course, that's a great issue to bring up against ted, who we all remember flew the coop -- see what i did there -- when texans needed him most as they faced a terrible winter storm. instead of staying to help, he buried his beak in the sands of cancun. already big bird lined up a great campaign team that any candidate would be lucky to have. no word yesterday if grover is joining the team. that seems like a no brainer. i know, big bird isn't actually running against ted cruz. his campaign is just a parody account. but it's a great lesson for you boys and girls. if you are being bullied, you should stand up for yourself and fight for what's right. that is how many of our great elected leaders got started. speaking of parody, it seems that some on the right really want to have a debate versus a
4:59 pm
muppet. waiting to do outdo cruz, eric bolling not only went after big bird but also after his friends in the most famous muppet couple of all, kermit and miss piggy calling them communists. i'm not sure he knows what that means. >> not the first time thesefilt tried to infect the minds of our children. in 2011, i called out kermit, that green monster comi. the invite is open, miss piggy, if you are or your emasculated frog boyfriend, kermit, want to join this desk. it's free. i think they are stuck on stupid. >> they are not going to come and visit you. they don't like you. anyway, i'm not sure which would
5:00 pm
be more fun, a big bird/ted cruz debate or watching miss piggy and kermit take on that guy. either way, you can count me in as a supporter of a big bird for senate campaign because texas deserves a senator who people actually like. just about everybody likes big bird. because he is nice and vaccinated. wait. maybe big bird can teach ted how to be nice so people will like him, too. for going after our beloved muppet couple, eric b for bolling and for bully, you are tonight absolute worst. to all the men and women who have worn the uniform of our country, thank you for your service. happy veterans day. "all in with chris hayes" starts now. no thank you to those


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